It's Over - The End Of an Era For Us 

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I hope you all enjoyed hearing this story of our struggles, our challenges, and finally our victories. If you want a chance to win the last Diesel Power Gear truck that we'll ever give away, you can enter to win this amazing U.S. 24 Valve Cummins by going here:
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19 Kas 2022




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@HeavyDSparks Yıl önce
I hope you all enjoyed hearing this story of our struggles, our challenges, and finally our victories. If you want a chance to win the last Diesel Power Gear truck that we'll ever give away, you can enter to win this amazing U.S. 24 Valve Cummins by going here: dieselpowergear.com/
@narayanalee Yıl önce
WOO WOO WOO !!! you guys rock !!!
@mariecameau097 Yıl önce
God bless 🙏 you for all good deeds done for people
@TheBabbsFamily7 Yıl önce
I started from the bottom myself and I’ve built a sustainable business with a steady income to take care of my wife and 3 kids and my employees. I’m not rich by any means but I’m blessed and that’s all that matters!
@mritron7649 Yıl önce
Heavy D happy holidays to you and the gang!!
@johnlash9298 Yıl önce
Not giving away anymore trucks
@dusty2206 11 aylar önce
I love that Deisel Dave mostly listens. Silence is so underrated.
@k13ehr 11 aylar önce
For a change, I just don't get him at all, he's HDs mate end of.
@milesstover3724 11 aylar önce
@@k13ehr bro what
@KobeTheKing26 11 aylar önce
Yes, listening to someone who you know is smarter then you and more successful is smart. Dave just be the side man when heavy is the mastermind of everything
@usa3105 11 aylar önce
@@KobeTheKing26 you can tell Dave will work his ass off though
He is like silent Bob
I found you guys the same day my daughter died. Sitting with a broken heart I turned on the TV and saw my first episode of your show. You both had so much fun and I've watched you ever since. I know this comment will be lost is all the posts here but I wanted to express my appreciation for who you and your team are and the risks you are willing to take to succeed. You both meant a lot to me that day and you still do. Thank you, brothers. You helped me carry on even though you never knew. God Bless you both.
@Taino871 Yıl önce
You broke my heart brother…. you and your daughter are in our prayers.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
@eformacio 9 aylar önce
I am sorry to hear your story, thank you for sharing. I hope you have found peace, my sincere condolences.
@lilnoobie-tc8dh 8 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this ❤️
@gmariet1391 8 aylar önce
I hear you and good sharing ❤️🌿thank you and I'm sorry for your loss !
@wolfgoddess7300 18 gün önce
Loved seeing your story in full ! Also very happy to see you guys involved in Bone Rush and recovery episodes ! What a great melding of the best of the best ! Good Luck !!❤❤❤❤
@peterputnam3804 Gün önce
What this proves Dave is never give up on your dreams. With hard work and the belief in yourself everything is possible. Thanks for sharing your incredible story.
An amazing story by a guy that can tell a story amazingly!! Great to hear a story of a guy that brings a group of people UP rather than down! Congrats to Heavy D and the entire crew!
@kerrylewis2581 Yıl önce
I love how the team has virtually stayed the same with growth. These guys know how to both earn and pay respect and make and retain friendships.
@camdenhull Yıl önce
This is a scam don’t respond
@jacob5014 Yıl önce
@@christoner2666 How are they going to prison? Giving trucks away is illegal now? They didn't scammed nothing either. No proof no case.
@@jacob5014 no, the commenter is a scam account, chill out bub
What a fascinating journey to watch from the United Kingdom. Seeing you guys go from a dream to reality is amazing. Thank you for all the joy you bring to your followers and Blessing to all your new endeavours.
@jbreeden2012 6 aylar önce
Like Gary Lankford... I myself discovered Your guys show not long after my son passed away in my arms. I was completely lost and lost control of my life. Turning to drugs and partying. I started watching Your show and spent many many hours a day watching episode after episode. Sometimes even watching the same episodes over and over again. Especially when You guys would help search for those less fortunate souls that were taken and lost. I want to Thank You guys from the bottom of my heart... God bless You both
@normplatt7549 7 aylar önce
WELL DONE TO all of your team! Have enjoyed the rides! The DIVES! And the Flies! LIVE LONG and PROSPER FROM BC Canada!
Only in America can a story like your happen, that's the reason why this country is worth fighting and dying for. Anywhere else in the world you wouldn't even be allowed to have a dream that could reach this magnitude, God bless America and thank you.
You guys never fail to inspire others. Good on ya and whatever the next move is we all know it's gonna be epic.
@jonhardin6726 Yıl önce
As a disabled veteran and cancer survivor, I want to thank you for keeping me intrigued and inspired during my recovery. Thanks for all you do.
@strikem1241 Yıl önce
Get well soon my brother.
@COEXIST-ny4db Yıl önce
I can't thank you enough for the freedoms I enjoy daily! Thank you so much! I hope you're better!!
@torxxx1 Yıl önce
thank you for your service
@JC-du6sn Yıl önce
Look up Andrew Wommack's A Better Way To Pray and Within Heaven's Gates by Rebecca Springer 😇
@wayne-sq2mp 8 aylar önce
When people see it from start to finish they get more motivated to over come their own demons ..the truth of the hard ships is inspiring as long as u never give up it's hard but builds character and makes a good day more understandable and less taken for granted .. witch equalls fuel for the fire inside
@lorilynn6511 Aylar önce
I am a 56 year old grandmother that really enjoys your channel as my grandson that I adopted loves your trucks and other vehicles. Thank you for helping people out as you and your crew are a blessing. I wish I knew about your channel years ago. We will always be watching. I am going to try to get some gear for my grandson and I as soon as I can afford it. Please keep surprising us with all that you do and come up with. God Bless
@tonywahab3523 6 aylar önce
Inspiring story! Happy to see your success and the accomplishments. Your videos are very enjoyable but watching the brotherhood you guys have is the glue that makes it all work like magic!
@tomwhelan4607 4 aylar önce
wow, what a journey, what courage and determination. Well done, a credit to you all.
@conradkortz 5 aylar önce
Thank you guys so much for posting this video its means a lot for a young llc owner like myself. Things have been hard lately im in my second year still working under another contracter but slowly planting the seeds for seperation understanding the main man is ready to retire as soon as he can afford it.. I personally pulled so much good useable info from this and has fueled my fire. yall have truly became an inspiration for all the little guys out there.
@AmericanFr33dom Yıl önce
it’s hard to find friends like this these days. super proud and happy for you guys. thank you for sharing your story.
@HeavyDSparks Yıl önce
Thank you so much!!
@jf2029 Yıl önce
Super hard!! Almost impossible!! True friends.
I lost a friend from Highschool he is ok but started family and split ways. I have another friend I started to know him from GTA V he still in highschool I am careful what I say.
@barbspalsbury547 Aylar önce
I love these kind of videos..i havent been following long but im hooked! You guys are amazing at what you do. Good hearted people that really care.🥰♥️
@bobabooie6389 2 aylar önce
I love hearing stories like this. I was homeless in my twenties strung out on speed then I got my shit together and years later here I am at 61 years old with a good job and wife of 30 years and a nice home so yes I love hearing these stories
@JohanLind 6 aylar önce
As a fairly new subscriber this is pure gold! Getting to know you guys and what drives you and where you come from. Big thanks!
Thank you for making this video. This was very inspiring! Usually we just see all your success but walking us through how your skills compounded and all added up to where you’re at now is probably the most motivating thing I’ve watched and has given me a lot of hope. We’re very excited to see what you guys do next!
@shanedraney7667 Yıl önce
I LOVE your drive, work ethic, and total lack of fear!!! Wish nothing but continued success for you guys and thanks for reaching out to folks who need help!
@stuartoates424 Yıl önce
As a 76 year old I had a hard time getting my head around some of your antics. Watching todays episode explained everything when i thought back to my younger days. Youve come a long way and deserve every last thing you have. Enjoy your show and now have a huge respect for what you have done.
@jiml4987 Yıl önce
He doesn't deserve that beard. It would take me 199 years to grow, nurture and love it. Then again I'm not bald, I'm good.
@Kimberly-vm9dt Yıl önce
How do u get people 2 stop following u i mean me
@todtalk3912 Yıl önce
@@jiml4987 no one asked about your hair.
@jiml4987 Yıl önce
@@todtalk3912 no one asked your opinion
Ditto..^ Being on Dave Spark's Tibe, is a very good position to be in!
@jimmorwood9715 4 aylar önce
Keep up the good work boys 😊
@weisser30 11 aylar önce
you guys are like j and silent bob really only in the aspect that your the talker and Dave is the physical emotion that randomly spouts wisdom and knowledge and jokes around truly a great combo
@MrPalmguy 11 aylar önce
Hi, I'm a newbie here but catching up. On loving all the adventures you present and I'm a cancer survivor so far. I'm living in the Philippines, formally from Indiana, USA, but you will be in my fights from now on due to your work ethic and being so willing to help others. I wish I had the resources to help others in a similar way that you all are doing but being 79 kind of limits my abilities now. I live vicariously through your videos and always look for new ones anxiously. Power on guys!!
@ian08520 Yıl önce
This is a great example of risk vs. reward. Thank you guys for years of trucks! Love you guys
@dons7593 6 aylar önce
Just goes to show dreams can come true with hard work and dedication
@emc5933 Yıl önce
You guys worked hard to get where you are and are truly an inspiration
@xfirehurican Yıl önce
The fact that you guys have over 2.5 million subscribers is a solid testament to your abundance of good will, generosity and professionalism. BRAVO ZULU!
Ah Bravo Zulu, for a job well done? Are you a Navy Vet by chance? That’s the only branch of service I’ve heard say that.
@xfirehurican Yıl önce
@@Youremadimeducated Marine Corps aviation.
what generosity? everyone here gets paid
@Danny__D Yıl önce
@@profhortsunlover1536 you must be new here
@xfirehurican Yıl önce
@@profhortsunlover1536 Damn straight, ProfHort,.You strengthened my point.They started from practically nothing and created a set of guys on a payroll. You got a problem with that?
@vickyayers4665 6 aylar önce
a new subscriber here - thank you for telling this story. Encouraging, Inspiring, and I love watching all the videos. I managed to catch a video, it was buying of a hardware store, and thought "these guys are crazy." I was hooked from there on and been watching video after video.
Very impressed how far you have come and that you never gave up! You are such a well spoken man and have surrounded yourself with wonderful friends that have been there to support you all the way! Can't wait for the next chapter! Good luck!
@runnv2 11 aylar önce
These videos are long ass hell (which i love) ive watched about 6 without gettin off the couch and alot of these stories about his experiences in every aspect from helping families to personal stuff. The more i watch, i feel good that someone like him is doing what hes doing and this is out of his good intentions to help others 💯
@StuartBrownlie 2 gün önce
Your family must be so proud, good on ya guy's
@DachsAutos Yıl önce
Thanks for sharing. Pretty great to see your starting point, where you are today and the struggles and triumphs. As a guy still working on a dirt floor in his newly built shop, I can appreciate the hard work and effort to grow!
You guys deserve everything that you have right now. You worked for it and I wish you all the luck in the future.
@jonr.747 Yıl önce
Loved watching every minute and learning about your story and what it took to get where your currently at. Its encouraging for me. I am apart of a family business which is at its 5 location and probably final location unless we find a way to grow and expand and this really motivated me. You remind me of my father and why my father has been so successful. What a great story 👏
@joshcross5379 11 aylar önce
I felt the growth of the company and constant hard work and perseverance pays off my hats off to you gentlemen. You’ve made it
@kevinmathers2701 6 aylar önce
You can tell how close they are and it is so beautiful that they grinded it out together
@haroldwdorman9644 8 aylar önce
Congratulations to you Heavy D for getting to live your dream of Owning your own business!
@brucebaldwin9112 8 aylar önce
Great show. I've watched you guys for a long time as I enjoy your content. But this was especially nice. Keep up the great work
Dave Sparks I could almost have guessed your history of starting out with almost nothing losing everything and starting again because only someone who has had nothing could be as generous as you are ! Congratulations you and your team are very special people
@bobbazoid9969 Yıl önce
This is a great example of being good Bec of good leadership. And your absolutely correct... I could only dream be able to make so much money and give it away that would be the job in world.
I absolutely agree!
@nancysmith2295 Yıl önce
In Reno, Nevada there was a very wealthy man who wandered around downtown picking up coins. I thought he was a hobo just picking up trash. He took those coins to his home and put them in barrels in his basement. When he died they found his basement full of barrels of coins. He died in the late 1970's. He was very old. Probably born late 1880's!
@frelnc 8 gün önce
I had signed up to your channel two years ago, and then, seemingly forgot that I had. A couple days ago I found some of your videos and started binge-watching, and today I found this. I love this! Great story! I'll be watching more. Keep them coming.
Y’all are awesome from start to finish! Love the Brotherhood, the Channel, and everything you guys stand for. Can’t wait to see the next chapter in your story.
@djreese1885 Yıl önce
What a wild story and congratulations on all the hard work and amazing memories you’ve shared and made with us the viewers! Appreciate you guys and look forward to seeing what happens in the future!! God bless 🙏🏻
@michaelhayes193 11 aylar önce
You guys are inspiring thank you can’t wait to see what’s next and fingers crossed on the give away I mean who wouldn’t want this piece of history, what a perfect truck and even greater success story !!!!! ❤
@user-tq7li5rm4s 3 aylar önce
Estoy muy feliz y emocionado de todos sus videos gracias a dios bendiciones , usted y su equipo forman lo.mwjor de lo.mejor mis saludos y respetos
@klove3628 Yıl önce
You guys are the embodiment of the American spirit, drive, and relentless pursuit of awesome. Congrats, you’ve earned it!
@user-hd8ej8yx9p Yıl önce
maybe in the older generations, not so much with GenZ
@Texan58 4 aylar önce
God Bless you both for what you do. Keep the fire burning 🔥🔥
@CombatBuckee 4 aylar önce
Got some major nostalgia in this video from the first three giveaways you ever did. Incredible how much you guys have grown since ground zero. Absolutely phenomenal video🤙🏼
@user-rs3qm6nr3i 5 aylar önce
you two men and your other crew are awsome..keep up the great job guys
@chrisflaws6763 6 aylar önce
Great story. Always love hearing about people who are self made and give back as much as you do. Hat's off to you Sir.
So excited for news of what's coming. Love what you guys do
@HunterGoodrich Yıl önce
Always wondered what segment of this journey would have been the coolest to be a part of, but seems like you always kept things wild and crazy and I’m really pleased with the timeframe I was involved in with you. Thanks for having me as a part of the journey and I’m excited to see what you do next!
@jbrows3730 Yıl önce
Me as well hunter I hope to all of yous the best life has to offer 💯🤙🤘🏻
@jbrows3730 Yıl önce
And I hope you keep up on TRvid when you can 🤙💯
@jbrows3730 Yıl önce
Tuning in from Ontario Canada 🇨🇦
@calholli Yıl önce
Did you get fired?
@Sam-kn2mm Yıl önce
Hunter are you still going to be with them??
@cwc5531 2 aylar önce
You guys are awesome, thanks for bringing us along on a great successful journey. With you all the way.
@ryansaving 6 aylar önce
When that’s heartbreaking I just hope that if any of your guys come down with the chronic illness, you just don’t kick them to the curb
@ML-or2be 11 aylar önce
Great story, and great success to you and all your guys. I think I've been with you guys since 2014, and I'm still here, can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us next, going to be hard to top this, what you guys have going on here is pretty darn good.
@99iwaena 6 aylar önce
Love both of these guys, they brought reality value entertainment and at the same helped people in need and sharing their contents to their faithful follower’s like myself! 😁💯🤙🏽
@timr9082 3 aylar önce
Congrats on your success! Well earned.
@vivaousley9350 Yıl önce
My husband and myself watched you guys for awhile. You like him are good hearted guys. He volunteered on the veteran comitee at work for years, rolling thunder 9 years and several fish fries and Christmas parties at our local VA hospital for years. He traveled to Tenn for operation Stand down for homeless vets 3 yrs. I did these along with him and we were blessed with 30+ years. He passed very unexpectedly last week and we buried him today. My heart and world is shattered. So just wanted to say thank you for all you do. He loved watching you guys.
@octoberfes Yıl önce
My sincere condolences. I wish you can find comfort on this good memories of him.
@justinmoore875 Yıl önce
Super nice my brother loved alll y’all’s stuff he got me watching it thankfully
So sorry for your loss sounds like your husband was a great person and you are blessed to have many good times with him!
@j.angelis6934 Yıl önce
Sorry for your loss
I am so sorry for you loss. I lost my brother very recently and he always got people asking him if he was HeavyD or related to HeavyD because they looked very similar. Anyway, thought I could offer my condolences..
@cabeziduro Aylar önce
I love everything Diesel brothers do...God bless you ❕️
@CaliforniaCarpenter7 6 aylar önce
I don't ever watch videos this long, but this was just too good to skip through. A universal theme in every success story is it starts with a series of failures. You just kept getting back up. Great video, and best of luck in the future.
@Mentaltruckr Yıl önce
It’s awesome to see the American dream still survives. Y’all’s journey is awesome and is a great example of not to give up and follow the dream. Good luck 🍀 with your future endeavors.
I’d like to enter However this disabled Combat Veteran just had a baby and I have no spare change to enter
@outdoor_le5261 Yıl önce
well said!
@barbaramclaughlin1336 11 aylar önce
You guys are amazing, my husband and I love your builds, hate to see you go but totally understand it’s your time to go be with your families full time now, stay in touch, best of luck to you both !!!!!!!!! God bless
@deemnfsh6544 9 aylar önce
This was amazing. Been an on and off follower for years. This almost brought me to tears. Love you guys! Can’t wait for all the next chapters!! ❤
@SoonerMikeD Yıl önce
Seeing people like you guys cast aside the fear of failure and chase your dreams is so inspirational. Sadly it makes me reflect inward a bit and realize I have not done the same. Amazing story and I can’t wait to see what to see what your next adventure is.
@HowToGuroo Yıl önce
its never too late
@ikecostner1 Yıl önce
You gotta take the risk, I always wanted to and was too scared to quit. A layoff forced my hand and it’s been the best thing to ever happen to me. I’m so happy and thankful
@juanestt66 Yıl önce
Guys, you are some of the best this country has, I really Admire the effort You’ve put to the emporium you’ve created, you guys deserve all the success you’re having
@theresecoe1732 Yıl önce
Except he started his business with a large inheritance! Still cool guys, but folks who stem success off their families are not typically very forward about it.
@towgator1990 4 aylar önce
Seeing how you guys started gives me a lot of hope i just dont know how im going to do it. but seeing your story has given me hope and all i can say is i pray i can do half of what you have done.
@DailyInsiderTips2030 4 aylar önce
So many moral lessons to learn from this beautiful story. Thank you for inviting us to where this brand started. What a beautiful reminder that perseverance and real sharp focus can take you so far. The brotherhood, the ups and lows and the legacy of this brand stands from a very good foundation. - “love”. Keep doing what you’re doing. Inspire more young people and beyond everything thank you for generosity and authenticity. We see that from all your videos. Much love. Thank you
@toddclark332 Yıl önce
Thank you guys for giving us the shows that you're allowed us to be able to see on the TV and see the hard work that you do for us folks .😁
@user-uk1hu4tf4j 10 gün önce
God bless you both .So much positive energy in any situation. Love watch your videos . You both amazing persons
What a heck of a story. Would love to sit down and here the complete story of the difficult journey you guys have had.
@markgraves4563 11 aylar önce
Love this vid brothers ,u guys are truly an inspiration. You guys deserve all that you have. You are truly humble and I can tell that y'all appreciate where you come from and all the hard work it took to get there.
@milaryan17 Yıl önce
I won’t lie, I just started my business in February, and ran dry, had to pick up a full time job and still do things on the side, I work on semis, and this helped a lot with motivation and I appreciate you guys
@snorttroll4379 9 aylar önce
What is your business?
@soundlysouth2962 9 aylar önce
NEVER give up on yourself.... NEVER be afraid to ask for "favor". NEVER stop problem-solving. NEVER STOP 🤜🏼🤛🏼
@dereksforReal 8 aylar önce
Thats business. Ypull figire it jist dont ever loose that dream n keep at it.
@albertpeugh9367 2 aylar önce
I hope and pray you haven’t given up your dream, because working for yourself is an amazing thing but takes a person with self motivation, self drive and mainly self education. Taking the other job and still keeping at your shows these same spirits. Just know you’re being prayed for.
@joecoldiron42 10 aylar önce
Y’all deserve all good that comes your way.. great guys and the hard work seals the deal!!
@curvedbearclaw Yıl önce
Have never really heard or watched anything of you guys before, only some of the recovery videos. Awesome history and very inspiring. And also anxiety provoling because I don't know if I would have come out the other end the same way you guys did in terms of having a TV Show and everything.
@l.l.2463 5 aylar önce
I am only a minute in and I am just dying here! 🤣😂🤣 That big ol' truck following along behind you like an overgrown puppy is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.🤩
@mjspeedzone5532 Yıl önce
Honestly.. crazy story. And the fact that dave just hung around and followed you blindly into the unknown is true enthusiasum. The trial and errors and shear determination to just keep grinding and changing plans non stop and looking for the next thing without a second though is grinding to the max. What a great entrepenurial mindset. For real..
@headbangersvg Yıl önce
What a story! Love the content and it makes it even better knowing where you guys coming from! Keep on doing the good thing and being a kind person helping other people out, that is what i like the most such a good feeling everytime when you guys helped out other people's! srry for my bad english though and greetings from The Netherlands! LOVE!
@colinrobertson843 5 aylar önce
@susanyoder5508 8 aylar önce
very inspiring!! I watch all your videos. Love the offroading adventures. You are a person who never gives up, and your partner is amazing. You remind me of Freddy Dodge and his story.
@brendaabernathy448 5 aylar önce
You guys are living proof that if you work hard while treating people with respect you can do anything. Your success is awesome. Thank you for being an inspiration to young men everywhere. This Southern Bell is proof of you and for you.
@davidgoller73 2 saatler önce
Great story! And a true testimony to the fact that nothing worth having comes easy. My most memorable moment was when you paid tribute to the Mexican guy's who jumped on the roof leak in the rain! As a prior small business guy who employed Hispanics, I'm here to say they are invaluable and the backbone of America, unfortunately we spend way more time talking about the one's causing problems.
@Detsteve Yıl önce
Ah yes. The usual story of some-one who is "an overnight success". Years of hard work and sacrafice and then you are suddenly an overnight success!! So much respect for you and your crew and what you do. Live the dream!
@joshuanicholsjr5327 9 aylar önce
I have been watching you since you started on youtube I have even gone back and re-watched a lot of your old video rescues and builds all great stuff god bless you guys from the eastern shore of md
@chrisbyard29 11 aylar önce
awesome journey, thank you for keeping it real, not a lot of people like to share their testimony of struggle. You guys do amazing work.
@budarmstrong 11 aylar önce
I came late to the channel, it's amazing to see your journey! Here's to many more years of success for you and your team
This is a great story! Showing us your story was really cool! Thanks for showing your ups, downs and success. Can't wait for the future.
@haroldludwick6423 11 aylar önce
An awesome walk down memory lane and an inspiring story which makes me believe I can keep on pursuing my idea to start tourism in a town from perspectives of my people... Cheers Guys!!
@denisesimon1959 Yıl önce
That first throwback photo is so precious. It really shows how far back you two go. Your hard work and friendship is inspiring.
@stevep5736 Yıl önce
We love you guys and your shows. You deserve the best ! God bless you both ,your families and colleagues!!
@villastarofthesea 4 aylar önce
an inspiring story of growth and adventure !
@hightde13 4 aylar önce
Are Chris and crew still on the payroll? If not do you know what they are up to now? Sounds like a great group guys.
@jtcollins2112 9 aylar önce
What an amazing story. You guys are inspiring.
@debbiedean3165 8 aylar önce
I really connected with you guys after watching you, your team, and volunteers help rescue the people from the snow in the San Bernardino Mountains 🏔. That was so inspiring. I am glad that I saw this video and am caught up on your background. Great video 😊
WOW I never gave you guys the respect that was due ! This definatly opened my eyes you and your crew worked hard to be a success. Great story 👏
@Robert-ue9is 7 aylar önce
Hey guys. I Love your guys channel and what you stand for. Great role models for success and determination. Keep it up. Your friends from Toronto Canada
@pootz8082 10 aylar önce
Always cool seeing humble beginnings makes for wholesome content and great perspective
@krissfemmpaws1029 9 aylar önce
That was enjoyable watching how things started and progressed over the years.
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