Jennette McCurdy & Drew Barrymore on Complicated Relationships with Mothers | Barrymore's Backstage

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Jennette McCurdy just released her bestselling memoir, "I'm Glad My Mom Died" about growing up as a child actor and how she started to heal after her mom's death. Today, she sits down with Drew Barrymore to discuss how she found the strength to share her story and how she wants to move forward. Buy her book here: amzn.to/3feIecx

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Jennette McCurdy & Drew Barrymore on Complicated Relationships with Mothers | Barrymore's Backstage



25 Eyl 2022




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This is a powerful message! “If saying the truth ends a relationship then it is probably a relationship that needed to end.”
"I'm actually asking honestly because I don't know..." "I'm here to ask for advice because I have a lot to learn from you." "I knew I could trust you because of your comedy." Wow. Drew's ability to empower is so intimate and that humbleness allows so much of that truth to flow forward!
I started tearing up when Drew said Jeanette is going to be a good Mom if she decides to be one. My biggest fear is accidently causing harm to children because of my trauma. I love this conversation. ❤
Honestly, drew having her own talk show was the best thing to happen. She LIVED through it: relationships, trauma, addiction, and now happiness and true success
@lynnie5551 28 gün önce
My kid watched iCarly. As a parent, I found it obnoxious at times, but I still laughed because Jennette and Miranda were really, truly, funny actors. Seeing Jennette all grown up, speaking so eloquently, is so inspiring. I hope she realizes that even though she was forced to be the paycheck for her family, she was and is so gifted. Listening to her speak, you realize that she has so many layers and talents that we've yet to discover. I feel so protective of her like a normal mother should. I wish her every happiness in the world!
I'm an instant fan of Barrymore. No other talk show would be this profound in a 20-minute interview.
This is not an interview... this is a THERAPY SESSION between two great friends! I love both of these women and I just knew that this was going to be such an amazing conversation. I really got lost into this and I didn't want it to end ❤️
I literally cried. I could feel the safety they both must have felt with this conversation. A sigh of relief, sharing, being vulnerable but funny and just feeling inspired by one another 🥹
@cassidybruns8651 28 gün önce
You can tell how inspired by her Drew is. The questions she was asking she was asking for HERSELF. she truly needed to know the answers for her journey. and that in turn helps so many. I hope Drew can tell her full truth as well.
this was SUCH a beautiful conversation. I love how both jennette and drew use humour to cope with the hardest parts of their lives. Carrie Fisher said something like “if my life wasn’t funny, then it would just be true, and that’s unacceptable.” I admire the strength and resilience of these two badass women. Thank you both!!!
@butterstamp3767 21 gün önce
This memoir made me realize that some of the things my mom did growing up were violations of my sexual boundaries and I have no idea what to do with that information. thank you Jennette for sharing your story and unlocking a conversation about mother daughter abusive relationships.
I think these two need to make a podcast talking about mental health and trauma. They connect with each other so beautifully!
Jennette is so articulate, it’s beyond clear she was meant to write. I hope she will continue to explore whatever creative avenues she wants to
I love that this interview turned into a pseudo therapy session and that Drew was in such awe. You could feel that Drew was genuinely happy that Jenette was able to actually overcome and speak about her trauma, and that not only is the book helping random faceless people, it's also helping Drew herself.
This is something that doesn’t get talked about enough and it’s amazing how many people have battled with this including me. I was asked by a therapist if I could hit a button and someone in my life would die without consequences, who would it be and I said my mum. I’ve learnt that my mum will never be the mum I wanted or anything like my friends mums.
I feel overwhelmed with gratitude to be part of this comment section. This is the first time in 9 years where I’ve felt like people actually understand what it was like to be abused by their own mother. It’s horrible because you’re grieving the loss of a mother figure that you thought you’d get but also dealing with all the anger and deep, deep pain that comes with the abuse from someone you thought was going to love you. Love you all.
Honestly that has to be one of the most authentic interviews I’ve ever seen. So powerful.
“If saying the truth ends a relationship, then It’s probably a relationship that needed to end.” PREACH. 👏🏼👏🏼
Once again, Drew Barrymore holds an honest and raw conversation in the deepest of warmth, and I love that. She was made to do this, and I am so happy she has this platform to invite us into.
Two completely different women at different stages of their life with similar demons and mummy issues.
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