It's Worse Than I Thought... (HOUSEBOAT UPDATE)

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Well, here's a boat update! Hope you enjoy it and if you want more updates, let me know!



28 Kas 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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AYO Fishing
AYO Fishing Aylar önce
Get 50% off of your next Huusk knife purchase before the offer runs out! - huusk.club/AYOfishing
Jason Cook
Jason Cook 23 gün önce
Is this an honest company or a scam. I ordered 3 weeks ago and supposedly shipped on Dec 10.
carl rosenbaum
carl rosenbaum Aylar önce
Up load and we will watch we like watching the rebuilds. Great video. New subscriber here from phoenix az.
snakasmagoo Aylar önce
What happened to the abandoned lake
Chad Aylar önce
You should look into spray foaming the inside of the Itty Bitty. Best insulation, protects against moisture and protection from your arch nemesis, the creepy crawlers lol. Not sure if it’s normal for a boat but it seems to be a great idea.
Yo Mama
Yo Mama Aylar önce
You said 50% off, then the video of the website says Get 70% off…..lol
Landon Teasley
Landon Teasley Aylar önce
Keep us updated as much as possible, but don’t overwhelm yourself. When your comfortable we get the best content, and you aren’t stressed 👍🏼 love seeing the progress
Casper Bahn
Casper Bahn Aylar önce
Yes give us small updates and quazy thoughts! We want it all! As long as it does not tear to much on you!
Robert G
Robert G Aylar önce
therealKerb Aylar önce
719LifeStyle Aylar önce
Weekly updates would be great or even a live feed would be cool
Zen Bilson
Zen Bilson Aylar önce
Yes, this. Just be whelmed. Careful you don't get underwhelmed tho too
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly Aylar önce
I think I speak for a lot of people when I say: The boat rebuild is cool but watching/listening to YOU work on the boat is the real content. The speed of the progress isn't that big of a deal. Not to mention your motley crew of helpers... Looking forward to the next video!
George Çonwell
George Çonwell Aylar önce
I've been following your progress on this.It's exactly the kind of thing that my wife of 45 years (Gloria) and I would love doing, but she passed away a few months ago and knocked the wind out my sails. Stay strong with your dream brother.You knew it wasn't easy and I think you can do it.I'm an old fart in his 70's and would love to see you do it.Good luck,Bill & Gloria Conwell
Belen Quintero Villa
Belen Quintero Villa 18 saatler önce
I hope I can find myself a life partner as sweet and loyal as you. Gloria was a fortunate woman to have had you in her life.
Asheville Comics
Asheville Comics Aylar önce
Sorry to hear George, I bet Gloria was an amazing woman. I'd be lost without my Amy
Jim Aylar önce
Best wishes George and fair winds….
BryDuhBikeGuy Aylar önce
I'm sorry to see you lost her.Still trying to figure out what to do myself after 2 years.It only hurts in bursts now.You'll be okay too.Best wishes.
Jodie Baars
Jodie Baars Aylar önce
At this point I'm committed to watching this project in it's entirety. I love boats and have always wanted a houseboat. So let's do this!!
Ed Stenson
Ed Stenson Aylar önce
You can reseal with a temporary silicone caulk just to get it enclosed, then cover the boat with plastic sheathing /tarps while you work on the interior. It’s a big project. Break it down into little steps. Use the down time to maybe do fiberglass research or looking at outboards etc. you’re doing fine so far. Make videos when you want to.
Friedel Schroder
Friedel Schroder Aylar önce
Good advice. Big projects are just loads more small steps ;)
Bob Job
Bob Job Aylar önce
He could use normal silicone, then silicone remover.
Mathew Aylar önce
The fact that most people wouldn't touch this project is why I'm here watching. I really like watching creators who challenge themselves instead of taking the easy and boring route. I also enjoy watching Alec Steele and Stuff Made Here. Good stuff! Also, I bought 4 knives for Christmas presents :)
Giovanni Giorgio
Giovanni Giorgio Aylar önce
Alec Steel would do MUCH better if he measured twice for 1 cut. As a metal worker i just cant watch him mess up constantly.
William Aylar önce
You damn right that things a nightmare
Lazar Cooper
Lazar Cooper Aylar önce
Davy: “It’s a little top heavy here” Ayo: “you’re mom” This is the kinda friendship I need in my life 🤣
Digging the channel My Man!🔥 Ahhh Yeahh🤘
Chris Kingsborough
Kenny Parham
Kenny Parham Aylar önce
I have said it before, the energy you put off when Davis is around is awesome! Keep pressing dude, the boats gonna be sick!
Life with Jeffrey Scott
Here's my two cents... I'm emotionally invested in this project. That is, I'm glad to find someone out there doing what I'd like to do, if I was dumb...I mean brave...enough to do it myself. In return for your questionable financial decisions that I don't have to call my own, I will watch every second of every video you make in regards to this project. I'll watch from beginning to end, even the sponsored segments, and do my absolute best to show my appreciation for your work in this manner. Keep it up! Keep screwing up on my (our) behalf, and post when you can.
warren thomas
warren thomas Aylar önce
You were right the first time, if you were dumb. The only bravery comes on launch day, that's if launch day ever happens. This is definitely not a project for everyone. You better understand that a boat is going to flex in the water because the pressures of the water and weather. And a lot of times having a little knowledge can get you into a shit load of trouble.
Dj dj
Dj dj Aylar önce
I agree with Jeffery Scott, Love your videos & from the amount of likes I'd say alot of viewers do also. Glad you shared a big part of your life, none of us are saints and have been there & done that.
The girl who Biden smells
I third this, will watch paint dry if that how much you show!
Gregory Archwoltz
Gregory Archwoltz Aylar önce
I second this!! I love restoration projects so much
Jonathan Echevarria
You got me invested in seeing this through! I wanna see you shopping for all the goodies. Voice your ideas and ask for ideas. See your struggles and how you overcome them.
The Space Shed
The Space Shed 19 saatler önce
I'm really, really enjoying this series, as I'm currently living on / renovating a 1975 holiday cruiser. I haven't had to tear everything out like you have but I had to get the boat clean dry and warm and replace or repair all of the onboard systems. So, big respect to you for what you are doing and your attitude. Your project is much more involved than mine and the best advice I can give is to plan plan plan, take your time and tackle one thing at a time..regards from the cold, dark and wet United Kingdom
BUNDLEofSTIX831 Aylar önce
I've never been more interested in a house boat in my life haha. I don't care when and what your videos consist of on this project, I mainly come here for your commentary on your own videos haha. I can't wait to see what journey this takes. Good luck man!!!!
Brian Cardona
Brian Cardona Aylar önce
Keep them coming man. We have all taken on a project and got to that point where you think, “Shit! What have a done. My wife is never going to let me live this down.” I enjoy watching to be real, and work through it. To the top!
Steve Aylar önce
I'm pretty sure the paint job on that boat is contributing to about 80% of its structural integrity
T ravis E
T ravis E Aylar önce
Keep the updates coming! Even if it's just moving boards and throwing wrenches! Much love from Las Vegas NV
Nicholas Pouliot Outdoors
I love your dedication you have for this project shows us what someone can do when they put their Time and mind to something you can accomplish your goal we just can’t give up . Congrats by the way on the 100k play button ▶️
kseth Aylar önce
i wait for these houseboat updates every week, cant wait to see it finally christened and on the open water
Seizedcarcass 84
Seizedcarcass 84 Aylar önce
I’m so excited to see what happens with the gravy boat! Hopefully you can at least salvage the windows. Though I definitely want to see it with a second floor and a top deck! Edit: it definitely needs a water slide on the back.
Samuel Bohannon
Samuel Bohannon Aylar önce
Keep us updated on everything! I love the progress- it’s realistic lol.
This boat project is motivation for everyone to complete their own projects! Definitely film everything beginning to end with this restoration, I would love to see the progress slowly build up.
GIXXER_NICK Aylar önce
Legend has it 38 years later and he's STILL trying to redo this boat.
dave011679 Aylar önce
I'm really happy to see that you're continuing with this project and I'm excited to follow your journey. I'm also really glad that you're as honest with your viewers as you are. As someone who has worked in the boating industry and has owned boats most of my life, I'm always trying to warn people about taking on huge projects like this. People always want to find that "fixer-upper" boat for really cheap but they rarely realize the amount of work and money project boats require. Especially since most people aren't doing all the work themselves. Thanks for sharing all your experiences, good and bad.
Jesse Ayers
Jesse Ayers Aylar önce
Your not joking when a person realizes the scope of a rebuild . I’m in the middle of rebuilding my pontoon boat. And yes , it can get away from you . Thankfully I’m watching a ton of TRvid videos to help guide me. Done with the deck , now to install side rails then furniture. The rewiring of the console is my dreaded feat . Lol
Walter Hresent
Walter Hresent Aylar önce
Gravey should be in every episode. You rock gravey!!
Diverse Gaming
Diverse Gaming Aylar önce
This type of content is why im subscribed! I love seeing all the stuff you're doing with this boat and i cannot wait to see how it progresses. I also really like this boat and i think you did a good job of choosing a houseboat with awesome aesthetics. I will watch absolutely every video that you post regarding this boat. Keep it up!
dave jack
dave jack Gün önce
having rebuilt a few dozen boats myself ... dont use 1x3's ... use laminated waterproof plywood . if u laminate the fullsheets and then cut the sizes u need its alot easier !
Chuck Fountain
Chuck Fountain 7 gün önce
Dude! I have done so many projects like this one! It's great seeing you take on an epic task! That's what makes your videos so cool! Anyone can buy a new one, but the majority could not tackle the job you are doing! Thanks so much for sharing with us! I will continue watching!
Derek Fox
Derek Fox Aylar önce
Keep up the great with AYO! Can't wait to see the finished project! Once she's done all the blood, sweat, and tears will be all worth it!
Roger C
Roger C Aylar önce
A wise person has said: "Restoring a boat is building a new boat while an old boat is in the way." Good luck, captain!
Dynamic Solution
Dynamic Solution Aylar önce
niemanic Aylar önce
I like that one.
cat daddy
cat daddy Aylar önce
Raymond Mumford
Raymond Mumford Aylar önce
Absolutely loving this series. It’s going to end us an awesome house boat 🛥 Your doing an amazing job on the boat and the video’s.
wooky chew bacca
wooky chew bacca Aylar önce
Keep with the updates, I just wish I'd started my boat overhaul at a younger (and healthier) age. Looking forward to your next installment video. Oh and on the windows, any good glass company should be able to cut what you need or even a RV / topper company
Mitchell Jordan
Mitchell Jordan Aylar önce
Keep them coming! This project looks like the ones I usually get into.The windows you should think about using lexon and cutting them yourself.
9134smoke Aylar önce
Keep making these !!! Just watched the last 4 in a row. Love to see the progress no matter what
Chris Lawrenz
Chris Lawrenz Aylar önce
Honestly man we could just watch you hunt that spider for 20 minutes and be perfectly happy, your commentary and personality makes the videos. But if you want to hold back and post more big update videos that’s fine too. Keep it up man
Miles J Outdoors
Miles J Outdoors Aylar önce
I think that is what Badge doesn't get. He is much more entertaining just being himself. Him monologuing about spider for 20 minutes would be a great vid. lol. The project is cool but we love the project because he is doing it.
Jamie Bell
Jamie Bell Aylar önce
@James S Yes more spider hunting!!😅
James S
James S Aylar önce
Knotengajin Gün önce
I’d take out the door since there’s so much rot, which would allow you to move the shower out of the way. Lay down some OSB to walk on, and put some house wrap over the windows.
Jeremiah Dennen
Jeremiah Dennen Aylar önce
Having rebuilt a boat myself, I appreciate the in depth look. It can help someone in the future know what to expect.
Ian Loughnane
Ian Loughnane Aylar önce
AYO you guy’s are so entertaining bloody hilarious and Davy Gravy is a star - can’t wait to see the progress, you’ve certainly taken on a huge project.
Ross Russell
Ross Russell Aylar önce
One thing at a time. I'm in for the long haul. I want to see the Itty Bitty go on a multi-day fishing excursion.
Chad AKA Coldest1
Chad AKA Coldest1 Aylar önce
REGULAR UPDATES!!!!! We want the courage to fail also!!! Actually enjoying it and want more. If you care about it, so do we.
Ray Abruzzi
Ray Abruzzi Aylar önce
Let the content come to you, no need to chase it. Much love, Ayo 🤟🏼
Preston Russell
Preston Russell Aylar önce
Keep working on “ the itty bitty” and make it sea worthy! Always looking forward to your next video!
Mr. John B
Mr. John B Aylar önce
Kept updating!!! Nice to see what you are accomplishing. It's a shame this houseboat is in that bad of shape but when you get it done it will be something to be proud of!!!👊🏻🤩 Stay Safe & God Bless!!!
M Perreault
M Perreault Aylar önce
I’m enjoying watching you and appreciate your sense of humor. This makes my boat issues look very minor. My wife complains about everything about my boat. I suspect you are not (or soon may not be!) married. Can’t wait to see how this turns out
Dustin Click
Dustin Click Aylar önce
AYO we with you till the end. I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone by saying we would watch daily videos of whatever you post lol. I like the progress report episodes it makes it more real. That’s the reason we all love you anyway you always seem so down to earth. Every video is a banger to me bro keeps me laughing the whole time and we can all use a little happiness in these days and times. Appreciate you man thanks for the good times.
WombleFrog Aylar önce
Dude! Just started watching. Always wanted to do this to an old houseboat up in Alaska. Super excited to watch how this goes. Great work so far! Keep it up! The Itty Bitty will be revived!
Edward Ceimk
Edward Ceimk Aylar önce
This reminds me of when I restored our camper. I’m enjoying all the videos. I’m glad I’m not the only one that kept finding more and more rott. Keep it up, I’ll watch whatever you put up on the build!
Joseph Gregory
Joseph Gregory Aylar önce
Been watching for a few days now. Definitely take your time on this project and don’t burn yourself out. Speaking for myself, if it takes 4 videos in a year to at least get it in somewhat of a condition.. it’s worth it. Subscribed today!
George Swift
George Swift Aylar önce
I love regular updates! Great project and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!
CaliEye Aylar önce
Show us everything bro, the frustration parts are so interesting, funny and will make the big wins so epic! At this point we are already stuck with you till the end, even if it ends like a bad movie. Frickin go for it!!! Some of My favorite youtube content ever made.
Darran Stephens
Darran Stephens Aylar önce
The best builds I’ve watched were very “bring you a long the whole way” i would love to hear everything that happens to itty bitty!
JoeCubicle Aylar önce
Keep going man! You can do it. My opinion: Redo all the framing with square tube aluminum and rivets and carbon fiber skin. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!
alpha182A 16 saatler önce
I enjoy the updates, keep them coming. Your doing great.
pop909 Aylar önce
Love the fishing content, but I'm hooked on this project too! Keep up the good work! Remember what your dad said (which is a quote that I have had on my desk for 3 years and look at every day) "Do what others won't to achieve what others don't ".
Chris Marchetti
Chris Marchetti Aylar önce
Ohhhhhh myyyyyy god! It’s finally here! Best series ever! Dont let the ugly parts get you down. You found LoJo and started your you tube career. I know you can finish this too. It’s going to be amazing!
vinh9190 Aylar önce
Keep as many videos coming if you can. I would love to see every little progress from you going shopping with cost in progress to hell just taking a break. I’m enjoying these videos vicariously through you in hopes that I can finally do this also. Thanks man. Keep up the good work even though hard times. You’re getting there.
Dan Bethel
Dan Bethel Aylar önce
I love watching all your videos especially on this houseboat, I really don’t think you could make too many of them.
Raymond Amoroso
Raymond Amoroso Aylar önce
I would've loved to see this boat in its new condition. Can't wait to see what u do with it. It's got a lot of potential imo
Andrew Bates
Andrew Bates Aylar önce
Your a legend mate, keep going I think your personality is awesome. This will keep you sain! Just think when it's all done and you kicking back on the top deck fishing with a beer..your going to be very proud of yourself, heck we will be.
Ralph Willis
Ralph Willis Aylar önce
Update when you can. Your doing exactly what I would do if I was younger. I love watching.
Jahmasin Mundele
Jahmasin Mundele Aylar önce
Love your spirit. Love your sarcasm. Love your sense of humor. I actually laugh out loud at the things you say...and your reality check humor.... KEEP GOING. I want to see every step. And if it never becomes sea worthy you could rent it as an AirBnB.
PerfektRepairs Aylar önce
I'm happy whatever you do man, I'm excited to see this on the water you and gravey chilling
Lisa rice
Lisa rice Aylar önce
Hand in there buddy. Keep us updated on the boat but take your time this is going to take awhile to do. Don't worry us loyal viewers will always love watching you
Fishing With Carson
I swear ayo has the best fan base out there! We’ve all been dying for another vid! Keep up the great work man we love ya ❤️
Alan Robison
Alan Robison Aylar önce
I just found your channel, glad I did!!You are one humble man, I appreciate that quality about you first and foremost! You have a great personality and it’s fun watching you go through your builds. If I could suggest that you make your videos longer, it seems that just when I get into one of your episodes that it’s over in under 20 minutes. I’m really enjoying your channel, sorry I didn’t catch your name. Continue with the great content, and above all, let your personality shine, you’re a great communicator as well. God Bless you brother, this is Alan from Riverside in Sunny Southern California.
Robert Haley
Robert Haley Aylar önce
Love these videos and the boat. Please keep us updated. Can’t wait to see her done.
Erik Empire
Erik Empire Aylar önce
I did a similar project but with a 36 food sailboat, frustrating but fun, tape up the windows with clear plastic and a good rubber tape and no more water during the wait.
Clinton Hunter
Clinton Hunter Aylar önce
id like to see as much of the process as possible, i love seeing this stuff
Doug Butler
Doug Butler Aylar önce
Keep doing exactly what you are doing. This is why we came! The awkwardness, sometimes dumpster fire sometimes success is what keeps us coming back. You got this and we all relate. I'm 57 years old and when I grow up I want to be like you.
Dan Mayes
Dan Mayes Aylar önce
I'm 64 going on 18 and can totally relate. I'll bet AYO's childhood was spent shocking his mom....
T D Aylar önce
Much ❤️Andrew, you got this! Think, it will end up being what want if you have enough time money and patience. Aloha and happy holidays
The Adventures of General Hooligan
Dude, post them up whenever you want. We love your content and will watch whenever it's available! Awesome job tearing it apart!
Joseph Hellams
Joseph Hellams 17 gün önce
I want to see more videos on this!! Your a man on a mission!! I just had stumbled in to watching this houseboat build and I really enjoy watching!! Thumbs up!!
Brock Miller
Brock Miller Aylar önce
I’ve never been much of a fisher. This series popped up and I think it’s AMAZING!! I’ll watch EVERY VIDEO. Start to finish baby!
Alan Clegg
Alan Clegg Aylar önce
I'm also a TRvidr. I can tell you that people like seeing things that they struggle to do themselves. As your obstacles increase and the difficulty seems insurmountable, remember that the charm of all rebuilds is seeing people persevere through the points where most people give up hope. You're doing great. Keep it up!
jeff chavis
jeff chavis Aylar önce
Love what you’re doing but my biggest fear would be a rotten hull, if it’s fiberglass & wood 20 years tops before needing to re support and re fiberglass the hull, in your video I can see thru the sides, I would be worried in rough water..
Bob's Company
Bob's Company Aylar önce
More updates the better. I can't wait to see this project complete.
Carl Klink
Carl Klink Aylar önce
Love what you do I like seeing the progress to a week every other day whatever keep your stress down I’ll watch it anyway
You Don't Understand the Peaches
You’re getting enough different content that you may want to organize videos into playlists on your channel. Love watching. Great work!
PaPaOnaD Aylar önce
Sheryl D
Sheryl D 25 gün önce
Really enjoying watching your renovation. The spider may have gone for a picnic. Hope it found a new home. You have already done a lot. Hang in there especially if you are over that hole in the floor
todd pavusek
todd pavusek Aylar önce
Keep the videos coming. Watching the progress (regardless of how small) is what keeps me tuned in
Skeeeter Aylar önce
Glad I found this channel. Now I’m anxious to see the entire boat restoration process. I don’t care if you make short videos of doing hardly anything to the boat or long videos doing a lot of work, it’s all entertaining to me. Hell I wish I could help you work on it
Odin Outdoors
Odin Outdoors Aylar önce
It's gonna be alot of work, but the pay off in the end when you've rebuilt it will be WORTH IT !!! 💯Can't wait to see it finished PIMPIN 🤜🤜
Bobby Shook
Bobby Shook Aylar önce
This series rocks, I look forward to all the itty bitty updates.
Chase Randolph
Chase Randolph Aylar önce
Just started watching the channel! Love what your doing and enjoy the content. - P.s. the boat could use a couple bug bombs. Keep it up, definitely look forward to the process/finish
Not bad for a Raglesville boy Smith
Enjoy your work, and attitude toward a project that would overwhelm most. Keep working I’ll keep watching.
rob jones
rob jones Aylar önce
Love watching the progress of the Itty Bitty, keep em coming, Brother!
SabotSailor Aylar önce
Personally I would love updates on this boat. I came in on the first episode of the boat and I love this content!!!
Grdfishing Aylar önce
Love the commitment man I’m sure the work is tough but the end result will be epic and a content machine
Zack Cochran
Zack Cochran Aylar önce
I actually found your channel because of the boat rehab. I’ll watch whatever you feel like uploading! Love seeing even the smallest bit of progress, and also the struggles that go in to doing this. Keep up the good work brother!
Bradford Carmichael
Came across your channel tonight just random searching. I usually watch auto rebuilds and such but really am enjoying this. Keep on posting as much as you like. I'll watch. I love seeing old machines destined for the scrap heap brought back to life. Thanks!
Photonchronicle Aylar önce
Keep your head up because I know you’re going far!!! Love the vids!!!
Raven King
Raven King Aylar önce
You got this Badge! It's a lot of work restoring this antique but you can do it and when you're down it's gonna be awesome! Honestly wanna see you and Lojo go on a Road Trip trying new fishing types across the states.
Jerry Nerche
Jerry Nerche Aylar önce
Congratulations man on the 100 thousand subs.!!! Just so you know it isn’t as much the content of your channel as it is your personality and out look on life and the problems you encounter in my opinion. 😂 I love to watch your hilarious view on problem solving and the content is also great 👍 I hope all the best for you my friend and all your crazy endeavors!!!
cheezyridr Aylar önce
spot-on! eventually, this channel will be huge, and you've perfectly stated why
Kevin G Man
Kevin G Man Aylar önce
New sub✅ you’d have to be crazy to not want to witness how this project turns out!! Best of luck and good vibes headed your way dude!
BaltimoreJak Aylar önce
Keep the Faith Brother!! Looking forward to seeing the engine turn over.
Ty F
Ty F Aylar önce
I love the series. Keep on uploading 2 times a week and get more sponsors to help out. Views will come with the series (or they won't) but at least you'll have the itty bitty finished.
Jermaine Olive
Jermaine Olive Aylar önce
Please keep us updated. What a great looking boat. I wish they had these over in Australia
larry patt
larry patt Aylar önce
Tarp it until you can get the windows reinstalled, I like what you’re doing with the ity bity. Restoration is hard and you have a real hard restoration ahead of you. If you restore it properly then you will reap the benefits. I’ve done some restoration projects myself, just don’t give up. Top to bottom on the boat and it should be under tarps . No more rain
theonecalledstein Aylar önce
Cheap carports from Harbor Freight work well for that.
Scott Anthony
Scott Anthony Aylar önce
Agree Larry gotta get it covered before work begins? I’d also drop something flat on the floor to stand on ? Clean the site ? 🛥🛥👍👍🚤🙈🙈
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