Jey Uso makes Roman Reigns see double en route to Hell: SmackDown, Oct. 23, 2020

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Jey Uso enlisted his brother to launch a sneak attack on Universal Champion Roman Reigns. But that didn't stop The Big Dog for revealing brutal consequences to his cousin for this Sunday. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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23 Oct 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Victoria Bitong
Victoria Bitong 13 saatler önce
Roman and Seth being heels are something else amd I'm here for it
Trey Carrillo
Trey Carrillo Gün önce
Jey usos he fights like a liitte girl no wonder why he hasn't had one singles championship alone because everyone he has been around with hold him back
Hyacinth Whyte
Hyacinth Whyte 2 gün önce
The rock should be the tribal cheif
ame is tired
ame is tired 2 gün önce
roman really did change he WAS my hero but nah i dont trust
Micah Jones
Micah Jones 2 gün önce
Roman you do know that you can’t kick your cousins out of the family because family is forever
daruis dimond
daruis dimond 2 gün önce
I fell bad for Roman reigns and I love Roman reigns ❤️
Kamiya Holbrook
Kamiya Holbrook 3 gün önce
hey Roman is this what you want your daughter to do to people and family
SLICZ 3 gün önce
Why does jimmy fight
Wayne Thompson
Wayne Thompson 4 gün önce
Roman has really changed a lot
Jennifer Apin
Jennifer Apin 5 gün önce
Why roman angry in usos
roger smith
roger smith 5 gün önce
Woah they are putting tv on the screen with noise that's better than empty arena echo talk
Ethan Orr
Ethan Orr 5 gün önce
Roman did change jay uso
Imran Musty
Imran Musty 6 gün önce
Imran Musty
Imran Musty 6 gün önce
Roman you chenge
The Usos are better at Twin Magic than The Bellas
Jessika Kelch
Jessika Kelch 7 gün önce
اسمر الاسمر
Roy Rodgers
Roy Rodgers 8 gün önce
Come on we all know Roman never meant anything he said
Abi Dean
Abi Dean 10 gün önce
Alexander Dash
Alexander Dash 10 gün önce
Lol learn to spell
Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband 12 gün önce
Roman this isn't you man and I blame Paul Heyman
Doctor Hate
Doctor Hate 14 gün önce
0:35 truth
Lil Luis Angel
Lil Luis Angel 15 gün önce
Paul Hamen locked scared when they took down the cell
Evan Jackson
Evan Jackson 16 gün önce
Roman Reigns Changed Bad
basrah vesi
basrah vesi 16 gün önce
Love him but u were going to kill him thats not love thats fake love . Bro what happened if he die for real what is the elderly gonna do r they still gonna back u up that is just stupid i thought that in our culture the elderly r the ones you gives good example to the young ones but from the look of it they r the ones who is showing a bad example
Hi Peyton
Oscar Bojorquez
Oscar Bojorquez 17 gün önce
Honestly the fake cheering is making me mad
theeofficialkinglyon 17 gün önce
Yes go jey you are cool
Lahoual Islam
Lahoual Islam 19 gün önce
Doreen Mukami
Doreen Mukami 19 gün önce
Hosael 20 gün önce
his teeth look different
A 20 gün önce
Romans teeth look so good
Petrus Riitha
Petrus Riitha 20 gün önce
Love u roman u are the best
Shikwan Orr
Shikwan Orr 20 gün önce
WWE is just not the same nowadays 😔
Carter Smith
Carter Smith 21 gün önce
roman in sioux city was actully better then that and cared about HIS FAMILY!!!!!!
Rip juice wrld
Rip juice wrld 21 gün önce
the rock is the boss he needs to come out and sort it bc before roman had paul haman i liked him but i hate roman now
Pin kid and Grimm
Pin kid and Grimm 21 gün önce
Who the hell is cheering there all in screens
Tashun Williams
Tashun Williams 21 gün önce
U could obviously tell that was jimmy on the screen jimmy and jey got different voices
Ilghasi Soumia
Ilghasi Soumia 21 gün önce
E fico io tifo per il qugino di Roman regns
Haitian Jack 407
Haitian Jack 407 22 gün önce
This storyline is solid because the Rock will return to confront all this the real tribal chief is the rock not Roman
مقاطع تيك تك
Kamarion Harris
Kamarion Harris 22 gün önce
He said that I will make you quit
dfscfweq dfwyg
dfscfweq dfwyg 23 gün önce
Pay back for what
Messenger Mercury
Messenger Mercury 23 gün önce
star vs the forces of evil
Joseph Magro
Joseph Magro 23 gün önce
A Syifa
A Syifa 24 gün önce
Wafa Hamdan
Wafa Hamdan 24 gün önce
Yeah let’s go USO’s
Charles Ogeto
Charles Ogeto 24 gün önce
Never thought WWE will be this entertaining without the fans😂😂😂
Ryan Rodriguez
Ryan Rodriguez 25 gün önce
Tell roman to join the usos because what he did to jey uso
BOTSpider Playz
BOTSpider Playz 25 gün önce
If Roman loses title we will have old Roman back am I right?
Rosan Magar
Rosan Magar 25 gün önce
i love roman rengs
GTM Trent
GTM Trent 25 gün önce
Micahel cole : that was jey uso theres jey uso
Ivan Gutierrez
Ivan Gutierrez 26 gün önce
💀 he got nun of dat boot wym
Wilber Romero
Wilber Romero 26 gün önce
Renault Master media w
Wilber Romero
Wilber Romero 26 gün önce
No estoy aquí de Tin Marín más o menos medias LG House House last week Last week tonight
Olivia Jointer
Olivia Jointer 26 gün önce
Roman Is so Cute!♥️
Sorina Bruny
Sorina Bruny 26 gün önce
Now i hate romain reine
Erik luzber Varrios gutierres
Que casco tanto patalear para morir en la orilla jey uso es un inutil y gual que este bulto de bobo reings los samoanos son una basura solo presumen de lo que no tienen talento
Thrxller 27 gün önce
Why is Paul Hamen with Roman now
Osvelio Baza
Osvelio Baza 27 gün önce
I hope roman regions dies
Oluwatoyin Erinle
Oluwatoyin Erinle 27 gün önce
Roman reigns is one of the best in wwe wrestlers rest pent for you empire
Micheal Pena
Micheal Pena 27 gün önce
Take your payday
Natasha Nanan
Natasha Nanan 28 gün önce
Roman look different thou 😍😍
trza49er 28 gün önce
Man Reigns is killing this new role, you have to be happy for the guy. This isn't just a good angle Heyman fed him, he's making the angle work because he's been fantastic on the mic. I've been critical of him in the past but I'ma go ahead and tip my cap to the tribal chief.
Dana L . Hunter
Dana L . Hunter 28 gün önce
I'mACrazyFreak4Life 29 gün önce
I'm with Roman Reigns all the way. Because he is doing what a Real Champion does to do whatever it takes to keep his Championship and no one will stop that from happening. Believe That and Believe In Roman Reigns.
Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown 29 gün önce
I hate romen rains
Thomas Woodruff
Thomas Woodruff 29 gün önce
Your out the Brown family.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 29 gün önce
I'm Still Loving the storyline
Zach Newby
Zach Newby 29 gün önce
Or Paul heyman brings brock back just like how Paul heyman did to cm punk when he was champion for 400 days Paul heyman will let reigns play around for awhile until either rock or brock lesnar comes back to the top
Clare Pitts
Clare Pitts Aylar önce
I think most off us have a idea the rock is gunna finish this story line as much has i love reigns the rock will end this feud I hate to think like that but its proberbly wats gunna be best for business love you reignsx...
The JOKERS Aylar önce
I love thia story, the heel roman is better than uso.. he's the truth thibal chef than the rock
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 29 gün önce
I cried 😩 Swimming in a pool of my loimakas,, if you're Samoan you will know what I mean
Computer Lab
Computer Lab Aylar önce
lucid dreams
Tonia Tenuta
Tonia Tenuta Aylar önce
I love roman but I don't like what he turned into ever since he found paul heyman
Emilyrose NenA
Emilyrose NenA Aylar önce
AT0MIK Ice Aylar önce
When Jey Uso came out for some reason I said watch out watch out RKO out of nowhere!!!!!
MarkyT57 _
MarkyT57 _ Aylar önce
Roman vs Rakashi
KH - 04RC 910146 Rowntree PS
I want Jay to this box him in his face
lullbabyyynayaxelle lulbabyyynayaxelle
If Paul don’t take that suit off I’m gone have a heart attack 😐
Lamont King
Lamont King Aylar önce
Raw : Alexa & The fiend 🔥 Sd: Reigns & Jey 🔥 Only reason wwe doing so good 💯🔥🔥🔥
Richard Eaves
Richard Eaves Aylar önce
What started this feud though
FortuneForce2 Aylar önce
@Richard EavesHmmmmmmmm yeah
Richard Eaves
Richard Eaves Aylar önce
@FortuneForce2 so roman over reacted
FortuneForce2 Aylar önce
Jey wanted the belt leading Roman to tell and show him how unprepared he is to hold the belt then we have this.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Aylar önce
Honestly, l would’ve liked Roman Reigns and the Uso’s to team up as a heel called the “bloodline” with Uso’s like gear more but this isn’t bad. 🤷‍♂️
Mishael ongeta
Mishael ongeta Aylar önce
does any of you guys miss dean ambrose
Samantha Ellis
Samantha Ellis Aylar önce
Roman needs to stop he is destroying his family
Samantha Ellis
Samantha Ellis Aylar önce
Roman change alot towards his cousin indeed I love Roman but I love how the twins working together ❤️
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Aylar önce
Love or hate wwe, you can't deny that this storyline has been perfect
Roberto Orea
Roberto Orea Aylar önce
Is no one gonna talk about how much jimmy and jay are looking better they look the best they ever did this year jay lost a lot of body fat
Taniara Lavea
Taniara Lavea Aylar önce
I cried 😩 Swimming in a pool of my loimakas,, if you're Samoan you will know what I mean
Gamersinceda80s 1
Gamersinceda80s 1 Aylar önce
Roman can’t wrestle and damn sure isn’t good on the mic next
J Bibz
J Bibz Aylar önce
Calling it now Jimmy will hell turn and attack jey it will be jimmy and Roman teaming up and rock will return to team with jey and it will be a 2v2 tag for the next ppv
Adriani f
Adriani f Aylar önce
Jajaja mes ríos demasiado con estos
DaProdigy Aylar önce
Bring Rakishi back so Reigns can beat him up. They would make this storyline even more spicy.
DaProdigy Aylar önce
Roman Reigns transformation isn't complete until he faces the Rock at Wrestlemania. Any thing less than that and this storyline will feel lackluster.
Oscar Castellon
Oscar Castellon Aylar önce
Adeline Cheung
Adeline Cheung Aylar önce
jay I believe in you win it for jimmy and your family
Jessika Kelch
Jessika Kelch Aylar önce
jhonkyle ostaga
jhonkyle ostaga Aylar önce
Nice usos
Joseph PN JASME Aylar önce
This guy... Roman, can deliver a speech to the world. Specially in moment of crisis and you will be satisfied.
Judah Latimer
Judah Latimer Aylar önce
Chimmy Taetae
Chimmy Taetae Aylar önce
Best thing happened in WWE i love the storyline
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Aylar önce
Love or hate wwe, you can't deny that this storyline has been perfect
Joji piano
Joji piano Aylar önce
الله يشفي كل مريض