It's About Damn Time Lizzo Blessed Our BET Awards Stage Again! | BET Awards '22

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Watch Lizzo's 2022 BET Awards performance of her hit song, "It's About Damn Time!"

@Lizzo Music

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25 Haz 2022




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Lizzo is such a ray of sunshine, her personality is a breath of fresh air, she makes positive, uplifting music that makes you believe in yourself plus she's very talented, she can play the flute and dance at the same time, like who else can do that
People need to learn to appreciate people for their unique talents. If they are bringing it where it matters and doing their jobs that IS ALL that MATTERS! Your fans love you Lizzo!
Deserae Ward
This is my first time seeing plus size men be dancers on a stage and I absolutely love it. Lizzo really is all inclusive 💖🥰💕💞💕🥰💖
Monique Kwachou
When they say "body positivity" Lizzo embodies that. EVERY DAMN ONE, the spectrum is loved.
Kevvvy Kevv Entertainment
I’m so inspired… Me as A big guy watching big people dance and have fun has touch my soul. I can see myself dancing next to Lizzo..
She really set the tone for an amazing show. So glad she opened the show
Stage design was absolutely everything. Especially the intro graphics!
Aja Kennedy
I appreciate her vocals are actually live. Man, that gets more and more rare these days!
Chinwe Jon-Nwakalo
I love seeing the dancers from Lizzo’s watch out for the big grrrls!! The show was great and they were all so amazing. I love that Lizzo continues to spotlight their talent/work and though it was a reality show, they really got dancing careers with a hugely talented artist!
I see the two girls she promised to call for a show and… well… this just make me love Lizzo even more as a person!!
Beautiful Rose
She took all that bullying that she used to get and turned it into this and I bet you everybody that bullied her in school is buying her music today wishing they can be her friend 💗
Jackie Garcia
Lizzo is literally energy that brings love into any room. Say what you want about big women but this woman is an incredible entertaining & when she gets on that stage she is active!! You can’t help but love her!!
I’ve got pit tickets for her tour! I cringed at the price but this just tells me it’s worth it!!! I’ve seen her before before she blew up but the production these days is insane!!!! Yessss, big boys!
Ms. Diva 2U
Lizzo, did the damn thing!!! Now, she is dancing with the the big boys. Alright now!! I love it!!! They killed it last night!!!
Crystal Kniss
You can’t help but love her and everything she represents. She’s a god damn ray of sunshine.
i love how everyone in the crowd is vibing with her and the positive energy, lizzo deserves everything that she has and that is coming to her!
Khaleesi Del Rey
I love that the ladies from “Watch Out For The Big Grrrls” are still dancing with Lizzo, looking amazing and KILLING IT!
It’s the giggles at the top of her set for me! She knew she was about to have fun! ❤️❤️❤️
She is beautiful. Her energy, personality, and vibe are a force to be reckoned with!
KamisKisses CSL
Lizzo we don't deserve you. You are a blessing and a phenomenal woman. The dancers! The Flute. The stage. Everything is on point!
Lizzo Carpool Karaoke - #LateLateLondon
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The Worst Skyrim Build.
görünümler 1 140 998