Is it Possible to Beat Clash Royale Without Losing a Game?

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23 Kas 2021




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KFC CLASH Aylar önce
Follow My Stream: www.twitch.tv/kfcclash I could be live right now ;) probably not tho
noskin66 9 gün önce
is ur main alt when u use 1k money ?
PokeLegend Z
PokeLegend Z 13 gün önce
oh, please
JjLovesYt hi
JjLovesYt hi Aylar önce
spooky town is the try hard arena
TheAngryMinh Aylar önce
He got miner from a chest lol showoff I got inferno dragon from a golden chest
FunaMix Aylar önce
bro you are cheating you are doing bot lobbys LOL caught in 4K!
Ancient Aylar önce
Valkyrie + Mini Pekka feels like one of those combos they would post on the clash royale youtube channel.
Cool 24-7
Cool 24-7 2 gün önce
@KaoticSuper yes
KaoticSuper 3 gün önce
@Cool 24-7 in mid ladder
Cool 24-7
Cool 24-7 3 gün önce
@KaoticSuper People do use it
jelly curse
jelly curse 6 gün önce
Jupiterhell Gaming 🅥
Inferno tower Be like : :v
Hopy jungy
Hopy jungy 20 gün önce
"Why is everyone playing mega Knight?" Welcome to mid-ladder.
some stickman boi
some stickman boi 2 gün önce
@Luigigamer009where tf did you get that from
Glizzyboi 3 gün önce
@Faly thats high mid ladder
Faly 4 gün önce
@Luigigamer009 midladder is 5600-6600 what are u talking about
Luigigamer009 7 gün önce
Midladder range is roughly 4000-6000.
Nahum Gaspar
Nahum Gaspar 16 gün önce
@Benjamin Dedic it isn't
Zue Wang
Zue Wang Aylar önce
Man when the game first came out it was extremely difficult to get pass Barbadian bowl. It felt like all average / good players were stuck in that arena.
zynoo 16 gün önce
@aletron i got funky in royal arena 4 years ago and was crying bc of my frustrating being stuck there hahaha
Richard Lechko
Richard Lechko 19 gün önce
@XQC POGGERS classic log bait. been using it for about 2.5-3 years.
XQC POGGERS 19 gün önce
@Richard Lechko what deck?
Richard Lechko
Richard Lechko 23 gün önce
@Effortless Brandonn im around 5800, hit 6000 last season and everybody here plays the same deck. not even worth its like swimming in molasses
Mikey Aylar önce
@Effortless Brandonn same in a11
vibhav Aylar önce
Anyone remember the old days when it took months to get a single legendary, not like getting 3 in one day?
いっせい ー兵藤
Back then took me 4 months to unlock a legendary I didnt want. But I based my entire deck to that legendary because legendary were pay to win pretty much. If you had all legendaries you paid alot of money for it. Now you can all legendaries in a month or 2
Wuanjunior 23 gün önce
@Tal Hugburger yeah have you heard of any rpg? is the same shit.. all the work you put in those games to get a certain item
Googane 27 gün önce
I think it's a overall good for the game, I would rather not be malding over not getting a legendary than getting too much.
Savva Gaskov
Savva Gaskov 29 gün önce
@Kiprikk thats what she said
Binara Kavihara
Binara Kavihara Aylar önce
Ya man took me 3 years or something
Ben Everett
Ben Everett Aylar önce
Seeing you unlock a legendary so often made me happy but also disappointed cause legendary cards drop often. Unlike back in the day where they were super rare
SCP 096🏳️‍🌈
SCP 096🏳️‍🌈 22 gün önce
Give me the luck you have
R_S_P_T 29 gün önce
That's why we got champions
ExSelice -_-
ExSelice -_- Aylar önce
He still got really lucky that was like not rare at all he got one from a gold chest and a crowchest which is really rare I’ve open thousands of those and got a legendary like 1/50 for crown and gold is like 1/500chest but the new level up chest is kinda like your guaranteed almost 1 every chest
Caleb Ross
Caleb Ross Aylar önce
no he just got really lucky
MUSTAFA KUN Aylar önce
@Elon musk *Yes*
Timid Aylar önce
Wouldn’t blame you, this is a really good achievement, spooky town is super hard to get through
Wrap Wrappy
Wrap Wrappy 9 gün önce
@Maicon Silva Adopt me Play game is stupid easy lmao, you just get the season pass on your alt acc and have level 14 cards when you’re level 10
Maicon Silva Adopt me Play
@Wrap Wrappy mine was 6 days of game on 2k-4600 trophies i stopped playing now its so ez
Guodalir 28 gün önce
Any of yall know a good arena ten deck i cant find one thats good
bogdanx 800
bogdanx 800 Aylar önce
Yeah i just got back into the game and it took me like a week to get out of spooky town bcs of all the mega knight kids
the royale clasher!
Hey I just uploaded a video. It would mean a lot if you checked it out, just if you want.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Aylar önce
I gotta say, it’s really fun watching the cards move in fast speed
insert username here
I gotta say, it’s really fun watching the cards move in fast speed
Hoghollop Aylar önce
The ending highlights the main problem w clash imo with so many cards these days the meta changes extremely fast and if you’re a free to play player that has put all their time and effort into one deck then it suddenly loses its strength when you climb it takes an impossible amount of time to bring another 8 cards up to ladder standard
Eh? 一人一
Eh? 一人一 Aylar önce
Even with maxed deck, maxed collection, there is a deck that counters something, and its all goes in a full circle. No matter how good you might be, or how lazy you are, there is a deck you fear the most
Kenneth Anthony
Kenneth Anthony 16 gün önce
@tehnoobleader Am I suppose to laugh?
Harshit Singh
Harshit Singh 19 gün önce
Pekka decks…
Kirill Zakharov
Kirill Zakharov 20 gün önce
Lumber Loon. Also, Mega Knight, E Giant, E Barbs, Pekka. All in one deck. I rolled that one but the sheer power is just...
Burger_Gamer 23 gün önce
My weakness is cheap cycle decks
totally a bunny
totally a bunny 27 gün önce
Handy Aylar önce
this was so entertaining, looking forward to more!
NovaNight Aylar önce
This man is a genius 👏
Totally StevenS
Totally StevenS Aylar önce
Finally someone understands how I feel like against pull with level 14 cards in spooky town
Clisu George
Clisu George Aylar önce
9:24 soo if you have max tokens you get a random card, including undiscovered ones. Good to know.
CLASHwithSHANE | Clash Royale
That was very Poggers indeed!
William Dávila
William Dávila 16 gün önce
Rrogramist 20 gün önce
@cuddlesplz they’re grown up band kids lmao
Official Moai
Official Moai Aylar önce
Mexican Itachi
Mexican Itachi Aylar önce
what the best clash royal deck for arena 7
MCIronDragon Aylar önce
Thank you, I was on arena 5 and i was stuck on it with no decks that i thought were good. But then i look at you deck, use it, and now im at builders workshop. THANK YOU
Levitate Zincx
Levitate Zincx Aylar önce
I know im late to tell you, but prince can kill megaknight if the prince has a charge, so you dont have to use so much elixer to defend
HarshNotFound Aylar önce
Watching clash Royal after so many years Bring back memories
Jaikar - Brawl stars
Same :)
Maze W#nk
Maze W#nk Aylar önce
this guy beats the game in 9 hours meanwhile iv'e bene stuck at arena 4 for about 2 months now
japyap Aylar önce
Kevin Cheek
Kevin Cheek Aylar önce
9:24 the look of fear on his face is hilarious😂
Kaneables Aylar önce
For the legendary chest you should’ve waited until you hit the next arena and got a chance at Megaknight
R3ZR1X Aylar önce
Played the game since launch and stuck with PEKKA Witch combo, haven't changed anything in my deck in 4 years
ThunderJaw Gaming
ThunderJaw Gaming 14 gün önce
"What is that luck that I pulled a miner from a crown chest and a gold chest" Yeah the one who heals your opponents?
Waffles Are Really Good
Clash: Gives kfc a legendary in a crown chest Also clash: gives kfc a wild card in a legendary chest
Yash 26 gün önce
I reached hog mountain without any losses and then lost at least 14 times till I reached Rascal's hideout in which I'm stuck currently all in a month too!
Fresh Artz
Fresh Artz Aylar önce
Awesome video, for 15 minutes, it was a very interesting challenge!
Zattann 20 saatler önce
9:08 I see you've lost, you'll notice it too when you hold it right
Gavan Towery
Gavan Towery Aylar önce
I love how I made it to arena 13 in a week without dying
Super saussy
Super saussy Aylar önce
All these challenges where he gets pass just goes to show how much value it brings
SWAGANATION 1 Aylar önce
1:52: “Valkyrie + Mini Pekka is the new goated push?” OG Players from 2016: *“Always has been”*
Just Like It
Just Like It Aylar önce
Well he took Oj's "Zero Losses" Way too seriously 😂😂
mateo lucio
mateo lucio Aylar önce
was looking for this comment
Light Aylar önce
11:00 that is literally my deck at 4600 trophies
Mikaele Rosecrans
Mikaele Rosecrans 27 gün önce
I haven’t been on the game over a couple tears then when I hop back on it I went on a winning streak from beginning all the way up to late Royal arena without loosing
D3V0L-Jr 16 gün önce
Actually when I made my third account (my first was lost at Arena 2 and my second Arena 3-4) I went to Arena 12 and unlocked the clapping ghost emote without loosing any game but got back to Arena 11 after loosing a huge lot of games in a row and now I’m starting to get back to Arena 12 after being stuck at Arena 11 for months
Will Society accept me cause I only score 0 runs
You finished the game in 1 day. Me : Playing for 1 year but still couldn't pass arena 7
hjs2457 Aylar önce
no one else seems to be acknowledging the fact that this wouldnt be possible without the gold event going on right now. he wouldnt be able to upgrade all his cards so quickly for better card and tower levels. think about it he had some very close games and if his towers or cards were underleveled they wouldve been losses.
hjs2457 Aylar önce
@AngellBekillin-that’s a good point but if there was normal leveling paces he would much quicker run into higher level players that already existed before gold event. What took him days to reach took other people months to reach.
AngellBekillin- Aylar önce
I’m pretty sure the other players cards wouldn’t be that high leveled without the gold event soo?
Entertainment and Gaming Hub
@pletskoo coz I'm the half glass empty kinda guy
pletskoo Aylar önce
@Entertainment and Gaming Hub huh why would you be assuming this?
Entertainment and Gaming Hub
@hjs2457 oh okay cool I just like these type of videos where people try to take on hard challanges like these.
Blu Cpiny Gaming
Blu Cpiny Gaming Aylar önce
FINALLY ur the first person I've seen to get a wild card out of that legendary chest! I'm not alone😆
Tess Crelli
Tess Crelli Aylar önce
This video no cap makes me want to download clash royale again. I was never a good player but damn I miss playing. Maybe I'll hop on just to play one game... :)
GREEN the pokemon trainer
this is pure genius and im gonna redownload the game only to do this
Icee - Pubg Mobile
Icee - Pubg Mobile Aylar önce
me watching this dude surpass my arena without losing in like 30 games
guddusavage767 Aylar önce
This dudes luck is insane
さいる Aylar önce
He makes getting legendary card looks so easy
Nick Makhatadze
Nick Makhatadze Aylar önce
@Ethan Schneider his card luck
Ethan Schneider
Ethan Schneider Aylar önce
all skill
Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik Aylar önce
What luck lol
just something
just something Aylar önce
Ye :c
IttoRasetsuXx 19 gün önce
I legit climbed to legendary arena without losing a single match on a fresh account after losing my main and it was pretty easy but as soon as I broke 5k trophies I started losing
Ethan Barrick
Ethan Barrick Aylar önce
Do you guys remember how hard it was to get out of spell valley?
LIPO TV Aylar önce
I tried and reached 274 trophies without losing. HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?!
Hrsh Pnia
Hrsh Pnia Aylar önce
7:09 omg we got miner thats extremely lucky *sad B-rad noises
Igno Aylar önce
this was actually really impressive
Gyomei Aylar önce
This was such a satisfying video , definelty checking out some other vids by you
Lumbriestyle Aylar önce
oh my god how is this dude so good. I lose like every second match and this dude beats them all
Evan Abbott
Evan Abbott 28 gün önce
@Om Most of his games are with people who aren't in a clan, don't say anything and have a simple name. Those are literally the definition of what the bots are
Flutemaster101 Aylar önce
@Om wholesome
Winston Wu
Winston Wu Aylar önce
@Jaydon O'Bymachow hes a 7.8k player with a top300 finish lol. doubt hes glitching for bots
Om Aylar önce
@Jaydon O'Bymachow Maybe bro. Personally though I don’t think he glitched but I respect your opinion.
Jaydon O'Bymachow
Jaydon O'Bymachow Aylar önce
@Om he probably did the glitch when he could tho
OtakuSenpai Latif
OtakuSenpai Latif Aylar önce
Took me a couple years to get to were he is and he got that much trophies in a day
Pixonic Predator
Pixonic Predator Aylar önce
I think mega knight is tooo strong for low arenas like that I use mega knight but it having a wesking of air troops his health is too much He is a defense and attack card and u dont need idk what cards to defend him If the enemies doesn't have air troops then if ur deck is good u will win
Just found this dude I use to play clash Royale but only play clash of clans now but still understand the grind. Love his voice his content and his humour no other choice but to subscribe.
Burhanuddin Naeem
Burhanuddin Naeem Aylar önce
I remember reaching like arena 7 or 8 without losing a single game My biggest flex lol
HEMAC Aesthetics - Dr Sherrie Chew
KFC clash: Gets log* Also KFC clash: Oh wow, log. (Stretches)
Brett Hirsch
Brett Hirsch 11 gün önce
I like how this is pretty much a nuzlocke
Jezon Ralph Altavas
The legend is back again 🔥
NamedFive63 23 gün önce
I havent even started the video and i can answer the question. Let me just remind you hog rider, mega knight, ram rider, e wizard, and e barbs exist. The answer is no. No its not possible
Isaac Aylar önce
4:03 in one match in that arena I barely won with 1 tower health ;-;
kUHASZ Aylar önce
Challagne idea: beat Clash Royale, but every time you unlock a card, you have to put it in your deck. You can't ignore rewards in trophy road nor you can skip chest oppening on purpose. Edit: Do NOT click on the links in the replys, these are scams.
Jeb Kerman
Jeb Kerman Aylar önce
Challenge idea: the grand tour: There are 106 cards in the game. The challenge: win 15 games BUT every time you win, you need to build a new deck with the cards you didn't use. There are 14 jokers, which allow you to use a card you used ONCE for a SECOUND time. Champions cannot be jokers. Max. 2 jokers per deck.
S3r4ph1m Aylar önce
@Haruma Hisesi⤵️♋️ bruh
s1mon Aylar önce
I’m gonna try this
S3r4ph1m Aylar önce
@Samuel Sweeney they were probably deleted dw
Samuel Sweeney
Samuel Sweeney Aylar önce
What links XD
Patrick Sherman
Patrick Sherman Aylar önce
9:46 this legit happened to me a few minutes ago!
Ryan Eaglestone
Ryan Eaglestone Aylar önce
I love how ive been playing for almost a year and he’s passed where I’m at in like 5h
MarkoWasHere Aylar önce
He got the Bomber which is one of the cards in bone pit and then he choose skeleton army.
Luigi Time
Luigi Time 29 gün önce
Props to this guy, played 10 hours to beat the game. Me: Took 4 years to get to 4000 trophies lol.
Evan Dombkiewicz
Evan Dombkiewicz Aylar önce
Cant wait till he beats the game without winning a single game
Ayden Phillips
Ayden Phillips Aylar önce
No one: wallbreakers In arena two “hahahaha you fool”
EnergyBooster Aylar önce
It's difficult,but not impossible when you're KFC Clash 😁Nice video 😎👍
Jenny Harris
Jenny Harris Aylar önce
Him: I had 3 legendaries Me: only has miner and is in jungle arena
Gergő Ferenczy
Gergő Ferenczy Aylar önce
Bro just completed like a 2 year clash royale jurney filled with memories in one stream
ItsMai 19 gün önce
Back in the day when having 1 legendary was a flex
Benjamin Chen
Benjamin Chen Aylar önce
This is what you call good content
david_cool427 Aylar önce
8:14 If it makes ya feel better I know how you feel when I opened that legendary chest I got miner for a secobd time lol
I am staring at u
I am staring at u Aylar önce
The dude is lucky I was fighting dudes with hog rider and dark prince at arena 3 just after starting the game
Paul Blart
Paul Blart Aylar önce
I tried this lost my first game in hog mountain 😭
Vojtěch Vacek
Vojtěch Vacek Aylar önce
Do "a day in life of a archer queen player"
Drip Bonesy
Drip Bonesy 29 gün önce
That one green goblin which caused him the first loss: 😈🤔😈😂
Arren Crasto
Arren Crasto Aylar önce
First time seeing someone be happy to get miner 🤣🤣
BH Quinn
BH Quinn Aylar önce
His card levels in spooky town was one of the games he went up against in bone pit. That’s just sad man.
Oli W
Oli W 28 gün önce
"why is everyone playing mega knight" me in mid ladder:
Vid Vöröš
Vid Vöröš Aylar önce
i don't ever seen better video on youtube keep this insanly good content pls :P
lswhy Aylar önce
recently returned to clash royale to relive the good ol days and got to 4.7k trophies in a week with iirc 3 losses, shocked me at how well i was doing, but then i realised it was cause the game started feeding u cards after cards and legs after legs, idk feels weird to just blitz thru an arena u were hardstuck in just 5 years back. i remember i was so hyped when i got gob barrel from the free chest in the past, but now theyre so generous now with the cards that there isnt even the satisfaction of getting an leg let alone an epic. idk how to feel about this
MeruCion Aylar önce
place log to defend goblin barriel: ❌ place zap and lose: ✅
Metno VFX
Metno VFX Aylar önce
Man I remember when you were such a small TRvidr, congrats bro you made it
Daily Life
Daily Life Aylar önce
This man's win rate is phenomenal 🤣
Saxe Prixon
Saxe Prixon Aylar önce
damn, took him 15 mins to complete the game. thats a real chad move
Sem Donk
Sem Donk Aylar önce
I tried this once but not in nuzlocke form I just tried to go with the least losses possible on ladder I got to 4k with 12 losses after
Ethan Xu
Ethan Xu Aylar önce
Wait how is 1 life easier than only using a card once until death
Jay B
Jay B 29 gün önce
Megaknights and over-leveled cards... the bane of my existence
TwinxVFX Aylar önce
"if you think your good,theres always an asian kid better than you" a wise man
Mathh Aylar önce
I made it to 4800 without losing a game in the same day of starting the new account, I didn’t have any rules like you did but is this a record maybe?
Dany Cassama
Dany Cassama Aylar önce
This makes me want to play the game
dez per
dez per Aylar önce
About 4k without losing that’s an achievement
SK1NA Aylar önce
He’s literally been playing clash on twitch live since this videos come out (6 hours ago) this man doesn’t lie he really is live 🤣
Hekku Aylar önce
I got my first legendary at 10th arena (2 years ago)from a legendary chest, and here a guy who gets 4 legs on 8th...
RA1D Ethan
RA1D Ethan Aylar önce
Every 3 matches KFC Clash: THIS WAS MY MOST CLOSEST GAME YET!!!!!!!!
dk kanofkash
dk kanofkash Aylar önce
I like how the last guy said Thanks! Shows the absolute state of society we live in :(
Meme Aylar önce
6:59 rlly lucky but once I got my mega knight in a common chest
Brayray727 Aylar önce
This guy made it to 4000 trophies without losing and I can’t even get out of Builders workshop.
xathomir Aylar önce
u just bad lmao. Keep practicing and u'll make it out in no time. Try to recognize your mistakes in games so you don't make the same ones in future games.
Seb Craft
Seb Craft 14 gün önce
15:26 I made it to 4k with no losses, but from then on I have had 50/50 wins. Clearly I lack skill
RC 27 gün önce
i started a new cr game, i was lucky to get a megaknight as a first legendary which carried me to 4000 trophies XD
yon Aylar önce
Dude sleep deprives himself at least once a week 😂
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