ISTANBUL STREET FOOD will BLOW YOU AWAY!! Turkish Street Food HEAVEN - Adana Kebab + Pickle Juice!

Luke Martin
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Kemeraltı Bazaar in Izmir: trvid.com/video/video-Im2gVWc2-hU.html
Iskender Kebab in Bursa : trvid.com/video/video-RUFI3_IUDCs.html
Amazing street food can be found all around Istanbul! Join us as we continue our Street Food in Turkey tour! Today we are going to be trying some unique foods you’ve never heard of!
For breakfast, we are having a RARE type of turşu suyu, which is pickle juice. We ordered the “mixed” version - with cabbage, carrots, cucumbers and beets. And of course, the pickle juice is SPICY! (5 TRY / 0.86 USD)
Next, we’re visiting a weekly fresh market called Tarlabaşi Pazari which is only open on Sundays. In the summer, apricots are in season, and they are worth trying fresh at this traditional market!
In Istanbul, you can sample delicious cuisine that comes from all over Turkey. This time, we decided on Adana cuisine. Adana kebab is made from hand-minced lamb meat cooked over charcoal. That smokey flavour and juicy lamb is HEAVEN! (35 TRY / 6.02 USD)
If you’ve never tried traditional Turkish ice cream, you are missing out! We head to an old-school shop serving up a chewy textured (made from mastic) ice cream cone. So incredible on a hot Turkish summer day! (4.5 TRY / 0.77 USD)
Next up is a cruise on the iconic Bosphorus, because a trip to Istanbul is not complete without one. We opted for the economic TurYol cruise, a 90-minute tour north that passes palaces, mansions, bridges and plenty of gorgeous sights. For 20 TRY / 3.44 USD, that is totally worth it!!!
Since we were near the Bosphorus, we thought we would try the very FAMOUS Balik Ekmek, or grilled fish sandwich. In a tourist hot-spot, served from a real boat, the sights surrounding the restaurant are why it is so popular. The food however, was not that tasty and isn’t considered a good choice among the locals. We wanted to see what the hype was about. Oh well! (15 TRY / 2.58 USD)
Thank you for watching another episode from our Turkey Street Food series. If you have been enjoying, subscribe, leave us a like and a comment!
Want to check these out too? Info below:
Pickle Juice: Arıoğulları Petek Turşuları
Asmalı Mescit Mahallesi, Dudu Odaları Sk. 1/D, 34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
Traditional Market: Tarlabaşı Pazarı
Kalyoncu Kulluğu Mahallesi, Kurdela Sk. No:39, 34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
Adana Kebab: Adana Ocakbaşı
Bozkurt Mahallesi, No:2, Baysungur Sk, 34375 Şişli/İstanbul
Ice Cream: Damla Dondurma
Feriköy Mahallesi, Kurtuluş Cd. 110/A, 34377 Şişli/İstanbul
Bosphorus Cruise: TurYol Eminönü
Ragıp Gümüşpala Cd. Eminönü Otobüs Durakları Yolu Karşısı, 34116 Fatih/İstanbul
Grilled Fish Sandwich: Derya Balik Ekmek
Rüstem Paşa Mahallesi, No:, Ragıp Gümüşpala Cd. No:12, 34116 Fatih/İstanbul
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Street Food in Istanbul, Turkey 2019



22 Jun 2019




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What did you think looked the most delicious in this episode? One more episode from Istanbul coming up soon!! Next is Lebanon! Follow us here : instagram.com/chopsticktravel & facebook.com/chopsticktravel
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