Investigating the "influencer to pop star" pipeline

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26 May 2021




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Tayah Price
Tayah Price Yıl önce
“While Kylie Jenner hasn’t released any music i think the THREAT is always there” LMFAO PLEASE
Avery Hafliger
Avery Hafliger 5 aylar önce
m_agg0t 7 aylar önce
@Karen Macalanda pop police station on a phone called people and the police put their hands in their car for their work on a new phone call from a new person and then a phone called for the first one on their people put in ppppoppppppppp pop
V H 7 aylar önce
@k a y l e e this is a complete lie lmao. Terror Jr is a legitimate band and the lead singers name is Lisa Vitale. 💀
Sara Sacco
Sara Sacco 9 aylar önce
Xci xc. CD. I ,..
Adanac Tnomew
Adanac Tnomew 10 aylar önce
Jessie J is threatening to release a new album
Lilly_Colton_864 Yıl önce
“jeffery star is like youtube voldemort” is the best commentary i’ve consumed on this app
Omar Castillo
Omar Castillo Aylar önce
Claudia Lee
Claudia Lee 5 aylar önce
fatmah alsarraf
fatmah alsarraf 8 aylar önce
he who shall not be named
nadeen naqaweh
nadeen naqaweh 11 aylar önce
tomfery riddlestar
Katherine Robbo
Katherine Robbo Yıl önce
It would be interesting to contrast this with the 'influencer to author' pipeline that was popular a few years ago. Much like record labels, the biggest thing a lot of publishers now look for is social media followings to port over into a new literature (if you can call it that) format. However, I think that unlike with the move from social media to music (which are both visual online formats), the drastic change in medium from social media to book (unless coming from a blog) is a more obvious financially motivated decision that isn't as easily sold to their audiences, which might be why this method of transition between mediums doesn't seem to be as common now. Mind you, a lot of them were still very popular. I guess you could argue is that its because books are a 'dying medium' but I think book sales would challenge this idea, though of course music has much more market value currently.
I'm Just A Girl
I'm Just A Girl Aylar önce
perhaps not what you’re looking for, but drew gooden did do a video on youtubers who made books and i think it was good
Edgar Allen Hoe
Edgar Allen Hoe 8 aylar önce
@Linda F oh I thought this was about lindsay ellis and xiran jay zhao
Linda F
Linda F 11 aylar önce
It would be kinda cute if they could write anything that's not a memoir
Placeholder Yıl önce
There’s also the fact that most social-media influencers are probably not well-equipped to write a book. With music, a producer can just make a very easy-to-sing song and it could pass even with bad vocals. People will still accept “X” influencer as the artist of the song, because they sang in it. With books, however, people will be less likely to accept the influencer as the writer of the book if they hired ghostwriters. You can weasel your way into claiming a song, but not so much claiming a book.
Katherine Robbo
Katherine Robbo Yıl önce
I guess it could also be the perception that books aren't as popular with those social media audiences or perhaps because you can't release them as prolifically as music? Idk but could be an interesting comparison to think about!
brookeebee Yıl önce
comparing bella poarch to dixie was actually genius, if whoever was behind dixie's debut would have tried a bit harder I think things would have gone over much better if they didn't try and rush and exploit her popularity
Rochelle David
Rochelle David Yıl önce
i still remember the day that troye sivan announced his first ep on youtube. and the day he announced he would be pivoting to music. i thought the world ended. then blue neighbourhood came out and i was like wow. you are the vision, the blueprint
Hannah 2 aylar önce
Troye Sivan is such a great example of when this pipeline pays off because blue neighborhood was a great album
Rochelle David
Rochelle David Yıl önce
MAGCON oh my god
john's banana choked me. help
Mike using Red Velvet's Dumb Dumb on his intro screams _TASTE AND INTELLECTUALITY._
Tiger Lily Smith
Tiger Lily Smith 20 gün önce
@ayjfr88 100% u r so right
ayjfr88 4 aylar önce
@obseo it's an NCTzen thing to always be at the crime scene
marina69 9 aylar önce
yessss 🙌🏻
Mhm 9 aylar önce
We stan the cake girls.
lexi michelle
lexi michelle Yıl önce
Joana Sofia
Joana Sofia 4 aylar önce
bestie how could you NOT talk about the gabbie hanna case study 😭 miss gabbie was an og vine girlie who migrated to youtube, created an audience, pursued music, did videoclips, had a bajillion dramas and breakdowns with people in youtube, instagram, the music industry AND then burned it all to the ground and blamed the social platforms for blacklisting her music (….. it was just a flop) she would’ve been perfect for this video
Bronny Yıl önce
The fact that I found Troye and Conan when they were super small youtubers makes me so proud bc I just love seeing my besties flourish
Shelly Yıl önce
I don’t get how they all claim they’ve always wanted to be a singer when their content goes from a vlog to a hit pop single out of nowhere
rayne k
rayne k 8 aylar önce
@ifthiswaswiftie because it's super difficult to get (also like, record deals are shit but that's neither here nor there) one? like.
Kitty Coutourxxx
Kitty Coutourxxx Yıl önce
They wanted to be a singer but they couldn’t pursue it until they had the opportunity that fame gave them.
Dan Doodads
Dan Doodads Yıl önce
shane with the make up fiasco lmaooo
VGC Yıl önce
@ifthiswaswiftie and they don't even upload anything to do with singing before they upload their first single
ifthiswaswiftie Yıl önce
ikr! if they have always been wanting to be a singer then why not getting a record deal in the 1st place? lol
Imani Manuellah
Imani Manuellah Yıl önce
I will never be able to put into words how the era of TRvid diss tracks traumatised me 😩✋🏾
PrincessBoyParts 6 aylar önce
Look, we lived in those trenches, and we deserve PEACE AT THIS POINT There are a few things that will give me immediate panic attacks; yt disstracks, 2014 tumblr (holy shit that was a moment), fanfiction ~2008, Shame Dawson (it autocorrected this and honestly no lies), and me having several anxiety disorders
Hailey-Rose Vintora
2016-2017 Was Literally The Worst Era Of TRvid
lea Yıl önce
I would only allow you or mike to make these kinds of videos
Dominique Harris
Dominique Harris Yıl önce
Yeah that is something I wish I could have avoided but apparently england is my city 😂
nk Yıl önce
@alwaysgruvy i unfortunately still have ryan higa's roast yourself memorised
amyisaway Yıl önce
"i'm biased because that's what i do, but don't get it twisted, i also hate this website" me at work
Sam Serna
Sam Serna Yıl önce
The 'big brain I have a masters degree AAAND I'm well versed in pop culture' anthropological analysis is palpable. One thing I love about Mike is how funny he is while being critical and real.
Kelk Jeffery
Kelk Jeffery Yıl önce
It actually makes me so upset the way that we as a society have turned "influencer" into a job title
Remi B
Remi B Yıl önce
conan gray really posted a video titled “studio vlog (last video for a bit)” and then NEVER looked back. kinda insane how quickly he evolved from youtuber to singer.
Kai 5 aylar önce
it's bc Conan is actually very talented his calm voice and lyricism
Ina Yıl önce
Not Troye Sivan being 25 as well. All he's lacking is a master's degree in mechanical engineering to become Mike
nolan 7 aylar önce
@Jake Jan Cook this is like being surprised troye Sivan made music
Adanac Tnomew
Adanac Tnomew 9 aylar önce
@Jake Jan Cook How is this news luv you haven't been paying attention in class
Jake Jan Cook
Jake Jan Cook 9 aylar önce
MIKES MIC HAS A MASTERS DEGREE IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING?! What in the Cis Straight Man energy is happening here
Adanac Tnomew
Adanac Tnomew 10 aylar önce
A most embarrassing moment in his career
Allison Yıl önce
22:00 I think the negative connotation behind being an industry plant comes from said industry plant going on talk shows, interviews, posting online, etc. about how they made it from the bottom, or that they had such a struggle, when really they got where they are from a big label and/or connections within the industry. It's the fake-ness that turns people away.
Jasmine Matos
Jasmine Matos Yıl önce
“if the music hits, it hits” in love with this man’s quotes. every. damn, video!!!
Roman Parker
Roman Parker Yıl önce
loved hearing your thoughts on such a complex topic in a longer format!! i'm a sucker for video essays in the first place, but i was surprised by how concise and charismatic you were for the whole runtime, which can be difficult for creators who are used to making short form content, awesome job mike!!!
kiri martin
kiri martin 11 aylar önce
conan and troye are easily some of my favorite artists. i think it's because of their history as "influencers" that makes them appeal to me. i can connect to them a lot more in the sense that i feel like i know their personalities on a stronger level than i would other artists (especially conan). plus their music just bangs and you can tell they love what they do and they always had that passion for music which makes me love them even more. it's the kind of thing where i would support them even if i didn't really like their music anymore because i know they're living out their dreams and they are getting the success they deserve. they have distinguished themselves so strongly in the music industry that sometimes i forget they were even youtube creators and when i watch their content, it seems like i'm watching a completely different person's content. i'm gonna shut the hell up now i could talk about this topic and these artists forever goodbye
Khensani Mohlatlole
Fun fact: Whitney Houston produced the Cheetah Girls 1 and 2 (the only ones we recognize) along with both Princess Diaries movies and the Cinderella she did with Brandy so the CGCU is actually the Whitney Houston Cinematic Universe
Dominique Harris
Dominique Harris Yıl önce
No wonder why I love those two movies
Khensani Mohlatlole
@Mike's Mic can’t wait bestie!
Mike's Mic
Mike's Mic Yıl önce
omg this is giving me ideas 👀
Lyrcheylap Yıl önce
I love this
Nunu1293 Yıl önce
Hold on wait a minutE WHAAAAAT
4RB0R35C3R3 Yıl önce
now lets talk about the “drag queen to pop star” pipeline and pre-save God Save This Queen by Bimini Bon Boulash
4RB0R35C3R3 Yıl önce
@ziggy woah thats so cool!!
ziggy Yıl önce
hey, not what you were talking about but in Brazil, most of the famous artists in the pop category rn are drag queens! Like pabllo vittar, gloria groove, lia clark and others, I just though it would be nice to mention lol
I'llEatThat Yıl önce
@n its a bop
Monroe !!
Monroe !! Yıl önce
@n AND her blister in the sun cover? Revolutionary
Penny Xenochristou
@n brb tattooin that rn
tia Yıl önce
“I don’t like Jeffrey Star... he’s like TRvid Voldemort”
liam's music
liam's music Yıl önce
Build a bitch really caught me by surprise, I don't have tiktok but obviously her facial expression videos went everywhere so I had an idea as to who Bella was but wow what a great debut single and the video is insane
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller Yıl önce
First time seeing your channel and gotta say that was pretty damned good. Also surprised no mention of Rebecca Black when talking about money to make an attempt to be famous. Friday was a great example of money behind a song that turned into a meme but still managed to get itself on top charts in North America for its meme-ness
Grey Poupon
Grey Poupon 11 aylar önce
rebecca blacks case is so fascinating to me because friday was a birthday present from her parents which went mega viral (if you go back to youtubes earlier days there are a bunch of rich kids with music video birthday presents) now however, she is an actual singer and releases actually good songs , her case is so unique and fascinating to me lol
Lauren Yıl önce
Suprised Joji wasn’t mentioned. His whole TRvid mess deserves some analysis for its utter insanity and how that hindered but also drove his commercial success
Teal Leavitt
Teal Leavitt Yıl önce
@Mike's Mic you forgor 💀
Billie Yıl önce
@cat girl unrelated, I love your username :D
wantedu Yıl önce
carrotcake2904 Yıl önce
i am in such a joji phase rn
Ambrose UFO
Ambrose UFO Yıl önce
@cat girl it makes sense to me. People knew about Shane’s videos, but only started hating him because it became a trend. No one really cares, unless it becomes trendy to care
reagan smith
reagan smith Aylar önce
omg i never expected you to talk about tmg. worlds colliding
Renee Yıl önce
This was actually really fun and informative, I love examining 2000s trends and how they've shifted into the 2010s.
Marisa Yıl önce
I love the amount of research and effort he put into this, Michaels Microphone doing the most and we are here for it
LYNETTE Yıl önce
Knowing that TMG was signed by a label, I can say that the songs they make are real songs. They give off a lot of Lonely Island vibes and that their songs are topical, humorous and sometimes meme driven but at its core has very good production and writing involved. Their fans are happy/entertained but at the same time, anyone who has never seen or heard any of Cody Ko and Noel Miller ‘s content, can enjoy the music.
Aki Yıl önce
"there could only be one brown-haired Australian youtuber that used to live in Perth and now lives in Melbourne" - I have been WAITING for Mike to reference Troye at some point in his videos. I've always thought that they're like alternate universe versions of each other
Kitty Coutourxxx
Kitty Coutourxxx Yıl önce
Mike could release music but Troye could NEVER analyze the entire PLL universe in a 7 hour season
Jen Yıl önce
I AGREE. Troyes just missing the masters degree
Laur-un (stage name, actually called Faith)
@Bronny where lmao
Laur-un (stage name, actually called Faith)
Troye will never be as funny as Mike, not even in an alternate universe
Kitty Coutourxxx
Kitty Coutourxxx Yıl önce
@banana guard you forgot the single “computer”
Giovana Figueiredo
"people really underestimate just how difficult it is to get on the chart at all, let alone get into the top 10, let alone debut in the top 10" miss olivia rodrigo is GIGGLING 🤭🤭
moonjunes Yıl önce
the algorithm finally did something right cos this was informative and you're hilarious! new subscriber.
WarmZZy Yıl önce
In the late 90s and early 2000s I think production companies did this by constantly auditioning and debuting pilots for reality shows. If a random contestant on a reality pilot gained a following they would get poached for a different reality show until you had all these people with individual “followings” in one house, competing to be the best investment for a production company. Then the most notable of those (whether or not they win the show they’re on) goes on to have a career in Being Famous
Dorarandom Yıl önce
Someone once called Mike "Mikeyla Michrophony" and now I can't stop thinking about it.
Peach Roma
Peach Roma Yıl önce
29 minutes of Mike? We don’t deserve this but we desperately needed it.
nora Yıl önce
@just med Brits and Australians use ‘xx’ and/or ‘xoxo’ in their messages and stuff. Apparently Americans do not.
Peach Roma
Peach Roma Yıl önce
@Beatrice TH I do but I like more structured content
Beatrice TH
Beatrice TH Yıl önce
Watch/ listen to his podcast! That’s like 50 mins of Mike a pot
just med
just med Yıl önce
@Mike's Mic why does it sound like a message from A from pll... thanks for watching bitches xoxo -A
• april •
• april • Yıl önce
the 999 likes is so satisfying
Kristen Moore
Kristen Moore Yıl önce
I feel like Troye shouldn’t count because when he started TRvid he was doing covers as well as his other content. He didn’t just pop into music
Kaylah Dann
Kaylah Dann 9 aylar önce
It’s also the same thing with Conan
Violet Holiday
Violet Holiday Yıl önce
I always thought of him as an Artist before youtuber even back when it was just like The Fault in our Stars and June Haverly
Pearl C
Pearl C Yıl önce
I thought he started with spud?
Thea Yıl önce
He fits because he didn’t actually get big doing covers. Even though he started with them, his (mostly young and female) audience came about due to the collabs, challenges, and other typical TRvid videos.
Komal Arya
Komal Arya Yıl önce
Yes exactly
Milky Yıl önce
The most outrageous thing said in this video was that Dixie D’Amelio sounds like a nice person
dennelicious101 Yıl önce
I love how you not even acknowledge Gabbie Hanna trying to make it mainstream
Cassandra M
Cassandra M Yıl önce
It should be illegal how someone can be so smart and so funny. Masters in Engineering is no joke. I knew as soon as I saw the ring. Huge props to you Michaels Microphone. Loved this long form video ❤️
ponk Yıl önce
the CAREFUL word choices when talking about the TikTok girlies cracked me up
David B
David B Yıl önce
It's giving very much "“Singing is a God given talent. Her thing is something different" Mariah level SHADE
SBH Yıl önce
"she seems like a nice person but if her career is going to be music something needs to shift" The extremely nice and long way to say singing isnt for you bestie SORRY
Braylin Yıl önce
Personality have a great impact in getting famous. For example, Cardi B become the star she is now by her loud personality. Although being attractive helps a lot to become famous or a singer as Bella, who main reason to get recognize was her beauty. In conlusion you can be talented but having a little boost like being relative, funny or just good looking really helps
Sakina Alia
Sakina Alia 11 aylar önce
Conan and Troye were influencers but they also posted covers and songs though so I don’t know if they apply here because they were musicians before being influencers so I’m glad you made the distinction about them and how their move into music felt authentic
aeschylus Yıl önce
i think this is a very interesting video. conan gray was really good pre-tik tok heather-days. Sunset Season was amazing, and I remember when he was still uploading covers. The tiktok influence pipeline i feel like ruins artists because they form into this specific mold, instead of something creative.
mckamy Yıl önce
I feel like KSI is an interesting example, because he started off just doing diss tracks as jokes and people saying he can't rap but now he's in the UK charts with some big artists and it seems like he actually wants to take music seriously now but I never seen that coming
mckamy Yıl önce
@Mandala Queen yeah his rapping/singing abilities definitely don't justify the success he has in the charts, I mean it's not his fault he's popular and has the opportunity to work with bigger artists I can't blame him for that, but compared to people like Troye Sivan it's hard to take him seriously and know if it's just another way for ksi to make money
Mandala Queen
Mandala Queen Yıl önce
It’s honestly annoying to me how many songs of his are in the charts 😂
Mandala Queen
Mandala Queen Yıl önce
The music is still really bad though, I think he’s an example of someone who has enough money to pay artists for features and get on playlists tbh, plus his fans are young and will listen whatever it sounds like
Very stupid
Very stupid Yıl önce
the way cody ko and noel miller started making joke music and still make joke music and yet it is better than most peoples actual songs
Kira DeA
Kira DeA Yıl önce
sophia slaps
ali Yıl önce
ahhh sofia is my favorite
ali Yıl önce
no i know they’re so good i listen to tmg all the time and noels solo music is really good
Namjoon‘s Unshaken Hand
Celestia🎶 Yıl önce
Akrasiels 8 aylar önce
First time commenter, long time listener here to just say your voice is so soothing. I listen to your content while I'm working and you make me feel so much less alone while experiencing so much isolation. Have a rad month! ✨️💕
Kylie Neeman-Brown
Really loved this! Would honestly be fascinated to see you break down artist career timelines in this format (Gaga, Nicki, Britney, etc)
Lala Land
Lala Land Yıl önce
"Stars Are Blind" has been in my head for the past few hours. I was 11 when it came out and critics were so damn mean. She doesn't even sound bad, at all.
Crowley Lan
Crowley Lan 3 aylar önce
"you're an influencer- brackets derogatory" putting tones in brackets is my literal favourite form of comedy, looooosing it
Imani Manuellah
Imani Manuellah Yıl önce
I REFUSE to even have the thought that Paris Hilton’s music is nothing but ICONIC 💅🏾
ifthiswaswiftie Yıl önce
and the fact that she only made music for fun
Grace C
Grace C Yıl önce
nothing in this world is ICONIC
dxxy Yıl önce
Nothing In This World is a fcking bop!
katie dykema
katie dykema Yıl önce
Stars Are Blind supremacy
M M Yıl önce
, cb
Sarah Barrera
Sarah Barrera 11 aylar önce
i LOVE that you mentioned Peach PRC, she’s amazing and i also never would have heard of her if it wasn’t for tiktok!!! she’s so talented
Kayvonne Ferguson
I very much love the longer video essays. It shows your personality really well and it makes you genuine and shows your humor. I also love watching your videos.
Josefina Cuerda
Josefina Cuerda Yıl önce
Peach prc and Lizzy McAlpine are really good examples of good musicians that found their platform in tiktok, they both have the personality and the talent
andohlea Yıl önce
Really enjoying your approach on delivery and editing…you are so very charming! This sounds like a read but I don’t deeply care or know about what you are talking about…that said I feel like I learn something new in each of your vids and find myself lulled into a calm sense of having gotten to catch up with a friend that always makes me laugh…you got a gift!!
ad Yıl önce
the way joji intergrading himself so deep into music nobody even mentions he was a youtuber
Kizzabell 3 aylar önce
@human garbage 7 years ago wasn't the dark ages lol
M M 3 aylar önce
@Lara this... cannot be true
TheLalalalani 4 aylar önce
@Retro Pokemon Depot well he's not a pop star
Silly Goose
Silly Goose 5 aylar önce
Whenever I think of Joji as a musician I think of that Politickz character he made "I'm a spiritual lyrical miracle, individual"
Moosedraw 8 aylar önce
The funniest part is I literally played joji music for my sister, and she was like omg wait I know this song it’s so good, and I mentioned “yea it’s filthy frank!” And she nearly lost her fucking mind ahahahaha
Qween Yıl önce
loved your video, I thought I was the only one cringing to the "influencer" thingy. To this day, still not really interested to any of these people but your video was really amazing
Manisha Singh
Manisha Singh Yıl önce
Hey Mike. I have had a really tough month, and haven't had a chance to watch a lot of TRvid. Watching this today on a Sunday and it feels nice and comfortable to listen to your video. Thanks from India!
James Acosta
James Acosta Yıl önce
loved this!! thanks for teaching me everything i need to know about pop culture that i missed being a sheltered christian child lmao
Emilie Plater
Emilie Plater Yıl önce
love mike for including the audience, replying “money” to him was the highlight of my day
Vera Besnard
Vera Besnard Yıl önce
14:18 "I don't give compliments easy" his entire era of free compliments at the beginning of every video is shaking
Eve Yıl önce
@Mike's Mic It was the only time I have ever felt joy Mike
•baekksong• Yıl önce
@Mike's Mic you're wrong
Kevin Soares
Kevin Soares Yıl önce
@Mike's Mic following L*sagnegate and Ap*rtmentgate, we're in your Reputation era sis
Nanditha Ravi
Nanditha Ravi Yıl önce
@Mike's Mic we deserved it 😤
A Murray
A Murray Yıl önce
@Mike's Mic you’re wrong 😡
JJ Hatch
JJ Hatch Yıl önce
stars are blind was such a crucial moment in the culture. unironically a great catchy pop song
Rachel B
Rachel B 9 aylar önce
I can’t believe I’ve only found your channel one week ago. It’s literally a blessing! You’re hilarious and witty and I’m just loving your content. ♥️
CarlyHorse Yıl önce
I feel informed. Great video! I'd say one of these wonderfully curated videos a month would be pretty cool!
Oh hey Henry
Oh hey Henry Yıl önce
I watched this whole video entertained at the brief moments of his comedy only to realize that I don’t know a single person he mentioned in this video. It just goes to show that I will literally watch anything Mike puts out even if I’m completely out of the loop.
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez Yıl önce
"The original girl boss, Merriam-Webster" Not sure why this made me laugh so hard
Patricia Hernandez
Patricia Hernandez 8 aylar önce
Because it was so unexpected, creative and true 😂 He got me there too!!
Allison Ruff
Allison Ruff 9 aylar önce
I came to the comments just for that
babahu15 9 aylar önce
it's def the best dictionary like no contest
Blayne Elizabeth
Blayne Elizabeth Yıl önce
Fuckin golden
Maddie M
Maddie M Yıl önce
@Krispy Kracker it was def a yes
Kayla Sajdak
Kayla Sajdak Yıl önce
I need you to understand mr. mike you are absolutely excellent at your job. I rarely watched youtube unless to search something or someone sends something to me, until i found your pretty little liars video. TRvid should cater your wedding as your video singlehandedly made me a youtuber(?) basically, i now watch this type of content, tea videos, and much more because your video brought me here! Please never feel pressured to post for the people viewing, you could narrate a turtle race and wed enjoy it
Samantha Laws
Samantha Laws Yıl önce
Loved this bestie! I’d love to watch you discuss why so many pop artists have cartoon characters now. Like the Dua Lipa character for the Future Nostalgia visuals
Samson Yıl önce
I have never heard any of the names you talked about in this video except Paris Hilton but I am very thankful that you are educating me
elsie edwards
elsie edwards Yıl önce
hey mike I want you to know your presence on the internet is the only good thing to happen to this godforsaken social platform in the time it has existed. thank you for listening to my ted talk. love you Michael .
Sona Martirossian
Michaelle delving into videoessay territory, the range is immaculate, bestie
Sona Martirossian
Thank you for the correction, besties! Have a nice day, you guys 😇
Fleur B.
Fleur B. Yıl önce
I read emasculate and didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry :(
Reeve Recor
Reeve Recor Yıl önce
*immaculate, but yes indeed
drop spindle
drop spindle Yıl önce
We love it
strawberrysoda32 Yıl önce
as he should!!
Sophia S.
Sophia S. Yıl önce
No because I will happily sit down to watch hours of your content and I love commentary videos so feel free to feed us with your funny but not too mean opinions anytime 🙂
Alana Geremia
Alana Geremia Yıl önce
genuinely awesome video. so well planned and thought out. i loved it.
Mathilde Yıl önce
This was great!! Absolutely loved it, and I hope you make more video essays like this in the future
Amanda Lovatsis
Amanda Lovatsis 11 aylar önce
This was so good for so many reasons. Well freakin' done. I didn't want it to end.
pantastic duda
pantastic duda Yıl önce
I think something interesting about this phenomenon is the fans perception of the content and career change, I remember how Troye/Conan/Dodie fans felt betrayed that they stopped posting on yt bc they felt used and forgotten after the mainstream success of their faves
Maya Kaspi
Maya Kaspi Yıl önce
I do get that but I don’t think people should feel betrayed or hurt because they started a new chapter in their career and even though I loved their videos on youtube I’m happy for them for their success, I don’t feel like they owe me anything you know? They should do whatever is best for them
lily campbell
lily campbell Yıl önce
i miss youtube conan
j_0anna Yıl önce
lmao as a dodie stan i definitely don't feel betrayed, she might not make "vlogs" anymore but she still regularly interacts with us on social media :)
Cásey Nealer
Cásey Nealer Yıl önce
dodie fans felt that? i'm one of her subscribers and imo she's still posting pretty regularly - tons compared to the other two
LYNETTE Yıl önce
Knowing that TMG was signed by a label, I can say that the songs they make are real songs. They give off a lot of Lonely Island vibes and that their songs are topical, humorous and sometimes meme driven but at its core has very good production and writing involved. Their fans are happy/entertained but at the same time, anyone who has never seen or heard any of Cody Ko and Noel Miller ‘s content, can enjoy the music.
Sadboy Yıl önce
The only TRvidr I was extrememly excited for with music was troye, his music is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL OMFGGGG I cried literal tears the first time I heard “talk me down”. Blue neighbourhood is literally a masterpiece. *chefs kiss*
i r
i r Yıl önce
yeah, the cool thing about tiny meat gang is that it still feels authentic because they kept their main element in the songs; comedy. they just explored new formats of comedy, and found it to be super successful
Penina K
Penina K Yıl önce
When he said he doesn't give compliments easily, I remembered he used to start his videos with a compliment, it was so great!
kohkoh Yıl önce
not to be too political but mike’s mic is literally just troye sivan in an alternate timeline if you think about it.
La Nature est L’Art de Dieu
I was just about to say this-
#1 mobile gamer
#1 mobile gamer Yıl önce
BLADE Yıl önce
*Everything in my life till this day has lead me to this superb comment*
melody haviland
melody haviland Yıl önce
too political
Faith Yıl önce
this is so accurate
Shelby Samford
Shelby Samford 8 aylar önce
I like the longer videos and video essay format, you are endless entertainment and literally make me laugh out loud
Vicky Veselichka
Vicky Veselichka Yıl önce
I can't even begin to explain how I don't care about a SINGLE thing you talk about but I haven't spent five hours in the last two days stalking your channels because you have me HOWLING. You're in the personality category girlie xxxx
Gigi Matos
Gigi Matos Yıl önce
Watching you talk about this & then going to watch the show just makes it that much better. Please do the other half.
Lau 9 aylar önce
Thank you for highlighting the FACT that The Cheetah Girls 2 deserved SO MUCH MORE.
Yeshi Berry
Yeshi Berry Yıl önce
I love all your videos, but this video is exceptionally cool! would love more videos like this! or not? I like everything you make :)
Beyza Kaya
Beyza Kaya Yıl önce
i really liked this format!!! i love watching video essays and I think it was honestly really good for a video essay debut 😌💖
B Yıl önce
really enjoyed this video mike! would love for you to do more long form content like this!
Desiree Bissonnette
Bestie love your videos. I can understand what the hell is going on without having to actually pay any attention to these people 😊
Sarah Kitley
Sarah Kitley Yıl önce
It was so sweet how nice you kept trying to be
ash phillips
ash phillips Yıl önce
That was so entertaining keep making videos like these!!! Do them about anything that interests you
jminecraftstyle 5 aylar önce
Hi it’s been a year since this video came out but I’m commenting now to share my love for Peach PRC as an artist cause I randomly found her song through TRvid promotions a year ago and I’m a fan since. I’m glad to hear that you have ✨😌 TASTE 😌✨ too.
melissabelle123 Yıl önce
This was a really well thought out video!! V interesting and informative but smart with your own input. ❤️❤️ we Stan
yuriko189 Yıl önce
"I don't like Jeffree Star. He's like TRvid Voldemort" LMAO
@diego my god
Jaee Ponde
Jaee Ponde Yıl önce
Sora Fowler
Sora Fowler Yıl önce
Krissi076 Yıl önce
diego Yıl önce
"jeffree star looks like squeletor" -not choerry sunbaenim
adrienne c
adrienne c Yıl önce
trust in yourself mike!! this was a really cool video
desmadeities Yıl önce
I needed this video and mike's vibe I LOVE YOU for your talent, personality, aEstHEtic and RESEARCH damn
Em R
Em R Yıl önce
honestly tmg didn't even come to mind when thinking of influencer to music pipeline but i see it!! the fans from their respective channels who are fans of their comedy enjoy the music because it's the same style of comedy but it's also like, really genuinely catchy?? i'm a fan
Juliana O'Brien
Juliana O'Brien 11 aylar önce
I am so happy you brought up Peach! She is such an authentic person. 💗🍑
hannah Yıl önce
People love to forget that Shawn Mendes started as a Vine influencer, but I REFUSE TO LET THEM
omu* Yıl önce
same, i refuse to let people forget he was a magcon boy
Fresh Bling
Fresh Bling Yıl önce
Yeah, once a magcon dude always a magcon dude
Dominique Harris
Dominique Harris Yıl önce
Wasn't he apart of boy group
Anna Kepes
Anna Kepes Yıl önce
Not just viner, a magcon boy
Hannah Turner
Hannah Turner Yıl önce
Yeah, but I think the difference is that his ~thing~ on Vine was playing music. He wasn’t out here being an “influencer” like the other MagCon boys were. So yeah, he went from an internet celebrity to a mainstream celebrity, but it’s not like he had a random shift to a music career after becoming famous.
Caleigh Gildenzoph
Caleigh Gildenzoph 5 aylar önce
I love TMG songs! You described them perfectly. Thank you for recognizing two short king’s talents
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