Jersey Shore’s Vinny & Ronnie Battle Nick Cannon For The #1 Spot | Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle

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Vinny & Ronnie brought their Jersey Shore flavor to Wild ‘N Out but their jabs at the Nick and the cast left them walking back to their beach house defeated. 😂
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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.




15 Jul 2019

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giselle joseph
giselle joseph Gün önce
HeyItz_ Kayla06
HeyItz_ Kayla06 2 gün önce
can ricegum juss be off the show he lagit dont do shit
Melissa Espinoza
Melissa Espinoza 2 gün önce
Isn’t that Karol G on the red team???
Mekayla Montalvo
Mekayla Montalvo 3 gün önce
OT9LoL 5 gün önce
Vinny was the realist member of that entire show (Jersey Shore), good kid.
Rukaiya K
Rukaiya K 10 gün önce
Stoppppp cutting the beat it kills it
Ismail Ahmed
Ismail Ahmed 13 gün önce
Where can i get that conceited hat?
Maria B
Maria B 16 gün önce
1:52 I think that’s Karol g
الماس 17 gün önce
vinny did good 👏🏻 he should’ve gotten that point 👏🏽
Sierra O.
Sierra O. 19 gün önce
Dj D wreck be bs .. on God
Juan  William Bautista
Juan William Bautista 19 gün önce
Who tf is dj-dwreck get out of your feelings
jorge jacobo
jorge jacobo 19 gün önce
The dj sucks ass
jorge jacobo
jorge jacobo 19 gün önce
Vinny won on this one
Yourbaby Tee
Yourbaby Tee 22 gün önce
"You got a better chance at being on beat motherfucker" I screamed😂😂😂
Lazae Jenkins
Lazae Jenkins 23 gün önce
D Wreck did Vinny dirty
CUGTHEGANG 23 gün önce
Is said why isn't there any black people on Jersey shore Lame asf maybe cause they all Italians dumbass line
MsTinki3 23 gün önce
Vinny made this episode very awkward. He disrespected everyone the cast of wild n out and atl as a whole, thats why the black team didnt win. Because he was hung up on Rip Michaels making a joke of the Jersey Shore that he forgot it was a game. He is now in the category with Azalea who dont know how to take a joke.
banana next to a water malone
what exactly does the buzzer mean??
Yotogftw 25 gün önce
Dj drek is gonna be a new meme
Natalee  Steele
Natalee Steele 26 gün önce
Dwreck shoulda gave Vinny them points....
Natalee  Steele
Natalee Steele 26 gün önce
"You got a better chance being on beat" Nick kills me 😂
Young Maryland
Young Maryland 27 gün önce
Little be holding his own!
Alexis Misqueda
Alexis Misqueda 27 gün önce
They just mad trippin that wild ‘n out ain’t the number one show no mo hating on ma dawg vinny🤣
Great Drums
Great Drums 29 gün önce
Damn Vinny got no rhythm
Mcprettypants 29 gün önce
The Kim possible and Rufus punch lines had me in tears
Honey Huizar
Honey Huizar Aylar önce
Is Karol G in this video???
Katherine Hernandez
Katherine Hernandez 28 gün önce
Honey Huizar yes
Toxic Death
Toxic Death Aylar önce
I swear Dj D Wreck really be haten on fools he know damn well some of them should get a bell instead of a buzzer
Passport Kings
Passport Kings Aylar önce
LOL why does the subtitles at the end say "N-word wild out" when the song obviously says we gon wild out.
EklipsedDarkness Aylar önce
Dude dressed up like Pauly D had me dying. I for real just thought pauly d fell asleep in a tanning bed 😂😂😂
KY LIE Aylar önce
Rice gum getting paid for doing nothing
KY LIE Aylar önce
The fact that vinny tried 😘😍😩
Brandon19 and Noah20
Not negóciate with terroist and he had a turbine 😂
Lauren Harkin
Lauren Harkin Aylar önce
Never watched an episode of jersey shore and they all seem cringe, but he didn't deserve them buzzers lol
ItsAmberDuhhh Aylar önce
Dj dwreck need to retire 😒 hater
Luis Olide661
Luis Olide661 Aylar önce
Jersey shore needs to stick with clubbing not rapping
Luis Olide661
Luis Olide661 Aylar önce
vinny has no rythm wats so ever
SqueeBopBadoo Aylar önce
They asked why there's no blacks on Jersey shore, then proceed to rob the white boy of his earned point JUST CUZ he's white. Irony
SqueeBopBadoo Aylar önce
They found a dude smaller than conceited!! Damn is that midget mac??
Erick Machuca
Erick Machuca Aylar önce
Vinny garbage lol they burnt him
swaggerboy Martina
swaggerboy Martina Aylar önce
Ddg episode
Elizabeth Tracy
Elizabeth Tracy Aylar önce
Tim lagettho Conceited Justina My 3 fav wild n out ppl
Prince of Korea
Prince of Korea Aylar önce
Here go Con ruinin’ the damn flow again
Cody Dean
Cody Dean Aylar önce
Dj Big Head be cheating
Estrella Gutierrez
Estrella Gutierrez Aylar önce
DJ D-wreck was hating damn, Vinny deserved the bells
kenna Aylar önce
yo is that Karol g lmao?
Christian Torres
Christian Torres 7 gün önce
She didn't say one word 😂
Kezia Torres
Kezia Torres Aylar önce
Karol g 👀
Moises Fernando
Moises Fernando Aylar önce
Naaah yall did Vinny dirty
It'z Mely101
It'z Mely101 Aylar önce
Damn Vinney went hard I don’t know how he didn’t get the points
TK 1126
TK 1126 Aylar önce
Jersey Shore ain't got shit on WILD N OUT they a bunch of drunk itilians who get trashed, party, and have drunk sex & failed relationships Vinny cool but he can't compete with Nick Cannon a star for over decades #drumline #loveDontCostAthing #jigalo #mariahsEx
Orgis Dergjini
Orgis Dergjini Aylar önce
This might’ve been the worst wild style ever
pk_1 Aylar önce
Vinny can't rap for shit!
nomad18074 Aylar önce
I was rooting for Vinny. Smh
Liv Dozier
Liv Dozier Aylar önce
Me watching Wild ‘n out on my IPad: T.V turns on Wild ‘n out: I’m tryna put you in the worst mood Aa~ xD
euroe grafff
euroe grafff Aylar önce
I just want too see justina
Scrappy Spider
Scrappy Spider Aylar önce
Vinny and Ronnie on Wild'n out REALLY!?!?!? They were trash the whole game
Lil Toby
Lil Toby Aylar önce
D wrek got lucky
BTS ARMY Aylar önce
wtf why is rice gum there
Charming nowhere to hide
Stay at the shore Vinny.
J Aylar önce
This show is wack as shit now
Rock girl
Rock girl Aylar önce
free styling, and making songs. Jersey shore? Idk it’s not as fun as it used to be when they were all young train wrecks. But I still watch it.
Kristic Aylar önce
Why that girl at 0:39 got a mustache
Charming nowhere to hide
I'd watch jersey shore 10 times before I'd watch this
Angelic Izzy
Angelic Izzy Aylar önce
Ugh, Vinny has always been so fine. He could catch all this work 🤤
Puppet lover
Puppet lover Aylar önce
Is that the first time a white dude got two buzzers in a row?
Rock girl
Rock girl Aylar önce
Oooo that’s a tough one wildn out vs jersey shore? Which is better? Lol idk because I fast forward through wildn out most of the time because I only like it when they’re dancin
tRuMptUB3 Ps4
tRuMptUB3 Ps4 Aylar önce
Weak shore
BunNy bOo
BunNy bOo Aylar önce
Yall needa put Bruno Mars on here
Dessy Turner
Dessy Turner Aylar önce
Puppet lover
Puppet lover Aylar önce
D reck stays hating like a fucking bitch
Mariah Casey
Mariah Casey Aylar önce
Poor vin
Maribel Abreu
Maribel Abreu Aylar önce
ion like Dj D-wreck..he robbed them 2 points and for what? He just bothers my soul like just because you don’t like the freestyle doesn’t mean the crowd doesn’t
Lexie Avila
Lexie Avila Aylar önce
does anyone else see karol g on the red squad lmao
Flaka Mendez
Flaka Mendez Aylar önce
All saying Vinny deserved them points NOPE...
Daddy Snowball
Daddy Snowball Aylar önce
lil vinny deserved at least that last point that dj nigga just got triggered lol
nivea Brown
nivea Brown Aylar önce
DJ d wreck gave him none🤣wow
Money Love
Money Love Aylar önce
Fuck that black squad won❗
AngelKat22 Aylar önce
Nah they should’ve had Snooki one here! She would’ve crushed 😂
less kiss
less kiss Aylar önce
Vinny you were pure CRINGE TWICE
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez Aylar önce
I'd watch jersey shore 10 times before I'd watch this
Moxaltrum Aylar önce
Stay at the shore Vinny.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Aylar önce
Dam this was sad they suck! Lol
less kiss
less kiss Aylar önce
Rice gum?
Roydzy Aylar önce
Vinny should have brought Uncle Nino with him on stage lol
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