Is Nick Digiovanni’s Bubble Gum Vodka Worth the Hype

Vlad SlickBartender
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How good is Chef Nick Digiovanni's Bubble gum vodka?
What kind of mixed drinks or cocktails can you make with it?
He actually infused Tequila with bubble gum, but since vodka is the flavorless odorless spirit I decided to mix it with bubble gum
Put bubble gum into the bottle and fill it up to the top with Tito's vodka.
It took 24 hours, for a full infusion.
It has a strong aroma and sweet strong bubble gum flavor. Almost hard to taste the spirit
I mixed it with Tonic Water, made a bubble gum Mule, Bubble Gum soda


Is the Babish Knife Worth the Hype

How To Make a Glass Out of Ice

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Vlad SlickBartender
Vlad SlickBartender 4 aylar önce
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the_plague doctor
the_plague doctor 19 gün önce
@Vlad SlickBartender my guy You are really good Im a minor and i enjoy watching your videos!
Aalisian Lyons Branche
@TMN did he answer? I want the bottle as well
the original 13 colonies (USA)
@Vlad SlickBartender problem is. Vodka is not only a flavorless spirit but also Polish. Yes really. It's made in Poland
KALLAPZ 3 aylar önce
Can you tell me that glass with the bottom open that you used.
jeann. 3 aylar önce
@Vlad SlickBartender How about peppermint vodka? Since you made one with bubblegum i think it would taste good. Or idk would it?
Alkh_255 4 aylar önce
I'm not drinking alcohol,but the esthetic of cocktail making,the colors, the combinations,the sound,it is so relaxing and satisfying,and you are a true professional Vlad,thx for the content
Lavito Satria
Lavito Satria Gün önce
Lavito Satria
Lavito Satria Gün önce
🐺 fluff🐺
🐺 fluff🐺 15 gün önce
Hey who asked u?
Emppu T.
Emppu T. 16 gün önce
What is your main gripe about alcohol?
Yoon Cheonsa
Yoon Cheonsa 17 gün önce
It’s like League of Legends. The cinematics, the music, the lore, the sports, Arcane is amazing, but playing the game is not very pleasant most of the time to say the least.
mito 3 aylar önce
Every Vlad short has the same comments xd 1. His voice is relaxing 2. I don't drink, but..
Lanisha Lanisha
Lanisha Lanisha 5 gün önce
Just some Guy without a profile picture
@El Babatunde valid reason
Emppu T.
Emppu T. 16 gün önce
Nobody who comments, drinks
El Babatunde
El Babatunde 17 gün önce
@cjallenroxs but it is pretty fun
TANK Ω 3 aylar önce
Me:*is 3 years sober and literally can’t drink* Also me: *obsessed with bartending*
Sammi 11 gün önce
I always think we need more creative virgin mocktails that taste good and feel classy so you’re not embarrassed ordering an Arnold Palmer at a bar lol. Get on this!!!
Goat K
Goat K 14 gün önce
@Prince Westerburg You guys did great in the '96 Championship finals against Ireland, that was some truly masterful drinking in the 14th round.
Prince Westerburg
Prince Westerburg 15 gün önce
I drank for England in the 90’s, for about 10 years I’ve lost interest in drinking and am able to drink like anyone without needing to get pissed. I can enjoy company with a drink a few times a year, I hate pubs now, they are boring and full of dull people. So one day soon you’ll have a drink and realise it doesn’t grab you, then you’re normal again!
ElfinShell 17 gün önce
Lol, congrats on 3 years! I’m 2 and a half years in and I’m also loving these videos 😂
Victory 20 gün önce
Hey nothing wrong with serving people drinks in style alcoholic or not as long as it is in moderation
2EeeZee 3 aylar önce
Are we just going to ignore the fact that this man’s voice is soooo calming
Slief Aylar önce
Yes, we are.
Kobra Hedkat
Kobra Hedkat Aylar önce
Nightcore JJDC
Nightcore JJDC 2 aylar önce
"ignore"? Everyone favors his voice more than the actual drinks
Limitlessvalues 2 aylar önce
Literally every comment has said something about his voice
I love him sm
I love him sm 3 aylar önce
Machanate 3 aylar önce
I love how he actually amazes himself with every taste test, genuine reactions
Nesty 4 aylar önce
This man's voice paired with his incredible bar tending skills are absolutely incredible. 💯💯💯
Alejandro Interiano
Alejandro Interiano 3 aylar önce
@Vlad SlickBartender are you Lemmino?
ABHI 3 aylar önce
@Genesis after the fourth great ninja war 👀
Genesis 3 aylar önce
When did madara get so soft?
Nesty 4 aylar önce
@Angelic Asysnila Yep, Madara
Angelic Asysnila
Angelic Asysnila 4 aylar önce
Is that itachi in your pfp? Or Madara I guess ?
Nathan Ridgway
Nathan Ridgway Aylar önce
Just made it two days ago and finished it tonight, it was delicious, thank you Vlad!
Crispychimkn 3 aylar önce
I have no idea how I stumbled across this but I love it! I've made mocktails in the past, being underage, but these are super neat and enjoyable!
NEON 3 aylar önce
Damn, you make me want to mix flavours, create cocktails etc, it's so amazing
JesusLovesYou! 2 aylar önce
I quit drinking but watching your videos make it look good! 🤤 I won't go back to drinking but what I will say is that it would been coo if I seen your videos when I was drinking because I would have tried majority of the drinks you make. Lol 👍🏽
who cares
who cares 4 aylar önce
What I learned from this video is that I can buy entire bulk boxes of my fav childhood bubblegum. Thank you, Vlad😍
momade98 Momade
momade98 Momade 3 aylar önce
Do you guys an European equivalent to this particular type of bubble gum?
DinoShotgun 3 aylar önce
@sir I mean your right but you said company in your original comment not food company targeted towards kids, hence why I gave an example of a company that would risk it (considering even though these companies were sued for lying about it not being addictive it was basically a drop in the bucket for them. The price of doing business with a product that will slowly kill you)
DinoShotgun 3 aylar önce
@sir I mean cigarette companies are a thing. So I would say yes companies would risk a health hazard, as for why, heck if I know, maybe these companies really hate people and want them all to suffer
DinoShotgun 3 aylar önce
@Fish no it doesn’t as a kid I swallowed a bunch of gum, it didn’t dissolve I was shiting out gum for the whole day, last time I ever swallowed gum
Joanna 3 aylar önce
Man seeing that gum took me back gum was sweet as a mug, lost its flavor immediately and broke a couple teeth but it was worth it!
Charbel Alam
Charbel Alam 19 gün önce
@Boo boo Dafoo say, who tf asked?
Boo boo Dafoo
Boo boo Dafoo Aylar önce
Those are fake mam. Just fyi, we know.
M F 3 aylar önce
Made this many years ago and it's very sweet, used bazooka Joe. It was very good with cream soda, but very sweet too. Not to everyone's taste
CakeBakeMakeCreate 3 aylar önce
I don’t even like alcohol, but this looks amazingly tasty🤤
Maydew 20 gün önce
This reminds me of something I did as a kid. I would put skittles or any type of candy and just put it in my sparkling water. It’s nice to know other people do stuff like that 😊
EastCoastFishin 3 aylar önce
I did this exact thing but i've heard a lot of controversy about the type of vodka used for this. People say there's a taste difference but it's 100% Neutral spirit so i don't get it... I used new amsterdam vodka and it turned out great! Very smooth and strong bubblegum flavor and it goes great in cocktails!
alex jeff
alex jeff 2 aylar önce
Where did you get your glass bottle from? Keep up with the amazing work!
Sydney Greatgoogalymoogaly
I love how Nick cuts open the case full of bubblegum while you just casually open it from the top-
Saphron 11 gün önce
Theres no way I'm being convinced bubblegum flavored/scented drinks will ever be something I could enjoy.
TheTsar ofAll
TheTsar ofAll 4 aylar önce
As far as i am concerned, i have no interest in ever drinking alcohol. However, as someone who likes to cook watching someone like you making drinks, its seriously tempting to make my own drinks and try them for myself.
Random Guy On YouTube
Random Guy On YouTube 4 aylar önce
@Nikiki you’re not a tsar if you don’t drink vodka
Death 4 aylar önce
Try Baileys it's a good alcohol
Random Guy On YouTube
Random Guy On YouTube 4 aylar önce
What a square ◼️
Adam Chvala
Adam Chvala 4 aylar önce
Алекс Русев
Your videos are always top quality with the best voice to explain whats going on. Even tho i dont drink i check everyday both of your channels for new videos
Madison Jackson
Madison Jackson 2 aylar önce
Fun fact: the only difference between this and flavoring extract is how concentrated it is and how long it takes. If you can wait about 6 months or even a year, you can have loads of extract on the cheap! (Makes great holiday gifts)
Eusiah Cruz
Eusiah Cruz 3 aylar önce
This channel is so satisfying to watch. I don't even drink alcohol. Your content is just so good 👍
Veronica Smyth
Veronica Smyth 2 aylar önce
That looks delicious 😋🤤
Nick DiGiovanni
Nick DiGiovanni 3 aylar önce
Def worth the hype :)
Fabi Rivera
Fabi Rivera 11 gün önce
Is pesto alive or did you make pesto chicken
Exotic Goat
Exotic Goat 13 gün önce
Definitely not, over sweet like a syrup
RAD Z 16 gün önce
Working k9 willow
Working k9 willow Aylar önce
Darwin Argueta
Darwin Argueta Aylar önce
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 3 aylar önce
I cant believe I'm going to have to tell my children that double bubble used to have no spikes. It's less gum than there used to be 😢
Ghost49 2 aylar önce
I don’t drink alcohol but I really like watching your videos. Really crazy how many ways there are to make drinks.
Misaki 3 aylar önce
This man's content is disturbingly relaxing for some reason
I made this back when I worked in a bowling alley bar. I was bored and googling drinks from the tipsy bartender and there was a Harley Quinn shot that called for bubble gum infused vodka. I used the same brand and it was amazing!!
cookiebaker2461 4 aylar önce
I made this back when I worked in a bowling alley bar. I was bored and googling drinks from the tipsy bartender and there was a Harley Quinn shot that called for bubble gum infused vodka. I used the same brand and it was amazing!!
Moose the goose
Moose the goose 3 aylar önce
I tried it a few months back, toooo sweet man
Lé Ørca
Lé Ørca 4 aylar önce
i bet!!!
Kuronosa 2 aylar önce
Oh god... I want to try that one with the Ginger beer and lime juice....that sounds so good.
TheLlamaCorn Sisters
TheLlamaCorn Sisters 3 aylar önce
It’s not a mistake✨ it’s a MASTERPIECE✨
1k subs?
1k subs? 3 aylar önce
Just want to say thanks for all the great content! Keep it up
shindo miyamura
shindo miyamura 3 aylar önce
I dont drink and have never drunk but this makes me want to drink it looks so cool love your vids
Kai Tetsujin
Kai Tetsujin Aylar önce
Vlad: The infusion didn't take too long Me: Okay Vlad: It only took 24 hours Me: We've been tricked, we've been scammed, and we've been quite possibly bamboozled!
Vlad SlickBartender
Stianofp 3 aylar önce
I stopped drinking at 25 but I'm pretty sure I would've been addicted to this haha
RaffyFifa 3 aylar önce
Even his editing is good. This man has quality
Dunbun 3 aylar önce
Is it just me or is this dude’s russian accent and saying “vodka” just satisfying
aiai oioi
aiai oioi 2 aylar önce
russian accent can sound really calming when people are not saying everything loudly and roughly
Erlea Z
Erlea Z 4 aylar önce
I love that he's drinking all of these cocktails so in my head he just gets more and more drunk as the video goes on
Neb bainx
Neb bainx 4 aylar önce
i came lookin for this comment😂💪🏾
Tai Guy
Tai Guy 4 aylar önce
And then his video got corrupted so he has to do it again
DanInHisDen 3 aylar önce
What did you use to store the bubblegum vodka in while it was being fermented? (Im sorry if that is not the correct term)
Stormtrooperpop Aylar önce
It is so satisfying just too watch him make drinks
Harshal Jadhav
Harshal Jadhav 3 aylar önce
🤤I'll definitely try it.
Andrew Lawrence
Andrew Lawrence 6 gün önce
How long can you store it with the gum in it? Would you recommend straining it?
Allan Mariscal
Allan Mariscal 4 aylar önce
You seriously make some of the best shorts I’ve seen.
Ana Starr
Ana Starr 4 aylar önce
I agree I love the sounds and it’s not cheesy at all. Two thumbs up!
emo 3 aylar önce
Chinny P.
Chinny P. 2 aylar önce
I’m a café owner and because of vlad I’m adding cocktails to my menu.
Marlyjade 7 gün önce
I generally can taste a pindrop of alcohol and it often makes drinking very unpleasant. (I can taste the alcohol in kombucha) But knowing these candy infusions, I wonder if I could try these cocktails.
Frenzy Wild
Frenzy Wild 3 aylar önce
I'm not even 21 yet, and this still looks good!
Der_Terminator 4 aylar önce
That looks straight up perfect
Ariel Talker
Ariel Talker 3 aylar önce
The part with the lemon zest is so satisfying
sânzi pânzi
sânzi pânzi 2 aylar önce
i don't know how healthy it is to actually consume those flavors from a bubblegum
Brian Miller
Brian Miller 3 aylar önce
Sounds wonderful I'd love a drink 😳🥺👌😲🙏
Song Daniels
Song Daniels 28 gün önce
the sweetness complimented by the strength of the vodka and having it on the rocks would be amazing holy shit
Nikki Berry
Nikki Berry 4 aylar önce
Dude, I've always wondered what bubblegum vodka would taste like. I've thought about it for years, but I kept waiting for some brand to just make them. I'm curious about cotton candy vodka, too. Apparently, I have the soul of a 6-year-old alcoholic.
vegetaslayer249 4 aylar önce
@Nikki Berry dangerous as in you’ll black out before you know it yes lol and all that sugar makes for a terrible hangover stay hydrated my friend
Nikki Berry
Nikki Berry 4 aylar önce
@vegetaslayer249 Dangerous as in harmful if you don't make it right, or dangerous as in it tastes so good, you'll chug more than you should?
Thomas Turner
Thomas Turner 4 aylar önce
@kj3n oo cool i tend to just make the stuff myself but ill have a look sometime
Thomas Turner
Thomas Turner 4 aylar önce
@Nikki Berry ahh k you try it at some point
Rusty 14 gün önce
Fun fact: traditional bubblegum flavor is made using a variety of artificial flavors that include strawberry, banana, cherry, and sometimes lemon, orange or even cinnamon. 😋
Michał Kowalski
Michał Kowalski 3 aylar önce
Students in Poland (like myself) make drunken jelly/gummy/haribo-bears. Soak them in vodka. Great treat at dorm parties. Summer time? Drunken watermelon Also sometimes jellyalchole Best thing ever? Bears with redbull and vodka.
Danial Irsyad
Danial Irsyad 3 aylar önce
Is it just me or is this guy was born with a nice and relaxing voice
[]#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •ASOUE•
I'm not drinking alcohol,but the esthetic of cocktail making,the colors, the combinations,the sound,it is so relaxing and satisfying,and you are a true professional Vlad,thx for the content
ZenoDLC 4 aylar önce
"Didn't take long" "24 hours" Man, bartending is such a patient job
JJPizzaDelivery 4 aylar önce
@The Gamer Excluding aging alcohol.
PaschalPizzaYT 4 aylar önce
@The Gamer 2 years i think
Xcythy Xx_xX
Xcythy Xx_xX 4 aylar önce
Well if you’re marinating stuff (probably) especially alcohol, shouldn’t 24 hours be short
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 2 aylar önce
I made this and it tasted like spicy double bubble 👍
Tiny Bean
Tiny Bean 3 aylar önce
Why do I love the way he says "bubblegum" I've watched this too many times
King_ Basic
King_ Basic 2 aylar önce
I love the way he says “vodka”
Mini Soot
Mini Soot 12 gün önce
The Hamster Collective 🐹
This video almost convinced me to try drinking alcohol but i said "no" imma try it with wine instead
Rasmus Tagu
Rasmus Tagu 4 aylar önce
OOOH this looks good. Could've never imaged it being this easy.
ORIONBOUND 3 aylar önce
Drinking like 5 shots of it in a short vid makes me think that this is really good.
CABANA 25 gün önce
I have a cocktail idea for you Vlad! You add a bit of Frangelico peanut liquor, than half a lime half a lemon, and some Canada dry. I personally think the result is great!
Monday’s am I right
Monday’s am I right 3 aylar önce
I really like how he says chief nick. Shows good respect
Robert Clark
Robert Clark 3 aylar önce
This just in, Russian man makes it big doing what he loves, taking videos of him making cool drink with vodka. The world is great
Tom's Randomness 🍁
Tom's Randomness 🍁 4 aylar önce
Double Bubble is an old classic. One of my favorite gums since childhood. And it always came wrapped in comics.
Janoy Cresva
Janoy Cresva 4 aylar önce
Your favorite gum but you don’t seem to realize you’re talking about Bazooka… Dubble Bubble is trash anyway. Shit gets rock hard after barely chewing it and the flavor lasts only a few minutes. Everyone acting like it’s Fruit Stripe or something…
AmyD 4 aylar önce
Actually the comics came in Bazooka gum.
Bobbybg33k 3 aylar önce
I just wanna know what that bottle is called so I can make my own infused beverages
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson 3 aylar önce
I still love that truffle cocktail "yummy face" the best.
DoodleMonster 3 aylar önce
His voice is so calming that i can hear his voice all day
Dave dave
Dave dave 15 gün önce
You know usually the "oils" from lemon peel are actually partially chemicals that were infused into the skin... So you should do that only w "bio" lemons that weren't treated w chemicals
Emil Stoltz
Emil Stoltz 13 gün önce
This man's voice is so relaxing!
manuel ramirez
manuel ramirez 3 aylar önce
I rarely drink but this short made me want to try this I had to check it all out
Rotting Pumpkin
Rotting Pumpkin 9 saatler önce
I can't even drink and yet again I still enjoy these videos
Michael Popup
Michael Popup 3 aylar önce
Vlad you make me want to be a bartender
Mew 4 aylar önce
All the great Cook, Bartenders, Pattisiers, Grillardins etc. Are almost coming together now. God I love this community.
Jannice Lozano
Jannice Lozano 4 aylar önce
@no no Patisseries are people that make dessert exclusively. I don't know about the other ones tho
Zander Henriksen
Zander Henriksen 4 aylar önce
But on another note, I think this might be a source of phenylalanine, so there should be some kind of warning label just like with chewing gum. I don't have the candy he used at hand though, so I have no idea if it is a phenylalanine source or not...
no no
no no 4 aylar önce
What are Pattisiers and Grillardins? I've never heard these words. Are they just other words for chefs?
Nevermind 2 aylar önce
Finally a alcoholic drink my child can enjoy:)
Masteroogwgay's unknown disciple
I'm non alcoholic, so are there any alternatives to making this without using vodka? Will water work?
UKRAINE 1 KEIV Aylar önce
I love how he’s Russian so it makes sense it’s vodka
Mysta's gloves
Mysta's gloves 17 gün önce
That looks good 🤤
Devin Martinez
Devin Martinez 3 aylar önce
“chef nick” love the respect you have for your fellow food peers
EnigmaBalls 3 aylar önce
@HaseebCantcook nope not
HaseebCantcook 3 aylar önce
Nick digiovanni is da besttt
Bageht 2 aylar önce
Imagine going to a bar, and the bartender offering you a bubblegum flavoured drink.
Billy James
Billy James 3 aylar önce
Yeah I tried this once with jolly ranchers. Needless to say I wasted all that vodka. Entirely too sweet. I threw it away
bleakjoe 3 aylar önce
damn that bubble gum looks so good
Levi Stepanian
Levi Stepanian 24 gün önce
That actually sounds amazing and I’m a 28 year old who doesn’t drink
Ronald 4 aylar önce
I have never drank alcohol in my life but damn that looks so cool and aesthetic. Nice work there vlad
WHO 3 aylar önce
These shorts are so entertaining it hypes my day up! 💗
Sakusa's mask
Sakusa's mask 3 aylar önce
That’s sounds amazing too bad in the US you cannot drink till you’re basically 100😂 Where I came from the drinking age was like 18 🙃
Piper Aylar önce
Vlad SlickBartender
Thanks 😊
Kaz 3 aylar önce
Love the videos but can you make more for ppl that don't drink alcohol please?
Dead Person
Dead Person 4 aylar önce
I cant believe I'm going to have to tell my children that double bubble used to have no spikes. It's less gum than there used to be 😢
Æsthetic Mochi
Æsthetic Mochi 3 aylar önce
This man needs to be a voice actor
No No
No No 3 aylar önce
Your voice is to die for it's so calming
(gacha seed shark)
(gacha seed shark) 2 aylar önce
My dad sometimes drinks vodka but he would love to try this he is a chef
unqualified weiner
unqualified weiner 3 aylar önce
Jesus I wish I was 21 this looks delicious
lettuce 4 aylar önce
His voice is so relaxing
Muiz 3 aylar önce
@Sawyer Latta no
AussieMorales 3 aylar önce
@Sawyer Latta No
Daetroo 3 aylar önce
@Joanna huh
Dankturret 3 aylar önce
@Sawyer Latta ok
Sawyer Latta
Sawyer Latta 3 aylar önce
It’s really annoying
NotHuman Aylar önce
I am underage, never thought of drinking but your shorts make me wanna try one
history of the entire world, i guess
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