JoJo - Too Little Too Late Lyrics HD

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7 Feb 2015




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Laro Donn
Laro Donn 54 dakika önce
Lolu Gün önce
2021 ❤️
Neiva G
Neiva G Gün önce
January 2021 🙋‍♀️💜
ayanami 2 gün önce
she really sang this at 16 years old
Stephanie Jensen
Stephanie Jensen 2 gün önce
And now he's asking for help haha it never ends
Raena Martinez
Raena Martinez 3 gün önce
2021 January 15th
murda bizzness
murda bizzness 3 gün önce
Here in 2021
sabs 4 gün önce
whos here in 2021
Badddbihh Ree
Badddbihh Ree 2 gün önce
Angela 3 gün önce
Jessica Alvarado
Jessica Alvarado 4 gün önce
Only if apple music had this original song.
Quen Nia
Quen Nia 5 gün önce
soo nice
The_Delirious_Peach 5 gün önce
Not going through a heartbreak or anything, but, every once in a while, I like to listen to songs that give me that 2000s nostalgic feel.
Reinaldo Wunadi
Reinaldo Wunadi 3 gün önce
2000's era till around 2013 for America, Europe, J-Pop, K-Pop is a must once in a busy work days to heal our fatigue
Alexander Pomeroy
Alexander Pomeroy 5 gün önce
I love this song that is my favorite song of all time jojo is my favorite singer of all time she is the better
Gift Mulenga
Gift Mulenga 6 gün önce
This sets my heart free knowing that i will one day say that to my fucking ex
Jazmin Hudson
Jazmin Hudson 6 gün önce
When it’s 2021 and you’re still jamming to this
Tatiee Bee
Tatiee Bee 7 gün önce
Im really here 2k21 😏
Maria Aparecida Melo
Música lindaa demais perfeita
Kathleen James
Kathleen James 7 gün önce
anyone else still listening to this banger in 2021?
Berna Koca
Berna Koca 7 gün önce
İts 2021 and im still here and sing this song loudly
MsNayJ 8 gün önce
Alexia Rucker
Alexia Rucker 9 gün önce
She is awsome I grew up on her this makes me think of all the boys I've ever been with a cheated on me 💋💋💓💓
Chyna Bogan
Chyna Bogan 9 gün önce
Who’s still listening 2021??
Xyvo 9 gün önce
I’m fully moved on. The public won’t hear that song 1 3.
Samantha Elizabeth Thomas
Who's here after Lauren Jauregui's Tweet?
Rheamel Trinidad
Rheamel Trinidad 10 gün önce
I can't remember my age (elementary days) when I first heard this song but ahhhh it's 2021 now when I knew it because of Lauren's tweet. Ok bye
lya hudson
lya hudson 10 gün önce
kollette mitchell
kollette mitchell 10 gün önce
2021 and still listening
J L 11 gün önce
I dedicate this song to soon-to-be-former President Trump and his minions jumping ship NOW.
tametrious white
tametrious white 11 gün önce
2021 still bumping 🎧🤗😎
SILVER 11 gün önce
2021 ❤️😍
Xyvo 11 gün önce
This is gangsta no fake
Al-hassan Barry
Al-hassan Barry 12 gün önce
Not them replacing this verse with the 2018 verse🤦‍♂️😔😬
bxbydoll. 12 gün önce
2021 anyone? 😌✨
PROJECT_SMASH 13 gün önce
eccojams sample at 3:00
Zamariana Williams
Zamariana Williams 13 gün önce
www.fontessascore.com/ New Inspirational cite of 2021
Jean Grey
Jean Grey 14 gün önce
I miss him, but he just like the chase.
Ai JPL 16 gün önce
Maine is German now too late ... N or Y.
Anika Kellam
Anika Kellam 17 gün önce
2021 in the building!
Trekila Whitfield
Trekila Whitfield 17 gün önce
Who’s here 2021? 💕💕
munia gunnergaard
munia gunnergaard 17 gün önce
WHO’s listening in the new year 2021🙋‍♀️
becca royce
becca royce 17 gün önce
2021 anyone❣️🤷
Aurell Sabina
Aurell Sabina 18 gün önce
Happy new year yall
Kellisha 19 gün önce
Smh 2021 & still relevant 💯
Pamela Cummins
Pamela Cummins 19 gün önce
Pamela Cummins
Pamela Cummins 19 gün önce
SaLyers 😇😍💕♥️💜💙💖💝💗😘💟💌🖤😇
Culton Litdayton
Culton Litdayton 20 gün önce
7:05am full moon
Mochi •
Mochi • 20 gün önce
Imagine me, an almost 26 year old woman, relating to to this song sung by a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD. Idk
That One Guy
That One Guy 18 gün önce
to be fair, she was 15 when she recorded this song, but your point is still valid lol
LAKERS SMITH 22 gün önce
I miss those days but you know it's just too little too late
Joshua Levi
Joshua Levi 24 gün önce
Love that sexy voice of hers!!!
Justice Vérité
Justice Vérité 25 gün önce
Yeah 🤙
kehlani Hassan
kehlani Hassan 25 gün önce
2020 still a breakup hit ✌
LoserJ7 25 gün önce
Songs you listen to when your boys aren’t around
Kalid Kanada
Kalid Kanada 27 gün önce
Keep going
KNOW HOPE 28 gün önce
Remember when pop music had actual lyrics and a feel good melody?
PS Mechanical
PS Mechanical 28 gün önce
You rule
Chrissy S
Chrissy S 29 gün önce
Benjamin Albright
Benjamin Albright 29 gün önce
Jojo, or gas station wedges? Garbage music... thanks youtube
Kiera Pardillo
Kiera Pardillo Aylar önce
Its December 2020 and im still listening 😘
e l l i s i m p s _
She's still amazing 😭✨💓
Murkedlikejay. Aylar önce
This is the real rnb idk what 2020 singers are injecting.
CEA VLOGZ! Aylar önce
Epenesa Esera
Epenesa Esera Aylar önce
Who else is watching with me in December🥰
Harper Oelfke
Harper Oelfke Aylar önce
Crazy how she was only a teenager when she came out with this
Nydia Lopez
Nydia Lopez Aylar önce
Beautiful voice❤
Alexander Pomeroy
Alexander Pomeroy Aylar önce
I love this song and jojo is my favorite of all time
Pavement Aylar önce
💔 ill miss you Daniel
TenorMan96 Aylar önce
3:21 When you try to hit that note lol
Regina Parks
Regina Parks Aylar önce
My bitch was fed up on 2:37, and my inner rock came threw
Remy Remy
Remy Remy Aylar önce
Idk why she made a remake this was fine
Elite G.
Elite G. Aylar önce
Her old label screwed her
Elite G.
Elite G. Aylar önce
This version of the song isn’t even available on streaming services so she had to remake it.
madison davis
madison davis Aylar önce
I didn't know she sung this! OMG I had no clueee 🤣i am sooo late
Jennica alexis Jeto
A little too late 📯
Luisupro Aylar önce
im searching for that A3 part boys
Abeau 001
Abeau 001 Aylar önce
This song gives me goosebumps 😂❤
Oceana Melodies
Oceana Melodies Aylar önce
guy go listen to her new version, she did what taylor is currently doing and rerecorded her work, go support the new version, sounds better anyways
Mallory Elliott
Mallory Elliott Aylar önce
2020 and I still love this song
Tristan Vilallon
Tristan Vilallon Aylar önce
Jojo could be Gloria Stefan's daughter both pretty and similar type of aura
Kisha Howard
Kisha Howard Aylar önce
Ann 'NALYN David
Ann 'NALYN David Aylar önce
Kilamkam47 Aylar önce
That note @3:15 will forever be my favorite note in any song ever.. Like.. She sounds like a damn flute.. How is that a human voice?.. And I'm pretty sure this isn't autotune at all.. Such a beautiful melody!!!!....
SILVER Aylar önce
The energy in her voice is amazing😍❤️
akta patel
akta patel Aylar önce
Serojine Ramlogan
Serojine Ramlogan Aylar önce
Love this song
Aedan John
Aedan John Aylar önce
DIO left the chat
Lauren Sparks
Lauren Sparks Aylar önce
Her music helps so much during breakups and healing -
Essence Cotton
Essence Cotton Aylar önce
I honestly thought Jordan Sparks sung this song bro
Kyrsten Hammond
Kyrsten Hammond Aylar önce
i just listened to the version on apple music and was so disgusted so i came here
Oceana Melodies
Oceana Melodies Aylar önce
the apple version is the redone version jojo did so shed have all rights to her music, support that one, don't give her old label money
It's Dio Bitch
It's Dio Bitch Aylar önce
lafleur fati
lafleur fati Aylar önce
amazing lyrics 💓💓💓
-Peach Cakes-
-Peach Cakes- Aylar önce
God this takes me back...
Kwamukelwe Sanda
Kwamukelwe Sanda Aylar önce
Mr X Xavier
Mr X Xavier Aylar önce
Mr X Xavier
Mr X Xavier Aylar önce
Sammie UK
Sammie UK Aylar önce
i miss old school music
Hot Pig
Hot Pig 19 gün önce
No you don’t
Frankie Homz
Frankie Homz Aylar önce
El Savior
El Savior Aylar önce
Cute song
jane doe
jane doe Aylar önce
For the Rock
Naomi Xx33
Naomi Xx33 Aylar önce
I remember being like 10 singing this with my older brother who was 11 and he had a whole dance set he made up to this that he taught me lmao. I'm 31 now and I miss those days soooo much
Naomi Xx33
Naomi Xx33 Aylar önce
@Mrs. Holly Alana lmao well I wasn't trying to be as specific as possible. I didn't sit down and do the math before I commented
Mrs. Holly Alana
Mrs. Holly Alana Aylar önce
It wasnt 20 years ago tho lol
Jamesetta Taylor
Jamesetta Taylor Aylar önce
I love her and this song and her voice is the 💣 better than these singers now
jane doe
jane doe Aylar önce
The heart wants what the heart wants until another pair of legs walk by! I'm no fool! You were!
Kensie Corbin
Kensie Corbin Aylar önce
Throwback to me singing this to my nonexistent toxic ex when I was like 8
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