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breaking into a prison to save a weird green dude with powers, call me the mandalorian
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27 Kas 2021




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ZomePeople13 Aylar önce
Tubbo and Techno, two of the most emotionally un-invested yet humorous actors on the SMP, sharing together a scene packed with loss, shock and revenge is a God-given gift.
fella 5 gün önce
I actually LIVE stream often, be sure to catch it
EJ 9 gün önce
Tubbo is the emotional support Techno is the air support (Technoplane!)
Itachi9508 12 gün önce
@Revina Neyaz awwwww yes more blind confidence in the TRvid community I am slowly yet steadily losing faith in humanity
Williams Lopez
Williams Lopez Aylar önce
The last part of the stream was my favorite, and it's better when you consider the fact that the whole ranboo lore bit wasn't even planned lmao.
ZomePeople13 Aylar önce
@Revina Neyaz no tubbo neg allowed under my comments. BEGONE!
VirtualDragonC 21 gün önce
Philza: Dont set off alarms Techno and Dream: *Explosion of style*
Rithwik Akkineni
Rithwik Akkineni 3 gün önce
electricity is sus
electricity is sus 8 gün önce
basically the 2 high levels in a pub server in payday 2 vs me and the other mid-rank dipshit going guns blazing with a minigun
Ninjago! - Legos,art,episodes
Techno be like deidara
KJriotapple 9 gün önce
"Man, It's gonna be hard for techno to break dream out of prison." "No, actually, it was super easy, barely an inconvenience."
Evil Doggo
Evil Doggo 3 gün önce
Jesus 3 gün önce
A fellow Ryan George Pitch Meeting fan.
Rithwik Akkineni
Rithwik Akkineni 3 gün önce
yea its ez for him
fella 5 gün önce
Famous TRvidr "Fella" is now LIVE streaming!
Evil Doggo
Evil Doggo 6 gün önce
“Oh really?” “Yeah yeah yeah. But ranboo dies”
Horror_ Channel
Horror_ Channel 28 gün önce
Coming back here after the new video makes it insane to think this man was probably preparing for an arm amputation while doing this (if my timeline is correct) and like if so this man is just amazing bro
AJM261 18 saatler önce
Sheeeeeesh I’m the 666th person to like this comment
Rithwik Akkineni
Rithwik Akkineni 3 gün önce
Rebekah Harper
Rebekah Harper 8 gün önce
He was preparing for the surgery, but at this point he knew that it would be a limb salvage and not an amputation
marlinazul 14 gün önce
He was preparing for the surgery he got after this, the arm amputation was back before mc allstars
Brayden G
Brayden G 28 gün önce
Nvm I watched the video again and I think this was 4 days before the surgery. Techno is a legend!
TheAdvertisement 24 gün önce
1:12:25 Dream at the end of Season 1: Gives up his armor when confronted by like 20 guys. Dream at the end of Season 2: _Runs into a group the same size and starts slaughtering them._
StinkyHangingSack 4 gün önce
Dream is obese old techno better
FDragon02 10 gün önce
This is what desperation is…
ok 14 gün önce
This time techno was there... And u know when two gods meet there's nothing stoping them now!
leon. 15 gün önce
he didn't have technoblade by his side
Ura 17 gün önce
@Rainy Days massive character development
VeryPeeved Aylar önce
today, a tresured member of the Dream SMP was laid to rest. though the rest of them will try to carry on without him, it will never truly be the same. a shining star was plucked, and the sky will never be the same. rest in peace, Apollo.
Rest In Peace Apollo,you will be missed 😔
-*~Your Imagination~*-
@Evil Doggo yuh true
Evil Doggo
Evil Doggo 6 gün önce
@-*~Your Imagination~*- that would be the more wise choice story wise but if given the choice techno would absolutely choose Apollo as a joke
-*~Your Imagination~*-
@Evil Doggo hmm.. if Dream resurrects Ranboo and Apollo then that would mean that Techno would owe Dream a favor again so he might do that to gain the upper hand. Then again, Dream could refuse after paying back Techno by resurrecting Ranboo and Techno might not want to owe Dream another favor so he might not ask to resurrect Apollo and wants to make/portray Apollo as a brave warrior that died helping him rescue Dream and Ranboo (Also Connor(?)
Evil Doggo
Evil Doggo 6 gün önce
@-*~Your Imagination~*- I mean dream can use any book just needs to type the spell or whatever so why not resurrect both
CrazyCoolYT 14 gün önce
Sam: "Get back here!" Techno, Dream, Ranboo and Connor: *"ok sure"*
Bowser Mario
Bowser Mario 29 gün önce
It’s just so cute seeing Niki evolve into the role that Phil once had of the distraction, very POG and very wholesome moments
Arrow Arrow
Arrow Arrow 21 gün önce
“Ranboo and dream bickering” Techno “IF I HEAR ANYMORE ARGUING IM TURNING THIS CAR AROUND”
Trey Sturgill
Trey Sturgill 15 gün önce
Medusa Stone
Medusa Stone 11 gün önce
In Techno's defense, it wasn't the hazards of the prison's inner workings that killed Apollo; Sam did it to make a point.
Draven Gra
Draven Gra Aylar önce
I’m convinced they told Connor to just be himself and never gave him the script just to let him run wild on the server. And no one can tell me different.
Idk but sad Sad sad sad
idk who connor is i focus on people like tommy bad sapnap george dream techno. and phill maybe others idk
ENCHANTMEN 6 gün önce
I hope someday, in Techno's darkest hour, Connor shows up to save him. (turns out it's not to repay helping him escape, he just came back for his $50 nintendo gift card)
So Indecisive_
So Indecisive_ 8 gün önce
Kim Young
Kim Young Aylar önce
CrubelZ Aylar önce
Cygnus Anand
Cygnus Anand 15 gün önce
Technoblade is the only person who can make me watch over 2 hour streams
CûddlyPãndas 7 gün önce
Bubble 24
Bubble 24 19 gün önce
Techno: wait that guy can bring people Alive (Implying Dream) Techno's next stream: So Dream.... You know how Ranboo died. Can you bring back Apollo?
Olive 426
Olive 426 28 gün önce
Techno: Well there’s one thing we’ve gotta do Phil Connor: HEY GUYS
Artistikitty 17 gün önce
**Tubbo and Techno getting so excited about teaming up** "It's gonna be so epic next stream oh my-" "aNd I cAn'T eVeN riGhT-CLicK"
Ame Phoenix
Ame Phoenix Aylar önce
Everyone: *Doing lore* Karl: *Asking if anyone wants to watch cartoons with him*
RosiMay 3 gün önce
Lol and Tommy’s getting chased by dream,
star of_the night
star of_the night Aylar önce
I would watch cartoons with him
Royale Ariana
Royale Ariana Aylar önce
E Aylar önce
Yea he asks that while dream and tommy was arguing lol
•{mocha}• Aylar önce
I'll do it
[ T I A]-C0me 0ver L!ve
Pandora's Vault : a prison for the most dangerous people on the server Conner : oh I stole some stuff
NeonLD2 22 gün önce
The lore is well thought out. Leaves more questions than answers but that's what every stream on the smp's like. If it turns out Eret said he saved Michael just to feel like a main character and it turns out eret killed Michael, that would be the biggest definition of a 2 to a 10 really quickly.
BobbyMinable 28 gün önce
the fact he did this in the midst of chemotherapy and getting ready for an arm amputation just bleeds dedication and i am aghast at how he managed to play with a tumor like that growing on his right arm
TheAdvertisement 24 gün önce
Techno and Dream are so funny together, love Techno saying he tried to do the "do do do do" at 59:19. xD 1:01:42 Sam and Badboyhalo really tried to take on Techno and Dream lmao. 1:37:45 Techno would murder for an elytra apaprently. 1:46:25 Why are Tubbo's eye purple...? 1:50:25 Axe of peace!
Aaron Reynoso
Aaron Reynoso Aylar önce
Techno: “Why ARE YOU TAKING OFF YOUR ARMOR!?” Ranboo: “He has Micheal” *Techno for the whole last 30 minutes wondering where Michael is*
Dragon Catallini
Dragon Catallini Aylar önce
Thank you, I missed this detail in the middle of the chaos!
Louis Cheese
Louis Cheese Aylar önce
@cat face cat im cool ig xD i have no idea
cat face cat
cat face cat Aylar önce
@Louis Cheese why does this answer get 310 likes?
Sharkt 987
Sharkt 987 Aylar önce
It’s nearly impossible for us to hear that so.
RONALDO World Aylar önce
Now i think that Michael was kidnapped by sam and sapnap
a Takoranodon Brachiosaurus
I think I underappreciated this stream, boss man had cancer yet still went live for us, bruh Support for you & speedy recovery o7
Bslayer08 15 gün önce
POV: Conner becomes the strongest Dream SMP Member
leron link
leron link 27 gün önce
I love how it has become a tradition to spawn withers at every major lore event that technoblade participates in
[M A R I A] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
The fact that Dream just straight up disappears from view distance within a matter of minutes/seconds is just proof why manhunts are just practice for lore lmao
Zitrito Aylar önce
Connor is like the stoned dude in the movie who’s a major character but somehow, someway gets ignored during fights and survives to the end through minding his own business
Trey Sturgill
Trey Sturgill 15 gün önce
@Karla Sosa true
Baoef Aylar önce
alright buddy
MineTIE Plays
MineTIE Plays Aylar önce
Basically that one snake from the movie Sahara in a nutshell
wcd53 Aylar önce
ConnorEatsPants = Kizaru
UenoYama KamiShiro
UenoYama KamiShiro Aylar önce
He’s seth rogen
"That's it, we are gaming" The sentence that you never want hear coming out Techno
Johnny Fedorov
Johnny Fedorov 16 gün önce
Can we just appreciate how much effort is put into these videos? isnt it just insane!!!
JELLY_bean 11 gün önce
I love how techno cares so much about Rambo it just lights up my day!!❤️❤️
techno goon
techno goon 25 gün önce
I can't wait for the next lore stream!!!!! Great work techno!!
Jacobzeba01 Aylar önce
Ranboo: *dies* Techno: "oh no!... anyways..." *intense bell ringing*
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 14 gün önce
@꧁ℕ𝕚𝕟𝕁𝕖꧂ lesson learned. Don't look at comments before watching
Spirit wolf
Spirit wolf 15 gün önce
I died laughing when that had happened
Stars'n Stuff
Stars'n Stuff Aylar önce
@꧁ℕ𝕚𝕟𝕁𝕖꧂ why do you read the comments BEFORE the stream?
ItsAlphoenixYT Aylar önce
RIP Apollo
@Jacobzeba01 its just my timezone tho
Hub 19 gün önce
I don’t know why Techno trusts Connor even after the MrBeast fridge video.
Brayden Skaggs
Brayden Skaggs Aylar önce
Techno never fails to put a smile on my face
2K with one video challange
Lets take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us❤️
Hub 19 gün önce
Technoblade be like: Dream’s death: I sleep Ranboo’s death: Real shit.
Real Person
Real Person Aylar önce
“That's it. We're gaming.” thats the most badass line from techno right there
Azrael Aylar önce
@zhleia if you look it up the only thing that cancer directly causes that might impair your ability to hit WASD and move a mouse is fatigue lol. Idk what physical health ur talking about that would make techno lose his pvp ability but ok
zhleia Aylar önce
@Azrael it's still a burden on your mental and physical health tf. it's not a common cold
Azrael Aylar önce
@AwesomeJumpkick Cancer doesn’t stop your ability to do stuff? My uncle has cancer and he still is a handyman
Leo Kan
Leo Kan Aylar önce
@AwesomeJumpkick He stills plays minecraft a lot, he said that in his video about cancer. What are you talking about
AwesomeJumpkick Aylar önce
@That Kirito yeah but did you see how he was comboeing Sam? Several months fighting cancer and still a PVP god. Would have killed him if he didn't get jumped by 7 guys.
Matthew Porter
Matthew Porter 2 gün önce
Not related to the prison break, but I had to share. I feel like Techno is the Ghenghis Khan of the SMP. He’d strong enough to do as he wants, and every time he’s ready to stop, to settle with the progress he’s made, someone provokes him by threatening him or his friends and push him back to war. And yet he gets painted as cruel and ruthless by the enemies that provoked him to such a fate.
Itz_Kai 5 gün önce
As dream is talking i can hear how happy he is that techno is coming to save him
Tom 29 gün önce
Dream&Sapnap: intense lore related argument Techno: clackclackclackclack
Instinct2500 23 gün önce
Don’t copy other people’s comments
Unknown User
Unknown User 2 gün önce
Watching this live was such an awesome experience
Hobo tomato
Hobo tomato Aylar önce
Dream&Sapnap: intense lore related argument Techno: *clackclackclackclack*
Amethyst X Crystal
Amethyst X Crystal 20 gün önce
He should have used the water for the one block lol
Jen Mationg
Jen Mationg 21 gün önce
Lol i know right
RealDriestBugGames 24 gün önce
peka Aylar önce
InnerMeowMeow Aylar önce
6.9k likes xD
justil1n Aylar önce
Dream * escapes prison * Dream: maybe I should wait until the heat dies down little Also dream: * goes and fights Tommy *
Piper Janssen
Piper Janssen 14 gün önce
I love how some of the dream SMP members are like when they aren’t life or doing lore they’re like all best friends 🤣
MasterMikey798 28 gün önce
1:37:04 Watch for a death message from Tommy. Those who know, know. Those who don't go and watch Tommy's stream on Twitch
Clue Buchanan
Clue Buchanan 24 gün önce
Some personal points I wanna remember :) 12:08 in meeting room w/ phil 12:31 Niki walks in 12:56 Apollo is introduced to the syndicate 14:08 news about ranboo 14:47 "what's the point of putting him in jail if your gonna kill him anyways" 21:30: "the alarms!" 27:37 Niki hands over lots of tnt 28:27 "Niki I have a role for you" wither skulls 48:51 "don't take 3 months" 56:04 "long time no see" 57:17 "wait you came?!" "Bet you weren't expecting to see me" 57:52 "those who treat me with kindness" quote 58:17 "if we're gonna set of the alarm, let's do it in style!" 1:00:00 "I killed your dog" "NOOO" 1:08:00 conor. Need I say more? 1:08:10 Ranboo. Need I say more? 1:09:31 "everyone gather around for a splash potion 1:10:00 "guys stop fighting, just fallow me" Techno contemplating everything that happened while on the horse going home/ to the nether portal was everything
Maddox S
Maddox S 23 gün önce
1:14:10 “that’s it , we’re gaming” def deserves a spot here
Clue Buchanan
Clue Buchanan 24 gün önce
1:14:10 "that's it, now we're gaming" 1:18:58 "what's the plan after this?" "That's a you problem" 1:21:58 "guys I made it!" Connor made it 1:25:55 "welcome connor" 1:30:00 Michael image
Lena Schiettecatte
Lena Schiettecatte Aylar önce
I love how Techno helped Dream escape and then they were both like “yeah we’re even now, goodbye, forever”
0o Axolotl Moon  o0
0o Axolotl Moon o0 21 gün önce
Jeremy Champagne
Jeremy Champagne 26 gün önce
meiispimpin Aylar önce
Cant have relations in business.
fibrous one-seeded drupe
@Dominic Ballinger bro my yt liked lagged, looks like I replied to you after lol
fibrous one-seeded drupe
@Dominic Ballinger …did you watch till the end or naw? Or at least till he met Dream again Unless that interaction will turn out to be non canon in the future or will get retconned, they’re even.
Aaron Lo
Aaron Lo Aylar önce
Next stream will be insane if he hasn't streamed for 3 weeks
Boop de Snoke
Boop de Snoke 23 gün önce
Now there's just going to be an animatic of Techno breaking into the prison, and Apollo just running behind him.
Stargazer 199
Stargazer 199 23 saatler önce
I came here with a new theory about DSMP. I was rewatching techno’s potato war videos, and his final message about #1 being a prison forcing you to spend your life protecting it gave me an idea. Is this a planned character arc for C!techno to learn? It would make sense. He is canonically known as the #1 fighter.
NoTRAJ BMGO Aylar önce
"breaking into the prison to save a weird green dude with powers call me mandalorian "- Technoblade
BreadandBunnies :]
BreadandBunnies :] Aylar önce
Techno organizing his inventory before the prison break is like when you're traveling and you can only bring one bag
ultimatememer Aylar önce
@《CʜᴇᴇᴍsɪᴛᴀWᴀsPᴏᴛᴀᴛ》 you had caps on?
IMTIAZ A Aylar önce
@《CʜᴇᴇᴍsɪᴛᴀWᴀsPᴏᴛᴀᴛ》 same lol
Arcane Gaming
Arcane Gaming 10 gün önce
For me the "season" structure of the smp goes like this. The early disk war was the prolouge, the revolution that founded L'manberg was the 1st season, the Manburg Arc was the 2nd season, the creation of new Lmanberg to Doomsday and the finale of the disk saga is season 3, and Everything from there to jailbreak is season 4. Moving into season 5 boys!!!!!!
Lefty 12 gün önce
Dude this stream was so scuffed but still so much fun 🤣🤣🤣🤣
M.F.M Gaming
M.F.M Gaming 17 gün önce
Technoblades videos are the only ones I can watch for the long amount of time they are
ad_ninja 26 gün önce
2 hours 2 minutes and 30 seconds of great content
Danie F
Danie F Aylar önce
The SMP from techno's perspective is always an absolutely hilarious action comedy. I wouldn't have it any other way
Daxia To The Maxia
Daxia To The Maxia Aylar önce
@R Tori joe mama
Benjamin Fu
Benjamin Fu Aylar önce
Ikr! It's so great that the overarching story and mood is different from everyone's POV. Techno is still my favorite though :P
R Tori
R Tori Aylar önce
@ItsAlphoenixYT who tf is Dean bro
3324 killer
3324 killer Aylar önce
so true
Spectate_009 Aylar önce
Techno POV besttt
boytambling 22
boytambling 22 21 gün önce
Big respect to Apollo he will be remembered
Jordyn Nexus
Jordyn Nexus 27 gün önce
Exactly how many functional arms did techno have at this point?😭💚👏🏼 he’s amazing
HEY MEDIC 24 gün önce
@Jordyn Nexus Yes
Jordyn Nexus
Jordyn Nexus 25 gün önce
@HEY MEDIC he can’t use one of them at the moment, right?
HEY MEDIC 25 gün önce
2 and now 2 and 30% less of Hermeses tricep off of 1 leg.
matthew paulino
matthew paulino 25 gün önce
recently subbed to you techno your content is insanely good and funny keep up the good work, (in the hopes you see this)
guyhe2009 13 gün önce
It's not a mistake, ✨ it's a masterpiece ✨
Meghan Travers
Meghan Travers Aylar önce
Techno is the only person I feel has fully kept the feeling of early lore streams. The 'scuffness' actually adds to it lol.
Meghan Travers
Meghan Travers Aylar önce
@Insert Name Here Must be a glitch
Meghan Travers
Meghan Travers Aylar önce
@sevas raj Thank you!
Nila Sekar
Nila Sekar Aylar önce
@Heather Reads Reddit cc!Techno knew about Michael lol. In others' streams he threatens to kill Michael and when the syndicate visited Snowchester he specifically did not go to that room xD his character doesnt know about Mcihael or Ranboo and Tubbo's relation as characters
sevas raj
sevas raj Aylar önce
I luv you're josuke (gappy) pfp.
burp Aylar önce
not even cancer's stopped him
ChaoticRandom1 16 gün önce
man was prepping for the mc battle of a lifetime.
Happy Christmas Techno, I'm fully aware that you're in a different timezone but, y'know, merry Christmas anyway :)
WozzyWatkins 16 gün önce
R.I.P Apollo A beloved dog: He lived short. But as a champion. Died in battle protecting his teammates.
ImAFish_807 10 gün önce
*All of them being exited to break dream and Ranbooo out of jail* Techno: wait whats the dogs name- *intense thinking* Techno: Apollo. APOLLO'S IN ON IT TOO!
Kalokohan ni Seth
Kalokohan ni Seth Aylar önce
Sapnap: youre getting tortured? Who's torturing you? Techno: *TYPING INTENSIFIES*
Silly Siblings
Silly Siblings Aylar önce
w1spr_ Aylar önce
iWolfCupSwweeetyyy Aylar önce
Timestamp 1:48:55
Smply Animates
Smply Animates Aylar önce
*This is such a good lore dump* *_Good thing we’re invisible, Tubbo_*
Noup San
Noup San Aylar önce
Sarai Bumba
Sarai Bumba Aylar önce
Dream and Sapnap doing intense lore: Techno in the background: INTENSE TYPING I like how they knew it was techno lol
Luna_Sunny17 6 gün önce
I love how little techno curses compared to everyone else. And i love how he says exciting things but in an unenthusiastic voice loll
CHILLzzzッ 25 gün önce
I love the moment when they just find diamonds and just ignores it cuz of lack of inventory space
JustBee 21 gün önce
Technoblade, congratulations on 10 Mil! You've done it before 2022 for me (A few other countries it's in 2022 but STILL POG). You deserve it.
Aggressive Egg
Aggressive Egg Aylar önce
Technoblade: Enters w/ Appolo Escapes w/ Ranboo and Dream Ends up w/ Connor
DJ Shock
DJ Shock Aylar önce
I mean Connor also escapes too. But yeah, Techno went in with one, came out with three, lost one, the other dipped and he was left with pretty much the the downgrade to their last Syndicate member.
kqcdoswcct_ツ Aylar önce
Its just main again
the true escapees was the connors we meet along the way
WindowWiper 15 gün önce
1:37:10 I wonder if techno just didn't notice that Tommy got killed
haider 28 gün önce
all of these youtubers like dream, technoblade, mrbeast, tommyinnit etc just broke youtube algorithm man. legends.
Brenden Smith
Brenden Smith Aylar önce
Techno: Conner we are going to make you a great warrior. Conner (with his sonic onesie skin): That sounds great
Narniaking _33
Narniaking _33 29 gün önce
hey techno, I just wanted to say that I like your videos you are a funny youtuber and thanks for all the videos you made you are in my opinion by far my favorite youtuber and I think that videos are not so often because the videos are good come out more fun and better to look at please keep up the great videos :)
Niko Angelo
Niko Angelo Aylar önce
Connor has plot armor. He's that one background character that just stays alive for no apparent reason.
@It's another Wednesday. same lol
Chill Tiger
Chill Tiger Aylar önce
too true
Mayon Saha
Mayon Saha Aylar önce
Why is everyone ignoring that they escaped the prison
Kristoffer Hillesheim
He's TenTen from Naruto
Peachy1621 Aylar önce
he has plot armor enchanted with curse of binding
WaterMelonIsBest 19 gün önce
Hobo tomato 1 month ago Dream&Sapnap: intense lore related argument Techno: clackclackclackclack
Anna Pearl
Anna Pearl Aylar önce
You're almost to 10mil you got this techno.
Hadley Sears
Hadley Sears 7 gün önce
For the entire prison heist I was just screaming, "RUB SOME BRAIN CELLS TOGETHER!" and just wondering why techno didn't think of the many things I did.
Variety 10 gün önce
This man had to role play breaking 3 people out of Minecraft prison with 1 arm. RESPECT! LOVE YOU TECHNO!
Paedagogengirl Aylar önce
"What's the hiding plan?" Techno, basically: That sounds like a you problem.
ֺ Aylar önce
Well I mean, c!Dream didn't care that c!Ranboo died. And he was even very willing to leave without c!Ranboo and also was kind of a jerk to him on the way out too And plus, c!Techno only owed him one favor. Which was already fulfilled the moment c!Techno broke him out of prison. Since that debt was already repaid, c!Techno doesn't really have anything to do with c!Dream. Maybe he would've been much more generous to c!Dream and let him stay with him for a little bit, had c!Dream at least cared enough about c!Ranboo, but that's just a maybe Either way, I'm kinda curious now what c!Dream is really gonna do now that he's finally out. He might try to go attack c!Quackity, if he could get some powerful allies on his side
Ashfer2 Aylar önce
Well tbf Dream probably could have stayed if he wanted, but obviously Techno wasn't going to hide at this point, and its not like they don't know where he lives. They'll probably be by to look for Dream there sooner or later.
*hello Darkness my old friend*
noyGirl1 Aylar önce
@Glow yeah , I remember the part with :" we are no friends" But the visit stream got me hope with " we bonded." Or " when my best friend is a necromancer" I know it wasn't really seriosly said back then but I could hope. And I can't wait to see what dreams goals will be now. Maybe we see a house? Maybe he blows up something again? Maybe he gets finally some friends again ( although one didn't betray him like some of us hoped and had our theories and only today were proved) Can't wait to see what willbur will do when he finds out his 'hero' is free
Glow Aylar önce
@noyGirl1 Techno on doomsday: "This is a temporary alliance, like Ludwig, I am not your friend" Honestly as much as I love their team up, I'm so excited to see what Dream does now that he's free and on his own. Who is he gonna team with? Where will he go? Will he build a house? :0
wEiRd 23 gün önce
When techno means there’s a couple people here half the server is here :D
Major 25 gün önce
the grand finale is going to be tommyinnit vs Dream, Techno, Niki, and Ranboo
Willian 18 gün önce
Techno congratulations for the 10 million subscribers.
SaltDrinker42 10 gün önce
1:04:15 What they could've done in this situation is break the block inside with tnt using the 1 by 1 and use a bed to get to the other side
eммᗩ._. Aylar önce
The fact that Dream just straight up disappears from view distance within a matter of minutes/seconds is just proof why manhunts are just practice for lore lmao
WePlayGames 2 gün önce
yea tho clown pierce in lifesteal literally searches and jumps into battles if u know who is he
StinkyHangingSack 4 gün önce
Dream is obese
fella 5 gün önce
Stream Starting soon
Valatiea Aylar önce
Pretty sure he spent all 9 pearls
Rithwik Akkineni
Rithwik Akkineni Aylar önce
Trevor Bertrand
Trevor Bertrand Gün önce
Mk, so the pvp king, the hardcore master, the crazy wild card.... and a guy in a sonic onezy, definitely symbols of anarchy.
Teched Penguin
Teched Penguin 19 gün önce
Honestly the best part of the stream is the Connor lore
Animators out of context
Ranboo : dead Technoblade: oh well.. *spends 1 min ringing the bell*
Pulsify 24 gün önce
Dream SMP: *really good lore* Connor: *has a sonic onesie*
Drift Aylar önce
A truly successful stream, zero scuffs, beautifully laid out.
Cassidy Navales
Cassidy Navales Aylar önce
Ranboo and apollo survived, dreamsmp lore is so peaceful
ElanMoore mc
ElanMoore mc Aylar önce
Too perfect 😩
Benedani Aylar önce
@ToxicG nah there were 0 scuffs
Idiotic Genius
Idiotic Genius Aylar önce
@ToxicG that’s the joke :)
ToxicG Aylar önce
id press x to doubt on that zero scuff part
The Real Coxy And King RoSSi Music
technos to funny and genuine to do lore
Dream_Junior 2 gün önce
Anyone else still waiting for an obi filler of the dream smp the beach EPISODE
YourLocalCrackhead 25 gün önce
Out of all the times I’ve seen this, this was the first time I heard Ranboo say “He has Micheal” 😭
DJ Gohst
DJ Gohst 4 gün önce
Literrally when techno said "digest that information" I died to laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
JayzArtBook Aylar önce
The fact that Technoblade said "Dream doesn't care! I care!" when Sam was threatening Ranboo's life is so wholesome to me, their friendship is genuinely so great
Cactuss Aylar önce
@mykolas pikelis ….?
mykolas pikelis
mykolas pikelis Aylar önce
Spirit_StormWolf Aylar önce
If I was in the dream SMP I probably would've done the same because ranboo was the only one of those people I watched before the dream smo
DaHomieJax22 Aylar önce
So wholesome
Cactuss Aylar önce
Ikr! i love it
MXCraftDimension 22 gün önce
connor was a true war veteran got sent to jail after losing the war and techno broke him out
Footman hooman
Footman hooman 5 gün önce
Crafted. You're amazing. And the best Minecraft player ever.
The other Tom Gaming
I love how u guys are just sooo chill and ur not even getting scared at all as soon as u break th wall
Candy McNeil
Candy McNeil 20 gün önce
I love how dream was imprisoned on his smp😂😂😂😂
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