Joe Rogan Experience #1411 - Robert Downey Jr.

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Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, producer, and singer. He stars in the new movie "Dolittle" which releases in theater on January 17, 2020.



15 Jan 2020




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Samuel c137
Samuel c137 Dakika önce
Lmao Downey trying to convince me Dolittle is a good movie is the performance of his careee
iiiam3 Dakika önce
You're more annoying than me
iiiam3 Dakika önce
Stance! That's right children!!! Are you really praising him for Doolittle? Is that movie even out yet? Guaranteed, Joe hasn't seen it
Dani Fake
Dani Fake 2 dakika önce
Eu sou o Homem de Ferro
ca bo
ca bo 2 dakika önce
Lol lefty .
iiiam3 3 dakika önce
No sub-....
iiiam3 3 dakika önce
(Good for you) can insert anywhere in the podcast
ca bo
ca bo 4 dakika önce
Big I don't know. It's media
iiiam3 4 dakika önce
Ads are the best part yet
iiiam3 5 dakika önce
He's a made up character joe
iiiam3 5 dakika önce
Gross joe
iiiam3 6 dakika önce
terry stuart
terry stuart 6 dakika önce
iiiam3 6 dakika önce
K, I'm tapping out.
Asparuh Ivanov
Asparuh Ivanov 6 dakika önce
there must be more boring episodes of JRE but I can't think of one right now
Cody Hanley
Cody Hanley 6 dakika önce
ca bo
ca bo 6 dakika önce
Thu ouhg. That out to best people in . People live in . Like to know . We can't do it. Please do it for us.
Devon Oenning
Devon Oenning 7 dakika önce
We need more people like RDJ on this planet lmao
iiiam3 7 dakika önce
You didn't know it was hunter in what picture?
Merrick Sanders
Merrick Sanders 8 dakika önce
Joe is trying to meet the team
iiiam3 10 dakika önce
Bill burr, where are you L
iiiam3 11 dakika önce
Cmon joe
iiiam3 11 dakika önce
Wait, why the fuck is he talking about
Soul 11 dakika önce
m.trvid.com/video/video-F1mS5SxJruY.html The Soul Fantasy Show
iiiam3 11 dakika önce
"funny,... Watching Eddie Murphy... In this period of time"
Art Vandelay, Jr.
Art Vandelay, Jr. 12 dakika önce
What a beautiful podcast, made my heart smile. Thank you Joe.
iiiam3 12 dakika önce
Stop saying you have to show up
iiiam3 13 dakika önce
Oh shit... Only was TEN minutes, FORTY TREE MINUTES In.... Good character, whack person
Aaron Simmonds
Aaron Simmonds 13 dakika önce
Drink shark liver oil for good eyesight, it worked fro the old man in The Old Man and The Sea.
iiiam3 14 dakika önce
"let me ask you The question" which nobody has asked before
Anon010398 16 dakika önce
I used to really dislike RDJ. But he's an alright dude. I think he was amazing in Tropic Thunder. People need to get over themselves and stop being triggered by everything.
Anon010398 8 dakika önce
Wait, it just ended and he's getting rid of his car's.....shit list again! Now I'm triggered. FUCK
iiiam3 17 dakika önce
42 min in
iiiam3 18 dakika önce
How many heads up his ass can we fit?
charlietuna1971 18 dakika önce
Adding Alex Jones to every JRE episode would make them all 100% better.
SWISHER OG 19 dakika önce
What’s your action for today?
Mohamed D. Ahmed
Mohamed D. Ahmed 19 dakika önce
What can i say this guy is a genius i love Robert Downey jr movies actor of the decade without a doubt
Rahat Khan
Rahat Khan 20 dakika önce
Who does he keep looking to?
Nastya S.
Nastya S. 22 dakika önce
DIAZ 209 DIAZ 209 WHEN ?????????????????????? CALL TO NICK 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊
SkyeFyre 23 dakika önce
Who else is rubbing one out while watching this?!
MGTOW ANONYMOUS 23 dakika önce
*I cant look at or see this dude without seeing this in my head.* trvid.com/video/video-vuziQsUrbeM.html
rumaya Yad
rumaya Yad 23 dakika önce
We want to know what RDJ had to say about Bran Ferren. And he wasn’t ready to go
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 24 dakika önce
Actors are dumb.
Sumaiya Islam
Sumaiya Islam 24 dakika önce
The worst thing about that podcast is it was 1 hour long
AWelsh Celt
AWelsh Celt 25 dakika önce
The object RDJ is wearing is a green stone. He must know someone who's Māori, Samoan, Fijian or another Pacific Islander. They're very sacred and only given to Euros whom are held in high regard. By the size of it he has much respect from a PI.
Simon Pitt
Simon Pitt 28 dakika önce
What about the thing he wanted to get to?? :/
RU5T 29 dakika önce
I know you won't see this but fuck it it's worth a shot. This guy is the first youtube prankster to teach me about BJJ, instantly thought of you. Could be an interesting interview for the laughs trvid.com/video/video-MaJuPHtMZb0.html
richycline 29 dakika önce
Love this dude
Abdulrahman Moustafa
Abdulrahman Moustafa 29 dakika önce
Why is this one of the shortest podcasts? Should have been way longer
Elitedevil 14 dakika önce
Doesn't have time for more
thePhished 30 dakika önce
seems like downey wanted to keep going but joe ended it lol
N C 30 dakika önce
Robert Downey Jr. has macular degeneration 😔
Abdulrahman Moustafa
Abdulrahman Moustafa 30 dakika önce
The 5K dislikes are because this is damn short podcast
Steve Berry
Steve Berry 31 dakika önce
The woo is strong
Sparksamez NST
Sparksamez NST 31 dakika önce
trvid.com/video/video-vj76840-g-s.html Go subscribe
CLlifba 31 dakika önce
Do you know who joe is?
mojozen10 31 dakika önce
10 min in, It's a focus in the fractal
TrekEZ 32 dakika önce
#1 Trending way to go Joe! RDJ is the man! Tony Stark forever
Desat Desssa
Desat Desssa 33 dakika önce
Joe, focus on humanity. Be the hero. 💕
misha grajdieru
misha grajdieru 34 dakika önce
get Sadhguru on your podcast
Happy Days
Happy Days 34 dakika önce
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Dwight K. Schrute
Dwight K. Schrute 34 dakika önce
Lol the number one trending is one hour long lol