Jennette McCurdy & Drew Barrymore on Complicated Relationships with Mothers | Barrymore's Backstage 

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Jennette McCurdy just released her bestselling memoir, "I'm Glad My Mom Died" about growing up as a child actor and how she started to heal after her mom's death. Today, she sits down with Drew Barrymore to discuss how she found the strength to share her story and how she wants to move forward. Buy her book here: amzn.to/3feIecx
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Jennette McCurdy & Drew Barrymore on Complicated Relationships with Mothers | Barrymore's Backstage
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25 Eyl 2022




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Scorpio Moon
Scorpio Moon Yıl önce
This is a powerful message! “If saying the truth ends a relationship then it is probably a relationship that needed to end.”
Dark Skin Woman
Dark Skin Woman Yıl önce
Yeah, I just paused on that part...
Terese Propeck
Terese Propeck Yıl önce
Your truth can be different than mine just like memories. ❤️🥰💕
Mark Babb
Mark Babb Yıl önce
Jersey Bultaoreune
I felt that in my very soul. ❤️‍🔥
Katy Bug
Katy Bug 8 aylar önce
This is honestly the first time I’ve seen an actual real conversation between two women who have been emotionally abused by their mothers on television. Thank You. I feel seen. I feel connected to you both. ❤
Karen Gerber
Karen Gerber 5 aylar önce
I hear you. I believe you. So relatable!
Leah 5 aylar önce
Philip Garcia personality: the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character
JTD 5 aylar önce
Philip Garcia you do realize she was forced into the entertainment industry when she was a literal baby and her mother used her for money and fame. She ended up in a mental institution by the age of 13 strung out on alcohol and drugs because she was partying so hard in Hollywood. You obviously don’t know what she’s suffered at the hands of her neglectful parents:
Milos 3 aylar önce
This was all scripted.
Renee 9 aylar önce
I don’t think we, the viewers, truly grasp the HUGE amount of Jeanette is doing in our world right now just by speaking out. She is so authentic, so articulate, and just sharing her experiences resonates so much with so many of us who haven’t been able to speak our truths on nuclear family relationships and the dark side of some. She is so inspiring, and I wish I could meet her!
Constanza Del fierro
Constanza Del fierro 2 aylar önce
Bubblies005 11 aylar önce
I started tearing up when Drew said Jeanette is going to be a good Mom if she decides to be one. My biggest fear is accidently causing harm to children because of my trauma. I love this conversation. ❤
Nicole 10 aylar önce
I relate. I’m 45 and didn’t have kids because I didn’t want to do to them what my mom did to me. I’m in therapy now and feel like if I would’ve been healed earlier in life, things might’ve been different.
DarkLady0801 10 aylar önce
Start working on yourself now. I've been in therapy for the past 9 years to work on my trauma and to process everything that happened my whole childhood/teenagehood. I have a beautiful three year old little boy, and still have moments when I get triggered from my past. Sometimes he's the one that's triggering me and therapy gave me to coping skills and self awareness to recognize that and realize as well as the strength to walk away.
Selina Aylin
Selina Aylin 10 aylar önce
I never wanted to have kids for the same reason! I now have a almost two year old, and she has been the best catalyst to my healing. And she already has such a different childhood than me!
Renita 9 aylar önce
Definitely one of several reasons I've never wanted children. I believe if you continue to do the work and you know what triggers you or issues you face, you can definitely become the person you want to be.
Anam Amin
Anam Amin 9 aylar önce
@DarkLady0801 sorry i read this comment and could relate so much. I have a 4 year old and find myself getting triggered too. I hope I find the skills to cope too.
Kelsey Hoines
Kelsey Hoines 8 aylar önce
I need Drew to write her story now called “I’m not waiting for my mom to die”
shammah nzaana
shammah nzaana 8 aylar önce
That is it 😂💯
Bianca Balanchi
Bianca Balanchi 6 aylar önce
This would be brilliant ❤
Camila Woodmansee
Camila Woodmansee 4 aylar önce
the perfect title
Prince Joseph
Prince Joseph 4 aylar önce
I am sure she is thinking about it
Cassidy Bruns
Cassidy Bruns 11 aylar önce
You can tell how inspired by her Drew is. The questions she was asking she was asking for HERSELF. she truly needed to know the answers for her journey. and that in turn helps so many. I hope Drew can tell her full truth as well.
A. S.
A. S. 9 aylar önce
Who's her guest? I didn't know her at all! 😊
OverMoreover 9 aylar önce
@A. S. She was on a nickeloden show called ICarly, also a show with Ariana Grande, Kat & Sam.
A. S.
A. S. 9 aylar önce
@OverMoreover Thx!
brad. 5 aylar önce
@OverMoreover Sam & Cat
Elina J
Elina J 2 aylar önce
she could have asked literally anyone or her own therapist no need to ask net, I felt bad. She has done so much to overcome people pleasing and drew seems very serious and pushing like she's an adult and she is way older than her. I felt net being tensed and worried
nel dormiveglia
nel dormiveglia 11 aylar önce
Drew was the one person in this industry who could provide this space for Jennette and I'm so glad she did. This interview didn't even feel like an interview, it felt like a very candid and compassionate conversation.
juicystar 11 aylar önce
yeah, honestly, this reminded me of deep conversations you have with a friend where you feel like you could keep talking forever
Jamila Richardson
Jamila Richardson 8 aylar önce
She also went on Red Table Talk
Melissa Green
Melissa Green 8 aylar önce
Absolutely love drew 🎉 Thanks Jennette for taking the time to talk
ColNag21 8 aylar önce
Oh absolutely! I think it’s because they both experienced very similar trauma that it feels more like they’re guiding each other through it rather than talking at one another
Tennille 8 aylar önce
Absolutely 💯♥️
Misterkingdom 8 aylar önce
That “if speaking the truth destroys a relationship” thing that Jennette said reminds of this one quote: “If it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth."
NoOne 7 aylar önce
Drew is probably the one person who could actually truly understand everything Jennete went through because she went through the same with her mother. So proud and happy with how far Drew has come and everything she accomplished and the woman she became. Drew is amazing period.
Lynnie 11 aylar önce
My kid watched iCarly. As a parent, I found it obnoxious at times, but I still laughed because Jennette and Miranda were really, truly, funny actors. Seeing Jennette all grown up, speaking so eloquently, is so inspiring. I hope she realizes that even though she was forced to be the paycheck for her family, she was and is so gifted. Listening to her speak, you realize that she has so many layers and talents that we've yet to discover. I feel so protective of her like a normal mother should. I wish her every happiness in the world!
S D 10 aylar önce
The funny thing is I think young people who went through trauma had a strange connection to her character Sam. I remember thinking she was such an off character but having an affinity for her
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭4‬:‭10‬ ‭NIV‬‬ J
Less Is More
Less Is More 10 aylar önce
@S D Sam cracked me up tho
Jason D
Jason D 10 aylar önce
This was what made it interesting listening to her book ( I listen to it on my walks) that she really understands grammar very well which is something I'm not good at in anyway.
Alec Rodríguez
Alec Rodríguez 6 aylar önce
This is probably the most natural, heartfelt and genuine interview i've ever seen. Drew is such a pure soul and Jennette can see that too
Stefanie Jensen
Stefanie Jensen 10 aylar önce
I hope they went out for a long lunch after this beautiful conversation. I feel like these two were meant to meet and connect over this unique issue. I loved this whole conversation
Qveen Herby
Qveen Herby Yıl önce
this is such an incredible conversation
Sam Yıl önce
Have you seen the one she did with Trevor Noah? That one was really good too
Lala 11 aylar önce
My queen
AphroditeBell 11 aylar önce
Qveen !!! shoulda figured you’d be apart of this convo
MariGold Energy
MariGold Energy 11 aylar önce
I feel as if there was editing out some of the conversation. I wish I could see the unedited conversation.
Stella L
Stella L 5 aylar önce
@Sam I miss him. He has the best conversations too
Hannah 8 aylar önce
I so related to Drew saying, “I think, us who didn’t have a certain type of love, maybe even have more of it to give.” I’ve always felt this way, but it feels so meaningful to be validated by others who have gone through similar things❤ I hope anyone watching who have had similar experiences find peace in their lives and in themselves 🫶🤍
Barbie Villalobos
Barbie Villalobos Aylar önce
I instantly agreed as well as I’ve always felt the same way. Maybe doesn’t apply to all but, most. All the love they didn’t receive, they give and then some!
kadenthelibra 3 aylar önce
I just love how she makes every interview feel like a private conversation not a public interview it’s so refreshing and comforting just to watch
butter stamp
butter stamp 10 aylar önce
Reading this memoir made me realize that some of the things my mom did growing up were major violations of my body and sexual boundaries and I have no idea what to do with that information. thank you Jennette for sharing your story and unlocking a conversation about mother daughter abusive relationships.
funnyimi 10 aylar önce
i feel you, it’s tough when your mom crosses those boundaries.. learning to say no for yourself (of course you might’ve already done this) is an amazing first step to healing all those times people crossed a boundary, because then you know for yourself that you have the tools to prevent them from doing it again and it is never your fault those things happened to you. we can’t choose what family we’re born into, but we can use it as an opportunity to grow (ugh i know that sounds so cheesy, and it’s totally okay to feel that what you’ve endured wasn’t fair, because it wasn’t !) we grow up with this idea of mothers being these perfect nurturing beings that we can never criticize, which makes it hurt all the more when they didn’t actually embody that. i wish you all the best on your healing journey and i hope my words aren’t triggering, i just relate to what you feel because i’ve been through it too ♥️
butter stamp
butter stamp 9 aylar önce
@funnyimi Thank you, this was comforting to hear. 🖤 I've begun to talk about this with my therapist and she agrees that it was a form of sexual violation. I'm determined to process it and heal. I hope you can heal too.
yz x
yz x 3 aylar önce
Much love. It's such a difficult, painful process, but so worth it.
Aisling 8 aylar önce
Drew is the perfect person to have interviewed Jennette. They had a similar upbringing and you can tell it’s something Drew still struggles with. Jennette is glowing and i love them both soooo much. Loved this.
Dominic 8 aylar önce
I smiled soo wide seeing Drew showing Jennette some genuine love. I love the strength it takes to be so brutally honest with this trauma in this way. Congratulations Jennette!
Keno S. Neal
Keno S. Neal Yıl önce
This is not an interview... this is a THERAPY SESSION between two great friends! I love both of these women and I just knew that this was going to be such an amazing conversation. I really got lost into this and I didn't want it to end ❤️
Marie Rodriguez
Marie Rodriguez Yıl önce
They’re just talking about life it’s not really a therapy session
Space Bar
Space Bar Yıl önce
@Marie Rodriguez it's therapeutic
ZestyKumquat Yıl önce
I was legit saddened when it ended i wish this was a series!
prettilicious Yıl önce
It's also not your standard press interview going on here between these two. Could be considered A form of therapy 😊
Mr Harrison
Mr Harrison 11 aylar önce
Me too - I have tears!
Malin Stiernborg
Malin Stiernborg 7 aylar önce
I am just sobbing my eyes out. It's been almost a year since I decided to call her my "birth mother". I'm terrified writing that here, in case she'd see it. But still, this talk was so amazing.
x ragdoll
x ragdoll 5 aylar önce
I’ve always said mother because a mom gives you love and cares about you, a mother just gives birth to you :)
M Willis
M Willis 3 aylar önce
Louise O Rourke
Louise O Rourke 2 aylar önce
Katie Webb
Katie Webb Aylar önce
Sending love & strength your way
Virginia Noone
Virginia Noone 5 aylar önce
Coming from a relationship with an abusive mother... this talk really hits home. The guilt, the shame, the loss of a relationship you desperately want and don't want at the same time. I protected my mom for so long, for so long "being afraid to hurt her feelings" took precedent over my own feelings, being afraid of making her look bad, being ungrateful, etc... so much fear and shame to navigate just to come to terms with my own feelings. An abusive mother relationship is so hard to navigate. I went NC with mine, and it was really good for me, but it's still hard. You still miss them, even if they hurt you, you still desire the love of a mother even if she can't give it to you in a healthy way. The struggle is REAL. Hugs to you, ladies.
MerryMoonMoth 10 aylar önce
Drews interviews always make me feel like I'm witnessing an actual deep conversation between two people, not just another interview. I love it.
Gabriela Rincon
Gabriela Rincon 8 aylar önce
I love how Janette had those “mmmmm” “mmhmm” therapist queues lol. Like she’s learned soooo much from therapy and her journey to heal from her trauma that she’s just sooo emotionally intelligent, really ♥️
Amber Snyder
Amber Snyder 6 aylar önce
Jeanette does not throw her mother under the bus in this book. She idolized her. This book is about waking up.
Monica Bosquez
Monica Bosquez 11 aylar önce
Honestly, drew having her own talk show was the best thing to happen. She LIVED through it: relationships, trauma, addiction, and now happiness and true success
Life as Rini
Life as Rini 11 aylar önce
This was the most perfect interview for Drew as well, no-one understands like she can. DEFINITELY the best interview on the book I've seen ❣️❣️
ShadowT23 11 aylar önce
she's truly had an incredible arc. It must be wild to be her.
Claire Conolly
Claire Conolly 11 aylar önce
Lio King
Lio King 11 aylar önce
WOW she's sooo brave & smart . She's Awesome .
JTO 11 aylar önce
AMEN. She has been through it all. Relatable is an understatement. Minus the fame lol!
K 💥
K 💥 8 aylar önce
I think Jennette made Drew really realize that it’s okay for her to come out with her truth whether her mom is alive or not whether it destroys whatever relationship they have left. Her story deserves to be told.
Fay Coleman
Fay Coleman 9 aylar önce
I feel this was very healing for Drew, you could see the moment Drew was asking the real underlying questions and how Janette really got it and understood.
Princess Sab Zada
Princess Sab Zada 7 aylar önce
This is such a healing conversation. My entire heart goes out to them, I’m so grateful they can share their experiences in such a safe setting. 💗
Krystal Clearr
Krystal Clearr Aylar önce
The conversation they had was so healing... the reason why they need comedy is because they recognize balance! Too dark is obviously very heavy. And comedic responses adds optimism in future thoughts. They both relate and im happy they found eachother. I'm also happy they're able to share eachothers therapeutic advice.
SugarBugX 10 aylar önce
This is my favorite interview ever because Drew seems to actually understand Jennette and approach her as another human being, like I have never seen celebrities get to be just people in interviews it's beautiful
Annie Boyle
Annie Boyle Yıl önce
Jennette is so articulate, it’s beyond clear she was meant to write. I hope she will continue to explore whatever creative avenues she wants to
Jonelle Christopher
It's so soothing to see her in this light after watching Sam's character! Growing up with Sam was fun but growing into Jeanette is so healing ❤
Zoey R
Zoey R Yıl önce
@Jonelle Christopher I don’t know why but this reminded me of how Sams character always had a hard relationship with her mom. I wonder if Jeanette ever felt like represented by that aspect of Sam?
okie Yıl önce
@Zoey R Unfortunately the opposite; Dan Scheneider (the creator of the show and a Nick exec who likely abused Jennette, though she's never directly given his name) would write in things that the actors were insecure about or having a difficult time with. For instance, he also made Jennette eat a ton of food on camera, even though she was very clearly dealing with an eating disorder
Hot Mike
Hot Mike Yıl önce
lookup Jay Pop- Love Is Murder 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Oh_ Meghann
Oh_ Meghann 11 aylar önce
She really is!
Heidi Nützmann
Heidi Nützmann Aylar önce
as someone who was abused by her mom and has no longer contact, trying to heal. im really thankful this video came up on my recommended. thanks to the both of you for talking about this, getting teary eyed seeing this.
Donna Sonkin Shaw
Donna Sonkin Shaw 8 aylar önce
"If saying the truth ends a relationship, its probably a relationship that needed to end" AMAZING! love her, I wrote a fertility book last year and told the truth about my experience with sibling abuse, I shared in detail about the traumatic time I had at my brothers hand, I shared because as a fertility coach, I have had clients who only want one child and when we unpack the "why" of it, I uncover sibling abuse and the fear that they will create that same dynamic for their child. My brother saw the 1 page in the book where I talk about it and not only will he not speak with me, he has instructed my beloved niece and nephew (18 & 24) not to talk with me and he has threatened them saying "if you do talk with her, I will disown you" the cherry on the top of it all is that he told his childrenand wife that it was all a lie and never happened. So, there you go. I never had a good relationship with him, it has always been toxic, I am deeply grateful to both you and Jannette for sharing wisdom, I need to breathe and relax, and move on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love, Donna
FreakyGreekyMelons 2 aylar önce
I'm glad you exposed the abuser. Hoping your life is enriched
RBlackburnification 9 aylar önce
As a victim of parental abuse, I found watching this interview insightful, relatable, and healing. Thank you for your vulnerability ladies. And for the laughs :)
IDontBrakeForStacy 9 aylar önce
I continue to be amazed by Drew Barrymore. When she said her purpose is to raise girls I cried. Who knew! Life is so absurd. Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be. Finding the humor and love in the absurdity is the way to surviving it. These two can connect on such a soulful level. What a profound interview by 2 quality human beings who have been through the gauntlet yet they decided to be better than what was done to them. Continuously inspiring. ❤️
bodhi 10 aylar önce
This interview has changed my life and made me open up my eyes to so much that I was going through because of my mom. This is insane.
Amanda Chavez
Amanda Chavez Yıl önce
“Us who didn't have a certain type of love maybe even have more of it to give” I put my phone down and just sobbed. What a healing conversation.
L T Yıl önce
Fluffyclouds Yıl önce
Feel it in my bones
ChanaRules Yıl önce
Same here :(
Scorpio Moon
Scorpio Moon Yıl önce
beth Yıl önce
It's so so true
Ashley Christensen
Ashley Christensen 7 aylar önce
I love that Drew makes every interview feel like just a conversation between friends. She is so genuine and her ability to learn from her trauma to be able to talk to people like real people. It’s so awkward to watch interviews just questions back to back like they’re on the stand
Joy Potter-Graham
Joy Potter-Graham 4 aylar önce
All the feels. Having 2 emotionally/verbally/mentally/physically abusive parents I 100% relate. It’s difficult to even tell my kids things about my childhood because they can’t believe their grandparents would ever be that cruel. And I never tell them the worst of it. I also married an abusive man. So all I’ve known my whole entire life is abuse. I don’t think I’ll ever truly heal because I’m so broken. And I’m old now.
Chelsea the Creative Fox
I'm sorry you had to go through that. You gotta heal in case you want to make it safe and positive for you and your kids.
Tab Ancho
Tab Ancho 6 gün önce
If there's one breath left in you, there's time. You can heal and know love.
Hannah 10 aylar önce
I'm so glad they had this conversation. I felt so alone as a homeschooled kid with an abusive narcissistic mother and enabler dad. It's healing to witness this conversation. I have so much to learn. It is so encouraging to see them in this point of their lives.
Kori-Olivia Josey
Kori-Olivia Josey 20 gün önce
The laughing fit after she talked about her breakdown is too real, sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine. Love them both ❤️
Lizzie LeBrun
Lizzie LeBrun 11 aylar önce
"That's what the truth can do" I love that quote from Drew. This interview was amazing. I loved how vulnerable Jennette was it makes me what to read her book.
Once again, Drew Barrymore holds an honest and raw conversation in the deepest of warmth, and I love that. She was made to do this, and I am so happy she has this platform to invite us into.
The Drew Barrymore Show
Thank you! So glad you liked the interview!
Mahi Yıl önce
Yntyyt y 😮
J.D. Contreras
J.D. Contreras Yıl önce
It's called acting.
WyrdSis Yıl önce
I appreciate the way Drew is so warm and real in conversations. It makes people she speaks with so much more comfortable and not judged in their truth.
Alex Fortin
Alex Fortin Yıl önce
Instant Star was so good 🙌🏼
Lilly G.
Lilly G. 8 aylar önce
Best interview ever! Drew and Jeanette really connected on a sad, but real life, experience. One, that so many of us, have also experienced. It's not easy discussing the trauma and terror you experienced as a child of a narcissistic, and troubled mother. But when you do meet someone who gets it, and who also went through it, you immediately feel a bond. And that title of her book. Priceless!* Amen!
Ollie P.
Ollie P. 2 aylar önce
I felt like I was part of the conversation, and I had tears of pain and joy during. I’m really glad that it’s becoming more okay to know that moms can be awful too.
Chelsea the Creative Fox
Yeah, it's not just fathers.
Amira 10 aylar önce
I love Drew, she actually asks meaningfully questions and how the person sitting there with her FEELS. You get the sense, she cares. And gives them time to word their thoughts properly. 🙏🧡
Carmen Trejo
Carmen Trejo 6 gün önce
This interview made me cry. Love that they could help each other. Good to see that not everyone had that kind of relationship they really wanted but can heal from it. Now that I’m a girl mom; I’m trying to be a better mom. 😭 body positivity and love.
The Little Book Witch
The Little Book Witch 10 aylar önce
This is painful yet so beautiful to watch. Two people with shared trauma connecting on a real level- it’s horrible that anyone has been through this, but it’s so special to see two people validating and really seeing each other’s experiences ❤️
Amber Contreras
Amber Contreras Yıl önce
So glad they could connect, having seemingly lots of parallels in their childhood. My favorite thing about Drew is her openness to learning. Even though she’s a mom, she’s been married and divorced, she’s older than Jeanette, she genuinely seeks wisdom from her. Great interview!
hidingintheopen Yıl önce
I'm shocked, I've never seen any of her show before this. She handles this difficult conversation with elegance and grace. I hope she does more of these hard hitting interviews. She is so open, raw and humble. When she jumped up to hug her it shows that she cares more about the person than getting the juicy details. I was moved to tears by this conversation and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Good job Drew and thanks to Jennette for being so open and shading her story!
Donna Gaffney
Donna Gaffney Yıl önce
kamanrique Yıl önce
Cause she did it. She broke through and Drew recognizes. Miracle Drew is healthy and thriving being troubled kid actor with us but she can take it next level now. Exceptional!
kelsey stramel
kelsey stramel Yıl önce
@hidingintheopen egg xurde
Hot Mike
Hot Mike Yıl önce
lookup Jay Pop- Love Is Murder 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jenny Iscrafting
Jenny Iscrafting Aylar önce
I loved this conversation. Thank you both I came from a less than functional situation. I didn’t realize it wasn’t normal. When I began to realize something wasn’t right, I felt ostracized by my family for not understanding what a superstar of a mother I had . I found it difficult to have very close relationships when younger. How wonderful that you both can speak out publicly . I think if I had seen this conversation when I was younger, I probably would’ve made more progress more quickly. Thank you !
Ary Rios
Ary Rios 7 aylar önce
I'm just 4 minutes in and already loving this interview, crying (for some reason), and hoping these two women the best for them regarding their circumstances.
💕Ly Chan 💕
💕Ly Chan 💕 10 aylar önce
I just love how open this interview is. Theyre talking like best friends but also comforting their similar inner demons. Absolutely brilliant. Drew hugging Jennette was seriously so healing. ❤
Nicole Danis
Nicole Danis 3 aylar önce
Jennette is so well spoken I love the way she expresses herself
Dawn 10 aylar önce
I'm so glad she is telling her truth at a young age. It has taken me much longer to break the cycle of abuse. I never defended my mother like they were saying, but I did push through to keep things "normal". Now that my father has passed, I regret not defending him more than anything.
Marcos 7 aylar önce
It's a noble and loving inclination to want to have defended your father but know that that wasn't your responsibility. Let that guilt melt away by recognizing you were a child and no one would shame you for being the child to your father.
C M 5 aylar önce
Well I’m surprised it’s not in this discussion, but beyond the hate and humor, the title really hits at the truth-she really was able to dive deep in her healing journey I think Because her mom died. It freed her to explore all this more than before (I mean I know She started therapy before her moms death but still)
Word Charm
Word Charm 11 aylar önce
Whoever gave Drew a television show had an amazing insight into the kind of wisdom/spirit/tenderness that someone like Drew could share with the rest of the world, and I'm so happy to be a part of those in the receiving end of her wisdom.
X R 11 aylar önce
I was just thinking this! her show has been so uplifting and natural. she is so genuine with all of her guests unlike other hosts
Stacy Broussard
Stacy Broussard 11 aylar önce
yes ❤️❤️❤️
K9-Queen 11 aylar önce
So true ❤
AmyM& Beauty
AmyM& Beauty 11 aylar önce
Absolutely. Her journey has made her into a pretty sweet, open, and genuine human being.
Seannanana 11 aylar önce
I've been a fan of hers for sooo long and part of my love of her is because of her compassion and her giant beautiful heart. She's an iconic woman for so many reasons but she's the one major celebrity that I feel like I could get ice cream with and it would be comfortable not intimidating because of who she is.
Vi Vi
Vi Vi 3 aylar önce
I would like to thank both Drew and Jennette for this. Jeanette's book is worth 10 years' therapy. Cannot express how much it's helping me through my own journey to overcome the sexual and pyschological abuse my mother inflicted on me. Jennette is a model and inspiration to me. Wish the best to both of you, and to all out there struggling with such issues.
Angela 8 aylar önce
This was an amazing interview. I love that Drew was engaging but gave room for her to speak her piece, ( peace😌) I love that Drew was able to relate to her in a way that she didn't feel like she was telling her story to someone who wouldn't be able to understand. And I especially love how clear you can see the connection between the two ladies. It was as if Drew was interviewing a younger version of herself who got it all right. I truly loved this interview.
PangThePeach 10 aylar önce
Drew is IN FACT a national treasure. Imagine meeting her..... Her whole vibe is like a warm hug. She feels so authentic 100% of the time. Top Tier personality🥰
Jeffrey Lindahl
Jeffrey Lindahl 8 aylar önce
One of the best interviews. I hope this interview inspires other former child stars to come forward and tell their whole story and I hope Drew can tell her whole story some day.
Triin Enge
Triin Enge 11 aylar önce
After reading this book I was hoping Drew would interview her because they're both so emotionally intelligent and could relate. Crying through this interview, hope it was cathartic for them both. Also hope that Jennette knows how well she's been able to express pain, acceptance, and recovery with a difficult parent and her own life. She's amazing and incredibly relatable. Book of our time, hands down.
Mubin Noor
Mubin Noor Yıl önce
You can just tell Drew has been waiting her whole life to have this talk with someone. And I really hope she finds the courage to open up about her experience because I feel it would be SO healing for her. I really do. 😌🖤
Hale Virginia
Hale Virginia Yıl önce
My thoughts as well
Chloe Yıl önce
Privacy is okay too
Ellie Sherman
Ellie Sherman Yıl önce
Beautifully said! She has had a tougher road than most and it’s been clear for a while she was not treated well as a child by her mother (& potentially others). Whether she goes public with the information or she confronts the person(people) personally in her life that abused her, it is absolutely her choice and will remain to be seen.
Tara Fenwick
Tara Fenwick Yıl önce
She would be a wonderful mommy!!!
swaggy girl
swaggy girl Yıl önce
@Ellie Sherman drew barrymore wrote a memoir too you know
Gina T
Gina T 2 aylar önce
Drew is so empathetic. It’s refreshing to see on tv. A real conversation without a scripted list of questions. 👍🏼
Mary Bess Acree
Mary Bess Acree 29 gün önce
It makes me happy to see how absent Jennette is from social media and public appearances beyond interviews about her book, I think it takes a lot to have so much pressure on you from the public and still resolve to take that space for yourself. I'm glad we don't know what she's up to, but I really hope these two women have been able to privately connect and talk more since this interview. It's palpable just from watching how meaningful this conversation was for both of them
Rachael Kottke
Rachael Kottke 4 aylar önce
I can 100% relate to the feeling of being glad that someone is dead. My family has generational/historical trauma in it and my grandmother is getting older and we're kind of waiting for her to pass away as she was not only responsible for a LOT of abuse and neglect for my father and aunt, but she is also very isolated and her mind is starting to go. My close family have a lot of empathy for her even though she did horrible things to my father and aunt, but she also had a lot of awful things done to her mainly by her father while her mother enabled/turned away from the trauma. It's the feeling of relief that you know you will never have to see or talk to that person again, but also feeling empathy for that person in a way that is difficult to explain or understand if you don't have direct experience with it. My close family still visits my grandmother at least twice a year, but each time seems to get worse and worse. Generational/historical trauma can really break families apart.
ColNag21 5 aylar önce
The fact that Drew has gone through so much of what her guests have gone through really means that she understands so much more than a regular host
Lara Przybora
Lara Przybora 10 aylar önce
This is something that doesn’t get talked about enough and it’s amazing how many people have battled with this including me. I was asked by a therapist if I could hit a button and someone in my life would die without consequences, who would it be and I said my mum. I’ve learnt that my mum will never be the mum I wanted or anything like my friends mums.
Hera M
Hera M Yıl önce
Wow when Drew said “I don’t want to paint her negatively I don’t want people to think of her negatively but the truth is tough stuff” I got goosebumps. She articulated something I’ve always felt and never said aloud and never have heard anyone else validate. Thank you.
Kori Emerson
Kori Emerson 11 aylar önce
This is me with my Dad. For LOOONG time. Now I'm like he's the ass. Not me.
Alccine 11 aylar önce
@Kori Emerson same with my mom
april mingone
april mingone 11 aylar önce
@Kori Emerson same here girly. your not alone
Bailey Hoff
Bailey Hoff 11 aylar önce
Right there with you..I froze. Epiphany.
Mar von Zellen
Mar von Zellen 11 aylar önce
Me too. It's really hard when your parent is loved by outside people so much and keeps up appearances so well that no one would have an inkling of the trauma you have to deal with behind closed doors.
Adelle M
Adelle M 8 aylar önce
I love Drew so much because she asks questions so genuinely and with so much curiosity. she never comes across as just try to be the story. She is one of the few people I’ve seen that looks like she is just actually trying to connect with others and it’s so beautiful to watch. Love you Drew ❤
Stress Management NY
Stress Management NY 7 aylar önce
Such a powerful and healing interview! Just by listening to their vulnerability and empathy you feel like you’re there with them and it’s such a safe space!
aj andrianjafy
aj andrianjafy 10 aylar önce
I don’t know who had the genius idea of giving Drew this platform but damn I couldn’t think of anyone better to have a talk show. She is fantastic and this interview was so honest and eye opening
Nuri Muñiz
Nuri Muñiz 5 aylar önce
Excelente entrevista y la forma de abordar un tema tan importante y delicado como la relación con nuestros padres, nunca es fácil reconocer los patrones tóxicos que ellos nos inculcan o incluso el abuso, como bien lo dicen ellas, son sobrevivientes, buen trabajo 👍🏼. Saludos desde México 🇲🇽
Rubys Journey
Rubys Journey 9 aylar önce
People who still can't tell their story admire these two women so much. So many powerful words in this interview, "if saying the truth ends a relationship then it's probably a relationship that needs to end". "Maybe it's protectiveness".
X R 11 aylar önce
Jeannette saying 'shame is a useless emotion' was really eye opening for me. As I suffer from anxiety, re-living moments of 'shame' has always brought me down to a low point and makes my anxiety spiral, to the point where I've struggled to make relationships with people outside my family. I agree that I'd rather feel guilty than ashamed, I can face guilt without destroying my mental state.
TakeNoPrisoners 83
TakeNoPrisoners 83 11 aylar önce
I can totally relate to your comment. Sometimes I've had a really difficult problem differentiating the two emotions.
Lorrdyn 11 aylar önce
I feel a very real sense of this on most of my adult life and quite a bit of it as I've grown up. The worst part is not being able to differentiate between the sense of those that you know do not deserve your time and how to establish the foundation to build your own self-worth back up. Most people that I've spoken with that have been contributors or just didn't view my life from the same lens, will tell me that I only read the situation to place myself as the victim. My biggest issue is not being able to read social scenarios well. I don't think that should place a child under scrutiny, especially when I'd get upset with myself whenever I didn't understand.
Nisha B
Nisha B 11 aylar önce
once upon a walking dead PLL
Mary Kate Smith
Mary Kate Smith 11 aylar önce
I would highly recommend reading Brene Brown's books or listening to her TED talks. She has done in-depth shame research, and her material is very HEALING! Focus on one thing today: make things about actions rather than internalizing the actions into an adjective for yourself. That's a big one for people who struggle with the weight of shame. I encourage you to see things in the future as an action...This is a simple example, but a good place to start is by thinking: I did ___badly...... FOCUS on that instead of saying *I* am bad (or whatever adjective that is tearing yourself down), because this incubates shame. I hope I could help a little bit and that I was able to help in some way. I hope you feel a little bit better each day going forward. 💞
Duane H
Duane H 2 aylar önce
I thought I was somewhat healed from my past with my Mom's and her demons but this interview has shaken me to my core. I am so grateful for Jennette, Drew and company for making twenty minutes of television that will go on and on and on, helping wake so many of us from the nightmares that haunt us still. I didn't know how much I needed this... A little afraid to read the book but I'm know I need it too. xoxo
Amy D
Amy D Aylar önce
Drew did such a fantastic job as an interviewer here... and Jennette, wow, so powerful & beautiful to see you show up as yourself! What an honest and real exchange here. I can imagine (as you alluded to) that it's been a long journey to get to a place of comfort and confidence in yourself to be able to do that. THANK YOU both for this...amazing testament to healing, and to helping each other - and celebrating each other - along the way. 💜
Melissa M
Melissa M 10 aylar önce
This is one of the most powerful interviews I’ve witnessed and I’m grateful to both young women for their complete honesty.
Reese M.
Reese M. Aylar önce
Drew is just the absolute epitome of a genuine sweet person! This book was amazing and Jeanette is such an inspiration!
Victoria Latterman
Victoria Latterman 11 aylar önce
This was so cathartic for me to hear. I’m going through a lot with my own mother and her decisions and it’s so helpful to hear other women talk about their struggles admitting their mother was abusive in their own ways. Abuse isn’t always black and white or isnt always physical. I suffered years of mental and emotional abuse at the hands of my mom through the many poor decisions she made that led to my feelings of abandonment. I’m much happier now after telling her my peace. But for my sisters and brothers sake As well as my childrens I have to lead by example. That we cannot and will not allow it to continue to happen to the youngest ones.
lucas trash
lucas trash 11 aylar önce
“Us who grew up without a certain type of love, have more of it to give,” this phrase hit me. My dad grew up in a broken household and he loves us so intensely. I feel his love every single day and I am so grateful for it. ❤
Krafts By Jazzy
Krafts By Jazzy 11 aylar önce
wow wow wow... didn't hear that part and it just hit me... growing up in my situation I longed for my mother's love... it was even worst that she was a single parent and I didn't know my dad so I longed for love... now being married I love hard.. smh makes total sense now.. Ekk
X R 11 aylar önce
Same, I have this same feeling with my mother. She grew up in the 70's in an immigrant household where daughters weren't appreciated and was disowned at 22 when she married my father. I feel that people can choose how to approach their trauma. They can either turn out to be a narcissist who continues their cycle of abuse on others, or they can become an empath who breaks the cycle and radiates love to others. My mother hid her trauma from us and created a loving home for us and for that I am forever grateful. (sorry for the long reply)
I ́ll just say it
I ́ll just say it 11 aylar önce
Sad to admit, but that's not true. There is also the other side. I know people from my personal circle who have missed so much love. And who now, as adults, act like big babies at the slightest quarrel. Who throw so much malice at the people around them. Seeing them demanding love but not knowing the meaning of "giving love" themselves.
Sabrina Wang
Sabrina Wang 11 aylar önce
That’s nice to hear! Although my dads the opposite lol
Amber 11 aylar önce
Same with my father! My grandfather had passed when I was young, and he speaks respectfully of him, however doesn't hold back that his childhood relationship with him was very cold and they didn't really have much of one until he was grown. However, my dad is the most loving man I have met. He had always been so gentle to me as a child and I was surprised to learn how he had grown up being treated by his dad. Though I do have to say that he has said that my grandmother had enough love to give for the both of them. ❤️ Hugs to everyone impacted by a strained relationship with a caregiver, it's a real tough one.
Krisandra Kneer
Krisandra Kneer 7 aylar önce
I loved every second of this and feel like I’ve been running parallel with Janette on our journeys after just turning 30 myself and processing the traumas of my childhood including my challenging relationship with my mom. This was so inspiring and made me feel so validating in my truth and experience. Thank you both so much for your vulnerability, it’s truly empowering ♥️
karin. 8 aylar önce
i have not read it yet, but i do own the book. i read the first few chapters so easily; jennette’s writing is so candid and raw and relatable - it’s just perfect. i hope she puts out more books in the future.
Sheriden Rangitonga
Sheriden Rangitonga 10 aylar önce
I couldn’t have connected to this conversation more I’ve watched it time and time again. Having a similar relationship with my mother it’s so inspiring to see both these women and their journeys on accepting their abuse and empowerment. A new found respect for you both ❤❤❤
Matthew Haff
Matthew Haff 8 aylar önce
I’ve been rediscovering how much light and joy Drew infuses in her work and I see her in a new and more intriguing manner. I have a new intention to find ways to be more like Drew in her positivity, honesty about her struggles and compassion shown to all. ❤
Liz Jagodzinski
Liz Jagodzinski 10 aylar önce
This resonates, protecting your parents' image in therapy. In my 20's I refused to even speak about my childhood when asked by therapist. It took until my 40's to tell a therapist my mother was an alcoholic (it finally came out when exploring why my sister and I had both married alcoholics and dealing with my BIL's early death) and his response - why didn't you lead with that?
Fozzie Bean
Fozzie Bean 11 aylar önce
I'm an instant fan of Barrymore. No other talk show would be this profound in a 20-minute interview.
jnewton1978 11 aylar önce
Watch her interview with Trevor Noah. Whether you're a fan or not, the interview is brilliant.
jg pliskin
jg pliskin 11 aylar önce
Dud berrymore has been acting for like 4 decades. Was this really your first experiemce with her?
dasein 10 aylar önce
@jg pliskin 😂
Fozzie Bean
Fozzie Bean 10 aylar önce
@jg pliskin Aside from seeing her in movies, yes.
jg pliskin
jg pliskin 10 aylar önce
@Fozzie Bean what's your favorite drew-vie?
aglev 4 gün önce
This is such a beautiful, "sisterly" connection. It's wonderful watching women helping other women heal. Drew's spirit is always infectious and genuinely loving and embracing, and Jennette speaking/sharing the truth of her life is inspiring, especially to survivors of narcissistic, abusive parents.
벨렌 ;
벨렌 ; 8 aylar önce
I love drew's energy and will forever be amazed by the naturality that jannette has when dealing with certain issues thanks to all the work she has put in all these years
Ma'am Ham
Ma'am Ham 10 aylar önce
As someone who also went through a similar maternal relationship, I needed to witness this conversation. Thank you so much for sharing ❤ It has helped more than you can ever know!
OverMoreover 9 aylar önce
I love how Drew goes through the topics, how she makes the jump through each question making it very personal and human.
Felicia Webb
Felicia Webb 10 aylar önce
I’m so glad this was part of the “backstage” part of your show! I can’t imagine how meaningful this conversation would have been with a full audience.
Sasa 11 aylar önce
They had a very raw and honest conversation which is so nice to hear. Women don’t often speak about bad relationships with their mothers even tho I know soooo many of us have them. It builds this pent up, generational trauma that gets passed down unintentionally cause you don’t even recognize the behavior as abusive. Drew asked important questions, and Jenette gave powerful answers
debster 11 aylar önce
This really hit hard, I had a very difficult relationship with my mom, the mother daughter love seemed very one sided mostly my side it seemed. She never hit me but the constant emotional abuse was just so heartbreaking, I didn't know what I did to deserve her treating me like she did. 😔
MilkshakeSnake360 11 aylar önce
I really appreciated the very raw dialogue and genuine questions and answers - so healing.
Mindy Jorgensen
Mindy Jorgensen 11 aylar önce
Yes! This was riveting to me. When Drew said something to the effect of wanting a relationship with your mother that not even society says you should have but that NATURE tells you should have blew my mind. I have always longed for that kind of relationship with my mother and a therapist said to me a few years ago that I need to start accepting that that relationship may never happen. These women having this particular conversation moved me today. Wow.
Sasa 11 aylar önce
I feel you all. When Drew said she felt the need to protect her mother it struck me cause I think a lot of people continue to make excuses for their mother’s poor behavior when they don’t deserve that protection. For so long everyone thought my mom and I had a close and happy relationship even tho she was abusive on many levels. I never spoke about it until I got to my 20s and it was so freeing to do so. I have accepted that I will never have a positive relationship with my mom, and I no longer allow her to destroy my life just because I feel like I owe her for giving birth to me. Self-mothering and building strong bonds with other women in my life has helped to fill that void. It’s a journey, and i’m sending a big warm hug to anyone who needs it 💞
Digimon Alvatrax2
Digimon Alvatrax2 8 aylar önce
My grandmother physically and verbally abused me that I almost killed her when I was older. But thankfully I'm free being independent and trying to build a relationship with my estranged mom(her daughter) who she verbally abused
Donna O
Donna O 4 aylar önce
So, I teared up watching this! And I only cry like twice a year. It's lovely to see these two supporting and empowering eachother. I'm currently listening to Jennette's book, and after seeing this (I don't know much about Drew other than that she makes a great zombie 😂) I think I will get Drew's book too!
Candice Cini
Candice Cini 8 aylar önce
Wow, this is the first real interview with Jennette. Thank you for asking the right questions drew. This interview has been an inspiration. I feel this has made me think about my childhood and abuse. Thank you for being you. Definitely need to read this book 💓
Virginia Cox
Virginia Cox 11 aylar önce
Gives me chills. Knowing what little they do share about their past and seeing them connect in true time, bittersweet. Hate that two people could relate so much on a topic like this, but so beautiful to see it unfold into such a healthy thing. Growth is absolutely beautiful to witness. The book is amazing, helped me on my journey🥹💛
Julie Ali Bratba
Julie Ali Bratba 5 aylar önce
I love this so much. Just want to say this for anyone having this struggle too, I saw a video of someone explaining its okey to admit your parent wasnt a good parent, it doesnt mean theyre a bad person just that they werent able to provide a healthy childhood for you. Really helped me feel less guilty for telling my mother how she made me feel and explaining my truth.
대니 10 aylar önce
This interview is sooo refreshing. Just two women, talking to each other and sharing advice and being so... real and transparent. It's so nice to see. Definitely a great watch
Amelia Natalie
Amelia Natalie Yıl önce
As someone with a narcissistic mother, it’s so powerful listening to other women who have difficult relationships with their own mothers. Knowing they will never change, but that I’m not alone in that.
SS Minnow
SS Minnow Yıl önce
Same ❤️
sewgeek designs
sewgeek designs Yıl önce
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
Me too! But, though I struggled with the relationship with my mom, I too thought that she would never change. She recognized her own behavior as toxic, and that it stemmed from her own childhood abuse, would admit her own faults, and actively sought therapy for her issues, and tried like hell to work on herself. Even though she did back-slide several times, and many times she didn't know if she could change, have a different mindset and truly be the kind of person, she's always wanted to be. She started her journey of healing in her late 20's, when she was able to understand that she had trauma from the abuse she suffered in her childhood and was also physically abusing her own children, because she wasn't shown another way of disciplining. But she knew deep down that, hitting her children with a belt every time we misbehaved, was absolutely WRONG! It's taken years and years to unpack all that baggage! She's 64 now, has 4 adult children, 9 grandchildren, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a husband who loves her in every way possible! She's finally able to know, understand and love the amazing person SHE truly IS! Yes, she's been damaged. Yes, she's messed up a lot, made wrong choices, but that's NOT who she is, but what she'd done. It took her a long time to come to know, understand and love the person she is. and she's still working on herself every single day..... I'm so proud of her! She not only saved her own life, but all of ours too! I have no idea how our family's lives would be right now, had she never taken those first few steps towards unlocking her potential.... I'm just so grateful she did!
Christina Tuttle
Christina Tuttle Yıl önce
Omg this!!!! My dad always says "your mother will never change so you have to." I always thought that was unfair
Notmyown 11 aylar önce
I tried to set boundaries with my mom and she ignored them. So now we don’t have a relationship. My mental health is more important.
Crack head Biden
Crack head Biden 8 aylar önce
This episode NEEDED to happen for both parties.
xmara_gtax 5 aylar önce
I’m reading this book now!! I can tell how inspired Drew is by this book and how much she can relate to Jennette’s story…I can now understand why Jennette chosen that name for the title!! You would never think she went through all this trauma when she was in iCarly, I just want to give Jennette a big massive hug like Drew did. ❤️
Lara-Sophie Kammerer
Lara-Sophie Kammerer 8 aylar önce
I am honestly so glad that this topic of child abuse and its aftermath is being talked about. I have my own experiences with it, and growing up felt as if no one could ever possibly resonate with what I was thinking and feeling. So, to have people like Jennette and Drew speak freely, really makes me feel understood! It`s nothing to be ashamed of nor feel guilty about!
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