It's Official: Sen. Kamala Harris 'Might' Run

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'The Truths We Hold: An American Journey' author Senator Kamala Harris gives a two-word answer about 2020.
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11 Jan 2019

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Mosheh Yahcoo
Mosheh Yahcoo 3 saatler önce
....IMPOSSIBLE TO..."SLEEP WHITE...AND...WAKE UP BLACK"...."Devil in The Red Dress"
Warren Rudy
Warren Rudy 16 saatler önce
She is not fit for president especially what her and her cronies did to Brett Cavenall that was so outrageous and it hurt the whole family especially the children. If that would have been her we would never hear the end of it. She is also rude and throws her power around. It is politicians like her that are trying to lead us into communism and i despise everything she stands for. I will vote for president Trump again over her because we need leaders who love our country and not a hag like her.
don juwann
don juwann 17 saatler önce
she gonna have mad max as a running mate,you go gurl
King J
King J 19 saatler önce
I love her laugh
Koujoung Gün önce
People railing her for not having 'policy'. So, what policy did the current President present? "I'm gonna fix North Korea" And he's having summits with Kim Jong Un while ol' Kimmie has kept nuclearising the country. "I'm gonna defeat ISIS" Randomly pulls out of Syria, prompts his Defence Sec to resign and American lives are lost in an ISIS military attack. "I'm gonna repeal Obamacare" No idea what to replace it with. Bill fails in Congress. "I'm gonna build a wall" Causes longest ever shut down in US history, initally says wall will need 25 billion dollars and now it's magically 5.7 billion. Yeah, let's not get into policy., She could announce a policy that her first executive order will be that all Americans have to come to the streets and dance naked at full moon and I'd take it at this point.
Kristin Flugaur-Wessell
Yikes. Never gonna happen. She will get destroyed.
Jefferson Cereno
Jefferson Cereno Gün önce
50 php's paras's cutud's amacu's joan of arc's 800ml. .....
C Me
C Me Gün önce
I can't wait to vote for Senator Harris in the Primaries and 2020 Presidental Election! I am joining the Democratic Party for the sole purpose of voting in this primary.
Iggy G
Iggy G Gün önce
The 7 times the Late Show predicted the future
Jeedai Murishani
Jeedai Murishani Gün önce
Prosecutors lie for a living and build their careers off the backs of prison (slave) labor, but this one might be different😂😂 #EstablishmentCandidate
Gar Nunce
Gar Nunce Gün önce
Kamala the Unganda headhunter. 🐒🐵 ook on monkey!
snow vixen
snow vixen 2 gün önce
Is it just me or does she always wear that suit with thoes pearls
CRod_93 2 gün önce
This comment gives me hope.
Paulla Snider
Paulla Snider 2 gün önce
Watch Judge Jeannie on Nov 8, 2018 Find out about The Truth about this women!
jkwttrs 2 gün önce
Trump will show what clowns they really are. This is going to be AWESOME. Get the popcorn ready.
jkwttrs 2 gün önce
Funny thing is they can't run California what makes her think she can run the country. Founders intended to thrive and stick to the constitution not destroy it. She is a joke!
John Adams
John Adams 2 gün önce
She will be crushed and humiliated by Tulsi Gabbard.
Luke Wagner
Luke Wagner 2 gün önce
This woman broke a fundamental principal during the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings, a principal that is so necessary to uphold justice and liberty in our land, a principal that we can only say must be upheld by any one running for President of the United States, unquestionably. This is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11: "Everyone charged with a penal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defense." Brett Kavanaugh, who was not even charged with any penal offense, only subject to a non-evidential allegation, was subject by this woman to the most unfair, cruel, and perverted questioning perhaps of any "hearing" in our nation's history. She broke article 11 deliberately out of pride, and for the support of her own liberal agenda, an agenda that has now spun out of control in our nation, where the perverse is now considered civilized, and the indecent to be proper. Separation of Church and State is a functional one, a relationship which allows the States' freedom to elect certain laws and regulations different than other states, yet not in respect to fundamental morals. The federal government is to protect the people from the abuse of the states' powers. The States' cannot act independently of the federal government in redefining rights and definitions of humanity, or we no longer have one nation under God, but a nation divided. We cannot have a Senator, equally as corrupt as Hilary Clinton, running for office who not only breaks article 11, but teaches and models to judges and other politicians that it is Ok, and continues to promote the LGBT movement, the funding of abortions (NY is now considering passing a bill to allow abortions up to the 9th month), the new vision of family life, a worldview marked by apathy towards moral truths, persecution of Jesus Christ, and servitude to the demon of "niceness," who looks handsome and attractive, but stands for anything but Christianity. "If they persecute Me, they will also persecute you."
Luke Wagner
Luke Wagner 2 gün önce
+Mihir Patel I'm open to mature dialogue.
Mihir Patel
Mihir Patel 2 gün önce
Oh...Ok. Get a job bro, you have a lot of time in your hands :)
ROB DC 2 gün önce
Late night. Cartoon characters with left wing nuts in the audience and as guest. Harris, what in the world has she done? Another self important stooge of the left thinking they matter. Cracks mu up.
Mobile Gaming Express
It's a talk show not a serious political show so she's not going to talk about specific policies.
Hoa Dang
Hoa Dang 2 gün önce
if Kamala Harris become president of the US, we will have Chinese take over USA, like 8 years Obama was president, he was bribed by chinese government ! China was very poor but after pre Clintons was bribed from China, they become rich !!!
annafarhan 2 gün önce
She talks very well, but says very little and nothing with any real teeth.
djbrothabill 2 gün önce
Cory Booker will be her/the vice president
222864738 2 gün önce
That laugh is insane...
jarhead marine
jarhead marine 2 gün önce
She talks like she’s buzzed on wine
1of 42%
1of 42% 2 gün önce
Vote for a dirt bag who allows illegals in her state to get away with killing police officers on Christmas and California citizens.
mark spannar
mark spannar 2 gün önce
And who cares she’s a political hack her party will never gather around her .
Jim AItruist
Jim AItruist 2 gün önce
Toxic to our party , racist as well and she’s not like able.
Shirley Blaylock
Shirley Blaylock 3 gün önce
Ugh. Trying to sound patriotic, not the Marxist she is, because she wants to be another Obama.
pratik dutta
pratik dutta 4 gün önce
Her laughter is good. But she needs to work on it. Waiting for the memes to roll out.
Hy are some
Fist Fury
Fist Fury 4 gün önce
Just vote but get rid of Trump!!!!!
Ponce De Leon
Ponce De Leon 5 gün önce
I keep seeing And hearing about Female's who are Democrats ( politicians and celebrity). Yet I have not seen or heard of any Men who are Democrats throwing their hat into the ring to run for President in 2020.... Why is that? 🤔 It seems as though Mainstream Media is pushing that agenda pretty hard recently. Doesn't it?
matsfreedom 5 gün önce
Trump will wipe the floor with this Leftist half-wit.
RK F 2 gün önce
You must be pretty mentally disadvantaged to view Trump as some kind of big thinker.
Jace Cavacini
Jace Cavacini 5 gün önce
Finally, a non-coy response to “are you going to run for president”.
dan Chavez
dan Chavez 5 gün önce
why is this canadian-indian-jamiacan women claiming to be african american like using DOS for your benefit is just plain wrong shame on you kamafalse!
Nilesh Pandey
Nilesh Pandey 6 gün önce
I like her smile, and the way she laugh :)
Plug Outlet
Plug Outlet 6 gün önce
People will say No just because she's black alone. Shame on the people.
Sheri Olson
Sheri Olson 6 gün önce
😂😂😤run? Ok.
Chet Weeds
Chet Weeds 6 gün önce
What a disgrace
Ben Jamyma
Ben Jamyma 6 gün önce
Funny how she chuckles like a 5 year old when asked about running for president. Time for this woman to get back to the job she's been barely 2 years at or has she really been working or shamelessly promoting her political aspirations?
Matthew Wiederspan
Matthew Wiederspan 6 gün önce
I support Kamala Harris for President because I believe that she would be a "superhero" for the nation.
Johhny Jones
Johhny Jones 6 gün önce
Johhny Jones
Johhny Jones 2 gün önce
+RK F Sorry sir for the spelling. My thumbs got in the way. You must be perfect and my choice of words is correct just harsh. I am not PC and NEVER will be. The DEMORATS HATE AMERICA AND COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE PEOPLE.
RK F 2 gün önce
Between the sentiment the spelling and the all-caps, I can really tell you got your head on straight. Did you have an aneurysm for breakfast again?
Incorrect Grammar
Incorrect Grammar 6 gün önce
Dems, no matter what y'all feel or think about Kamala Harris, please don't be too quick to demonize her and critizise her every word or every interview. At the end of the day, almost anyone is better than Donald Trump, and if you keep shooting down democratic candidates, there's a risk y'all won't have 'anyone' left when it comes down to it. Just saying.
RK F 2 gün önce
Just trolls and Trump supporters posing as Dems on here trying to undermine support for a fine candidate.
dan Chavez
dan Chavez 5 gün önce
voting the lesser of two evils is what got us in this mess
MrXtraconservative 6 gün önce
What makes you happy? Where does your hope come from? Boy, those are some really hard hitting political questions.
Ponce De Leon
Ponce De Leon 5 gün önce
No those are the bait questions so she can figure out what B.S. to blab to the libtards so they follow her.
Kinky 7 gün önce
Kamala - don't bother running. You screwed over Californians by not bringing charges against Steve Mnuchin, who was foreclosing left and right in a bank scam, thus allowing him to become Trump's Secretary of the Treasury. And we're supposed to vote for you after that? Guess again!
The One
The One 7 gün önce
She's a FRAUD.
sunny marie
sunny marie 7 gün önce
I just remember all the black men she has kept in jail, put in jail, made available to fight wild fires for $2 a day and her attempt at making truency a crime. But corporate Democrat is bad too😒😒Howard university and ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY INCORPORATED should b very proud of....she has truly represented and protected the AADOS COMMUNITY
The Bacons
The Bacons 7 gün önce
She’s at her best when she’s at the podium or on the debate stage. This isn’t her element. That said I’m excited to see what she can do moving forward
mnjsbdjkshdw tomlinson
Jo Hannes
Jo Hannes 7 gün önce
"I had sex with politicians in high places to get to where I am today." -- Kamala Harris -- 2020 Presidential Candidate
Mira Robin
Mira Robin 7 gün önce
She should have pulled the Stan Lee quote
sonicfanrs 7 gün önce
Disgusting. Idk which is worse.
Natalia Li
Natalia Li 7 gün önce
She scared me with her laughter. Sounds creepy.
Rudra Jha
Rudra Jha 7 gün önce
I feel bad for her . She would loose badly to trump .
David M
David M 7 gün önce
Nasty filthy vile woman! California must have rigged elections or fools that vote for evil people.
Suzanrubi 8 gün önce
On behalf of everybody with a brain....please run. I hope every American votes for you. Here in the Netherlands I'm still waiting for someone to wake me up and tell me it was all a bad dream.
Eat my Shorts
Eat my Shorts 8 gün önce
At the end, I honestly thought Colbert was going to say at 'Trumps reading level'.
Eat my Shorts
Eat my Shorts 8 gün önce
But Trump cant even read. And we all know that
Cris Dean
Cris Dean 8 gün önce
Really? Hell No. Just look st California. She is part of a S hole state.
Package Not Delivered
I love people that support Tusli over Harris, I get the frustration with "corporate Dems" but have you not seen Tulsi's past comments?
MarkR. Katzman
MarkR. Katzman 8 gün önce
Oh I hope so...pleeeeze Kamela or is it Camela? Just curious...what has this "hag" done in all of her time in "office"? Nothing. Ask the Bologna Family, or the Kate Steinle Family...Camela, yes, that's it, CAMELa would be a joke except that many people have suffered because of this sh*t! Now she's posting how "hip" she is. Is that what a President needs? Hipness? It's unbelievable that we have Beeeetow, Camela, and Kirsten Gill., and oh yes, Pochahontas the one-millionth part Indian, all running for President...what a crew the demoncraps are fielding!
Justin Ashman
Justin Ashman 8 gün önce
Officially "might" run. Okay. Breaking news!
Catcher-N Rye
Catcher-N Rye 8 gün önce
Warren/ Harris 2020 !
Rus Varyag
Rus Varyag 8 gün önce
Clymidia is an embarrassment to the country. She is arrogant, consenting and unwilling to protect the people of her state or of this country. She is a COMMUNIST!!
MidScream1 8 gün önce
I'm definitely going to be voting for Trump in 2O2O. We don't need another woman, person of color, and especially a woman person of color yuck :)
jorgensenmj 8 gün önce
The only real competition that Trump might have is possibly Beto...unless Beto posts a video of himself going to the dentist.....Never mind... Trump would have to be guilty of being a Russian spy to lose....Hey...what is all this about Trump being innocent must mean he's a Russian spy? Narrative twisting taken to a new level.
jason t
jason t 8 gün önce
I "might" vomit....
Sarah 8 gün önce
I'm not even American but I WANT BERNIE DAMMIT!
Paul Gaittens
Paul Gaittens 8 gün önce
I'd vote kamala
Em-Jay Taylor
Em-Jay Taylor 8 gün önce
This lady laughs easily and with a real evil cackle. I can imagine she is hilarious after a few beers. On a professional level, she is intelligent, well informed, articulate and empathetic. These are qualities that help make a good leader.
AUDREY 8 gün önce
kamala harris mother Shyamala Gopalan is East Asian which mean Kamala is East India - not Black - just like Obama she out to play black People to get into the white house - NoT Only is she stealing MLK day - who she Is Not connected to - share 0 % black People DNA -- she carries 80% East Asain genes Kamala - DNA is not Black America - not connected to Frederick Douglass - Just search her mother name Dr.Shyamala (Sky-amala) Gopalan - Every immigrant from India knew this and Now every Black America needs to know that not every Dark skin is not your people - no more waves of illegal migrants -- or flow of Immigrants here for Open Borders --
Paul Foster
Paul Foster 9 gün önce
I loved when she was against reducing prison sentences for nonviolent offenders during overcrowding because the slave labor provided too much profit! That was so cool! #Kamala2020
Amanda M
Amanda M 9 gün önce
Barbara Wasilak
Barbara Wasilak 9 gün önce
EVIL, NASTY woman ... maxine should run with her ... disgusting..
Christian Escoto
Christian Escoto 9 gün önce
I’d love to vote for her or Biden.
Rocket Man
Rocket Man 9 gün önce
She compared ICE to the klan. I wouldn’t even consider her.
Joey Enderle
Joey Enderle 9 gün önce
Please run your amazing!
227Morgan 9 gün önce
EVERYONE Please go to Movetoamend.org and sign the petition to have a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood and say that money is not speech. The video "Legalize Democracy" here on youtube does a great job of explaining the historical context and why this is the first step in dealing with all of the major issues facing this country. We can fix it!
Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper 9 gün önce
Harris pelosi Weinstein brown reasons why illegals are destroying California and the country
Danny 9 gün önce
As a moderate, I’d prefer not to see her run. She’s not the best candidate
M O 9 gün önce
Blah blah blah. Wille Nelson for president.
larry smith
larry smith 9 gün önce
She already won
whoo else
whoo else 9 gün önce
she wont be getting my vote.
D Wilkerson
D Wilkerson 9 gün önce
It couldn't be any worse than if Hillary won
ZedsterX 9 gün önce
No thank you Kamala. No Obama 2. You are just another shill like he was.
Dak Lamerbusch
Dak Lamerbusch 9 gün önce
I've been planning to vote for her since Liddle donny stole the 2016 election. Unfortunately, 2016 was Bernie's last chance. 😞
SecretSickle89 9 gün önce
I wonder when the last time Stephen had a republican on his show...
V S 9 gün önce
Show is so biased
phillip watson
phillip watson 9 gün önce
What is she running for, moron of the year or baboon of the year?
Myra Mick
Myra Mick 9 gün önce
hopenlk 9 gün önce
Populism....populism...populism. We all know what happened the last time we heard stuff like that...
Mike Fox
Mike Fox 9 gün önce
Seeing a lot of "Corporate" in the comments… Is this the latest Trump/GOP attempt at a slur?
Edward Russell
Edward Russell 10 gün önce
Big words no substance... part of the clique... Time to reap is here. SWAMP becoming exposed ....
Teresa Logan
Teresa Logan 10 gün önce
This is the second time I have seen Kamala Harris on Stephen's show and I have to say I like her she is intelligent, articulate, and has extensive governmental experience I would definitely vote for her; however, unfortunately I don't think Americans are ready for a female President there are too many white Male Chauvinist in the U.S. who won't accept a woman as President. But, I do think Corey Booker and Kamala Harris would make a great team presiding over America.
joseph moore
joseph moore 10 gün önce
Peter Wood
Peter Wood 10 gün önce
Kamala Harris would be a terrible candidate. When she was a District Attorney (and then Attorney General of California), there was a big increase in drug related convictions, and she attempted to block the release of nonviolent second-strike offenders on the grounds that would result in prisons losing an important labor pool. She also fought against a transgender prisoner having access to sex reassignment surgery, More recently she has been a strong supporter of anti-sex worker legislation and lead prosecutions against 'backpage', making it much harder for sex workers to safely find clients. She's not as bad as Trump, but isn't much better.
P. Kim
P. Kim 10 gün önce
s it only me who thinks she was under the influence of something?.....she needs more time in the Senate before running for the presidency.
Natalia 10 gün önce
Even my family that is predominantly Democrat can't stand these idiots like Camal Harris or Elizabeth Warren. The presidency was given to Trump on a golden platter.
Austin Zappas
Austin Zappas 10 gün önce
Bernie is our next Pres, and every dem should get smart fast and support a real revolution, and it has been 40 years in the making. Books are nice, but policy is king. Bernie is known as the ammendment king. He is the best role model America has right now, and his policies are what America demands.
Ashesh Dubey
Ashesh Dubey 10 gün önce
I love how all these people are hating on her but these are the same people who voted for Trump, made him the President and are now regretting it. America is the best sitcom ever!😂😂😂
Apple Be Like
3 gün önce
Conspiracy Series
5 gün önce