Jake Paul and Tommy Fury First Face-Off 🔥 EXPLOSIVE, INTENSE, CHAOTIC...BRING IT ON 👀

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Jake Paul and Tommy Fury explosive first face off in London. #PaulFury #JakePaul #TommyFury

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27 Oca 2023




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JIC Aylar önce
Tyson Fury looking like the brother who instigated a fight between two younger brothers and enjoying the fight 😂
Jawonds MMA Journey
Jawonds MMA Journey 15 gün önce
Nick Ward
Nick Ward Aylar önce
Hahaha. Top Comment
Whiskey Hoarder
Whiskey Hoarder Aylar önce
Why does tommy have a bubble gut? Prescription addiction? That's not normal for an athlete
Michael Crook
Michael Crook Aylar önce
@Danny white why
SquareBear77 Aylar önce
Please God don't let this fight get cancelled again
MAD GAMER 29 gün önce
@superspursjb now u hiding in cave pucci🤣🤣
safc joe
safc joe Aylar önce
Do we? I thought hating Jake Paul was a 2017 thing lmao.
Mindedchaos Aylar önce
@SquareBear77 wont happen by love island boy
Mindedchaos Aylar önce
@MC McMuffknuckle no fix dont make excuses for when tom boy gets smashed
JJW Aylar önce
Tommy will probably fumble it again
ColdLogic Aylar önce
They really did entrance walkouts for a staredown 😂
Dennis Raeimakers
Dennis Raeimakers Aylar önce
Like WWE, all the fake fights are like this
upsidedahead Aylar önce
David Britton
David Britton Aylar önce
Its all gone a bit daft hasnt it. Boxing was about hard work discipline and focus. I think i will retire watching when tyson fury goes. But that tank davis is entertaining!!
@Theo American?
Theo Aylar önce
@1Love1Heart1Soul1United it’s not WWE and it has nothing to do with that company
J B Aylar önce
Tyson Fury was absolutely loving the show. 😂😂
Mhxthir Mohammad
Mhxthir Mohammad Aylar önce
yeah he was just vibing
Peoplepower Aylar önce
“Is it genuine hate” As fury can't stop smiling and nearly laughing
arealifeslime Aylar önce
@M E of course the conspiracy comment gets the most likes, just shows how stupid we are.
Calum Skinner
Calum Skinner Aylar önce
Because he knows they have fooled jake.
KT Aylar önce
@ChurchInAshes exactly . It’s like a predator smiling excitedly, looking at its future prey …. Looking forward to it🤤
Ali Baba
Ali Baba Aylar önce
Honestly Jake looked a bit nervous 😂
Jacob Saunders
Jacob Saunders Aylar önce
Lol no he didn’t
raaauc Aylar önce
@djswirleylmao simp
djswirley Aylar önce
@PutOnTheGlasses facts as well
djswirley Aylar önce
@M that’s also true
djswirley Aylar önce
It’s true man real eyes can see that, I hope jake wins tho i started off hating him but now I don’t know I want to see him win ❤️
cebuanostud Aylar önce
"His family gonna disowned him after I beat him" Even Tyson had a big laugh 😂😂😂
NyQuil Donut
NyQuil Donut Aylar önce
It's because that was already said so his marking the words
scottstewarttv Aylar önce
@kain euler none of jakes fights have been ties
Little Heck
Little Heck Aylar önce
I've always been on the side that Tommy might not have enough pro experience for this but looking at Jake's reaction when Tommy was talking about having 2 opportunities to walk away 4:10 it looked like Jake got a bit rattled by it and I've not seen him rattled before. He didn't want to do that face off when they asked he wanted to walk away! 😲😱
ik1llpeeple4fun Aylar önce
@PutOnTheGlasses the plot twist is - it will end in a draw 🤣☠️. Why? Cuz trilogies will generate more $$ than a one off....
Kwasje My cat
Kwasje My cat Aylar önce
JAKE PAUL felt it but no big deal he is tougher than anyone here
Chris Aylar önce
Weird right he didn’t like that was looking off into the distance
Karl Connolly
Karl Connolly Aylar önce
Paul no amateur fight only a few fights that doesn't make him a pro fighter in it for the money and the hype finished in 2 the winner by KO FURY
PutOnTheGlasses Aylar önce
Tommy is like Tyson he's got the gift of the gab. Tyson can back it up but we will see about Tommy. I don't think it's necessarily the end for either of them. What we really wanna see though is how much they have learnt, I'm not really gonna be interested in just a slug fest with a lucky knock out.
Shane Aylar önce
It's adorable how Tommy only tries to go for him once someone grabbed him😂
soflynn22 Aylar önce
thats cause he's an old pro :D
BDM Offical
BDM Offical Aylar önce
Imagine after all the pull outs and cancelled fights it ends in a draw 💀
L J Aylar önce
There's no way it'll be a draw, these kind of fights rarely draw. It'll either be a Jake KO win or a Tommy points win, Jake hasn't got the technical ability to keep up with Tommy's point scoring which is whats needed for a draw.
It won't
Henry hoover
Henry hoover Aylar önce
Derick chisora knows the script that's why he raised both their hands at the end! Going to have a nice bet on a draw at the bookie's
stevieyoung Aylar önce
T-Army Deji is a clown, I have said it since seeing that a few of the opponents don't even get hit (the punch doesn't connect) yet they act as if it did, just like WWE.
deadprivacy Aylar önce
T-Army been said about tommy too. They ised to say it about tyson fury years back as well. He is 6 and 0 against men who are not boxers , his actual record is 0-0-0
Mohamed Samaraat
Mohamed Samaraat Aylar önce
To be honest im starting to like jake alot. The dude has balls. he is not scared or nervous at all. i cant wait for this fight to happen😂
Glory&Bright-king Aylar önce
They're saying he I don't think he's scared of him but he didn't really want to stare him down as much I don't know if it has anything to do with it seems pretty confident I think Jake's going to win!
JT_ Hyperoptic
JT_ Hyperoptic Aylar önce
Now this face off has much more views than the actual main event. This will be a most watched fight
PennyRoyal T
PennyRoyal T Aylar önce
@JT_ Hyperoptic 💯% TRUTH 🥊✌️
PennyRoyal T
PennyRoyal T Aylar önce
What tripe, seriously? I will not be paying for this!
JT_ Hyperoptic
JT_ Hyperoptic Aylar önce
Artur vs yarde
Ringo Starr
Ringo Starr Aylar önce
Bill and Ted 🤣😂😅🤣😂😅
What even was the fight?
Heavyweight Legends
I love the way Jake goes quiet and passive and allows Tommy to respond to his verbals, Tommy ties himself up in knots in the process. Tommy is getting way too emotional. Jake knows exactly what he’s doing and come fight night the pressure we’ll tell on Fury
Ghingi Ferry
Ghingi Ferry 28 gün önce
Yeah bro
Haydn Collins
Haydn Collins Aylar önce
Jake looks like he was second guessing about being there after Tommy said that speech 🤣
Haydn Collins
Haydn Collins Aylar önce
@LH TK Not really lmao second guessing because he gonna get knocked out not because he has fear or is scared. IF HE HAD FEAR HE WOULDN'T JUMP IN THE RING TO FIGHT! Need to go back to school kiddo
LH TK Aylar önce
@Haydn Collins second guessing refers to fear
Haydn Collins
Haydn Collins Aylar önce
@LH TK Who said anything about anyone being scared lmao? I would want Jake to win can't lie but he looks shook there
LH TK Aylar önce
Jake scheduled it 3 times. Tommy dodged it twice. Who is really scared?🤡
Brandon Aylar önce
For real 🤣
Epiphany Aylar önce
The only time I've ever seen Tommy Fury in real shape was for Love Island
harry adekanmi
harry adekanmi Aylar önce
James Philipson
James Philipson Aylar önce
Major credit to Tommy cause he's the one with far more to lose here. May the best man win
Shane Cotterill
Shane Cotterill Aylar önce
@Liam Gane jack won't win talk sense not lies
Nate Lee
Nate Lee Aylar önce
@Alvise Narduzzi with a former world champions head on it Chavez jnr
Nate Lee
Nate Lee Aylar önce
@Alvise Narduzzi name one tommys fought he’s fought journey men Anderson silvas boxing level and whole skill set as a competitor is far more then tommys ever fought Anderson also has a pro boxing record
Lit Aylar önce
another win for jake. tommy going in with cheap shots. he knows he cant knock jake out. jake is obviously going to get him with them check hooks which will be enough for him to win the fight.
ash squarkz
ash squarkz Aylar önce
Not holding my breath for this fight to happen.
Xelp Aylar önce
@Ringo Starr the British flag is ironic
Ringo Starr
Ringo Starr Aylar önce
No, hold your breath please, it stinks !!!! 😅😂🤣😂🤣
Goro Majima
Goro Majima Aylar önce
Tyson laughing at them both arguing like a year 6 playground fight 😂😂 That's why Tyson is my favourite
Coastal Bohos
Coastal Bohos Aylar önce
I haven’t been this excited since Tyson fought Holyfield !!! 😂🎉
Tilin Aylar önce
"Two of the biggest names in Boxing" 💀
OINTE Aylar önce
Dude Fury looks mad confident lmao. I'm actually hyped for this
Pablo Aylar önce
@Max Dunn Sure m8
Max Dunn
Max Dunn Aylar önce
@Paul Higgins Well then u need to watch it again don't u mate, I'll give jake the credit of being average at best but when woodley landed a right the ropes kept him up and silva was landing hook - uppercuts over and over on him.
Pablo Aylar önce
​@Max Dunn wasn't what I saw
Paqo El Rey
Paqo El Rey Aylar önce
How does he look confident he looks scared can’t even trash talk
Lit Aylar önce
hype doesn't win fights. this is why jake easily wins tommy trying to appear like he won the fight already later on gets knocked out cold when the fight actually happens.
sebz7610 Aylar önce
Both guys look nervous, Jake finally making a step up, this is gna be good
K.U.S Aylar önce
@sebz7610 farmers 😂
bs431980 Aylar önce
@LF67HH what about the injury to pull out of the first fight? Was that organized crime too?
LF67HH Aylar önce
@bs431980 He had permission revoked, due to his connection to organised crime...its literally a live system, educate yourself. The entire Fury family are no longer allowed entry to the US. There's literally a video of the police refusing to allow him to board the plane. 🤣😂 Tyson Fury even had to sell his house as he isn't allowed to possess assets in the US - due to criminal ties.
bs431980 Aylar önce
@sebz7610 yeah for sure Jake will have his hands full
Ms Louise Dior
Ms Louise Dior Aylar önce
Az Z
Az Z Aylar önce
Filippos G
Filippos G Aylar önce
All I wish is for this fight to HAPPEN !!!
Little Heck
Little Heck Aylar önce
"he`s fought taxi drivers" that line had me dying trvid.com/video/video-txTiECc1USM.html
emeka jasuli
emeka jasuli Aylar önce
"he`s fought taxi drivers" that line had me dying
dan hooper
dan hooper Aylar önce
@Darth Sidious MMA fighters who beat tommy fury's opponents
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious Aylar önce
@dan hooper mma fighters not boxers
LF67HH Aylar önce
Whereas Jake Paul has yet to fight a professional boxer. I know amateurs who would wipe the floor with his entire resume.
Jamal Turner
Jamal Turner Aylar önce
@Sinclair J tommy best win was against an mma guy who hadn't fought in 2 years
RXH Aylar önce
Jake looked worried at some points , couldn’t really keep eye contact with Tommy ! I really hope he doesn’t fumble and pull out again this all needs to be done with for good now!!!
nali82 Aylar önce
Jake and Tommy know how to promote a fight 😆 🤣 😂 I can listen to these guys go at it, all day long
Little Heck
Little Heck Aylar önce
I honestly couldn’t bare it if Tommy lost 😂
Chevel Smith
Chevel Smith Aylar önce
Lmao I would be so disappointed 😞😞
Little Heck
Little Heck Aylar önce
Glad to see WWE picking up again
Phenix Aylar önce
Even his older brother Tyson isn't taking him serious at all. He's just having some fun and enjoying the moment hahaha
Tyrell Aylar önce
@Tony2tons is Tommy's dad not John?
Tony2tons Aylar önce
Tommy and his dad already embarrassed tyson the last press conference
Steve Davidson
Steve Davidson Aylar önce
3:50 Tyson's laughing cause he knows it's true! 😂
sven Mandelkorn
sven Mandelkorn Aylar önce
Sure, he knows he'll probably pull out again or lose lol
Ben Jauncey
Ben Jauncey Aylar önce
i am so hyped for this. tommy has been running away almost like he wanted more time to prep 🤣 if either lose it will be so embarrassing for them
ChallengingSpite Aylar önce
Dereck appearing like... "Gimme some of that Disney money" 🤣🤣🤣
ChallengingSpite Aylar önce
Won't be surprised if during the fight, a steel cage lowers down and turns into a WWE network 🤣🙄
Music Is My Medicine
The way they snatched their hands back after the pic 🤣
Davey Jones
Davey Jones Aylar önce
Del Boy will always be a cult hero in British boxing, like Frank Bruno 😎
Warren Filer
Warren Filer Aylar önce
Better than ‘ go champ’😂
David Marsalis
David Marsalis Aylar önce
Tyson is just loving it . 😂
shanecle Aylar önce
Man, I really hope this fight happens this time!
Gayane Khachatryan
Gayane Khachatryan Aylar önce
The fact that I completely missed Josh Denzel although he's holding the mic.
TechLeague Aylar önce
Tommy officially unlocked that dad strength
Liam Feely
Liam Feely Aylar önce
Nah the juice done that
UCDsNutz Aylar önce
P Mck
P Mck Aylar önce
@David McCann the great John fury, surely not
David McCann
David McCann Aylar önce
Well it didn't do Big John Fury much use when he was boxing, because he got beat all the time. 😂🤣
konstantin kalashnikov
Bro Jake SMASH this boii
Johnny Azzaro
Johnny Azzaro Aylar önce
Tommy Fury: I've done this my whole life. Boxing fans: Who?
No censor
No censor Aylar önce
They so happy to finally have this fight good luck to both 🍀
paul spooner
paul spooner Aylar önce
Building it up like a WWE event. 😆
Liverpool Fan
Liverpool Fan Aylar önce
Love Tyson how he just smiles 😁
Little Heck
Little Heck Aylar önce
I really hope this actually happens!!!
Kind & Rude
Kind & Rude Aylar önce
He's walking the talk. Respect Jake for that.
James D
James D Aylar önce
@GurrellioTV Look at every pro boxers first 10 fights he’s actually facing tougher comp
Robert Towne
Robert Towne Aylar önce
Yeah Jake is actually gonna fight a boxer? Not a retired 40 almost 50 year old MMA fighter? I thought Jake was gonna call out Biden and claim he's better than Muhammad Ali for attacking someone who ain't in their prime.
Aaron Butler
Aaron Butler Aylar önce
@nathan113 he is sloppy and leaves himself wide open and throws wild punches. Any boxer he goes up against that is truly disciplined in the basics will beat Jake
James D
James D Aylar önce
@Tasty Gravy Ok so go fight a retired MMA fighter then talk....
Airbender Aylar önce
@deadprivacy sure mr body language expert😂
Haider Aylar önce
I'm actually hyped for this
George Poitras
George Poitras Aylar önce
The imposter calling the other imposter an imposter is so accurate!
j S
j S Aylar önce
Lets go Tommy!!!
Rarity Aylar önce
The Promotion Is Gonna Be Good For This Fight
Azz wigton
Azz wigton Aylar önce
Tommy has a lot of pressure on his shoulders from the ones who should be backing him, it's like he's on his own💯💯💯💯
Serw Hiuo
Serw Hiuo Aylar önce
I honestly couldn’t bare it if Tommy lost
Little Heck
Little Heck Aylar önce
As long as the fight happens I'm happy cause I feel they are a pretty even matchup
mifune Aylar önce
Please just tell me that Tommy has checked he can even fly this time!
Maffu oh
Maffu oh Aylar önce
Hahahaha I think jake might actually be scared. He looked way to nervous
Tu madre
Tu madre Aylar önce
If Tommy lost, Its gonna be hard to wrap my head around the fact that he was beating by someone who has been boxing for 5 years (almost not yet) while Tommy has been boxing his whole life. It should be an easy match up for Tommy
Joanna Aylar önce
Love Tyson how he just smiles
Shakil Wood
Shakil Wood Aylar önce
Not PPV worthy but I’ll definitely watch it when it’s uploaded to TRvid
Shakil Wood
Shakil Wood Aylar önce
@Full Otto LOL facts
SOsoLOwkey 😈
SOsoLOwkey 😈 Aylar önce
I'm quite sure somebody will be streaming it live on tiktok or IG
mel b
mel b Aylar önce
this dude talking about waiting for those zoomed in potato youtube uploads, I'll just watch it free live on a website
alb 77
alb 77 Aylar önce
Cheaper creeper
@virat tandon ok elon musk
SCAREMARE2414 Aylar önce
No Lie Jake Scared Finally, a real Boxer 💯 😤 I'm just hoping this match is not fixed like all the other matches. No Lie
Romeo Bwana
Romeo Bwana Aylar önce
Why did fury laugh when jake said his family will disown him😂
Dan Aylar önce
If this fight is actually a legitimate boxing match no interferences from anything it will be great to watch and a easy win for Tommy.
Cool guy
Cool guy Aylar önce
I still think Jakes gonna win but it seemed like he had a bit more nervous energy/less eye contact than Tommy did. Although body language doesn’t always tell the full story.
Glory&Bright-king Aylar önce
@Eatmheart I feel the same way I get my contact when someone's talking to me but I contact bothers me a little bit and I ain't scared of no man that breathe the same me!
CatsRUs Aylar önce
@AH Silva was 47 and beat a boxing world champion the year before facing Jake 9-0 heavyweight boxer Sonny Bill Williams lost to 48 year old former UFC fighter Mark Hunt last year, stop discrediting Jakes wins when much more experienced boxers than Jake have lost to ex UFC fighters at boxing
CatsRUs Aylar önce
@Noel Chalmers Silva defeated a boxing world champion so yes he is a boxer
Salem Sarni SIMP 🤣😭
3ezzoz Aylar önce
This fight better be ending in knockout for all the hype and delays ✊
Joe Aylar önce
I never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait 😂 I actually think jake is going to take the win. If Jake does win, then fair play!!!
Lindogg93 Aylar önce
Jake looks scared, hes thinking more than hes talking and that speaks volumes for him
Johnny Ela
Johnny Ela Aylar önce
Tyson very confident and the look in his eyes is for real.
Marston_50 Aylar önce
Bro, Tommy cannot trash talk💀💀💀
Alex Mason
Alex Mason Aylar önce
And the crowd goes.. MILD
Vindiya Panditha
Vindiya Panditha Aylar önce
wdym they were booing the hell out of jake and cheering tommy
Skrrttz Aylar önce
@2011sliverdude are u saying if it was in America jake Paul has fans? If thats so that really sums u up as a nation lol
Aurangzeb Aziz
Aurangzeb Aziz Aylar önce
BeardedGuyMitch Aylar önce
Nick Edney
Nick Edney Aylar önce
Now that's funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Internet Seekers
Honestly been waiting a long time for this fight XD
Titan Aylar önce
Putting my money on Tommy not showing up yet again and it'll be Jake Vs Woodley 3 or Jake Vs Silva 2 😂, it's funny I use to think Tommy would spark Jake out cold lol. Now I don't even know if he's gonna turn up to fight😂
2412Bec Aylar önce
I'll be surprised if it happens A lot can happen in 4 weeks
Liam Gill
Liam Gill Aylar önce
I love tommys confidence tho tbh ahah fair play to him. I hope this goes on so bad !!!
MarginBusiness Aylar önce
@tyson fury is enjoying the show, his smile made my day😂😂😂
Andres Maldonado
Andres Maldonado Aylar önce
Tyson can’t stop laughing 😂
mel b
mel b Aylar önce
cause it's a joke
Ladioz Aylar önce
Really looking forward to this fight
Don1Daz Aylar önce
Be a tough fight but tommy will come out on top 2.5 years promoting this in my eyes to hype it up when it finally is going to happen
Toby Aylar önce
Holy shot I had no idea Jake was taller
Zorls Aylar önce
He isn't. Tommy's got thin arse shoes on and Jake has chunky heels I think
David Mildon
David Mildon Aylar önce
Such a shame they had this overshadow what was probably the fight of the year. Big respect to proper fighters Anthony & Artur
David Mildon
David Mildon Aylar önce
@NyQuil Donut having them do a stupid promo when one of the pound for pound best champions is about to walk to the ring
NyQuil Donut
NyQuil Donut Aylar önce
Shame on them for letting Jake Paul fight? How does this overshadow anything? Real boxing fans are gonna pay to see the fights that matter, and some TRvid boxer isn't changing that.
I can’t wait lol been waiting for this one. Fight of the year candidate!
L P Gibbo
L P Gibbo Aylar önce
Mr. Clean. My favourite tune by The Jam. 😁
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Aylar önce
Why do I feel like Tyson was enjoying Jake more in this than his own bro lol
Mick Clarke
Mick Clarke Aylar önce
@Memento exactly
Richard Aylar önce
@Memento Jake looks like a homeless person
DanielR Aylar önce
@Stick Destroyer knock grandads out and retired fighters out.
Cole Phelps
Cole Phelps Aylar önce
@Guddubhai here we go 🤦‍♂️
Jarda81212 Aylar önce
@Guddubhai I think Tyson is happy as he's entertained, he cares about tommy as he is his brother but also cares about Jake like he is a brother from another mother, in ways it's like he has his two younger brothers fighting to impress him as Tyson knows he could beat both of them in one fight. I think tommy and Jake have little beef, but I bet 99% of it is to sell the fight and for entertainment. They will prob turn out like Logan and KSI best buds after its all over.
Sean Chapman
Sean Chapman Aylar önce
I’m in the U.K. and love this Rocky style vibe and I love the Furys but Tommy will be schooled by Jake. Reality TV star at best and the brother of TF.
Little Heck
Little Heck Aylar önce
He can't lose now 😭💯
Bong 26
Bong 26 Aylar önce
I'm Gonna buy this event.. this is PURE boxing.... GOOSEBUMPS BABY
Chris Emerson
Chris Emerson Aylar önce
😆 🤣 😂
maximo valdes
maximo valdes Aylar önce
This dude called Tommy a big name in boxing I’m dead 🤣
16nowhereman Aylar önce
Dad should have been in the ring too. It would have been funnier.
I_Dawg123 Aylar önce
Jake hiding behind the big security guard and even pushing him towards Tommy 😂
BHGTRIXED Aylar önce
@Daniel Rawls nothing is up if tommy loses then that means jake is better n everyone needs to stop saying he’s not a real boxer or his fights r rigged u don’t understand if tommy looses Tyson even said he is changing his last name
Remo Williams
Remo Williams Aylar önce
@Capasi what about that dosser?
Daniel Rawls
Daniel Rawls Aylar önce
@BHGTRIXED i already said it in another comment but if tommy loses then somethings up cause there’s no way he should legit lose
Daniel Rawls
Daniel Rawls Aylar önce
@Yorky how has jake opponents been better? 😂 none of them are boxers boxing and mma are different we all know that
The Warrior Returns
@BHGTRIXED jake don’t take fights he will lose so he is most likely gonna win this one. Too much to lose especially since he has a fight with Ksi at the end of the year. Ahh how the world will be a better place when Ksi wins
astrid burdon
astrid burdon Aylar önce
They definitely like each other lol, I barely feel a beef between them, but they are about to make a serious bag
M Aylar önce
Exactly lol Tommy was trying to stop himself from laughing at 3:55 and Jake was trying to stop himself from laughing at 4:12, both men are just trying to sell the fight
DDawg!! Aylar önce
All I got to say this fight better happen no pull outs!!!
Orlando Sosa
Orlando Sosa Aylar önce
I hope this fight doesn't get rigged
Spartacus Aylar önce
Hahaha Tommy is comedy good even Tyson pissing himself 😂😂😂
Shay Blades
Shay Blades Aylar önce
Tommy rockin the Simon Cowell look 😂😂😂
PrimeTime, NYC
PrimeTime, NYC Aylar önce
It’s over for Paul if fury loses I’m going to be lost for words
Fka_the_body Aylar önce
Ramon Briones
Ramon Briones Aylar önce
@Carlos Gambino more like a wicked comb over
Javier Aylar önce
Jake Paul looks like Trump if he was on steroids
WingedHuzzar Aylar önce
@J Hook123 definitely is
Sinclair J
Sinclair J Aylar önce
Fury meant it when he said it’s all over for Jake and he’ll retire after this. Jake’s in trouble now lol
twelvepetaledlotus Aylar önce
Yep, people have no clue backing jake
Darren Wayne
Darren Wayne Aylar önce
I did laugh when he said two of the biggest names in boxing, but credit to them for creating a buzz. Respect to all who get in the ring.
Jake Moore
Jake Moore Aylar önce
Same lol what a joke
DAVE M Aylar önce
It’s sad that the great sport of boxing has come to this.
Meriden Aylar önce
This dude better win in the name of boxing #Fury
A1 Aylar önce
why do i feel like it’s going to be a draw 🤣🤣
swingcity7 Aylar önce
@JJWyou a fanboi huh looool
JJW Aylar önce
There’s absolutely no way it’s gonna end in a draw. Tommy has never went 8 rounds before.
Mothra11 Aylar önce
@Kyle Young Anderson Silva>Tommy Fury
Raison Man
Raison Man Aylar önce
@TheGuyWhoAsked they always do
TheGuyWhoAsked Aylar önce
@Raison Man they gonna cry rigged
Joe Owen
Joe Owen Aylar önce
It's got a draw written all over it 🤝
w5 Aylar önce
That video shot behind Jake Paul on Tommy when they were trash talking was sick , looked like a movie 🎬
Jake Page
Jake Page Aylar önce
That's going to be a good fight!!
Little Heck
Little Heck Aylar önce
Tommy looks serious man let’s go brotha
Collel Hogg
Collel Hogg Aylar önce
Smh I can't believe this they send tommy out to represent the boxing community I really hope he makes us proud
Little Heck
Little Heck Aylar önce
Jake looks as if he just made his way to the back end of a 12 pack, passed out, woke up, and came straight to the ring!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Usama Zulqarnain
Usama Zulqarnain Aylar önce
Can’t wait for this fight! Just hope neither of them pulls out.
Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury - A CLOSER LOOK
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Insane Vertical 🤯 #shorts
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