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4 Nis 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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gossamer thread
IVE already have a signature sound: minimalistic but peculiar, dark but cute, and being pitched lower than the typical kpop song.
Pratik Besra
Pratik Besra 28 gün önce
Top 3 legendary lines of LOVE DIVE
sky 14 gün önce
LOVE DIVE is currently longest charting idol song on Melon Top 10 in 2022, congratulations girls, for another record
jealousy is a disease get well soon btch
before their debut i really didnt expect much because of the produce curse but damn, look where they are now. 2 MILLION+ sales with only 3 singles, IVE is still not a year old gg but they also got RAKs CAKs and PAKs for their songs like imagine how big they will be next year when they already achieve so many things in their rookie year.
Pratik Besra
Wow this song is so "Euphoric" the more u listen to it the more u become addicted,, never heard anything quite like this before in KPOP,,, it may not be the best song, some of u may not like it but this song gave u something fresh and unique and u can't deny that..
ghost Gün önce
this is genuinely one of the best kpop songs ever
Minisché Chio
This song really have that teenage film vibes, cool but girls' youthfully fun. Somekind of song that I'd celebrate with my friends after a toxic relationship break up
double b
double b Gün önce
this song is so beautiful, tasteful and aesthetically done - hot take: it honestly deserves song of the year
adoreshua Gün önce
LOVE DIVE will always be IVE'S hit song 😩❤️
enhahypen 14 gün önce
i’m coming back everyday love dive is too good
Angela Z
Love Dive is such a masterpiece 😭😭my official favorite song of the year
Kimberly Gün önce
'LOVE DIVE' is the most streamed K-Pop song released in 2022 globally! (746M streams)
I have jimin's jam but I will not give you 😏
Not a girl crush concept but is soft and calming.
NK Gün önce
Wonny "Narcissistic my god I love it" is already iconic. Just done perfectly. Voice is perfect for it.
Helena Borges
Helena Borges Gün önce
Melhor música do mundo
dai1 22 saatler önce
This is so addicting.
Paji asdfghjkl
it's funny how we're all worried After Like won't top Love Dive's achievements. and here we are, not only they topped it but smashed every records. 😭😭😭
greasyswfs 15 saatler önce
this is one of the best kpop songs ever made
Sunooversal ♡
Already slaying since debut they just put more magic in their first comeback
Beriane Carolina
Beriane Carolina 28 gün önce
Eleven e After Like são maravilhosas, mas LOVE DIVE é outro patamar.
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