It’s Mahomes’ MVP Trophy to Lose | Gridiron Heights S5E12

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With a quarter of the season left, Mahomes is running away with the MVP 🏆


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23 Kas 2020




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Austin Sapp
Austin Sapp Yıl önce
"That child is going to die" killed me.
HaHaHighFive 3 aylar önce
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Echo Productions
Echo Productions 11 aylar önce
@msblanc It's not from The Mandalorian it's just a joke craping on their offensive line.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Yıl önce
Bro I was rolling!
Stephanie Stortz
Stephanie Stortz Yıl önce
The Loneliest Rocket
So good, I had to watch it twice.
Anthony G
Anthony G Yıl önce
"Russel is like today's Drew Brees, there is always someone better than him." Why is this true and why does it hurt so much...
Henry Chapman
Henry Chapman 8 aylar önce
I'm 100% sure that it's not true lmao
Lola Jay
Lola Jay 10 aylar önce
@❀ lily ❀ butthurt brees fans
Lakehouse 160
Lakehouse 160 11 aylar önce
@❀ lily ❀ 7>1
Jailin Roberson
Jailin Roberson 11 aylar önce
@❀ lily ❀ L 😂
DeMoLIRI 11 aylar önce
@❀ lily ❀ Drew Brees padded his stats in a dome in the most watered down era of nfl defenses. Hes no better than Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young or Peyton Manning. Lol let alone Brady
Jacob Kingsley
Jacob Kingsley Yıl önce
“Hey guys have you seen all the snow? It’s like Buffalo in the summer!” And the Eagles falling out of the tree.
Jey4eva_lyrics Yıl önce
@Noah Herskovitz you won
Jey4eva_lyrics Yıl önce
@Bradley Hommerson DAMN this aged super poorly. 0-3 in his last 3 games.
Muj Yıl önce
As a Buffalo fan I can confirm this we get like a foot of snow in July
Noah Herskovitz
Noah Herskovitz Yıl önce
@Fonso's Takes and Talks You think being an Eagles Fan is bad I’m a jets fan
Bradley Hommerson
Lathan Armogida
Lathan Armogida Yıl önce
The concern in Tom’s voice when he says “That child is going to die”
Roboknight 3 aylar önce
He really does care
Chris Conroy
Chris Conroy Yıl önce
He should kiss him on the lips
Random Coffee Table
Cries in Burrow.
Lane Messer
Lane Messer Yıl önce
Ikr makes me love the episode even more
Dylan Flores
Dylan Flores Yıl önce
“You know I also won MVP once” Lamars reaction to that is priceless.
Lola Jay
Lola Jay 9 aylar önce
I always forget Matt Ryan won MVP. Too bad the Falcons' epic super bowl collapse overshadowed his achievement
Darius Todd
Darius Todd Yıl önce
@TubaGod we don’t talk about the thing
Noah Smith
Noah Smith Yıl önce
@BingoBongo stay strong my atlanta brother
Sergio Salazar
Sergio Salazar Yıl önce
He never saw it coming (2017 joke)
BingoBongo Yıl önce
@TubaGod funnily enough he’s played better since then...except we never recovered
Brandon Ramos
Brandon Ramos Yıl önce
Mahomes voice actor deserves a raise
Aidan EXEton
Aidan EXEton 3 aylar önce
And instead he got replaced
The stat Kid
The stat Kid Yıl önce
There are 2 so they make a lot
Omar G.
Omar G. Yıl önce
@F B - He can win MVP every year & it won’t make a difference, still an all around douche
F B Yıl önce
@Omar G. dude is about to win his 2nd mvp in 3 years and will at the very least likely be in his 3rd straight conference title game but haters gonna hate i guess
Justin Pettit
Justin Pettit Yıl önce
Why? For making me have to put closed caption on to know what he's saying? Lol.
Trifecta Sports
Trifecta Sports Yıl önce
“Did he not see last years episode?” As a Vikings fan that hit hard but it’s 100% true lol
@Damian Kyle I'm saying right💯
Wyatt Keyeski
Wyatt Keyeski Yıl önce
@foiledthrice no they mean AD he has two nicknames AD and also AP
@KING Videos oh when I hear AD I think of Anthony Davis
KING Videos
KING Videos Yıl önce
@OSOWAVEY IS KING Adrian Peterson AD stands for All Day
Who's AD?
TDL Cannon
TDL Cannon Yıl önce
"I will prove the packers wrong by winning a lot of games" - pissed off Aaron Rodgers
@S.E. Well consider that done lmao
Jey4eva_lyrics Yıl önce
Arin Dhingra
Arin Dhingra Yıl önce
As a packers fan and seeing this now, Aaron Rodgers deserves Mvp he is doing incredible
Jey4eva_lyrics Yıl önce
@Mac Damon Raven's Titan's Brown's. That's 3 good teams they've beat off the top of my head. You don't go 10-0 and only beat 1 good team by week 11 or 12.
uGetNoButtOnGod Yıl önce
@Dante Haskell the schedules are decided years prior look up 2021 nfl schedule to see who you face next year
Owen Lundeen
Owen Lundeen Yıl önce
"Wow, who woulda thought, me, Josh Allen, hanging in with the big boys?!" Bills fans. Us Bills fans knew he could do it 😂
The Horror
The Horror Yıl önce
@Owen Lundeen that was so awesome
Owen Lundeen
Owen Lundeen Yıl önce
@The Horror Hell yeah I remember that like it was yesterday
The Horror
The Horror Yıl önce
Who remembers that qb hurdle he did in his rookie year?
Andrew Albrandt
Andrew Albrandt Yıl önce
@Agent Beamstar I’ve had faith in him since his days in Wyoming
Your Boy Mr Mac
Your Boy Mr Mac Yıl önce
For the tallest QB in the league he has such big kid energies
M Yıl önce
Josh allen has to be one of the best characters they've characterized
Atto boi
Atto boi 5 aylar önce
for real, im a non-buffalo fan (actually miami fan) living in buffalo my whole life, and it nearly makes me cry having a bills QB here who is actually elite, I can go watch real football games IRL without traveling to another state
The Baconator
The Baconator Yıl önce
“ I think there’s seriously something wrong with your situation” When Bleacher Report understands what Russ has to go through and NFL analysts can’t
Geg Yıl önce
Bleacher report only understand what they wanna understand just like you and everyone else who watches football
Jake the snake
Jake the snake Yıl önce
@The jack Rabbit maybe the hole team
The jack Rabbit
The jack Rabbit Yıl önce
@The Baconator yeah that'd fit way better.
The Baconator
The Baconator Yıl önce
@The jack Rabbit more like Ken Norton Jr
The jack Rabbit
The jack Rabbit Yıl önce
Russ shouldve been carrying B Wagz or Adams on his back the whole time lol.
Babs Checkett
Babs Checkett Yıl önce
Stafford: And let’s thank Baker for the snickerdoodles! Yeah! Baker: they’re gluten ****** free baby! Stafford: So thoughtful 😢
Mark Portalski
Mark Portalski 6 aylar önce
@Tim Besco, RN that a lie
Tim Besco, RN
Tim Besco, RN Yıl önce
@Teddy Roosevelt’s reanimated corpse That’s because he's either on his back, running for his life, or hoping for a miracle 2 yard catch by anyone in a Honolulu blue jersey.
Teddy Roosevelt’s reanimated corpse
@Y D guy throws more no look passes than mahomes
Y D Yıl önce
Himmat Dhanoa Stafford is the most underrated quarterback in the league.
duce Kong
duce Kong Yıl önce
Harrison Yıl önce
“Oh wait this is strait up just a cliff.” 😂😂😂
Precursor Goblin
Precursor Goblin 2 aylar önce
“I might actually win take that dad I mean Bellchieck I mean Arians
Oscar DLT
Oscar DLT 7 aylar önce
Anyone else having trouble with the wifi
Very Cringeful
Very Cringeful Yıl önce
“Did he not see last years episode?”
Chango Yıl önce
"You want mine, I'm about to get another" ... Mahomes is so thoughtful
Caroline Agid
Caroline Agid Yıl önce
Drew Brees already repping the pro bowl uniform is a beautiful detail LOL
Daddy Zo
Daddy Zo Yıl önce
didn’t realize tht LOL
SHMOUSEY86 Yıl önce
Probably one of the funniest episodes they’ve made. Any time Kyler Murray is on screen I’m already smiling lmao
Rodgers: "Why don't you just wait until next year man?" Brady: *shrieks* "Next year? Where?"
Elias Patino
Elias Patino 8 aylar önce
It’s “losers just wait until next year”
Earley Nation
Earley Nation Yıl önce
sal karounos
sal karounos Yıl önce
I started laughing when Kyler got caught by Hopkins
Aceival 11 aylar önce
kadynce arroyo
kadynce arroyo Yıl önce
bro same
Johnny Acevedo Soto
Stafford: And let’s thank Baker for the snickerdoodles! Yeah! Baker: they’re gluten **** free baby! Stafford: So thoughtful 😢
Brian James
Brian James Yıl önce
Instantly 😂😂😂
Ben Thongsrisuk
Ben Thongsrisuk Yıl önce
Fck it he down there somewhere 😂
BlueLucario98 Yıl önce
I loved how pissed Brady is when Josh Allen, former Patriots punching bag, is doing better in the race than him
graham peebles
graham peebles Yıl önce
The Brees and Wilson thing is so true every year there’s a new number 1 and they often die out but Wilson and Brees are constantly close to the top
D E Yıl önce
@Shaopaloma Brady's still an above average starter with a lot of intangibles and know-how that pushes him into the top 10. What's great about that is that he's 43/44 years old. He's just adding to his numbers at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if Brees retires after this year.
KCC Kingdom
KCC Kingdom Yıl önce
Brees is a top 10 QB ever, Wilson top 20 maybe
Shaopaloma Yıl önce
@imadepooh yes Brady who can’t play worth a damn anymore is gonna have all the records. Brees will come back and look 30. Brady looks like he hurting
jordanjmdjmd74 Yıl önce
@imadepooh Well he has almost every record, so losing 1 or 2 is no biggie lol. He will be remembered as the most accurate qb of all time which is the best compliment for a qb
imadepooh Yıl önce
@jordanjmdjmd74 you’re over hyping Brees. He won’t even have the records when he’s done, Brady will. Top ten is a close guess for where he will be remembered in five years.
Jason Brown
Jason Brown Yıl önce
Thank you for actually including Josh!(even if it was a bit goofy). Go Bills!!!
Ratcone Yıl önce
"Oh wait this is straight up just a cliff." "Did he not watch last year's episode?" too real
Rafi Broer
Rafi Broer Yıl önce
"Who would have thought, me, Josh Allen, hanging in with the big boys?" Yeah, that's exactly what all of us Bills fans are thinking right now.
Arvind Bharadwaj
Arvind Bharadwaj 11 aylar önce
Who is here when rodgers won mvp and not mahomes.
Steven trainor
Steven trainor 3 aylar önce
@If your married Your a simp and a cuck prior to the season starting Nick Wrong said Drew Brees was better, Matt Ryan was better and if given the choice he would take Teddy Bridgewater over Brady. It's amazing to me how many times someone can be so wrong, keep doubling down on tha bad take and still keep their job.
If your married Your a simp and a cuck
@Steven trainor someone even commented that drew brees was better then Brady, lmfao
Steven trainor
Steven trainor 4 aylar önce
Who's here when Brady won the sb not Rodgers or Mahommes?
Noah 11 aylar önce
moetown Yıl önce
“Who would’ve though! Me? Josh Allen! Hanging in with the BIG boys” 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀 this show is too perfect
Lloyd Shepherd
Lloyd Shepherd Yıl önce
I haven’t even watched the whole thing and this is ALREADY my favorite episode!
Cooper Hutson
Cooper Hutson Yıl önce
"I knew you were down there somewhere" Kyler is the MVP of Gridiron Heights
Ej Rabbit
Ej Rabbit Yıl önce
The " yuh know? I also won mvp once" got meXD
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay Yıl önce
I love how Mahomes basically a god at this point
Steven trainor
Steven trainor 4 aylar önce
@Brian Baker Brady was the tortoise to Mahommes hare in that race. I hope the haters never stop it just keeps pushing him higher and higher. He's just Yoda I'm a world full of Lukes
Brian Baker
Brian Baker 5 aylar önce
ahaha "So where the hells your god now?"
Tallahass33 Yıl önce
seriously this show is very under appreciated for how clever the writing is
Lowery Yıl önce
“Did y’all do a split screen without me?😂😂
Flash Spider-man
Flash Spider-man Yıl önce
This might be my favorite one if all time. Can't stop laughing. Never leave, Gridiron Heights. You are the best!
Scott Dukes
Scott Dukes Yıl önce
"Is Rodgers already being a competitive bully?" He always was, ever since 2008.
Yi Ting Ang
Yi Ting Ang 8 aylar önce
@Kevin Greene now relevant with fighting the packers FO!
Scott Dukes
Scott Dukes Yıl önce
I was just saying since he was about to be a starter. I’ve watched the pat mcafee show, chill.
Scott Dukes
Scott Dukes Yıl önce
@Kevin Greene I-
ladysasha90 Yıl önce
The Eagles falling from the top 😂. Paddy Mahomes just being Paddy Mahomes 😍. Brady saying “that child is going to die” 😂😂😂. This is the gridiron heights I’ve missed.
SNSGaming Yıl önce
Kyler every time: "Yo" And when Brady said "That child is going to die," he referred to Baby Yoda Kyler.
Kyle McCartney
Kyle McCartney Yıl önce
Mahomes in this cracks me up everytime "anyone else having trouble with the wifi "😂
Geordan Mays
Geordan Mays Yıl önce
"That Child is going to die" - Tom Brady.......to Kyler Murray
DelusionalDarcy Yıl önce
That was my favorite part. I couldn't stop laughing. 😂😂
DxSTrucTIv3 Yıl önce
And it's intercepted
Bradley Hommerson
Wtf is Tom even in this he is in like last place of MVP RACE
Lax3C Yıl önce
What’s up fooba... oh wait is Rogers already the competitive bully?
SNSGaming Yıl önce
Referencing Baby Yoda (The Child) from the Mandalorian.
David Wyrsch
David Wyrsch Yıl önce
This might've been the best episode yet!! Literally laughed out loud like 6 different times 🤣🤣🤣
Jared Bland
Jared Bland Yıl önce
I love how everything is easy for Mahomes and he doesn’t even try!
Alek Jenkins
Alek Jenkins Yıl önce
He upgraded his weapons, but he only uses the ones he brought with him.
Extra Victory
Extra Victory 4 aylar önce
When you come prepackaged with Gronk and AB anywhere you go. its hard to justify throwing anywhere else. Even to other number 1s like Evans and Godwin. They will continue to produce but Brady goes to his most loyal soldiers the ones he trusts most in the biggest moments (ie superbowl, 3 Tds for those two combined. or opening Thursday night, again 3tds w/ 200 yards between them and a 50 yard bomb)
dc7236 Yıl önce
Nice catch
Mexican Ninja19
Mexican Ninja19 Yıl önce
*Dhop catching Kyler* Kyler: “I knew you’d be down there somewhere”
Ryan Cooper
Ryan Cooper Yıl önce
I always strive to be like Josh Allen, always keeping up yet he's just happy to be here.
paul blatt
paul blatt Yıl önce
They just make everything so easy for Mahomes in gridiron heights. Cracks me up every time.
1:50 "Hi guys, have you seen all this snow? It's like Buffalo in the summer!" Whoever's making these script lines DEFINITELY deserves a raise
Banjo Yıl önce
0:30 I laughed wayyy more than I should have at Kyler 😂
Paul Mallia
Paul Mallia Yıl önce
QBs: IM GONNA WIN MVP Josh Allen: just happy to be here
That New York sports guy#verydepressed
@Samuel Young thats my boi
the tf
the tf Yıl önce
Mahomes: just chilling and playing games
CrankierOak694 Yıl önce
Yeah the difference is Josh is the front runner I don’t care what none of you say
Robert Yıl önce
Wesley Spalding
Wesley Spalding Yıl önce
Kyler: Wait, where's Mahomes? Patrick: Did you guys do a split-screen without me?? :(
Harrison Smith
Harrison Smith Yıl önce
love how Josh Allen is on a big childlike tube while everyone else is on advanced skies and snowboards. So Josh Allen
Gordon Taylor
Gordon Taylor 3 aylar önce
They might reuse that again this year considering Allen is once again a leader in the MVP race. :)
Rohan Kunchala
Rohan Kunchala Yıl önce
I haven’t seen another comment talk about it so I will. Rodgers and Brady were the only ones one skis because they aren’t as mobile as the others on snowboards.
Dante Haskell
Dante Haskell 11 aylar önce
Then you got josh on a tube xD
Kharissma Marrow
Kharissma Marrow Yıl önce
@marshmallow didnt even realize that LMFAO 😂😂
Cobra Yıl önce
Matt Stafford is so depressing in this episode. He's turning into Andrew Luck at this rate.
Scott B
Scott B 3 aylar önce
Now look at him
Sean Hroncich
Sean Hroncich 2 aylar önce
One year later and Stafford is leading the MVP episode 🔥
Werewolf72 Yıl önce
"Didn't he watch last year's episode?" Lamar out here breaking the fourth wall
James Huang
James Huang Yıl önce
Just when I think I've seen the funniest Gridiron Heights video, they always exceed expectations so many funny scenes in this one😂
Eric Shuty
Eric Shuty Yıl önce
I haven't enjoyed this year's episodes as much as past seasons but this one was on point!!
Afroshima! Yıl önce
Gridiron Heights Lamar Jackson is gonna kill someone out of frustration 😂😂😂
Go Birds
Go Birds Yıl önce
1:45 has to be the best moment of the gridion heights season
okcalphi Yıl önce
Hands down my favorite episode of this entire series
Ethan Foster
Ethan Foster Yıl önce
I love Patrick Mahomes’ character in this series 😂
Hever A
Hever A Yıl önce
“What a fun easy MVP race” - Mahomes at the end of the season probably
Aksh Chalasani
Aksh Chalasani 11 aylar önce
Didnt age well
EclipseCC Yıl önce
Whenever Kyler Murray is on screen it always makes me laugh
Elite Exmana
Elite Exmana Yıl önce
Gridiron Heights thinks he’s 4ft 5 and thinks he’s got a deep, quick voice.
SNSGaming Yıl önce
Haha same. There should be an episode of just Mahomes+Kyler
Stay high 01
Stay high 01 Yıl önce
Hey you made it to 1k congrats
MapexMurderer419 Yıl önce
Lmao i died when he slowly rode by Russ and was like Yo I think something seriously wrong with your situation. 😂
ZSGerman Yıl önce
Him and Mahomes gotta be the best characters!
Karma Yıl önce
Kyler just being Kyler is something special
Babs Checkett
Babs Checkett Yıl önce
Kyler: yo what up man. Wanna see me make something outta nothin? *flips* Brady: that child is going to die Kyler (to Hopkins): I knew you were down there somewhere lol that is amazing
Mukammel Chowdhury
This is hilarious
Melo Yıl önce
@Captain Obvious your name makes this even better
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Yıl önce
yes that is exactly what happened. Thank you for telling us again.
DarkChocolate33 11 aylar önce
I like how Josh Allen ended up getting more first place votes than Mahomes lmfao.
James H.
James H. Yıl önce
We need more of these longer episodes, please!
Nimbleduck 424
Nimbleduck 424 Yıl önce
That Josh Allen cameo made me happy Also everything he said was true
The Rogue Archer
The Rogue Archer Yıl önce
I was so mad Allen wasn’t here and then he showed up and my heart skipped a beat :)
j bot
j bot Yıl önce
I like how Matt Ryan tells Jackson he was MVP once 🤣
DC Yankee
DC Yankee Yıl önce
Mexican Ninja19
Mexican Ninja19 Yıl önce
Mahomes: Oh come on we’re all MVP’s here. Russ: Uhhhh Mahomes: You want mine? I’m about to get another. I love how easy football is for Patrick 💀
Jacob Axton
Jacob Axton Yıl önce
"Jets can't even beat the collapsing Chargers" Ouch.
VMan29397 Yıl önce
@Marshall Carpenter he is definetly been healthier than mariota
Angel Potato
Angel Potato Yıl önce
@RayRay Likes Football I thought the same thing, it’s fine. I personally think Herbert is top 10 as well but yeah I could see the argument otherwise.
RayRay Likes Football
@_Braden_G_ OH you are talking about Herbert. Lmao I though you was talking about Flacco🤣🤣. My bad. I think Herbert is probably 11 or 12 right now, but you're probably higher on him cause you're a Chargers fan, which is fine. That's totally my bad, thought you was talking about Flacco
Marshall Carpenter
@JJ Matko tannehill didn't, the defense and Henry did. Sad to say, but Tennessee kept the wrong qb. Tannehill doesn't throw more than 200 yards with OT, can't run, and gives the ball up more than Mariota did. Stats don't lie. Don't @ me, look them up.
_Braden_G_ Yıl önce
@JJ Matko Herbert is on pace for 4500 yards and 44 touchdowns, that’s MVP production
Nolan Parsons
Nolan Parsons Yıl önce
I’m not gonna lie the Josh Allen part was really well thought out and true
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez Yıl önce
This is my favorite Gridiron Heights this season ❤️
The Respected Madman
I love how unintentionally trolly Pat Mahomes is. 😂😂
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia Yıl önce
This was definitely one of the best episodes this season.
K37 Yıl önce
"You know I won mvp once" "That's not helping" 🤣LMFAO😂
BranchKing3 Yıl önce
Gridiron Heights is always good, but this episode is GREAT! lmao
Lance K
Lance K Yıl önce
You guys are incredible. Thank you for this.
Euriel Yıl önce
This might’ve been the best episode ever. So many great lines.
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Yıl önce
“Coach screams screams screams, but I dream dream dream, I wanna go far, but I’m just another used carr” 😂
Teacher Blake
Teacher Blake Yıl önce
"I'm a lion. To myself."
Dean Bryant
Dean Bryant Yıl önce
And he does the face at 0:58!
yugsav Yıl önce
@Kevin J nah it’s cuz our defense is trash and we don’t have a true #1 receiver
yugsav Yıl önce
That shit got me 😂
Kevin J
Kevin J Yıl önce
@Nicholas Bauman he really should be but because the Raiders offense is run-first, he's not gonna get the stats to compete.
Angry-est Yıl önce
Genuinely the best episode in a LONG time (not to take away from any others, this was just so good.)
King.K The Best
King.K The Best Yıl önce
I love mahomes it's hilarious 😂🙌🙌
Jacob Borkovec
Jacob Borkovec 11 aylar önce
My favorite thing about gridiron heights is how they portray Mahommes, they make everything look so easy for him. "do yall think analytics enriches sports or cheapens it?" "anybody else having trouble with the wifi?" "what a fun, easy purge!"
Juan Meza
Juan Meza Yıl önce
I hope Minshew gets a place in the “Okay QB Cabin”once he heals from breaking his own hand a second time 😪
Max Salvo
Max Salvo Yıl önce
Funniest episode y'all have made, I was dying 😂😂👏🏽
Matt.G Yıl önce
“Yo I think there’s something seriously wrong with your situation”😂 Damn I hope Russ wins
One True Savage Gaming
I laughed from beginning to end. This is now my favorite episode
Nate Williamson
Nate Williamson Yıl önce
"This might be the best one yet" Me, every episode
michael annoynmous
michael annoynmous 3 aylar önce
Something that makes this episode even funnier rn, is that early in this season both Derek and Stanford are looking like early MVP candidates
i snag17
i snag17 Yıl önce
“Hey guys have you seen all this snow it’s like buffalo in the summer” that got me😂
Tommy 4 aylar önce
"Goodell deserves MVP for putting on a Season!" Did anybody actually have that take?!
Kimani Artist
Kimani Artist 11 aylar önce
So I've been watching these episode’s consecutively and I've learned, drinking liquids is not an option 😂🤣😂🤣
Will Erdtmann
Will Erdtmann Yıl önce
"Russel is like today's Drew Brees, there is always someone better then him."
ZTRulez Yıl önce
@WillOnCode casual detected
WillOnCode Yıl önce
@ZTRulez Stop it he’s horrible with the best WRs
El Snail
El Snail Yıl önce
Craig Russell
Craig Russell Yıl önce
Action Jackson
Action Jackson Yıl önce
@Andrew Larson It's only been one year since Lamar won MVP compared to Ryan and Cam winning later in their careers. Too soon to judge he won't be playing the same when he's only in his 3rd year.
CK - 16
CK - 16 Yıl önce
Stafford: Later Kirk will sing us a song Kirk: *I'M GONNA SCREAM A CREED SONG AT YOU ALL*
Ridge Morgan
Ridge Morgan Yıl önce
Mahomes and Kyler are the best part of the show now 😂
mangmans Yıl önce
It seems there are 2 different directors become some of these are off or weird to dull to me, and others are hilarious(this one). Great job guys who ever made this cheered up my day. Love the Brady & Jackson lines.
Nivek Kordyn
Nivek Kordyn Yıl önce
😂😂😂 Nice jobs guys this made me actually laugh.
Jk Lol
Jk Lol Yıl önce
Josh Allen is surprisingly keeping up
msblanc Yıl önce
@General Pendant What are you talking about? The tube is a direct reference to Josh Allen's character on the show. In a previous episode he was also unconventional in the sense that he falls through a table every time he jumps over a fence. His antics and traits all harken back to his quote from the quarter season carnival. Allen: "Cool! I can keep winning by doing wacky sh*t!" Going down a mountian in an inner tube and keeping up with the skiers and snowboarders is an example of that, as is his play in real life.
NoNameTerin Yıl önce
@General Pendant *cough* Seahawks *cough* rams *cough* dolphins *cough* between those three games he has 1000 yards passing and 8-9 pass tds to 1 int * cough*
Garrett Wood
Garrett Wood Yıl önce
@General Pendant he's beaten legit teams this year. Keep hating
General Pendant
General Pendant Yıl önce
@Garrett Wood exactly it’s not like he still chokes against good teams or anything lmao.
General Pendant
General Pendant Yıl önce
@John Pallis was referring to the tube itself
Jeremy Blankenship
Love how Mahomes is just so low key in this show. Everyone always trying so hard and Mahomes had the GoaT line at the end of last season "What a fun, easy sport." Its amazing how easy he makes it look. Finally glad my team has a guy like him. (Sorry Alex)
Eddie Reyes
Eddie Reyes Yıl önce
The MVP race, festivals, and playoff pictures are my favorites
Powers3rg Yıl önce
Wow an actual good episode! Just put in Mahomes and Brady more often and you'll get gold.
I love how mahomes literally doesn’t care and still gets first😂
Damien Dreyer
Damien Dreyer Yıl önce
Who got Kyler saying “I knew you down there somewhere”
Yeebees Yıl önce
I’m pretty sure everyone did
Anthony G
Anthony G Yıl önce
Something is seriously wrong about your situation
Lax3C Yıl önce
Wanna see me make somethin outta nothin
B1GPLAYTA3 Yıl önce
Lmfao 🤣😂😂😂
When Kids Meet Football Heroes and Idols
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