Jesse Palmer on 49ers’ Next Steps in Wake of Brock Purdy’s Torn Elbow Ligament | The Rich Eisen Show 

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ESPN analyst Jesse Palmer joins Rich Eisen in-studio to discuss the 49ers’ options at QB in the wake of Brock Purdy’s torn elbow ligament.
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30 Oca 2023




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Karen Hardie
Karen Hardie 4 aylar önce
That was heartbreaking when Purdy got hurt. Tough to think what could have been. He played amazing.
Yrnsheik4 4 aylar önce
They gotta get purdy back he is the QB for the franchise !!!
Adam Russell
Adam Russell 4 aylar önce
Tommy Johns would mean all of next year, might could be ready for a deep playoff run but would be ready for spring training the following year. The Niners have to be happy to have Jimmy G and Trey Lance. If Trey Lance balls out next year -- then what? That's what Palmer shoulda been getting at.
Alex Fu
Alex Fu 4 aylar önce
I think it took Shohei Ohtani a year after his Tommy John before he pitched again. But, may be throwing a football is much less demanding than baseball, still the initial report of 6 months after surgery sounds a little optimistic to me.
Salvy B
Salvy B 4 aylar önce
My advice to Purdy what's best for you. Not the team. Do not rush it.
D&T 4 aylar önce
Amazing insights by Jesse… 😏
chaosawaits 4 aylar önce
A clean tear is much better than the wear and tear of an MLB pitcher. Pitchers typically need Tommy John surgery because years of unnatural strain just completely destroys the UCL. In the case of a traumatic event, like a car accident, falling off a bike, or getting hit by a 300-pound giant of a man, the surgery healing process is faster because they're not using a ligament from another part of the body or a pig, as they do in Tommy John. 6 months is a reasonable timeframe but it's definitely not a guarantee that he will be ready and with the same arm strength.
Joe Yo
Joe Yo 4 aylar önce
What should the niners do in your opinion?
chaosawaits 4 aylar önce
@Joe Yo I pray that surgery with Purdy goes as well as it possibly can. Lance is expected to return for OTA's. I personally believe Purdy is the real deal and think he is the favorite to be the starting QB. As long as both QB's return healthy in time for the season, I go with Purdy and Lance so that I can use the remaining budget to improve the secondary and the offensive line. I don't think they'll get a lot of trade bait for Lance and I sure as hell don't trade Purdy. A lot of people want the Niners to go after Brady but I think that would be a mistake. They don't need him. They already have someone who has proven he can take them all the way to a Super Bowl and might possibly have two. Use that money for other parts of the team. Come back in 2023 and kill the Eagles.
A A 4 aylar önce
When Purdy got hurt I turned off the TV
ch hansen
ch hansen 4 aylar önce
Tom Brady wont be available, hes already signed a contract to play hockey next year!
Ebber Heguedusch
Ebber Heguedusch 4 aylar önce
What are the waiting for TB12 Tom Brady Is Available ?????????????????????
Kenny G G
Kenny G G 4 aylar önce
49ers should’ve call Tim Tebow
Jake Long
Jake Long 4 aylar önce
"I wanna thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!"
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