iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 - Which Should You Choose?

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iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have some differences, but also have a lot more similarities than you might think. I help you decide if iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 is the right choice for you. I compare the price, the display, compare the camera and much more.

iPhone 11 - amzn.to/34GJbmc
iPhone 12 - amzn.to/35OQSpY
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Wireless Charger I use - amzn.to/30s7K2F

***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:20 - Price
00:57 - Colors
01:26 - Build and Materials
03:55 - Size comparison
04:09 - Weight
04:24 - Displays
05:29 - Brightness
05:52 - 4K TRvid videos
06:54 -PWM
07:39 - Speakers
08:41 - Battery life
09:59 - Fast Charging and MagSafe
11:25 - Face ID
11:40 - Speed comparison
13:20 - Exporting 4K video
15:32 - Camera specs
17:18 - Camera comparison
18:52 - 5G vs 4G
20:49 - Intel modem vs qualcomm modem
21:08 - WiFi and Bluetooth
21:24 - IP Rating and water resistance
21:55 - Size comparison with iPhone 11 pro max
22:31 - Which iPhone should you choose?
23:27 - How long will iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 get updates?
23:58 - Wallpaper
24:12 - Outro
24:32 - End

Gear I use:
📷 CAMERA: bhpho.to/3idRl9u
🎤 Microphone - amzn.to/2JYatZl
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MS Rajput
MS Rajput 8 saatler önce
Are these mini iphones??????? 😶😶
Lil Scooby
Lil Scooby Gün önce
wtf happened to the iphone 11 at 18:02 ???? camera just didnt work or something?
J. Dinesh
J. Dinesh 3 gün önce
Both are best but i bought iphone 11 pro max
Charlie Xox
Charlie Xox 6 gün önce
Why is insta look like that
Brooklyn Nicole
Brooklyn Nicole 6 gün önce
I’m on my XR and the battery only lasts an hour I’ve had it for almost 4 1/2 years. I feel like the 11 seems better honestly but we know it will die soon due to apple’s updates 😂 I don’t know what one to pick. I was almost thinking of an iPhone 11 Pro Max but I can’t find them anywhere! I like that the 11 is a little bigger but the 12 will last longer
Dill 5 gün önce
AT&T has some 11 pro maxs on their website but they may be locked if you don’t have them. I think the 11 could survive a little longer since it has a larger batter capacity and they still sell it on apples store but who knows
Tristin471 7 gün önce
I'm tempted to buy a 13, but the 499 price of the 11 is great. I wish the 11 would deliver before after Thanksgiving from Apple. Tempted to buy refurbished!
Victor Mumo
Victor Mumo 7 gün önce
Very comprehensive review!
Satvik lahiry
Satvik lahiry 8 gün önce
Iphone 12 also comes in purple colour. You ought not to elaborate half- analysed things.
NagaSai Lanka
NagaSai Lanka 9 gün önce
Dear, Which mobile has good Signal reception strength?? 11 or 12 or other iphone??
Mihajlo Matković
Mihajlo Matković 9 gün önce
I really want to hold off on the 11 because of the horrible screen, but the 12 is so much more expensive 😫
Sammi Jacobs
Sammi Jacobs 9 gün önce
Upgrading from a 7+ to an iPhone 11. I’m excited! iPhone 13 launch allowed me to afford the 11😂
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia 5 gün önce
How’s it going do you like it ?
4cats2008 10 gün önce
Thank you! Old lady here needing to upgrade my 6s & was thinking of the 12 but that flickering screen has me concerned as I sometimes get eye strain headaches (psychedelic light) when online so flickering might bring more issues to me.
Estelle Melodi Mitchell
Thanks for the detailed review. It’s amazing how Apple could improve on the quality of photos taken from iPhones with just a year difference in technology
salma mokhtar
salma mokhtar 11 gün önce
y'all arguing about your phone when I'm here stuck with my Samsung galaxy grand prime plus 👽😭but I know I have to be grateful I still have it
mike larry
mike larry 11 gün önce
Still reppin the 6😩 12 I shall go
Raj Bala
Raj Bala 11 gün önce
I would still go for iphone 11 in 2023.. Given I'm Android user and not experienced iOS yet.
emily fudge
emily fudge 12 gün önce
2:21 won’t this not happen if you put a case on it?
Jessica Hernandez
Jessica Hernandez 15 gün önce
I just bought the iphone 11 for my 13 year old son that's good for him
Cloudy_.devonx. 16 gün önce
My cuzin getting my by the end of these 2 months
teresa mack
teresa mack 16 gün önce
Hi do you know if Iphone 11 case will fit Iphone12?
Klodi Mecollari
Klodi Mecollari 17 gün önce
leke ipon
Inês Frazão
Inês Frazão 17 gün önce
I finally managed to make my final decision to buy the i phone 11.
Jackle Smithda3rd
Jackle Smithda3rd 17 gün önce
Basically the same phones
Techno Guru
Techno Guru 17 gün önce
Iphone 11 camera much better than 12
Bosnian Boy
Bosnian Boy 18 gün önce
I still have 5S, works fine never updated and thinking shoud I get Iphone 11 or still wait? Money is not the problem just feel not worth it to pay $500-$600 for the phone.
Campton Seymore
Campton Seymore 18 gün önce
I have the 12 pro
Ali Zafar
Ali Zafar 18 gün önce
My bank account : why are you watching this ? 😌
indrani bam
indrani bam 19 gün önce
Finally getting iPhone 12 my first iPhone...I could afford only after getting a job...thank you God😊
Leviathan 19 gün önce
On that iPhone 13 pro
Sarvesh Bhutada
Sarvesh Bhutada 19 gün önce
Liked it bro
ahmed zaki
ahmed zaki 19 gün önce
This is a really well done,scripted and produced comparison ! It covered everything i've ben thinkin about and alot of stuff i didn't consider .. I have to thank you for this comparison! It is my first time pumping into your channel and you earned my subscription man man.. Keep it up please
Ashok Talpada
Ashok Talpada 20 gün önce
Iphone 11 128gb or iphone 12 64gb ??
Manohar 20 gün önce
Guys, I am about to switch from android to ios. Could anyone suggest me whether to choose 11 or 12. I am totally confused. As I wont much depend on playing games but I do watch videos. So which one to opt ?
zollotech 20 gün önce
iPhone 12 has a much nicer OLED display so I would go for that
Tree Darwynn
Tree Darwynn 21 gün önce
I really appreciate the thoroughness of your review. Thanks so much!
Pakgamingz 21 gün önce
I feel like the 12 because I'm usually outside so the 5G will really help
Sl Mm
Sl Mm 22 gün önce
Why so bothered with negligible little differences? Nothing better to think about?
Sl Mm
Sl Mm 22 gün önce
Apple sucks blood and becomes richer still?
Alan Williams
Alan Williams 22 gün önce
Great review, straight to the point thank you 😊
Rxmus Brz
Rxmus Brz 23 gün önce
Bro has iphone 12 but old insta😂😂
sumanta hait
sumanta hait 24 gün önce
I choose Samsung
magicks25 25 gün önce
Iphone 12 is far more superior
Anas Shahmi
Anas Shahmi 25 gün önce
Help me decide pls, iphone 12 with 64gb or iphone 11 with 128gb
Pratik Bhivandkar
Pratik Bhivandkar 26 gün önce
Which one should i choose in fall of 2021?
Arium 26 gün önce
I went to no phone to an iphone 12 mini.
CraftyEquestrian 26 gün önce
i love this guy, he cuts straight to the video and moves through quickly and easily. thank you, i’ll be getting a 12 after this video :)
Morgan Saying
Morgan Saying Aylar önce
iphone 11 wins
ItzDougie 24 gün önce
googlemoogle888 Aylar önce
Fat Fingers, too much fat.....
Ezekiel Lara ASMR
Ezekiel Lara ASMR Aylar önce
Choose 12 😍
Sunny A
Sunny A Aylar önce
iPhone 13 launched. Time to get the 7.
Shena Aylar önce
iPhone 13 is here. Now the price gap can justify getting the 12!
Ishmael C
Ishmael C Aylar önce
Its the same design 😡
apple owner
apple owner Aylar önce
i chose the iphone 12 pro max ! i love it it is such a cool iphone!
falisha gomez
falisha gomez Aylar önce
I’ve always been a Samsung Girl! Well, I decided to see what all the hype was and got the iPhone 12 and I have to say, this phone is amazing! I absolutely love it!
H Aylar önce
Hope you'll hit 1 mil when you release the comparison to the 13 mate
Cam Par
Cam Par Aylar önce
I checked the display in person side by side, I really didn’t see a drastic difference
João Tiago Abreu
João Tiago Abreu Aylar önce
Your screen is scracht because you touched it with the iPhone 11 cameras
jp Atienza
jp Atienza Aylar önce
Cant wait for iphone 20 so i can afford those two hahah
onvalip987 {:
onvalip987 {: Aylar önce
The square bezel on the 12 does it for me. Because of this I will grab the 12
meraki Zeey
meraki Zeey Aylar önce
is that an old version of instagram in iphone 12?
LamersTom Aylar önce
Thanks for the video. I made my decision thanks to you! Greetings from the Netherlands
Islyan Duran
Islyan Duran Aylar önce
Who is waiting for iphone 13 in 2 days to buy iphone 13 mini
Ms Sheila
Ms Sheila Aylar önce
I still think xr is better deal.. been using it for almost 3 years now basically the same as 11.. just without second camera on the back.. watching this since the eager to get a new 12 LOL 😂 maybe should wait 13 out to get it in cheaper price.
Jaikob Traverse
Jaikob Traverse Aylar önce
I have the 11 and the 12 I can say that the 11 works alot better then the 12
Garrett S
Garrett S Aylar önce
I'm upgrading from a Walmart android to a 12 😎😎😎
Korusaki Ichigo
Korusaki Ichigo Aylar önce
Thank you
Ayuob Mohammed
Ayuob Mohammed Aylar önce
I ll wait for 13 to be released then I ll go for 12
Adam Porteous
Adam Porteous Aylar önce
I chose the iPhone 12, never had an iPhone before, always had sony android. not yet set up or using yet, got 128GB one in blue
Mohib Bashir Gamer
Mohib Bashir Gamer Aylar önce
I chose iphone 12
Greg R
Greg R Aylar önce
iPhone 12 squared off edges are stainless steel not straight aluminum
Elina Jeon
Elina Jeon Aylar önce
I went from iPhone 7 to 11 and I think I will keep the 11 one year and half then I’ll buy the iPhone 13
Lonnie Spears
Lonnie Spears Aylar önce
12 is better...
Liam Gregory
Liam Gregory Aylar önce
Me with my 6s wishing I had the 12 lol
Xinji ML
Xinji ML Aylar önce
im using iphone 5 like 12 mini
DevineGamingTV Aylar önce
And there is me sitting here with an iPhone 4 trying to justify an upgrade to either of these. I guess the iPhone 4 has some powerfull affectionate value at this point.
tevendran karunamurthy
I’m still using iPhone 6 but the only problem Gps doesn’t work 😔
Rebecca Spencer
Rebecca Spencer Aylar önce
Hi, please could you put together a list of the iphone screens that don't flicker - would be so useful!
Sterben Aylar önce
0:02 already bought the iPhone 12 I'm just wasting some time
Jordon Reimer
Jordon Reimer Aylar önce
Still stuck with my first gen SE.
eddie s
eddie s Aylar önce
wait I need y’all opinions I’m thinking in getting the 11 just for little bit till I have enough to afford the 13?
Sun Kara
Sun Kara Aylar önce
I got the 11, got a coworker said the 12 suck Iol I might buy another 11 just for the hell of it lol
Iamnivvan _
Iamnivvan _ Aylar önce
iPhone 11 batteries better capacity then iPhone 12
Pandri Muhammad
Pandri Muhammad Aylar önce
Bapak nontonya kayak asli gitu gak
who else saw the og instagram logo on the 12
Amedu Solomon11
Amedu Solomon11 Aylar önce
What if you all donate 2$ to my cashapp to afford my iPhone 11 😪😔
Red isSus
Red isSus Aylar önce
I got the 11 months ago and seriously it was a good decision. Phone is performing well even after a year! I can skip 12. I might only upgrade to 14
The Subfriendz
The Subfriendz Aylar önce
Spiritual warfare
Spiritual warfare Aylar önce
Iphone 12 is actually iphone 11 with 5g and cheaper battery
Eduard Wynants
Eduard Wynants Aylar önce
what bright light came up the idea for glass back
Amr Aylar önce
Bruh what’s the deal with that flickering thing ? you just ruined my day 🤥
Arvin Casupanan
Arvin Casupanan Aylar önce
im using galaxy s9 with broken power button lol, I want to have that iphone 11 😍
Worldofoutlaw 111
Worldofoutlaw 111 Aylar önce
My friend with an iPhone XR: hey mom, can I get a new phone, mines outdated Me: just chillin with my iPhone 6s
Crisdale Olpot
Crisdale Olpot Aylar önce
Cries in cracked iphone6s+😭
Mirna Malti
Mirna Malti Aylar önce
Same bestie
Alex Roblox
Alex Roblox Aylar önce
nando rodas
nando rodas Aylar önce
Great deal👍 Verizon has I got my iphone 11 for free but only 64G.
Jannis Drosos
Jannis Drosos Aylar önce
steven postlethwaite
On my iPhone 12, on normal 4g speed I got at a high 43mbps, on 5g I got 45 mbps at its highest. So is 5g really worth it?
Hxmza Aylar önce
I mean depends on ur location and mobile network and country as well
War Daddy
War Daddy Aylar önce
I mean idk what that is but I’m guessing not
Janine Tunacao
Janine Tunacao Aylar önce
I changed from android to iPhone 12 (My 1st iPhone btw) and I can say I regret it. iPhone is so basic and there's not much you can do aside from it has a very good camera (still limited functions tho). There's so much you can do with android (triple screens, camera detectors, camera translators, themes, etc) and I felt like I've downgraded a phone instead of upgrading. Sigh! Well, I will just stick with it. Hopefully, it will last 5 years or so like my previous android phones.
Steve Flagg
Steve Flagg Aylar önce
picked up the 11 128 gig for less than the 12 64 gig, and i am coming from 20 years of android, the 11 seems like a good phone not to bad on transition either.
Kyeo Aylar önce
i got that iphone 7 😩
SAMUEL Aylar önce
nice video
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