Jordan Davis - Cool Anymore ft. Julia Michaels

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Music video by Jordan Davis performing Cool Anymore. © 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc.




8 Nov 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Mayra Ruiz
Mayra Ruiz 5 gün önce
Nouuuuranlovesadam 5 gün önce
Those words... oh my heart
Merriam Nixon
Merriam Nixon 5 gün önce
Yes! Gorgeous song.
K Rangtaiba
K Rangtaiba 6 gün önce
I love you, Pi nao aka Poina PY. 😘
Anthony Wang
Anthony Wang 8 gün önce
Yes yes
ramoya lawrence
ramoya lawrence 8 gün önce
Love this song #2020 Don't you know I am already yours, you don't have to be cool anymore. 🥰
Sydney Blaisdell
Sydney Blaisdell 9 gün önce
I dont know why all of the comments are about Julia( not saying there is anything bad about her, she is a wonderful singer) when the song is Jordan Davis FEAT. Julia Michaels
Rz Kanigara
Rz Kanigara 10 gün önce
I'm from Indonesia, I really like this song
Safan's 10 gün önce
Love her DVF wrap🤩🤩
kenzie heath
kenzie heath 11 gün önce
julia can convince ANYONE that she’s in love with anyone she colabs with! ❤️
Jessica Pucino
Jessica Pucino 11 gün önce
yurfavorite ahmed
yurfavorite ahmed 12 gün önce
I listen this song at least once in the evening everyday while brushing my teeth before I go to sleep. Great song, great vibe, great singing. And Julia Michaels my newest sweetheart lol. She can saaang and seems super sweet and a nice person.
Sophie Whiteside
Sophie Whiteside 12 gün önce
She's so fun!😆😎
Wilbur&Aubrey Scott
Wilbur&Aubrey Scott 15 gün önce
🙂❤️🙂. Aubrey and wilbur
F.Z H 16 gün önce
why she sounds like justin beiber
Robert Ramos
Robert Ramos 17 gün önce
Underrated song
Jojo Swindells
Jojo Swindells 17 gün önce
In love with this song 💖💖
valair comics
valair comics 17 gün önce
A friend of Julia’s is a friend of mine🥰🤩
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar 22 gün önce
Loved it 😍
Brad Koman
Brad Koman 23 gün önce
Julia is great but how can she rip off bones by maren morris
Varona Family
Varona Family 26 gün önce
He grew up in Miami, but an Oklahoma native calls this song authentic country. You be the judge. trvid.com/video/video-3920AGrhsPE.html
Vimal Jain
Vimal Jain 26 gün önce
Is there a possibility I am cool again. Because then I would literally have to jump into action. Reunite the soul and heartstrings follow the path
Jeannette Leblanc
Jeannette Leblanc 26 gün önce
This song is so on point with how love should be though do to influences life struggles jugdement hurt from past and many other things love should just cancel out its just sad ppl cant see this and see if ppl would be honest be real about who they are and what they can cant do how they feel why they feel it or believe they do and weather they want to feel this or not in there heart. Then life as ppl feel is whats so messed up when truley its this above that is causing the world / ppl to become more and more just hurt broke feel scared to love or let in regardless of others actoins just be who they wanna be but honest about it and not be truly weak cause they wanna be tough thats just showing ur weaker then you are feeling to begin with about who and what you are feeling and want. Why else hide it and this is do to ppl being ripped down because someone doesnt feel how they feel this cause they dont so lets hurt this person for this has always been cause ppl cant be them selves with others jugdements. Everyone has something that another could pick jugde differently through there own eyes... why ppl have managed to make the world in many ways what it is today some ways great others caused all these things to destroy ppl and our world and each other. Like they say we are our worse enemies because of these things yet we cause these to be so strong because of weakness kindness isnt weakness its strength fear is weakness and makes you weaker the more you allow it if someone is causing u to feel afraid to be real to yourself and you feel this way be strong open up to them they use this wrongly against you cause there weak you were strong then now you fight for em or let go and find someone whos also strong and until you do either way your stronger for it. Always love cherish life and be humble strong help yourself and those to come for this is cherish life... cherish life means anything living not just yours and not just until you give back and return home. God bless and thank you i am speaking to myself here also this isnt the easy way so as we know will be harder but make life better there for easier for us later and others. (strong)
Ya seen
Ya seen 26 gün önce
One of my favourite video ❤️
Farzad Matin
Farzad Matin 27 gün önce
God Bless you Wonderful Jordan. SVP Accept Christ as your Saviour while you have time before rapture/Reap-ture: trvid.com/video/video-oBCFRYhivEo.html ... titled, "Rapture dream and Prophecy fulfillment Trump is impeached" trvid.com/video/video-I_rSVWBovgY.html ... titled, "Rapture dream 2019" trvid.com/video/video-MGeoE_KeuvI.html ... titled, "Rapture Dream, possibly 2021. Wake up!" trvid.com/video/video-UT9QiIidHXs.html ... titled, "God is telling us something! (RAPTURE DREAM, ANTICHRIST REVEALED, TRIBULATION)" trvid.com/video/video-Q9wu2iliIdM.html ... titled, "Rapture Dream -Sinners Risen in the Air || Saved By the Grace through Faith, plus nothing!" trvid.com/video/video-mMybf8ABRvs.html ... titled, "Dream: Rapture earlier than expected" trvid.com/video/video-8zr63oahyOU.html ... titled, "Visions Coming to Pass/ Rapture Dream on Summer Street (Dec 7th 2019)" ... and there are countless more youtube-posted rapture dreams and visions and Tribulation dreams and visions of numerous countless persons seeing/being foretold of Christ's Soon Return to Reap-ture the Righteous/Kind-Loving Believers of Christ Jesus before Tribulation Times of Great Trouble begins. SVP Repent of your vile ways and Believe In and Accept Christ Jesus while you have time. God Profoundly Loves you, but Only&Only Righteous and Kind-Loving Persons/Beings who Repent of their vile ways and Believe in And Accept Christ as their Saviour will be and shall be raptured/Reap-tured before the start of Tribulation Times of Great Trouble. Please speak with Demi Lovato who was recently baptized. God Bless you
Robert Nowikowski
Robert Nowikowski 27 gün önce
Wyoming Wyoming
Wyoming Wyoming 29 gün önce
Julia and your partner you dont have to be cool anymore i know Walmart will allow you to sale your amazing candy only if i say its ok and i know what i am eating.If I do not know that i know that no one knows.I ate your candy and it wasnt code talk amazing to me .the candy steroids in the fruit snacks hurt me.12-17-19 The peanut butter i also ate that too.I bought it at walmart .the protein helps The lady tgat told me told me to est a spoonful of oe
Wyoming Wyoming
Wyoming Wyoming 29 gün önce
You know You two are perfect YOU KNOW YOUR ALREADY OURS
Wyoming Wyoming
Wyoming Wyoming 29 gün önce
Julichristina aguilara and ryan
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson 29 gün önce
Damn julia is so cute and that smile at 1:23 is so adorable
Widodo Purnomo
Widodo Purnomo Aylar önce
1:32 - 1:44 love it 👌
simon traver
simon traver Aylar önce
If you disliked this song, you ain't cool anymore.. 🤣🤣
N. Delamar
N. Delamar Aylar önce
Favorit song! 🎵
william n
william n Aylar önce
This song definitely hits me in the feels 💘💕❤😁
julie anna
julie anna Aylar önce
Love this I dont wanna be cool anymore
Ya seen
Ya seen Aylar önce
You’ll hold me up better than anyone ❤️😍
Nitt Marques
Nitt Marques Aylar önce
her voice is too perfect to participate so little in this song
Debrah Neema
Debrah Neema Aylar önce
In love with this one!
ShockCo Truth
ShockCo Truth Aylar önce
Her voice is like no other in this. Can't stop listening.
Liv Vahn
Liv Vahn Aylar önce
Hate how much he jerks his head while he sings lol but I love this song! They did a great job!
Mere Sisikakala Salailagi
i love country songs
Karson Marine
Karson Marine Aylar önce
God this song is FUCKING great ...! Thank you for the beautiful sound in my head
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Pillow Aylar önce
Such a complicity in this video☺️
Devi Ana
Devi Ana Aylar önce
Auto click,if i see julia michaels
Yuliana Fa
Yuliana Fa Aylar önce
lovely couple!!!! I am already yours!! 💜😍
S B Aylar önce
That includes your skinny jeans bro
Brandon Young
Brandon Young Aylar önce
Amazing. Gotta work together sometime
Syed Sharique Ahmed
Kevin shazam
Kevin shazam Aylar önce
What kinda shoes is Jordan Davis wearing they look dope. Vans high top?
GrantSmithMusic Aylar önce
Only Julia Michaels can twist a country sing around in such a way to make it her own style love this so much what a beautiful masterpiece ❤️ hope this one gets heard like it deserves to be. The world deserves to hear this one.
Peter Smith
Peter Smith Aylar önce
Love this, you too? hit the likey ...
Pete DunCare
Pete DunCare Aylar önce
i will never understand why men think their long beards are cool. it's nasty. :D
Nina Aylar önce
This is such a sweet song, and I love that Julia appears to be collaborating more with smaller/underrated artists. Love their voices together!
Evy27lina Aylar önce
Please do this song live with Julia
Aaron dewitt
Aaron dewitt Aylar önce
This aint even country music. If you agree like
smcox1991 Aylar önce
I’m just glad this isn’t a dodge commercial 😜
Fatema Rashid
Fatema Rashid Aylar önce
1:19 that sound omg
Goody Gudz
Goody Gudz Aylar önce
How beautiful is that!?
Vena Lynn
Vena Lynn Aylar önce
Just Absolutely Gorgeous.... I can’t help listening over n over... 🥰🥰🤩😘 Thx soooo much for this beautiful song 🙏🏼
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