Is the Salvage Auction Ferrari's Engine Bad? I Started Taking it Apart and Found Multiple Issues!

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After struggling to diagnose the Salvage Auction Ferrari 360s engine misfiring issues, I finally perform a compression test, and also remove the intake manifold. Here's what I found that looks like it might be the source of our issue.
Special thanks to Ratarossa: bit.ly/2KGH1ZK
The Boroscope/Small Engine Bay Camera I Used: amzn.to/2KH4OsI
Instagram: instagram.com/samcracc/
Email Me: SamcracAuto@gmail.com

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18 Aug 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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sol star
sol star 16 saatler önce
Bad sensors ?
Dreamcar Workshop
Dreamcar Workshop 23 saatler önce
Remove convertible stuff to take out the manifold?? Weehm. NO, not neccesary.
50450720 2 gün önce
Plug your diagnostics computer in, and press ‘control alt deleted ‘
JORGE VEGA 5 gün önce
Ironic, only rich people can afford to buy junk.
JORGE VEGA 5 gün önce
The most beautiful cars on the side of the road.
andy mcarthur
andy mcarthur 6 gün önce
I like the music at 06.44, does anyone know what it is?
trevor morgan
trevor morgan 8 gün önce
Temperamental crap
cal brock
cal brock 9 gün önce
Never buy a green car, bad luck.
maria jose cruzat
maria jose cruzat 11 gün önce
One can't help wondering how many people buy a Ferrari then decide to take it to pieces?
Jimmy Dell
Jimmy Dell 11 gün önce
Sam, you just ruined the story that the Ferrari dealer tells owners about removing the rear part of the top to do injector maintenance, big savings to owners!
brostenen 14 gün önce
Switch them over and do a test... Hmmm... That is what we Amiga guys say about the even and odd CIA chips as well. 😁😁😁
Andrid Core
Andrid Core 15 gün önce
10:20 oh that's why ferraris catch fire :D
SteeVeeDee 15 gün önce
And now you know why they are so expensive to repair- you need to hire a contrortionist for a week to undo all the fittings.
Charles Dale
Charles Dale 17 gün önce
Love your can do attitude. As an amateur I feel your pain and frustration! But we can't walk away from a fight..... .
pooty pounder big stuff 3 mustang
Ya have to clear the codes I'm thinking
mastermind gaming gamer
He scares me😬
ROGER GODIN 20 gün önce
Mark your harnesses and take pics works for me on engine disassembly
Better With Rum
Better With Rum 23 gün önce
Every time I complain about working on my Audi I'll come back and watch this video. What a PITA
Robert Fay
Robert Fay 24 gün önce
*Engineering Design Betrayal = Ferrari*
Andy A
Andy A 26 gün önce
For as much as these Ferrari's cost they are not very reliable. Overrated!
lapieces 27 gün önce
pistons are done... bro
Paul O'Connor
Paul O'Connor 27 gün önce
Fender covers Sam :) Please :) . Please don't place parts onto the paint finish.
William Fullman
William Fullman 28 gün önce
Very cool to see the internals of that car thanks for the video
Alphonzo Davidson Jr
Alphonzo Davidson Jr 29 gün önce
You need a quick jack!! Service all my vehicles Boxster Cayenne Rabbit TR6 Jetta Range Rover
Glenn Okeeffe
Glenn Okeeffe 29 gün önce
Should of just dropped the motor, you are going to hate trying to get that intake back on....
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
You guys are crazy you have to have an Italian Ferrari mechanic with you if you're going to be messing around in there or you could be messing around in there the rest of your natural life
GearHead14 Aylar önce
Hi..you won't believe me..Ferrari engines have always misfired. This one reason why they performed so well.
Chris Montreuil
Chris Montreuil Aylar önce
I have a long piece of hardwood I use to listen to fuel injectors when the engine is running. Listen that they all sound the same. If one is clicking different it may be faulty. Also, check that voltage is the same in all of them.
Adrian deeth
Adrian deeth Aylar önce
As a Ferrari mechanic.. You should've dropped the motor out. It makes everything easier and faster in the long run. Youll see why once you put it back together
Curtis Kane
Curtis Kane Aylar önce
Just buy an American car
Bill Smith
Bill Smith Aylar önce
Take photos painters tape write numbers down and make a diagram. This will refresh your memory duh
Bill Smith
Bill Smith Aylar önce
How about world the source of the oil is? Don't do no good to clean it if you don't fix it
Bill Smith
Bill Smith Aylar önce
Always put the gaskets to the intake and not to the engine using a high temp Grease works well. The gaskets will stick but if they're misaligned or you have some sort of problem you can move them or even remove them without damaging them. Polymere or other type of gasket sealant will not give you this luxury and has to be cleaned and a new gasket used if you happen to have any sort of misalignment or problem. Causing expense and hours of Labor lost. And if you haven't second mishap you don't get to go crazy LOL
evildrome Aylar önce
Take the computer, get it to ****, install dual quads & straight pipes. Job done.
Frank Derryberry
Frank Derryberry Aylar önce
Just buy a used sport bike...it'll blow most cars off the road.
matthew walsh
matthew walsh Aylar önce
And compression test is archaic tech which tells you little about and engines integrity, get yourself a "cylinder balance gauge" developed by the legendary Smokey Yunick.
matthew walsh
matthew walsh Aylar önce
And randomly have you ensured the ECU's software has been updated with the latest and greatest from the dealer?
Walter Tomaszkiewicz
Technik Meister
Technik Meister Aylar önce
Sell it and buy a mid 60s Mustang. Way cooler to drive and SO cheap to fix. IMHO the only Ferraris worth owning are those built before 1971. Thats why they are worth gold. I did my apprenticeship in Australia at the then only Ferrari distributor in Sydney. We had to employ and house a factory mechanic. His work bay looked like an operating theatre at the Mayo Clinic. It was a skills transfer on an epic scale. It all went downhill when Fiat bought Ferrari and Enzo died. There are a lot of Fiat parts in them now, specially the engine accessories etc.
Gene Miller
Gene Miller Aylar önce
They aren’t as complicated as you might think. To fix the problem your having try command z.
Noel Wernitz
Noel Wernitz Aylar önce
Thanks for reminding me why I will NEVER buy a used sports car 🤦‍♂️
Raul Arroyo
Raul Arroyo Aylar önce
What a junk🤣🙄🙄
TaiChiGhost Aylar önce
USAG tools for the Ferrari owner.
Roman Dybala
Roman Dybala Aylar önce
How could you make this more complicated?
chas sisom
chas sisom Aylar önce
I always take lots of pictures of where parts, wires,hoses go back on..
Selester the fox animatronic
*C y l i n d e r 7 a n d 8*
Jay Jenkins
Jay Jenkins Aylar önce
Was it missing at idle or under load?
Jay Jenkins
Jay Jenkins Aylar önce
What were the fuel trims when missfiring?
Andreas D
Andreas D Aylar önce
ALOT of Amazon NGK plugs have been counterfeit lately. Buy some plugs from a local reputable store.
Kopronko Aylar önce
Throw those Idiotic catalyators Away, Because it is a Terrible evil Deception of the Idiotic Environmentalists and just put a Turbine onto it - Problem Solved !!! ! !!! No Turbo - No Funnn !!! ! !!! :-))
Craig Kaschan
Craig Kaschan Aylar önce
Wow there’s a lot of commercials in your videos.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Aylar önce
engine misfire - swap coil packs
dalton lucas
dalton lucas Aylar önce
What does a compression test do?
Brian Michaud
Brian Michaud Aylar önce
Awesome use of Jack stands!
Kewlzter TC
Kewlzter TC Aylar önce
Should've sold the car after fixing the Transmission pump...
Big H
Big H Aylar önce
carbon buildup in the cylinders is causing misfires.
Brandon Raeder
Brandon Raeder Aylar önce
What were the fuel trim numbers?
Will T
Will T Aylar önce
Lmao he has a head gasket leak and doesn’t wanna admit it
Zagor te nej
Zagor te nej Aylar önce
I don't understand why you don't find a car mechanic to handle your problems
dumbo7429 Aylar önce
Take pictures as your go write on them arrows notes etc..helps reassembly heartaches...
dumbo7429 Aylar önce
Well...while your in there........anyhow 3yrs later and complete rebuild..
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