Irish People Try Weird Whiskey Mixes

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MERCH MADNESS: TRY.media/Merch - Irish People Try Whiskey with...pickle juice?! Oh no...
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We all love whiskey - have we mentioned that? Who doesn't! So to mix things up, we decided to get a variety of drinks to mix up with whiskey, and see how 'weird' each of our Irish People thought these concotions we were...
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Lolsy Byrne: TRY.Media/Lolsy
Shannon Keenan: TRY.Media/Shannon
Donal Sharpson: TRY.Media/Donal
Brian Gallagher: TRY.Media/Brian
Ciara O'Doherty: TRY.Media/Ciara

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18 Mar 2019

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Someone Random
Someone Random Gün önce
i NEED ciara with leather jacket guy together in a drinking video
Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts Gün önce
Shannon is freaking hilarious.
boodecarlo Gün önce
-Won't get to mad if you bang his wife Hahaha
antony kulik
antony kulik 2 gün önce
Ciara is a hot chic with the soul of a rugby player......she’s fucking hot ...and I’m gay....lol
SvenTviking 2 gün önce
Whiskey in coffee is not weird. Rum in coffee is even better. Irish coffee was not invented in a town, it was invented in Shannon airport.
Slayer Vla
Slayer Vla 3 gün önce
Here in mizoram india we really like whisky with beer😂
Issac Newton
Issac Newton 4 gün önce
Fucking fuck fuck! lol!
AMerican Exotics
AMerican Exotics 4 gün önce
Sorry Irish people a Whiskey in beer is Known as a Boilermaker and its a good one
taylor hood
taylor hood 5 gün önce
Ciara is my ideal wife lol if I was gunna die of alcohol poisoning I'd want it to be drinking with her
Grey Shard
Grey Shard 5 gün önce
Ciara making a comment about low tolerance is like the sun saying it's a bit chilly in here, can someone turn up the thermostat.
Paul Wagner
Paul Wagner 5 gün önce
Lolsy's drinking face.
Hawkwinter01 5 gün önce
I'm a simple man, I see Ciara, I click and like. 💖
Lost Cosmos
Lost Cosmos 7 gün önce
Donegal is where he's from.
Rich McLeer
Rich McLeer 7 gün önce
I had to look up "on a stag" A bachelor party
Жека Ибрагимов
Ciara looking extra ravishing today!
poohjayk 8 gün önce
Need more drinking and singing
we don't judge
we don't judge 8 gün önce
Ciara is like me, not an alcoholic, just a high tolerance to alcohol.
Michael Minnick
Michael Minnick 8 gün önce
Funny, they ask who would drink whiskey mixed with beer. In America we call those boilermakers and they are quite popular. The last one they tried we call a pickleback, it's very popular here in Texas.
Michael Law
Michael Law 9 gün önce
Internet: "Ciara, you're an alcoholic" Ciara: "I prefer the term 'empty bottle collector' thank you"
N A V 9 gün önce
No One: Literally not even a single soul: IRISH: *FOCKING FOCK FOCK*
Reverend Pain Hernandez
Here in Austin Texas, we shoot the whiskey and have a pickle back ( mini shot of pickle juice) as the chaser. Love it.
Smag 9 gün önce
So were all the drink mixes added to Bushmills?
Marcel Jeannin II
Marcel Jeannin II 10 gün önce
this was awesome!
Marko Thompson
Marko Thompson 11 gün önce
Ciara is my wife😍😍
Annie Ramsaran
Annie Ramsaran 12 gün önce
Shannon is so funny an hillarous
alrestauro 12 gün önce
Ciara is one sexy alcoholic!
Buck Futtler
Buck Futtler 13 gün önce
Alcohol Trys should just be LJG and Ciara.....
Daniel Hamilton
Daniel Hamilton 13 gün önce
I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!! FANTASTIC Video...huge fan
Thomas Gorski
Thomas Gorski 13 gün önce
You did pickle back all WRONG!!!!
danmanryan17 14 gün önce
5:11 is the only time in my life that i've heard scallywagg said to someone outside of a pirate movie
tm eafd
tm eafd 14 gün önce
ciara does have a point an alky gets drunk real fast
Omar Correa
Omar Correa 14 gün önce
Your supposed to chase the whiskey with the pickle juice. That's how we do it in Texas
Carlos Menendez
Carlos Menendez 14 gün önce
Lolsys reactions to Donals jokes is awesome! But he hates burping sounds. Lol so it's a bad pairing
Uldihaa 15 gün önce
You know they had to have been generous with the whiskey in those Irish coffees to get a 'wooo' out of Ciara.
Rachel Lambert
Rachel Lambert 15 gün önce
Foynes! to Brian... i Googled it.
John S
John S 15 gün önce
Feel like turning the first 7 seconds of this into a ringtone.
Terrath 15 gün önce
Jameson shots and follow it with a shot of pickle juice is amazing. Together though? Nah
Dan Bruno
Dan Bruno 15 gün önce
Try beer with champagne 🔥🔥
Gomer Pyle
Gomer Pyle 15 gün önce
from Canada. Bushmills is awesome!
CciIcCo 15 gün önce
I fell in love with Ciara she is so beautiful
Jabril Anderson
Jabril Anderson 16 gün önce
Supposed to use the pickle juice as a backer not mixed in with the whiskey Trust it’s way better
Carlos Acevedo
Carlos Acevedo 16 gün önce
Ciara: Im not an alcoholic. Also Ciara: WHISKEY IS THE KEY FOR ME TO ENJOY BEER!
Patrick McCloskey
Patrick McCloskey 17 gün önce
Lager and whiskey is a " boilermaker". Been around for centuries.
JS M 17 gün önce
My "go to': Jack and pineapple
Joseph Threefingers
Joseph Threefingers 19 gün önce
Ciara, I'm such a fan, yes I hate the beer too. Only way I can drink that broken water is chasing it with the hard stuff.... I'm pretty sure I need help.
Gyde Oneal
Gyde Oneal 19 gün önce
In America we call beer and lager a Boiler Maker and it's served with Budweiser
Brooke Harmon
Brooke Harmon 19 gün önce
Is the whiskey and coffee what an alcoholic drinks in the morning?
maddogtannen69 19 gün önce
lol Ciara
Kim Hunt
Kim Hunt 19 gün önce
Ciara is beautiful!
quavo hoe310
quavo hoe310 20 gün önce
I need drinking buddies like these
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