Is Wayne Rooney The Most Underrated Player Of All Time? [How GOOD Was He Actually?]

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Wayne Rooney is undoubtedly one of the greatest English players to grace the footballing world. Ever since bursting onto the scene at 16 years old, he went on to capture just about every trophy at club level.

Despite this, there are a few that remain unconvinced, to this day. Therefore, the question is the following: Is Rooney underrated?

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0:00 - Introduction
01:58 - Early life and career
05:35 - Wazza vs Gazza
07:03 - Wayne Rooney vs Cristiano Ronaldo
12:19 - Wayne Rooney vs Manchester United
14:18 - Wayne Rooney vs decline
15:14 - Is Wayne Rooney underrated?
18:14 - Closing thoughts
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13 Mar 2021




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faisalhp1773 Gün önce
I honestly believe that if Rooney had played as a striker or atleast as number 10 throughout his time in Man Utd, he would've possibly been the premier league top scorer. I loved Rooney back in his prime time 2008-2013. He was deadly, strong, fast, agile, literally anything you'd need from a striker/forward. It just makes me upset how harsh he was treated in his last days at Man Utd, especially under Mourinho.
daniel Irl
daniel Irl 2 gün önce
My favourite player of all time, he did everything he could whenever he could. We haven't been the same since he left, him and Roy Keane have left the biggest holes in our clubs
Gosha Tabak
Gosha Tabak 3 gün önce
He is the Mike Tyson of football
BigRandomUn 4 gün önce
He was a better player than Van Persie and Drogba. They were both better finishers than Rooney. However, Rooney scored as many goals in as many different situations as both, did it for longer, got more Assists and got more success. People need to reanalyse his carter and apologise to him for being over-rated cause its a crime calling him that. It would be like calling Hazard 'average' or calling Bergkamp 'A glorified CAM'
BigRandomUn 4 gün önce
If Rooney went abroad and played like he did, they'd call him 'The English Phenom'. Saying stuff like 'He looks so ugly, but plays so beautifully.' but British media wanted to destroy his career.
Luigi de Guzman
Luigi de Guzman 5 gün önce
I'd only ever seen Rooney on TV and in the press--then he came to play for my hometown team (DC United). I don't think I have ever been more wrong in my perception of a player. On TV and in the press, he seemed smug, brash, and not the sort of guy I would have wanted to play with. Seeing him week in and week out, up close was something else. This was a man who had played at the very top of the global game insisting that he be treated no differently than any of the other guys on the club. His devotion to his teammates was genuine. When he joined the club, he joined with his whole heart and soul and willed DC United back into contention. He made his teammates better, and got absolutely the best out of Luciano Acosta. I know his MLS time won't mean all that much to most of the people that watch this video, but I have to say it as a fan: I was a hater when he joined the team. Wayne Rooney made me believe in him. And if even that broken-down version of Rooney could do that to a club, I cannot even imagine what his attitude did for Manchester United for all those years.
Darren Lim
Darren Lim 6 gün önce
He's overrated because he drinks coke.
Benjamin Mack
Benjamin Mack 8 gün önce
I remember when Rooney was on dc United I thought to my self while watching him in the stands why is this guy on the mls
jordan 10 gün önce
amazing when he played for manu but became a absolute tool when playing for country
Foqus Lab
Foqus Lab 11 gün önce
Movie Hunterz
Movie Hunterz 11 gün önce
Versatile that what young united player now day need to learn bcuz they too damm selfish
Slide away
Slide away 14 gün önce
Wayne achieved a hell of a lot in his career. In 2008 he won the Champions league with Man Utd, and also scored the winning goal in the World Club cup final. People forget his superb form at Euro 2004 aged only 18, and that he broke his toe early in the quarter final (against Portugal, who then beat them in the shoot out). England might have won euro 2004 had Wayne not broken his foot, his form was THAT good.
PAVI_ SAMA 15 gün önce
I fell in love with football, started playing it and became a fan of United and England because of Beckham. But watching Wazza play the game is what made me stayed and never regret my choice. He taught me passion and self sacrifice. Wazza will always be my legend.
Ali Raid
Ali Raid 16 gün önce
He’s amongst an extremely exclusive club of players who are all time top scorers for both their club and country
Dorian 19 gün önce
To me he is the most overrated player ever... English fans were treating him like the second coming of christ, though he was only world class in three seasons...
squiddly007 22 gün önce
Great video. I agree he is underrated. Especially by non-UTD fans who want to undermine his and UTD's accomplishments.
John Doe
John Doe 23 gün önce
Rooney's favorite position isn't up front as he said himself
Ivan the Great
Ivan the Great 26 gün önce
He is the definition of a team player.
Ivan the Great
Ivan the Great 26 gün önce
Wazza was immense for united. Anyone who says otherwise doesnt know football. A united legend. End of discussion.
Redandy1960 26 gün önce
What a stupid title, the first line in the video was correct
Andrew Belton
Andrew Belton 27 gün önce
Iconic, I've always seen Rooney as one of those players who everyone looks at and thinks "nah, they're just okay" until the stats are pulled out. You know the types, the strikers who pull out a 1 in 3 consistent record but go in massive streaks. Or the winger who is the head-down, speed demon yet pulls in solid assist/goals/regain possession stats. The players with good, solid careers and yet never really had it in them to go that extra step to top tier. A Nicky Butt to Roy Keane, an Ole Solskjaer to a Shearer. Yet Rooney HAD that ability to step up and challenge Messi/Ronaldo as the best in the world. It was his natural talent that took that okay/good stats to the record breaker he became. But he never touched what he could have. It might sound greedy, but I honestly don't think he reached the heights he should have with his talents. He became one of those mid-table forwards who are club legends but was able to coast on a GOAT natural talent pool to have one of those careers at United. To use a wonky example - It's as though United bought OG Ronaldo come again, but he turned into Rudd van Nistelrooy. Now, there's _nothing_ wrong with having a Ruud van Nistelrooy as the finished product, but he sure as shit ain't the Ronaldo level icon his talents would have let him become if he had worked at it.
Nicolas Galindez
Nicolas Galindez 27 gün önce
Underrated by who
Andreas Philippou
Andreas Philippou 29 gün önce
It is all the British media doing. He is /was an incredible player. These people always were saying bad things about Wayne. Call it jealousy if you like but yes the British media is very biased and destroying footballers. He is definitely underrated and unappreciated.
Ojas Mehta
Ojas Mehta Aylar önce
In my opinion, Wayne Rooney always needed world class players around him to play at an extraordinary level, unlike players like Alan Shearer, Henry, or even Lampard.
Daniel Jewitt
Daniel Jewitt Aylar önce
I've seen Ronaldo, Neymar, Gerrard, Lampard, Ronaldinho, Suarez, and many more legends playing in the flesh and not one of them came close to dominating a game the same way Rooney did every single time I saw him play. He'd pick the ball up from the CDM, drive through the opposition's defence, lay-off his strike partner for an assist and end the match with two goals of his own. It seems like a lot of people judge him on his last 3 seasons at United when they don't rate him in the top 5 of his generation. Everything went through him in pretty much every game he played between 2006 and 2012. The fact that he finished as United's and England's top scorer and I still think it's fair to say he never lived up to his potential tells you everything about him. Absolutely would have been a Ballon D'Or contender several times had Messi and Ronaldo not dominated it in the years that they did.
Robert Langdon
Robert Langdon Aylar önce
Rooney was a physical specimen. And his innate fury on the ball. among young up n coming footballers, I've only seen that kind of fury and tenacity in Federico chiesa , but chiesa is nowhere near as gifted physically.
lirzzan zan
lirzzan zan Aylar önce
His a good striker at Man utd
lirzzan zan
lirzzan zan Aylar önce
Roodney is best wth teamate Cr7..best tag team evwr
Yirmi Üç
Yirmi Üç Aylar önce
he was not as flashy as Henry but he was a beast nonetheless. i believe it was about aesthetics. his playing style was so blunt but did the job better than almost every "technical player" in the entire universe.
Timothy Hollins
Timothy Hollins Aylar önce
Could of won the Ballon de oor. in 2011, could of played another 3 seasons of the bench at United. Poor decision to let him go in his early 30s. We still needed him.
Christopher Arnold
Christopher Arnold Aylar önce
Has Rooney got a name or is it just Rooney , well done Wayne thanks champ
Metaldweeb Aylar önce
No it's not 🙌
Noah Barker
Noah Barker Aylar önce
I’m a dude from West Virginia who started watching the prem, and soccer/football in general, in 2012. Rooney was the player that brought me to the United fans base. Also helped we were televised in the states every week. I never really understood the hate on Rooney. All I know is if it wasn’t for him I may not have began following the sport or the club and seeing him in person playing in the MLS was a moment I’ll never forget.
Mark Sager
Mark Sager Aylar önce
He peaked really early, he never got any better after 23-24 and his decline was steep and early, but he was still class
L'aigle Royal
L'aigle Royal Aylar önce
I am a football lover and as soon as i. Saw the title im comming here to comment yes..YES. Most underated undertalked footballer
Lwando Madikizela
Lwando Madikizela Aylar önce
Underrated no. He was better than Ronaldo at one point before Ronaldo became a beast. My favourite player of all time. He was underappreciated despite being Manchester United's and England's all time leading scorer. Too bad he's decline came after Ferguson's retirement.
Sopran Haena Hong
Sopran Haena Hong Aylar önce
totally biased vid
Nakamya Harriet
Nakamya Harriet Aylar önce
Rooney a Manchester United legend period.
Daego Grandynte
Daego Grandynte Aylar önce
Never underated.
Raul De La Mora
Raul De La Mora Aylar önce
Underrated of all times
Dex Aylar önce
We share the same birthdays :D
nova Aylar önce
This man made me a united fan
YouTube Drifter
YouTube Drifter Aylar önce
I haven't played fifa in years and they'd probably screw up his card. But I'd come back for a year to play with his card.
YouTube Drifter
YouTube Drifter Aylar önce
@Football Iconic Really?
Football Iconic
Football Iconic Aylar önce
Also haven't played in years, but I believe he has a legend card this year.
DNC Aylar önce
A great player , but failed to show up in major tournaments. He only scored 1 goal in World Cup finals . A bit like the John Barnes syndrome. Great at club level, but not in big tournaments
George vaaz
George vaaz Aylar önce
Rooney was one of the best reliable strikers of all times who could score every type of goals at United in all competition leagues. We remember rooney was named as the youngest player ever to score most goals for England and man Utd as well at an early age of 18 yrs.
George vaaz
George vaaz Aylar önce
Wayne Rooney was underrated and underappreciated both in asence that he won almost every big title but his name is no longer sounding at United as a great legend.
Ronessi Estevez
Ronessi Estevez Aylar önce
He's not underrated, he's rated exactly where he should be. From 2008 to 2012 he was pure gold for us!!!
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez Aylar önce
Rooney was the man along with dinho, ronaldo, messi for me growing up. Unique in his own way. Thank you Rooney.!
Hernan Casella
Hernan Casella Aylar önce
this channel is so great and im so glad i found it, this is proper sport journalism level content. thank u!
Majin Manbha kun
Majin Manbha kun Aylar önce
The AIG Manchester United is still my favorite team of all time
Majin Manbha kun
Majin Manbha kun Aylar önce
Wayne rooney was the main striker for the best Manchester united team along with ronaldo Nani and a 2nd striker who would change every season but rooney was the main striker for united. Some of the other strikers he played with was berbatov, tevez, ibrahim, Larsson, vanpersie etc
Goncalo Gomes
Goncalo Gomes Aylar önce
You Get The Idea is one of the best premier league strikers in history
Mojotmt Lo
Mojotmt Lo Aylar önce
Is Wayne Rooney The Most Underrated Player Of All Time? !! been asking this question for so long !!!!
Self Elements
Self Elements Aylar önce
0:43 Shot technique.
Fazzza Aylar önce
constantly overshadowed during his career by big signings who came and left the club.
Self Elements
Self Elements Aylar önce
2:42 lol.
RescinderRL Aylar önce
To be honest, Rooney is the person I point to when people talk about how the media are racist and pick on black players. Rooney was portrayed horribly in the media for virtually his entire career and he couldn't be whiter. Beckham the same. Unfortunately the media love to have a scapegoat, and Rooney was just that for years. Race is irrelevant. He was an absolute servant to United, and to England. Over 300 premier league goal contributions, he's literally only beaten on that by Shearer. He was a warrior on the pitch, and as referenced in this video multiple times, he only played as a striker until he was about 26. He very much played 10 after that. He's one of the most underrated players of all time.
Alex Karthik
Alex Karthik Aylar önce
I wouldn't call him underrated, he was on the map for a while even more than other players.
FargoDaVille ITNOTD
No he isnt, I find it hard to appreciate him anyway, I watched a documentary about him and afterwards there was nothing added to himself or his life, I didnt learn anything from it, I do think what you see is what you get with Rooney, that aint a bad thing, there is a class dynamic as well, hes from Liverpool and from a working class family, the media are all middle class tossers ran by privately school editors, they aint going to big him up are they? typical snobbery and typical prejudice against Liverpool to be fair
Slime McMahon
Slime McMahon Aylar önce
big facts
lol Aylar önce
Just a suggestion- can you do goals and assists in all competitions, not just in the league. In the 06/07 season, Ronaldo and Rooney both finished on 23 goals in all comps.
Likhona Gwanxu
Likhona Gwanxu Aylar önce
South African?
taltezy29 Aylar önce
He's the reason why I Love Man U!!
Tamas Fuves
Tamas Fuves Aylar önce
I make it simple for you, NO HE ISN'T.
savekerala Aylar önce
He was beast
BMJgunner IDK
BMJgunner IDK Aylar önce
Rooney is actually one of my favourite players when I was growing up. He was one of our best players and deserves appreciation
Joshep Cobain
Joshep Cobain Aylar önce
Rooney is Legend 🙌❤ No doubt about it 🙌
Fik Art Productions
He is the best I know in MAN UTD if we talk about natural skills, awareness of the position that he stands on and abilities to fit at many positions. He is always the BEST on those points for me.
mulaudzi engi
mulaudzi engi Aylar önce
You failed this video by not starting with the bicycle kick or Rooney's Everton vs Arsenal goal
The Gypsy King, Tyson '2Fast' Fury
top goalscorer at united and england is unreal...time to panic buy his rookies LOL
TheAsswipe Aylar önce
Brazilians still remember and laugh about how the english media called Rooney "The white Pelé." I guess being brazilian, I'm supposed to have a bias in saying he is overrated given that he used to be compared to our biggest and undisputed idol. But in all honesty, I think Rooney deserves more praise. It was amazing watching him score his only world cup goal in São Paulo against Uruguay. It's a shame England lost that game...
P P Aylar önce
Again the media always wanted to get the leg over Rooney. He had it all and lived the dream of a footballer and will and should be remember as one of the best
Guy Fieri Is My Hero
Rooney was the reason I became a fan of soccer and a fan of united
United Forever
United Forever Aylar önce
He played since 16 and he playedlike a madman from the start.. Understandable why he declined earlier than most..
The Patriot
The Patriot Aylar önce
Rooney was neither underrated nor overrated. He was an elite player. Chelsea fan.
oddclod Aylar önce
As a Canadian i was aloof to football until catching a Messi highlight reel. Now i’m addicted to soccer and am grateful for the education on this man that I thought was merely a plug. From my eye, if you had a hockey player like this on your team you count your blessings. Seems like an all rounder. thanks for the insight!
Reiger M.J.
Reiger M.J. Aylar önce
I no longer understand the meaning of 'underrated' for people in TRvid nowadays. Wayne Rooney, who is A LEGEND, A STAR, FAMOUS and PRAISED BY MANY, is underrated? really?
Siri siri
Siri siri Aylar önce
People get mad when I compare Rooney to R9 but they’re literally the same, Rooney is arguably a better player to me
Henok Melkamu
Henok Melkamu Aylar önce
alan duncan
alan duncan Aylar önce
The word underrated gets thrown around a lot these days. I'm not even sure people know what it means. They just say it when they like something. Rooney is a household name. How can you say he's underrated? Ridiculous!
Oliver Kane
Oliver Kane Aylar önce
he was never underatted his career just finished soon
Raydensheraj Aylar önce
Just one World Cup would have turned him into legend...he reminds me of Thomas Müller...an absolute essential to their teams. As a German I always thought he was the greatest British player of his time...
okonomi katsu
okonomi katsu Aylar önce
In terms of “pure raw talent” and versatility, young Rooney is far better than young CR7
ToadyEN 2 aylar önce
Under appreciated :( I wish he valued his fitness like Ronaldo. It'd be great to see him still on the pitch.
After Modes Music
After Modes Music 2 aylar önce
Remember when rooney played wihh a broken leg or something to defend a lead
After Modes Music
After Modes Music 2 aylar önce
Rooneys decline was when David noyes didn't train them properly 🤦🏽‍♂️
After Modes Music
After Modes Music 2 aylar önce
Rooney is the only 18 year old player that could score a hat trick in his man utd debut (was a ucl game)
boyknobetter 2 aylar önce
Rooney is the goat
RedWay7 2 aylar önce
he wasn't starboy, he wasn't no. 1 star but he was perfect team mate. he was always all about team. he could be better but he doesn't have this mentality like ronaldo, he just loved football and want his team to win. it always be this feeling... what if... but i loved him. young wild rooney will forever be somebody else.
BSUEDJ 1 2 aylar önce
Nah..Thomas Muller...next..
Alain Fabrice
Alain Fabrice 2 aylar önce
He is one of the reason I support Manchester United. That says it all!
Teemu Vesala
Teemu Vesala 2 aylar önce
To be fair Rooney scoring more goals in his teenage years at Manchester United than CR7 is because Rooney was target player and CR7 was a winger...
Youcef Islem Boulacel
Youcef Islem Boulacel 2 aylar önce
i ddnt think the title was wrong
John Henry de Klerk
John Henry de Klerk 2 aylar önce
great but not nearly as good as Thomas Muller
Murad Q
Murad Q 2 aylar önce
Underrated and Underappreciated by those outside of Manchester United. A bulldog on the field, who regularly sacrificed for the betterment of the Team. Top Class finisher and underrated playmaker.
Asap Forever
Asap Forever 2 aylar önce
Rooney is the reason why I started watching football in 2004(i was age 4 and a half then) and reason why I started loving Man United. For me he is the G. O. A. T
Jeandre F
Jeandre F 2 aylar önce
Rooney was the hardest working soccer player of all time... you get girly soccer like neymar then you get rooney... Runs like tank!
Everardo Alvarez
Everardo Alvarez 2 aylar önce
Wayne “The Kid “ Rooney. He was literally an anime protagonist.
Ian Macfarlane
Ian Macfarlane 2 aylar önce
Strange that a kid who grew up as a boxer would think so little of body conditioning in later years. Nevertheless, when I think of who was the most exciting player in English football between 2000 - 2010 it's Wayne Rooney... every single time.
Dragon 100
Dragon 100 2 aylar önce
Rooney is the king
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