Iron Man Vs Thanos - Fight Scene - Avengers Infinity War (2018) Movie CLIP HD

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Iron Man Vs Thanos - Fight Scene - Avengers Infinity War (2018) Movie CLIP [4K ULTRA HD] - Thanos Vs Iron Man.
Movie info: www.imdb.com/title/tt4154756/
Buy it on Blu-ray: amzn.to/2tefkOs
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Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Mackie, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Chadwick Boseman, Sebastian Stan, Don Cheadle, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, Pom Klementieff, Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Wong, Sean Gunn, Tom Holland, Paul Rudd, Josh Brolin
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22 Mar 2019

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Fatih ÇELİKSU Saatler önce
Stark is dead ? 🤔
Harrison Mattiew
Harrison Mattiew 3 saatler önce
John wick can make him bleed more than that
Demon King
Demon King 4 saatler önce
Look at difference between Tony's moustache at 0:07 and 0:09
Jaga Deesan
Jaga Deesan 6 saatler önce
Who watch Today..?🤘🤘🔥
Տեɑɾӏҽեҽ은하 6 saatler önce
This movie fucked me up so much...
James Woodward
James Woodward 7 saatler önce
This was thanos at his most powerful, with infinity stones AND the desire to actually kill iron man here because he was his only threat
Mr. Wolf
Mr. Wolf 7 saatler önce
Thanos: “Stark” Stark: “You know me?” Thanos: Yeah!, I Follow You On Twitter
chimi flipin changas
chimi flipin changas 8 saatler önce
Stark made god bleed
AyoAnt- 9 saatler önce
No more spider-man 🥺😢
I am a meme
I am a meme 10 saatler önce
Tony is like the 6th grader getting in their first fight and thanos is an 8th grader in like their 35th fight
Shinkai9/kami16 13 saatler önce
You guys cannot tell me this is better than superman vs zod
Bavlik Prajapati
Bavlik Prajapati 14 saatler önce
Thanos First Ever Scene in Avengers trvid.com/video/video-y9-ySyaZ-MM.html
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier 15 saatler önce
You people are so cheesy in these comments I swear.
HG Tigerea
HG Tigerea 15 saatler önce
Tony fans try these trvid.com/video/video-DLotBrPtnL0.html trvid.com/video/video-kiC3gHNyFGI.html trvid.com/video/video-nC24SQMI6z4.html trvid.com/video/video-nEMVAqRic5w.html And don't Cry It's a challenge I bet you can't stop yourself from crying 😥😭
bvl games
bvl games 16 saatler önce
Nice try ironman
Obdulio melo
Obdulio melo 16 saatler önce
This ironman create all, Green Lantern Style
SAEED UR REHMAN BASHIR 17 saatler önce
When he was gonna punch him, why didn’t he just turn it into a blade and stabbed him in his throat
Thanos 15 saatler önce
A blade wouldn't make much difference either
Fine Banana
Fine Banana 19 saatler önce
He protecc He attacc *But most importantly* He also respecc starc
Eu JingWei
Eu JingWei 21 saatler önce
I know this is off topic,but why is thanos's ears so small
Ibanepa 22 saatler önce
ironic that this one time bad guy kept his word and that was the reason of his downfall xD
Thanos 15 saatler önce
Not his, probably his younger version's
jjjb01 22 saatler önce
Amazing scene 😢 Tony's suit is so magical lol..that nanotech wow~ Its a magic as well Tony did not die from thanos' punch nor stab Through the stomach ~ They made us SHOOK twice.. this, and endgame. Always thought Cap will be the one who died.. and it rly turned out to be Tony~ but I guess its also a perfect Ending 💙
hide on my bush
hide on my bush 23 saatler önce
IW>Endgame=AoU=The Avengers
Christer Lem Siador
Christer Lem Siador 23 saatler önce
How is that even possible tomy stark has a metal suit
Ravi Kumar Ravi Kumar
Iron man defeated Thanos
Randomly Entertaining
Thanos should've gone for the head.
tms117 Gün önce
Movie magic 101 right here. Wouldn't we all want a suit of armor like that?
428Vaibhav Gün önce
0:28 that was a nasty punch even for Thanos.
Fish Gün önce
game solution
game solution Gün önce
Dushre planet par oxigen kaise le Raha hai iron man😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
gary smith
gary smith Gün önce
Wasn't much of a fight 😂
Manchester United
They basically made iron man blue beetle lol
David Endgame 2000
Infinity War: I AM INEVITABLE! Endgame: Hold my beer
FadedXxFalconsxX ——
So avengers have a 0.00000007% chance of winning? *Noice* 🙇‍♂️
tminus543 Gün önce
Looks like a poor mans world of Warcraft cinematic. Marvel, do better.
Abu bakr Fayaz
Abu bakr Fayaz Gün önce
Now I have no problem with Tony losing this battle because he settles the score in Endgame. Tony made Thanos to die at the very end so he could watch his army being disinterested and so he realized the depth of his failure.
This was the end of the infinity saga for me, Thanos in endgame was awful. In infinity war he was so Complex I mean look at his pained face when he says he hopes they remember him, he hates what he had to do but he knew he had to
Exuberance141 13 saatler önce
TheCynicalAdolescent I agree 100%
ApolloXL5 Gün önce
Watching this again makes me wish that this version of Thanos had fought the Avengers at the end of Endgame. It would have meant more for Tony to ultimately defeat him and been more emotional and dramatic.
badshah Hussain
badshah Hussain Gün önce
stark: fights very hard for 1-2 minutes for a drop of blood Thor: thats all ?
David Stephens
David Stephens Gün önce
That I hope they remember you line hits different after endgame
Martin Gaming
Martin Gaming Gün önce
Iron Man is nothing without technology.
Yseson _
Yseson _ Gün önce
This Thanos is very different from the younger more aggressive Thanos in Endgame. He is weary and burdened full of resignation to his mission and respect for his enemies. While the Endgame Thanos is a zealot full of drive and self-righteous conviction who cares little for his enemies or allies.
Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun 2 gün önce
I shit my pantsu watching this scene.
Legendary Gaming!
Legendary Gaming! 2 gün önce
Iron man could easily beat batman Iron man could've easily beat batman.........
Eric Smith
Eric Smith Saatler önce
Not a chance. It’s just math. Bat math: Ironman minus suit= man Batman minus suit= ninja Ninja greater than man
Vince Millz
Vince Millz 2 gün önce
If you can make god bleed...
Tion Crack
Tion Crack 2 gün önce
Pewdiepie vs T series 1:05
Brennen 2 gün önce
1:14 tony blocks a punch from the mad titan with little or no assistance from his suit
Đr.Ćheva 2 gün önce
What I like in Thanos is that he respect his Enemies The one who Worth it
DJ Miguel
DJ Miguel 2 gün önce
Its just a freakin MOVIE!!!. . . . .Dumbasses!!!
Asid Gamer
Asid Gamer 2 gün önce
Thanos: you have my respect Stark But when I’m done not half of humanity will still be alive I hope they remember u Iron man: OH YOU SHUT UP BEFORE I SLAP YOU ACROSS YO FACE U LITTLE 🍇
Asid Gamer
Asid Gamer 2 gün önce
Thank god iron man put his helm on before thanos punched him Or He Would Be In The Hospital For Like 9 Weeks
Asid Gamer
Asid Gamer 2 gün önce
Thanos: Stark Stark: You know me Thanos: I saw you on roblox and your account was starkwillrescuedeworld
lilmario0 2 gün önce
Makes Thanos bleed but was beaten by Captain America.
Sanyal Ahmed
Sanyal Ahmed 2 gün önce
Omg 62 million views impossible
Reid Pattis
Reid Pattis 2 gün önce
I just realized that Tony is the only person to make Thanos bleed.
Аарон 007
Аарон 007 2 gün önce
Диз за длинную рекламу
ZS1999 2 gün önce
0:20 Still can't tell if that "Come on!" is a "Bring it!" or an "Oh, for God's sake!"
Jay 2 gün önce
Why is Thanos so fkn strong?
Thanos 15 saatler önce
Genetic mutation
Notso normal
Notso normal 2 gün önce
All that for a drop of grape juice
Cooper Lane
Cooper Lane 2 gün önce
What a great fight... what bothers me is I feel that Tony would never have tried to fight Thanos again with the same armor as he did in Endgame. I mean, he had 5 years. I would expect a suit designed for beating Thanos to be created in that time.
Pawan Sapkota
Pawan Sapkota 2 gün önce
0:05 0:09 beards are different.
Yaseen Malik
Yaseen Malik 2 gün önce
Ironman on fire 😜😜😝😝
George w Bush
George w Bush 2 gün önce
"You know me" -tony "Well yeah I watch the avengers movie on blue ray" -thanos
sumbitch3rdgen 2 gün önce
0:01 imagine that Iron Man's utility arsenal actually contains a projectile box that serves no other purpose but to prevent Hulk-sized humanoids from closing their fist
GNTRY 2 gün önce
Earths mightiest hero vs The Universes Greatest Threat
Kristofferson Gaming
Batman: " Tell me do you bleed?" Thanos: " Why dont we find out."
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 2 gün önce
Even a God-King can bleed
Hema Mandaliya
Hema Mandaliya 2 gün önce
0:46 Imagine if Thanos said "My turn"
Dark Warrior
Dark Warrior 2 gün önce
When stark cuts thanos his blood is red but later on when thor puts axe in his chest it's purple?? 🤔
Thanos 2 gün önce
Two different planets and different atmospheres
How long it's been? ?
0:46 a straight punch mixed with friction on thanos' face with a nano club Physical recovery: a few seconds for someone like thanos Physiological recovery: Never
Leigh McDonald
Leigh McDonald 3 gün önce
Keano K
Keano K 3 gün önce
Fucking captain America should died!!
Minechaîne Antoinecraft
How hates Iron Man and is for Thanos ?
Ancy Saji
Ancy Saji 3 gün önce
I love iron man
Ogusan Uzun
Ogusan Uzun 3 gün önce
Masato Gamer
Masato Gamer 3 gün önce
Thanos: Stark Stark: You know me Thanos: I do I follow you on Instagram!
KRRISH EDITZ 3 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-T6cHJzNq-0M.html Ironman
Nas Alonso
Nas Alonso 3 gün önce
Who else think the CGI in the MCU looks real?
J C e r e g a l
J C e r e g a l 3 gün önce
Infinity war : Tony Vs Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet End Game : Steve Vs Thanos with Blade/Sword (whatever the name of weapon😅 ) Who has the best fight scene? The one who make thanos bleed.? Or the one who make a scratch to Thanos.?
L4sAgna 4443
L4sAgna 4443 3 gün önce
Tbh I think infinity war was better than endgame
martin knott
martin knott Gün önce
Completely agree. Infinity war was better film but end game had better moments.
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