Issa Rae on nine-figure deal: "Someone's betting on me"

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Actress Issa Rae sat down with "CBS Mornings" co-host Gayle King to reflect on the fifth and final season of her hit show "Insecure."

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22 Eki 2021




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Miss Nadia L
Miss Nadia L Gün önce
I will never forget binge watching Awkward Black Girl… I’m so freaking happy for her!!
tolu planB
tolu planB 2 gün önce
Perfect 😊
Bria Golden
Bria Golden 2 gün önce
ThisIsDK 4 gün önce
Gah'Damn. I was aware she was winning but she's WINNING! Damn, that's a hefty record for 5 years. I want that impostor side of her to reveal itself in therapy for her sake, even doubting your position subconsciously is a crime with that much influence. It's human, it's understandable, but if she can reduce that sense of self more, it'd be dope if she does.
Nancy Vazquez
Nancy Vazquez 4 gün önce
Beautiful change each other’s lives…I love it!🦋🎯
Joi C.
Joi C. 4 gün önce
Shout out to Felicia Leatherwood! This hair, girl!! Imma bought to DM you on IG. You DID this hair!
Natmari 5 gün önce
Congrats! I remember watching ABG on TRvid back in the day! She is so inspiring.😊
Tshiamo Gadinabokao
Tshiamo Gadinabokao 6 gün önce
Honestly idk if majority of the cast is black, I was more interested if the show is good(and it is) the fact majority of the ppl in it is black is a bonus BUT the message it puts out I don't vibe with it.
Tshiamo Gadinabokao
Tshiamo Gadinabokao 6 gün önce
CBS: Issa Rae inks giant 9 figure deal Me: Issa Rae sells her soul(rights to her content) to Warner Media(they laughing all the way to the bank)
Alvin Savage
Alvin Savage 12 gün önce
😍 I love her…
T. L.
T. L. 12 gün önce
She bet on herself first.
Kesh Kakes
Kesh Kakes 14 gün önce
Flyy Kay
Flyy Kay 15 gün önce
I love Issa
Junior Holanda
Junior Holanda 16 gün önce
5:11 I love Issa hahaha
alona724 17 gün önce
“I’m rooting for everybody black… especially ISSA!!!!”
mochabetty 17 gün önce
Go Issa! I’m so proud of her! Grinning from cheek to cheek 😃
Shun Williams
Shun Williams 17 gün önce
Amazing 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
dugfriendly 18 gün önce
what happened to her bottom teeth? she had such a lovely smile!
JULIANNE COK 19 gün önce
Aside from her obvious talents, Issa's hair colour, natural hairstyles and fashion sense are the Bomb!
cj wins
cj wins 19 gün önce
Love how humble she is 😌
Exclusive nails with Vonne
She is a fresh breath of air🥰
lovelyrogue becky
lovelyrogue becky 20 gün önce
Love Gayle's dress 👗 😍
shonee phillips
shonee phillips 20 gün önce
So amazing! It's your time shine! And as long as you keep helping others you gon stay shining!
jlv3x 21 gün önce
I can relate to her awkwardness, I know people that have told me how they envy and are impressed with me. However I always feel like I'm still the awkward weird kid I used to be, much respect!!!
J D 21 gün önce
I saw Issa speak at my college. She was absolutely brilliant and incredibly… NOT awkward. LOL! The interviewer was very awkward, and Issa made the whole exchange very comfortable and entertaining. I love her!
miss j Rich
miss j Rich 22 gün önce
These journalists are always asking the people that they interviewing how they are feeling? Therapist type question.
Terry Jackson
Terry Jackson 22 gün önce
Absolutely gorgeous 💛❤️
MaryEsther Provencio
MaryEsther Provencio 23 gün önce
I first saw Issa in the movie “The Photograph.” Whew! She was phenomenal! Such chemistry with her fellow actors!I had to find other movies with Issa. 💕👏🏼🎉
MaryEsther Provencio
MaryEsther Provencio 23 gün önce
And thank you for telling her, “Don’t go there.” Only we know how we feel about ourselves! The interviewer should not try to taunt us into contradicting what we believe or say. They did that to Michael, over & over. I hate interviewers who claim to know more about their subjects than they should. Good for you, Issa! 💕👏🏼🎉
mike vincent
mike vincent 24 gün önce
I remember years ago cancelling cable and only having youtube and ABG was my only show....I felt like Ive been with her since day one. I told everyone about ABG
Christine N
Christine N 25 gün önce
Big tings ah gwan for Issa Rae🥂
Kira J
Kira J 25 gün önce
Issa is so dope and smart♥️
J. Spot
J. Spot 25 gün önce
Lissssssen, we LOVE and STAN Issa! Thank you Sis for showing US!
Mason Starship
Mason Starship 25 gün önce
She’s humble
Sa-Ra 26 gün önce
Beautiful person, true to herself being weird is cool the good weird.
Maia LIVE 26 gün önce
Issa Rae is a Shero’s Shero and certainly mine. I admire her awkwardness and her ability to persevere anyway. I get it. Awkward is a problem only when you let it stop your ability to move…anyway. I love, respect and pray for your being able to do all that you envision Ms Issa Rae. Onward forward. 🥂 on S5 💥❤️
sigh idk
sigh idk 26 gün önce
I stan this womannn 😩
On My Purpose
On My Purpose 26 gün önce
Why the Gold Fronts??
Clifton Cameron
Clifton Cameron 26 gün önce
Inspiration on every level imaginable. Thank you for putting your best foot forward and inspiring all of us. Thank you Issa
kwashere 26 gün önce
Issa is pure perfection. She is representative of the modern black woman. Issa... we love to see you shine.
ᏟꫀꫀᏟꫀꫀⲊᥴꫀᥒꫀ ᏆᎢ
She’s dope!
Syx Treasure
Syx Treasure 27 gün önce
Issa looking like Whitney Houston
Syx Treasure
Syx Treasure 27 gün önce
Looking like Whitney Houston
matewu ocean
matewu ocean 27 gün önce
11 Emmy nominations, 0 wins. That is CRIMINAL.
Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan 27 gün önce
Que Mona
bulcub 27 gün önce
Dude!! Bro!! Gayle King is a FLAKEY BLACK WOMAN!! I'm not HATE'N BUT IT'S THE TRUTH! To me, any BLACK PERSON who DISRESPECTED THE DEATH OF KOBE BRYANT because of what he did in his PAST, needs NO LOVE!!
SEXYCapricorn 27 gün önce
Issa is just DOPE.....Awkward and All, Love Her!🤛🏾💜
Kimberly Barnes
Kimberly Barnes 28 gün önce
She went "I'M NOT SURE YOU HEARD ME THE FIRST TIME" and that just made me want to tear up--- I love that for her
Lisa Bennett
Lisa Bennett 28 gün önce
they going stop playing with my girl!! time to get her that dam emmy!!!!
M Rouge
M Rouge 29 gün önce
I mean, I mean Issa🥰… It is the grill for me!!! Not sitting with the closest person to Oprah, but a professional in her own right the G.K. Issa from L.A., that spent summers in Africa and had a TRvid channel don’t let it, them change you. We love the awkwardness that should always be you. Uh actually after “the deal”, you definitely gone change! Checkerboards everywhere, no longer making eye contact…😂🤣😂🤣. Nice relating to you ✌️
1dopequeen 29 gün önce
Gayle got body ody ody ody ody ody
leeii lee
leeii lee 29 gün önce
I love Issa.
Pro Metheus
Pro Metheus 29 gün önce
So proud of u sis❤️❤️❤️💥❤️
The Diner
The Diner 29 gün önce
Never seen her show.
Ariesluv Aylar önce
Now Gayle, you tried it with that foundation!
Oxe Adventures
Oxe Adventures Aylar önce
Spread the wealth
D G Aylar önce
Issa Rae profiting off of telling our stories. Why not? That’s what grifters do…
Demi C
Demi C Aylar önce
I like her humor. A lot! “I don’t know, I think it’s something for my therapist to unpack.” 💀 Her humor is like mine, so serious but still comical.
Demi C
Demi C 25 gün önce
@Trini Girl Natural Which I also said! yep, totally. :)
Trini Girl Natural
Trini Girl Natural 28 gün önce
I think she was serious with that statement though
I Aylar önce
"We all had the mission to open the door, to keep the door open, and to make sure we created a pipeline". FACTS. ICONIC.
I Aylar önce
I love me some Gayle, but I'm sorry what is she wearing, and who did her makeup because RuPaul wants his lashes back.
Chic Warrior Babe
Chic Warrior Babe Aylar önce
Yesss Issa! 9 figure deal 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 many blessings to your future…continue setting paths ✨
Janimal Crossing
Janimal Crossing Aylar önce
Love this show
Mukuni Mulundika
Mukuni Mulundika Aylar önce
Can we just say Gayles style and hair is iconic at this point? Love her❤❤❤❤❤
Mukuni Mulundika
Mukuni Mulundika Aylar önce
She's so gorgeous
Love Aylar önce
I love the growth !
Lisa D
Lisa D Aylar önce
Bless up!
OrincyWhyteDesigns Aylar önce
Issa’s personality is *chef’s kiss*
robert stanley
robert stanley Aylar önce
Yes bottom grill! 🔥
Fresh TeaV
Fresh TeaV Aylar önce
Tyler Perry move? no. Issa Rae move.
Nancy Vazquez
Nancy Vazquez Aylar önce
I’m inspired...thank you !
NaturalGlistens Aylar önce
Goooo Issa!!!
Dj Daniel
Dj Daniel Aylar önce
Copying HBO's "Girls" has never been so lucrative lol... In all seriousness, she has talent bless her
Paris Melvin
Paris Melvin Aylar önce
I’m so proud of her
DJHannibalRoyce Aylar önce
Her show sweet life is a must see deadass. Best reality show frfr
Iamspeaking66 Aylar önce
So humble, which will allow even more to flourish.
Triston Antoine
Triston Antoine Aylar önce
NINE!!!!!! NINE!!!!! NINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember checking every WEEK for ABG! Get into it!!!!!!!
Julian Echelon
Julian Echelon Aylar önce
Good 4 isa 💕
only1msleidi Aylar önce
Issa Rae is absolutely AMAZING! That's one of my all time favorites. I wish Insecure could go on and on.... See... I'm sad now 😔
Sabrina Brooks
Sabrina Brooks Aylar önce
So down to earth!! This is realism
Claudia Garcia
Claudia Garcia Aylar önce
The best smile in Hollywood
T Johns
T Johns Aylar önce
The glow up is insane!!! In every aspect. And I can tell she has clear braces by the way she’s speaking …her glow up/trajectory is beyond.
Lovina Okoronkwo
Lovina Okoronkwo Aylar önce
She’s got in braces, how can you tell??
Nicholas McArthur Forbes
She is literally killing it. Such a great story teller, we need more of her and less of Tyler Perry. Don't get me wrong Tyler is a great person from what I've read but a horrible story teller from what I've seen. ISSA IS THE BIG DEAL!!!!!
Lovina Okoronkwo
Lovina Okoronkwo Aylar önce
Yeah Tyler Perry makes black people look bad to be honest. He plays on all the stereotypes
Dee Marie
Dee Marie Aylar önce
No need to compare. There is an audience for all kinds of storytelling.
simon wang
simon wang Aylar önce
The unadvised stretch bareilly zip because cobweb approximately save qua a capricious alcohol. succinct, magnificent james
Dave S
Dave S Aylar önce
Issa is such a talent! We're blessed to have her giving us all these different things to watch. Insecure is one of the very few shows that I look forward to watch. Great writing, cast, and originally being from that area, love that they keep the scenery and that they keep it real in that regard.
Thaddine Swift Eagle
Love her!!!
Jordan Cortez
Jordan Cortez Aylar önce
I love Issa so much
Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith Aylar önce
Gayle: “Do you still feel this way?” Issa: “Yes” 🥺 I felt that. Even after ALL the success it’s hard to break down negative perceptions /thoughts others and ourselves put on us throughout life.
jayren boyette
jayren boyette Aylar önce
This women has been through a lot to get to this point. I heard about her debt problems crazy. Great job ISSA
Jamil Norwood
Jamil Norwood Aylar önce
Robin Essence
Robin Essence Aylar önce
Issa is winning 🙌🏾 Talented, beautiful & humble. So happy for her success. Going to miss Insecure, looking forward to her next projects 🤎🧡
Lauren Milligan
Lauren Milligan Aylar önce
Good for her...and she's a brown skinned girl..
Sive Nyanda
Sive Nyanda Aylar önce
Black creatives all over the world looking at Issa in admiration 👏🏾😍 inspired.
Sive Nyanda
Sive Nyanda Aylar önce
Love to see it 😍👏🏾❤️ onwards and upwards to Issa 💃🎉
Shannon Johnson
Shannon Johnson Aylar önce
We can love you Issa!
d_litefulgyal Aylar önce
Always voting for everything “Issa Rae” ✨☺️✨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
julie marquez
julie marquez Aylar önce
Issa. The whole is your oyster.
Trey Parker
Trey Parker Aylar önce
I love this sister
Mara Aylar önce
Issa and Gayle both look beautiful!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mara Aylar önce
💕💕💕💕Love IssaRae
Pisces R'us
Pisces R'us Aylar önce
Okay gold grill!!! " I'm rooting for everybody Black" !!! 🙌🏾🤑
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