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I have a journal I carry around and write in whenever I have a thought, joke, or really pretty much anything that comes to mind. Wanted to share some of them

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Writer/ director/ Animator/ Sound Engineering by yours truly

Story boarder/ Additional animation

Background music

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27 Kas 2021




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SomeThingElseYT Aylar önce
If you haven't seen already, got new merch up on the merch store! @ somethingelseyt.com I know i reiterate the same spiel but i really do mean it. Thank you to anyone who purchases! Besides just watching, it is the number 1 way to help support the channel and unlike paid subscription bull... you get something cool out of it :)
Hannah Ballard
Hannah Ballard 2 gün önce
I still have the old potassium my dudes t-shirt its my fave!!! Love you man
Tr_aux 13 gün önce
Tr_aux 13 gün önce
minecraftkazammado XD
minecraftkazammado XD 20 gün önce
Adam i know something is wrong ever since help oh well came out. And adam if you EVER need any support please come to us. I feel the same way about my life help oh well is my life exept irl its ×2 my dad left me and my mom left me and then only my mom returned . I feel you its fine adam we all look up to you.i wish to be like you when i grow up we all love you if you see this, adam im here for you im litterally you biggest fan. -biggest fan. :)
Catrell Thomas
Catrell Thomas 20 gün önce
Hey SomethingElseYT can you make another marvel recap because already a lot happened and I just want to see you do it again
OwO Aylar önce
This video would've been a lot more funnier if you added sitcom laughter every 5 seconds.
You know OwO you should be commenting on low youtubers...like me 😏
Kaydee Bluekey
Kaydee Bluekey 17 gün önce
Grey Land
Grey Land 21 gün önce
I see you everywhere i go.
Don’t ask
Don’t ask 24 gün önce
Yes 👌
Happy Bean productions
@Godzilla Kijau dude i almost see them everywhere
Whispurr C4t
Whispurr C4t Aylar önce
This is quality content... Also, Adam has gotten so good at this, like wtf?? Anyone else notice how the way he draws people has changed? Or the fact that it's all so beautifully animated, and every motion is like- so nice, it competes with even shows and movies that don't have flashing lights that cause seizures and seiße?
The Klonkeurer
The Klonkeurer 17 gün önce
There’s also some animation done by Squizzy, but you can tell what she did, and both of them are phenomenal at animation.
Whispurr C4t
Whispurr C4t Aylar önce
Yus, I know ^-^
charminsi Aylar önce
Adam has a phenomenal team helping him animate his videos (not minimizing Adam’s improvement, I’m sure he still oversees the art style, script, and story boards)
cannicole 🎗TechnoSupport🎗
Adam: "You can't punch a baby!!" Technoblade: "ahaha yeah..."
keeleyyy130 11 gün önce
but you can suplex a baby 🤔
Neula Ö
Neula Ö 20 gün önce
Why did the chicken cross the road I said Why did the chicken cross the road And so on
Furry Pineapple
Furry Pineapple Aylar önce
Really loving the Scott Pilgrim swear sounds they're much smoother then just beeps
Noahplayz Aylar önce
;; shumie.
;; shumie. Aylar önce
I love how Adam has gotten sooooo much better at this, is amazing! This is pure quality content. ♥︎
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
All jokes aside. He seems to be pretty good at telling jokes.
Haha totally not max
Do you have a mustache
TitanicTNT 4 gün önce
I thought you said all jokes aside!
Unusual Cap
Unusual Cap 6 gün önce
My name is not Jeff
My name is not Jeff 7 gün önce
Grateful Bobcat
Grateful Bobcat 9 gün önce
Why do I keep seeing you in the comments
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Aylar önce
Can we all just enjoy the animation its like the expressions and smoothness and the narration Adam and his team did really good job :)
Ashamatronic How
Ashamatronic How Aylar önce
The mugging and duck shooting ones genuinely caught me off guard and I legitimately laughed out loud😆
jack kitten
jack kitten 2 gün önce
I forgot how funny Adam like he is just something else when it comes to humor
Jeff has fallen
Jeff has fallen Aylar önce
"why are there so many adult babies" Let me explain Most of this is probably a thing named little space. It's a coping for trauma where your mindset goes back to the mind of a child, it's nothing weird or creepy, it's a coping mechanism
Colm Looney XD
Colm Looney
Colm Looney Aylar önce
beating my wife is also a coping mechanism, but i get shit for doing it too
AeonAir Aylar önce
My favorite time of year. A SomeThingElseYT upload 🔥
twinzie 2 gün önce
Holy shit Aeon moment
An1ma1Th1ngy 11 gün önce
yooooooooo aeon u whatch him I had no idea :D
LoB 13 gün önce
Billy Mation
Billy Mation 17 gün önce
High, on Aeon, and this is drugs
Cloud 22 gün önce
Razor Aylar önce
Whoa. It’s been so long since I’ve see one of your videos, you’ve progressed so much. I’m so proud of you. Your art is amazing. Just wonderful dude. Your absolutely incredible, I’ve missed you :)
Razor Aylar önce
@SomeThingElseYT :D
SomeThingElseYT Aylar önce
Welcome back :)
Sara Aylar önce
Love the idea Adam! Made me chuckle all the way to the end - I have similar thoughts too. Haha. Wonderful video as always! 😄❤️
Unpronounceable Aylar önce
Adam’s laugh gives me huge boosts in serotonin
John Purvis
John Purvis Aylar önce
while re-watching I realized I really love this type of video. It feels super laid back and I think that it might even be more relaxing and enjoyable than a video containing one piece of content/story... Also shoutout to Zalinki for that music because it is absolutely incredible.(I'm a huge fan of this new content style... keep up the good work.)
Jelly Jess
Jelly Jess Aylar önce
The bird attacking Adam is the *biggest betrayal of 2021*
Mostafa_XS1 2 gün önce
It's still the biggest even in 2022
Lkc Toms
Lkc Toms 9 gün önce
Yasir Amer Ali Alnassar
@BazAnims got em
jaiden howard
jaiden howard 23 gün önce
Ye I'm with ya on that one
Rift worker 2.0
Rift worker 2.0 Aylar önce
shaylaricardo Aylar önce
I loved this video, all the jokes made my day and gave me a good laugh! I can't wait to see what more you have in store for your videos!😄
Storm Da Folf
Storm Da Folf Aylar önce
i was having a pretty bad day, glad i came across this video, i really needed it. thanks again for the awesome content Adam!
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Aylar önce
The part where Adam was gonna tell a joke and after that he had to do an apology video perfectly describes humor these days
Aylar önce
Adam you always manage too make me laugh or smile hope your having a very pleasant day
Laddi Aylar önce
travassia Aylar önce
I think she gets it.
Raphael Joseph
Raphael Joseph Aylar önce
@SomeThingElseYT haha your mom
Colton Chavis
Colton Chavis Aylar önce
Oh hi laddi Love ur vids pls post more 🥺
Nugget Man
Nugget Man Aylar önce
Speak for yourself
takashi nikki
takashi nikki Aylar önce
The plot twist in all of this story, it's at one point that you can't predict what happened anymore,I love it😂✨
Trey Flow
Trey Flow Aylar önce
The apology sketch was epically hilarious.
LittleBirdieChan Aylar önce
The “some days” bit really got to me. It was super hilarious.
Kween Grassi
Kween Grassi Aylar önce
I always watch videos at double speed- but I watch Adam's normally to prolong enjoyment. (and i watch them twice in a row every time)
TimeBucks Aylar önce
You should publish these stories
Anvilfly stop-motion
@RandomClips- you are the one starting it, i advise you not to keep on making the situation worse because it can lead to a "fight" and I've been dealing with too many "fights" online from hate comments on people's channels and I've been defending the channels from hate comments so i just don't want to have another "fight" to deal with because i just share my opinion on a stupid comment, if a comment is stupid or smart I'll still say what i have to say but don't start a fight about it.
RandomClips- 4 gün önce
@Anvilfly stop-motion Ur rlly trying to "start a new fight" with me over a dumb topic? oh ok.
Anvilfly stop-motion
@RandomClips- and plus the "fight" happened before you even joined TRvid so wth.
Anvilfly stop-motion
@RandomClips- the "fight" was a whole month ago, why are you trying to start a new one on a dead one like wth why everyone is already over the "fight" why are you even doing sh** like this it's just annoying people about a far past "fights" they had, bruh.
RandomClips- 4 gün önce
Inky Bones
Inky Bones Aylar önce
the "adult baby" thing is actually called age regressing! it can be used to cope with trauma or just.. for fun! it can also be a trauma response in itself! (I don't age regress but our friends do :3c) - Honey
Colm Looney
Colm Looney Aylar önce
@Tie Luna just do heroin like the rest of us hon, its way easier and less embarrassing...
Tie Luna
Tie Luna Aylar önce
@Emmanuel Moreno And that's okay! There are two different parts. There is a NSFW side, and a SFW side. Both have about the same meaning, but one is sexual. There are some really good resourses out there to read about it and learn the difference. Might even help you one day, possibly.
Tie Luna
Tie Luna Aylar önce
@Colm Looney It's not "baggage" it's trauma. Trauma from being sexually assulted, raped, beaten, neglected, locked away. Any thing of the sort. It's not "Insanity" it's called being different. I really hope you look into it yourself or get some help for downing someone else's coping skills.
Colm Looney
Colm Looney Aylar önce
@Tie Luna shouldnt you be rolling around on the floor right about now. At least that is productive when it comes to coping. We all have baggage hon, doesnt mean we have to regress into insanity to cope with it.
Tie Luna
Tie Luna Aylar önce
@Colm Looney okay, then tell that to the people who traumatized us who made us look for a way to cope with it. Ever thought about keeping negative comments to yourself?
Seth Ayala
Seth Ayala Aylar önce
Literally laughing for 11 minutes and 10 seconds, funniest thing ever
Narr Aylar önce
This is honestly one of my favorite videos I laughed my lungs out
Ramsey Kim
Ramsey Kim Aylar önce
I love your videos and music, and I really appreciate you doing what you do. Please keep going on them ❤️
The Bored Enthusiast
This isn’t just humor, this is *advanced humor*
Rimfire 82
Rimfire 82 Aylar önce
Yeah this is like an incredible combination of Mark Twain and Samuel Beckett.
SomethingElseTTV Aylar önce
Exactly my procrastinated brain ant handle this
CopperStarToons Aylar önce
I am inclined to agree! XDXDXD
AxxL Aylar önce
Don't talk to me! I am famous! Don't dislike my good good GOOD videos! Don't talk to me, dear he
Lillian YOUNG
Lillian YOUNG Aylar önce
Yes my brain is too smol for this advanced humour
Michazike Aylar önce
I love how weird and unconventional this video was xD Great work!!
Squid Gamer 3
Squid Gamer 3 25 gün önce
I just want to thank you for every thing you do you have gotten me through stuff that was very tough.
SickSquid8564 Aylar önce
He just summed up everything I've been feeling since 2021 started.
Vanessa Magnifier
Vanessa Magnifier Aylar önce
Very interesting to get a look into your mind...somehow XD It made me laugh, thanks man c:
Nomi Starry
Nomi Starry Aylar önce
I really appreciate like. How creative and inventive his videos are? Like not sticking to a formula and experimenting, it’s fun
Sober Aylar önce
@Daniel Jaramillo I’m not mad just confused
Daniel Jaramillo
Daniel Jaramillo Aylar önce
@Sober Bruh either cry about it or leave
Sober Aylar önce
@Daniel Jaramillo you... want me to be mad?
Daniel Jaramillo
Daniel Jaramillo Aylar önce
@Sober then leave
Sober Aylar önce
@Daniel Jaramillo nah not really
Whimsical FanGirl
Whimsical FanGirl Aylar önce
Carrying around a journal to write the most random things is legit the best idea since sliced bread. 100/10 delivery on the jokes lol
Alby There
Alby There Aylar önce
Amazingly this video is still trending 2 days later. Good job Adam!
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Aylar önce
Adam’s slow descent into becoming animation’s Bo Burnham begins here, starting with that last joke
LunaBear Aylar önce
Adam: "I have epilepsy" Me: *Also has epilepsy* Also me: FINALLY SOMEONE WHO GETS IT 😭
Kittydude23 Aylar önce
Fun fact Adam, the famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld would carry around a notebook as well and write down his comedy content. Then he would show it to people and ask: "Is this something?"
What? Who??
What? Who?? Aylar önce
I'm thinking to carry around a notebook since the beginning of this video and this fun fact is making me want to get a notebook to carry around
Flora Tay
Flora Tay Aylar önce
Your likes are on 666 and I don't want to ruin that so imma just comment :))
No Sleep King
No Sleep King Aylar önce
Love that
sokin jon
sokin jon Aylar önce
Adam’s unhinged creativity and imagination really SHOWED in this video! This was the BEST!
sokin jon
sokin jon Aylar önce
5:05 rip daffy giving us a laughy
This actually the funniest thing I've watched in a years
dahlia by anime
dahlia by anime Aylar önce
great, funny video as always. also, congrats on the songs going platinum my guy
Tatsumi Aylar önce
I love how this video was just all over the place in pure neutral chaos
CircleToonsHD Aylar önce
haha I remember when you sat in a dark room writing your 173 page "masterpiece" about how you would "fix" the "wrong" in this "wretched world" haha thought that would make it into this video haha where's that one haha?
Raphael Joseph
Raphael Joseph Aylar önce
@SomeThingElseYT haha your mom
Arli_Go Aylar önce
@SomeThingElseYT the 12-year-olds reading comments:👁👄👁
Susan Birrento
Susan Birrento Aylar önce
Bazingus Aylar önce
It says trelanslate to english
Arcinus Aylar önce
@SomeThingElseYT right?
Sammy Animations
Sammy Animations Aylar önce
I feel like Adam is the only person to make a simple jokes political and still some make them funny 🤣
Dipan Panda
Dipan Panda 18 gün önce
I'm new to this channel and the only thing I noticed is that he's surprisingly good at drawing hands
HellGates Aylar önce
I love how this has the interdimensional cable vibes😂
Peppersalt Aylar önce
you are a great animator you deserve those 4.16m subs keep up the great work
Fish :D
Fish :D Aylar önce
I'd still probably watch even if he posts once or twice a year, it's like that one burst of happiness every time you get recommended a video :D
Snowflake 6 gün önce
bella 12
bella 12 Aylar önce
If adam would do that that day shal be named ~the choky milk day~ amen. :D Lol
hope your day goes well
i agree
Azurmations Aylar önce
Rat Man
Rat Man Aylar önce
The adult baby joke honestly made me laugh
MYNAME JEFF6421 Aylar önce
i feel like Adam should do standup comedy lol
Nana Shimura
Nana Shimura Aylar önce
I’ve missed you Adam, awesome video!!
jabari murphy
jabari murphy Aylar önce
You should be proud of this one man I really love it
Somie Aylar önce
Adam’s slow descent into becoming animation’s Bo Burnham begins here, starting with that last joke
Imagination Animation
I respect that thought
Sharon ba htwe
Sharon ba htwe Aylar önce
Exactly what I was thinking!
The Skyler
The Skyler Aylar önce
It's beautiful I've been looking at this for 5 now I actually watched this about 20 times
E Aylar önce
Lol I liked the joke with the Jew And you posted this video just in time for Hanukkah, too! As a Jew with many Mexican and black friends, that joke seems like something that would probably happen lol We're all just vibing B) Friendship is epic Friendship is magic
Tia Corn
Tia Corn Aylar önce
Bro Adam you put a butt load of work into this congrats
FREKIN_WATER 19 gün önce
This video was genuinely good and there should be more out there
KshotTV Aylar önce
Baby: **laughs at Adam's joke** Adam: what am I a clown? Do I amuse you? Am I here to amuse you?
Jonhy B Good SC
Jonhy B Good SC Aylar önce
Why do I feel this actully happened
Ryan Soltani
Ryan Soltani Aylar önce
Amusement Is all we need
corvanj8 gaming
corvanj8 gaming Aylar önce
Wait no- i... I hate my job... *__*
IcyDragon10 Aylar önce
Ayo Kshot is here 👑🖐🏻🖐🏻
Rimfire 82
Rimfire 82 Aylar önce
Baby: huhhhh Adam: No! YOU are not my target demographic. My media is 4 Zee Big Kids.
Poohbeardrawz Aylar önce
lets just admire that this video is 11 min 11 secs long
AYOP Aylar önce
Hey! It’s mr jokester with his amazing jokes! Man I love jokes. Jokes are so funny. Joking joke joke.
WiseAnimations Aylar önce
That bird attack scene with the blood was slightly scaring and he has somehow shared worse without the same effect
Sydney Wynn
Sydney Wynn Aylar önce
"MMM check pls"--that face kills me-- that's me when I try to make a joke 😂 Ya did it again mac --I luv it and now have been watching this everyday.
RHV0id Aylar önce
I want someone to narrate my life the way that Adam narrates the Duckling story
Nina Aylar önce
I’d go write a terrible script but I have no idea about your life
Almxndyt 2
Almxndyt 2 Gün önce
"they had a good time hanging out!" "wait what year..." SO WERE NOT GONNA TALK ABOUT THAT??? OKAY
Death Sun
Death Sun Aylar önce
We need more of this.
WeLl HeLlO
WeLl HeLlO Aylar önce
It must have taken some considerable time to add the bleep noise over all those swears!
Robzrapid Aylar önce
Fun fact: As of tomorrow, it will be one year since Adam posted "a regularly scheduled video." Since then, and even before then, its easy to tell that Adam has canged a lot in terms of humor and content, ultimately for the better. Thank you, Adam, for being a great storyteller and joke-teller. We love you, man
D.J.Q Aylar önce
Massive Philza
Massive Philza Aylar önce
Oh my gosh I love your content!! I just asked for your common sense hoodie!! Stay hydrated!!
Wobbly Productions
Wobbly Productions Aylar önce
This is by far my favourite SomethingElseYT video and I'm not even halfway through it yet.
2bristjun Aylar önce
cant believe im still a fan of you after 4 years
Tharoth Jones
Tharoth Jones Aylar önce
This was fucking random but I bloody loved it, great work mate.
RoleyLuck Aylar önce
I love how he’s just being creative in this video and his drawings and narrating make it even better.
RoleyLuck Aylar önce
@Glitchy I didn’t :)
zhankazest Aylar önce
@Glitchy Yes exactly
Glitchy Aylar önce
You only could have gotten a minute into the video and you're already saying this
JayBlueGuy2468 Aylar önce
coolsindy345 Aylar önce
This video was very funny well done xD
You know “adam” is a really good animator and is a great TRvidr
Hexalys Walker
Hexalys Walker Aylar önce
Finally, somebody said it! Babies are a blight upon our society!
Sallidii Aylar önce
This video remembered me a lot of Bo Burnham's special. I really liked it! x3
TheAJaniPlayer Aylar önce
"A Mexican a Jew and a black guy walk into a bar and have a good time." was very wholehearted thanks bro. "Wait what year is this?" :[
hasargel Aylar önce
Ok this is such a dumb thing to say but what if they are all the same person
Omar Enriquez
Omar Enriquez Aylar önce
@li_ka2 oh yeah and the jews would be referring to the holocaust. not sure about the Mexicans though
li_ka2 Aylar önce
@Omar Enriquez seems correct tho? *Hanging* as in *being hanged* because people were very racist back in the day
Omar Enriquez
Omar Enriquez Aylar önce
@amvictoria no idea, but thats definitely not it otherwise that “in what year” part is redundant
Lee The Star
Lee The Star Aylar önce
Someone explain pls lol
Eve Aylar önce
Adam, I just have one question: What the fuck (In all seriousness, I do actually really like your videos, and I think you are really funny, thank you)
JadalyPuff Aylar önce
“You should publish these!” Isnt… isn’t that what making a video is? Fr I loved it
Jade Oster
Jade Oster 26 gün önce
I got the newest variety jacket and it’s really comfortable! I was excited for it to come in today! Lol
Mono Kuro
Mono Kuro Aylar önce
I think the would've been cherry on top here is putting a sitcom laugh track.
ThisDudeOnFire Aylar önce
The part where Adam was gonna tell a joke and after that he had to do an apology video perfectly describes humor these days
NdLepercoon1206 Aylar önce
guys, its probably the sensitive apology video *and* the they keep doing it one
Kappa Critic
Kappa Critic Aylar önce
I swear I see more people joking about people being insensitive than actual people being sensitive Twitter excluded obviously Either way his joke is about apologizing and not changing (YT Apology Vids)
plushooter V
plushooter V Aylar önce
Diinytro Aylar önce
@ThisDudeOnFire The point seemed to be a person making an apology video but then keeps doing what they apologized for and showing how insincere they are.
ThisDudeOnFire Aylar önce
@Lee The Star My point was that when you tell a joke everyone finds it offensive so he made an apology video or at least that's what I understood about that
Patches Ito
Patches Ito Aylar önce
Shout-out to my man really embracing himself so we can have a laugh 😔
Ryder Hinojosa
Ryder Hinojosa Aylar önce
Hey Adam I was wondering what advice do u have for a younger sibling to try to keep a bond with his two older brothers that live across the country
Dreeft Aylar önce
you gotta make more music dude. i love both the songs you've made!
Vitezoman 5
Vitezoman 5 Aylar önce
10:37 - basically the same thoughts I have about twitter
BeezyYT Aylar önce
Adam: I’m not afraid of anything besides the ocean and heights Also Adam: That baby scared the crap outta me
Donruz Aylar önce
These are insanely good stories
AFY-Sama Aylar önce
The bird scene made me flich
Sarcasm_Society21 Aylar önce
This was amazing lmao
ThatOneGuy Aylar önce
PainKiller Aylar önce
When the world needed him the most HE FLIPPIN RETURNED! (I f*cking missed u Adam)
Ash The Survivor
Ash The Survivor Aylar önce
@Fatma Althani it's an edit of a quote from a show that was made 12 years ago, not even the first commet who actually quoted the show was original.
05Wolfboy Aylar önce
Fatma Althani
Fatma Althani Aylar önce
@Ash The Survivor well at one point in time it was original
Bread Yes
Bread Yes Aylar önce
He didn't return, this is literally his normal upload schedule. Look at the time different between videos, its always 2 or 3 months.
Cut Suriati
Cut Suriati Aylar önce
Yay he's back
Nicola Bevacqua
Nicola Bevacqua Aylar önce
We need more of this
Blackbats_2019 Aylar önce
judging from the title, this guy can make jokes about dead jokes.
MR.TURTLE_YT Aylar önce
2:03 i skipped upto here and i thought the bird was sitting on a tree watching him.. and then when it started obliterating him i skipped back lol
NikoHasACookie Aylar önce
I can finish one of his jokes :> Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the idiots house... knock knock... who's there? THE CHICKEN
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