Jennette McCurdy's Book, "I'm Glad My Mom Died," is MIND-BLOWING

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11 Ağu 2022




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Um Okay
We as a society need to stop the “but she’s your mom” narrative. As some one with a toxic, verbally abusive mother, cutting her out of my life was the best gift I’ve ever given myself. I can relate to this title and I hope it helps people understand it’s okay to not love someone who abuses you, even if it’s a parent (ESPECIALLY if it’s a parent.) If this book helps that I’m all for it.
Ace Greymoore
That scene with Jennette's grandpa saying she has OCD and her mom saying she's "perfect" hit me like a truck because I've had basically the exact same thing happen with my mom about my autism. My preschool teacher told her that she thought I was autistic and my mom said, "No, she's just gifted." Because obviously I couldn't have a disorder, then I wouldn't be her perfect golden child anymore.
Fable the Wolf
I think Jennet deserves more credit as a actress then she's given; imagine having an eating disorder while playing the part of a ravenous character like Sam who never passes up the chance for food.
The fact that Jeanette, her whole life, was constantly trying to make her mom look good, explain away her abuse, make excuses for her, made me finally completely understand why she titled this book the way she did. It's a beautiful way of reminding everyone, including herself, that she was not a good mom, and her being dead doesn't change that. It's good that she's gone.
When I first learned about homosexuality as a concept, my reaction was “Oh, so it’s like God’s version of population control!” And my Catholic parents and their friends were like “NOO!!!” (I was 8)
mickey M
Can we also acknowledge how the cover design is chef’s kiss. It’s giving 80s/90s Beverly Cleary or Babysitter’s Club.
My favourite quote from the book: “Why do we romanticize the dead?” It’s a good question, why is my abusive aunt suddenly a saint? Why is my grandfather who was many things, suddenly given the title of ‘Kind’? From what I understand, he was not kind, and many barely even described him as pleasant. I like McCurdy’s point about how we need to/should be honest even on the tomb stone. It’s hard to be honest, and forgiveness is harder. But I plan on doing both because I deserve to be happy.
You hear so much about young female co-stars who were pitted against each other by the production or the crew, or just didn't get along (which is absolutely normal). And to hear how Jeannette and Miranda stood by each other and supported each other is such a breath of fresh air and glad they at least had that.
Ana Carolina_S.
Toxic people can have kids too! Stop the "oh but it's your mom/dad" stuff. My grandmother made it her life plan to destroy the lives of her two daughters (she only treats the men in the family well). When my mother was a child, in addition to countless psychological abuses, my grandmother also disappeared for days leaving her small children alone at home. Years later my grandmother decided to turn my mother's life into complete hell because she didn't accept that she had divorced. She was responsible for psychological, financial and physical damage. It got to the point where a judge advised the women in the family to keep their distance from her. Since my grandmother refuses psychological treatment. Now that my grandmother is very old, other relatives keep saying that we should see her again, but the few times we tried were traumatic. Just because she's old doesn't mean she's stopped being a terrible person. No one is forced to put up with abuse all their lives just because the abuser is their mother.
BumbleVee 123
Honestly i think the title is EXTREMELY effective bc it makes you go “holy shit what did her mom do to garner that sort of feeling” and as you read you start rooting for her mom to die too
As a psychologist, I hear many people discuss feeling immense amounts of guilt about being relieved/happy after the death of a family member. Whether that is due to an agonizing passing or, in Jenette's case, an abusive person that will no longer be able to hurt them, there is often overwhelming shame about not grieving "correctly". I think her book, and the sensationalized title, can hopefully provide solace for other people who are glad their family died. We, as a society, need to reevaluate the bonds we hold sacred.
Julie Blair
It's really chilling how she uses rip and peel about how she has to carefully peel the wrapping paper instead of ripping for her mother... then her mother rips her clothes off instead of peeling. It's all about Mom.
Hannah Holt
It warms my heart to know that Miranda was a good friend to Jeanette like at least she got one good thing out of her horrible experience. I remember when the reboot first came out and watching an interview with Miranda Cosgrove where they asked her about Jeanette and why she wasn’t doing a reboot and Miranda told the interviewer that Jeanette has been through a lot and she deserved to not have to do the reboot and that interview I feel makes a lot more sense now
Miss Ryuza
The book is pretty much “I’m glad my mom died and here’s why” and some people are like “we embrace coming out about struggles but not that one.”
"YOU caused my cancer to come back. I hope you're happy knowing this. YOU have to live with this fact. YOU gave me cancer."
Fabbrizio Plays
Criticizing someone who's not around to defend themselves can make some people uncomfortable. But sometimes that's the only time you ARE allowed to criticize them. Life is for the living, and the living need permission to heal. And healing often starts with acknowledging that you've been hurt.
This book has helped me really realize how thankful I am to have such an understanding, fantastic mother. She knows how kids operate, having a Masters in Social Work. She never manipulated me, she never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do as a child - even tho she always encouraged me to try things first, and she truly loves me
Syd T
I really think Jennette McCurdy has the talent to become this generation's Carrie Fisher. They are both fantastic writers, have similar backgrounds, both acted, etcetera etcetera. I really hope McCurdy keeps writing and goes back to directing because her short films are really good.
Camryn Juniper Rose
To anyone who doesn’t understand the title or who is offended: