Is There Any Hope for Halo?

The Act Man
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With the recent layoffs at Microsoft and 343 Industries, many have started to question the future of Halo Infinite and the franchise itself. Is there any hope for Halo? After so much has gone wrong? Only one way to find out...

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Introduction - 0:00
The Layoffs - 3:00
Joe Staten Leaving Halo - 7:38
Who Should Make Halo Games? - 8:20
Microsoft’s Role - 10:10
Notable People to Leave 343 Industries - 11:51
What is the Cause of 343i’s Woes? - 15:30
Is There Any Hope For Halo? - 21:02

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31 Mar 2023




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The Act Man
The Act Man 2 aylar önce
Thanks to Bespoke Post for sponsoring this video! New subscribers get 20% off their first box - go to www.bespokepost.com/act20 and enter code ACT20 at checkout. With the recent layoffs at Microsoft and 343 Industries, many have started to question the future of Halo Infinite and the franchise itself. Is there any hope for Halo? After so much has gone wrong? Only one way to find out...
DemonSoldier467 Aylar önce
I believe there is hope for Halo However they need to implement new weapons, Forge, vehicles and a better UI and fast just my opinion
Reece Cornhill
Reece Cornhill Aylar önce
Not strictly relevant, but do you play/follow Destiny 2 at the moment? I noted the poster in the background, I understand that you might just like the art but it piqued my curiosity as someone who plays it essentially as their main game. I know its flawed but I love the IP
go fish
go fish Aylar önce
I think we need a soft reboot with multiple endings like black ops 2 for halo but they have to respect the fans and lore from the first three games
just another person 777
Bless Your Perfection Praise the true creators 🙌
Thomas Cheow
Thomas Cheow Aylar önce
Can't wait to see you make a video about hogwarts legacy
Fallen Saiyan456
Fallen Saiyan456 2 aylar önce
Joe was the master of Halo storytelling but when the world needed him most….he vanished.
High Voltage
High Voltage Aylar önce
@Cross I mean, infinite...
High Voltage
High Voltage Aylar önce
Idk... did you not see infinite?
Randy Orton's Dick Bulge
@MK Ultra oh so edgy like my chefs knifes.
Randy Orton's Dick Bulge
@Cosmic Treason halo 3 was a good story, nice and simple.
Randy Orton's Dick Bulge
@King K. Rool he left because HE didn’t have any plans….
Shadow_Wraith83 Aylar önce
As someone who owns a PS5 (personal preference). I have to say it's sad to see what's happening to Halo. It's such an iconic and important franchise. The legacy and inspiration it's had can't be denied.
Ray FRillie
Ray FRillie 17 gün önce
@GoTi4No glad we could hear your pointless words on a topic that wasnt asked. you act like the xbox has any games. atleast the PS5 has more playable games that are worth the while
unknownfinesse 17 gün önce
@GoTi4No I think u mean Xbox but ok😂
Samuel Foster
Samuel Foster Aylar önce
Remember Game of Thrones? Legacies can be ruined
YourLocalEmoCatBoy Aylar önce
@GoTi4No bro, Spider-Man and god of war. As an Xbox player I’m literally jealous everytime I see gameplay of em 😭 what we could’ve had
Ybarra Aylar önce
Halo will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. Halo CE-Reach was just perfection. The golden ages.
Jordan Mason
Jordan Mason 19 gün önce
@Tim Ratliff nah, i remember a lot people were angry when it released same with ODST but overall they were good games and far better then anything 343 has shat out in their entire existence.
Tim Ratliff
Tim Ratliff Aylar önce
@QueekHeadtaker I started with reach and that game is so bad. Halo 2 is the best for me as it’s just so fast paced and competitive. I’ve realized that me being a reach kid is the reason I like COD more than halo when I was younger. Halo Reach sucks
QueekHeadtaker Aylar önce
lol so dumb, Reach was a disaster, reticle bloom anyone??
VerquiaZ Aylar önce
When you said that Halo 5 came out 7 years ago, you hit me with a big old nostalgia slap
Inventions Creator
Inventions Creator Aylar önce
Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson Aylar önce
That’s insane. I haven’t been a gamer for a few years now, but it feels like Halo 5 is still the latest Halo game and it came out just a couple years ago 😂. Time is flying!!!
Colin Reid
Colin Reid Aylar önce
Man it’s been to long for such a slow effete game
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Adam T
Adam T Aylar önce
Dual wielding weapons should have made a comeback, its one of the things that made the older games fun
Moose 28 gün önce
@Kestas Kuliukas Yeah, thank God the franchise died.
Samuel Foster
Samuel Foster Aylar önce
@Kestas Kuliukas The older Halos were actually fun. The new Halos don't care about fun. The new Halos are passionless. Trash. Worthless
Kestas Kuliukas
Kestas Kuliukas Aylar önce
Thank god infinite did a reset and didnt listen to you plebs..
Casey Hoffman
Casey Hoffman Aylar önce
@Alexander Robins spoken like someone who has never used the Spiker/SMG combo.
Alexander Robins
Alexander Robins Aylar önce
Dual wielding was generally inefficient given the garbage weapons, but I still loved doing it anyway because I can.
Forkinthemud Aylar önce
I was a kid in highschool when Liquid Development was working on halo 4's Armor, I got a sneak peak into the design change and was appalled. Not their fault of course but seeing you mention them brought back that memory.
Wofulrumble Aylar önce
Some of the designs were really neat, but too much changed at once
Blue Swan
Blue Swan 2 aylar önce
As someone who works in the film industry, I think that incompetent leadership is just everywhere in art and entertainment. A lot of people at the top have never created anything in their lives, so they just lack any perspective on what it takes to make a AAA game or billion dollar movie.
ty holmes
ty holmes 25 gün önce
@Krusty Krab Pizza Comprehension is key and literacy is the door.
Krusty Krab Pizza
Krusty Krab Pizza 25 gün önce
​@Mittens the Rancor still selling massively. Those billions being spent on projects aren't slowing down any time soon. If Disney wasn't making enough, they would cut it down in an instant, they don't care that much about Marvel lol
Krusty Krab Pizza
Krusty Krab Pizza 25 gün önce
​@Derek M you're making it seem as if that's a "people aren't interested anymore" thing when it's a "rather stay home, be safe, get some grub, and sit in front of the TV vs dealing with all the raising prices/randomness of movie theaters" thing
Macho Ma'am
Macho Ma'am Aylar önce
DIE(Diversity, Inclusion, Equity) has a cost and we are seeing it. Anything will suffer when talent, ability and passion are overlooked.
Rangledangle Aylar önce
A lot of times Contractors are working in the same building, eating the same food, working on the same work. Contractors are not inherently worse, but this dynamic creates workers who are doing the same amount of work at the same degree of difficulty for a quarter of the pay (and they know it) it creates a disgruntled, jaded workforce.
Rangledangle Aylar önce
@QueekHeadtaker I think there’s a misunderstanding of what contractors are. There are two types. Vendors and Contingents. A lot of times, Vendors can work at a company for years alongside normal Employees. They’re just underpaid and easy to fire. The other kind are short term and on time limits. Whether or not they’re local is another story, but those details usually don’t surface to the media. The reality is it’s like 60/40 split, with vendors at 60. When media talks about them they’re just “contractors” though. All the same, it’s a bad dynamic for success either way.
QueekHeadtaker Aylar önce
They also have no control over the creative direction of the product because they aren't really part of the team, just a compilation of under-paid mercenaries creating a nonsensical hodge-podge game before they move on to the next gig.
John D.
John D. Aylar önce
The problem comes when you’re working with a proprietary toolkit on a 6 year project and get fired automatically after 18 months.
Americo Zergling
Americo Zergling Aylar önce
Individual contractors, yes, but a lot of the 'team' seemed to be outsourced studios, which does create a communication problem. WC3 Reforged is an example of this, where so many assets of that game were not made by Blizzard themselves, which makes a lot of the inconsistent art direction make sense.
Gamer pill
Gamer pill Aylar önce
It's about the lack of a vision for the franchise that's why they are "worse" not that they are inherently worse coders/devs. There's also what you said about the payment...
177SCmaro Aylar önce
Infinite's art direction was one of the things they got right.
Alpha Noodle
Alpha Noodle 2 gün önce
@RepresentWV you do realize you are the one calling a game kest likes bad right? If anything you are being the toxic one
RepresentWV 8 gün önce
@Kestas Kuliukas lol, all that hostility, toxicity. I can tell you play halo ;)
Kestas Kuliukas
Kestas Kuliukas 8 gün önce
@RepresentWV What game are you enjoying right now so I can go to youtube channels about that game and shit on it? Oh wait I’d rather be doing something fun like playing halo, never mind
RepresentWV 9 gün önce
@Kestas Kuliukas Sure thing pal, beats playing halo anywhere. Game's doggy doo doo
Kestas Kuliukas
Kestas Kuliukas 9 gün önce
@RepresentWV Whatever why dont you go not play halo somewhere else?
Dan Aylar önce
I will give 343 massive credit for delivering and polishing the MCC on PC over the last 3 years. When new Halo games are blundered and broken, at least we'll always have a functional MCC.
G Man
G Man 24 gün önce
"massive credit" bro thats supposed to have been done when MCC came out hahahaha it's LITERALLY their job do you give "massive credit" to a bird for flapping its wings to fly?
UnderGround Aylar önce
@theguitarhero898 that’s a you problem.
Matias Pereyra
Matias Pereyra Aylar önce
When the company is named after one of the main antagonists be ready for them to misunderstand the concept of the franchise completley
U R Phake And Gey
U R Phake And Gey Aylar önce
Yes, but no. MCC was a disaster, especially on PC. The fact controllers have such a huge advantage over mouse and keyboard (on a PC game) is enough for me to never hail it as a success. That's not even counting the endless hurdles it had over the years. Then, on top of that, it took FOREVER for 343 to finally add a server browser to the game, a *_BASIC FUNCTION_* in most PC games. Idk wtf took them so long when Halo CE had it *_on launch day._*
DEVILTAZ35 Aylar önce
They continued to fix it on both PC and series X. Different team though. This team was dedicated and obviously had good management.
Drachona The Wolf
Drachona The Wolf Aylar önce
What they need, which seems less and less common in all forms of media, is planning. Think beyond just the next game. Know where you plan to land, and have a parachute, before you actually do anything. Don't just jump out of the plane and hope.
Drachona The Wolf
Drachona The Wolf 25 gün önce
@Krusty Krab Pizza Yeah, it'd be one thing if you were talking about a small company that suddenly had a hit on their hands, so you could give them a break for being unprepared. There's no excuse to be unprepared when you're inheriting an already massively successful property.
Krusty Krab Pizza
Krusty Krab Pizza 25 gün önce
Correct. People think it's normal now to just make shit up as you're making the product like that won't have a huge effect on the quality of the product and the things that come after it
Gunter The Kaiser
Gunter The Kaiser Aylar önce
Halo should have a parachute plus 3 more in backup. They have the resources, talent, and passion.
Brodie Morris
Brodie Morris Aylar önce
I like fortnite
DIO SAMA 10 gün önce
You know, when I first heard of the 10 year service that Infinite promised I thought that perhaps they will expand the campaign in chapters. Tbh I wish they did that even if it was dlc because one of the main things about Halo is the story itself. Shame that it's probably never going to happen 😞.
Endalus 2 aylar önce
I’ve finally accepted that Halo will never be the same. Reach was supposed to be the end, and it was.
Thomas 6 gün önce
@AzureSymbiote I’m glad it didn’t stop after 3. I for one prefer Reach. Imho the best story halo delivered. I also loved ODST.
Finnish_Hunter4 11 gün önce
​@Snimon It is really hard managing a videogame company but IF it is THAT hard, maybe they shouldn't even be in the business.
demon_hawkeye '
demon_hawkeye ' 12 gün önce
​@Sully damn, persecution for being correct, crazy.
demon_hawkeye '
demon_hawkeye ' 12 gün önce
​@AzureSymbiote and yet ODST and Reach are incredible, guess it wasn't a problem yet huh 🤷‍♂️
Reddede 16 gün önce
Same with Gears of War...it end in gears 3
fudgepacker Aylar önce
The intros for both halo 2 and 3 were better than all of the 343s campaigns combined
Astaroth 15 gün önce
​@J Gamez "nah 4 was good" lmfao ok bud
J Gamez
J Gamez Aylar önce
Nah 4 was genuinely a good jumping off point in terms of campaign (multiplayer maps were awful) and it laid a decent groundwork for the next 2 games but like the Star Wars sequels they said “fuck it” and just threw random bs at the wall looking for anything to stick/make money (guardians). This led to infinite having to pick up the pieces and put a bandaid on a bullet wound.
iTheDarkKing Aylar önce
Never played Halo but I'm so invested in these Halo videos
Krusty Krab Pizza
Krusty Krab Pizza 25 gün önce
Seriously considering getting a series s just to play the old ones
TheSorrel Aylar önce
I'm playing through the MCC with a friend right now. Can only recommend.
Myzz Aylar önce
@Alexander Robins id say to play halo 2 on remastered bc of the cutscenes
Alexander Robins
Alexander Robins Aylar önce
@Myzz Worth noting: play with the classic graphics and music over the remasters. Also, the games will look very different since the graphics quality is much crisper and on an HD screen which can give a very different feel from the old tube televisions, for better and worse.
Myzz Aylar önce
Play campaigns first chronologically: Halo Reach Halo Combat evolved Halo 2 Halo 3 Odst Halo 3 Halo 4 Halo 5 Halo infinite And if you want you can play side games like: Halo wars 1 Halo wars 2 Halo Spartan assault
Nordthicc Ruins
Nordthicc Ruins Aylar önce
Watching this happen to halo over the last decade has been like watching a part of my childhood die
Samuel Sherman
Samuel Sherman Aylar önce
I remember how excited I was as a kid waiting for Halo 3 ODST to come out. I had just gotten my first console shortly before it was announced, and constantly watching trailers and development videos trying to convince my parents to let me get it even though it was rated M… good times. Halo was (and still is) one of my favorite series and pretty much helped get me into gaming in the first place playing the CE campaign on splitscreen with my uncle on the original Xbox when I was like 7, reading the books as a teenager, getting back into the series again before Halo 4 came out. It’s sad to see it fall to this point
J Fitz
J Fitz Aylar önce
It feels like what’s carrying Halo right now is the community with 343 supporting as much as they can & as much as Microsoft is willing, not the other way around.
MrSyntax 2 aylar önce
AS a programer I can say without a shadow of a doubt that trying to fix someone else's code is fkn hard af especially when you dont have the person who worked on it to ask questions
jDally987 Aylar önce
@Ghost Noodle it should be, but isn't really, common practice *anywhere* not just in game dev
XDM Aylar önce
@Ghost Noodle Not when you're overworked because the employer decided to hire a bunch of random contractors and keeps rotating them every couple of months so that they can never become employees.
Ghost Noodle
Ghost Noodle Aylar önce
Is commenting not common practice in game development?
Shareef Bryant
Shareef Bryant Aylar önce
This is exactly why I have been blaming Microsoft for this mess ever since the public found out about this moronic contractor program they implemented. 343 has had their fair share of screwups but I can't imagine how hard it must have been to maintain any semblance of consistency when they weren't allowed to keep employees for more than a year or two at a time.
Ck Dunahee
Ck Dunahee Aylar önce
@brazwen its the worst lol, especially when the commits they make have no message and they diddnt comment their code
Sì No
Sì No Aylar önce
I just wish a new begin, a brand new Halo 4 with Chief, Cortana some aliens… and a decent story campaign
TheDutchGhost Aylar önce
I was playing with an alternative Halo 4 story/campaign in which Master Chief meets the characters from Halo Wars and teams up with them after both have been brought to a Forerunner shield world or some other mega structure as suggested in the ending of Halo 3. Here Master Chief and the other characters would encounter a new alien threat, maybe the Endless aliens (forgot their species' name) who rather than some ancient alien threat the Forerunners container, are a current day species from unknown space that have been salvaging Forerunner technology as they want to use it to take over the galaxy. They are a deeply xenophobic species that hates all other intelligent life. It was the AI of the shield world that brought the Master Chief and the characters from Halo Wars to this place as it needed the aid from reclaimers to prevent these new aliens from taking over this Forerunner structure and use it. It is rather fan fic ish and probably average but I wanted to come up with a Halo 4 that would be sort of an Epilogue to the previous games but could also work as a setup for new games though it would be fine as a self contained story.
The Mad Suika
The Mad Suika Aylar önce
"The problem was you have 3 AI companions from start to finish" Halo 5 gave me Gears of War PTSD of AI teammates going from Brick intelligence to Sub-Brick when you go down and they try to reanimate you. Just to get executed or die of sadness and cringe
Gareth (Ga-reth)
Gareth (Ga-reth) 11 gün önce
It seemed like the campaign map was designed to be opened up. There were distant islands that looked quite developed and open to exploration.
Mitchell Schuett
Mitchell Schuett Aylar önce
I think this would be an awesome way to move forward for Halo: Since we didn't really get much of a story in Infinite, and we end off still on Zeta Halo, I think they should pick up where they left off (something 343 doesnt know how to do) and continue with the open world concept that they started and fine tune it to perfection. The main story should still be about Chief and the endless, but they need to add an Arbiter element. They should have side quests (kind of like flashbacks/memory fragments) of you playing a small, special unit of Elites (main player being Arbiter) as they stealthfully uncover the secrets of Zeta Halo during the Infinite campaigns timeline (which will fill in the gaps that were left from Infinite's lack of storytelling). In doing so, they will be tying in where Halo 5 left off with Chief and Arbiters' relationship and adding a sexy new stealth/co-op element to spice things up a bit. So, the main, open world campaign can be with the UNSC and Chief fighting off the endless while having a side campaign basically having a main purpose of filling in the gaps that 343 left behind in their last three entries, through the eyes of the Arbiter and the handful of Spartans that survived from Infinite's crash. So, in essence, they should make the REAL Infinite game next. Thoughts??
FinalKill Dangel
FinalKill Dangel Aylar önce
You're right. But will they listen?
Parker Schuster
Parker Schuster Aylar önce
The community leaders should be hired as consultants, and supplemental coding should be crowdsourced or built in. Profit should be the result of a good product, not the intent.
Jon Baxter
Jon Baxter 2 aylar önce
I had another rewatch of Crowbcat's "Remember Halo" video yesterday... I don't think it's possible to have that experience again. Not just because of youth and nostalgia; but online systems, mobile phones and spoilers, streamers, terrible management and messaging and the fall of the industry. It'll never bee the same again. But those days were marvellous...
The Real OAF
The Real OAF Aylar önce
We are now permanently homeless from all these things.
George Baxter
George Baxter Aylar önce
@omiNITROUS I still don’t think Reach gets the love it deserves. People think the plot is derivative but I love the execution. The whole world feels more refined. It’s a murkier story that none of the later games can grasp. Halo doesn’t needs lore it needs a concise propulsive story
Lizard wizard
Lizard wizard 2 aylar önce
For us having the most means in history to connect with people, I've never felt us be so separated. The community aspects can save gaming, CoD is finally going back to that by having pre and end game lobbies, along with voice chat when you get killed.
WonderMePartyStrip 2 aylar önce
And even it's older "ex-Bungie next to 343 Industries" video still so relevant to this day.
@R.E.Z very unlikely. Thank you for the optimism.
Pramusetya Kanca
Pramusetya Kanca Aylar önce
As hard as fate has hit us, and it's bad luck, I will say this now, and mark my words. HALO WILL NOT BE DENIED! We will continue to stand atop our podium, no matter what you throw at us. We will raise our statue back up from the depths, and we will be victorious in this battle. I can, with enough confidence, say that yes: there is hope, for Halo.
Firefight for all Halo's and "Forge able" Firefight would make some very great addition to the MCC i think? Maybe even connecting Infinite to the MCC in some way?
ItsDiamondApples 8 gün önce
I would like too see a halo game developed by Treyarch or DICE
Thel Vadam
Thel Vadam Aylar önce
I don't know how much more of this my heart can handle.
Shawn Jackson
Shawn Jackson 28 gün önce
Halo needs to be a universe with different games and gameplays in it: Halo, the arena FPS that doesn't need to be super big anymore, the BF/CoD arcade FPS, the Dishonored type of immersive sim solo game, etc... All connected aesthetically and narratively, but with different gameplays.
Luke Puzzar
Luke Puzzar 2 aylar önce
I still can't believe that after all their failures, 343 had the arrogance to think they could pull off a live service game.
megaman37456 Aylar önce
@Ethaniel Oh H5's campaign was trash to the bitter end, but the multiplayer was one of the best in the series, only a fool would deny it. Also only H5 fan? Yeah that's funny considering H5 has been getting more and more populated since Infinite's release.
Billy Keo
Billy Keo Aylar önce
@megaman37456 good for you.
Ethaniel Aylar önce
@megaman37456 homie is the only halo 5 fan and still dying on that hill, it'd be respectable if it wasn't 5 😭😭
Regulator Johnson
Regulator Johnson Aylar önce
@megaman37456 if you use actual quotation marks you don't have to say "quote" and "unquote"
megaman37456 Aylar önce
@Jonah Patton I mean you're kind of proving my point about the Halo community being a bunch of crybabies. Halo 4 IS a good Halo game, personal taste doesn't matter when it comes to objectivity. Halo 4 was a well designed game, the problem is this community refuses to adapt to ANYTHING that isn't classic Halo and bitch about it until the heat death of the universe.
Global Potaoto
Global Potaoto Aylar önce
I like to point out that 343 genuinely did have a lot of talent at the studio it sucks to see such talent so poorly mishandled Microsoft after the activision acquisition ( if it even goes through) they need to stop and focus on games it’s getting ridiculous how many good series they have and all of them never get to see the light of day until 10 years later
Oscar Perez
Oscar Perez Aylar önce
At this point I would like to see other studios take a crack at the gameplay loop. Perhaps a frostbite-realistic environment approach could give a unique sandbox. I’m thinking battlefront but with banished and unsc factions. Could give them an opportunity to flesh out weapons and vehicles to accommodate large maps and modes. Anyways this is what I wanted after warzone and invasion but one can dream
xtremefurrycat Aylar önce
There is a lot of halo that had some great stuff in them they can round up and put all together in one pot to make an amazing game. But I also know the issues you can have working with so many different teams to pull something together. Everyone has their input but when you try to make it work it just back fires. Remember the time a bunch of devs hung out in a basement to make a game and it blew up in popularity? It's just far better to have a core group than a mixed bag of devs, not saying contracting is wrong just it adds more too many hands in the cookie jar situation.
NoName Aylar önce
Sparth leaving the Halo development team was probably one of the bigger impacts on it's art direction as a whole. The dude is a legend and had been making Halo concept art since the Bungie and Halo 3 days. I have concept art books with his stuff in it. Also not sure if this would be on your radar Act Man, but maybe delving into how companies have switched from dedicated beta and alpha testers (hired as part of the dev team), towards using players and player feedback for debugging and testing their games would make an interesting video.
John Brown
John Brown Aylar önce
I have avoided Halo everything for years because the series is sacred to me and when I played Halo 4, I swear it gave me PTSD. I've avoided all of it since then. Now I'm finally playing Halo Infinite and I google a bit about the current state of the series... right back into depression
Discount_Lube 2 aylar önce
One of the best things 343 has done with halo, is create that scene of the Spartan looking super sad and alone. It allows everyone to express how they are feeling, as the chief.
Mix789 Aylar önce
Funny how to this day we still have no acknowledgement of who that was even supposed to be or what the context surrounding that scene was 🙃🙃
MozambiqueEnjoyer 2 aylar önce
That scene always made me think about a 6'8 1st Grader pouting because he got put in Time Out.
justnTime077 Aylar önce
The multiplayer is NOT BAD. That's all I ever care about anyway. I play the campaign once on legendary, and that's only if I manage to care. Its usually just a thing that I want to accomplish and forget about.
M Niakan
M Niakan Aylar önce
Even as a sony fan it's sad to see something like this happen to one of the greatest and most iconic shooters, hope better days are ahead for everyone
Stay Away
Stay Away Aylar önce
I work in tech and our company has shifted to using THOUSANDS of contractors. It’s has been atrocious. It’s a cost saving measure that absolutely DESTROYS the end product. It’s amazing how short sighted these companies can be.
JoBro Aylar önce
As I've grown, I've learned that it was not Halo that made gaming feel special to me, it was Bungie. I can look back fondly at my time with Halo, but ultimately I look forward to the bright future that Destiny has and all of these tragic situations with Halo just seem to fade away.
noblerooster Aylar önce
When you started listing all the contracted work that was done on Infinite, something interesting clicked to me. The utility industry has a very similar trend, most of them do not have engineering departments anymore. Why? Because it's cheaper to hire out contracted work from a consultant than employee a full team of engineers. Maybe not front, but if you look at the long term (paying for benefits, pensions, etc.) it comes down to a numbers game.
noblerooster Aylar önce
Furthermore, one of your final statements, about how the breakdown happens at the top and trickles down, 100% agree. And I think my above statement stands true on the front. Microsoft is trying to make money off an established name, without doing justice to what built that establishment. I don't think that's necessarily a fault of 343i, but maybe those that are pushing the higher level in senior people there. This could also explain why so many left - their creative vision was stifled by the chase of a dollar sign.
SaintsRobbed 2 aylar önce
I remember the Halo 5 days, and your older videos. I thought the worst of Halo was behind us. It's disappointing to see the state of Infinite right now. This should've been revival for the series.
Prodigy Gamer
Prodigy Gamer Aylar önce
@Gravemind LOL obviously the reach system of armor unlocks is best but the req pack system is 20x better than having a store like Infinite. Also you say that like CE wasn't all magnum? Every game has its own meta.
Gravemind Aylar önce
@Prodigy Gamer No it didn't lol. Unless you just wanted to use the magnum like everyone else. "Look past your nostalgia" Nah, why don't you take off the rose tinted glasses? The current MP is garbage. Dsync and all, and all halo 5's MP was just *_magnum magnum magnum magnum magnum magnum magnum SNIPER..... magnum magnum magnum magnum magnum BR.... magnum magnum magnum_* Literally outplayed the BR and DMR but sure, it was just so fun, opening lootboxes to MAYBE get a good weapon variant or piece of armor. Oh yah. so fun.
Mix789 Aylar önce
When you realize that Halo 5 was ironically the better live service by a long shot...
Jackson Relaxin’
Jackson Relaxin’ Aylar önce
@Yakasuki I felt it had a pretty good sandbox especially during 2016-2017, but sadly the storm rifle got nerfed and the pistol dominated everything after the br got nerfed. I mainly liked how smooth and balanced it was. I rarely had connection issues and if you don’t quit first you don’t get a penalty even if you quit. Somehow this great system didn’t make it into Halo 6 or MCC so you always need to waste time staying in games after someone quits. I don’t understand the retardation of banning people for quitting in unfair matches, especially when it begins as a 3v4. I predict they’ll be some overhaul of infinite soon because I can’t imagine them just dedicating all that time and money on something just to let it rot.
Yakasuki Aylar önce
@Jackson Relaxin’ Personally, the campaign being shit was the biggest reason but for me the only gripes i had with multiplayer was the over reliance of sprint and how weapons just felt the same between each other. Also didn't help that a large portion of armor i wanted was locked behind large amounts of playtime or trying to buy it. Otherwise the gameplay was super solid and most of the complaints about stuff like spartan abilities seemed like non issues to me.
FarroxFX Aylar önce
They had hired me in November 2022 and their onboarding process took 3 weeks and they laid me off when I was just finishing it with no warning at all and that was 2 days before thanksgiving aswell. Still confused but it is what it is.
ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ @ᴛʜᴀᴛᴛᴏʏɢᴜʏ
Congratulations. You've been selected as one of my lucky winners. DM to claim your prize. 🎊
Francisco Macias
Francisco Macias Aylar önce
I worked in one of the three Microsoft Global HR shared service centers. It's not only the sheer number of contracting companies. Microsoft also has a policy for orange badges called "18x6", this consists of a contractor being able to work 18 months straight, and then they have to "rest" for 6 months. This is a global policy and affects all subsidiaries and products, from LinkedIn to office, azure, etc. That perhaps could explain a lot
Mitch James
Mitch James Aylar önce
The problem is they ruined the story in 4 by having the elites and the covenant as the baddies instead of the banished or the remnants of the covenant controlled by the brutes. They also contained ruining the story with 5 and infinite having a makeshift story to rectify the mistakes of 4 and 5.
ALLALTITUDE productions
i think the whole "advertise and then years of silence" is a business strategy to not stem too much hype, or let hype die down incase the game doesnt perform aswell as the business wanted, or as well as the customer was expecting, i mean we know what happened to no mans sky
kiyoku exe
kiyoku exe Aylar önce
yes, community-made content via Forge and other tools are spicing up Halo Infinite and MCC as we speak and will surely keep the fanbase alive even if 343 can't provide content
Awoo 2 aylar önce
4:37 "Now is not a good time to ask when are playable elites coming back, you know the answer, its never" that hurts like energy daggers in both hearts
Sterling Burton
Sterling Burton Aylar önce
Korozola Funny you talk about critical thinking yet fail to do any of it yourself. Bungie lowered the impact of playable elites because the caused balance issues, but they were still available in non-standard game modes and custom games. The feature was still there even if lessened. 343 just removed the whole thing then spits some nonsense about "halo is a spartan story". Nobody was complaining about elites in reach. And as for dual-wielding, Bungie never even tried to balance them. All they ever attempted was "Two gun do 2 damage" or "1 gun do half damage because 2 gun do too much damage". Never did it occur to them that they could just have single wielding do regular damage and just not spawn 2 SMG right next to each other. Make player travel across the map to find the other one. Or they could have treated DW like a power up, where you get to Dual wield for 45 sec. 343 literally added damage boost as powerup in Halo 4 which has the same effect accept it boost the damage of the entire sandbox, not just sidearms.
trgt 2 aylar önce
elite preffered species lookin ah
Jurassic Ark:  Jordanisgreat
Korozola They did. Removing them from matchmaking is not removal of the feature entirely, Atleast bungie bothered to actually have them in for reach, Them not being matchmaking doesn't matter. 343 removed them because they wanted to make multiplayer canon.
Jurassic Ark:  Jordanisgreat
Anything that 343 removes never comes back and if it does its a botched version of it. Then you have 100 343 drones that defend the removals of features because "they had no purpose and there is no point" Its sad that people defend less detail being added in games now.
The Speaker
The Speaker 2 aylar önce
I can feel the WORTWORTWORT in my soul
AlaskanYeti907 Aylar önce
Management has been killer across the industry. I feel that management focusing solely in profits is what's hurting them, as chasing the dollar signs is hurting the creative process/making not a fun game/product. Whereas if they focused on making a good, fun, playable product then the profits will follow.
Tim Brakefield
Tim Brakefield Aylar önce
Vacuum of knowledge isn't the issue... its the vacuum of "Vision, direction, and planning" that is the issue.... Leadership changes put everything in flux, on hold, and no decisions are made every time...
Tyler Ward
Tyler Ward Aylar önce
I'm in the tech industry and hold a strategic role. The economic "recession" for the tech industry is actually most related to their boom during the pandemic. Now they all have to go back to operating at a slower pace which means they need to offload a portion of the staff they hired for it. Low 0-5% mid 10% ish and a high of 20% layoffs expected. They may not feel the hurt right now as much but they are trying to decrease overhead spending to protect themselves going into lean times. In addition to many of those markets also becoming oversaturated, they need to diversify their businesses to compete which is very difficult for most models and requires a large resource sink. Also bad management can completely gut a team or organization through employee turnover alone.
ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ @ᴛʜᴀᴛᴛᴏʏɢᴜʏ
Congratulations. You've been selected as one of my lucky winners. DM to claim your prize. 🎊
Viruz Aylar önce
I feel like they had a vision, but as time went on throught the development, they would get data from what the community wants from best selling games and their investors would often force them to change Halo a bit to meet the "want" from gamers. Remember, it's all about the money. That is why it looks like they over correct it because when the game releases, its too late. The industry moved on to a new fad or game style that is selling a lot of and Halo is always like 5 years behind. They are scared of being stale by making the same shit but also afraid of offering something new to their fans that they might not like. Not only that they have to stick to their plan or vision of the game, it needs to be something that's 5 years ahead. Not a game that would sell today. A game that gamers want and would sell 5 years from now. What innovations they can accomplish without reinventing the wheel and keep nostalgia or what makes Halo... Halo.
DeathByZombie Aylar önce
Man I was really hoping halo would make a come back. Maybe in another life
OnyxSerenitatem 2 aylar önce
19:56 hits hard They didn’t listen to anything the fans told them. We told them exactly what they were doing wrong, how to fix it, what to do next. And they just ignored it all.
Spideyfan X Gaming
Spideyfan X Gaming Aylar önce
@alex lyster They lied. Quit licking their boots.
Kanthanesan Kandiah
Kanthanesan Kandiah 2 aylar önce
@FTN that is why they deserved the layoff
FTN 2 aylar önce
@alex lyster the halo community has been one of the most vocal and clear communities in telling devs exactly what they want. the devs said they would do those things and they didnt do any of them. for 8 years. im pretty sure they lied bro
Jakekm1 Aylar önce
been worried about the future of the halo franchise since 2014, and I will be everytime I see 343 industries develop another halo game.
Quill Aylar önce
Seeing that 343 and Microsoft will never give up Halo and continue to ruin it. I think the only thing we can do is give up on it and all just make our own game. Doesn't have to be exactly like Halo. But something fun enough to capture that same joy.
Jimmy_Maxwell Aylar önce
Bloody well said & put together mate.
Charles Owens
Charles Owens Aylar önce
I really don't like the directions 343's taken Halo like at all but I feel like reinventing the series has to be something that Microsoft is asking for. At the very least, Microsoft is demanding things be put in the games and 343's solution is to package it as, "Oh, hey, wow! Look at this new thing that's super important!" They're the fall guy but they were playing along when they should have stood up with a vision for what they wanted to say instead of being nothing but a conduit for the shit a bunch of suits in a boardroom thought would sell more shit.
Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson Aylar önce
I truly believe that Reach was the last truly GOOD Halo game. It went in a different direction, but it was excellent in its own right. Halo 4 was OKAY, but not all that great IMO. I miss those days man- back when I had the extra time and energy to play all the time. I used to be pretty good. Now I’m 35, bald, and tired all the time 😂.
Just a commenter
Just a commenter 2 aylar önce
I want to believe the franchise can recover... I want halo fans to have a good time :c
J Habich
J Habich Aylar önce
@Vladislav Ivanov same ever since they dropped customs browser i have been having a blast
Dan Kanerva
Dan Kanerva 2 aylar önce
@AJ Gumpper ong
AJ Gumpper
AJ Gumpper 2 aylar önce
@Dan Kanerva Let's be honest here though, all Valve games SLAP!
Helperbot 2000
Helperbot 2000 2 aylar önce
@Dan Kanerva now now dont be too hard on them even if their dumbed down gameplay infected and leeched onto pc games aswell at least they.... no fuck that, why the fuck did other devs have to copy console games. Also, you seem to not have seen the ending to half life alyx, we have something to look forwards to, valve arent stupid and wouldnt make that ending unless they were absolutely sure of themselves
Revan 2 aylar önce
@Thatguy Sixx yup. New studio,new engine,new halo. Fire343
Nibbinz Aylar önce
We've really hit rockbottom when we're rooting for EA of all companies to bring back Dead Space vs mustering any faith to have in 343.
That Fletcher Guy
That Fletcher Guy Aylar önce
The thing that hurts the most is all the abandoned story threads they gave up on and then off screen killing off characters. Remember in halo 4 when master chief’s evolution was accelerated by the librarian?? Nothing since 😢
Kozy K
Kozy K Aylar önce
It's crazy cause I thought with Microsofts huge budget, how could Halo infinite fail? Boy was I wrong.
Tahumatu2010 Aylar önce
My heart is just broken for my beloved franchise 😢
JonRaiden Aylar önce
Same, instead of being sad and staying up late because of a girl, i think about how Halo was THE BEST But now its just a shell of it's former self
Andrew P
Andrew P Aylar önce
I wouldn’t mind a new halo story in different time. Just needs to be consistent with the past and future. Story can’t seem forced for events to play out. Might be best for writing of good books in the universe. I’m ok with Chief ending his story. He’s done enough
AUSTIN BAUMAN 2 aylar önce
I work as a contractor for Microsoft and have been effected by their hiring freeze ( I don't work with the gaming side of things) and yeah their relationship with contractors leads to some crappy decisions. I have been in company wide meetings where the Microsoft managers tell us things are going great and we are hitting all of our targets, only for a week later those same managers come back and tell us we are all losing our jobs and a different company was taking our contract and we were to teach the new company how to replace us. Guess how good their training was...
twizzm Aylar önce
ChrisFord 2 aylar önce
Suuuuuure you do, just by looking at your channel and seeing who you are subscribed to anyone can tell you're not even an adult yet🤣🤣🤦‍♂️
Metrack 2 aylar önce
Ngl, that is what most companies tell managers to do. Is to avoid people jumping ship early, so the business can complete as many pending deals as possible, then ditch everyone. That is why I don't trust business' administration, they can, straightforward lie to you, consequence free.
Lelouch vi Britannia
Lelouch vi Britannia 2 aylar önce
Find yourself a new job for a different company. Anyone who treats you that poorly doesn't deserve you.
OnQore Aylar önce
In all honesty I believe Microsoft is priming 343 to merge with Certain Affinity. Who are the devs behind the upcoming BR spinoff game for Infinite.
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Aylar önce
In Max Hoberman of Certain Affinity, I trust! He, Marcus Lehto, Jaime Griesemer, Shi Kai Wang, Jason Jones, Tyson Green, Joe Staten, & Marty all knew what Halo was, & delivered a global hit.
Ben Cashman
Ben Cashman Aylar önce
Man there was so much good with the show, it's so sad it went were they took it. If they can get reach messed up and get slipspacin' to halo I think they can un-fuck it, but man, the damage the last part of the season did was rough. I feel the helmet thing was at least a decent moment compared to when we got Master Cheeks lol
bouncy Bro7
bouncy Bro7 Aylar önce
Man the only thing I wanted from infinite was split screen so I can play with my mum, so naturally I've barely touched the game after completing the campaign
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis Aylar önce
Leadership and their motives are immutable. The end has been here for a while. I'm content with the Bungie classics, which will never be topped. As for the future, i'm going to enjoy watching 343's failures as they come.
Just Another Hank Hill Account
I feel so bad for you, Halo fans. I don't know what the future holds, but most of us who like space games; we're here for you.
Noob Playe12
Noob Playe12 Aylar önce
@TeaBaggins Ok
Just Another Hank Hill Account
@TeaBaggins Ok
TeaBaggins Aylar önce
Space games suck
Robosing Aylar önce
@Jake Harman i guess there's a few of us left. those that didn't support 343 for taking a huge steamer all over a beloved game/franchise. 343 did not listen to anything the community asked for. even now... they never implemented split screen (even if it's outdated) like the CEO lady promised. a big pile of crap that company.
TheSpeedfoever Aylar önce
Well at least Dead Space is alive again and its awesome with a remake! Halo will be great and will be back soon!
Walk Without Rhythm
When they killed the Ur-Didact off screen, I knew there was trouble in the water. They made a massive mistake when pushing huge story points through the secondary media. Not everyone that plays the games reads the comics or novels. They could make standalone games with John off on some other mission. I wouldn't have minded playing as Locke in Infinite. Leave John on the overarching story of dealing with Cortana, and have the Infinite story be something different like ODST was.
Josh Arnzen
Josh Arnzen Aylar önce
Just got done watching your review of Half-Life, I'd be interested in seeing you review Half-Life 2 (Probably just bundle episode 1 & 2 in the same review). Also Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Skyrim, and Oblivion would be good reviews to do too.
Certified Canadian Maniac
"What has surprised me the most about humanity during the Great War is not our ability to survive as a species, but our willingness in victory to so quickly return to the old." - Dr. Leonard Church
Astra Brookes
Astra Brookes Aylar önce
10:40 That statistic is likely due to 2042 knocking out really good updates one after another and is in a pretty good state atm. Meanwhile Halo is just spinning it wheels
Danny Wayne
Danny Wayne Aylar önce
In the words of Gandalf “there never was much hope, just a fools hope” And that fool is me still hoping
CloudyNebula 2 aylar önce
Once again, the Act Man being the most honest and upfront Halo youtuber regarding 343 and its state. Thanks for these videos, as painful as they are.
Clone Loli
Clone Loli Aylar önce
@illeyezcobra I don't understand what you're not getting, I like crossplay because crossplay keeps the player count high, I've played plenty of PC games that have very low player counts and it sucks.
illeyezcobra Aylar önce
@Clone Loli I laugh when people defend crossplay. They only reason why you want crossplay is because your trash against pc players. Good pc players don't need crossplay to get kills.
Lazarus Fitness
Lazarus Fitness Aylar önce
Korozola half the video is about Microsoft laying off 343 employees en masse.. So obviously Microsoft is thinking things aren't going so well. And with them losing so many people. This momentum how ever brief they have had in repairing infinite has just grinded to a halt. It's gonna be maintenance mode from now on with a skeleton crew.
Clone Loli
Clone Loli 2 aylar önce
@illeyezcobra I literally did, I only logged about 120 hours but still played quite a lot. I did drop it after Season 2 dropped.
illeyezcobra 2 aylar önce
@Clone Loli You clearly haven't played infinite. It's videos about halo infinite hackers on youtube.
Accel Sternritter
Accel Sternritter Aylar önce
I think it might be best to continue to support Infinite for some time and then just put the franchise to rest for a good time, maybe a whole decade. And then one day, with a new studio, enough resources, good schedule and good management they could make Halo great again.
ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ @ᴛʜᴀᴛᴛᴏʏɢᴜʏ
Congratulations. You've been selected as one of my lucky winners. DM to claim your prize. 🎊 📦
MujiGant Aylar önce
Sad part of it is Chief, I doubt I care enough anymore to find out either way.
Warheads2Fourheads Aylar önce
Movement and shooting in halo infinite multiplayer has never felt better in a Halo game. There’s something for whomever is next to build on. Now, net code issues are another matter…..
Timothy Stroud
Timothy Stroud Aylar önce
The "QA" issue with halo and cyberpunk is probably why starfield is delayed. they want extensive QA testing.
CM W Aylar önce
Honestly my enthusiasm for the game just bled out in that 1 year period waiting for co-op to release. Hope all of you that play the campaigns solo or play the MP got a good ride out of it at least. For me it's the first and only FPS Halo game that I gave up on without finishing. Pretty sad really.
Mimik 2 aylar önce
These are truly the dark times. I don't think the franchise has ever been in worse than it is right now.
thegameplayer125 2 aylar önce
and unfortunately, i see a darker future for the franchise for several years to come. not only is 343 a poor studio to run the halo franchise but microsoft and phil spencer are far more concerned with gamepass and corporate expansion than they are about the franchise they have under them. not only is halo doomed because of 343's ineptitude but also because microsoft and phil spencer are focusing on corporate bureaucracy to expand gamepass not the franchises that are under them currently.
Alexander Kriete
Alexander Kriete 2 aylar önce
@Affan Sami yes, there’s a guy in a halo infinite group who vehemently believes 343 is great and H3 was the worst halo ever. He’s an interesting character
Michael Lane
Michael Lane 2 aylar önce
@Cameron Pohl I mean... Metroid is doing pretty good now after decades of dissapointment, Zelda too...
agentnukaz 2 aylar önce
@FreakyMan2789 I just hope the 2 employees left at 343 can figure out how to put forge maps in matchmaking by season 3.
Noodle Bruh
Noodle Bruh Aylar önce
honestly the state of halo almost brings me to tears, I kinda grew up with the games and now it feels like the franchise will be gone soon
Christian Light
Christian Light Aylar önce
This isn't the first time they abruptly stopped development of a storyline. Y'all remember Spartan Ops in Halo 4? It really said "Season 1" at the top like they were going to have multiple seasons
djist Aylar önce
when you said elder scrolls VI was announced 4 years and I looked it up to find out u were telling the truth I literally shit and pants and started crying in shock, where did that time go
Comrade Maethor
Comrade Maethor Aylar önce
I always thought Halo 4 wasn't that bad, I feel like people give it way more hate than deserved because it wasn't Bungie that made it. And yeah, the game had some gameplay dilemmas and the new art style was interesting, but I thought the story was cool as hell. It showed the community that the writers at 343 were not going to hold back. Remember that Bungie toyed with the idea of making Cortana an antagonist way back in the development of Halo CE, and 343 took that idea and ran with it, and it was so cool. Halo 5 was an unmitigated disaster on all levels except for graphics. Objectively the graphics of Halo 5 were fucking amazing, but too bad the story was illogical and gameplay was this weird hybrid between Halo and CoD. Even back then we heard outcries from 343 staff about corporate mismanagement. The story of Halo 5 was supposed to be a lot different, but then Microsoft sent in their guys and gave us the steaming pile of shit that was the Halo 5 campaign. I ditched Halo once they announced Halo Infinite. It just proves that Halo 5 was so bad they had to distance themselves from it by dropping the numeric title. I've never played it, never really watched gameplay, and that's because I know I don't have to in order to understand how bad it is. This is a story about corporate mismanagement. Bungie had some tensions with Microsoft towards the end, but Bungie always had the leverage because they were the original developers and their formulas were tried and tested. 343 has none of that autonomy. 343 Halo is what Halo looks like when it is run by corporate managers who have never played a video game in their life.
Anthony Amos
Anthony Amos Aylar önce
They need to focus on campaign and forge as the main staples. Then build from there on the rest of the content.
TiredMan99 2 aylar önce
My biggest gripe with Halo Infinite was that I couldn't command Marines and even when I saved them they would just follow me around and disappear if I fast travelled. I really wish I could've assigned them to fire bases and have them defend those areas cause it's not like the banished would just ignore losing territory
electriclott 2 aylar önce
Campaign was so flat and boring for me. No interesting marines is definitely part of that.
ren egade
ren egade 2 aylar önce
@Just some Halo Fan I'm so fucking tired of almost every game franchise trying to make an open world version of their game. I hope this trend dies soon.
DeeFourCee 2 aylar önce
@The Kraken remember ODST was created from a small project which was was then expanded into a full game release in under a year.
The Kraken
The Kraken 2 aylar önce
Halo should have ended at 3. Hot take, ODST wasn't good. We didn't get a Helljumper experience. We got a reskinned Spartan experiece because the ODSTs we play as are incredibly overpowered and can take on a small Covenant army solo just like a Spartan, whereas the lore explicitly stated normal humans are basically no match for Elites and especially not Brutes. We didn't get a tense, survival experience behind enemy lines. And the "stamina" or toughness or whatever they called it was just the regenerating shields by a different name.
The Black Spartan
The Black Spartan 2 aylar önce
@DeeFourCee I can't blame them. Microsoft must rule by an iron fist
MattyVice Aylar önce
If former employees are slandering 343; then they were likely not even given severance
borneo boi
borneo boi Aylar önce
I actually hop on infinite occasionally bc the custom games browser is pretty fun
Aidan Aylar önce
It's so frustrating seeing them restart 3 times. Infinite is my favorite course correction so far but if they change it again I'm gonna mald
FiveStarMan Aylar önce
I've been following the state of the franchise fairly closely and good lord the section of the video with the list of all of the Senior Developers and Executives at 343 Industries who have left in the last 4 years was incredibly depressing to watch
J Gamez
J Gamez Aylar önce
Honestly wish Bungie and Microsoft could’ve worked things out (mainly Microsoft since they were the issue) so that Bungie could stay on and given us a halo equivalent to destiny
MapSpawn Aylar önce
Another great video, thank you.
Douglas Morse
Douglas Morse 2 aylar önce
The thing I loved most about the old halo games was I could unlock cool armor on my own, create my own game mode, and maps. It just really felt like a community. I remember a lot of multiplayer matches ending and the whole lobby joins a custom match after. Miss those days
Jason Murillo
Jason Murillo 2 aylar önce
Before the dark times, before Infinite…
Douglas Morse
Douglas Morse 2 aylar önce
@Dekuei I'd argue that there still are games of that nature most are just looked over. Deep rock galactic comes to mind in terms of customization, and things to do. Project zomboid comes to mind in sheer options for a playthrough. Good games with good progression are out there you just got to scrape through the trash.
Lul Highman
Lul Highman 2 aylar önce
@Emykus Who tf even knew what an esport was in halo’s golden era
Dekuei 2 aylar önce
That's all old games and hasn't been a thing since the 360 era... Now it's $70 games that are not finished with mtx.
Colm MacNiallais
Colm MacNiallais Aylar önce
It really is extremely hard for me to express the anger and disappointment I feel at a lot of the game development companies that I used to love lately. Bioware, Blizzard, Total War, Bethesda and, of course, 343i. The biggest gut punch for me will always be the failure of 343 to deliver split-screen co-op. One of my fondest memories of my marriage is playing Halo Reach with my eventual wife. We played all of the Halo games together. We pre-ordered Halo 5 and an Xbox One in anticipation of continuing our tradition. The very next day, I saw that Halo 5 would not have split-screen co-op. I canceled that whole preorder. I had hope that 343 would have learned their lesson and made split-screen co-op a priority with Halo Infinite. Clearly, the fuckers did not do that as split-screen co-op is now dead, despite it being the very first thing they announced about Halo Infinite. I will not be surprised if 343 announces that support for Halo Infinite will be ended very soon. The writing is on the wall. Why has it been so hard for 343 to get this right? Are they really this incompetent? Have they always been this incompetent?
Barro the Broadcaster
That comment that said "This is bad news disguised as good news" was pretty on point. Like the Costa Concordia when the ship was sinking and the intercom told people things were fine.
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