Joe Rogan Experience #1335 - Jim Gaffigan

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Jim Gaffigan is an actor and stand up comedian. His new stand up special "Quality Time" will premiere August 16th on Amazon Prime.



14 Aug 2019




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Savage 1
Savage 1 7 saatler önce
This guy sucks!!! Not funny at all
Andrew Boothe
Andrew Boothe 9 saatler önce
Yet another person erroneously calling America a democracy... America is not a democracy. America is a republic - a constitutional republic. Democracy sucks. If the majority rules, and the majority wants slavery, then guess what? Slavery is the mob rule. The Pledge of Allegiance does not read, "... and to the democracy for which it stands...," yet so many people refer to America as a democracy when it isn't. It's a sad state of affairs when the American citizenry don't even know what type of nation they comprise.
Cassidy F.
Cassidy F. 12 saatler önce
Joe “burning my bridge with Netflix” Rogan
Justin Stover
Justin Stover 16 saatler önce
how many people thought "ahhhw i wanna hangout with joe" lol
Dk 16 saatler önce
Chick Deney definitely shot that motherfucker on purpose.
skrv Gün önce
He's so pale.
Jackie Chandler
Jackie Chandler Gün önce
Ameriga, fug yea.
DylanKartWii 2 gün önce
The CW has some banger shows not gonna lie
Williamus Rex
Williamus Rex 3 gün önce
Cead Mile Failte! Means “A Hundred Thousand Welcomes” and is prounced as Kade Meela Folcha!
Schutzstaffel Hastag
Netflix has become a sewer of shit and half the shit isn't even in English.
One Eyed Jack
One Eyed Jack 3 gün önce
Man....I’m from the Netherlands and loooove Bill Burr, Jim, Joey, Ricky etc. but I really have heard enough!! of the comedy world. Can’t they talk about that in in the sauna afterwards? Because it seems like a more appropriate place. I mean....15 minutes is fine but I listened to the podcast with Bill and Jim in one day...a bit overkill on the comedy world 🙊 But it doesn’t matter....I don’t think Joe reads comments and I’m going to listen anyway 😂 I would just rather have them talk about other stuff. That just makes me laugh and feel good. Because I love to hear how they think about things in life.
valgeir80 3 gün önce
When you find a "talented black woman" to moderate the Presidential debate that is as enjoyable and informing to watch as Rogan, let me know so I can check that bitch out. Until then STFU with your PC B.S.
Seeking the Truth
Seeking the Truth 5 gün önce
"Please .. please .. I just wanna hear Jim talk about horses for 10 minutes."
phunnycomic Sean McCarthy
Checl out my Stand Up Comedy Special, "Raging Sean". trvid.com/video/video-SFLPxJZXWiM.html
Kyle Hollenbeck
Kyle Hollenbeck 6 gün önce
It's ok TRvid, I watch jre all of the time. I also binge watch jim gaffigan regularly, but you can wait like a month to reccomend this to me
Wes Hardin
Wes Hardin 6 gün önce
Talula Schulte
Talula Schulte 6 gün önce
Joe “that’s a literal WW2 helmet right there” Rogan
The Budget Savvy Travelers
Joe Rogan's a closet conservative.
BuddhatheBlackDog 7 gün önce
Joe: I eat elk for breakfast, I had it this morning. Jim: “Do you do the elk cereal?” 😂
One Too
One Too 7 gün önce
"so when an elk takes DMT does it make the meat taste better "
Roy 7 gün önce
Every plush toy that makes a sound should have Jim Gaffigan's voice.
Warren Runk
Warren Runk 7 gün önce
Long form makes a huge difference for comedians. Jim really gets going after the hour mark
Big Lake
Big Lake 8 gün önce
So much of Gaffigans nuanced humor goes right over Joe's head when he starts to go in depth on some subject
Rich Making Stuff
Rich Making Stuff 8 gün önce
Jim’s a funny guy but he’s not driving anyone to amazon unless he’s using his car.
Brendan Flaherty
Brendan Flaherty 8 gün önce
World War 1
Theo Patino
Theo Patino 9 gün önce
Jim Gassican, that's a nice name Jim Gassican
N Wilt
N Wilt 9 gün önce
Yes, Dick Cheney is a monster.
Dude Lebowski
Dude Lebowski 9 gün önce
I don't have an Amazon account and I make plenty a year. I refuse to buy any Amazon product I even went so far as to jailbreak my TV to remove Amazon proprietary apps on it from factory. Sad to see them trying to expand even further they're already in Monopoly.
dude im baaaked
dude im baaaked 10 gün önce
Anybody remember "earthworm jim" ? For sega genesis.... U can download "classic game emulator" off playstore... I played it the other day. Also played aladdin and sonic. Its unreal.... I cant believe they dis that. It has n64 games too!!!!
bozo buckets
bozo buckets 10 gün önce
JOE “ I shot DMT into my balls again, but this time it was an accident” ROGAN
bozo buckets
bozo buckets 10 gün önce
JOE!.........Get disgruntled hollywood fucks so they talk shit, these kinda guys have a lot to lose and are boring.
Nick Cantu
Nick Cantu 10 gün önce
🤣 i lost it when he said, "We'll be right back. "
RF Harkleroad
RF Harkleroad 10 gün önce
I like that exchange where they both admit "I know someone who works at Fox". It reminds me of some imaginary conversation with someone who makes a casual statement about black people and then they feel like they have to qualify their statement with a virtue signal, "I have a friend who is black". LOL. Yay, you. Joe: I know a guy at Fox... Our families vacation together. Takes a drink of water to let that brave confession shatter the universe...
SURLOOKMEDIA 10 gün önce
Shoutout to Donegal ;)1:35:14
Ralgondo 10 gün önce
Joe - have Nick Fuentes on the podcast
Melissa Jacobs
Melissa Jacobs 11 gün önce
Jim Gaffigan just did an OUTSTANDING Joe Rogan interview. He asked Joe great questions. Come on Jim, start a podcast!
EyeHeartShantel 11 gün önce
Petition for Joe to do a podcast with Louis CK.
Cheyenne Blythe
Cheyenne Blythe 11 gün önce
Kevin 11 gün önce
Going to go watch your special jim
Jay Russell
Jay Russell 11 gün önce
Literally never heard of Amazon prime, do live in Australia though
Jonny Deth
Jonny Deth 11 gün önce
*Jim should slip in one political joke that will offend the left; then their mental derangement and self destructive behavior will be undeniable!* They will attack him like he set a bus full of illegal Mexican aliens on fire.
Max ax
Max ax 12 gün önce
Somerhing to be said about president tweets. The constant barrage of idiocy does have people tuning him out and paying less attention.
cbmarsh1 12 gün önce
Jim “by the way” gaffigan
Gutrot 12 gün önce
Uhhhh Jim? More people on earth have Netflix than Amazon Prime lmao
Eirik 12 gün önce
When i close my eyes i hear tom papa
braiden joshua
braiden joshua 12 gün önce
Public land owner= every single tax PAYING American.
J L 12 gün önce
Who doesn't have money for a prime membership??.... lol many normal non-millionaire people
J L 12 gün önce
Free trial membership though maybe
Cxld Bleach
Cxld Bleach 12 gün önce
Uhh I have 300mp/s internet and I dont have amazon prime
Kol Martens
Kol Martens 12 gün önce
Joe...have you seen the U of Alaska Engineering Dept paper on the Tower 7 collapse NOT being caused by fire? Check it out: action.ae911truth.org/p/salsa/web/thank_you_page/public/thankYou.sjs?id=1567568606213&thank_you_page_KEY=3278&killorg=True&loggedOut=True And come roll at our Catch Club when you get down to Costa Rica sometime. You can contact me on the FB Group - Trika Mahasiddha Yoga. Cheers!
Jonathan Faas
Jonathan Faas 12 gün önce
Always liked Jim..but he seemed so scattered, like he starts telling a story and halfway through forgets his original point.
Ana Castellano
Ana Castellano 13 gün önce
90% of nonwhites are racist, while only 10% of whites are racist, yet people act like whites are the problem.
Karl Cox
Karl Cox 13 gün önce
Jim's Podcast feat. Joe Rogan
KeLanna Spiller
KeLanna Spiller 13 gün önce
When Jim said, "we'll be right back" was so perfect. lmao
Dave Dave
Dave Dave 13 gün önce
Bush W wasn't phasing golf during 911! W was in Florida during the attacks. Facts guys Facts matter
Gabriel Wildman
Gabriel Wildman 13 gün önce
Jim Gaffigan doesn't realize that many people purposefully do not buy anything from amazon and for that reason have no account and will not watch his special
JeremyWK 13 gün önce
Halliburton had "No-Bid" contracts years before the Bush-Cheney administration.
Jon Nobach
Jon Nobach 13 gün önce
www.fredricksonelkfarm.com/ This place is 10 mins away from where I grew up. Drove past this place a thousand times.
Alexandra Catherine
Alexandra Catherine 13 gün önce
Get Dr. Taylor Marshall on the show!! Or Matt Fradd
D Ford
D Ford 13 gün önce
I'm trying my chops here. I have a toe nail on my penis medically known as a genitoenailia.
N V 14 gün önce
Jim "Do Do" Gaffigan
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