It's Finally Here... My Tesla Model S Plaid

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My Tesla Model S Plaid has arrived. What a time to be alive.
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15 Oca 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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The beauty of tech is making a grown adult feel like a kid in a candy store - your reaction says it all, Lew 😍🙌
Chris Majestic
Lew isn't even known for long format reviews and think this is the best review/walkthrough I've seen of the Plaid.
Lonely Sandwich
Deep blue metallic with white interior is a 👌 spec
The software and engineering talent of Tesla is amazing. Also, most people are just beginning to understand all the features they have. Like the HEPA Filter in the Model S, X and Y which is the most sophisticated air filter in any vehicle. Pretty useful with wildfires in California and all the other air pollution in cities. And I am sure they will crack full self driving.
ChanTha Funny Official
¿Cuándo estaré destinado a conseguir un coche así y montarlo?
Humberto Cobian
This has to be the best car review, specifically for a tesla, ever. He knew exactly what to cover and talk about. I have questions about the car I feel like I know it all after this simple video
it really does release the inner child
It is insane how far this stuff has come. Makes me excited that hopefully in 7 years when I get a new car I will be able to get possibly a used Tesla and experience the features myself.
Best of Todays Media
I agree with you Lew, Tesla is like a car company with a HUGE smartphone background
Brynn Stanning
Seeing something give an adult so much joy and make them giggle like a child is what we all need right now!
Qais Ra
Now this is what you call a review, using and experiencing about every little aspect of the car that makes it great
PewBang Pew
The fact this car can remember what specific spots you need your suspension raised is insane 🤯
Marcus Jay
You know you're in the future when your 21" in-car touchscreen display has bloody basic fruity loops studio built in 😲 craziness!
Arena Closer
He's not been excited about many recent product reviews, but he looked ecstatic for this.
Great stuff as always, props to the editing team for the intro and all the nice wide angle shots inside the car. The one that shows all of the seats from the roof view must have been a challenge!
Chris Kepu
I've watched so many Tesla videos because I dream to have one but I've learnt more in this video than any other recent videos on the new plaid. Thank you Lew!
Marcel Pete
You made me want this car desperately in 20 mins and I've seen it multiple time every and anywhere else. Tesla should thank you.
Garrett Zickgraf
I drive a Model 3 currently and absolutely loved this review. Great work!
Jeff Moses
This is the best review on the plaid or Tesla in general. This video is why I love your work. You just deep dive and give my inner nerd everything it needs.
theFUNlife - ALEX127
I’ve had mine for a few months now. I absolutely love it. It’s such an amazing machine, a technological marvel! I had to customize mine too to make it unique to me. I’m going to share a video on that soon. This was a great video, love what you do brotha!
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