Jim Morrison: The Final 24 (Full Documentary)

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"July 2, 1971. Jim Morrison is one of the most famous rock singers in the world. But Morrison is at war with his own dark demons. In 24 hours his darkness will consume him and he’ll be dead. Using archive footage, dramatic reenactment and interviews with his closest companions, Final 24 details the last 24 hours of Morrison’s life.

S2 EP03

Directed by Mike Parkinson
Dave McRae

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28 Eki 2020




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Bonnie Walker
Bonnie Walker Yıl önce
I saw Jim Morrison and The Doors on August 1968 at The Allan Theater in Cleveland,Ohio. It was the summer of my 16th birthday. I have never forgotten how exciting he was on stage. May he rest in poetic peace.
Greg Triplett
Greg Triplett 24 gün önce
The only time the doors played at the Allen theater was in 1970 for 2 shows. They played the public hall in 1968.
Cheryl 26 gün önce
Vicki Ladu
Vicki Ladu Aylar önce
I was 14 that summer of ‘68. Wish I could have seen that concert!!!
Taylor Frye
Taylor Frye Aylar önce
So you’re 71!
Dutch__ Mermaid
Dutch__ Mermaid 2 aylar önce
Buddy Blackburn
Buddy Blackburn Yıl önce
I think Jim Morrison was a very interesting guy, he had that mystery about him. A real genius and a legend. His writings are truly amazing. It's sad he died too young because I think he could of done more amazing things if he lived.The Doors are a great band.
psicodelico 84
psicodelico 84 16 gün önce
@Michael Mouse just add Jims voice to any of those songs and its doors. Completely disagree.
paul frichtl
paul frichtl 17 gün önce
@Jim Brew ppp
Michael Mouse
Michael Mouse 2 aylar önce
... sorry to say that post Jim's death, the remaining Doors members produced awful music... without Jim they were utterly rudderless
Jim Brew
Jim Brew 2 aylar önce
@scentless apprentice Lived life fast? Outside of his music, he didn't have much going on. The alcohol had taken over.
Winnie Nguyen
Winnie Nguyen Yıl önce
Crazy how Morrison, Jimmi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Alan Wilson and Brian Jones all passed away within two years of each other and all at the exact same age. They were arguably the most talented artists of the hippie counterculture era.
Treasure Hunter UK
@Brenda Amata No, it is rubbish. Apparently the average age for rock stars to die is 54.
Brenda Amata
Brenda Amata Gün önce
Do u think there's any truth in the 27 club???
Patricia Bullington
Patricia Bullington 5 gün önce
I saw janis in utica, n.y. in a tiny theater. There was a huge effort to stop her from performing by shutting off electricity and closing the stage curtain. She continued. They pulled janis off stage. Saw jim morrison & doors at saratoga performing arts ctr. Same, As, janis. Authotities, made the performance literally impossible. What i experienced was 2 great talents who were targets to squash the messages. Im 75 now. Present days, most music, imo, is "canned". All "digitalized". Thank you for your time.
Treasure Hunter UK
Treasure Hunter UK 6 gün önce
@Roxanne Moser Lennon's life was taken from him, so it is not the same.
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke 7 gün önce
Hate to break your bubble but they were all murdered. So were Kurt Cobain.
kvo Yıl önce
Whether you like Doors music or not, the fact is that these three particular musicians combined with Jim's voice and words created a distinctive haunting sound. It's a sound that is very easily recognized and not easily confused with ANY other band that ever existed. It is utterly unique, which is why I have always been drawn to it. Whatever you think of Jim, he was an original.
Adrian Amaya
Adrian Amaya 2 aylar önce
I really like your comments.
Neal Schier
Neal Schier 2 aylar önce
@Jayne Campbell It has also taken me years to appreciate the Doors. For the most part I was simply overlooking them. The wait was well worth it however, for now I can truly admire the gifts these for musicians brought to their craft. Each of them were just the right fit. Legendary is a trite and overworked word, but the Doors were legendary. What a great ensemble.
Jayne Campbell
Jayne Campbell 4 aylar önce
@St. Albans it took me years to appreciate their music
TheBatugan77 4 aylar önce
@Doug Wilson are* Not 'is'. What are you, a 1st grader? Psssh...
Loren Heard
Loren Heard 4 aylar önce
@Whayden288 They were The Four Musketeers in music!
Missy Cabic
Missy Cabic Yıl önce
The thing most people miss about Jim Morrison was that he was a brilliant writer. His poetry and lyrics are genius level. He was extremely talented as a writer.
Willie Vermaak
Willie Vermaak 7 gün önce
I fully agree with what you say.
Alex Morrison
Alex Morrison 2 aylar önce
Lol, that´s ridiculous@Mr Toad
Alex Morrison
Alex Morrison 2 aylar önce
@mike blaz Well... nobody did what he did in Rock; that´s for sure, so...
kvo 2 aylar önce
@Alex Morrison Please see my response to Rayburn below.
Andrew Rand
Andrew Rand Yıl önce
Jim Morrison in my opinion is one of the truest artists I’ve ever listen to and The Doors are forever one of my favorite bands of all time
kvo 6 aylar önce
@Ivana Plavsic Kids today don't know who the Beatles were either. Many of us today find that impossible to believe as they were undeniably the GOAT band. But once kids grow up a little, get exposed to classic radio, get exposed to the tastes of others who are older, many take an interest in bygone artists. The Doors, like so many other bands that no longer exist, will always be there, among the rock classics who will continue to draw an appreciative audience throughout the annals of time.
C Urquhart
C Urquhart 7 aylar önce
@Jacqueline He used to go to Rays Dads house which was next door to our candy store. So at age 13 this girl got candy and eye candy.
Ian Severtson
Ian Severtson 8 aylar önce
@Ivana Plavsic it's that exact reason that I know though. Because I don't know you. What HAVE you done? Clearly nothing notable enough to warrant any of us to know your name. Get off high your high horse, humble yourself, you ain't special. You ain't important. Nobody cares.
Ivana Plavsic
Ivana Plavsic 8 aylar önce
@Ian Severtson Do you know me? No? Then you don't know squat.
Trte Mrte
Trte Mrte Yıl önce
I hope you have found real peace and real love, Jimmy. There is more people who understood your pain and struggles than those who just saw an alcoholic and everything else they called you. You will never be forgotten, Jimmy.
S R 4 aylar önce
The alcohol didn't help him make friends.
Beau Truex
Beau Truex 8 aylar önce
Thanks 🙏
Nikki Derringer
Nikki Derringer Yıl önce
The only essay I ever enjoyed writing in high school was on the life and death of Jim Morrison. It was an essay and powerpoint presentation. My teacher gave me a perfect score on both.
Sandy Byrd
Sandy Byrd 17 gün önce
Same here, only mine was on paper, early 1970s, and Duane Allman. Also a perfect score! Days of interesting subject matter!
Tito Montes
Tito Montes Aylar önce
@Ronnie Bishop Oh look...you put an extra space between "your type!"
Tito Montes
Tito Montes Aylar önce
@Ronnie Bishop ohhhh, you found a typo.
Nikki Derringer
Nikki Derringer 2 aylar önce
@Tito Montes is that where you came from? Too bad. I took honors classes.
Tito Montes
Tito Montes 2 aylar önce
Everyone gets perfect scores in special ed.
Linda Easley
Linda Easley 3 aylar önce
Jim's personal life was a disaster but as an artist he was a legend. I wouldve given anything to have seen the Doors live
Colin Banning
Colin Banning 27 gün önce
Me 2 hun I'd ov gave my life just 4 one performance
Yogi 77
Yogi 77 6 aylar önce
Started listening to them at age 15 now 30yrs later still my favourite band 💙
Ricky Brians
Ricky Brians Yıl önce
Revisiting this episode for the 50th anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death. Rest In Peace forever to the Lizard King!
True Soul Ghost
True Soul Ghost 3 aylar önce
@Jane Doe you mean a industry plant?
Ricky Brians
Ricky Brians Yıl önce
@TiKKO Guevara it’s hilarious these comments. I thought I was about to go crazy with these tin caps in the comments
Earl Guyton
Earl Guyton Yıl önce
@Jane Doe Lizard is all wrong, and misidentified him. Jim was the tiger image, the pretty male tiger. I am a cat person, and we can identify with our own types. All humans possess a animal type. A lizard is the prey of the cat. Look at Jims facial and eyes, that is the loving tiger
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Yıl önce
@Don Springstead yes all the musicians of that day went to a small institute in California that was supposedly a gov operation. Remember his dad was military brass in navy. If you look at alot of the others of that time the fathers were also military
Don Springstead
Don Springstead Yıl önce
@Jane Doe ya know...I've thought about that many times myself.its all very suspicious ...
L xx
L xx Yıl önce
The mystery of Jim Mirrison will never fade, he was a beautiful soul and a wordsmith and poet, even now after 50 years he still leaves an everlasting presence that will never be forgotton
Fernando Ramoa
Fernando Ramoa 8 aylar önce
l'm a hard-core 90s guy but l absolutely love the doors. Every now and then l'd hear a song and feel how the depth and darkness of his voice like, it wanders the outskirts of the galaxy, timeless, unreachable, immortal, on a league apart from anything else
rabbitss11 2 aylar önce
His lesser known songs like the Crystal Ship still stand up today as great work, he had such a strong original voice and, of course, presence
rabbitss11 8 gün önce
@This Bird Has Flown Didn't know that, I was 7 years old when it was released as a b side to a single
This Bird Has Flown
This Bird Has Flown 9 gün önce
That's not one of his lesser known songs. It was the B side to Light My Fire after all.
Wheres_bears Aylar önce
That song is a masterpiece
Lisa Spikes
Lisa Spikes 8 aylar önce
One of my earliest memories is of my little brother and I, sitting in the back seat of the car, singing along to Light My Fire. I guess you could say I’ve always been a Doors fan!
Rebels42 Wynn
Rebels42 Wynn Yıl önce
As a kid growing up in the eighties, I had became so intrigued by Mr. Jim Morrison. He was the total package : Sexy, Smart, So badass, So free-spirited, and so laidback. I wish that he was around today to see my generation (GENERATION X) and this one how his legacy continues to shine.
kvo 5 aylar önce
@Mr.mustang 66 Depending on how the walls in Jim's room were constructed, maybe they can be preserved? Did you see anything on the walls that you thought was Jim's handwriting?
kvo 5 aylar önce
@STJ Where did you see the Doors live? I'm a Boomer, but born at the very end of the generation, so too young to have seen them live.
STJ 5 aylar önce
@kvo BOOMERS could have cared less about Ed Sullivan. We saw him live. He WAS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!
STJ 5 aylar önce
Mary Natani
Mary Natani Yıl önce
Saw the doors in 69 - they were great. Jim performed all night until 5 am . There were only about 50 people left in the audience.
Poraka Nasa
Poraka Nasa 2 aylar önce
@Mary Natani I am so happy that you have that memory. I've spoken to some other people who got to see him live and was asking them what was their experience. Since I was born later and in Europe. I got some interesting story that an older gentlemen told me, from USA, that he went and saw The Doors concert when they were not just that famous yet and I asked him did he jumped that high while performing and screaming on certain songs from his experience, as we have many videos now of course on the internet. Its different watching something on a computer than experiencing it live. Just like he was interested how it felt when I went in Paris just to visit his grave by my self while the rest of the group went off to Disneyland.. I remember standing there with my earphones listening to some music, but just for a few minutes, because people started coming in and of course his grave was trashed many times, so the guards immediately came in. The bust was already gone ( I went somewhere 15 years ago in my early 20's) and when I look up at videos of his grave now its again different and they even put a bigger fence. Then, I managed to leave a note and a photo and lots of people were leaving other stuffs. The cemetery doesn't allow entrance during the nights with decades now, before there were people sitting around his grave and drinking and smoking. I figured I will bring him refreshment instead of other usual things and bought an Ice Tea and biscuits for him. :) Anyway, the gentlemen who told me the story of seeing young Jim, told me something you can't see or hear in interviews. He said that The Doors got to play 2 times that night in some field, and in between their concert he and his 2 friends were walking around and met the whole group walking as well from few feet away. He said that Jim was walking less and they all exchange pleasantries the first time, but on the way back when they met again, he said Jim looked at him straight away (he was 16, Jim was 22-23) with a dark look in his eyes. He followed that sentence by explaining that he now gets that look, as he got older, but it stayed with him then. You saw him later on, when we already had that stage persona, so I guess he behaved similarly like in the available footages on Y.T. I know everybody talks about his sex rock persona, and I can see that as a girl. But honestly, I can only try to imagine if what he radiates through the screen is similar in person, he must have been objectively electrifying and handsome while performing and I get that he later on hated that. But I so wish I could have seen him live just to experience that energy. And I never heard somebody talking about Pamela and how was she perceived at the time, aside from the media. Thank you for sharing, I sure would like to hear more about your experience if you are willing to type down, but I also understand the opposite. Just please ignore the trolls and haters, they are on this video for a reason. All the best Mary to you.
Name is Sturdy
Name is Sturdy 2 aylar önce
Darn right you should “brag” about that!! Great memories I’ll bet.
ChromaticHarp 2 aylar önce
JM tried to take a dump in my yard in Santa Monica, I sent my German shepherd after him and he ran like a sissy.
ChromaticHarp 2 aylar önce
@JustADawgSo, you’re a 3 year old?
Deborah Leone
Deborah Leone 3 aylar önce
@JustADawg how old are you? 12? Yes, we’re Old Heads now, but those days were fantastic.....we changed things and people’s’ hearts....it will never be like that again, but Jesus has a Wonderful Plan for tomorrow and the next day and the next! Let Hum show you the Way! God bless and safely keep you, in Jesus’s Precious Name, Amen! 🕊💕🙏💜✝️✡️🙋‍♀️🌹
Penny Young
Penny Young 8 aylar önce
Thank you for this. I had a huge crush on a deadman in the 80's 90's! Weird but man I loved him. His music spoke to me with such deep sincerity. RIP.
LilRed36 Aylar önce
Ha I had the same crush on the same things in the 90's
miss mama
miss mama 2 aylar önce
Me too.. I was just a kid . And got introduced to the doors and fell head first..mind body soul.. it's like he is connected to me somehow
Joni B
Joni B 4 aylar önce
The State of New York actually just recently pardoned his felony case. Of course many years later. The fact they still think about it is great and proves his music and poetry still exists.
D C Aylar önce
The lizard king….. Jim’s voice is haunting. He is a true poet!
Leticia Guerra
Leticia Guerra 3 aylar önce
Poor sad man. He was opressed and possessed by the darkness he allowed into his life. Very heartbreaking.
Osveli Quinones
Osveli Quinones Yıl önce
Is impressive to see that many people still follow his music. ( young people)
zoe1baby Yıl önce
What a shame people like him and Janice and Jimi Hendrix they were so talented and yet they had so many problems and addictions. Jim Morrison‘s voice was amazing!
Aran G
Aran G Yıl önce
@Sub Zero ok sub zero
Sub Zero
Sub Zero Yıl önce
They were all murdered had nothing to do with their addictions.
Susanne Buchholz
Susanne Buchholz 11 aylar önce
I love Jim Morrison because of his dark mystical poems and so were his songs!Fantastic and timeless!
Jeanette Waverly
Jeanette Waverly Yıl önce
The dark erotic beauty of his lyrics has never been equaled. He was indeed a consummate poet who walked the knife edge between genius and madness. I still miss him.
Colin Banning
Colin Banning 27 gün önce
Jim had such a dark velvety fluidness 2 his words poems and his lyrics a genius in a lifetime cut short I always wondered what else was there 2 come how I miss him x
Alex Morrison
Alex Morrison 2 aylar önce
@Goodkidjr43 Why demonic? Dark beauty yes
Jeanette Waverly
Jeanette Waverly 2 aylar önce
@S R The shadow side of the 60s. It was long and dark.
Tito Montes
Tito Montes 2 aylar önce
@Jeanette Waverly If Jim Morrison's "lyrics" are seen as "beauty" to you, that really calls into question your ability to know objective beauty. "Consummate poet?" Come on. His poetry was rejected. Jim Morrison was a solipsistic arrogant immature bratty poor excuse for a man. Genius? Only a genius at destroying himself and having a desperate need for human adulation. That just smacks of weakness.
S R 2 aylar önce
@Jeanette Waverly I agree with you. It is a total shame and loss. There was no alcohol and drug treatment back then. We lost a lot of friends and were helpless to do anything about it.
Doug Mackenzie
Doug Mackenzie Yıl önce
He was an amazing poet
ArseneWenger Yıl önce
Hes the leading leading man. What has he not got ? Looks. Brains. IQ. Charisma. Lyrics. Voice. Stage presence. Sense of humor. Dark side. Morrison is forever THE Man.
Irene Ommundsen
Irene Ommundsen 10 aylar önce
And his lips. Mmmmm..
Cy Bolton
Cy Bolton Yıl önce
@D. B. Please chill with the moralizing. Study ANY person of alleged high standing throughout history and you will find a darker side to them. Whether it's affairs or violence or cheating and stealing... whatever. (See Catholic Priests.) We are human and we try to get through this life while remaining true to an inner voice and sense of self. In the end (pun intended) Jim harmed himself and compromised himself far more than he did to anyone else.
ArseneWenger Yıl önce
@N A I'm 47 almost and I idolize him. That doesn't mean I wanna die of an OD. If you want safe place rock and roll maybe listen to non controversial bands.
ArseneWenger Yıl önce
@N A get a life ffs
ArseneWenger Yıl önce
@D. B. what you're describing isn't what I want to see as the frobtman for the Doors. Sorry. Stick to watching Peyton place.
Louis Micallef
Louis Micallef Yıl önce
50 years ago and still his music is valid for these times
Susie Arviso
Susie Arviso 3 aylar önce
"Valid?" If they didn't seek out their Creator to meet and know Him, they will have failed at the highest purpose in life. Sure, Jesus has wanted for us --- a good and happy life, but our Creator also has wanted for us to meet and know HIM, as well. Don't fail to seek Him and get to know Him. Jesus said: "You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way." ... Most people don't even think about God. It's the most important thing in life!
Lina Lo Winkelman
Lina Lo Winkelman 11 aylar önce
So true! Im 15 have been a big fan of the doors for a year now
Ryan Nichols
Ryan Nichols Yıl önce
I remember when I found this documentary in like 9th grade during 2014 and have listened to them since early high school after I changed my opinion on their music. When I was younger I didn’t like them because of the name but now I understand it. Hands down one of the best rock bands in the world and a lot better than mumble rap.
Luigi Conder
Luigi Conder 9 aylar önce
High school junior, walking in your tracks hahaha
S K Yıl önce
Don't miss pink floyd
Winnie Nguyen
Winnie Nguyen Yıl önce
Mumble rap isn't even music. Its just some idiots talking in a regular speaking voice to a beat ( usually stolen by a famous artist) and dressed in horrific clothing, rainbow colored hair, piercings all over their face, and tattoos from head to toe.
Angelina Gulizio
Angelina Gulizio 8 aylar önce
As usual the stress of the music industry and the for a man who just wanted be a good writer they wore him down No one will truly know the full story But the Doors will always be a true and original band of my generation!!!!!! RIP 🦎
D M 8 aylar önce
Grew up listening to them at a young age because of my grandparents! Love the doors music
Vickie Adams
Vickie Adams 8 aylar önce
I love his rich, raspy, deep voice. I prefer "The Doors" way more than "The Beetles". Jim's voice was like a shot of good whiskey! He WAS eye candy. Jim moves like Mick Jagger or vice versa. Creative people struggle a lot with dark emotions. Jim was feeling his impending demise coming hence the restlessness.
Trte Mrte
Trte Mrte 4 aylar önce
@ThinkForYourself you cannot compare them. They are si different like night and day.
ThinkForYourself 6 aylar önce
Doors are awesome, but The Beatles are The Beatles.
histubeness 7 aylar önce
It's Beatles.
Angela Izzo
Angela Izzo Yıl önce
His last resting place was where he wanted to be in life. That alone is poetic 🖤
Joseph Rowe
Joseph Rowe Yıl önce
50 years ago on this day, we lost The Lizard King. I hope everything he made won't be forgotten for years to come.
Luci Ferra
Luci Ferra 5 aylar önce
for me Jim was always a poet in first place.
Lillie Halumi
Lillie Halumi Yıl önce
He was the best voice back then. In every way.
Love animals
Love animals Yıl önce
A poet trapped inside a rock star. Sadly, the music wasn't what he wanted, and obviously didn't make him happy.
Shepherd Of Fire
Shepherd Of Fire 4 aylar önce
@John Hunter his dignity.
John Hunter
John Hunter 4 aylar önce
@Shepherd Of Fire I wonder what type of sacrifices.
Paul Reynolds
Paul Reynolds 5 aylar önce
He loved music. He knew he went a little too far as a rock star. He also didn't want to become what Bono became..the poetic soul singing guy also hanging out with presidents and business titans (basically living a double life - the art and soul of what is good in music or poetry has nothing at all to do with a Bill Gates or a W Bush)
Cecilia Ulrich
Cecilia Ulrich 7 aylar önce
He desperately wanted to be a poet. I think he was.
Energetically Charged✨
Reminds me of Morrissey
Rhonda Unger
Rhonda Unger 17 gün önce
Jim Morrison was the ultimate poet he just expressed it in his music
Tommy @GNRSA
Tommy @GNRSA 8 aylar önce
Its a real sad story. The life & times of Jim Morrison. He lived fast and died young. However we look at it he lived his life exactly as he wanted to. Its sad that he is no longer around. Also it would have been interesting to see how they or he would have evolved as the music changed through the years. Thank you for the great music you left for us Jim.
Ezgi Yıl önce
I wasn’t even born when he passed. Nice to see how many people got to see him.
This Bird Has Flown
This Bird Has Flown 9 gün önce
Most people weren't lol
Ezgi 7 aylar önce
@Leighann Ferguson i live in LA and got to see some spots where he hung out before he moved to Paris.
Leighann Ferguson
Leighann Ferguson 7 aylar önce
Same. I wasnt born until 1972. My mom had a huge crush on Jim Morrison.
Beau Truex
Beau Truex 8 aylar önce
I never died!
Daniel Clee
Daniel Clee Yıl önce
This Saturday the 3rd of July will be the 50th anniversary of Jim's death. Light a candle, listen to a Doors concert and have a good drink, toast to his legacy. Wherever he is now, I'm sure would appreciate it.
Pulsar Lights
Pulsar Lights Yıl önce
50 years ago today, and Jim still looks so young...
Martha YOUNG
Martha YOUNG 5 aylar önce
Vomiting blood is from alcohol. My paternal grandfather, my father, and my oldest brother (he was vomiting blood), all died from Cirrhosis. And one of my nephews (my oldest brother's son), is well on his way to the same demise. It's a devastating drug to the drinker, the drinker's family, and the drinkers' friends, and if they don't want help for themselves, then this is the outcome. So sad.
A Rose for Tes
A Rose for Tes 2 aylar önce
So sorry to hear this, it is sad and it definitely runs in the family! My grandfather died of Cirrhosis also. He was always nice/ mean and abusive. Drank more after his son died from a car crash. I was sexually abused by him at 4 yrs if not before. So him passing was a blessing for me and others in a way. I come to realize that he hated himself and him (excuse me for putting these two in comparison to another) like Jim Morrison was highly intelligent, high functioning though not intellectual. My Dad, brother and I have all had problems with alcohol and could very easily went down that road. Fear of not properly taking care of my children is the only thing that saved me before I even took it home. Most aren't that lucky. It's a bad medicine!
Neal Schier
Neal Schier 4 aylar önce
Sorry to hear of your family's difficulties. Jim Morrrison was an excellent lyricist with a golden voice, but I would have been extremely leery of being near him. Slapping women? Staggeringly drunk? There is no happy or attractive side to alcoholism . It is a dangerous thing all around.
Levis the 67
Levis the 67 6 aylar önce
Jim simply wrote the best poetry ever.
Baudelaire 16 gün önce
thats literally not true
NolaCola 3 aylar önce
Bob Dylan exist you know, and so do a lot of other people.
TheBatugan77 4 aylar önce
Oh, stop. 🛑
polygamous1 Sozou
polygamous1 Sozou 7 aylar önce
Of all the groups the doors had the most unique sound once the music starts there is No mistaking these are the doors, the other group with a unique sound where also THE BAND people who give so much pleasures to others with their music deserve a better n a much longer life
Patricia Soebagio
jim was a prodigy, inarguably one of the rock legends (esp in his own & the minds/eyes of those in "the court of the Lizard King" )-- though i have read his behaviour wasn't always so nice But mama mia! what a handsome guy, even in mugshots he was dangerously good-looking And yes, he really was a Poet, a great one imho.. And brilliant, very well read, intellectual, fascinating, introspective, intense. i add something of his, in the hope i do not digress much from the original wording... "Death makes angels of us all, and gives us wings where we had shoulders as smooth as ravens claws" --- jim morrison may you have finally found peace, ... Mr Mojo Risin'
Adam Bolonyi
Adam Bolonyi 6 aylar önce
And another "genius" in society, in the music genre specifically, succumbs to drugs and alcohol like so many have before him and after him. Can't fathom how musicians that went through the same rabbit hole as those from the Stones and those from other groups actually made it out without dying themselves along the way.
Sunny bob Quackers
Sunny bob Quackers Aylar önce
one of the stones did die
garry hastings
garry hastings Yıl önce
He lives on and on and we try to fathom it all out. I don't think so many of us will ever believe he actually died. All that can be said has already been said and we cannot bring that legend back. He would have been my own age now but unlike me, he will be remembered, researched to find clues a motive or some reason why? . I guess we all need closure for this man that so many of us wanted to be . So many of us loved him then, so many of us love him now. I sometimes wonder if Jim Morrison could ever rest in peace? Always searching as he did and as we still do for that lost soul who gave soo much voice for social change and a sense of justice for all. Love you man, always will.
Jackie Ellabella
Jackie Ellabella Yıl önce
So sad some people who have so much in life somewhat play with death...still so desperate chasing something...the one thing they really want they feel they don’t have. Love Jim and the doors hope he found what he so desperately couldn’t obtain in life
John Hunter
John Hunter 4 aylar önce
he found the wages for his sin : death.
John Hall
John Hall 2 aylar önce
Morrison has always been fascinating. I have often wondered what it would be like to live in his shoes and then I realize how much life he has missed....
JH Yıl önce
But his lyrics and music WAS poetry and still is.
Muriah Sullivan
Muriah Sullivan 9 aylar önce
I feel like for years I have been offensive to Jim. I'm sorry for not looking at you as a ARTIST. He created beauty no matter what it was (art/singing/poetry/etc).
Cy Bolton
Cy Bolton Yıl önce
Jim, there are more of us out here on the perimeter than ever before. Wish you were here to see it. RIP, brother. 50 years ago today.
Bleed Blue
Bleed Blue Yıl önce
The definition of original as far as the music goes, the song "the end" haunting and beautifully haunting
Sofia Corradini
Sofia Corradini 4 aylar önce
He was never born and never died, he passed through the world and left a heritage with a massive spiritual value. i like to think about him as a messenger that brought us this kind of borderline poetry that was both gloomy and cynical but also hopeful and freedomful.
bitter37 Yıl önce
Was in Paris three years ago. My tour guide said our hotel was only a thirty minute walk to his gravesite. I didn’t go, and I’ve regretted it everything day since.
Mr MojoRisen87
Mr MojoRisen87 4 aylar önce
1) The other band members have pointed out that if Jim had been constantly drunk and out of control, as suggested here, he could not have produced at the level he did. LA Woman is a masterpiece; Jim was totally professional in writing and recording it. The success of LA Woman blows up the narrative that Jim was little beyond an incapacitated drunk by this time. 2) This account of his final hours is sheer speculation. Not denying that Jim was an alcoholic, however.
Peter Carruthers
Peter Carruthers 11 aylar önce
A very interesting documentary. He is featured in the film The Linda McCartney Story which I have a copy of. I was an alcoholic for about 36 years. That was due to my first wife dying at 28. I am now 69 and type 2 diabetic. Alcohol does destroy your body as does drugs. Your body gets to the stage that it will only put up with so much. Drink or alcohol is too readily available. One Dr I had told me if I carried on drinking the way I was she would give me 20 years to live. About 18 months back I decided to quit. Which is what I did. I was watching a film and drinking draft Guinness. By 2.30 pm I felt tired. I went to bed at 2.30 pm and then woke up at 10 pm that night. I was drinking while on medication for Diabetes. One warning, do not drink while you are taking any form of medication. She was a bad influence on Jim being an addict herself which of course did not help him. This video should be shown in all schools to show what the effect of many years of drinking and addiction to drugs can do to your body. I was eating all the wrong foods for far too long. All ready meals should be banned. I now eat chicken salad sandwiches and boiled eggs. For the protein. Since changing my diet I am now much better. Thank you for uploading this. It shows what we all should know and have been told. Many years of hard drinking and being on drugs destroys your body in the end. I can drink Bells Whisky in a coffee but these days I only have the odd one. PC. 16. 10. 2021.
Leighann Ferguson
Leighann Ferguson 7 aylar önce
@Peter Carruthers it's in parts 1 through 26.
Leighann Ferguson
Leighann Ferguson 7 aylar önce
@Peter Carruthers I just checked. It's on TRvid but it's broken down into different parts.
Peter Carruthers
Peter Carruthers 7 aylar önce
@Leighann Ferguson The Linda McCartney story is not on You Tube. I had to buy a copy of the film from the USA. PC. 28. 02. 2022.
Amy M Woda
Amy M Woda 7 aylar önce
Not to sound rude, but at age 67ish your doc told you if you kept drinking you’d die in 20 yrs? So being an alcoholic for most of your life you’d still outlive most of the population? Also I’m glad you quit, but that just doesn’t make sense
Wheres_bears Aylar önce
The doors are timeless, can’t imagine what kind of music we missed out on
Marj Nussby
Marj Nussby 26 gün önce
Santiago Bernebeu
Santiago Bernebeu 3 aylar önce
The old saying, 'what goes around comes around', as that certainly did apply to Pamela Courson as she died of a heroin overdose just 3 years after Jim. You would be forgiven for thinking that after being involved in his death, she would clean up her act, but she chose to continue on the heroin pathway that ultimately claimed her too.
Katelyn Nordby
Katelyn Nordby Yıl önce
I'm proud of the writer who's piece depicted Jim as a poet. His true self. 💕
Frances Yıl önce
This is so different from the way the show "the last 24" portrayed it. Went to his grave last time I was in Paris. Just stood there thinking about the last 24 I had seen and how this was how his day ended. It's still the most popular grave at pere lachaise , so many men that looked like old rockstars there paying homage, (if they were real rock stars I would not know as I didn't recognize any of them) they had the best cameras. When everyone left and I was standing alone, I got this feeling of sadness, like he wasn't ready to go... I noticed a everyone put their gum on a tree (?) and kisses everywhere near his grave, and the grave is graffitied up but it looked pretty cool. If you ever get a chance to be in Paris Pere Lachaise cemetery.
Sunny bob Quackers
Sunny bob Quackers Aylar önce
m,y family crypt is there
Sophie brown
Sophie brown Yıl önce
sooo sad he died he was amazing very good looking nice guy sadly missed :(
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat Yıl önce
The actor playing Jim is incredible.
Colin Banning
Colin Banning 2 aylar önce
My all time favourite singer he was handsome and had an air of mystery to him that made him shine brighter than the sun he was an absolutely fantastic entertainer and his unique voice set him 2 the stratosphere xxx
carol hodson
carol hodson Yıl önce
It's just so sad he is dead and lost his life at such a young age.
ArseneWenger Yıl önce
27 is the magic #
Michael Mouse
Michael Mouse 2 aylar önce
... I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the depressing news come over the radio... I just couldn't believe he had just died... so sad... 'Ride that storm Jim and break on thru to the other side'... RIP
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 25 gün önce
As a big Joy Division fan and a big fan of Ian Curtis, I would definitely say that Jim Morrison had a big impact on Ian and Ian loved The Doors music.
Mr. Tee
Mr. Tee Yıl önce
It’s too bad he never realized his dream of being an esteemed poet. It must have sucked having to settle for world famous rock god and icon of his time.
Ryan Nichols
Ryan Nichols Yıl önce
@Pat Downs Before you judge his lyrics try to write some mate. Only God can judge him as he is the creator.
Steffan Hoffmann
Steffan Hoffmann Yıl önce
@Pat Downs I agree most are.
Chris Alberts
Chris Alberts Yıl önce
@Lady Lyric Here he was not a sociopath
J. B
J. B Yıl önce
@JohnnyAppleseed He was very original.
Harrick V Harrick
Incredibly well made! Not only is the story told really well, the atmosphere is caught fantastically, beautifully filmed (great locations and backgrounds) and also it is incredible that they managed to get all the original people to talk about how it all was and how it all went in the day.. I am totally impressed by this series.
STSGuitar16 10 aylar önce
thanks, harrick
Purple Sunflower
Purple Sunflower 7 aylar önce
Riders on the storm all time favourite piece of music ! Timeless.....
Amelia Wojnicz
Amelia Wojnicz Aylar önce
loved his voice. The book titled "Gaze into the Abyss" is sold at Amazon. It's by William Cook, and I am not sure who that is. It's supposed to be poetry by Jim Morrison.
Home Here
Home Here Yıl önce
He’s fine as wine! The Lost Boys was one of my favorite movies of the 80s! I saw his poster in that movie and googled him and found his name and now I’m here! God Bless you Jim Morrison!
Das Muss
Das Muss 8 aylar önce
Jose L that’s what I was thinking 😂
Danny Farrow
Danny Farrow Yıl önce
Lost boys is one of my favorites too!! People are strange, when you’re a stranger 🎶
Jose L
Jose L Yıl önce
There was no Internet in the 80s
Reinier Wongler
Reinier Wongler Yıl önce
Funny you found it this way. Seen the movie too✌
Jacqueline Yıl önce
Hello. Home you have such a profound impact on Jim Morrison's career with your comment, love and support. A thank you text would fail to express our gratitude to you, we love you.Jim Morrison would want you to write him a personally thank you note, My name is Jacqueline and I happens to be his personal communication manager.
Chris Hov
Chris Hov 5 aylar önce
26 years old in this interview. Sounds like old soul calm and collect speaking truths. Words vibrations sounds frequency of a heart letting you know what he said, I am.. me. Accept me, it is enough for all in balance not a race of technology pretending to Hu man with no heart but bright lights in the eyes that create it. I miss people with these outlook and deep discovery and connections. The connectors.. a living of peace in balance.. can we get there. Thank you Jim for passionate heart ... Live on in song
MIKE PAUL Yıl önce
i hope all the episodes of "the final 24" gets released on dvd, especially the jim morrison & janis joplin episodes. ☮ &❤
MusgraveRitual 2 aylar önce
The reenactment actor in this short is so good! He just completely channeled Morrison. Well done!
Esther Garcia
Esther Garcia 3 aylar önce
I got the Doors Greatest Hits on dvd. I moved to Upstate New York in the mid 1980’s and those songs kept me grounded while living there for 4 years. Then it was time for me to head back to my home in Southern California. I still love hearing those hits. I write poetry as well so I can understand why Jim Morrison had being a poet stick close to his heart. ❤️🌹✨💫💜
Ian Reynolds
Ian Reynolds Yıl önce
Jim Morrison would ,i think , gone on from music to a successful writer , if not a journalist had he had lived
Napoleon Wilkie
Napoleon Wilkie Yıl önce
Sorry to say, that Jim was like my uncle, drunk any o time of the day. What a brutal existence to live. Alcohol pickles a person from the inside out. That what happened to Jim and eventually takes a toll on the body and now a victim of convulsions. Alcohol breaks down the bodies tissues and its does everything to keep the owner from taking another drink. There is such a thing called LD50, which is the bodies way of fighting back. LD50 means letal dose at a half. Once the body gets there then the vomiting starts and the body can no longer take anymore alcohol. At that point the body is in a state of panic, it releasing dangerous hormones because the alcohol is effecting the nervous system and rejecting anymore intake of poison. Until the body expells the alcohol by whatever means possible, the consciousness slips into a coma. The smell is terrible and the person has to be watched for hours on end, until they come round. Jim Morrison should of been escorted to hospital, and watched by doctors at that point because his body was transitioning into a state of allergic reaction. I believe his last moments in the bath was soothing but brutal when the alcohol in his system crashed the into allergic alochol syndrome and a heart attack ensued and killed him ever so quickly. Breaks my heart that one of the greatest rock stars died without never knowing sobriety and peace through sobriety. He may of been turned into a lizard from abusing alcohol and not understanding the true effects of alcohol poisoning of his body and his mind. It's the poisoning that separates mind and the body. His problem with "writer's block" was the alcohol was separating his mind and his consciousness mind from any form of creativity. Death is the result...man what a loss and his friend didn't see the seriousness of getting Morrison to a hospital. Now in this thing we call the future, we know more about the effects and the complications. Science has given way to understanding that abuse of most drugs are dangerous and the best way is not to ingest. Morrison was a victim of his own success and now his music transcends his ascension to the afterlife...
Francis Edwards
Francis Edwards 4 aylar önce
thanks doctor
Neal Schier
Neal Schier 4 aylar önce
@joel rivard Exactly. If no foul play or other extenuating circumstance was suspected there would have been, under French coroner's practice at the time, no reason for an autopsy. His apparent age might have given reason for one and I believe the immediate family could have requested one under French practice, but otherwise no reason. Pam, of course, knew exactly what happened but she took the real story to her own grave.
Das Muss
Das Muss 8 aylar önce
madison alyse No thank you, Thank you ever so much 😂🇦🇺👍🍻🍻
Delores Wilson
Delores Wilson 11 aylar önce
Sad.Same demons chasing different artists with the same issues.All kinds of red flags...
Danny Farrow
Danny Farrow Yıl önce
@Don't drink the Kool-Aid she’s drunk
Yes Jim was the face of The DOORS but he believed in togheterness we are the doors, I adore his mindset and know that you need your fellow bandmembers to make things work. Ive been there too thats why they were called the doors. The doors is the only band that had a hypnotic climax in just the music without the drugs. The music were hypnotic and I can listen to his voice everyday and enjoy his vocals. NO Jim PLAYED the blues on a climax level Long Live the Hero Jim !!!!
May de Wilde
May de Wilde 2 aylar önce
The Door's were the first band I REALLY REALLY REALLY got into. I was 13, and it was just the beginning..........
Jann Lewandowski
Jann Lewandowski 3 aylar önce
Jim Morrison, I always ❤️ loved you & your music. LIVE ON FOREVER!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!
Ray Pellerin
Ray Pellerin Yıl önce
Jim died of a heroin overdose. It is that sad and simple. People try to find complex answers to simple event that involve famous people. Jim got away with it for many years. He was only 27, at that age death is something very far away. Jim talked about how people his age would live well past 100 due to advances in science. He never had a death wish he just tried to get away with it one time too many.
Sunny bob Quackers
Sunny bob Quackers Aylar önce
@STJ he has only himself to blame
STJ 5 aylar önce
No thanks to pam
Ray Pellerin
Ray Pellerin 8 aylar önce
@Quentin Wade Dugger Jim used it and it killed him in fact.
Quentin Wade Dugger
Quentin Wade Dugger 8 aylar önce
@Ray Pellerin Jim absolutely never used heroin more than likely until that night. He despised Pamela's usage of it and was terrified of needles. He was overly drunk July 2nd, and accidentally snorted heroin which he mistook for cocaine.
Michael Vincent
Michael Vincent 8 aylar önce
@Geezer 1962 Yes, and I do believe, the pain he was suffering from a long term chronic alcohol "issue" was the primary component of his medical conditions. That last day with his friend not wanting to continue the commardarie into the night and with Pam coming home needing her "fix", then the rest is really not important. Everyone has their preception as to his abilities as a musician, poet and person. He was a little on the wild side, and unfortunately, even today, Florida is not the State you want to be esoteric and try wild and crazy things. He probably was scared to death about his long wait to see the sentencing for his alleged behavior on stage. Then he gets 6 months of hard labor probably in Okochoobee and that alone would drive most of us underground. He made those choices and unfortunately, either had the wrong attorneys or as stated, was in the wrong place doing the "wrong" thing. Because I reside in his brithplace, and was asked to consider moving his body back to Florida when Govenor Crist pardoned him, I know a little more about the story. Hey, I never saw him in concert, but do have many readings, a copy of his last will, and records of the Doors. The people that visit each week is unbelievable how far he reached and when people find that they can come and see his birthplace, they visit and want pictures. cool. m
Sharon Letchford
Sharon Letchford 9 aylar önce
So young to die at 27. Rip Jim.
Deborah Rohl
Deborah Rohl Yıl önce
My father and jim died same year I was 6 had no idea who doors were then saw a record of theirs in a shop when I was 16 bought it & still like their music
Amy Lapratt
Amy Lapratt Yıl önce
I will always have questions about this because no autopsy. He was having some pain and bleeding and stuff before he died which doesn't really match overdose diagnosis. So because the investigation was insufficient I don't think we will ever have all the answers.
joel rivard
joel rivard Yıl önce
The idea that the club owner didn't want to be associated with a celebrity death is just a narrative that sounds plausible but isn't likely when you think about it. Unless they were the dealer but we know the dealer wasn't associated with the club. Why risk having someone see people carrying a body all the way to another building and getting a possible murder charge? People don't blame clubs when a person buys drugs from a dealer and sneaks into the bathroom and has an overdose. If someone found him in a club bathroom they likely would have tried to get medics to revive him. People would definitely see someone being carried away from a public restroom.
Quentin Wade Dugger
@Susan Avery Sad but probably true. I often wonder if he was embalmed.
winterweib Yıl önce
@Susan Avery I am sure he wasn't. Europe does not enbalm. Here it is wished to let the deaf ones decompose as quick as possible. They even experiment with different stuff which they put into the grave, put a pig inside and a camera or so to see how fast ist goes with that stuff inside. I hate it. It is as if they just want to get rid of the litter. And I loved my Grandfather and Mother so nameless. I cannot think different as: They lie under the ground, like sleeping, and never changed.
2cvlt 8 aylar önce
this is so sad he deserved to be recognized for his artistic talent it sucks the media was so shallow :(
Jane Hardisty
Jane Hardisty Yıl önce
Masculine and feminine all rolled into one, Wow! And a metaphysical poet, a mesmerising combination. But torment rolled in like a storm to accompany him, when he was young.
Jeanie Chowdhury
Jeanie Chowdhury Yıl önce
He could have been a movie star.
Kevin Nacht Nuit
Kevin Nacht Nuit Yıl önce
Jim Morrison was the epitome of sex, drugs and rock and roll period.
Ian Robertson
Ian Robertson 5 aylar önce
I reckon Jim knew he was leaving the world & he prepared himself for it 🙏
Trte Mrte
Trte Mrte 4 aylar önce
Totally agree with you
kathleen dobens
kathleen dobens Yıl önce
What a voice. Crazy and funny but he overcome his demons.
Renee Bloggs
Renee Bloggs 7 aylar önce
How did he? He died at 27!
mywhychromosome Yıl önce
Man, obviously this happens with each and every generation, as the performers as well as the fans age and time progresses, but this particular cast of talking heads, along with the way the music has aged, really creates an unintentionally ridiculous effect. It's like, you have this group of people that come off as both old-fogeys, as well as uber-nerds (two elements essentially in direct opposition to what we associate with 'rock and roll') going "Mannn, it was so crazy!! It was madness!", as we hear what to modern ears sounds like gentle, chirpy church-organ, along with some guy shouting, but not toooo loud, lol. [I like The Doors, for the record, I just think bc they were one of those groups that were so much about elements apart from the music, it's really hard to get that across outside of their original era of influence]
Candice Bergstrom
Candice Bergstrom 5 aylar önce
Jim had a unique way of walking while he was on stage. But, I wonder if it was just part of his performance or if he did that off the stage, too, as portrayed by the character playing him (16:13) 🤔
Bernard Baldwin
Bernard Baldwin 2 aylar önce
Just from hearing how Jim became annoyed with being a sex god rocker and how he rebelled against that makes me respect his lyrics even more.
John McClellan
John McClellan Yıl önce
Jim made sure all band members had song writing credits on their music.
IceyFigur🥶 9 aylar önce
@Steffan Hoffmann pretty sure jim made break on trough
J. B
J. B Yıl önce
@Shepherd Of Fire Ray actually wrote the music for 'Hyacinth House'. Jim wrote the lyrics.
J. B
J. B Yıl önce
@Steffan Hoffmann No. Jim wrote most of it. And Robby wrote a large percentage.
J. B
J. B Yıl önce
He had great integrity.
Shepherd Of Fire
Shepherd Of Fire Yıl önce
@Steffan Hoffmann hahaha ohhhhhhh. Yeah man Jim said he wanted everyone to have credit for the writing so no one could get more money than the other, since in most bands the write gets the most royalties, he wanted it equal. So if you look at every album all songs are credited to each doors member.
Robert James Chinnery
Sad to see a person self destruct over such minor criminal charges
Marilyn Willett
Marilyn Willett Yıl önce
While living in Europe I had to check out his grave site in that famous cemetary. I was thinking no, after all these years there is no one keeping an eye out for fans when lo and hold here comes the guy --he was on his break--to overlook his grave.
Joseph Flores
Joseph Flores Yıl önce
One of the Greatest American Rock band of all time: Morrison is Dangerous, witty, and unpredictable.
Michele West
Michele West 8 aylar önce
Always wanted to see him
Das Muss
Das Muss 8 aylar önce
@Mr Gonzales fair enough, I respect that
Mr Gonzales
Mr Gonzales 8 aylar önce
@Das Muss not in my opinion
Das Muss
Das Muss 8 aylar önce
Mr Gonzales he was a great blues singer mate
Mr Gonzales
Mr Gonzales 9 aylar önce
He couldn't sing lol 😆
Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson 10 aylar önce
It's tragic to see someone so talented give it all away for a drink.
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