JFK Jr PLANE CRASH - Setting the Record STRAIGHT!

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From a Pilot's Perspective... It's time to set the record straight.

It's now been over 20 years since the fatal JFK Jr plane crash. Even though this crash is one of the most scrutinized General Aviation accidents in history, it is extremely difficult to find an accurate account of what actually happened. A mountain of misinformation, speculation, and rushing to judgements, already exist that throw John F. Kennedy Jr Private Pilot under the bus without merit.

It's time to stop the assassination of John's character as a man and his skills as a pilot. In this video we will examine the very detailed NTSB "Aviation Accident Final Report" to determine what really happened in those final few minutes to cause a highly trained and very proficient pilot to lose control of his aircraft 7 minutes before reaching his destination airport.

Thank you for tuning in! Kindest regards, Tim

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11 Haz 2021




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vicksta Aylar önce
Near the end of narrating, I heard and felt the tears you tried to hold back. This was done with such dignity and class. RIP Johnny, Carolyn and Lauren.
Laura Duffy
Laura Duffy 4 aylar önce
Thank you so much. My mother taught handicapped children in NYC, and she met John more than once because as she said 'he was the only wealthy donor who would come demanding the press not be there, to interact with the children and make sure his money was getting to the children as he planned. My Mom is gone now too. Mom had tremendous respect and appreciation for John and she cried when she heard the news of this event. John touched many, many lives.
UniversalPatriot Gün önce
Eventually you’re going to learn he is not dead :)
Sheilah Tipton
Sheilah Tipton 5 gün önce
So sorry people are so judgemental of people where your rich or poor God judge's us all the same.So please be nice to people it's really easy try it.
Jamie 6 gün önce
@fresatx Yeah sure....more likely you are delusional!
fresatx 6 gün önce
@Jamie Actually I'm a nurse. I help people and deal with tragedies all the time...a really sick child is a cosmic unfairness, it hurts my soul. This misadventure of a royal carriage (in this case an aircraft) tipping over? Sorry, doesn't register on my scale.
Jamie 6 gün önce
@fresatx god?....you are a nut case!
Delcia Garcia
Delcia Garcia Aylar önce
I often wondered what happened? I’m an old lady with no flying experience and even I understood this brilliant but vivid explanation. I was holding my blanket so tight! I can only imagine the anguish experienced in those fatal and final moments. John was a very kind young man. Gracious. The closing of this video is truly precious, incredibly moving and aptly and brilliantly expressed. Long live their memories. My sincere sympathies to both families on the tragic and terribly sad loss of their beloved children. Much respect and compassion. ❤️‍🩹🙏🇺🇸
Lost Jewelz Entertainment
He was killed. That's what happened.
Dan K
Dan K Aylar önce
@Crotalus atrox Don't forget their old man, Joseph Kennnedy Sr who heartlessly made his poor daughter Rose get risky lobotomy surgery because of the promise the new procedure would make her more 'calm' and appear more 'normal' for Joe's publicity machine. Of course, a shrewd, smart Harvard grad like Joe knew the experimental procedure could go horribly wrong. But hey, it's worth potentially sacraficing your child's entire personality, her functioning brain, her hopes, joys, memories, dreams, loves and very life, as long as3 there's s small chance that she'll appear more 'normal' like the rest of your kids. Oh, Joe Sr may not be a 'true American hero but he has an eternal military pedigree, now. He's in eternal torment in hell, holding the rank of Captain of Sorrows as bestowed upon him by a laughing Satan.
Crotalus atrox
Crotalus atrox Aylar önce
The Kennedy Family Joseph Jr. and John were true American Patriots. We all know of John's heroic deeds in the Pacific Theater of WW2 and the PT-109. But few know of his older Brother Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr. who died piloting a B-24 on a bomb run in WW2, read about his Naval experience and heroic death it is very fascinating.
Marilyn 6 aylar önce
I couldn’t watch this. It’s 20 years ago, and I still feel horrible that the world lost such a wonderful man, his wife and sister-in-law. He was a remarkable man, dearly loved by all. 🙏❤️ I miss him.
Queen Bee
Queen Bee 9 gün önce
Internet censure... Such a mature 💩
Internet Censure
Internet Censure 2 aylar önce
Resabout B.
Resabout B. 2 aylar önce
I know *nothing* about flying: this beautifully made video has given me a respect for private flying I've never here-to-fore considered. John's last day consisted of a series of exhausting events that, unfortunately, culminated in tragedy. Reading the many comments of trained pilots below, some of whom mention close calls with spatial disorientation, I can't help but feel that the distraction of the fear and uncontrollably vocal panic of Carolyn and Lauren has to be factored in.
Victoria E
Victoria E 26 gün önce
@George Flutey hello it’s so great to hear from you. STAY IN TOUCH. Victoria Blessings to you.
George Flutey
George Flutey 28 gün önce
@Victoria E Hey Victoria, Seems to be a series of unfortunate events, running late ect. Yeah, agree, mayby stress and rushing. Plus sounds like Saratoga is a quick plane and things certainly happen faster. Strange he didn,t try calling tower after changing frequency. Anyway, Good luck, nd don.t give up. GBY from New Zealand
Victoria E
Victoria E 28 gün önce
@George Flutey I know and I am broken hearted. Caroline did not really live him. You know he wanted to marry Darrell (Sp) Hannah his mother forbid it. Caroline was a unique beauty and dress so nice. I believe he catered to her like a slave. No telling what when in but he pushed the wrong button for the tower. Strange they could sit see him flying and call him. It’s a shame the tower did not check on him. I do not think he flew much without a seasoned pilot. It was a bad call. Again, rushing as they were late leaving it was a perfect storm. If they have of made it In daylight, they would not have crashed. He was in a hurry and again in my professional opinion owning with my husband in the 70’s a Cessna 182 JOHN JOHN should have stayed with that plane he was comfortable in the Cessna. DO YOU THINK GEORGE THAT THE SARATOGA WAS JUST TOO MUCH FOR HIM TO HANDLE? He pressed the wrong button for the tower I am surprised there were no lights at the button and why did he not call the tower? Why did they not call him? I know he did his best trying to pull up the Saratoga but it was going down at a fast rate. I have seen private jets custom made my they are great but the wire room. No one would fly if they saw how they put a plane together. Giggles. I believe this was preventable and I guess people did not like to say no to JFK, JR. But the pilot with him the most as co-pilot should have said let’s get 2 and 1/2 years under your belt before you get a SARATOGA. Too late now but I remember the day and I told someone this was pilot error. He was too stressed to fly and maybe he thought it will be relaxing to be around family and not have to deal with Caroline as much. Still sad today. I guess we call it the Kennedy Curse but Robert did a lot of damage going after Cosa Nostra. Sam G. Got him elected because CATHOLIC WAS NEVER I DO JOY THINK IN OFFICE IT WAS ITS OWN RELIGION AND PEOPLE WERE PENTECOSTAL ABD METHODIST AND BAPTIST AND FIRST ASSEMBLY CATHOLICS WERE NOT IN ALL STATES AND IF THEY WERE THEY SURE WAS NOT AS BIG TODAY. Take care my friend. I am taking care of my support dog who I thought we would have years together and go places no he was sick when I got him and they were not to sell him. So it’s like taking care of a child with cancer. Breaks my heart. They lied THERE IS NO FEAR IN TELLING THE TRUTH YET I HAVE HEARD PEOPLE SAH A CAR IS BLUE WHEN ITS RED. Shaking my head. I would love your feedback and sadly the trip was not that long. Blessings to you and us all we need it if the banks are shutting down and stores having less it appears many will die. I was robbed inside Kroger 8/17/22 women I am always cautious I put my $600 to last me five weeks for medicine my last script my doctor was arrested and I have tried 9 with the answer no. They stole my makeup bag. I thought they just stole wallets. They were slick and the security guard never apologized and should have been watching the cameras. I was on the laundry isle alone. I never saw the women they stole all my cash, nothing to live on until the second week in September. It has made me physically ill. My renters is $500 deductible and it’s not worth filing for $100 when I have had two hit and runs and two apartments they know who did the $1,3999. My words doctor arrested I can’t find a doctor I am about to call it quits I am so tired. We all need blessings. Victoria
Atonement 72
Atonement 72 Aylar önce
Did anyone on this thread actually watch this documentary???
Victoria E
Victoria E Aylar önce
Also, the marriage was rocky they got a late start which is stressful he had only been flying not two years I believe his first mistake was having his Cessna 182 which my husband and I had that and then going to a SARATOGA which was too much plane for him flying not two years. Regardless, he needed many many more Instrument HOURS. If he could have flown only looking at instruments and not been stressed he would have made it…and he should have kept the Cessna a while longer. That is my opinion. Owning a Cessna 182 and my husband a pilot we flew daily 1972-1979. I am sorry I did not finish flying school. I can’t now I will be 66 in January and yes this is really how I look depending on my hair day but I was never comfortable with patterns and landing. I do not think I could have ever learned to land. I have seen planes and jets built custom ground up and it is so cool. Falcon Jet was a close client of mine for years. I miss all of that. I should go hang out at Falcon and another place where small plans come to refuel and to do what they planned. I am against any pilot flying at night NOT INSTRUMENT RATED WITH HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS. THEY SHOULD NEVER FLY IN A STORM OR FOG. SADLY, SMALL PLANE CRASHES ARE PILOT ERROR ABOUT 99 percent and I would like anyones views almost always pilot error. HAVING MONEY TO BUY A PLANE OR JET DOES NOT MAKE A PERSON A GREAT PILOT. I HAVE LOST CEO CLIENTS TO PLANE CRASHES WHO LEFT AFTER OUR MEETING WHEN THE STORM WAS COMING I BEGGED THEM TO STAY AT A HOTEL NO THEY THINK THEY KNOW IT ALL. JUST THINK OF THE PRIVATE PLANE CRASHES JUST BECAUSE THE PILOT DID NOT FUEL BACK UP. THOSE DEATHS WERE PREVENTABLE. Bella
mrb t
mrb t Aylar önce
Thank you Tim for your insight and compassion in putting this together, it's greatly appreciated.
David Stewart
David Stewart 4 aylar önce
A beautiful tribute and an outstanding analysis of a terrible accident. I saw John-John salute his father's casket as the horse-drawn Casson went by in front of the church; it broke my heart then and it did again on the day he died along with his wife and her sister. We cannot understand how these things happen, human error always contributes to our suffering. He seemed to be a good man and all indications are that he truly loved his wife. As they say, the rain falls on the just and the unjust.
Linda Bergman
Linda Bergman 4 gün önce
I don't believe that crash was an accident! I think someone tampered with the plane because they didn't want him in politics.he was a threat to several ppls that were running for an office JFK Jr was after😭
Kirstin Strand
Kirstin Strand Aylar önce
Watching this brought tears of sadness. I can imagine John's sense of trauma. If he had been able to depart at the set time, they would be here; the night time training hours need to be increased, as I see it.
Dave o
Dave o Aylar önce
Well done video.
FS MaNiA 4 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing! Cheers, Tim
Thomas G.
Thomas G. 18 gün önce
Thank you for a very informative video about what happened and how easy it is for others to judge John for this tragic event. He is our age and we feel a tremendous loss even today, a loss for many generations. We were looking forward to seeing his life unfold with greatness and inspire others to be kind in the political arena. ❤
Augford P. Doggie
Augford P. Doggie 6 aylar önce
Holy shit, this is an incredible piece of work, the amount of time you must have put into this is staggering. I would love for you to do more on other crashes....as morbid as it sounds
David Crandall
David Crandall Aylar önce
Well, if it was half full . . . .with some dirty glasses laying around in the luggage.
Lisa Kolb
Lisa Kolb Aylar önce
@David Crandall they were going to a wedding or something, right? They would've brought a bottle of something expensive to give to the couple. There's no way to know if he was drinking or not.
David Crandall
David Crandall Aylar önce
It certainly seems like he must have been drinking before this flight. That would explain the mistakes and the disorientation. The autopsy was not done right to show his BAC or maybe it was not possible to be in a way to show it. Businessman Roy Stoppard apparently bumped into Kennedy at Jack's Friendly Service Station just before the doomed flight and tells Heymann that one of Kennedy's bags "contained what looked like a bottle of white wine.... On close examination I could see that the bottle had been opened, because the seal was broken and the cork had been jammed back into place." Heymann also gets toxicologist James C. Gariott, M.D., on record as saying an analysis of Kennedy's remains suggest Kennedy had "two to three glasses of wine imbibed in quick succession." Gariott also notes that "Kennedy's alcohol reading was twice the legal level established by FAA regulations as the standard for licensed commercial airline pilots." This could all be bullshit though because there is no proof and this guy wanted to sell his book.
ggvbayarea Oakland
ggvbayarea Oakland Aylar önce
@old koot yes please 🙏🏼
old koot
old koot Aylar önce
Yea, one on Lynyard Skynard would be a good one.
Robin Riffle
Robin Riffle Aylar önce
I remember sitting in my living room watching the news when this first happened when we were all first notified that his plane went down and I often wondered why it went down and how it happened so I thank you for clearing that up definitely a very tragic thing to have happened
Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf Aylar önce
I am not really into celebrities, but JFK junior was a class act and someone who I always admired. Too bad that this had to happen.
ComicOzzieSU Aylar önce
This tragedy has always haunted me. In the 90s I spent a lot of time on Microsoft Flight Simulator. Martha's Vineyard was one of the few airports in that software. I tried on numerous occasions to fly to MV at night and always ended up way past it flying into the dark night over the ocean. Frustrated I started looking into why I was always off. Turned out they had the wrong frequency in the manual that sent you off into the abyss. When I heard Kennedy was heading there at night, always creeped me out.
NanL Phillips
NanL Phillips 29 gün önce
@Aussie Girl 35 times? Wow. Odd that Kaleigh Mcenany looks like JFKJr's wife did.
R C Aylar önce
Aussie Girl
Aussie Girl Aylar önce
If you recall tho' the simulator pilot here said JFK Jr had flown there 35 x over the previous 15 mths, so he was NO stranger to the flight path or the frequency... is there such a thing as preset frequency settings in those things.. like radio stations on our car radios?
Gina La Perugina NYC
Thank you so much for educating us on what happened the night we lost JFK Jr, Carolyn and Lauren in such a wholesome and respectful way. He was as much a New Yorker as we were, and we were fascinated by him and loved him. I remember seeing him (and his Mom) on occasion while just walking about in NYC…and yes, I was completely besotted by him. His loss truly affected me and I remember feeling heartbroken and shedding a lot of tears. This brought me to tears again. I was born 6 days after President John F Kennedy was assassinated and my beloved Mom now shares the same date of death…November 22nd, so I feel a certain connection with the Kennedys. You have my heartfelt thanks!
It's Just Me
It's Just Me 4 aylar önce
Thank you for taking the time with your skill and talent to explain in detail and with visuals how we lost a man we so loved. This man, who enveloped the hopes of his lost father yet was able to walk strong and free in his own dream. We will always miss him & the ladies that were lost that dark evening. Thank you!
FS MaNiA 4 aylar önce
You're very welcome! Best regards, Tim
DDEENY Aylar önce
Thank you so much for this enlightening and expert analysis of the circumstances surrounding the failure of this flight and the demise of its occupants. This event was so tragic but thanks to your compassionate and expert presentation, I'm sure that other lives will be saved as a result and I'm sure that the entire Kennedy family holds that same spirit of gratitude. Thank you again and God Bless you.
DDEENY Aylar önce
@Marie Rodriguez God bless you, too!
ZERO Aylar önce
There are so many incredibly talented people on TRvid that never cease to dazzle, entertain, inform/educate and generally amaze with their talents. You sir reside at the top of the list. There is a giant chasm that separates "content" and actual full blown professional production. Your talent for high quality production is unparalleled and the amount of work you put into your videos must be nothing short of staggering! Why in the world am I, only just now, discovering your channel? I am getting addicted to TRvid and you (and a few like you) are to blame. Time for the understatement of the day........... WELL DONE!!! you and your efforts are greatly appreciated!!
FS MaNiA Aylar önce
@David Vincent start your own TRvid channel and say anything you want. Nobody is stopping you.
David Vincent
David Vincent Aylar önce
TRvid does a grave disservice to original content creators by demonetization . Social media platforms have morphed into the gatekeepers of the MSM narratives. Anyone who challenges their dominance over what people are allowed to see and hear gets quashed. FREE SPEECH is truly dead now that hurt feelings rule what’s allowed to be heard.
FS MaNiA Aylar önce
Wow!!! Thank you kindly. Comments like this are so encouraging and help tremendously to motivate this content creator to put in the work. Plus I really enjoy the creative process. Best regards, Tim
Mark Todd
Mark Todd 8 aylar önce
now just imagine Navy WW2 pilots flying off aircraft carriers at night on a pitching and rolling ship, NO autopilot or "aides". flying all manual, taking off and landing on that little patch of ship, rolling and pitching in black darkness save a couple of lights and the meatball. just amazing amazing men...the greatest generation indeed.
AlohaJen 20 gün önce
@Nun Ya @Nun Ya seeing how his Father & Uncle were both murdered, it makes sense to me... I look at it as why wouldn't he fake his death... Especially knowing it was only a matter of time until they came after him.. they already tried... there'd been kidnapping attempts... He was supposedly going to announce his run for NY Senate & without a doubt would of won.... Instead Hillary, not a NYer, nor ever lived there... moved & became a resident & won NY Senate... Oddly Jk from a devout Catholic family, the very next day after remains were found, autopsy done he & wife were both cremated & ashes scattered the very next day after finding their remains 🤔 why the rush, you'd think they'd want a thorough investigation & autopsy done.
Nicolasyy Livory
Nicolasyy Livory 20 gün önce
As a matter of fact, there were many accidents .
George Flutey
George Flutey Aylar önce
@Steve H Jesus really. I can just imagine being scared shitless coming in to land
Nigel 900
Nigel 900 Aylar önce
@nomadicgringo 🖖🏻
nomadicgringo Aylar önce
@Nigel 900 illogical
Montgomery Sutherland
Thank you sir, for this incredible video. It was better than any suspense movie. You made us feel we were in the cockpit. What a horrifying prospect knowing that death was beckoning. My pulse raced as you got closer to the final moments. Thank you sir. I think it was a great analysis. The last few moments might have been accompanied by panic by all on board which makes it even more terrifying.
Craig Miller
Craig Miller Aylar önce
I have had private pilot flight training. Such a tragic event and I never thought it was lack of training on John's part. The one factor that I have never heard anyone mention is that I wish Carolyn or Lauren had been flying in the right seat to assist him. Just noticing the frequency error could have changed everything. Outstanding video production.
Phillip Galey
Phillip Galey Aylar önce
As our poet laureate left for us: "Things are not as they seem!" Our wordy and clever narrator leaves out comment on why John's magazine was named "George", on why George H. W. was photographed in Dallas, at JFK's death and concerning this omission, why he (George H. W.) lied, . . . on why the Navy and the Coast Guard were searching say, a hundred miles away, . . . Why the passenger seat was found outside of the fuselage, . . . on why the fuel valve was found in the "off" position, and so much more, . . .
Benjamin Lewis
Benjamin Lewis Aylar önce
If he pulled out of this danger, she likely would have begun training on the return flight.
Totally Unfiltered
Totally Unfiltered Aylar önce
Probably the best comment, besides mine.
Aussie Girl
Aussie Girl Aylar önce
There was also a million dollar contract on John's head... you must remember he would have been running against Killary at the time... Lock her up Already PLEEAZE !!
Aussie Girl
Aussie Girl Aylar önce
If he had flown there 35 x over the previous 15 mths you would think he'd know that frequency down pat if not even had it in a preset (if that is possible) i have NO flying experience at all (as a pilot that is).. what i don't get is how this man 'knows' what JFK did & did not do.. how does he know he got the frequency wrong, or whether he changed the fuel tanks at a certain point... as far as i know there was no black box to retrieve from Piper Saratogas.. Someone else's query from elsewhere... "Why was one of Lauren’s suitcases found like 5 miles from the crash site, all other stuff was nearby or in the plane. this points to an opening in the plane, possibly a mall explosion that created a hole. Whatever happened, John had the presence of mind to shut off the fuel supply to the engine, something that you truly have to manually do, it is not accidental. Why in his last moments of life would he do this? It shows that John has lost control of the plane and is trying desperately to slow its descent, much like if none of your braking systems on your vehicle work, you would turn off the key to slow the rig down." The accident, like most fatal accidents, was thoroughly investigated by the NTSB. You can read the report for yourself here: 20001212X19354-20200729-114755. Idk whether ths is where our friend got his info from.. he seems well researched.. And then there is this short article: www.nationalenquirer.com/photos/john-f-kennedy-jr-autopsy-secrets/
David R
David R 20 gün önce
Very well done and narrated video! This brings back a lot of memories. Like my those of our parents generation all remember where they were when JFK was shot, I remember vividly when JR’s plane was found. At MIA airport a very large group surrounded a TV playing CNN coverage. The sadness was palpable, like we had all just lost a dear family member. What JFK Jr could have become we’ll never know. But his presence made the world a better place. Life was so much simpler back then
SimAirFlyer 4 aylar önce
Tim, a remarkable re-enactment of this tragic flight, as well as your personal observations.
Bob Yarmey
Bob Yarmey 4 aylar önce
Very presumptuous but offering some plausible hypothesis. I am a long time professional instrument flight instructor having logged over 23,000 hours (mostly instructing). That evening, I was conducting instrument training within 75 miles of the accident site. No doubt spatial disorientation played a certain part. What distracted John or led to his wrongful analysis or poor situation awareness leading to loss of control is pure conjecture. Had he not released the autopilot prematurely, it is likely this accident might have been averted. May all three RIP and may God bring solace to their loved ones.
Question Everything
With your explanations, I have gained more insight on what it takes to fly a plane and a whole lot more respect for people who are pilots.
Craig Gallagher
Craig Gallagher 7 aylar önce
That was so f-ing stressful. I wanted to take control so badly. What a tragedy that could happen to any of us. As a private pilot, I found the training to be sorely lacking. A very good friend and I shared an airplane early in our respective flying careers. My friend and partner suffered a similar fate not long after we went in different directions with aviation. We were still good friends when he passed away flying an airplane that was too fast and a bit too "fancy" for my comfort. I did not feel trained and confident enough and I was still bringing a friend (and former CSI) when I flew with my family members, just out of extra caution and some additional "training" never hurt. I lost my friend and the I question the final accident report. My buddy was a damn good pilot and had similar hours to JFK Jr. This video hurt, but it was brilliantly done. Thanks.
96 lscpower
96 lscpower 7 aylar önce
What kind of plane was your friend flying?
danceshadowmoon1 6 aylar önce
Incredible insight and presentation. It made me feel like I was on board that plane. The work you put into this is brilliant. And I was moved by your emotions as well. Well done. And something I'm sure JFK Jr. would be very proud of!
Melinda Garcia
Melinda Garcia 6 aylar önce
Yes I liked this video! He set the record straight and did it with such empathy
Glow Aylar önce
Thank you for this amazing video. I've watched so many Aviation's video none compared to yours. This truly different. I truly felt like I was on that plane going through it all. Yes John was a very good man.
G D W Law
G D W Law Yıl önce
Pilot of the French Air Force aerobatic team, former fighter pilot on F1 mirage, Renaud Ecalle was crowned world aerobatic champion in 2009 and European champion in 2010. His plane crashed with wife and two young children just north of Montpellier, France due to strong winds and rain around 6 PM. Fly safe everyone and remember that experience is quite often not enough. Make sure you have a good understanding of the region and double check on weather conditions. Forget about having to be somewhere at an exact time. It’s not worth it.
AlohaJen 20 gün önce
@Nicolasyy LivoryHi just curious how you know what you know about his crash, I mean your sources regarding Jk being an average private pilot who found himself in a situation beyond his training & skills?
SURFRUNNER D 23 gün önce
@Nicolasyy Livory the truth to you is what you want and choose to believe. Believing what the government wants you to believe may seem to make life simpler to deal with, but once you go down that road life over time life becomes more difficult. Once the Pentagon quickly took command of all reporting related to JFK Jr's crash the waters become murky. A major problem with these types of situations is that the perps cover their tracks quickly, independent research is stifled, and information leaks out here and there but is largely suppressed. Same motus operandi for years. And so many mainstream Americans are not even aware that JFK Sr's death was found to be a conspiracy by the House Hearings on Assassinations, referred to the DOJ to be reopened, but has never been reopened to this day. Most Americans have no idea that according to former FBI agent Ted Gunderson Sonny Bono was clubbed to death. Most Americans have no idea a third building that was not hit by an airplane was demolished on 9/11. Most Americans have no idea that a Bush family friend tried to kill Reagan so Bush could assume the Presidency. Heck, most Americans have no idea even that George H.W. Bush was arrested in Dealy Plaza by Dallas police officer R.E. Vaughn. Americans get their news from sound bites in the in between moments of their busy lives. Sadly, the information age manipulates and hides far too much information from the public.
Nicolasyy Livory
Nicolasyy Livory 23 gün önce
@SURFRUNNER D do you have any Aviation background, knowledge ? The truth is : Kennedy was an average Private Pilot, who found himself in a situation beyond his training and skills . A classic scenario of spatial disorientation. It claimed thousands of lives in aviation , and will claim more, as long as pilots are making wrong decision . It’s very easy to jump from a nice comfortable flight, to a sequence of events leading to this end .
SURFRUNNER D 23 gün önce
@Nicolasyy Livory Dark Legacy II directed by John Hankey.
Nicolasyy Livory
Nicolasyy Livory 23 gün önce
@SURFRUNNER D Can you source this statement ? Most of aviation weather information reports are fully automated . I call your story BS
Di Ramirez 🏴‍☠️
I remember sitting in a vertigo chair and being blown away about how easy it is to lose track of “where” you are. This was a sad day and your explanation is respectful, well done and received.
Di Ramirez 🏴‍☠️
“Eyes closed” (he was looking down not out) with head down a slight bank will immediately mess up with your ears and create havoc with spatial awareness. His feels overrides his ability to trust the instruments. May they all Rest In Peace.
wa4aos Aylar önce
As a licensed pilot for over 40 years myself, it's easy to play backseat expert. Maybe the Saratoga was too much plane for a 300-hour pilot, if he had just worked the problem with the most alarming indicator, in front-center of his vision, the artificial horizon, or if they had left an hour earlier etc.. Bottom line he, his wife and sister-in-law died and nothing now will change that. You did an excellent and concise review of this tragedy. So sad he and the ladies'lives ended so early. For me, the biggest take away form this 😟is to have plenty of time in type before flying others in particular. The Saratoga is a high-performance bird and got away from him much easier than his C182 would have. Still, what a sad ending for these young people. Your review was so well done, I wanted to grab the yoke and throttle in the last few minutes and pull out. It does not get more realistic than that and a good reminder how easy it is to get behind the aircraft you are flying!! With the vertigo he was dealing with, more time may not have helped this situation. So very sad !! Thank you for your well-done presentation!!
Amalia 5 aylar önce
Wow, this was so informative. I remember, the day I learned of the crash. What a tremendous loss to their family and friends. RIP. 💔 Thanks, for your compassionate explanation.
Life is a joke
Life is a joke Aylar önce
That was so well done and narrated amazing. It's sad to know what happened to them. I find even more sad to not know what he may have become someday had their lives not been cut so short. My wife told me to add that it touched my heartstrings when your voice cracked at the end. We could see how broken hearted you were I think because you thought of the many times that something similar could have happened to you and your family. But kept your wits about you. Thank you again so much for the reality of that situation.
Pierre Piea
Pierre Piea 11 aylar önce
As someone who flies right front seat for a search and rescue organization, this drives home how one mistake (wrong ATIS frequency) can be small, but it can quickly spiral into a series of problems from which you may not recover. I can only imagine how terrorizing the end of that flight was. RIP.
William Nutile
William Nutile Aylar önce
I am surprised no potential mentioned if extreme shear from the common area around the vineyard/ hyannis was possible effecting all else as well as a thermal etc. During his time of uncertainty / lacking autopilot , radio contact cfr.......???
Sara McDonald's
Sara McDonald's 2 aylar önce
@Occam's Razor Caroline Basset Kennedy Her Coke Head Cheating Self Was John DownFall Bet Money He Was So Focused On Her Than Flying The Plane They Was Broken Up At The Time Nothing But A Disaster Waiting To Happen Why Was She Even There In The First Place IF THEM TWO FEMALES WASNT WITH HIM HE PROBABLY WOULDA BEEN STILL HERE BRING HER SISTER TO KEEP THEM SEPERATE BUT STILL TOGETHER
Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor 7 aylar önce
More than likely it was over before they knew what was happening
Kimberly Flaherty-Dineley
I am just in tears listening to this. The emotion in your voice at the end just hit me. Well done Sir.
Cheryl Jonesing
Cheryl Jonesing 20 gün önce
Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, it was wonderful.
Bill Hill
Bill Hill 5 aylar önce
Dick, TY so much for sharing with us your investigation of John's unfortunate flight. This has always bothered me because we never really knew how it happened of if someone else caused it. Your details are amazing. I can't thank you enough. I'm still sad, but at least I know the circumstances. It doesn't sound like foul play. I do think potential pilots do need more night training (emergency related). I also see how the auto pilot may also have been malfunctioning somehow, as well. Frightening indeed.
Darline E
Darline E 2 aylar önce
I will always believe there's a malfunction of the plane
jeneenr33 6 aylar önce
I'm terrified of heights and the first time I traveled on a plane I knew nothing about turbulence. The way this video was made I can imagine the terror they must have felt knowing they were going down. This video was very detailed and easy to understand. You just got a new subscriber 💖
FS MaNiA 6 aylar önce
Thank you and welcome aboard! Best regards, Tim
Suzie Bell
Suzie Bell 7 aylar önce
You did such a great job explaining how the accident happened to people who don't understand too much about aviation. Thank you for this video.
FS MaNiA 7 aylar önce
Thank you kindly for the positive feedback. I really appreciate the kind words of encouragement. Best regards, Tim
william harn
william harn 7 aylar önce
Absolutely fantastic job on this! Professional and respectful, well done.
Janet Scott
Janet Scott Aylar önce
That was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing…I have followed the life and times of JFK, Jr. since he was born. I was about 8. This post made me cry over and over again. It just broke my heart to know someone so full of life can be taken in an instant. Thank you.
FS MaNiA Aylar önce
You are so welcome!
RareEarth61 25 gün önce
An extraordinarily clear, fascinating and above all compassionate narration. Thank you so much.
rennie823 Aylar önce
Thank you so very much for doing this video. It gives me a greater respect for pilots. JFK Jr and family died so young. And such a tragedy. I was 10 when his daddy died and was heart broken. The Kennedy's have had such tragedies in their family. I'm glad that his mother was not alive to see that! God bless you!!!
Gobsmacked 7 aylar önce
This was bone chilling. Very impressive recreation. I know nothing about piloting airplanes but I always thought the only mistake he made was flying at night. RIP to him, his beautiful wife and sister in law.
ian bardon
ian bardon Aylar önce
@MrSonoranbird yes my thinking is he's was tired at the end of a busy day,and 100% consentration is a must, very sad indeed.
MrSonoranbird Aylar önce
Yup. Would have been far far better to get a good nights sleep and head out at first light.
Marsias C
Marsias C 6 aylar önce
No , the only mistake he made was not listening to his mother " not to fly " had he, his wife and sister-in law would be alive.
AD JOHNSON Aylar önce
I remember the morning after like it was yesterday. I was a commercial pilot instrument rated and working on instructor, vacationing in NH’s White Mtns. Our family admired the Kennedy’s. Thank you for making this video . They say even the best trained, most alert person it takes 3 seconds to recognize you’re in trouble when things go bad. In the air, one mistake can quickly snow ball. R.I.P John, Carolyn and Lauren. God Bless.
Gordon C
Gordon C 4 aylar önce
Great video. It actually confirms my agreement with the NTSBs finding. Failure to correctly tune in to ATIS. Mistakenly turns off hdg control. Fails to ( or takes too long) to realize hes straying off course, Failure to notice excessive bank angle, Failure to be able to arrest this spiral at the incipient phase. wildly innacurate descent rates. Too many failures. . 2 hours late departure. How long was his entire day? Was he already fatigued. ? When you said "delays are understandable in aviation"- no excuse. Thats ok for Airline pilots. But not for an amatuer. Maybe A bit of 'Get there itis' Why did he undergo/need so much training? Twice the amount Did he come to rely on too much training ? . Maybe this overtraining is a bad thing, not being able to cut loose? . Well trained or Overtrained? Being rich unlike the rest of us he could do this. .Why did he need an instructor to hold his hand on this same route 18 times? Was he distracted by his passengers? . Its still to me the hallmarks of an overloaded inexperience pilot. 310hrs total flight time 55hrs at night. Thats not an experieced pilot. - hes an amateur. After 35 flights he would /should KNow the ATIS freq. - No need to verify it. Incompleted Instrument rating. Little bit of knowledge is dangerous? THe conditions he flew into Possibly demanded a ful instrument rating. Night VFR does not mean instrument rated. Provided there is a discernable horizon a Night VFR rating will suffice. But the problems start at about the time he loses the horizon. Thats no longer VFR. Cant blame the planes fuel tanks. 30mins change overs are correct. why did he elect hourly? Or was he trained to do this? Either way he would have become accustome to the imbalance of always doing this. Or did he actually forget to change the tanks? My conclusion is that he was an OK private pilot who flew into conditions that were beyond his capabilities. Trajically The weather report wasnt as forecast- Thats what brought him undone. . Night or day doesnt matter. No horizon to the un instrument rated means catastrophy.
Angie V
Angie V 7 aylar önce
Thank you for doing this. I had heard it was spatial disorientation but this full explanation shows how it only takes a small mistake to cause it. I don't remember anyone talking about how well trained he was as a pilot. It's sad.
UnbornTurd Aylar önce
He had our hearts, and it was so mind blowing, heart breaking, full of lose when this happened. Thank you for the information.
FS MaNiA Aylar önce
Very welcome
CoolerKitty Cat Toy
I was flying out of La Guardia heading to Tampa the evening that John died right around 7-7:30 pm. I distinctly remember looking out of the plane window and thinking that the sky appeared so creepy and hazy...just very unusual. Gave me the shivers. Little did I know John would crash at the same time I was landing. RIP.
America First
America First 2 aylar önce
@Teresa Gib - George Herbert Walker 'Poppy'Bush
Big Mama Sammy
Big Mama Sammy 2 aylar önce
But you made it why didn't he.
Brigitte Beltran
Brigitte Beltran 5 aylar önce
@wrangler He was flying at NIGHT!!!
Brigitte Beltran
Brigitte Beltran 5 aylar önce
@David Burroughs Really? Don't let Lana hear you say that! They pegged Natalie Woods death to the minute!!! And their expert investigating revealed way back then who was responsible.
Brigitte Beltran
Brigitte Beltran 5 aylar önce
@William Mize Please do not believe "Q"...This is a CIA PSYOP!
Gypsy Heart
Gypsy Heart 4 aylar önce
This was and still is so sad. He had a bright future ahead of him and I very much wish we could have watched as it unfolded.
This is Brilliant. Thank You for all of the time you put into it.
Tara Smith
Tara Smith 6 aylar önce
Hands down, the BEST video of this crash. Thank you for your compassion. Like you said, nobody really knows what they would do in any certain situation and disasters could happen to anyone.
FS MaNiA 6 aylar önce
Thank you kindly! Best regards, Tim
DCinchi 6 aylar önce
Thank you for this video! Great aviation analysis and adding the eulogy was great, Tim!
Arthur Montana
Arthur Montana Yıl önce
For some reason, I still grieve over this loss. John was a good man. It seems that Tim is a good man too. He provided us with a hard lesson about aviation and a moving tribute to JFK, Jr.
S Howe
S Howe Aylar önce
Me too 🥺😥
Art E mis 14U2
Art E mis 14U2 Aylar önce
@Jack Spies All Praise Be to the Lord God Almighty. I was filled with profound anguish on that day. It hit me like a ton of bricks. He was the one. And I knew it. God works in Glorious, wonderful ways. 💖💖💖
Arthur Montana
Arthur Montana Aylar önce
@Becky Winkler Yeah; you're correct Becky. I was confused about the Cam Walker. It was removed on July 15, 1999; the day before the plane crash. The next day, July 16, John was given a straight cane and instructed on its use. Medical records indicated that, on July 16, John was "full weight bearing with mild antalgic gait"(essentially, a limp). Still, that entire leg would have been underused since the day it was broken on June 1, 1999. His physical therapist said that John "did not have full dorsiflexion (bending upward of the foot)". I had a near emergency experience as a private pilot when my left leg became compromised by emotional distress at a critical moment when I really needed that leg to keep a hard left rudder during a crosswind landing at night. I was only 28 y.o. and was a long-distance runner with legs that were in top condition. Even then, my legs struggled to hold the rudder in. When a person is under emotional duress, the legs and other extremities can do strange things . As the moonless, hazy night descended upon John's airplane, he was likely under considerable and increasing duress. I have not done an analysis of how much left rudder John would have needed to avoid the death spiral that led to the crash, but if left rudder would have been needed, that leg could have been a factor. One other sad fact; John had not flown his airplane without an instructor since May 28. He picked the worst, possible night to fly without an instructor. It was a night that was only one day after his Cam Walker had been removed, it was a moonless, hazy night over a very dark ocean,. Perhaps worst of all, John had innocent passengers aboard; his beloved wife and sister-in-law. Hindsight is 20/20, Becky; but nevertheless, John's decision to fly that night without a co-pilot was foolish. PS: Some of the medical facts in this post were gleaned from www.salon.com/2000/07/07/kennedy_13/
Becky Winkler
Becky Winkler Aylar önce
@Arthur Montana He said the Cam Walker was removed the day BEFORE the accident
Victoria E
Victoria E 6 aylar önce
@Sam Moss yes he was. He was also JFK JR HIS LIFE HIS WAY. I miss him.
Joan Pitter
Joan Pitter Aylar önce
What a fantastic reconstruction you did. Thank You. 🙏🏽 I am still sooo very sad about this. I remember at the time, John had a broken foot and I wondered if three things would have prevented this tragedy. 1. If he had acquired a Co-Pilot to go with them, 2. If he waited and travelled in the morning, 3. Did his broken foot hinder him in any way? Questions I have asked myself till this day. I really felt it for that poor Mother who lost two daughters that day and possibly a Grandchild (rumour has it, his wife may have been pregnant). The world lost the last Kennedy Prince, so Handsome like his Dad, so adventurous. Gone too Soon. 🥹He will live forever in our memories. RIP✝️
Vicki Marston
Vicki Marston 5 aylar önce
After WEII I remember seeing small planes flying & spiraling out of control in daylight then correcting their flight pattern to safety. Your explanation brought that all back to memory. God love you for what you did tonight. And your humility as you helped us possible errors & what needs to be resolved. God bless you. You help us to let go of all 4 on board into God’s eternal unconditional love. We & his family know that it was his love for his cousin that pushed him, with confidence, to be with the couple & his family on his wedding day. Such family reunions are wonderful. And no one amongst those who loved them ever wished John or his family harm. I find this particularly moving in light of what Russia’s leader, Putin, is doing today in the Ukraine. I am thankful that John and family are in life’s safe harbour surrounded with unimaginable unconditional love of God who creates all people in his loving image. And I pray that their families & you are experiencing relative peace and calm. Especially as we prepare ourselves and support each other in this next round of onslaught from Russia, if Democratic countries are not able to stop him in the Ukraine. Let us pray to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit and to St. Joseph, patron of the Universal Catholic Church, for guidance in living within the Will of God, to change the heart of Putin & his followers to hearts of flesh & compassion. With God all things are possible when we all beg God for His intervention. God bless you. And let us hold each other in prayer.
Paul Martin
Paul Martin Aylar önce
Wow. I’m really choked up. I’m a VRF pilot with around 350 hours, some time in complex aircraft, and also IFR time with an IFR certified instructor under the hood and in real IMC conditions. I also had about 60% of my logged flight time as night flight time. On a couple night flights, I had a few incidences that caught my attention and made me realize how quickly things can go bad at night. Years ago, flying in the daylight out of Chicago Meigs Field, out over Lake Michigan, in a haze, I got distracted. A twin engine aircraft, that just departed, suddenly declared an emergency engine fire. I was holding for the departure runway when the twin came back in and there didn’t seem to be a fire when they taxied to the ramp and I was cleared for takeoff. I departed Meigs watching for news helicopters and other aircraft that departed before me into the haze. I had my former instructor in the airplane and as I headed out over the water the horizon melted into the sky and I saw what I thought was a helicopter descending, that had just departed, out of the haze. My former instructor tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Nose up!” I pointed to the object descending in front of us and he said louder, “Nose up!!!” I then realized it was a water filtration plant out in Lake Michigan but it looked like it was in the air. He put the Chicago Sectional chart in front of me and tapped on a note on the chart. It said “Warning: Spacial disorientation may occur when departing over the water from Meigs Field!” That experience made me a believer immediately!!! I thought you did a wonderful job of describing this flight and, as a pilot, listening to your excellent description of what may have happened, it actually made it very REAL for me again. I choked up thinking about the loss of those three young lives. Thank you so much for posting this video. 💜
FS MaNiA Aylar önce
Thank you for sharing about your own experiences. Best regards, Tim
Appearing Weekly
Appearing Weekly 2 aylar önce
My uncle is a navy pilot who flies off of a carrier. He confirmed spatial disorientation was the cause based on his own experience. We've discussed it. Maybe that could be the training. Complete blackness and trusting instruments vs your own judgment and intuition.
sarsfield 11 aylar önce
The humanity and compassion of this analysis of the the crash is deeply moving. Thank you...
Victoria E
Victoria E Aylar önce
@Jada Barb it was at night not in the morning.
FS MaNiA 2 aylar önce
@lol no worries. I don't see other comments from you so it seems like you succeeded. Best regards, Tim
lol 2 aylar önce
@FS MaNiA My bad, I tried to take my comments out, I will have to look later, you did a good 👍job(alot of time' effort)with your videos, I hope you will except my apologies, ,
Jada Barb
Jada Barb 2 aylar önce
@Beth Soule sorry I did follow. JKO. AND JOHN-john plane crash on that foggy morning. With wife and sis inlaw..memory Eternal
Beth Soule
Beth Soule 2 aylar önce
@Jada Barb So
V1-Vr-Rotate V2-VY_VX
V1-Vr-Rotate V2-VY_VX 20 gün önce
Thank you for a clear picture in this sad event. Been fooled by the misinformation for too long.
Jan Johnson Amarillas
thank you for taking the time to show and explain all this , makes so much more sense now . may they RIP !
Annette Hunter
Annette Hunter 4 aylar önce
From Ireland 🇮🇪 what an amazing tribute to such a wonderful young man and his wife and sister in law. I know nothing of aviation but I found this presentation so informative. Thank you
Annette Hunter
Annette Hunter 4 aylar önce
@FS MaNiA you are amazing. I notice how you acknowledge peoples' comments. That means a lot to those of us who comment. Shows you are genuinely interested in your work and the people who watch it.
FS MaNiA 4 aylar önce
Wow, thank you!
TheRobynbrown 18 gün önce
thank you so much for this wonderfully skilled but heartbreaking recreation.
RRJade Aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this. But as we all know that when it's our time to go it doesn't matter what the circumstances are that Jesus will take us home. R.I.P to John and his family who were with him during this tragedy and much love, prayers, and good vibes for the families and friends. Also to the whole world who grieved the death of our beloved JF K JR.
Caio Lima Netto
Caio Lima Netto Aylar önce
Great video, it was obvious the first turn was him being busy with the coms or charts, and the second by disorientation. Ask (if you can) the 3 pilots of AF 447, they kept reacting by instinct on their highly advanced A330 for 3 whole minutes while all the instruments told them they were wrong, they went down anyway. If 3 airline pilots on a state-of-the-art airliner can stay 3 minutes disoriented and with tunnel vision doing the wrong reaction, how can anyone blame a 300h GA pilot for being disoriented for 10 seconds? With haze, this could well have also happened during day time. Heck it could happen with perfect weather if he focused only on his instruments due to disorientation after looking for too long at his charts and instruments
Maureen Grimshaw
Maureen Grimshaw 2 aylar önce
Thank you for this very sad video, but you put the record straight, in a most loving honest and respectful way. God bless you and your family.
barnes homestead
barnes homestead Aylar önce
@FS MaNiA I would say when in doubt don't. I don't know if he had any doubt but timing is everything. Thanks for your work in breaking this down.
FS MaNiA 2 aylar önce
Thank you kindly!
OrbitFallenAngel Aylar önce
You did an amazing job with explaining everything to us all...so Thank you. I never understood why they died on that night, but now I believe that I have a better understanding of all of the little things that can add up and in the end cause havoc and even death...😞💗 Beautifully done. May the three of them *Rest In Peace* 🙏❤
FS MaNiA Aylar önce
Thank you for the kind words! Best regards, Tim
brett neuberger
brett neuberger Yıl önce
I wasn’t expecting to get choked up by a flight video. This is a beautiful tribute to a man and family who’ve experienced more tragedy than most can comprehend. Thank you for this!
Sarah Jarrell
Sarah Jarrell Aylar önce
@Always Show Love are you SERIOUS?? Do you have a video or something that I could read that gives clues about this??
Sarah Jarrell
Sarah Jarrell Aylar önce
I agree👍. At the end of the video I completely lost it! When the narrator lost his composure but only a tiny bit, I LOST IT right after he did! Such a sad sad day and such a shame that He couldn't have flown in the earlier hours of daylight where her would've been able to control all the little things that had accidently gone wrong especially the factor where he lost his "balance" so to speak and couldn't get himself back on track again and "fix" what had gone wrong! Ohhh so sad and young lives taken unnecessarily! May they all rest peacefully! 🥰🙋‍♀️🙏🙏🛐
Becky Winkler
Becky Winkler Aylar önce
@FS MaNiA As we say in the South "ain't that the truth".
FS MaNiA Aylar önce
@Becky Winkler Thank you kindly. Those conspiracy nutters provide endless entertainment.
Becky Winkler
Becky Winkler Aylar önce
@FS MaNiA Yep, I didn't know that Elvis was a preacher in Tennessee until I read some of these ridiculous conspiracy theories. Where do people come up with this stuff? I thought you presented a very factual and respectful video.
Carter Fichter
Carter Fichter Aylar önce
Thank you. God bless you, brother 🇺🇸 Your hard work, time, & research is greatly appreciated. You have done the People a great service in making this video! Praise God.
TheIM 2 aylar önce
Beautiful tribute! Excellent analysis! Thank you!
Johanne 7 aylar önce
This is pretty amazing. Thank you for the education.
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes Aylar önce
Amazing video and tribute thank you for putting this out there and explaining the scenario so most folks can understand how this unfortunate accident could have happened to anyone.
Katarina Stankovic
Katarina Stankovic 7 aylar önce
This is such an incredible documentary and I also admire the animation. The whole scene of us ''sitting in the plane'' was so scary, no wonder it happened. The lack of horizon, lights and all would make me freak out. The ending is so sad. So sad they died so young and under these circumstances. Can't help but wonder what they would be like today, if they were alive.
Victoria E
Victoria E Aylar önce
@Mark Reynolds what are you snorting.
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds Aylar önce
@Victoria E 2020 was the start of a spiritual/God's IQ test....the vast majority of people, the "useless eaters" as Rockefeller calls them chose FEAR instead of FAITH. A common trait amongst the "sheep" is that they gain knowledge from Television (Tell-a-Vision) and yet they argue with us. These same idiots were so stupid that their fear took them to their slaughter by accepting a bioweapon "vaccine". You can mock all you want, only a complete fool 2.5 years on will be stupid enough to not see what is truly happening in the world. Another trait of the foolish sheep is they've never heard of the Council on Foreign Relations, Jesuits, 13 phoenetian families, the black nobility, club of Rome, 322 Skull & Bones, Operation Paperclip, Operation Northwoods, MK Ultra, Operation Mockingbird, US Patent WO2020060606A1, Empire of Cities. These fools will have no idea why Washington DC is a ghost town, why all government buildings and embassies there are closed. The sheep will have no idea what ISO20022 is, why Buckingham Palace has been empty since Mar 2020, why the Vatican is empty, and why Hollywood is no longer buzzing. You will learn the hard way. Enjoy
Victoria E
Victoria E Aylar önce
@Mark Reynolds you are from mars.
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds Aylar önce
@Victoria E Let it go? You must be joking, buckle up lady you're about to be taken on a rollercoaster of a ride. What is happening in the world and has been since the arrival of President Trump is a take down of the cabal. JFK Jnr is instrumental, but I'm not here to convince you. Feel free to watch the documentary 'The Great Awakening' by Bonfire Guy. The millions of gullible idiots who chose fear in 2020 and took an unrest, unapproved medical bioweapon in a depopulation agenda haven't got a clue what's truly going on. The world will soon learn about it's true history.
Victoria E
Victoria E Aylar önce
@Mark Reynolds please. Let it go. As they say FORGET ABOUT IT.
Keith Floyd Jr
Keith Floyd Jr 6 aylar önce
What is truly eye opening is how fast things can spiral out of control, he had no time to make adjustments and by the time the spatial disorientation began, it was already too late. God bless them
Lisa Stiles
Lisa Stiles Aylar önce
Thank you for such an insightful and respectful video.
FS MaNiA Aylar önce
Our pleasure!
Zoran Maksic
Zoran Maksic 6 aylar önce
As a pilot this was an eye opener. I had researched the crash but none of the reports were anywhere near as detailed as yours. I found myself saying why didn't you just do this or do that. So many times he could have stopped the chain of events. Easy to say though behind my keyboard in a lazy boy recliner
Dennis Eudela
Dennis Eudela 6 aylar önce
Thank you sir for shedding the best sensible & realistic scenario of John-John's final flight. It was hard for me to believe a claim in one of the reports that he missed to do that one step of pressing the auto-pilot button that could've turned into life instead death. Now I understand better and my hunch was correct that he did NOT forget to do that, but some stressful circumstances occured that's why it's on the OFF position. The imbalanced weight due to the uneven gas tank consumption was actually subtle and manageable BUT it was the zero visibility, pitch black environment compounded with the cognition-twisting spatial disorientation that cemented their fate. IF the flight was done during the daytime, it appears John would not have to do much correcting at all. It's just very sad for a gifted young man to go too soon, a man whom "the whole nation knew his name, even before he himself knew it."
KC in DC
KC in DC Yıl önce
This was an outstanding presentation. Heartbreakingly realistic
Carol K
Carol K 6 aylar önce
What a sad day for us all. Hopefully this trouble on the plane went quickly..so three of them never really knew what exactly happened. What a brilliant future he had. RIP, John, Carolyn & her sister. 🙏🌹😢♥️🇺🇸
Samuel J. Martin III
Very well made video (imagery, editing, & pace) as well as clear & concise voice over (that even a non pilot, like me, can understand & follow). #KUDOS 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽 🛩 🪦 JFK Jr., his wife & sister in-law 💐
Kathleen Grube
Kathleen Grube 6 aylar önce
TRvid just shared this with me, and I’m so glad that I did click on it. My birthday is the same as John juniors, and I followed his life so closely. It was devastating when he was lost to us. Thank you for taking the time to put this together into recapture the magic that was John.
FS MaNiA 6 aylar önce
You’re very welcome! Bed regards, Tim
Stephen Aylar önce
Beautiful tribute! RIP John, Carolyn and Lauren.
Carl Rachel
Carl Rachel Yıl önce
FS, beautifully produced. There are no small mistakes in flight. Time is an illusion until it is not. Our end here is our beginning elsewhere.
Atonement 72
Atonement 72 Aylar önce
@Carl Rachel - beautiful sentiment, I am sure you are right 🙌💖
rodan one
rodan one Aylar önce
@Carl Rachel wow you are lost ... vibrations... proof? have you measured the vibrations with physical apparatus? what a group of deluded, science illiterates on this site. no wonder you all fall for tangerine mussolini ...
rodan one
rodan one Aylar önce
@#1FreedomFan how's the cult treating you. as the FORMER FIRST LADY used to also say "i really don't care.." why are you people so gullible? a new York mob boss realtor...??? that's your guy? he always tells the truth to you??? you're in a cult. or, you're being paid to be feckless. trump LOST AND LIES. facts. 59-1 in court. he had months notice. jfk jr. is dead. you're not helping this country with your gibberish
Carl Rachel
Carl Rachel Aylar önce
Annie, I'm sorry it's been 11 months in responding to your excellent question. One raises their vibrations first through finding a very quiet solitary place. Then, one detaches from all cares, worries, anxieties. This is done by claiming that current moment as yours, entirely. It is a moment when you are suspended between all your earthly troubles and complete and absolute peace. Once in that serene spot, you pray. Praying is simply connecting with the Divine Force that awaits you. It is with you always but most people are unaware or uncaring to acknowledge it and allow it to take the lead. The "spirituality" of self exists, but most are either too proud, arrogant, or doubtful and apathetic to delve this deep inside themselves to find out who they truly are when all the gift wrap is removed. When you connect with the Divine, your vibration "picks up" the Divine's vibration that is so high it is inaudible, so pure it is unfelt. It can only be experienced. And only when you are in that very special spot both in mind and place. I love you. Let that begin your rise in vibration.
230608grace Aylar önce
To see my Savior's face, I look forward to!!!!!
Beth Mckeel
Beth Mckeel Aylar önce
Thank you clearing that up. I use to get so tired of people who think they knew it all. I grew up seeing him on the news- such a wonderful and caring down to earth guy. He fit a lot of life into his few years on earth.
FS MaNiA Aylar önce
Agreed! Thank you for sharing those kind words and best regards, Tim
Get It?
Get It? 6 aylar önce
Well done . . . trust your instruments! Back in my Navy days, I actually lost the source (CAINS) and the backup source (HARS) for my main attitude reference on an ink-black night catapult shot in the E-2C Hawkeye. Had to suddenly reference the standby gyro while cleaning up the plane 60' off the water at 150kts . . . only 2 seconds after the shot. The hard part was the tendency to scan the main gyro, which had tumbled, and not react wrongly to its display, because the stby gyro is totally out of the normal instrument scan. I remembered a sim instructor at NAS Miramar who told me to always have Post It notes in my helmet bag for such an emergency, so I grabbed one and blocked out the main gyro, which solved my scan problem. Next was a night approach on the stby gyro - more fun. So, trust your instruments until they aren't making sense I guess is a better way to put it.
FS MaNiA 6 aylar önce
Yikes. That sounds like a tight spot. Glad you pulled it off. Thank you for your service. Best regards, Tim
Billie Ann
Billie Ann 6 aylar önce
Thank you for this video! As difficult as it was to actually see what happened that day, it does help us to understand it especially when there are so many conspiracies to sift through. We miss you JFK, Jr. And still mourn the loss of you, Carolyn and her sister 💞
tuutts39 7 aylar önce
What a beautiful soul you seem to be. Thanks so much for your professional, educational and compassionate take on this heartbreaking tragedy.
HJ4Christ Yıl önce
I’m am now a 30,000+ hour airline pilot. This was a great Re-cap of the unfolding events of the tragedy. I often imagine siting in John’s right seat and helping him through his mistakes as we do in the commercial world of aviation. When I was at John’s level of experience, I was attending San Diego State University studying Aerospace engineering. I’d rent a single engine airplane with the basic six pack instrument cluster. No GPS back then. I’d fly out over the coastline at night to experience the effects of no horizon until I was at the “uncomfortable” state and then make a left or right banking turn in level flight until the coast line lights came into view. Doing this many times helped immensely in my instrument rating. This was a completely unnecessary tragedy. RIP.
no clue
no clue Aylar önce
@shariys1 One doesn't have to be into Q. Johns' own cousin, Robert Kennedy Jr confirmed that John is alive!
Aki Sato
Aki Sato Aylar önce
@dario scotti Completely agree , ego , minimum instrument training , upgrading to a 6-seater , all comes into play. For maybe $1000 he could have hired a copilot to ensure the safety of himself , wife and sister-in-law. With JFK,Jr passing , the legacy of the Kennedy family had reached closure with this final tragedy.
ADMA Aylar önce
@shariys1 , these nutty people are in every crack . It's fun to dabble in what-ifs, but when they actually believe the BS, it's insane. At least here, they're not claiming some flat earth instrument error theory.
Dennis Taverna
Dennis Taverna Aylar önce
@dario scotti mL
DJ Sweatpants
DJ Sweatpants Aylar önce
His family has been in a 40 year war with the CIA, John probably didn't need your help
Luis Zarate
Luis Zarate 4 aylar önce
Well documented, made by an experienced pilot, thank you.
Catherine Cahill
Catherine Cahill 2 aylar önce
It's been over 20 years since this tragedy, and I still feel a deep sadness. I've never cared for the Kennedy family, but John was special and will always be missed.
David Boyce
David Boyce Aylar önce
Weird ,they still have the wreckage of Pan am flight 103 ,what happened to this ?
we are All One
we are All One Aylar önce
I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since this Tragedy!
Sara McDonald's
Sara McDonald's 2 aylar önce
Deborah Xavier
Deborah Xavier 2 aylar önce
@TigroTom I go flying today
TigroTom 2 aylar önce
I remember this well. Actually it's been 24 years. They should have just stayed overnight and fly out in the morning.
Thomas Gorman
Thomas Gorman Aylar önce
Fair minded explanation with the continuing love of what might have been, just as his father.
Sherrie Anderson
Sherrie Anderson 7 aylar önce
You will never be forgotten. RIP John.
Mel Moore
Mel Moore Yıl önce
That was amazingly well done, it brings a lot more more things into play than i realised, good on you sir.
FS MaNiA Yıl önce
Glad to hear it! Thanks a ton! Cheers, Tim
Yesi Torres
Yesi Torres Aylar önce
So eloquently and respectfully told. Thank you, it was very informative
FS MaNiA Aylar önce
Glad it was helpful!
F. Frederick Skitty
F. Frederick Skitty 7 aylar önce
Moral of the story: accidents happen to us all; let's all have a bit more compassion when others make them as we would hope they would have for us when it's our own turn. No one is perfect. RIP JFK Jr. ❤️
isabel lind
isabel lind 6 aylar önce
@Charlene Willis I always wonder why people almost expect John Jr to have done "great things" just because of who his father was. I felt particularly sorry for John Jr over his sister in that I think he was put under a lot pressure to go into politics and to do super things in his life when he was just human being who was under the glare of the spotlight for all his life as if the media was entitled to follow him around throughout his life just because of who his father was. Maybe the man wanted to be a plumber! They do great things too, lol!
Charlene Willis
Charlene Willis 7 aylar önce
I am a life-long republican.....however, l absolutely loved everything about John Jr...and the Kennedy clan.. Except their politics of course..(smile).. What a tragedy...l remember that terrible day, as though it was yesterday.. I have read all the books, and listened to numerous accounts of the accident...yet still think there is more to this that we have been privy to. ???? When l think of John, l am reminded of this quote by the poet Whittier.... "Of all sad words of tongue and pen...saddest are these..."What might have been ".. I will always wonder what great things John might have achieved if had lived.. 😕😟🙁☹🥺😦
Donna Marie Byrd
Donna Marie Byrd Aylar önce
I knew, just basically, that this is what had happened. I must have read it somewhere (I read a lot). But, not with the details provided here. I'm so glad that this video was made! This incident was so horribly disturbing. Yet another Kennedy dying way too young. With the news of the incident, I thought about his sister. And all she had been through already. But, the greatest sadness I experienced was thinking about the parents of the two girls. Those two were their only children and how awful to lose them both at the same time. At the end of this video, I too was crying. I'm 68. I remember exactly where I was when I heard that JFK had been shot. I was in school and our teacher, who had just left moments before to go to the main office to make copies, came back into the room (without the copies), upset and crying. I also will never forget the president's two very young children, standing with their mother, before their father's coffin. It was a sad time for this country.
C. Wilson
C. Wilson Aylar önce
Extremely well done, I remember every minute of the news the next morning.
Danny Hammock
Danny Hammock 7 aylar önce
Being a flight instructor with 2000 hours in Saratoga I remember that Saturday morning hearing about his missing airplane I immediately knew (thought) it had to be S disorientation. I could not understand why the auto pilot was not being used but this video answered that. Thanks
61dodgelancer Aylar önce
@N34RT Please tell us at least one flaw, at least one erroneous conclusion, and at least one omission from this presentation. I'm sure we can all learn something from your knowledge. Thanks!
RCB Aylar önce
Great video! Thank you for taking the time to make it and show us land lopers what challenges are up there.
FS MaNiA Aylar önce
Our pleasure!
tj m
tj m 5 aylar önce
Thank you so much for this beautifully done video. Really informative but so incredibly respectful and honest.
Nelson Dee
Nelson Dee 6 aylar önce
Great effort in the making of this video , Spacial disorientacion can strike on anyone,,Flying at night require great understanding of the plane and enviroment along with very mild control inputs,,I have flown over the Long Island Sound at night and the Atlantic Ocean from ACY,,,Martha King once said you have to trust your instruments but dont trust any single one of them
Tom 6 aylar önce
The sudden loss of visual reference can come without warning. When I taught flying I noticed that when the students were put under the hood, a device that restricts outside vision, the students most difficult time was the initial transition to instruments. After the first few seconds of difficulty obtaining the "instrument picture", the students settled down and could operate sufficiently. I remembered my own experience as a new pilot taking off from Burke Lakefront in Cleveland at night when the tower asked me to make left traffic over the lake. I looked down to raise the gear handle and, when my eyes came back up there was nothing. I regained orientation and control just in time. So as an instructor I came to realize that it was not how many hours of instrument training you had, but rather, how many times have you made the transition from visual to instruments. My students got hood time on every flight. Later I would put the hood on them without warning in the middle of a steep turn or right after takeoff. By the time my students had a private license they could make the transition without batting an eyelash. Then right after obtaining the private pilot certificate, I would urge the students to immediately push towards the instrument rating by logging more time under the hood. Partial panel, odd attitude recovery, holding patterns both VOR and ADF can all be mastered well before the student has enough time to qualify for an instrument rating. I am still at a loss to understand how JFK Jr. could have lost it with as much training as he had.
touristguy87 Aylar önce
@Tom I guess you can't rely on them having the innate talent to do that.
Tom Aylar önce
@touristguy87 Yes, there were instruments. I was a much younger pilot. My brain was set for VFR. My focus was outside and I wasted a valuable second or three adjusting inside to the gauges. Hence my focus in teaching of making the transition for students from outside to inside instruments as automatic as I could.
touristguy87 Aylar önce
@Tom almost like there were no instruments in your plane huh.
Tom Aylar önce
​@touristguy87 It can at night. Take off from PUB to the north on a clear night. As the lights of the airport go behind you and you are not yet above the unlighted hill in front of you, you will briefly have no visual reference. The same situation in Alliance Nebraska taking off at night to the east. Burke Lake Front in Cleveland, take off northeast, start left turn over the lake, look down to raise gear handle and when I looked up there was nothing. I survived all three of these but they did catch me momentarily by surprise.
O Wilde
O Wilde Aylar önce
AM Aylar önce
Awesome re-creation of that fateful flight! I can only image the mood inside the plane while all of this played out. Mechanical errors, total darkness, spatial disorientation + panic, hysterics, terror, yelling and screaming before going down. My total respect to the pilots who flew airplanes before all the fancy technology and gadgets we have today to guide their flights. Either way, having good judgment and constant training is a good factor in your flight performance.
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