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Bob Lazar is a physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and also on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4 near the Area 51 Groom Lake operating location. Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker. Watch the documentary "Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers" now streaming on Netflix.



19 Haz 2019




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itsBjorno Yıl önce
Either Bob Lazar is tellin the truth. Or this is the greatest attempt to cover up an affair by anyone ever in the history of the universe.
DCTV DubzCo 2 gün önce
@G E if the government did do something to him it would make him look like he was telling the truth
ale goon
ale goon 2 gün önce
@G E no, if they did that then people would have even more the reason to think it’s real
michael galindo
michael galindo 2 gün önce
@G E it would be way to obvious if they did that. Keeping lazar alive allows the people to always speculate if his story is true or not. Taking him out of the equation would be the same as telling the world ufo technology is real.
Jason Williams
Jason Williams 2 gün önce
C@Notya Avridge
jo schmo
jo schmo 2 gün önce
As an investigator for years. I don't know if he's telling the truth but he believes it and his articulation doesn't seem the least bit fake. I personally believe him
SD.Cali.619 3 gün önce
I absolutely love the way Joe Rogan does his interviews.. he asks all the right questions at the right time!
Jonathan Price
Jonathan Price 12 saatler önce
Name 1?
CT Keunig
CT Keunig Gün önce
Big cap sh!tface
Kim Bast
Kim Bast 2 gün önce
Thank you so much for everything you've done bob lazar. I've discovered your story in the early 90's and knew immediately you are the Real Deal. Love light and happiness in abunDance to you and your family. I'm also fascinated by the otherworldly tech. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.
Aaron Barlow
Aaron Barlow 20 saatler önce
Cool last name, both an alternate spelling of 'based' meaning aware of the truth and also the Egyptian Cat god 'Bast'
Chris S
Chris S Gün önce
You are Gorgeous
Micah Castillo
Micah Castillo 3 gün önce
I’ve always believed Bob Lazar. His story and order of events in his account have never changed. It’s an awesome thing that he’s getting some respect now.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 12 saatler önce
It never changes if you only watch the same podcast. In reality, his account has changed in multiple ways over time.
Jonathan Price
Jonathan Price 12 saatler önce
lol..it changes all the time. Don't watch just 1 interview, over and over again.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano Gün önce
@Sheila Dawg He also said he left out a lot of details in this story." Yeah, no shit he said that, because he doesn't actually have those "details", but he wants to think he does. I'm sorry: WHAT exactly am I supposed to be impressed about in his story again?
Sheila Dawg
Sheila Dawg Gün önce
@Luis Cayetano He also said he left out a lot of details in this story.
Carl Panzram
Carl Panzram Gün önce
😂 Thats a bad sign. This guy is obviously bullshiting. Hes making stuff up on the spot.
Skoden Gaming
Skoden Gaming 5 gün önce
Best interview this show has done that I've seen, and I've seen a lot of them. Lemlmts (thank you) Bob for your story. Lemlmts (thank you) all involved in the show. Lemlmts (thank you) Joe for being a truth seeker. It is why I love your show and watch all the videos that I watch. In a world where we are fed so much bs it is nice to see other humans trying to study through all the bs to try to find answers, including the harder to ask questions that most are too afraid to even ask
Skoden Gaming
Skoden Gaming 17 saatler önce
@Anna Karenina lemlmts (interior salish): thank you
Luca Migliavacca
Luca Migliavacca Gün önce
@Carl Panzram well, it’s alien technology, from another galaxy/solar system, created by extraterrestrial beings with elements that don’t exist on our planet. It’s called alien technology for a reason
Carl Panzram
Carl Panzram Gün önce
@Luca Migliavacca Yeah but thats bullshit. How could it have possibly worked that they couldn't understand it? Its one thing to not be able to invent something, but to not understand it when it is right in front of you and you have all the tools at hand? I think its all bs.
Anna Karenina
Anna Karenina 2 gün önce
Whats is Lemlmts?
Caustic Groyper
Caustic Groyper 2 gün önce
@Cliff Cardinal He's working on a secret government project in a secret government facility. Thus hes an intelligence asset of the government. He says this himself thus he is a self professed intelligence asset of the government. And yet you continue to believe he's somehow telling you truths the government doesn't want you to hear. Ridiculous.
ChroniC 2 yıl önce
This podcast is 100% better than the documentary.
Mathew Clifton
Mathew Clifton 29 gün önce
Facts on facts - " heart ❤️ shaped gravity field"
Solitude Aylar önce
Rudy Garcia
Rudy Garcia Aylar önce
@J P no
Gerrard Jones
Gerrard Jones 3 aylar önce
Polwtf 6 aylar önce
Tim Rice
Tim Rice 5 gün önce
The fact that they uncovered this technology in an archaeology dig speaks volumes to the probability that it was ancient technology and not necessarily offworld technology
Gravastar'01 Gün önce
@Tim Rice Oh no, you've got me all wrong. I fully agree with you. I thought that you were stating, such exotic materials/ancient lost tech etc is solely from this planet only.
NorCalHodler Gün önce
It would align with Jacques Valle theory that these “entities” may be from a different dimension here on earth and may have always been with us… they could have been with us from the beginning and we just can’t perceive them, in the same way insects see evidence of us but have zero comprehend of what humans are and do…
garyofnyc Gün önce
"A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies"...
Tim Rice
Tim Rice Gün önce
As far as beings from other worlds are concerned it's certainly a possibility but ochams razor calls for a simpler solution. Perhaps even that instead of other planets they come from other frequencies or dimensions if you will. Given our current understanding of quantum physics in that all of what we call matter is actually composed of energy and that energy is actually frequency then that would make more sense to me. Other dimensions exist within the same space as ours just as different radio stations can be received by tuning in
Tim Rice
Tim Rice Gün önce
@Gravastar'01 I'm not sure what you mean. It's my opinion that there have been other civilizations that rose and fell long before ours either by cataclysm or by self destruction either way the evidence is all around like the elephant in the room. World wide placements of pyramids can't be a coincidence. We don't have the ability to lift some of those stones even with our most powerful cranes. I'm not saying that we don't currently have technology far superior to what is known publicly or that we couldn't have come up with it on our own but that others long ago did have such technology and that it was either lost or suppressed
Dreamcast Gün önce
The way this man explains the inside of that ship, reminds me of a sighting i had on july 4th. We sat on clear water beach in bermuda. It looked to be in the shape of a potato. It would glow a low orange color and then go dark as if the hull was just permeable enough for the light to show through it. The design on the outside looked like as he described in the inside, as if it was melted and fused together its like he took the words right out of my head. this was like 4-5 years ago. The ufo flew illuminated itself 3 times twice over the lighthouse and once more after it changed direction to go into the ocean. Even during that evening july 4th there multiple people that saw the ufo but this wasent my first time seeing ufos. So as i was jumping up and down telling people they are real, the people just looked on in shock and awe just lost for words. The last time i saw a ufo i was with my brother and i jokingly said look there is a alien watching us and then pointed at the bright light and in a instant the ship took off leaving a bright trail like a shooting star and never seen again. This man helped me reaffirm my beliefs in what i saw cause i thought i was alone.
cozy HUDSON 11 saatler önce
What part
sammy cool
sammy cool Gün önce
One of the best podcasts of all time. I always believed you Bob.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 10 saatler önce
@Jaime Amac Palanca Yes, lots - unlike him. Where would you like to start?
Jaime Amac Palanca
Jaime Amac Palanca 10 saatler önce
Mr Luis Cayetano if you don't believe about Bob Lazar it's tour bussiness and d you have any evidencie what are you saying?
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 12 saatler önce
@Maryann So many reasons, my friend: -- he lied about his education. He claims to have earned two master's degrees: one from CalTech, the other from MIT. He can't provide a single piece of documentation in his own possession for either one. He can't verbally describe a single result from them. He named professors who didn't even teach at these institutions. He doesn't appear in any of the yearbooks. He even tried to clout-chase with the supposed topic of his "MIT master's thesis": magnetohydrodynamics, a topic that was doing the rounds in UFO TV specials from the 70s & 80s. -- His story has got tons of narrative elements obviously copied from UFO lore. Even his "sport model saucer" is virtually identical to a Billy Meier "beam ship" saucer. He was also friends with UFO fanatic John Lear before coming out with his story. -- None of his extraordinary claims about physics have turned out to be true. -- Element 115 was being talked and theorized about since the early 1970s, years before he ever talked about it in his story. -- He has never stood in front of a panel of scientists to discuss his "knowledge". He has never published a scientific paper. He has no scientific reports talking about element 115 or any of the aspects of the flying saucer he described. -- His story is almost completely devoid of quantitative detail. -- He invested in two brothels, giving us further insights into his mindset. He was deeply in debt for much of the 80s and eventually declared bankruptcy. -- He has profited from his story in multiple ways. Currently, he sells Area 51 and flying saucer merchandise on his company's website.
Maryann 13 saatler önce
@Luis Cayetano Explain why you believe it's fake?
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano Gün önce
It's fake, though. Why do you believe him?
Arminius Tha Great
Arminius Tha Great 9 gün önce
Thank you BOB LAZAR for you sacrifice and integrity! A lot of guys whom call themselves tough men know information very important for us to hear, but lack the courage you displayed to do the right thing! So thank you very much Bob!
Anti Antifa NS
Anti Antifa NS 19 saatler önce
@Florida Man So when stealth aircraft were being developed... an engineer on the program could of made it public and you would call them whistle blowers? No that's a moron and not the same as fighting a revolution against foreign powers
大鴉 Raven
大鴉 Raven Gün önce
@Anti Antifa NS This is not just military secret, it's corporate secrecy from the nuclear industry. They are doing a complete disservice to the world and humankind.
大鴉 Raven
大鴉 Raven Gün önce
@Andy Linton All this secrecy is just the Nuclear Industry's modus operandi. Nothing new about that. Area 51 is too close to Los Alamos. This extraterrestrial thing is on the hands of the nuclear industry who wants total secrecy over that technology because of the communists during cold war and because that can make a lot of money. It's just pure corporate secrecy and because radiation has killed a lot of people since the manhattan project up to chernobyl that the nuclear industry kept absolute secrecy about. They are also the most chemically polluting industry in the world responsible for Teflon and they keep covering up a lot of criminal waste dumping that causes a lot of health problems including radiation poisoning not only the USA but the entire world that is being covered up so they don't have to deal with paying for it. This is why they kept aliens as an absolute secret. Everything about them is like that even if they end up paying more by trying to cover up their mistakes than if they paid trying to prevent them. Thank god the aliens don't have any toxically dangerous technology that would kill the scientists like the atomic bomb did.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano Gün önce
@Ricktray Stuart Except that I have a LONG list of reasons why he's a fraud on my channel and my article. Feel free to refute any of my points. You're what the kids call a "numpty".
Ricktray Stuart
Ricktray Stuart 2 gün önce
@Luis Cayetano the tech is real Do your research stop Trolling..troll
Paris Knights
Paris Knights 2 yıl önce
Lets give Joe Rogan some credit on this interview. Every question that popped up in my head that i would have wanted to ask Joe asked. He did an excellent job on getting into detail and asking what was needed. Well done Joe you really nailed this one!
woody54woody 17 saatler önce
Light1ng Skillz
Light1ng Skillz Gün önce
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Donna Ramirez
Donna Ramirez Gün önce
@Stanley Boomer q
Dave Decker
Dave Decker Gün önce
@Stanley Boomer . N .. B. . M. M. . m . B. . M M Mm M M Mm M M. M M N M N m. . Mn.n. .m. N. B.b. M. . M. M. M bmm. M bbmnm. N B. M. M. B. Nbmm. .m. M. M b mb m m. Mmmb M m m. N m. M b m. N. M mm. Mnmbm
Papa Joey News
Papa Joey News Gün önce
They keeps saying they who are they exactly
Bertram Dahl
Bertram Dahl 12 saatler önce
When Bob first went public, it was a great day for those of us who knew Area 51 was real and were sick of the government lies. I have never doubted his story and I am happy to see him being vindicated after all this time.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 12 saatler önce
He's literally never been "vindicated". His story remains as fake today as it was when it first came out. BTW, the name "Area 51" was already mentioned in a 1988 TV special ("UFO Cover-Up? Live!"), and Lazar only helped make it a household name. You've never doubted his story? Then do some fact-checking. The dude is a liar and a fraud who uses your distrust of the government as an emotional hook to reel you into his fable. He lied about his education (even Knapp thinks so), copied a ton of UFO lore, invested in brothels, profited from his story, and has never stood in front of a scientific panel to discuss his "knowledge" despite being a "physicist".
Charles Copeland
Charles Copeland 2 gün önce
Every time I tell my ufo sighting story, I bring up bob lazar, because what he described. A big white shimmering ball of light. silently traversed from one horizon to another, straight over my head, from north, to the east. This was only about 6 years ago, and I was in my 20's, In southern Wisconsin. If Bob is telling the truth, then he is describing what he saw in very vivid detail.
Crowplain Gün önce
Professional and informative interview, thank you Joe, Jeremy and especially Bob, what a brave man. Subjest matter well beyond the confines of the usual UFO discussion.
GregorX Chelin
GregorX Chelin 2 gün önce
This has been a great show ! Good work guys !
Raythetree001 2 yıl önce
Joe Rogan was just what Bob Lazar needed to realize he's not alone and we are all on his side.
Sweet Music
Sweet Music 2 yıl önce
@Lord ShitBird who you talking to
Sweet Music
Sweet Music 2 yıl önce
@Frenchkisssss i hear ya... i don't usually but i can't explain why but i believe him, theres an authenticity there.. to me
lotrcdefender 2 yıl önce
It’s not about being on anyone’s side. It’s about evidence. You have to be ready to take ridicule when you bring something like this to the scientific community, if it’s true THEN FUCKING AWESOME. But the standard of evidence hasn’t been met.
shatner99 2 yıl önce
Raythetree001 I don't mind you coming here, and not wasting all my time. Joe, you were just what I needed.
C. Conley
C. Conley 2 yıl önce
I believe Bob, I feel like people would have panic attacks and nervous breakdowns knowing without a doubt that we aren’t alone and never have been.
Julie McKenzie
Julie McKenzie 5 gün önce
I had an incident, along with a friend that was with me, driving her home in the country - we stopped the car when we saw a red light pretty high up just in same stop, not moving - opened the windows, no sound like a helicopter or anything and it just stayed there. Then... all of a sudden, it shot down to the south sky - like in just a few seconds. I'll never forget it - it was definitely eerie.
D 3 gün önce
@Slayer 077 maybe ur smokin reggie
Gfhjurr GG hh Hvf c hhh
Saw a red orb soundlessly move thru the woods with many ppl years ago, still get chills, said an our Father.
SamytheGreek 5 gün önce
Have you or your friend ever dabbled in the occult ?
Kayti Sullivan
Kayti Sullivan 5 gün önce
so any of us have seen these things. Ignore the troll comments
Slayer 077
Slayer 077 5 gün önce
@D weed won’t make you do that shoorms will but not weed
MarketJunkiE 9 gün önce
I've been a fan of Joe's for a very long time now and this was definitely one of the best shows
Mdqsurf 5 gün önce
Such a good and comprehensive interview. Best I ever seen, you can actually make an educated decision based on facts.
Leon Hughes
Leon Hughes 4 gün önce
yeah hes lying
Myself Andeye
Myself Andeye 5 gün önce
So what facts do we have? We have one guy with a story. A compelling story but not facts.
Jon Adam
Jon Adam 5 gün önce
@7ven9ine Some people are truly passionate about preventing others from falling into the easy pitfalls of known liars. No doubt this "Numpt" is mostly a vile critic who beats off to tearing down people, he still makes some valid points. You are at fault too, for tearing him down and stalking all his comments (only to use as ammo to verbally attack him). Where do you find the time? Ever think about that ? You sound just as bad as the people you accuse, Just sayin... peace.
7ven9ine 5 gün önce
​@Numptification of Society Through Lazar's Lies The only educated decision one can make about you is that you're a troglodyte who has created a whole channel dedicated to someone you don't like. Regardless of him lying or not why let it bother you? Hopefully you understand that Bob Lazar's name will live on regardless of your exposé channel. I don't even believe Lazar's exact story either, really just here for the comments and it seems I've struck gold 😆
noah juan juneau
noah juan juneau 2 gün önce
In the mid seventies one day, I ran into an old college buddy in a local record store. I hadn’t seen him in several years. We shared stories of our lives since we last saw each other. He told me he had purchased some remote property way up in the Sierras in eastern central California area. He was in the process of building a cabin up there. That area of the eastern Sierras ‘faces’ Nevada and is located just west of where we later learned ‘Area 51’ is said to be situated. Almost due west of Groom Lake was the location J said. J. asked if he could visit me at home later that evening. I invited him over for dinner. When he showed up and after we finished eating he showed me several dozen large photos he had taken of his property, of the surrounding area (beautiful countryside) AND a whole collection of images showing military planes chasing unidentifiable objects across the sky above the peaks of the eastern Sierra. At first I thought these were retouched photos with the planes and odd craft painted in. But he insisted these were definitely not illustrated or retouched in any way. These were real photos he had taken from the roof and upper floor of the place he was building. He even said he had lost the services of several construction workers on his place because after witnessing one particular event with these craft they refused to come back to work there. The photos were (some of them) quite clear and sharp. The planes were clearly US military jet aircraft and the object(s) they were chasing were wedge shaped and lacked the typical control surfaces (fins, wings, stabilizers) we think of as being part of a flying craft. I don’t know what happened to J. after that meeting, where he went or what happened to him… I wish we had stayed in touch. Alas. He was an interesting and trustworthy fellow, so I doubt he was hoaxing me. He just wanted to share some bizarre things he had encountered AND he had photos to back up his story. He was definitely excited about the photos and the objects - whatever they were - that seemed to be playing games with military pursuit planes above the Sierras. So, at last one friend I know had seen UFOs in the vicinity of Area 51/groom Lake AND… he had the photos to prove it. FWIW.
honchoryanc Gün önce
F117 testing knew somebody who was there
Hamza Mahmood
Hamza Mahmood 2 gün önce
Damn, wish I was around in the 70s
Jeff Dixon
Jeff Dixon 2 gün önce
In the 70's I was a teenager living in Vegas, I had a convertible, & we always saw strange lights in the sky! One night at the Smoke Ranch rd Drive In movies which is 5 miles from Nellis AFB we witnesses an aerial phenomenon that scared the shit out of us, thought we were being invaded!
noah juan juneau
noah juan juneau 2 gün önce
@Ariel Inocêncio - Yes. That’s exactly what I mean. He was an amazing and interesting fellow who came from a very wealthy family and had the financial means to do almost anything he wanted - bcoz he could afford to: travel, have nice cars, apartments, clothes, build a nice house in the mountains, take exotic vacations, whatever… including ‘disappear’ not in a hocus pocus way, but he could (& would) travel almost anywhere he wanted and be unreachable for long periods of time and often did… one of the things our circle of friends enjoyed about him was him returning from some of his frequent journeys with more adventure stories about where he’d been and what he did there. I tried several times to get in touch with him over the years after that visit and was unable to find anyone who knew WHERE he is now. You probably know someone like that… over time you begin to wonder: WHO are they really? And WHERE did they disappear to? Very mysterious. Colorful and mysterious.
Ariel Inocêncio
Ariel Inocêncio 2 gün önce
What you mean you dont know what happened to him? One day you guys met each other after a long time, talked a little bit, had dinner, and after that you never saw him again?
Lincoln Mendoza
Lincoln Mendoza 7 aylar önce
Joe needs a Bob lazar part 2 , this year !
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman Gün önce
@Numptification of Society Through Lazar's Lies 1 thousand comments on this channel LOL you're crazier than the UFO nuts
Numptification of Society Through Lazar's Lies
@player one Lazar is a confirmed fraud and liar. "Paid shill" is all that you miserable worms have to say. You're as boringly repetitive as you are stupid. Keep coping, you duck-lipped numpty.
Clint Westwood
Clint Westwood 3 gün önce
We need a Bearded Guy Part 5.
player one
player one 4 gün önce
@Numptification of Society Through Lazar's Lies keep doing that, jackass. The more people see paid shills like you posting BS and getting desperate, the more they see Bob Lazar is telling the truth! LOL
player one
player one 4 gün önce
@Jose M. Tamez you can't reason with a paid shill.
CWB 4 gün önce
Thank you, Bob, Jeremy & Joe. What I was able to understand was incredibly informative & brave.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 2 gün önce
@Ding-a-ling Your name suits you.
Ding-a-ling 3 gün önce
@Luis Cayetano Shut up
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 3 gün önce
No bravery involved at all. It's a fake story. Can I ask why you think it's real?
Adam Harmon
Adam Harmon 6 gün önce
When I was a kid, probably 10 years old. I was riding in a car with my mom late at night in rural NC. I still remember it very clearly. We stopped at a stop sign and I looked up and saw a small triangle with some light emitting from the points, just floating abt 75-100 ft off the ground. I didnt even say anything in the moment, because it was like my brain was trying to decide what I was looking at. I couldn't make sense of it. It was completely still and looked so unnatural in its movement. She pulled away from the stop sign and I turned around in my seat and by the time it came back into view it was gone. I sat there for a second trying to comprehend what I just saw, then I asked my mom if she saw it, and she didn't. I may have been young, but it made a very lasting impression on me because I remember it so vividly. Not saying it was extraterrestrial or anything, but I cant even begin to explain it.
Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark 2 gün önce
I remember the same in my grandmas front yard. Rural NC as well. Very close to where they run tests flights for military bases. Remember it lighting up my grandmas front yard. She used to almost smoke Virginia slims and I would hang out on the porch with her. It didn’t make a lot of noise either. So surreal.
Eddie Van Harrison
Eddie Van Harrison 3 gün önce
I was born in Los Alamos, NM and I know when I was a teenager I saw this Honda with a jet engine in it. I never new Bob’s name, now I do. He fired up the afterburner now and again, you could literally hear it from across town. I was lucky enough to see it once, it had about a 50 foot jet flame coming out of the ass end. I heard his car was speed tested in a dry lakebed and accelerated to 200 mph. He also developed a hydrogen/water powered engine he had in a Pontiac Trans-Am. I’ll end with this, I grew up living in the Western Area and one night I awoke in the middle of the night, I was frozen with fear. I could only see out my bedroom window from my bed. There was a dim florescent green colored ball coming closer and closer to my window. I couldn’t scream or move, and as it was approaching my window it was a face obviously connected to a body. It looked like a typical alien face, illuminated from within itself. My bedroom window was six feet from the ground, so either this being was about eight feet tall or floating. The head peering through my window, was almost angelic, the eyes I’ll never forget. They were very kind and non-malevolent looking. As scared as I was the impression left me with a non-threatening feeling, I closed my eyes and awoke in the morning. My memory today is as vivid as if it happened last night.
woody54woody 17 saatler önce
Paulo Gün önce
This is so cool 😎
Tubbs 2 gün önce
That's sleep paralysis, I've experienced it myself. The Honda and Trans Am sound sick thoigh
Cody Taylor
Cody Taylor 2 gün önce
This would piss off Rogan so much lmao
Patric Daniels
Patric Daniels 2 gün önce
@Carl Mayer check out Mick West analysis on those videos, just business as usual with the government ( disinformation)
Ken W.
Ken W. 9 gün önce
I watched this all the way through . It is excellent! Thank you Guys for a great program. I got a lot out of this .
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 4 gün önce
@๛i尺工š๛乄 23 Everything he says is fake, including his claims about his educational credentials. I have a new video about him on my channel that goes through many of the reasons, but basically, nothing he's said stand up to scrutiny. He has never stood in front of a panel of scientists to discuss his "knowledge" (even though he's supposedly a physicist), he invested in brothels, and his story is copied from UFO lore. Virtually every single statement he makes can be traced back to some UFO story from the 70s and 80s or to science fiction.
๛i尺工š๛乄 23
@Luis Cayetano what fake?
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 6 gün önce
It's fake.
Dale Dunham
Dale Dunham 2 yıl önce
I’ve never seen anyone conduct an interview like Joe does. He always asks everything I want to know. it’s like he Is totally in tune with his audience
AGON 17 Gün önce
Well since I’m into smoking weed psychedelics ancient civilizations archery and combat sports all hobbies I picked up after rogan, I would say I got into tune with him 😂 🙄
RepnDaBurgh 3 gün önce
He is the audience. He just knows we're curious as well
Mountain Star Deals
Mountain Star Deals 3 gün önce
@haydog trtl🤛
Mountain Star Deals
Mountain Star Deals 3 gün önce
@haydog 👎🙌🙌🤟🤝😼🤝💄💄
Horacio Capanelli-Soto
It’s impossible to be “in tune with an audience”, everyone thinks differently. He just happened to ask the questions you wanted to know.
Triple Z
Triple Z 7 gün önce
Thank all of you involved with this show for doing this. Especially Bob. You are a great man. Hold your head high knowing that we believe you.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 4 gün önce
@Kayti Sullivan Right, it's my fault that nothing you said was valid. Understood.
Kayti Sullivan
Kayti Sullivan 4 gün önce
@Luis Cayetano same to you, dude. I consider you a troll and will act accordingly.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 4 gün önce
@Kayti Sullivan Except that he's only benefitted from his fake story and continues to profit financially and egotistically from it. It would help if you didn't try to smuggle erroneous premises into the discussion.
Kayti Sullivan
Kayti Sullivan 5 gün önce
@Luis Cayetano right, he fakes it all with the aim of wrecking his life, career and health. That’s a strategy.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 6 gün önce
He's a fraud who's never stood in front of a panel of scientists to discuss his supposed "knowledge". He also lied about his education, and his science is junk.
Jon Noble Noble one
Jon Noble Noble one 4 gün önce
This interview was amazing. Bob Lazar is the most credible UFO guy I’ve ever heard. This interview was incredible! I’m incredulous!
Fabian H.
Fabian H. 4 gün önce
The old Phil Schneider is good, too
Russell Coleman
Russell Coleman 9 gün önce
I remember when element 115 was produced for the first time. There was a specific press release mentioning Bob Lazar being wrong because of the half life being so short. I though the same thing he just mentioned about the many different isotopes of the same element having extremely different property's. It's interesting that the press release went out of it's way 16 years later to mention Bob Lazar and specifically to discredit him.
Matthew P
Matthew P Gün önce
@Luis Cayetano And good to know that all it takes to be a scientist is peer review
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano Gün önce
@Matthew P Yes that's how it works: peer-review instead of hiding from the scientific community like a weird coward. How do you know not know that?
Matthew P
Matthew P Gün önce
@Luis Cayetano so in order for a scientist to be credible they must talk on a panel about their knowledge? Lol
Adina Wykes
Adina Wykes 2 gün önce
@LightGhillie r/thathappened
Andy Labrat
Andy Labrat 3 gün önce
Because its interesting to watch a stooge at work. It really is.
golden1789 6 gün önce
I think this was amazing and vindication for Bob. I also think that Jeremy Corbell provided necessary information and clarification that helped to tell and explain what happened. The documentary is extremely good.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 3 gün önce
@7ven9ine Great comment. And yes, you're right about the Truther communities and their fleecing of the gullible.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 5 gün önce
@M M Says the dude who effeminately believes whatever Bob tell him. You should try not to flunk any more science classes. Speak to your teacher and maybe the dean.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 5 gün önce
@7ven9ine Lazar discredits himself. I don't care about him per se, by the way. I just seem him as emblematic of the type of person who fleeces the gullible. Lots of people are like him in the UFO circuit and in the "paranormal" field.
M M 5 gün önce
@Luis Cayetano you seem like a woman scorned. You should speak to somebody
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 5 gün önce
@M M You literally described Lazar.
YeeHawFeller 2 yıl önce
This was a great podcast. Jeremy hurt my brain almost every time he spoke but Bob seems like a really well spoken and knowledgeable guy.
Jersh’s pigeon
Jersh’s pigeon Gün önce
@Michael Coryer it’s strange also how Bob is constantly looking at him for approval. Weird dynamic between the two
Michael Coryer
Michael Coryer 3 gün önce
I almost stopped watching because of Jeremy. Drove me insane.."it's real, it's a document that's real okay I can assure it's real, okay so you have a real document" Stfuu!!!!!
Big Tone
Big Tone 9 gün önce
I agree but I also think Bob would not have done this with out Jeremy, so unfortunately he was necessary
Plane_guy 12 gün önce
@RawBogan -- HA! I hear ya buddy - all these damned conspiracy nuts sayin' UFO's are real and Bigfoot is real and that Jews were killed by Germans and that climate change is 'man made' and that humans went to the MOON?! WTF! LOL! Where the hell does it all end! Eh buddy?
Jimmy M
Jimmy M 7 gün önce
The most indepth interview with Bob EVER. I ABSOLUTELY believe Bob and always have. Clearly not a liar...
jermaine austin
jermaine austin 3 gün önce
If you believe this you are deluded , more American lies. No evidence yet again. His Migrane he said was getting in way...excuse
Leon Hughes
Leon Hughes 3 gün önce
you believe, bob and Donald, guarantee you believe in God too... brain of an elk!
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 3 gün önce
He's literally a liar and an obvious one.
Leon Hughes
Leon Hughes 4 gün önce
clearly is...
RennyBlade 5 gün önce
he backtracks when he gets asked a straight forward question, that’s what happen when your lies are scripted
R Rekki
R Rekki 2 gün önce
Amazingly interesting interview, always wanted to hear more about Lazaars' story👍
Marina Martin
Marina Martin 8 gün önce
That is such an awesome podcast, u guys.. very enlightening to say the least. I definitely love learning more about the truth about things that are important to what matters, when it comes to us humans...& where we stand, in general... keep up the great work u do.. cheers🍾🥂 peace✌& hugs 💖 to all, with much love from - Marina Martin - in Surrey, B.C. Canada & oh & Happy New Year, 🎉🎇 to everyone 🎆✨... please, stay safe 💋💘
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 8 gün önce
He's a fraud and liar.
ash4pm 7 gün önce
A BIG THANK YOU for doing this podcast with Bob - I found it very stimulating and positive during these times what with climactic/ecological chickens coming home to roost. I just bought Bob's autobiography 'Dreamland' and look forward to reading it, also hoping that it makes him some pension money after losing his income source by spilling the beans on this subject. But kudos to Bob for doing so and to Joe/Jez for airing it.
ash4pm 3 gün önce
@Luis Cayetano So I still take it that you don't have any incontrovertible evidence of fraud.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 3 gün önce
@ash4pm BTW, take off the clown shoes and join the adults in conversation. No one's going to validate your goofy beliefs just because you hate using a search engine, my friend.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 3 gün önce
@ash4pm I do, but that still isn't the point in any case.
ash4pm 3 gün önce
@Luis Cayetano So I still take it that you don't have any incontrovertible evidence of fraud.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 6 gün önce
@ash4pm Yikes, you're really bad at this, aren't you? I would suggest looking up something called "burden of proof for extraordinary claims" and turn the question you posed to me around on yourself before you mindlessly believe frauds who lie about their educations, invest in brothels, and copy tons of UFO lore. You're engaging in the clomping-clown version of logic, and that's not the way it's done. But it is typical among Lazar's believers; I'll at least give you that.
xXRobloxCatXx Yıl önce
Lets give Joe Rogan props for being one of the best interviewers of modern times. The man can talk to people.
Bruce Moyers
Bruce Moyers Yıl önce
@Numptification of Society Through Lazar's Lies 2 nd stupid comment in a row.
Your Commander
Your Commander Yıl önce
Well he lets people talk and dont fucking start jabbering just cause the guest collecting his thoughts.
JPW Film Archives
@Numptification of Society Through Lazar's Lies the same time as the first time in the future and the other is a great way to get the best out of the way and I have to say that I am not a fan of the most important things to do in the future and the other is a great way to get the best out of the way and I have to say that I am not a devoted of the most important things to do in the future and the other is a great way to get
Larj Kok
Larj Kok Yıl önce
Rombert Dillahuntsvalle Hello my little tinfoil hatted friend. Your Lord Trump is going to be most upset about you deleting your posts when you’re called out on being a flat Earther. Silly girl.
Hollow Mask
Hollow Mask Yıl önce
Hes alright, he kept asking the same questions alot instead of getting more in depth
Lorraine DempseyDoyle
Dearest Joe, I have listened to this pod cast over and over. So incredible that I think I might be obsessed.
Jeff Ferris
Jeff Ferris 4 gün önce
I didn't want that to end, thank you guys may Bob, Joe and Jeremy I already know a lot about this stuff but I appreciate you guys are for me and all of us cuz we do deserve to know
Numptification of Society Through Lazar's Lies
He's a liar and miserabe fraud.
Mobile Gamers Unite
Mobile Gamers Unite 6 gün önce
354k likes! Thanks Bob! I believe it all day, many UFOs have been spotted in Russia/Siberia....my mother was on a train in Russia that stopped on the tracks so everyone could get out and see the giant UFO in the sky above. My mother has no reason to make any of this up....I could also see the fear in her eyes as she told us the story.
Craig Yancey
Craig Yancey 4 gün önce
Please PLEASE P L E A S E do a follow up podcast with Bob !!! I believe he would be much more relaxed now that he is comfortable with you and he has so much more to tell !!!!
Tom H
Tom H 2 yıl önce
Joe doesn't get enough credit, he always asks the best questions
Leon Hughes
Leon Hughes 4 gün önce
its easy to ask questions to som one just making up lies...
Reece Graves
Reece Graves 5 gün önce
@Joe haha another DMT joke very original… shut the fuck up please.
Mephilis 78
Mephilis 78 20 gün önce
@DelCal223 I watched the whole thing moron. It's a fucking joke about Joe Rogan. You'd know that if you watched any other interview he does.
DelCal223 21 gün önce
@Mephilis 78 obviously you didn't watch any of this interview. It's okay though, we know trolls need to troll in order to feel relevant. So little boy, do you feel better now, or do you need to troll some more? 🤣😘
ShadowHunta 4 aylar önce
@Jean Warmachine that's garbage though. There are so many people trying to debunk everything we don't understand already. What Joe did is gave a platform for these guys to speak, and then the audience can decide if its fake or not. Never did he say he took them completely serious, but he was giving them the chance to speak about it.
Romaine Szabo
Romaine Szabo 6 gün önce
Great stuff, watched it all. Very informative. Love Joes explanation of sceptics, so true that they are lazy.They live in a one horse town in their heads, so wont look at or believe that there is more horses. Their brains need crutches.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 6 gün önce
Not informative in the least. Lazar just spewed a bunch of fan-fiction stories that he plagiarized from UFO lore. Maybe your brain needs a crutch in the form of his fables because you're too lazy to fact-check.
Dave Van Cise
Dave Van Cise 8 gün önce
Jeremy really takes away from this conversation. Bob is great to listen to.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 8 gün önce
Bob is a fraud.
Sean Hegarty
Sean Hegarty 7 gün önce
I’ve got to say, I’ve watched a lot of interviews and documentaries with Bob Lazar, and in all of them I believe 100% in what he’s saying. For some reason in this interview I didn’t get that same feeling. There were a couple of things she said that didn’t make sense. Maybe parts were edited or he couldn’t talk more in-depth about the subject? What gets me is how he has said certain things over the years and they’ve since come out as being fact. It’s things like that that add more credibility to his story. Either way it’s a fascinating story and one I’ll keep watching.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 4 gün önce
@Sean Hegarty He worked at LANL as a technician under contract from Kirk Mayer. That's it. He was never a professional physicist. If he was, he'd be able to provide something more substantive than stories that they erased his records. Element 115 was being talked and theorized about since the early 1970s, and none of his extraordinary claims about it have come true. The team that synthesized element 115 did so without any input from him. The erratic movements he described were a dime a dozen in UFO stories from the 20th century and appeared in many TV specials and documentaries long before he ever came out with his story. The Tic Tac video doesn't show anything demonstrably extraordinary. Mundane explanations easily account for everything seen in it. No evidence exists that the government is trying to erase his past. He LIED about his education. Even George Knapp basically admits this. Lazar claims to have master's degrees from CalTech and MIT - except that he can't provide a single shred of documentation in his own possession, can't name his supervisors, and can't even verbally describe a single result from them. If it's "all just a guessing game at the moment", then you're admitting that you can't distinguish his story from total b.s., which is another way of saying that you have no good reasons to take it seriously - especially given that he's shown himself to be exactly the type of person who would make up a story about working on flying saucers.
Sean Hegarty
Sean Hegarty 4 gün önce
It’s a bizarre story. What I, and I suspect many other people, don’t get is how these places where he worked denied that he ever worked there, only for it to then turn out he did. Why say he didn’t work there? And then you have things like the element that was announced a lot later, or the erratic movements which he described which are now been seen in these tic-tac videos. I think that’s what doesn’t make sense? If the government or whoever are trying to discredit him, and I suppose erase his past, why would they do that? Why would they go to such lengths? Like you said, I would like to see him on a panel with fellow physicists talking about what he saw. The parts of the interview which got me thinking where when his migraines would come on. Maybe he did have one, or was it just a way to distract? If what he says is the truth, it would have huge implications. Religion being the main one. Who knows? It’s all just a guessing game at the moment.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 6 gün önce
He's a fraud who has never stood in front of a panel of physicists to discuss his supposed "knowledge". He also lied about his education.
Karl Buttler
Karl Buttler 6 gün önce
This is awesome, I remember when I was some where between 17 and early 20's and had heard from somewhere you can buy a Bob Lazar flying disc model from our local K-mart, which I did, and it came with an accurate lay-out just as Bob describes, and how he was hired to reverse engineer the craft, it was so Great to have that on my bedroom dresser....
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 6 gün önce
It's fiction.
FelixOkt 2 yıl önce
It is nice to see Bob Lazar in conversation rather than just being interviewed. Nailed it again Mr Rogan.
Dylan May
Dylan May 20 gün önce
@Dioss1 llopnp
Wheels On
Wheels On 21 gün önce
@- Stiegosaurus - just curious mate do you reckon you would speak like that if you were face to face with a person?
- Stiegosaurus -
- Stiegosaurus - 2 yıl önce
@Dioss1 Quiet idiot.
D Man
D Man 2 yıl önce
@Dioss1 He is not. He said there was element 115 in the 80's, it was added to the periodic table in 2003! He has taken 4 lie detector tests by multiple places and reviewed by multiple analysts and was found not to be deceptive. I used to think so but ....but after they found 115 and it was unstable like he said it was. I believe him now.
Noouhh 1
Noouhh 1 2 yıl önce
ptschafer yeah way better. He blows
Mass Formation Psychosis for Beginners
"Two possibilities exist, either Bob Lazar is a pimp or he's a janitor... both are equally terrifying" - *_Arthur C. Snark_*
tygmy 5 gün önce
Never heard of this guy and not into UFOs, but this was the best episode I have heard. I guess I have to get a netflix subscription now.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 3 gün önce
Found it free on what’s it called, Tubi maybe? Wish I would have watched this first, was kinda cool hearing about his place in Michigan getting raided. Other than that, it’s mostly that Jeremy dude posing in his rolled up jeans. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Wild Oklahoma
Wild Oklahoma 3 gün önce
@Cause The Plums Taste Yum ok Ty big time .
Jessé Cerasus
Jessé Cerasus 3 gün önce
Watch the Phenomenon 2020.
Cause The Plums Taste Yum
@Wild Oklahoma Not really worth watching , this is 10 fold better viewing , theres a lot of filler in that doc this is much more in depth
Fabian H.
Fabian H. 4 gün önce
I found it somewhere in the internet. it is boring.
M MacPherson
M MacPherson 4 gün önce
I love when people talk about the universe, almost every argument proves there's a single creator. Uniformity proves it itself. If you believe in a creator, then you have to believe he's sent a message to us at some point. All you need to do from there is have faith.
Joy Robbins-Napper
Joy Robbins-Napper 4 gün önce
His name is Jehovah. The Great “I Am”.
Dean Scarpinato
Dean Scarpinato 2 gün önce
Damn Joe. I'm constantly learning some of the wildest stuff from you. I'm not a huge UFO buff. I've seen a couple. I konw THEY'RE there. I leave it at that. So, I'm kind of embarassed to say I did not know who Bob Lazar was before 1/17/22. All I can say now is THANK YOU, again.
Matthew P
Matthew P Gün önce
I highly recommend watching the documentary. Just skip over the artsy parts that Jeremey put in lol
Jason Watt
Jason Watt 2 yıl önce
Best interview to date. Joe asked all the right questions just wished this went on for another 2 hours.
Kino D
Kino D 23 gün önce
@Mike Gaskin why would he tell you that tho
Raul Duke
Raul Duke 28 gün önce
You think this is better than alex jones ?
Crypto Prepper
Crypto Prepper Aylar önce
Bill Cooper said to not believe in the Alien Agenda. And since Bill was killed by the governm3nt, that adds legitimacy in my opinion. There seems to be evidence that this show is just another propaganda tool to lead people astray. The Alien Agenda seems to be the final catalyst to bring about the One World Governm3nt. Moreover, there are declassified documents where in...I believe the 50's they had scientists doing experiments talking about the proposed flat earth as well as the firmament. Why would you discuss these things if you already "knew" the earth was round? That makes no sense. So, based on the closed system, the Alien theory is nonsense. Am I 100% convinced of either stance? No. But I am certainly well aware of a significant amount of evidence that makes me lean far more toward us having a closed system. Also, why on earth would Wehrner Von Braunn put that Psalm on his tombstone that refers to the firmament? Of all things, that is your "last words"? Sounds like a big F.U. to the establishment, and come out with the truth. 1:35:00 The guy says he got his document from Mitchell, the 6th guy who walked on the moon. That was red flag of bullshit because anyone who has done any bit of research knows we never went to the moon.
Mike Gaskin
Mike Gaskin 2 yıl önce
@Mr Alex Paul I know, but like Bob I do not want to get sucked into anything like the storm he did. Oddly, where I live in Mexico is a UFO hotspot. I have seen things I cannot explain myself. As a missionary pastor this whole thing is difficult for me, as you can imagine. m
Mr Alex Paul
Mr Alex Paul 2 yıl önce
@Mike Gaskin Mike he's saying you should add it to the main comments so more people can see it. However I feel with the amount of comments, it would get lost at this point. But it's an awesome part of the story.
Timminsone VideoGames
Timminsone VideoGames 22 saatler önce
From what Bob describes, i can say these 2 important things on what they should be doing with it all. 1. How to shoot them down and detect them even if they move that fast: because we can see it uses gravity waves that circle the craft we can technically use that to our advantage. An array of lasers would work well, if you can shoot enough laser energy into the gravity field it would all get caught in the gravity field and if you can hold the laser aimed on it, the longer there aimed the hotter the inside of that field will get cooking anything flammable inside like a microwave if it does not break line of sight of the lasers (think of how fast a laser dot can move compared to a missile or bullet if you wave around a laser pointer it would allow our shots to move as fast or faster than there ships) Also a big tip in weaponizing lasers in general, use white light lasers otherwise the color of the target will effect the effectiveness of the laser (ive never seen a white laser pointer or any other type of white laser on the internet). Also to detect these ships "radar style" make a grid of invisible infrared lasers(not weapons just light) that aims a grid into the sky, if a gravity powered ship flies through the grid it will shoot infra red red light in all directions due to the gravity field throwing around the light and that should be detectable by other tech we already have in use. If these grids were in place over bases and cities they couldn't come near humans without us detecting them and they would be invisible to humans so no one other than the military would know it exists and since its aimed up it wouldn't expose humans to any infrared and it would be gentle enough for all aircraft to not be negatively effected. Also a grid like that would allow you to track an object the size of a tennis ball if a solid object broke the lasers like a high altitude mini spy drone or something else that small that can fly undetected by other "stuff" so it would overall help national security not just help see gravity powered ships. Another thing i thought of that would have a similar effect but possibly stronger is a "particle cannon" array set up the same as a laser array so the rounds could travel alot faster than conventional physical weapons. (make a "machine gun" out of particle accelerator technology to put it simply, that shoots large clusters instead of 1 at a time.) 2. Forget the tech its self, the most important thing is that fuel, being able to mine it in its natural environment and refine it to what it is described as is the most beneficial advancement potential out of it all since if we cannot mass produce them than we need to apply that energy to our tech and make our own engines/machines that can use that fuel. 100% producing and applying that fuel to our tech will open the door to a whole pile of new inventions and clean energy. Longshot ideas: the fuel and the gravity device sound like they are using a combination of mechanically generated gravitational energy and some kind of chemical reaction in harmony. To generate that much energy with no loss there must be an element/chemical that can somehow use what should be heat energy and use it to "help" instead of go to waste. im thinking it might be that the fuel is backwards in physics, as in it some how cools the device when its used instead of heating it, and the device might actually generate heat when used but the fuel is perfectly created to balance out the temperature, kind of like if you made some kind of gasoline engine/deep freezer hybrid machine that never strayed from room temperature but in the form of a fuel instead of a machine. (hence the importance of the fuel over the tech) Example: With fuel like that we could launch a rocket with nearly an unlimited payload since heat is no longer an issue we could amp up the energy output several times over without anything melting making it alot cheaper and easier to make that "space force" they want to build. I could shoot out creative ideas all day, alot of them might be expensive and time costly but, every problem has a logical solution if enough thought and creativity is applied.
karlhschro Gün önce
Been following Bob since the late 90s for sure. Crazy to listen to this!
Reggie Novenario
Reggie Novenario 3 gün önce
"Two possibilities exist, either we're alone in the universe or we're not... both are equally terrifying" -Arthur C Clark
Florida Man
Florida Man 2 gün önce
Adrie Janssen
Adrie Janssen 4 gün önce
THIS IS one of the best podcasts ever. Time that the truth comes out! Come on people!!!
Grimgor Ironhide
Grimgor Ironhide 2 yıl önce
I love how no matter who Joe Rogan has on his podcast, he finds a way to talk about Orangutans spear fishing.
simbad909 2 gün önce
TootTootFinn 6 gün önce
@Ghost look beyond the veil. The government has been known for their coverups including one's far more complex than Bob Lazar. Not just the United States but most governments with any world power have covered up extremely significant stories. It is easy to see why they would want to cover this up.
Slim Times L.L.C
Slim Times L.L.C 6 gün önce
@Matthew Slatton 😂😂....real shit on top of 🤔🤔 dude still alive i thought he got clipped........✌️
XxKoolaid11 6 gün önce
Si ya vi el problema o no están las dos Roo Orrroprweoopulgadas abajo son de 70 es cuadrada sitpp
XxKoolaid11 7 gün önce
Arminius Tha Great
Arminius Tha Great 9 gün önce
One of the ancient Indian text i read spoke of the "Vimana" which from the pictures provided was a "fly saucer". In this book they give specific instructions on how to build one. When looking in detail at the engine of the vehicle it appeared quite simple and if you had the correct components possible to recreate. It was like a gyroscope with magnets and mercury and when it would spin at a very fast rate..... Even though at this current life i know nothing of mechanics, engines, ect... In my mind i looked at it and said this would work... And it would also work in water and that is the only way space travel would be possible....
Serth Jhiu
Serth Jhiu Gün önce
@BL!ss only dumb fuck like you would believe that i live near india, vimana means plane something that flies and no indians didn't have such technology
BL!ss Gün önce
@Serth Jhiu who are you to lmao to call bs move around you weirdo search it up scrub
Serth Jhiu
Serth Jhiu Gün önce
@BL!ss that proves nothing
BL!ss Gün önce
@Serth Jhiu no I remember hearing abt that ship the indians created but idk where its from
Serth Jhiu
Serth Jhiu Gün önce
echo8287 5 gün önce
He mentioned the orangutan fishing with a spear. I was watching Orangutan Island one morning and these guys were building a platform to feed the orangutan's on. Since there was no power on the island they were using a hand saw to make the platform. One of the guys laid the hand saw down and one of the wild orangutan's immediately picked up the saw and started sawing one of the boards that needed to be sawed off.
chris 6 gün önce
This podcast is so informative and interesting. This is the best podcast I have ever listened to in my life. I wish I could meet joe Rohan and these guys. No bullshit straight up people
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 6 gün önce
Informative? Not even slightly. He's a fraud and a con-artist who sells you a fake story with no evidence.
Chris Kondiah
Chris Kondiah 4 gün önce
Bob explained in the 80’s how these things fly, on its side. Recently released navy videos via pentagon proved this. Interesting.
ariesred777 2 gün önce
The Westall experience on 6 April 1966 Melbourne,Australia the High School children explained the same about the craft turning sideways and within a second shooting straight up.Also the entities seen by a small boy said they were black small creatures around 3 foot high.See Queensland UFO Research for the full interview of the child now in his sixties.
HLTRON 2 gün önce
lol all 3 of those navy/pentagon videos were laughably debunked trvid.com/video/video-VCH7BWGpl5s.html ,, trvid.com/video/video-Th4VlqQyVr4.html ... NEVER FORGET THE GOV AND MEDIA ARE FILTHY POS's!!!!
Patric Daniels
Patric Daniels 2 gün önce
@XCłł that's kind of who I was talking about. If you have an idea of who REALLY RULES THIS WORLD then you'd know nationality matters not.
XCłł 2 gün önce
@Patric Daniels I mean I hope so better America have this power then china take over the world
Patric Daniels
Patric Daniels 2 gün önce
@XCłł they do and they keep it for themselves
Christopher Cooper
Christopher Cooper 2 yıl önce
I just applaud the persistence of Joe to keep Jeremy from derailing this incredible podcast 🤦🏻‍♂️
Ryan Maxwell
Ryan Maxwell 14 gün önce
@Daddy Aids Liberals voted for Biden.. you are no longer qualified to comment on intelligence.
Kandace Ward
Kandace Ward 16 gün önce
Kandace Ward
Kandace Ward 16 gün önce
stickemuppunk itsthefunlovingconservative
@Daddy Aids you have not proof he's telling the truth. You believe him sycophant.
Daddy Aids
Daddy Aids 19 gün önce
@stickemuppunk itsthefunlovingconservativea man this educated and introverted would not lie about something like this. you are a dumb pos but it makes sense since you are a conservative lmao
Sam Rivera
Sam Rivera 7 gün önce
Joe always knows what to ask. Great podcast
RedFoxSe7en 6 gün önce
As someone who suffers through frequent migraines, I have a lot of respect for him to be able to even sit there and talk. I'm sure he was ready to vomit multiple times and you can hear it in his voice.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 6 gün önce
@RedFoxSe7en Is that meant to be a vindication of Lazar? 🤦‍♂ Christ you people are bad at this.
RedFoxSe7en 6 gün önce
@Luis Cayetano Get a hobby, Luis.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 6 gün önce
@RedFoxSe7en Why on Earth would I do that? You're the one spreading his lies. I suggest that you shut your yap and stop making other people dumber.
RedFoxSe7en 6 gün önce
@Luis Cayetano Shut up, Luis.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 6 gün önce
He literally didn't have a migraine. It's called "acting".
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 5 gün önce
This one never gets old!! I’ll come back and watch it again in the future
TylerDurdenStrong 5 gün önce
Hello I am future. Aliens are real and visiting earth
Pete Goodwin
Pete Goodwin 5 gün önce
Thanks Bob for your honesty and your bravery all the best friend 👍🏻 🇬🇧
Denise W
Denise W Yıl önce
Anyone else think Bob Lazar looks like Stephen King?
jaschwerdtfeger 2 gün önce
I just said it before reading your comment! Must be a CIA thing.
Numptification of Society Through Lazar's Lies
@Mom_B_Salty Says the person who believes the Stephen King-looking douche-canoe. The dude tells good fictional stories.
Mom_B_Salty 23 gün önce
@Numptification of Society Through Lazar's Lies Jesus, you need to get an actual hobby. Insufferable twat.
Macudi Aylar önce
Nah he looks like the father from whoville
Libras light
Libras light 8 aylar önce
was thinking same thing
Chuckles 3 gün önce
Thanks for doing this interview Joe and Bob.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 2 gün önce
It's good fiction for sure, but that's all it is.
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens 7 gün önce
I believe Bob Lazar, one hundred percent! I am so proud of your courage!
Leon Hughes
Leon Hughes 4 gün önce
your an idiot, you probably believe in Jesus too....
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 6 gün önce
He's a fraud who lied about his education. Nothing courageous about him.
David Cormier
David Cormier 5 gün önce
Thank God Bob came forward and told the world about all the stuff that the government is hiding .he's a hero in my book
David Cormier
David Cormier 3 gün önce
@Leon Hughes lie's
David Cormier
David Cormier 3 gün önce
@Leon Hughes I respect your opinion. But that's all it is. An opinion! Have a great day 😊
Leon Hughes
Leon Hughes 3 gün önce
@David Cormier yes, Im well aware of the above.. absolutely no evidence , merely unsupported stories... an example, is the birth of Jesus... whats more likely Mary was a virgin who gave birth or that she was lying..... immaculate conception or a woman lying... do the math...
Leon Hughes
Leon Hughes 3 gün önce
@David Cormier I hope you get the treatment you need. You may be too far gone but get well soon.
CasualFan Gün önce
Bob is amazing. Holy shit i wish he still had his show. Its all interesting but one thing that lifts the veil is his "migraine" when talking about it. Seems like a convenient excuse to fall back on whenever hes stressed out about telling a potentially fabricated story. Im also sure Barry is long gone.
Test Goober
Test Goober 2 yıl önce
Bob seems to be a well-adjusted guy. He's not there to sell an idea, he's not trying to promote anything. He'd rather be home. All the best to you and your loved ones, Bob. Great podcast Joe, one of your best episodes if not the best.
Gage Walters
Gage Walters Aylar önce
Just because these guys have a documentary doesn't instantly discredit anyone. People who think like that have probably sat on their hands their whole life.
victor fernandes
victor fernandes Aylar önce
Really first thing said was… there’s a documentary,
Bronte Hauptmann
Bronte Hauptmann Aylar önce
B F-n S!
Taxtro Yıl önce
You suck so badly at evaluating claims, you'd honestly be better at it if your brain got replaced by a random number generator.
VeryLikeLeigh 2 yıl önce
Not trying to promote anything? I'm pretty sure he's there to promote the documentary.
Nikita Jade
Nikita Jade 4 gün önce
TRvid took me to Gaia, Gaia brought me back to TRvid, I see what you did there 👏👏👏 I respect Bob Lazar beyond all limits. That guy deserves better. Anyone who thinks he is lying about this, after everything that has happened to him since he first spoke out in the 80s, is delusional. Just ask yourself why. Or just think deeper at all 🤦‍♀️
Wacko Terp
Wacko Terp 4 gün önce
Whats going on with him? Idk bout bob till now
Danehavenlane 4 gün önce
Thanks Bob, and Joe for the interview.
Erick Fenstermaker
Erick Fenstermaker 4 gün önce
Almost 3 years later and this is the first time I am hearing of this dude.
Ginger Law
Ginger Law 3 gün önce
Yeah, I thought the same thing. Wow!
MediaSubliminal 2 gün önce
I have a question for Bob (or any physicist that reads this really). This is a sincere question. @9:30 he says that the object produced a gravitational field and that we have no device that can do that. How were they able to tell that it was a gravitational field and not simply a magnetic field, or even some force that humans have yet to discover?
Arden Bellafiore
Arden Bellafiore 2 yıl önce
I could listen to Bob for hours.
D Murpway
D Murpway 2 aylar önce
He's great at talking science fiction.
Michael 3 aylar önce
Con men/women the world over must love you
MegaErnieMAN 3 aylar önce
@Someone Else his not
Durango 88
Durango 88 3 aylar önce
I did.
The World
The World 2 yıl önce
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Bill Mahute
Bill Mahute 8 gün önce
As for my belief in Bob's story... I find him credible, genuine and sincere. But let me offer an alternate possibility. Imagine if you will that you are the us government that somehow or another have gotten your hands on this technology, either developed or stolen or aqcuired. You realize the fact that this tech gives your country an extremely powerfull military advantage over the rest of the world. You understand it and can indeed replicate it by virtue of having all the details explained to you by the original inventor who is obviously not an extra terestrial. A very real human earthling that just happened to stumble upon the discovery. Now you ask yourself the question, "How likely is it that this technology could be captured or stolen by an enemy and successfully reverse engineered?" You then come up with the idea of recruiting guys like Bob to take a shot at figuring it out, but instead of divuldging the true mundain origin of the technology, you invent an elaborate extra terrestrial cover story complete with all the props and backstory necessary to make it appear convincing to the recruits. If, for some reason, the your secrecy gets leaked to the public it already has a built in component of unbelievability that serves two purposes. 1. The number of people willing to believe it is instantly reduced significantly by the built in ufo nature of the story. 2. Even among those who may believe it, they will be lead to conclude that although the technology exists it is in a state that poses no threat by virtue of the fact that it cannot be reproduced. So, even though it may be a completely sincere and true story that Bob is recounting that does not necessarily mean that it is completely true. I find that given what we know about the universe and the vast distances between stars... I find this possibility more likely than actual extra terestrial visitation.
Michael Coryer
Michael Coryer 7 gün önce
I think about that tech almost like how two magnets work together but in a far more advanced way.
Michael Coryer
Michael Coryer 7 gün önce
Dude I was just writing the same thing. Also why do they happen to fly over our military all the time but we don't talk about shooting them down? If Russia was flying over our airspace like that everyday they'd be shot down easily. Even ufologists are skeptical as to why the ufo pentagon building is so easily publicized. It's all to protect our technology. It's so government focused man. I really think you're on to something. Also! Scientists said the materials at Bigelow airspace that create this antigravity technology isn't otherworldly elements or materials..they're common materials but layered together in a unique manner and way that causes it to be so special. I think someone discovered multiple elements layered together create a special gravity force and they want to protect this at all costs. Area 51 is known for creating new tech. Obviously it came from there in my Opinion.
kctyphoon Gün önce
@JoeRogan - I’d love to watch a podcast with @BobLazar going under hypnosis and being asked questions - even if its not done live on air - so Bob is given the opportunity to have anything he wanted edited out. I must have watched this podcast at least 4 times now. I hope Lazar knows that there is a HUGE amount of people that support him and have done so simply by respecting his privacy. His story is possibly the most important one thats been told, ever. Thank you to everyone involved.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 23 saatler önce
@kctyphoon "Desperate for attention." I hope you can how ironic that is when talking about a video with fake physicist and clout-chaser Lazar in it. Already watched and listened to. There's nothing to "learn". It's just a dude dribbling a fake story and looking really awkward as he does it.
kctyphoon Gün önce
@Luis Cayetano maybe you should actually watch and listen to the podcast. You might learn something. Are you really this desperate for attention?
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano Gün önce
@kctyphoon As are Lazar's evidence-lacking claims. Ha, how about that?
kctyphoon Gün önce
@Luis Cayetano your opinion is meaningless.
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano Gün önce
His story is fake, and frankly, miserably so.
Pops Fereal
Pops Fereal 2 gün önce
Joe is a great interviewer. He managed to keep a straight face during the whole interview.
Henry Badiukiewicz
JOE ,you are soo dame right in regards to these weirdos claiming to have contact. Personally since the age of 10 ivw been a beleiver. Hell , i was in carholic school and refused to take conformation because i beleive in life elsewhere. NO, not in contact. Not getting parted out and fused with other beings and not being molested by other worldly beings. Although that Green woman on Star Trek was smoking. Im a true beleiver and just hope for the truth to come out in my life time. But i even think some of the reporters on this topic are out there. LMH ,comes up with some crazy stuff and i just cant even watxh her speek.. Shes beginning to look like an ET. But great job keep up the true fight for the facts Bro. PS Some Seals foud a video tape after looking for a lost team in Antartica. Found a whole 2 miles deep ans found a city? Never heard much more about it but now all of a sudden we have 2 carrier groups heading down there!!?!! This was great you guys standing there confirming his worth. Ive always seen him as solid this trully helps his and our cause. We know its out there ,speak about them!
Caleb Parker
Caleb Parker 2 yıl önce
The last four episodes have been phenomenal!!!! You are killing it Joe!
J C 2 yıl önce
@Kyle Abbott maybe he just really liked the episodes? Is that not a possibility?
Future Infiniti
Future Infiniti 6 gün önce
Man I would love to have a conversation with Joe about life! To compare ideas with someone this objective would be amazing. most ppl think I like to argue or a know it all but if you point me to good info or just burst my bubble with better logic or perspective then I’m not afraid to let you know and actually research it.
Rich Silvestri
Rich Silvestri 8 gün önce
Loved this, so much love or hate for Joe, I mean I do get some of it, he's done some crazy stuff while Covid's been running rampant, but his podcast and guests have always been great, and interesting.
JohnW Crawford Travel
I feel most visits by UFOs/ETs is short range drone type craft, dispatched from a larger, mother ship. In some cases, they'd be unmanned....like our drones today.
Knowledgeis halfthebattle
Since that one guy worked at Los alamos, I'm kind of curious if you measured him for radiation what would be the the level? Most are unaware of the nuclear reactor accident back several decades ago and that the residents accused the company of poisoning the area and killing their children
Ali May
Ali May 2 yıl önce
He had me at “I put a jet engine in my Honda”
JB Knowles
JB Knowles 2 gün önce
@GDKLockout I mean I really don't know, but I think it's that he drove it on the street. That's the part about putting the jet engine in the car. Whenever have you heard about someone driving a jet powered turbine powered car, let alone with an afterburner on the street in the '80s??? Although there were those jet turbine powered cars in the 60s that people won a contest to drive around, keep at their home, and show off for publicity for the company I think was Chrysler before they went into production to build interest in them.
Kathryn Wharton
Kathryn Wharton 5 gün önce
@Erin K, how was the hovercraft fueled?
mark freeman
mark freeman 10 gün önce
Good brakes are more important than acceleration!
VState60 22 gün önce
@Sean Riley proof his IQ is high? From someone who’s paid well to detect bullshit, I can tell you the first 3.5 minutes I listened to without watching and caught several tells about this man’s personality and his sincerity. In other words, I believe only one thing about the subject of the interview: he’s full of shit.
VState60 22 gün önce
@Michael Sanford guy is 100% full of doo-doo. Just hates attention lmao…but he doesn’t hate making up fairy tales to go on a worldwide tour of alien lies.
rlk k
rlk k 4 gün önce
I personally have eye witnessed something similar in the late 90's in SE Colorado while traveling through the prairie. My mind could not imagine nor could explain how the craft could do what I witnessed.
pops bubbles
pops bubbles Gün önce
Wow 112 thousand comments, Thanks for bringing Bob back into people's thoughts. One question I would have asked Bob "did they weigh the craft?" I really would like to know if the tech was heavy or light, as you imagine craft that are indestructible would weigh alot but from the conversation of metallic ceramic it could be very light...
AndyTom 2 gün önce
He was given a supposed anti gravity power supply slash propulsion drive to analyze and reverse engineer and all he has to say is you can play a party trick with it? There are so many things you could analyze based on the effects something like that would create in its surroundings. His explanation sounds like it's from a sci Fi novel. Probably why actual physicists don't take it seriously.
Flip Life
Flip Life 6 gün önce
I literally stood up and clapped after Joe's speech about what we do.
Charles Copeland
Charles Copeland 2 gün önce
I hope you were in public
Alexander Duvill
Alexander Duvill 2 yıl önce
I wish this podcast was longer holy shit. Please bring Bob back to the podcast
Alexander Duvill
Alexander Duvill 3 aylar önce
@Emobe Nonsense.
Emobe 3 aylar önce
@Alexander Duvill you usually have to prove things are true, not that they are false.
Alexander Duvill
Alexander Duvill 3 aylar önce
@Emobe you are right about element 115 is predictable through normal understanding of the periodic table. But saying this guy is a liar is baseless. Bob is telling an interesting story and it’s up to the listeners to think if they believe him or not. You have no proof that bob is a liar or not. I would though love to hear your theories on why you don’t believe in him. I personally just like the story and couldn’t say if what he’s saying is true or not. But it’s interesting story and bob is an odd character that’s very cool listening too.
Brandon Leskil
Brandon Leskil 2 yıl önce
Imagine the people’s reactions who’ve worked with Bob Lazar, if what he claims is even partially true, some individuals in the U.S. Government have taken action after seeing or hearing of this podcast, now imagine what action that is.
Corey 2 yıl önce
Anthony You sound like an idiot calling people “boomers” for no apparent reason. I doubt the guy you just called one is, and I can guarantee you that I’m not, by a long shot. Funny thing is, you have no explanation for ANYTHING other than how the periodic table works and that he would eventually be right. How did he know about stuff like S4, the Janet flights, the buses, etc, LONG before anyone knew what that was. And here we are 30 years later, and the Navy is declassifying videos of ufos that they say are legitimate and can’t explain. Lol
Antonio Piero Carron
Thank You all, Joe, Bob & Jeremy. The only thing I've heard about UFO's in 50 years that make sense, that's a lot!!!
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 2 gün önce
It's a fake story.
trumpsahead 2 gün önce
I've heard Bob Lazar speak on several occasions, and it seems taxing for him maybe because not much that was concrete and easily explainable was evident to speak about. Like Joe asks, "so what did you do all day?" or something to that effect; and Bob Lazar was only with one other person so how boring and slow a work day it must have been, ufos or not. I'm sorry that he never went to the thought that UFOs may be linked to the God of our Bible. As a child, I had a hard time trying to grasp the existence of a God that nobody actually saw yet were told He created everything that exists, well, yeah okay, if you say so, Sister Mary Bertha, and please don't lock me in the closet again. I think I was always a "pilgrim", a searcher of truth, and 21 years ago I discovered Zecharia Sitchin through a Jim Mars book, so went and got the Sitchin book, The 12th Planet, and everything about God made sense, and I've never been the same as it pertains to whether God exists or not. To be sure, God of the Bible, was/is the Anunnaki 2nd in Command, Lord Enki aka Ea (Eh-Yah). Bob Lazar apparently never made that connection as far as I know. I mention all this because God came to Earth as an Astronaut in a UFO to mine Gold to repair the breach in the Ozone layer on their Home planet called Nibiru; He created Earthlings from hominids, then gave us Freedom. There is tons of archaeological material to prove all this, but it has never been openly spoken about unless you discover it for yourself in books or museums, and now on youtube and computer searches. Truth be told, God of the Bible, is the greatest story never told, and if you read Zecharia Sitchin's collection of books starting with 12th Planet, you will be way ahead of the Priests and Rabbis in our society who don't know a damn thing about God, except they all have license to BS us. Knowing that God is REAL is an awakening, and better than a mystery that Churchs and Religions kept hidden from the masses for centuries, with the result that not only are We the People dumbed down, but also everyone in the Religious societies are dumber than us because they keep to a strict protocol of learning and to go outside and search beyond their regimental instructions is sacraligeous, ha. So, reading Zecharia Sitchin's works will make you, as I, much smarter than the average priest or rabbi of God's history. ciao, lol.
Dinosaurized An army store
I used to think UFO was kinda BS but now no more. thank you Mr. Rogan and Lazar, Corbell, great interview, great podcast, great story.
Nick Dimperio
Nick Dimperio Gün önce
We need him back on the show
Numptification of Society Through Lazar's Lies
Yes, to tell more fake stories. lmfao
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas 2 yıl önce
US government: We need someone to reverse engineer this technology. US Agent: I saw a guy who fitted a rocket to his Honda US Government: Bring him in.
Gtx95 Aylar önce
they did not understand how the reactor works, like not at all. so it would make sense to try to bring as much smart people in to check it out as possible. and it woule also make sense to hide as many Informationen in front of them as possible. so i dont think your point that they chose a random dude who built a jet system into his car is bs is valid. especially since they tried to understand the reactor which is basically the motor and drives the UFO and this dude put a jet motor into his car and drove it. so it would make sense for them to hope he could eventually by very deep into the physics of jets, turbines, motors and divining systems in general...
gin5sey Aylar önce
You just explained LITERALLY how it works and especially in the 70s and 80s. CIA spent millions on psychics trying to "remote view" enemies with telepathy.
Mentality 2 aylar önce
A bit more then that
evolve 2 aylar önce
The scariest thing of all is if the military are the ones greeting aliens in this world.. That is messed up! When they apparently work in secrecy also.
fmh 2 aylar önce
Anybody that really thinks the government won't lie to you and has your best interest at hand is a fucking idiot🤦‍♂️
Seth Brousseau
Seth Brousseau Gün önce
I get that there was most likely a flying saucer or 9 being worked on by his team, but why has nobody asked the question of if they thought these were drones rather than carrying living beings? Wouldn’t it make way more sense for this to happen? He said there was a space for a much smaller being to sit in it, yet why would they use anything other than drones to pilot these?
Simon Johnston
Simon Johnston 2 gün önce
Thank you BOB, for sharing your experience with the world, I feel for your heartache in doing so, & my thoughts and prayers were always with you. I had an experience when I was about 9 years old which scared me to my core, so I knew about non human beings which is why I have always been interested in your experience. Peace be with you.
Oof Boi
Oof Boi 8 gün önce
Time stamps 00:19 Jeremy Corbell’s documentary 00:47 Who is Bob Lazar and what does he do 01:35 How Bob Lazar got hired for Area 51 and worked in the S4 division 03:51 Area 51 job description 05:05 Nevada layout & Nuclear testing 05:29 First day at the job 06:15 When did things get weird 07:10 Flying saucers 08:10 Technology that doesn’t exist 09:56 Briefings/documents given to Bob Lazar 12:28 How does the reactor work? 15:10 Attempts at explaining the origin of the technology 16:06 How did Area 51 affect Bob Lazar 17:14 Area 51 fear of what they’re dealing with, Bob Lazar analogy 18:23 Area 51 attempts at understanding and reverse engineering the unexplainable technologies 20:16 Where the technology came from according to the briefings 21:07 Possible disinformation given to Bob Lazar 23:08 What Area 51 knows about the reactor 24:55 Progress made at understanding it 25:31 Element 115 29:32 Bob Lazar went inside the spacecraft 32:54 How information/findings about things flow in S4 33:57 What’s in the spacecraft 36:00 The other flying saucers 38:18 How do people give reports in S4 40:03 The technology goes against scientific laws/rules 41:44 Flying saucer piloting tests 43:45 Could communicate with pilot using radio 46:25 Why most tests occur on Wednesday 47:27 Can you let people know who you work for & Area 51 monitoring workers and their family 50:01 Flying saucer test videos 53:54 Bob Lazar and his friends get caught recording 56:34 George Knapp makes Bob Lazar’s story public & What happened to Bob Lazar after he was caught 58:10 UFO fanatics 59:30 Jeremy Corbell talks about the “Tic Tac” UFO & Terms used to refer to UFOs 1:04:10 Gravity is a wave 1:09:03 The Wilson Memo (projects are saved until science catches up) 1:15:05 Jamie pulls up the Wilson Memo 1:17:25 What did S4 do after Bob’s story went public 1:23:43 Russian scientists in S4 make an unknown discovery 1:26:30 Tic Tac UFO discussion continued 1:29:32 Bob Lazar compares how it flies to the piloting tests he’s worked on 1:30:37 Are the aliens smarter than us? 1:33:09 The Greys are robots or synthetic life 1:34:43 Historical accounts of UFOs & Flying saucers have certain tasks 1:35:35 Aliens are what humans could turn into or invent & Technological innovation 1:39:24 Orangutan spearfishing & Apes have entered the Stone Age 1:42:13 Ted Kaczynski 1:44:13 We have access to things we didn’t invent/create & The innovation cycle 1:48:27 Brian Cox’s show about galaxies 1:50:49 Different projects for the saucer & Time distortion 1:53:49 Wireless electricity 1:56:04 Technological progression in another timeline 1:57:10 The only thing Bob Lazar understood about the saucer 1:58:30 Attempts at erasing Bob Lazar’s history 2:00:47 Fingerprint scanners in the 1980s 2:02:20 Area 52 2:03:48 Attempts at erasing Bob Lazar’s history continued 2:04:46 Joe’s view on skepticism 2:05:50 Is Bob Lazar’s story fake? 2:09:25 Why this podcast matters
JoseG. 5 gün önce
Robert Holland
Robert Holland 5 gün önce
@Tom Yamaguchi it is not God, but the next realm , dimension whatever one wish to call it.
James Charlton
James Charlton 5 gün önce
There's a special place reserved in heaven for OGs like you 🥲
Erik S
Erik S 5 gün önce
babayaga P0iSeNjAm
babayaga P0iSeNjAm 6 gün önce
Absolute Lad.
Salt and Light
Salt and Light 8 gün önce
Crazy to hear somebody pondering all these deep subjects and knowing I have a book on my desk that tells me all the answers to all their questions
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 5 gün önce
@Mat O'Toole That book has hardly any answers.
Mat O'Toole
Mat O'Toole 5 gün önce
@Luis Cayetano I think maybe the Bible
Luis Cayetano
Luis Cayetano 8 gün önce
Which book would that be?
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