Irritating friends

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21 May 2019





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NellyVidz Aylar önce
Do you have friends that irritate you sometimes? Lol. Leave a comment about some of the things your friends do to irritate you 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
BestJust FoundBetter
BestJust FoundBetter 15 gün önce
Damn, K.O gone have to see me because Pauly looking REAL GOOD in this video 😏😋😜😏😋😜
Chriltheking 29 gün önce
All the time
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo Aylar önce
@Kelly Turnee 😅😅😅😂😂😂😂real like satellites just be scanning for weed anywhere!!💯💯💯😒😒😒
Kelly Turnee
Kelly Turnee Aylar önce
@Jasmine Whiteside yes queen, just made a comment abt it. Cnt stand that shit. Especially if I ask you are you hungry do you want something and you say no but then turn around and eat my s*** I'll be big mad
Kelly Turnee
Kelly Turnee Aylar önce
@unknown Ghost he'll yess,
ChUbB 2xX
ChUbB 2xX Gün önce
..they ask dollar on dollars 💵😂😂💯
NotTheJen FromBackThen
Lololol when he literally had to turn and look at Nelly's azzz for getting on that call lolololol
The Don
The Don 2 gün önce
Pud is a MF nice dude TF😲No homo 💯
Devon Milam
Devon Milam 3 gün önce
0:34 Yo im dying 💀💀💀💀
Tank Shy
Tank Shy 4 gün önce
Bust it down!!
Kayla Storey
Kayla Storey 8 gün önce
Travon Smalls
Travon Smalls 9 gün önce
love less boy
love less boy 13 gün önce
I'm 12 but I know the feeling
BestJust FoundBetter
BestJust FoundBetter 15 gün önce
Ayye Nel tell K.O she gone have to fight me because Pat looking real good😏😋😏😋😜 in this video
Queen Tierra
Queen Tierra 7 gün önce
BestJust FoundBetter u ain’t neva lying he is so fine
Tyrese Ty-Get It Colbert VeVo
Bust down thotiona 😭😭😭😭 part
TMoneyTV 18 gün önce
I love jas
XZay 93
XZay 93 18 gün önce
Cash Money Mawk
Cash Money Mawk 19 gün önce
day day
day day 19 gün önce
You and Jasmine was gettin it in the car. I was like AYEEEEEE😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
John Wick Number2
John Wick Number2 19 gün önce
After that last hundo and you coming in on me smashing a female,we're no longer homies
Malique Mclean
Malique Mclean 20 gün önce
Niggas took his shirt off in front of they mans?? 😂😂
Malique Mclean
Malique Mclean 20 gün önce
A hundred dollars??!?!!??! Niggas is crazy
Joy Shatina
Joy Shatina 20 gün önce
Now i want some doritos
Tasha Delfils
Tasha Delfils 20 gün önce
The bacon account
Waxx 21 gün önce
Nequil Hill
Nequil Hill 21 gün önce
Man i rewatch this video just for the car part. Absolutely hilarious.
J Real
J Real 22 gün önce
Lol did he join and slap it lol. Continue talking about that 100.00.
Dom 076
Dom 076 22 gün önce
Funny asf 😂
queen Breanna Wilkerson
ASK ECHO 24 gün önce
ZayThrdEye DripGod
ZayThrdEye DripGod 25 gün önce
Cornell be having me dying laughing
Finn Balor
Finn Balor 25 gün önce
It's hard to be real in a car with no radio
Khaiah Mann
Khaiah Mann 26 gün önce
When they started singing bust down thotaianna 😂😂💀
Shaneka Thompson
Shaneka Thompson 26 gün önce
No he didn’t come over and slap ass😂😂😂😂😂
Ringo Tv Comedy
Ringo Tv Comedy 27 gün önce
Good content 👌🙏
Franchester Keeley
Franchester Keeley 28 gün önce
You all way watching the same thank
Dakota Ortiz
Dakota Ortiz 29 gün önce
I want some Doritos now 😂😂
Davion Phelps
Davion Phelps 29 gün önce
Your asome
Marinesha Madden
Marinesha Madden 29 gün önce
A1 Prince
A1 Prince Aylar önce
Relate able
Andrae Meo
Andrae Meo Aylar önce
Idek Dont worry about it
1:22 miss lucky dusty Him: * says sum* Pat: kills him 😭😂
Lakeicia Smith
Lakeicia Smith Aylar önce
Peter parker 😭i love yall
Reece Mcneal
Reece Mcneal Aylar önce
0:36-1:27 like a real movie theater I hate that shit 😂
Kareem Owens
Kareem Owens Aylar önce
Bust it Down
JAFProduction Aylar önce
Nelly...Did you just “speed-up” slap HIS donkey?!🤭🤦🏾‍♂️
Samuel Jakub
Samuel Jakub Aylar önce
When r u not funny
FEEDZEKE21 Aylar önce
Grizzy_Dizzy22 Aylar önce
Your not my friend no more
Javi1.K Aylar önce
Btw I like yo videos my nigga
Javi1.K Aylar önce
You should do a Q N A cuz lowkey I’m trynna find out who yo real girl is😂
Terrell Terrell
Terrell Terrell Aylar önce
This is dope
Namii Tv
Namii Tv Aylar önce
Bruhh they watch them selves😂😂 on the tv 0:50
A Deeper Shade Of Brown
Actually 300 dollars he owe because remember the first time in the video
KILLER_ Aylar önce
I had to like I already watched but had to give u some love 👌🏽👍🏽
Ness Ness
Ness Ness Aylar önce
So is that him and jazz smashing 😂😂😂
Hero Kid
Hero Kid Aylar önce
Rofl he slapped dat ass
Pretty Ahki
Pretty Ahki Aylar önce
Yoooo this shit is hilarious did the homie Nelly just smack shorty on the ass before he dashed😂💯💪🏿
Anita Coates
Anita Coates Aylar önce
Wasp bros😅😅😅😎😎😎
YVONNE Caldwell
YVONNE Caldwell Aylar önce
how you doing
Oday Daley
Oday Daley Aylar önce
Nice pay him back
Wayne Clarvoe
Wayne Clarvoe Aylar önce
Lol stupid..smhx
Angel Whitt
Angel Whitt Aylar önce
DarkSkiNSenSaTion Loves
0:47 pat u can’t get mad bc Nelly’s nacho cheese Doritos was finger lickin good😂 And Tbh Nelly&Pat Collab videos be the funniest I swear it do 😂🔥
Fym._ Rutilia
Fym._ Rutilia Aylar önce
Do u post these on Facebook?btw I love ur videosss smmm🥺❤️
Girls in black ava
Girls in black ava Aylar önce
Back at it agian u alway make the best vid cornell
It's Time to FITE
It's Time to FITE Aylar önce
Hold up @NellyVidz! Did you just walk over and smack the cheeks of a chick he was bangin’?!! THAT’S SEXUAL ASSAULT, MAN! Lol. Bruh, you gotta ask permission to smack dem cheeks 😆
NLE ENVY Aylar önce
gibron payne
gibron payne Aylar önce
Everybody got an irritating friend damn #buttherestillthere
Co Oliver
Co Oliver Aylar önce
Beat yo ASS He smoking crack
FreeAimS FiNeST
FreeAimS FiNeST Aylar önce
Nathan X God
Nathan X God Aylar önce
When they was watching the tv they was watching there TRvid
shemar dixon
shemar dixon Aylar önce
Lol that peek an slap though
Mour Aylar önce
Man...Cornell be that friend u wanna choke sometimes lmaooo...bruh, u ain’t shit...ain’t getting shit from me...lmaooooo
Black Phoenix
Black Phoenix Aylar önce
Y'all are fools. "Let me join den".
Y0UNG GVTS Aylar önce
2:47 she got cheeks makin that noise 😂😂🤣
Y0UNG GVTS Aylar önce
0:31 he looked at him like dis nigga 👀😂😂😂
Adonya Walker
Adonya Walker Aylar önce
Tony Bilbrew
Tony Bilbrew Aylar önce
1:53 $200+ cause he also borrowed something before the first $100
CHITOWN buck638
CHITOWN buck638 Aylar önce
Now that walking in while yo homie smashing .. asking a question is some real shit😁
Lorenzo Payne
Lorenzo Payne Aylar önce
Let me join then 😂😂😂 died when he slapped the booty 😂😂
Giles Davis
Giles Davis Aylar önce
haha man you a fool!!!!
Omard Pate
Omard Pate Aylar önce
Fam said let me join in and slapped tge cheeks. Apparently the imaginary young lady didn't trip.
Liz C.
Liz C. Aylar önce
Just Mele
Just Mele Aylar önce
Pat is so beautiful 😍😍
Tiffany Harvey
Tiffany Harvey Aylar önce
We he slap the girl ass I died💀💀
Swayze ninja song
Swayze ninja song Aylar önce
2:49 yooooooo😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😂😂😂
Endless Rose
Endless Rose Aylar önce
Ur funny
Alexis Aylar önce
Yesss Nelly&Pat I love videos with y'all together
Nick T
Nick T Aylar önce
He is a broke friend
Jenn Grey
Jenn Grey Aylar önce
Who are the 94 boring twads who seriously disliked this video...🤣🤣🤣
Alicia Moody
Alicia Moody Aylar önce
He’s a bank teller🤣🤣🤣
Tycom Wright
Tycom Wright Aylar önce
I would knock out a “ friend “ like cornel out
W S Aylar önce
That nigga went over there and slapped that booty mid stroke 👋🍑😂
Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson Aylar önce
The last scene brooo😂😂😂
Ether Jones
Ether Jones Aylar önce
Maloane Crawford
Maloane Crawford Aylar önce
Boy He A Foo😂 “Let Me Join In” *Slap*
OutaSpce Aylar önce
This guy😁😁😁
Vonte Brown
Vonte Brown Aylar önce
VS9050909 Aylar önce
East Coast
East Coast Aylar önce
this MF walked in the room and smacked her ass, lol
SoVereignTOYER Aylar önce
Oh hell nah.. you can't be coming in when a Nigga in his mode fuckin.. smh lol
Djehuti Sundaka
Djehuti Sundaka Aylar önce
I don't have any friends. Makes life much easier.
601 boy
601 boy Aylar önce
300 in one day hell naw,he slap her ass I died 😂😂😂
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