"Inting" Sion - Is It Healthy Or Toxic For The Game? | League of Legends

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For today's video I wanted to discuss the growing prevalence of Sion in the metagame, more notably the usage of a strategy involving sometimes dying on purpose to get an advantage. Is it a healthy, innovative off meta strategy or toxic for the game and should be removed?

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2 May 2022




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TableMatts 10 aylar önce
I've seen Yasuo players do this. Though I can't tell if they're doing it intentionally
Rock Fire
Rock Fire 7 aylar önce
If it ends in a kill, it was on purpose.
Certified Brackern enjoyer.
@TigerTT I would just say more popular a champ the worse their playerbase. It’s why I fear one tricks on “exotic” champs.
TigerTT 9 aylar önce
For some odd reason Yasuo seems to attract the worst players EVER lmao.
Geck Oh
Geck Oh 10 aylar önce
0/10 powerspike is real :sob:
owo 10 aylar önce
Wdym? Do you not know yas spikes at 10 death? Pfft. Newb
Torakazu 10 aylar önce
Riot wanted to make top lane more of an island thanks to the TP changes and the introduction of hullbreaker. This is simply an outcome of their design choices for the game.
Luka 10 aylar önce
@IZ01 HAHAHA great idea
Luka 10 aylar önce
As a toplane main, mega agree on this
IZ01 10 aylar önce
@Loga Levaard they should just transfer top laners into Howling Abyss right after champ select
Loga Levaard
Loga Levaard 10 aylar önce
Honestly at this point they should just put a big fricking wall in between top lane and the rest of the map then the only way you could leave is when teleport unlocks halfway through the game.
Quzyr 10 aylar önce
Actual facts my guy
Connor Sherman
Connor Sherman 10 aylar önce
My only issue with int Sion is that it becomes completely my problem as the top laner to deal with. It's not hard to deal with. It's just annoying to know that if I don't constantly stop him my team will just let him get all 11 towers.
Nami's husband
Nami's husband 3 aylar önce
The problem is int Sion is that you have to kill him twice (and it's not easy to put him down with that build).
Jon Gahimer
Jon Gahimer 9 aylar önce
@Romulus Quirinus The balance to getting counter picked is being able to tower sit, play passive, and give up some cs in order to hopefully maintain relevance for late game. Hullbreaker effectively eliminates that option, as it eliminates your safe space and punishes you for not fighting a losing matchup. And I'm sure many meta top laner's can handle him, but my problem is more with the item in general and the state of tank tops, than sion paired with it. It just feels like another slap in the face to tank tops that were already struggling. Its also frustrating that zz rot was taken out for being "problematic" but this item was fine.
Romulus Quirinus
Romulus Quirinus 9 aylar önce
@Jon Gahimer My comment was for now after the nerf, I do agree it was worse before, but that was because game balance, not because of the INTing strategy itself. It's not like the Sion player benefits much from INTing either. It is not easy to pull off and even though the team might win the game, the individual stats aren't ideal. Not many kills, no MVP and usually little to no recorded accomplishments at all even though he might've contributed the most to the win. And about fighting Sion, the majority of top champions can stop him, assuming equal skills. The most important thing is stopping his wave, not Sion himself. Of course he can run over a dome champions, but everyone counters someone else and gets countered.
Jon Gahimer
Jon Gahimer 9 aylar önce
@Romulus Quirinus The main problem is that 1 person generally can’t deal with him. Especially if you’re playing a tank like malphite, maoki, cho, Ornn etc… He gets to run you over while still taking turret. I don’t mind the split push aspect, but it should t give tank stats in addition. AD tops didn’t need more help, they’ve been dominant for 4-5 seasons now. And if your forced to send 2 or lose turret every time you lose the rest of the map by default. So outside of explicit counter picks it becomes hullbreaker champ =win, which makes for a super stale/frustrating meta. Granted it’s slightly better now after the nerfs but still.
Romulus Quirinus
Romulus Quirinus 9 aylar önce
Personally I like it, it adds variety to the game. Instead of following the same old pattern, now you are forced to either deal with Sion and let your allies deal with the others 1v1 and 4v4, or push 5v4 as quickly as possible before Sion gets what he wants. And it's not like split pushers didn't exist before too.
My wife left me, so now i'm a Youtuber
Honestly, its unhealthy, but when champs like riven and fiora exist, id much rather lane vs this.
Whimsical Chronicles
Whimsical Chronicles 8 aylar önce
@fartenpooperson sion vs fiora is doomed 1v1 but you can easily avoid feeding her by just afk clearing the wave
My wife left me, so now i'm a Youtuber
@Axios Schmidt it's difficult to put a good fiora/riven behind, even with jg pressure. It's insanely easy to put amazing sion players behind with no jg help. I'll take the sion mu any day.
Axios Schmidt
Axios Schmidt 9 aylar önce
The diff is that if you put riven/fiora behind its done deal. Even if you kill Sion he can still push the wave and you can't push afterwards.
TATARI14 10 aylar önce
@Deividy Mario once again, sorry my plat ass, that it works for me. Maybe I know something, maybe Fioras I play against are all trash
Záncibar 10 aylar önce
League of Legends is a team game that's balanced around soloQ, you cannot have it both ways. This game encourages and rewards you for being as selfish as possible and only doing whatever benefits you and nothing else, this strategy is the embodiment of soloQ and I think that if League is actually a team game we should start encouraging team plays instead of punishing the off-meta while allowing Trynda, Fiora, Riven, Yi, and other hypercarries and splitpushers to exist unpunished.
Kamikaze Lemming
Kamikaze Lemming 10 aylar önce
Well, it depends. When I charge into an enemy turret, it's always when the turret is already close to destruction and I know that the enemy team is far enough away that they won't be able to stop me. This is also useful for drawing enemies away from objectives like Baron or Dragon, which can give my own team a chance to steal, or give them better odds in a fight, since someone, usually one or two of the more powerful enemy Champions, will be busy trying to take me down. Anyone who throws themselves at a full-health turret without any sort of plan other than "Run in, punch, die, punch some more," isn't even trying to win the game, as far as I'm concerned.
Arthur Rosa
Arthur Rosa 10 aylar önce
@Ishmael The great Sion has been doing this for years. . .
Đăng Hải Nguyễn
Đăng Hải Nguyễn 10 aylar önce
@Pizzo yes but before it we have a must better slip push item aka the the purple bug boy... The we have a weak slip push item make this stat less viable and now a good slip push item again
Pizzo 10 aylar önce
@Ishmael The great Yeah, I think we can agree that Hull-Breaker is a big part of the problem. But that just brought more attention to the build, Baus has being doing it for a long time
Ishmael The great
Ishmael The great 10 aylar önce
I think the thing that people aren’t entirely getting is that the issue might not be soon, but HULL BREAKER. Sion before Hull-Breaker was basically non-existent. He was not the best, didn’t have the damage or pressure to do much and was rarely played since you could play other tanks and do better with them. He only started to become a real problem when Hull-Breaker came into the scene and, like many other champions, he started to use it. But if you took Hull-Breaker away? Sion would go back to being non-existent.
WokeEmperor 10 aylar önce
@The Depressive One my bad it buffs large minions to do 200% more damage, still crazy to me
Rebarber 10 aylar önce
I do think its genuinely questionable how some people think Baus is getting carried by his champion, though. Stuff like "Baus wouldn't be his rank if it wasn't for Inting Sion" grinds my gears.
Sandro Maspindzelashvili
@Flaming Z I hope you know that if you remove a one-trick's main champion they will inevitably derank. He is not getting carried by his champ he also plays Quinn and gragas top lane.
Flaming Z
Flaming Z 10 aylar önce
Baus is kinda getting carried by his champ. I believe he has said before that sion is the reason for his rank
amitaish 10 aylar önce
@Sandro Maspindzelashvili well, both are kinda the same I guess, except carried is a more general term? I think that being carried by a character is the same as a character being elo inflated, but you can also be carried by your team for example, so it is a more general term. At the end, being carried means winning due to something other than yourself. If it is the champion, than you can day it is elo inflated.
Sandro Maspindzelashvili
@amitaish wouldn't it be more accurate to say elo inflated instead of carried because carried is more in game
Amal Krishna
Amal Krishna 10 aylar önce
He literally made the strategy with his game knowledge, I'm sure if he mained any other champ he would find some random op strategy for it as well. In Korea now, pro players always compliment him rather than flame his pick, so that's gotta mean something
Moderocky 10 aylar önce
I think it's healthy to have an alternative win-condition like this that still requires skill expression (through macro knowledge + application.) I think it's unhealthy that Sion is uniquely good at this, since he will always be, de facto, the best split-pusher/side-lane farmer because his kit intrinsically benefits this style of play. This means that the balance and effectiveness of other split-pushing champions depends indirectly on Sion. You can nerf other parts of Fiora's kit (like duelling potential) if she becomes too effective at split-pushing, but if Sion is too good at split-pushing then split-pushing *itself* (side tower gold, hullbreaker, etc.) has to be nerfed, since he is good at it in virtue of his passives and Q wave clear. In effect, Sion means that other champions that could benefit from this style of side lane dominance through farming and pushing aren't allowed to, since Sion forces Riot to put an artificial cap on the strategy.
I’m Helping!!!
I’m Helping!!! 10 aylar önce
@Scherexyz9 it also can see as legitimate tactic instead of just team fight, dragon, baron and repeat.
I’m Helping!!!
I’m Helping!!! 10 aylar önce
@Scherexyz9 it actually more interesting than the proplay lope we’ve been watching int actually doing lot of disrespect and overly aggressive which result in more actions and relentless tower defense game.
William Mitchell
William Mitchell 10 aylar önce
@Boogie! Yorick
Scherexyz9 10 aylar önce
@LaCriaturaDelMar they start to do something about it when it affects proplay. Clepto Coin Vlad/top laners becomes a thing: both the rune and the item get deleted. Enchanters top: nerfed to the ground. Pyke mid: (tried) to nerf for years. Most obvious is probably funnel, these strats are more boring than the gameplay loop we have currently, where you can watch the first ten minutes, wait for the useless Herald flip, and then come back every five minutes to watch the dragon fight
Boogie! 10 aylar önce
outasi 10 aylar önce
Inting Sion's biggest flaw is really the fact that it's "newbie bait". Saw a few videos on TRvid of someone playing it and winning and now they think they can do it too, as you've said. The problem is, how do you deal with that? How can you convince people easily that actually this is a pretty hard, even if effective, strategy that not anyone can pull off?
pwp qwq
pwp qwq 9 aylar önce
@Sage Who needs good macro when the enemies don't even deal damage to you after a while. Like, he was playing against high elo koreans and said that he doesn't care anymore, so stopped doing random shit instead of macro plays, and was still just as succesful.
Sage 9 aylar önce
@pwp qwq the only skill required is csing and macro knowledge. Both are easy to obtain by watching TRvid and practicing in practice tool
Sage 9 aylar önce
I learned how to splitpush so much playing trundle tryndamere fiora etc and i int alot. Even getting to an kinda acceptable ELO of diamond 1 but man i can't pull off inting sion.
pwp qwq
pwp qwq 10 aylar önce
Let me guess, Baus or one of the inting sion players told you that it was a hard strategy, and now since you can't really think into it since you are stuck in silver, you also believe it's hard. If you actually think this shit requires any kind of skill, you are unfortunately very mistaken
Dyler Almond
Dyler Almond 10 aylar önce
I have to still experience MF and Ashe supports no matter our team comp, it's not a Sion problem come on. People see pro players or streamers do something and they try to copy it with massively inferior results and somehow the only time its become a problem is with Sion?
Lachlan wu
Lachlan wu 10 aylar önce
This isn't really relevant, but are you planning to remake the Swain Rework Retrospective? Even though what he got wasn't a full VGU, the overall changes alter his kit alot and make it feel closer to original Swain. It'd be interesting to see you cover it again, comparing Pre-VGU Swain to his most recent mini-rework
Delusion Of illusion
Delusion Of illusion 10 aylar önce
@sherbert Lemon yeah man , keep him how he was when released or as a burst mage , but dont try both , or we get thissss , or it will be unbalanced
sherbert Lemon
sherbert Lemon 10 aylar önce
@Delusion Of illusion I agree but atm in high elo only he's above 50% wr in mid. Personally I want him back top. Just give us our toggle back.
Delusion Of illusion
Delusion Of illusion 10 aylar önce
@sherbert Lemon i played swain before the rework annd i could easily carry once i gt my liandri and zhonya , just ult , dodge cc and damage with shonya , then by that time my ult damag would be charged up , then one shot with that burst damage and my q , now u do no damage at all , keep in mind healing is a worthless factoe compared to damage , as for 800 god u redue the healing by 40 % , and swains heal is not even that high , unless u trigger passive which cant haooen that often , so u get oudamaged with ur ult on , unlike before , pus u can just be cced and kited for 5 sec and ur ult usless really dum changes , no onder he needed a hotfix buff , i hope they buff his damage , or make him more of a drain tank , caise roght now he is in between and does neither role any good
sherbert Lemon
sherbert Lemon 10 aylar önce
@Delusion Of illusion it works in high elo mid. Over 50% wr atm.
Delusion Of illusion
Delusion Of illusion 10 aylar önce
this new swain kinds horrible , u have no carry potential at all , cause ur damage like shit ,
Victor Davila
Victor Davila 10 aylar önce
I have always appreciated weird unconventional champs I love singed and malzahar and I really hated that zrodportal was taken away hullbreaker gave Sion a chance to be unconventional in an effective way soo even though I admit that it can be a horrible pain in the ass to face in lane I appreciate the fact that it exists in league not everything needs to revolve around an edgy 1v9 hipermovile slayer killing everything in sight sometimes you just want to play something weird or dumb
Dr. Urlf
Dr. Urlf 10 aylar önce
I think the biggest problem is how unfair and unfun it feels to play against. If he’s on your team and doesn’t play it correctly it’s nothing different than a feeder on another champ. When you play against that abomination though, even if he feeds, he will permanently split and punishing him is literally impossible. He will get turrets eventually and that at an alarming pace in the mid-late-game.
Lily Liao
Lily Liao 7 aylar önce
so, just like any other champion
bob bob
bob bob 8 aylar önce
I am fine with it since riot puts dashes in every champ making sion's Q super hard to land vs newer champs these days
pwp qwq
pwp qwq 10 aylar önce
Thing is, everyone believes that this strategy is hard, but at the same time, even high elo players have trouble dealing with it most of the times, because you leave him alone on top for a few seconds and he takes a whole turret or two. Not to mention most of the times you won't even be able to deal with him alone, as thanks to hullbreaker and his W passive, he is both tanky and deals damage, which is disgusting. I play in grandmaster and everytime Sion isn't banned and someone picks him, a dodge will happen, because people don't want to play against/with that shit
jacob Lamoureux
jacob Lamoureux 10 aylar önce
I thinks it's a good thing overall to have other win condition like splitpusher but sion wasnt meant to such a big splitpusher when he was created (rework) i think someone like Yorick with spell that are overall good and helpfull for split is fine and there should be some the problem lies with The INTING part of sion split push...
PsQueak2 10 aylar önce
This happened in ARAM and completely changed my perspective on objective design. Enemy Sion built hullbreaker, I noticed it and pinged it. Entire team laughed and started question marking, cause it's ARAM. Hullbreaker? Seriously? Yeah well we ate our words, once the game got going good his team just sat back, and he would fly at our turret and just die and beat it up. Like no counterplay. Astounded at the efficiency, we just... lost. I felt like a fool for pinging his item and making fun of it. Dumbest thing ever. And yeah, I get it was an ARAM, but point remains. In fact, the fact it worked in that setting might even be more proof to how absolutely stupid the strat is.
I’m Helping!!!
I’m Helping!!! 3 aylar önce
Nah it's not hullbreaker problem nor sion. It's fact that sion is a top tier champ in aram since how the aram system work, baus explain it recently that you can't be kda player in aram bc you need to die for item and the best way to die for item is to achieve objective while dying and sion is just the best at dying while achieve objective bc the nature of his passive and the demolish in aram.
Zach Lewis
Zach Lewis 10 aylar önce
@Duy Tran why complain about losing to a strategy if you are unwilling to adapt your own to beat it? If you aren’t playing to win you shouldn’t be concerned with losing.
PedroAce 10 aylar önce
@Srijan Mishra thank you, maybe try doing the most simple math before insulting people. Ill accept the silence as an understanding.
Allan 10 aylar önce
Just block his ult
Duy Tran
Duy Tran 10 aylar önce
I like how silver comments be like "but but but you can have a bruisers/tanks body block it", "but but but you can let minion not touch your tower". It's a fking All Random/For Fun mode, you expect people to have tank/bruiser or even care enough to play that shit and not the 1300+ range poker? Also, minion management is completely neglected in ARAM, because it's a "For Fun" mode. Stop being a silver maggots.
Kepler '
Kepler ' 10 aylar önce
I can't wait until one day riot sets up a tutorial for anything involving macro like wave management, that would be really cool tbh
Bone Crusher X
Bone Crusher X 10 aylar önce
As someone who recently picked up this sion strategy. I can actually say its unfair yet fair at the same time At the start it actually boosted my cs/min (increased from 7 to 9-10 cs/min) and I learned more on how to move around the map. That concepts actually is fair since you just punish the enemy for not knowing better The unfair part is the selfishness and pressure of that strat for both sides. The hardest part tbh in my experience is to determine which win condition should I pursue (teamfight or split) since when you choose either one you will lose greater benefits (eg. going for split makes you lose baron/drag control, going for teamfight makes you lose cs/min). Also the game at some point makes me feel like it isn't on my control anymore but on my jungler/adc's knowldege since in some games players don't know what objective to take as 4 which ends to throwing, by me overextending with nothing in return (example is one game wherein they needed camille and yone to handle me and my team still didn't setup baron as they first want to find a pick before starting it) I also infer that sion strat is also helpful towards the game specially in low elo inorder to master the map rather than the champ. Since uptil now I see many people who are good at playing their main champs but are absoulutely trash in playing around the map (like extending their lead) which causes them to be hardstuck in that elo
Matthewcant 10 aylar önce
I would actually be more curious to see people come up with a way to try counter this. People should be rewarded in finding a new strategy and Rito needs to stop forcing champions into the image they want them to be.
Paris Hart
Paris Hart 10 aylar önce
Proxy singed might be another topic to cover in this series, since it’s a very unique strategy that riot has previously nerfed. Singed is another champion that will want to die to get value/deny value using this strategy, specifically executing at T2 or T3 depending on how much they can proxy before the jungler can attempt to stop it on their clear.
Grace Avery
Grace Avery 10 aylar önce
Inting Sion reminds me of many seasons back when Nasus's pick rate suddenly jumped and he went from being niche and rare to a pick-or-ban champ very quickly, and league players were getting smashed by him until the community started to understand how to deal with him. He slowly became more balanced without number adjustments just because people started to understand how to play against him. Maybe some minor nerfs to Sion would help, but ultimately the community will adjust to dealing with him naturally and it won't be as oppressive.
Equalizing Insights
@Amiel Cloud Bernal you ignored the fact that he can usually kill most meta tops in his passive if he is ad, or tank he can just become unkillable and win the game. He isn’t impossible to win against but it feels like hardly anyone can match his pressure. Sure you get kills and fed off int sion but his pressure is relentless.
Amiel Cloud Bernal
Amiel Cloud Bernal 10 aylar önce
yeah,alot of people have been saying playing against it is "Unplayable" or "no counterplay" but honestly if you're ahead and beat him in a 1v1 you'd just snowball on him with champs like darius,fiora,etc and then people say "but he's just gonna keep splitpushing top" then so should you if you're ahead,and if he farms up and gets ahead of you, isn't that your mistake? you should farm just as much as him. alot of things come into play here when thinking about the strategy,I don't like complaints like him oneshotting towers or killing people in his passive,cause most "meta" toplaners (mostly bruisers and etc) can do the same if not more than him if they were as ahead as an inting sion in farm at 10cs per min. the fact that the champion has to die to be useful is saying something. if a tryndamere/jax/fiora 1v5s in a splitpush and takes a tower or two no one bats an eye. but when a sion does it! SOCIETY! Society calls it broken.😔
RoCapBG 10 aylar önce
The problem with inting Sion is how impossible it is to defend against for the enemy team, the only way to win when the Sion is playing correctly is to have some hyper scaler like Kayle or Veigar. Druttut talked about how awful it feels to play against Baus and in the regard I think the strategy is toxic for the game
lolosh99 10 aylar önce
It’s very similar to the Smite Janna Top phenomenon. Funneling your team and pressuring your enemies (in Janna’s case) by perma roaming and making the enemy jungler’s life hell.
Fatboy Rebel
Fatboy Rebel 10 aylar önce
The release times for Vars’ vids are acc so convenient for me- just as I finish off the last of my errands and studies for the day, I get that sweet sweet notification, where the clip lasts exactly the amount of time I need to walk home. Perfect
amitaish 10 aylar önce
I just really hope that the people who watch baus will start to take notes from his Amazing macro game, and not only the "haha dying is good". I love baus and his videos, and I am trying myself to learn as much as I can on the general game desicions he make, but sometimes it feels like all of the sions I olay with don't
SnakeZmaestro 10 aylar önce
The reason I think this is unhealthy is- well... At some point Sion can and will get turrets even with an entire team trying to take him down, especially with the R and TP spam. It can be extremelt degenerating to play against.
Jimbo jimb
Jimbo jimb 10 aylar önce
Personally speaking i've always been ok with inting sion before the buffs to hullbreaker,after the buffs its just incredibly annoying for me as the guy that mostly play champs on the tankier side since fighting a sion usually means at a certain point i will just not be able to kill him before he kills tower and even if i win lane stuff like your jnglr and adc chasing after the 1/14 sion for literally 2 minutes when the guy had ghost and ulted away from them to boot,which loses us every objective possible,so personally i do not blame the strategy itself i just blame the item for making it way too easy for sion to get away with the strat
Jimbo jimb
Jimbo jimb 10 aylar önce
@Delusion Of illusion i mean yeah that's why i have always been fine with inting sion before,it's just the damn item making him extremely annoying to deal with and it just makes it feel less gratifying to win lane against him cuz it most likely won't matter 70% of the times
Delusion Of illusion
Delusion Of illusion 10 aylar önce
u need to learrn how to zone of ur opponent , if u win lane , it is ok to loss cs ifit means he dosent get exp also ,
Yöh Bröh
Yöh Bröh 10 aylar önce
What do you think of the sion nerf? Personally I think it's too much combined with hullbreaker change his ult and demolish doesn't get the increased dmg.
Voggoff 10 aylar önce
I have played sion since I’ve been playing the game I think you are 100% correct but the reason why I played them is because I would always see him win one Vs 2 and he’s really good at it if you can work around it and his kit he’s a very fun champ sad to see he’s getting a Nerf towards towers
Peng 10 aylar önce
I'd like to have more of this in league. the same way we playing the league for too long.
Stabby 10 aylar önce
Hey vars, I'd love to see more videos on your thoughts on new builds and metas, like this one.
Geron Lee
Geron Lee 10 aylar önce
Honestly, this is a rather hard dilemma. I agree with all the good points Cars brought up with this. And personally, I do like the idea of this new interesting play style where it is more macro than mechanic focused. But I don't think it's fair to let sion be able to hit towers while he's dead. While giving over the gold advantage to the enemy's that my team then have to also deal with. I like the addition of hullbreaker as an alternative win con. Just not paired with an un?dead walking turret destroyer lol
Heart Duwang
Heart Duwang 10 aylar önce
Personally, I may have played the game for a long time and I'm not particularly good at the game, more of the casual level to be exact, I feel the "inting Sion" strategy is a bit unfair. It may not be as unfair as Chemdrake buff from a long time ago that was removed but once the strategy gets rolling, it is very difficult to stop it. At least with someone like a Yorick, there is a way to stop him from snowballing out of control, but when you barely manage to win a teamfight and that enemy Sion charges into the tower, often it would require more than 2 people to actively stop him from destroying any more by the time we get there. Given that his Ultimate has a low CD, its difficult to put him down, without dumping a lot of CC beforehand or recall back in time to make it back to the base. It feels like we'd be stuck in a perpetual soft-lock, wipe out the 4 enemy players? better watch out for the Sion using the Ultimate to charge into the nexus. By the time you killed him, you've probably wasted a whole minute and that alone is enough to allow his team to respawn. Overall, I don't like the strategy with the current Sion we have now, if there was a way to nerf him without crippling him, I'd like that.
Elisa 10 aylar önce
Love the inclusion of emotes as a visual in your videos!
Ichthyic Eyes
Ichthyic Eyes 10 aylar önce
It does need a certain level of macro knowledge and skill to pull off correctly. Also, from personal experience, I haven't seen many uses of this strategy (EUW bronze). As a niche play style, I enjoy seeing it, as long as it stays a niche play style. Is it toxic? Maybe, but what part of LoL isn’t?
Jacob Meek
Jacob Meek 10 aylar önce
I honestly enjoy things like this and proxy singed as long as it’s not to impossible to play around but he’s a little broken at the moment just straight ulting into your base
I’m Helping!!!
I’m Helping!!! 10 aylar önce
Not broken: it called being variable if not for the threat of int sion come for your turret no one would care about sion if your only trick is proxying you are basically an useless clown and would be too easy to shut down by the player that know how to play the game.
Denimator 10 aylar önce
I think Inting Sion is fine, but also that the way riot handled that is perfect. I think the nerfs will make Sion go back to a niche pick, and so not everyone is running it down on Sion. In a case like this, it's not the champion's actual strength that makes them popular, but the perceived strength.
Stachelbeeerchen 10 aylar önce
As a Sion main I find the passive very underwhelming in the "normal" gameplay. This strategy gives you atleast something to do with it. However I dont enjoy it myself.
Osteopatriarch 10 aylar önce
You know there's a problem when the people who main splitpush champions want Hullbreaker removed
Đăng Hải Nguyễn
Đăng Hải Nguyễn 10 aylar önce
Hullbreaker is Vallina compare to the purple bug boy. I will trade it for the bug boy anytime in day
Sebastian LaPlume
Sebastian LaPlume 10 aylar önce
Hullbreaker is fine, a little overtuned, but it needs to be to get purchased.
Mizerchaben 10 aylar önce
the inting playstyle is not limited to one champion, you can pull it off on all champs with good waveclear, but on sion it's just the easiest to do
Herrscher killer
Herrscher killer 10 aylar önce
I think that this is the gameplay that perfectly suits the champion, doesn't matter if "it's a 5v5 game" because the main focus should be the champions. For example, if they add a champion with religious theme then that champion should have very basic abilities but every ability would have a passive that would punish the enemy for certain actions. Decreasing damage for damaging, decreasing movement speed for dashing and so on. The champions need to play the game the way they are fighting in the lore. So, Sion acts like a zombie Azir plays chess and the other champions are the pieces on the board, Fiddlesticks forces you to play a horror game where if you don't ward the entire map you lose, get a jumpscare and lose the match.Twisted Fate's entire gameplay revolves around luck (luck to get 6 gold after killing a minion with his passive, luck of the enemy being hit by his Q which is slow.) So, inting Sion is the only strategy a Sion should use.
BlazingPrincess 10 aylar önce
2:02 *True* You don't miss out on anything from not playing except toxic matches and 20 mins of waiting for the game to end. Everyone's just waiting for *URF*
Rui Mak
Rui Mak 10 aylar önce
It's good for the game. It's a different play style that if you don't execute properly, just ends up with a super fed top/ Jung in the enemy team. Need macro, wave manipulation, decision making. And it's easy to outplay Sion's passive outside of team fights.
Vlad_USSR 10 aylar önce
I would say let Sion be. It makes thematic sense and it makes game wise. He is a zombie of a legendary warrior. He is also has a mechanic unique to him. Plus this allows top lane to be important, not only late game. Because many times too lane is over looked.
That Dinosaur from Paris.
So I know this one person who always says to other people how he got "unfairly permabanned". This guy loves playing this kind of picks, another one that he uses is going double ADC botlane whenever he gets autofilled to support because, hear this, "more carries, more chances to win". This guy is seriously insane. He always throw tantrums whenever he doesn't get his way, always complaining about his enemy laner because "they are so broken". This guy also loves to boast that if he gets "serious" he would be plat in no time, and that he's "too busy" to play ranked. Mind you, this guy is silver and averages 10-12 deaths per game, even as the team carry. I would loved to shit talk this guy all day if he weren't an acquaintance of a friend. I was relieved when he said that he was going to quit league after he got permabanned, but I still sometimes still see him play. He has since toned down but is still occasionally seen raging like a bull.
wazabi41 10 aylar önce
Without wanting to help those bad sions, take him to jungle. You can still get alright cs early, from mid game start playing him normally and invade whenever you can. You don't have the best ganks, but when you get a good one, you always get a plate. Hullbreaker is also more optional.
Kelvin Monteiro
Kelvin Monteiro 10 aylar önce
sanguine blade was one of my favourite items to build on zed, cuz his attack speed is slow and i like to throw some AA in fights, and a came back 1 month ago and realised they had this wonderfull item removed
Seth Shoemaker
Seth Shoemaker 10 aylar önce
The most frustrating part about inting sion is that everyone thinks they can do it and it's just brainless deaths but then the 5/0 toplaner they created runs the game over and we lose anyway. A recent game I had our sion tried this, went 5/0 to a shen, who ulted to every skirmish and that plus our midlaner feeding resulted in us losing 28 minutes in.
Tama Nwin
Tama Nwin 10 aylar önce
the concept of the style is fine, the problem is when our team comp isn't built for a split push sion, or when the sion never want to group and just pings Hullbreaker.
RedHandClimbing 10 aylar önce
I'm fine with an inting sion strategy but the problem is the item because in other matchups its almost a must buy otherwise your opponent can now 1v1 you to easy.
ArchAngel 10 aylar önce
I feel that rogue or alternative strategies should be in a place in which they are decided on to be used after all champions have been locked in, something tactical that can be used. If people queue up expecting to play such a strategy it becomes toxic as its not a tactical choice to counter what is happening anymore. for example split pushing can be used as a tactic if you don't have a great teamfight comp but queueing up and expecting to just splitpush even before any champ has been chosen makes the strategy toxic. It is too mainstream viable to be a counter
ArchAngel 10 aylar önce
@PedroAce The key word is in "alternative" strategies. strategies that go against the norm such as dying repeatedly or stacking bounties so your one carry can collect them all. These kind of strategies that break the norm. Picking for late game or early game does not fall under this.
PedroAce 10 aylar önce
So, if your teams say so you just don't get to play the champions or playstyles you want? I play games to win and be a team player, but if I want to play Kayle and just scale to late game I don't care if my teammates disagree, I should get to play how I want as long as I am trying to win.
T4 10 aylar önce
This is completely wrong. The entire process of climbing in solo q is developing a framework that is replicable. You need to be able to follow your strategy consistently each game, with some level of flexibility depending on the game. There is only so much variability that is possible, based on your champion. If you expect your Nasus to play roaming to the early game or your Yorick to constantly group mid, you don't understand how the champions work. The reason for inting sion being toxic is that is rewards bad gameplay, i.e. feeding your opponent.
Tosin 10 aylar önce
quitting league was one of the best decisions ive made but seeing your videos pop up still brings a smile to my face
hisnameis kish
hisnameis kish 10 aylar önce
I think it should absolutely be allowed to exist, but I agree with nerfing it a little bit. Alt Win cons are perfectly healthy and fine for the game IMO. I think the main issue with Inting Sion is that it is kind of a low elo stomper strat when you figure out how to do it proficiently. You don't have to be Challenger good, but proficient enough to understand how to int with it to make it just hard carry low elo games.
Smokers fun
Smokers fun 10 aylar önce
Make the early Passive shorter so he can't farm the wave since lvl 1 and make it scale. This would make early deaths more punisihing.
Gorophorge 10 aylar önce
No problems with a strategy on a strategy game that works for the most part, because there is nothing inherently too cheesey about it, you could honestly view it as a way to come back from not playing inting Sion, but losing your lane, you could then employ this strategy to save face a little. Plus whether something is "toxic" or not, if low ELO player see work, low monkey attempt do, period, that's why they are in low ELO and you can't change that.
MeadowEdits 10 aylar önce
Great video! Inting Sion has really been a hot topic lately
MANDRO 10 aylar önce
If you make a character that gets stronger by DYING, then don't complain when players come up with suicide attack tactics
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera 10 aylar önce
I feel like this is more an indictment on Hullbreaker than Sion or Sion's playstyle. I've dealt with Int Darius, Int Jax, Int Rek'Sai. Hullbreaker allows you to be 4 levels behind but still be allowed to win a lead.
I’m Helping!!!
I’m Helping!!! 10 aylar önce
That just bruiser in general, not hullbreaker allow them to but bc bruiser can do that, pretty sure jux can do the same thing by buying botrk and darius can do the same thing with gore into death dance.
Nick Gattes
Nick Gattes 10 aylar önce
I like inting Sion. More ways to win is never a bad option. Considering the age of the game something that shakes up the meta on a macro sense is fine with me. I came mostly from Dota, in that Techies don't play a moba they play mine sweeper. As long as a champions play style helps the team explode that nexus, I don't care how its done.
alberto villalba
alberto villalba 10 aylar önce
I've been playing LOL for a really long time and honestly i have never bothered much on balance, meta or other nuances that make this game "work". For a long time also, Sion is my favorite champ and the one I main, I usually play it as a fighter on top and i believe it can't work as a full tank. Even though i never looked or informed myself into how to play this champ better i automatically defaulted to splitpushing with it and bulding hullbreaker, firecape and build AD/HP enancing items. What i try to say with this is that I think that this champ apears to be better exploited ingame when being used on this way and that is just natural and instinctive to use it on such ways... Besides, there are also other disgusting champs that are quite similar to Sion on their tactics and splitpushing. I also never understood the whole lethality thing until I tried it (peer presure) and I have to say it is the most fun i've ever had playing this champ, lethality Sion is an efective tool to actually shutdown the most disgustingly broken other champs there are. As the video says, I do believe it's perhaps a little too broken, but the center of the issue here is not hullbreaker on my opinion, it's prowler claws active. Really good video anyway.
Galactick 10 aylar önce
It's not toxic (though it can be annoying at times, if you don't have champs that can deal with sion), and it's heavily dependant on the macro sense of the player (and the opponents) because at worst it's relatively easy to go back to 5v5s Had a game where I went 0/15 (mainly because enemy had vayne) and the rest of the team was inting too, the only reason we won was because they needed vayne (the most fed on enemy team) or 3 people to kill me and the rest of my team could farm up. I'd argue it's more healthy than the snowball meta because there it's whoever makes a mistake first loses, with strategy like this even if you play perfectly you can still be countered which should be the point of the game, that there is always something the player can do to win. Main issue with the strategy is that as you get closer to the nexus the towers are easier to take down (literally have less hp) if theHP scaled up as you get closer to the nexus it wouldn't be a problem at all. AD sion can deal around 2K dmg with max range ult (provided there are minions for 8 seconds under the tower, or when you arive) that's about half of inner turret but like 90% of nexus turret. That's the main issue, and it's also an issue why one ace can lead to loss even if you didn't lose a tower up until that point in game
PorhaltavaNeppe 10 aylar önce
What people don't get is that the sion nerf does nothing if played correctly. On the otherhand the hullbreaker nerf does affect this since it doesn't increase demolish damage anymore and that is your main source of damage to towers.
Javaniverse 10 aylar önce
Hey guys, I had an idea today : imagine a new item that does the opposite of hull breaker? Like giving u resistances and damage on structures only when you're surrounded by your allies (2 champions minimum) ! That could maybe push people to team fight with their Toplaner?
Jksm Mkv
Jksm Mkv 10 aylar önce
@yujiro424 exactly this. If its good everyone will build it, if its bad no one will
yujiro424 10 aylar önce
Aura items like Zeke's Herald were way too hard to balance. This would almost certainly be either too good or entirely useless.
Javaniverse 10 aylar önce
@Volcanic Viper well the item is a fighting item (with AD, health, regen, resistances) made for toplaners. Despite some of them being tanky he's not supposed to be a walking powerhouse Frontline. Plus they need other items to actually support the whole team. And when I said 2 champions minimum I meant that you would need 2 extra people with you for the hullbreaker passive to activate (so basically at least 3)
Javaniverse 10 aylar önce
@Jksm Mkv well it's a been while since tanks were relevant due to the damage creep in the game. And it people actually grouping to take an objective is healthier than one champion being unstoppable because he built a specific item at least in my opinion
Volcanic Viper
Volcanic Viper 10 aylar önce
just have the supp grab it an we're good to go, there is literally no reason for a top laner to build this. and with a 2 champ min, would actually be better bot lane where there is, get this, 2 champs
KevinSkye1 10 aylar önce
It's funny seeing footage of Inting Sion fighting with the team because in just about every game I've been in with one, they're never there for anything team related.
Csaba Tábor
Csaba Tábor 10 aylar önce
It is a very difficult strategy to pull off, even for pro players. I think the hype will die soon, and only the determined ones will stay after the nerf, which makes it okay again. Although this one will help the situation, I strongly oppose the idea of nerfing it to the ground, as getting a high KDA (with op champs) and playing generally well is already a much more viable option.
ddobleg 10 aylar önce
Int sion is neither toxic nor healthy, it just annoying for everyone in the game. Once I played against an int sion and half the team went afk saying that they won't play against that sion and they were not having fun at all, I understand why, I wasn't having any fun either XD. Luckily I have never had an int sion in my team, but in the same game that I played against one me and the Emmy team were just chatting, nobody besides the sion wanted to play that game and we just started to do whatever we wanted to.
Otabek Kuchkartaev
Otabek Kuchkartaev 10 aylar önce
Im sion main and its really frustrating to see people just turn off their brain and dying over and over again as sion, as for me, I dont afraid to die as sion to utilize my passive, but Ive never got kda below 1, but sion really teaches you the importance of cs in the game
Lors Carbonferrite
Lors Carbonferrite 10 aylar önce
I main the most complainy role, and I'm personally fine with int sion being a thing. If he's on our team. even if we're at a numbers disadvantage in fights (which we're often not, since 1 or 2 people will often try and stop the split push), forcing the enemy team to choose if they want to lose a jungle objective or a few towers is fun, at least to me, and it does win games when done right. If he's on the enemy team, it's not too difficult to exploit the weaknesses in the playstyle, which at my elo, are omnipresent and barely covered for.
omgPterodactyl 10 aylar önce
I think straight up inting sion, where you just die over and over again for turret damage to chip away at the enenmy structures is very toxic. But what baus is doing, where he dies to obtain a net gain in gold isn't toxic, but should be looked at.
WokeEmperor 10 aylar önce
@Long Bread Yeah when it was meta, it made me quit and uninstall several times. It was the antithesis of fun.
Long Bread
Long Bread 10 aylar önce
@WokeEmperor proxy singed is the most aids thing i have ever experienced. Shits so annoying but theres nothing you can do about it most of the time.
WokeEmperor 10 aylar önce
Baus just uses the proxy singed tactics, which were awful to play against when they were meta on singed, except he does it on most champs he plays like cho
Pual Liek
Pual Liek 10 aylar önce
From what you said I would say toxic, nerfs I would suggest are ult no longer dmg turrets, demolish from 35%-30% an cd from 45 sec to 1 min (minion timing), bonus hp on W from 4 to 3 (15/9).
Unborn Heretic
Unborn Heretic 10 aylar önce
I dont like it because it's not just any alternate win condition, it's a sion win condition without enough counterplay. Im fine with funnel strats, those are cool alternate ways to play. But this only works with Sion. If it were available to other champions or had clear counterplay, I would be fine with it. It's like a card game if both players cant have the same cards and one card was overpowered in this specific deck.
marshall 10 aylar önce
Would love to see a video talking about Diversity and Off-Meta Builds. Do you think there is more diversity today and is there a healthy off-meta for players to explore, or is it all too streamline and dumbed-down like some people say?
Weaselbun 10 aylar önce
The easier solution is to push Hullbreaker to be a good 3rd item as they did for IE time back
Steven Aniñon
Steven Aniñon 10 aylar önce
This is why i love sion. Even though i stopped playing. Sion and I share the same goals 🤣
WokeEmperor 10 aylar önce
Toxic. The game is meant to be about dying being punishing, the fact it's entirely negated not only by Sions inting playstyle, but with the implementation of champions like Akshan, it makes me wonder why they removed the 'revive' summoner spell in the first place other than to make it a passive gimmick.
Adam Crockford
Adam Crockford 10 aylar önce
I have played soon for several years now and have somewhat known about his strength as a split pusher but with hull breaker making this even better I honestly love it (because I am the sion:))
Çağrı Gündüz
Çağrı Gündüz 10 aylar önce
I think the main problem is tanks in general. They deal as much damage as damage champions while being unkillable themselves. This goes for all of them rn (ornn, poppy ,sion etc.)
HeavensBane53 10 aylar önce
Honestly I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with this strat, as you said its a kind of genius way of approaching the game. Plus, although I haven't watched a ton of Baus's content, you don't need to watch much to notice that he doesn't just "int" on sion and his inting sion doesn't even always build hullbreaker so its not just a strat enabled by a specific champion+item combo. At the end of the day all it is is an unusual but effective way to obtain an advantage. He ints in lane because its ironically the best way for the champion to "survive" the laning stage and come out with the necessary CS and he split pushes and ints for towers when putting on map pressure and taking turrets at the cost of his life is more effective than going for a 5v5 teamfight. The problem is that it doesn't fit in the "correct" way to play the game as seemingly decided by both the community AND the developers. It was the same with smite janna top, its a brilliant playstyle innovation that isn't abusing a bug or a broken mechanic but because it doesn't fit neatly into the "correct" way to play it gets nerfed out of existence. Personally, from the perspective of a dota player, inting sion isn't even especially out there; pro support players for years now will sometimes intentionally feed in lane because it is better for the lane to burn some of the enemy's resources while dying to refill your own, and supports dying to tank a gank or suicidally shoving a wave to create some space are also both situation where it's, generally, recognized as a beneficial death. Coming from that perspective, league's restrictive laning setup and a focus on making sure the game is played in a specific way just seem close minded and weird, and it gets boring honestly.
El Pizas
El Pizas 10 aylar önce
I like the strat but I prefer teamfighting tbh, its a lot more fun
Andre W.
Andre W. 10 aylar önce
For a strategic game like League, it's not a bad idea to split pushing to win, if for an example, the enemy team has a wombo-combo or your teammates themselves are inting. However, Sion does this with no problem and no downsides. The amount of games I had with Sion top most of the time wins because he always split push, getting turrets, and at least getting 1 kill if he fights with someone. A champion over 2,000HP (including passive) at mid to late game, a ultimate that does damage to turrets, a passive that revives and gives buffs to Sion and a half power Q does a decent amound of damage to squishies. Point is, Sion should've gotten nerfed patches ago for the amount of stuff he has in his kit. I still think he's needs a more nerfs; either to his Q's damage, his W's passive bonus health, or his passive that gives him a bunch of stats. No one likes it when a tank can hurt like an actually tank.
Peschionator 10 aylar önce
Even though it is remarkable how this playstyle changes ones understanding of the game I still think it is unhealthy. Unless you counter him Sion doesnt fall behind. Not in a way that tanks have cc no matter how behind they are, he literally doesnt lose gold and xp like other champions do when they die. If he dies, he still gets the wave and can pressure you enough that you cant get plates unless any form of roam or gank at that time is ruled out. His passive in concept does a great job at causing a disruption in a teamfight, which is his job as a tank. But how it curerntly works it can be abused too easily. He gets kills, towerdamage and minions while others cant and thus doesnt fall behind. If his passive would scale with level or gametime he couldnt int through the entire laningphase while losing almost nothing and scaling safely.
Kazuaki Roach
Kazuaki Roach 10 aylar önce
Another proposed solution: make it so that Sion can't auto when dead, and instead gets the following abilities while his passive is in effect. Q - Punch an enemy champ. (Short cooldown, like a melee-range Zeri Q. Only targets enemy champs, but otherwise functions exactly like an auto.) W - Run faster for a while. (Like his current passive ability.) E - Slow enemies around you briefly. This would keep the use of his passive as a teamfight-disrupting tank, or a champ that can revenge kill you like Karthus or Kog'Maw (so Lethality Sions get their kicks too) while making it impossible for him to use it as a pushing tool.
Bryce Gladwin
Bryce Gladwin 10 aylar önce
If it has simple counter play, then it’s healthy. If the whole team has run back to base to stop you, it’s broken/ toxic
Flailing Frog
Flailing Frog 10 aylar önce
Honestly, the problem with this is the problem with shyvana building ap oneshot, or other off-meta that became meta. The community gets pissed off because the information used before is worthless, or even detrimental if it's that different. It's hard to keep track of build changes or meta shift for every single character. You wont see shyvana run in with tank items and bruiser, like you expect. You see her playing backline e burst mage. Players eventually acclimate once it's widespread enough. Your teamates will int with it because it's different than what they are used to, and you have to sit there and take it. It's not fun because you when see them and think how it's a coin toss on win/loss because of 1 person. You said it yourself when 1 person dictates the flow of the game, that it's not fun for the rest of the team. It doesn't break the rules, just the way they apply, which can be equally bad. Tl:dr: mucho texto to explain that this discussion is a natural cycle for league, and that it's 100% understandable why people hate this sort of thing. Sorry and thank you for coming to my tedtalk
hang liu
hang liu 10 aylar önce
i know it might not be healthy and maybe even toxic but these off meta weired builds and picks is what changes up the game and makes it moreentertaining good or bad. for the team it might be really toxic but it was so fun.
MR cheese
MR cheese 10 aylar önce
Well i love off meta strategies and i think janna top was cool would have been happy to see janna top vs inting sion. And i hate when players think this game should be played this and that way. Its a game strategies and rules should evolve as the time goes on
delta _88
delta _88 10 aylar önce
It's funny but losing due to a perma splitpusher leaves always one of the worst feelings
Inadover 10 aylar önce
My 2 cents. It’s literally just another way of playing it. If you play it right, you might win, if you play it wrong, you’re bound to lose. With regards to your team or the enemy team, it doesn’t make much of a difference compared to any other strategy. “Oh but the enemy sion is just destroying our towers and we can’t defend”. Could you defend if there was a Fiora that’s playing equally as good as the Sion that’s wrecking you? It’s probably going to be the same result. And for your teammates, would it make any difference if instead of playing a bad inting Sion you were just playing a bad aatrox? Most likely nope. In the end, it’s just another strategy, you can still play a “regular” Sion and that’s part of being good at him: knowing what strategy might work best and guess what, that’s how every single champion is played. If Riot thinks that being able to wreck towers while dead shouldn’t be that punishing for the enemy team, even as a Sion otp I can agree. Once you don’t care if you die or not (because you’re already dead), you can’t be punished in any way while you are able to punish the enemy team, so maybe this change forces people to think a bit more when they should die and when not to do it. Oh and forgot to mention, great vid Vars, as always :)
Ghostmyst 10 aylar önce
fiora argument is horrible considering fiora cant proc demolish after she is dead, and fiora doesnt get to rack up 4k hp while building enough ad to literally 2 shot towers with r and demolish. ur just a biased sion player. The strat is completely absurd.
O verdadeiro Felipão
O verdadeiro Felipão 10 aylar önce
Thing is, a sion breaks the turret and then dies, a fiora kills everyone and then breaks 2 turrets, if not 3 turrets and the inhibitor
Kaijvera 10 aylar önce
One thing you do need to consirder is a bad sion is worse than a bad aatrox. A bad aatrox would die 2ish times, then realize, "Oh, I can't beat this champion without help. I should play passive now" and deaths should stall out. Inting Sion is different, you litterally die so you can damage turrets more. So you are giving gold away no matter what. And if they time it wrong, they give essentially free gold away. Getting someone really fed. Tho if its a bad yas or yone, then it doesn't matter. We all know they like dieing 10 times in 20 minutes
CZM 10 aylar önce
if it was a fiora instead of a sion, she might kill everyone who sent after her :)). also the he's split pushing and we cant do anything about it, like how about you force a 5 vs 4? or threaten and objective as a team.
Herr Doktor
Herr Doktor 10 aylar önce
I don't think "inting" sion is toxic or bad for the game - it's just that hullbreaker makes this otherwise niché strategy very prevailent and honestly pretty forgiving. This also goes for other Hullbreaker champs where it becomes impossible to match them on sidelane, unless you also have HB, because of that 200% gold efficient stat stick. So if Hullbreaker goes, this can go back to an uncoventional strategy and if someone locks in Sion your first thought will be, that we will have great teamfighting, instead of "oh god i hope he only dies 10 times".
Light DRGN20
Light DRGN20 10 aylar önce
What I don't like is that it forces you to have someone deal with him constantly. And because of his inate scaling and hullbreaker, dealing with him 1v1 is super difficult even if you are ahead.
MisterJ0ker 10 aylar önce
My issue is that should someone lose lane, they can resort to building this item (if they can) and bounce back quickly. My issue is with hullbreaker only costing 2800 gold, in my opinion it should be 3200 gold. It is super cheap for an item that gives access to another win condition that may not have been part of the main contingency to winning. If I am beating my opposing laner with 2 or more kills in lane I would like to see that they require time to bounce back from dying. Instead I see the enemy build this item and suddenly I have to either babysit a tower destroying monster and forsake engaging in team fights anywhere else in the map or let them go wild while helping in a team-fight only to end up losing a tower as a side result. I lose that cathartic feeling of being better than my opponent because I feel like rather than being rewarded by positively influencing the rest of the map for my team, I am left to stop a tower eating brute.
Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson 10 aylar önce
I think that this is more of an issue with League itself. Top lane is already an island, and that’s the issue I see. Hullbreaker just incentivizes and rewards solo playing. The only way people were ever going to complain and be heard about it is if it got OP in the publics eyes
Evo 10 aylar önce
Honestly the biggest problem I see is with hullbreaker. Its way too good at what it does before that item was added no one was playing int sion. Nowadays 80% of playing top is playing or playing against champions who rush hullbreaker because the item is soo good
HomoNecrotic 10 aylar önce
I literally lost a game where my team was losing for 80% of the game but because our top laner got stomped and no one but the fed Ashe ADC (myself) could handle him. We were starting to make a comeback but we just lost a battle of attrition because of him repeatedly ‘inting’ down top lane to kill turrets and finally our nexus with nearly nothing I could do to stop him. Even with Bork/Guinsoo/Kraken/Lord Dom’s it took about ten long seconds to kill him. It’s really, really annoying to just lose a game like that
wiwentor 10 aylar önce
Well at least he didnt one shot your entire team as some champions do
Мартин Йосифов
I've seen Sions inting for no good reason, and I've seen Baus. The two might seem similar, but there is a huge gap between them.
Peshawa Mahmood
Peshawa Mahmood 10 aylar önce
You forgot one thing about this current meta. A lot of champs in top lane counter sion, anyone who can build divine counters sion. That is the reason that he is not seen as giga broken.
zandrom ex
zandrom ex 10 aylar önce
One thought that has been pondering my head recently, and I was reminded of it by this video although it isn´t about this topic specifically, is what I would call the "0/10 conondrum". basically how far should your skills take you before the rpg elements of the game come into play. Should their be champions who have the potential to outplay everything no matter the game state, or should there reach a point where you´re so far behind that no matter how good you are it is completely impossible to win a fight? And are these "outplay" elemts fair considering not every champion has them? Don´t really have a defnite answer to any of this questions, so that´s why i´m just putting it out here.
Ali Uguz
Ali Uguz 10 aylar önce
It’s not that bad tbh. If you know how to counter the Sion and play against his play style you can easily counter act him. Most people just don’t want to adjust their play style or don’t know how to,
Myco 10 aylar önce
i have managed to play this game for 3 years without learning to last hit. i play support, and used to fill jg as my secondary until i stopped EVER getting support. jg secondary = jg primary these days. now i play supp primary top secondary and lean HEAVILY on sion. i personally think it’s very bad for the game, but usually does result in a win for my team. i don’t completely int, but it’s absurdly easy to be impactful while knowing nothing about matchups.
Brutal Salamander
Brutal Salamander 10 aylar önce
I like alternative win conditions and I'm all for top laners having more agency especially because I myself play top but I don't think inting Sion's is a good way to go about it. It's more volatile in a team environment than most other outlandish strategies and when perfected it is pretty much guaranteed value no matter how the enemy plays around it. Killing a splitpusher should matter. Sion can diminish and eventually downright negate that weakness as he scales which leads to a very non-interactive experience in the long term as he just ends up ignoring core aspects of the game in ways no other champion can and other champions are not remotely equipped to deal with something that is so out there. Inting Sion is essentially playing a different game than everyone else. At least with someone like Singed you can straight up stop him in his tracks, kill him and he's left with nothing but the few minions he managed to proxy before he died. Inting Sion is pretty much Singed combined with Yorick's tower pushing but stripped off most of the weaknesses and consequences of both. If people wanna play that sort of playstyle they should either be playing Singed for proxy scaling playstyle or Yorick for the tower splitpushing playstyle. Inting Sion existing straight up spits on both of their niche by doing both of their jobs better simultaneously by himself while being even more disruptive for a team environment and lacking clear consistent ways to play around and against him in a soloq environment, far more than the average oddball playstyle.
VanNoah 10 aylar önce
Split pushing kinda cringe but mostly because the enemy top goes 3-0 and is up 5 levels so no one can kill them. I don’t think sion is too bad but he should get reduced minion gold or exp or smth in passive and that fixes the whole is “able to minimise the effects of dying” problem you described
Toaster Enthusiast
Toaster Enthusiast 10 aylar önce
I think the real issue is that no one wants to rely on their team in what is ostensibly a team game because we've all seen one to many trolls and 0/10 Yasuo's so the meta has become all about 1v9 carrying which is what this style excels at. Honestly yeah this is a bit of a toxic style but I'd say it's a lot less toxic than playing against fiora, riven, yonne or irelia.
XKey_Blade 10 aylar önce
I play Riven since Season 4 and now since Season 10 I play Sion also he is so fun I felt so refreshing for me to carry with tactical dead. I think it should exist when inting Sion can’t exist . Then also support and ADC Champs should not exist in Mid and Top lane and should get nerfed. That’s my opinion on it.That is what’s make League fun many diffrent playstyles to winning. I remember on one with smite singed supp was also a genius and got not well reseved in the community👀😅.
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