Istanbul Nightlife Guide

Gareth Leonard
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See the full Istanbul Nightlife Guide at tourist2townie.com/travel-deeper/istanbul-nightlife-guide/
I spent two months living in Istanbul, Turkey and wanted to create something to showcase the incredible nightlife this city has to offer.
As I say in the video, there are literally hundreds of places to go out in Istanbul, between the mega clubs of Ortakoy to the rooftop bars of Taksim and Galata.
If you have other nightlife suggestions for Istanbul, please leave them in the comments below and I will add them to the full guide on my travel blog - Tourist2Townie.com.
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28 Nov 2015




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Gareth Leonard
Gareth Leonard 2 yıl önce
PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT - There is a lot of negativity in the world right now, and this video is meant to highlight the positive aspects of Istanbul - Something different than what we see in mainstream media right now. I lived in Istanbul for three months and met some of the most kindhearted, and inviting people. I understand that the political and ideological differences within the city (and country) are very complex, and I pray for the safety and compassion for all citizens of this incredible place. Istanbul is one of my favorite cities in the world, and I hope this video showcases how happy I was living there, and for that reason all negative comments against each other will be removed. Please spread LOVE not HATE.
Catherine Heridis
Catherine Heridis
faceles 6 gün önce
thx you so much for that comment mate , you're one of the good one's
Mukerrem Arvas
Mukerrem Arvas 17 gün önce
Watch my video of How to Get Turkish Citizenship trvid.com/video/video-QoIbaFnI54o.html
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 4 aylar önce
What a bunch of cunts.
sheko TV sheko
sheko TV sheko 17 gün önce
Allaahu akbar i didn't thing turki is like this vidio are they really muslim turki pple yaaa allaaah subxanallaah😢😢😢😢😢
zimtek12 Aylar önce
Come on guy! Don't try to give a shit to people it is just dark/happy side of the İstanbul. They just show you luxury, most expensive and elite class of the place. %95 population of the İstanbul never seen even this place. Mininunm Wage is only 300$US and people trying to be alive and provide vital expences for their family besides Political issues😡. And what the fu**, u trying to trick people ( hiring Prosititues and telling meet friends 🤦‍♂️ ) Sum up : it is not reality what u are trying to tempt to people whit what u brought from your country 50k or 60k $
Siba Das
Siba Das Aylar önce
Veryyyy bad city india is gr8 only 🍺 matters nothing else iits changes the mind they all are non sense useless turkey
Sltoo7 Gamer
Sltoo7 Gamer Aylar önce
İstanbul has many good thing but there’s a lot of homeless who ask you for money that if you didn’t give them they will steal you and to be honest most of them from Syria . (I’m sorry for bad English)
Milfhunter823 Aylar önce
Yaww bi siktirin gidin sanki bi bok var türkiye de. Turkey is one of the most terrible countries when you want to go clubbing
Night Fang
Night Fang 2 aylar önce
Did you pick up those girls ;) hahahah i wanna go to Istanbul
Artere Laksamana
Artere Laksamana 2 aylar önce
Is there any STRIP' NAKED ' CLUB in Istanbul, with Nude Strippers & pole dancers ?! Nah !! I DON ' T THINK so ! NOT LEGALLY, anyway !! 🤔💃👙💋😆😂🇹🇷🇹🇷
HAKAN VE HAYATİ 2 aylar önce
Gel bi 36ce'ye bin asıl eğlence orda var
karim malik
karim malik 2 aylar önce
Sako Sako
Sako Sako 2 aylar önce
I leave in California LA sometimes me and my friends go to Vegas for clubbing as always Vegas is known for partying !!! So when we go to Vegas with party of 10 or 15 people we get a VIP table drinks including it costs us about $8 thousand dollars!!! I was wondering how much would it cost in Istanbul with VIP table and drinks let’s just say party of 10 people ? Any idea would be great !!! Thanks in advance .
Murat Kudatku
Murat Kudatku 2 aylar önce
İstanbul is nigthlife yarrak gibi amk buraya bir gecede dökeceğim parayla yurtdışında daha iyi ve daha güzel mekanlarda eğlenebilirsin ciddiyim.
Hussain Mirahmadi
Hussain Mirahmadi 2 aylar önce
Now you're definitely not a miserable person .
Umair Ahmed
Umair Ahmed 2 aylar önce
Hello Everyone.Please check my channel.I recently visited Istanbul and shared some of that experience on my channel.It’s worth watching 😇.And please do subscribe also. Thanks for your time
istav rit
istav rit 2 aylar önce
Adamın 100 kuruşu senin ülkene geline 600 kuruş oluyor.
Linus Vesper
Linus Vesper 2 aylar önce
I fuck Turkish nation and Kemal Atturk fucking Buster too juds
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyvwe Ugwemubwem Osas
Been there in 2011, a lot has changed but i absolutely want to go to Istanbul again. It's a special city, beautiful and full of history, but also modern and with its own flair.
Alper Broke
Alper Broke 3 aylar önce
Aminakoydumun cocuklari nebicim danc ediyolar alkohol malkohol oooch asina tükürim cocuk
Vivienne Koo
Vivienne Koo 3 aylar önce
What is the level of crime rate in Istanbul alone?
must thopa nova
must thopa nova 3 aylar önce
Vivienne Koo are saddest lady
dan phillpotts
dan phillpotts 3 aylar önce
IstanbuldumpTurkey sucks.....you can get the crabs just by watching this video.
Chilled Sea
Chilled Sea 3 aylar önce
American's can't handle alcohol.
islam 4 aylar önce
Where islam here?????????
Alperen 3 aylar önce
Turkey is secular
Alexis Gerome
Alexis Gerome 4 aylar önce
Hi guys how is the party scene in November? Is it still good even at this period, with rooftops open etc? Looking to go there for my bday
Alexis Gerome
Alexis Gerome 3 aylar önce
@tarkan U ok thanks :
tarkan U
tarkan U 3 aylar önce
İt will be good not like in September or Spring
3choBlast3r 4 aylar önce
Haha I've been to sortie and didntnremember it till today .. One small warning. In Turkey most clubs won't allow you to enter unless you have girls with you. If you're just a group of dudes you will have to go to bars and cafes because most clubs have a rule that you can't enter without women
3choBlast3r 3 aylar önce
@tarkan U This isn't true. I'm Turkish but I was an erasmus student. One time I managed to bribe the guards for 20tl each when I went out with a male friend. But when we went to izmir with 2 other guys and a girl we weren't allowed into clubs because we only had one girl with us. Eventhough they were all non Turks. And I remember the club that specifically caters to Erasmus students had one guy on the Facebook page angry and super upset because they wouldn't let him in because he didn't have girls. He said it was discrimination and sexism and stuff lol. It's q general rule that applies to everybody in most clubs. But there are also clubs that don't care. And most smaller bars, cafes etc don't care.
tarkan U
tarkan U 3 aylar önce
İf you are tourist that rule wont block u probably that rule for Turkish men mostly
HB9ty3 4 aylar önce
2:26 What is the name of the bar? I did not understand what he said 🤔
Han Solo
Han Solo 4 aylar önce
Some "Friends" ;)
Federico Santibanez
Federico Santibanez 5 aylar önce
Two drunked white ass)))
Vedat Ege
Vedat Ege 5 aylar önce
if i had lots of money i wouldnt spend them in turkey because turkey you know muslim culture uneducated people and fucking girls if you sum all shit you just get trouble and penitence
mehmud hassan
mehmud hassan 5 aylar önce
Over drink man
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 4 aylar önce
mehmud hassan , ?
must thopa nova
must thopa nova 5 aylar önce
Holy paradise heaven but to very short duration
must thopa nova
must thopa nova 5 aylar önce
Besssstttt muslim country an good leader i love turkey
must thopa nova
must thopa nova 5 aylar önce
What is heaven
rudolf cerman
rudolf cerman 5 aylar önce
Vay anasını sikimm biz acımızda geberiyoz ülkemizi gezemiyoz fakirlikten adama bak amına koymuş istanbulun sikeyim böle adeleti amk
Sudeep Pandit
Sudeep Pandit 5 aylar önce
Do this city have past heritage preserved, I mean during the time of Byzantine....
Serkan Mutlu
Serkan Mutlu 5 aylar önce
Love Istanbul 👍👍🇹🇷🇹🇷❤️❤️
Leonie Hayduk
Leonie Hayduk 5 aylar önce
I only liked the art up there they are genius of created art everywhere and some of them are polite and kind but not all of them..
Myoknow 5 aylar önce
Dude, don’t let your guard down for a second keeping in mind this country is fundamentally Islamic ! Need I say more ! or end up like William Hayes in the movie the midnight express - true story......
toastmalone 3 aylar önce
All you know a fucking movie.
nobody from nowhere
nobody from nowhere 5 aylar önce
thanks to Russian girls in this video
ARDESHIR KURDAN 2 aylar önce
They're Turkish whores 😎
Atlas Lanka
Atlas Lanka 5 aylar önce
There were no Russian girls here all turkish
turko Salman
turko Salman 6 aylar önce
Bro you go City kucuk cekme yanindaki elinden alsinlar gor 🤗
Azz Azz
Azz Azz 6 aylar önce
I thought Turkey was a Sharia law type country...
tarkan U
tarkan U 3 aylar önce
Turkey is a still secular party Erdogan and their supporters are religious freak but Turkey is a secular country
unboxing theboxx
unboxing theboxx 6 aylar önce
34 3
34 3 6 aylar önce
looks like we have to conquer it once again
Movie sose
Movie sose 6 aylar önce
İstanbul değil türkiyemiz çok güzeldir. Ama kimlere? Zenginlere para sıkıntısı yaşamayan insanlara çok güzeldir. İnanın amerikada bizim gibi sistem olsaydı orasıda bok gibi olurdu önemli olan buradaki sistemin bokluğunu görmek. İnsanlar sabah 8 de çıkıp akşam 7 8 gibi eve geliyor, ki büyük çoğunluğu ağır işte çalışıyor, yoruluyor. Bu insana böyle bir hayat nasıl yaşabilir ki? Günlerin çoğu işte geçiyor, yorulma, trafik derken üstelik her şeyin zamlandığı bu dönemlerle insan istanbulda böyle eğlenemez, eğlenirde her gün yapamaz, ancak ayda 1. Kimleri tanıyorum 30 senedir istanbulda ama şuradan şuraya gitmemiş, bir yerleri görmemiş kişiler var. Kişiler dediysem istanbulun bu yüzde 70 ini falan oluşturuyordur.
Alex Deus Maximus
Alex Deus Maximus 6 aylar önce
Moscow is 1000 times better than Istanbul lol.
tarkan U
tarkan U 3 aylar önce
Moscow is too cold
ismail emre 3
ismail emre 3 5 aylar önce
ofcourse stupid, russia have alot whore prostitute bitches.. normal..
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 6 aylar önce
Damsiz girilmez Welcome to Turkey !
rousod 6 aylar önce
Greece > Turkish barbaric mongols
lla Haznedaroğlu
lla Haznedaroğlu 6 aylar önce
Olm ayani denk al bak dolandirirlar bole seni ben diyim
Farwan Sowra
Farwan Sowra 6 aylar önce
ulan bizamanlar Istanbulda kaldım ama böyle güzel yerlere hic girmedim buneya?
Vadym Byelyayev
Vadym Byelyayev 6 aylar önce
Well, Istanbul is not for this, it is like looking for a place to buy a beer in Vatican
Ho You
Ho You 6 aylar önce
People there are shitttt Everyone like money but turkish people kan do anything for money
Frank Serpico
Frank Serpico 7 aylar önce
Haram Haram Turkey is a Haram Country 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
ARDESHIR KURDAN 2 aylar önce
But I love Turkish prostitutes
Anonymous 01
Anonymous 01 3 aylar önce
@Falconetti TheScare look at the mirror
Falconetti TheScare
Falconetti TheScare 6 aylar önce
Turkey is a SHIT country! & I don`t like turk f*cks!
Nabil Khatri
Nabil Khatri 7 aylar önce
Sad to see this!
tarkan U
tarkan U 3 aylar önce
bekir duruer
bekir duruer 7 aylar önce
Gordon Niemelsem
Gordon Niemelsem 7 aylar önce
Одни Наташки и чернильницы, фу бля
Aras ağaoglu
Aras ağaoglu 7 aylar önce
Bizim bazi turkler bir cok yerde kirolugunu gundiligini gosteriyor adam video yapiyor siz o video nerden bulup full yorumlari turkce yapiyorsunuz hele asagi yorumlarda turk turke ingilizce yaziyor .. Yok I’m turkish otekisi yaziyor I’am turkish too belli herseyden okuma yuzdemiz dunya geneli %11 a q
Hasan Güngör
Hasan Güngör 7 aylar önce
-Ding- -Dong-
-Ding- -Dong- 7 aylar önce
Turkish women are beautiful af
manjeet shahare
manjeet shahare 7 aylar önce
Atlas Lanka
Atlas Lanka 5 aylar önce
Its not like India where people kill you for just holding hands
mrDevilwFk 6 aylar önce
Turkey is not an Islamic country. Turkey is a secular country you dumbass!
Sinan Yilmaz
Sinan Yilmaz 7 aylar önce
İstanbul kafirleşmiş.
Liberal Meritocrat
Liberal Meritocrat 6 aylar önce
Sinan Yilmaz sus lan top
Georgios The Greek
Georgios The Greek 7 aylar önce
Konstantinoupoli no istanbul.
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