Joe Rogan Experience #1335 - Jim Gaffigan

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Jim Gaffigan is an actor and stand up comedian. His new stand up special "Quality Time" will premiere August 16th on Amazon Prime.



14 Aug 2019




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t sam
t sam 2 gün önce
High speed internet?? WTF is that? 15M is the fastest I can get from my ISP. I'm too far into the sticks.
Lizz Keiper
Lizz Keiper 2 gün önce
He and his wife have a brilliant process.
Brad C
Brad C 6 gün önce
rich assholes, actually not everyone can afford prime joe see ya
Suc My Destiny
Suc My Destiny 7 gün önce
“When theirs no more racism” You mean modern America? Anyone remember the 90’s? The only racists are and have always been the Democrats.
Chukwunonso Okoro
Chukwunonso Okoro 7 gün önce
jim is hilarious, i swear
seller559 12 gün önce
I don’t have Prime
Nelson Rangel
Nelson Rangel 14 gün önce
I think Jim is overestimating his fame. He’s not someone whom people like are elbowing each other up to go see. Am I wrong? If anything, he should be grateful to have gone as far as he has.
TheDonofthsht76 -
TheDonofthsht76 - 13 gün önce
What? You sound dumb. He's super popular and sells out theatres when he goes on tour. Not to mention his tv creds
Julie Anderson
Julie Anderson 15 gün önce
Tex Watson
Tex Watson 17 gün önce
4 minutes in and I say fuck this Ginger.
Angela Samells
Angela Samells 18 gün önce
I do not have Amazon Prime....because I DON'T want it. I do however have internet. GTFOH.
Todd Wieland
Todd Wieland 19 gün önce
Resist amazon
barney rubble
barney rubble 19 gün önce
Trying to figure out who has bigger man boobs . Ron White or Jim Gaffigan .
eldonandy 20 gün önce
2 points: 1. I will always remember Jim from his role in That 70s Show, I truly think no other person could have done that role as well as him (even if it wasn't that big of a role). 2. Jim and Joe's first podcast on JRE #193 is awesome!
eldonandy 17 gün önce
@wyatt wood he played Roy, Hyde's "older brother" from when he was younger in a broken wings program.
wyatt wood
wyatt wood 17 gün önce
eldonandy wow i know exactly which role youre talking about and i never knew it was him. doh!
Gigi Dayz
Gigi Dayz 22 gün önce
"Do you think elk is the new kale?"🤣🤣🤣
Kathy Myers
Kathy Myers 23 gün önce
Noone EVER gave a f about diversity.
Mr MacGuffin
Mr MacGuffin 24 gün önce
Jim Gaffigan is the final form of all Dads
WISDOM vs knowledge
WISDOM vs knowledge 26 gün önce
Good propaganda Jimmy: "Everyone uses Amazon" 🤣
Way2Dylagent 28 gün önce
1:26:00 that laugh Joe does is the dark truth laugh.
Jonathon Clements
Jonathon Clements Aylar önce
Not one f-bomb from this guy.
A.J. Jones
A.J. Jones Aylar önce
“How much is that true?” 😂
Joseph Wagner
Joseph Wagner Aylar önce
Jim: You have a horse track in the back, you don't have a ktichen here?
Michael David Cruz Cordova
I love JRE, this podcast 🔥🔥 i can watch every single section
Junior Ramirez
Junior Ramirez Aylar önce
Joe "I dont act because I don't want to act " rogan
Protectobot Aylar önce
Joe doesn't just talk about elk meat. Sometimes it's DEER 🦌 meat 🍖
Albertus Magnus
Albertus Magnus Aylar önce
Wow...you almost interviewed everyone on earth...great job..
The Wandering Ghoul
I thought Jane the virgin was an indian broad. Shows how much I care to turn my head at a commercial.
pduffy83usa Aylar önce
I can not smoke a cigarette for a long time and then start again and not be able to get a buzz.
Not a Number
Not a Number Aylar önce
Jim is such a wholesome awesome guy. . . . . His boobs are disturbing tho
TREE 662
TREE 662 Aylar önce
Its not that you're a vacation Jim, its that you actually make a living being funny. There will be a lot of so called "comics" that don't have jobs anymore when Trump is not president because that's been those so called "comics" punchline for 3 years straight. I can't stand shows like that, tell me something funny that isn't politics & I'm a fan for life.
KeepTrying Aylar önce
What is the cause of such foolishness, this demanding that (your example) you must make any idea you have "diverse"? From the right? C'mon.
sam wasmundt
sam wasmundt Aylar önce
biggus dickus
biggus dickus Aylar önce
I think comedians have become so nutless its pathetic... name the George Carlin , the Richard Pryor of today's comedy but AGAINST this stupid faggy woke cancel bullshit standard.
Matt Forbes
Matt Forbes Aylar önce
in the last 5 min he talks about someone who was convinced Harris was going to win... well we know that prediction won't come true.
Robb Edmondson
Robb Edmondson Aylar önce
Jim: We'll be right back. If you caught this ^, I laughed the hardest at this point, among many others. Cheers Joe and Jim! 1:25:28
cakeisavegatable 28 gün önce
YO it was just so perfect from the timing to the sound of his voice lmao
Isaiah Bamburg
Isaiah Bamburg Aylar önce
Hahahaha the leftest are the only ones that can't have a conversation. Hahahaha
Brent Cowan
Brent Cowan Aylar önce
Hot pockets. Diarrhea pockets.
Guillaume Ricard
Guillaume Ricard Aylar önce
Jim Gaffigan: Who doesn't have a prime membership? These people probably can't even afford internet! Also Jim Gaffigan: Not everyone has netflix. Funny thing is more people have netflix than amazon prime.
Sara Anić
Sara Anić Aylar önce
Did Jim really think that Dubrovnik was in Serbia? It's in Croatia.
He mentioned Ari Shaffir...and he's hilarious too! Look up Ari's This Is Not Happening story about "the holy spirit" so funny!
MuerteSigiliosa Aylar önce
George Bush is a lovely guy that simply made aa few "mistakes" It just happens that one of those mistakes led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis
Thomas O'Hara
Thomas O'Hara Aylar önce
Please, for the love of God. No more fucking gum on the podcast
J C Aylar önce
Raising kids in NYC is cruel. That place is a toilet where people struggle to have the chance to live like cockroaches.
rgloque 2 aylar önce
I grew up in Colorado. You can get Elk at the grocery store. It's delicious and the ranches that use them take great care of them.
handsomebrick 2 aylar önce
Even if you weren't a hunter, I bet you could get some wild elk meat from a butcher somewhere, most likely one who operates out in the sticks. Butchers can have all kinds of interesting stuff available for sale.
YesitisSeth 2 aylar önce
New found respect for Jim after this interview! Pretty enlightened and sensible fellow.
lazarwolfethebutcher 2 aylar önce
Joe has a lot of smart people on (and Jim is surely one of them) but unlike a lot of the others, Jim is passing on straight wisdom.
C. Alan Robinson
C. Alan Robinson 2 aylar önce
You see... Even Jim knows that what they are saying about Trump, they said about Bush Junior. Trump isn't the worst conservative president... He is merely the current one.
GridWiseSarah 2 aylar önce
😱 cooking episodes with Dr Rhonda
Barb 0013
Barb 0013 2 aylar önce
I love the CW lol. I like over the air tv. I go to bed at 8 but I am up at 4 so I do not watch much except at work I watch this lol.
katana crawford
katana crawford 2 aylar önce
20% of all marriages in Kyrgyzstan begin in kidnapping (rape) 52:32
gerado ventura
gerado ventura 2 aylar önce
None of these fuking things is ever funny, 100 episodes in and hoe rogan almost said something funny.
gerado ventura
gerado ventura 2 aylar önce
Fuking sounds like his fat ass suking dick everytime he breaths
Christopher Alvarez
Christopher Alvarez 2 aylar önce
Look Gaffigan if you can't understand the dissapointment people feel in learning that (insert bias here) exists figure it out before you damn your children woth a handicap of misunderstanding.
snokey 2 aylar önce
Lmaoo, Terezin mentioned on Joe while I grew up 10km from there, yay!
mike spinler
mike spinler 2 aylar önce
jim comparing ancient ideas with modern science does you no favors. we do know some stuff empirically thank you scientific method. we no longer need leeches. and religion.
Matthew Snyder
Matthew Snyder 2 aylar önce
QOTSA's Josh Homme had one of the coolest repudiations of the current trend of inserting politics into anything when he said he wants his rock shows, and anything he's involved in musically, to be an ice cream parlor. Apolitical, people just there to have a good time. That we're told we can't enjoy experiences in that manner, anymore, is really, really, really lame.
Barth Slung
Barth Slung 2 aylar önce
I was thinking, "How can you not just drag an Elk with you in one trip...?" Then I googled it. 700-800 pounds is a lot to carry lol
Barth Slung
Barth Slung 2 aylar önce
Most people I know don't have Prime. Probably because it is a waste of fucking money.
Peter Daigle
Peter Daigle 2 aylar önce
I'm only 15 minutes in and I'm guessing Jim doesn't swear for the remainder
Stefen B. Echols
Stefen B. Echols 2 aylar önce
How Jim Gaffigan views doing his shows as a vacation away from politics is absolutely appreciated. No one is saying you can’t have your political beliefs what people are saying is for the love of God can we just talk about something else for an hour? Can we laugh and have a good time without being a lectured at and that goes for either side of the isle. If someone goes to see a political comedian then they know what they got themselves into. But to inject politics in every form of media makes people sick to death of it.