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Antonino Buschiazzo performs his own epic transcription from Hans Zimmer's soundtrack for INTERSTELLAR
on the great Walcker-organ at Saint-Paul's church, Strasbourg, France
1897, III/73

1:26 Stay
7:34 Main Theme - No Time for Caution
14:46 Murph

sound: Ivan Bajcsa, Valérie Bajcsa
camera: Mathilde Burille, Michael Bártek
video editing: Michael Bártek

center mics: Schoeps CMC6 + MK5
surround mics: DPA 4006A
audio interface: Pro Tools Quartet by Apogee
side camcorder: Canon Legria GX10
overhead camera + lens: Panasonic Lumix GH4 + Panasonic Lumix G 25mm f/1.7 ASPH
pedal camera + lens: Panasonic Lumix GH4 + Laowa 7.5mm f/2
face camera + lens: Panasonic Lumix GH5 + Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 45mm f/1.8

Many thanks to Damien Simon and Marie-Claire Gaudelet




27 Tem 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Ryan Tyler
Ryan Tyler Saatler önce
Is there somewhere where one could find the un-compressed version of this! It sounds beautiful and I want to hear it in its full form!
Thomas Cleaves
Thomas Cleaves Saatler önce
the nasa shirt is a real nice touch
Duvalind 7 saatler önce
Wow this is so amazing I feel speechless
Tiberius Weaver-Zeman
Tiberius Weaver-Zeman 7 saatler önce
The clergy will tell you that God speaks through priests. This is false. God speaks through organists.
David Shane
David Shane 7 saatler önce
One of the few videos titled "EPIC" that lives up to the adjective
ProfPolish 9 saatler önce
Having been a fan of Zimmer and all his work, this is far and away my favorite of his scores. It’s so thoughtful and compelling
Luca Susini
Luca Susini 9 saatler önce
14:29 OMG the last notes... powerful vibes
Luca Susini
Luca Susini 9 saatler önce
i am an interstellar movie iper fan,i see thousand of video cover... THIS IS THE BEST ATTONISHING AWESOME COVER I EVER LISTEN!!!! i have no words to say.. BRAVO!!!! really you leave me speechless... luca from italy
Felix C
Felix C 10 saatler önce
9:28 is what you're looking for ;)
Vendett the
Vendett the 10 saatler önce
Ken Shipman
Ken Shipman 10 saatler önce
Loved the arrangement. I didn't realize how difficult this is to play. I enjoyed seeing the emotion of Antonino. Clearly he had to practice a lot to get to this level and sometimes when you have to play a piece over and over it can ruin the emotional part. This is how organ and should be recorded and terrific job on the directing the camera and editing it for us to enjoy =)
Emily Allan
Emily Allan 11 saatler önce
Love this.
chrispysaid 13 saatler önce
You don't cry, you lose
Атомный Танк
Атомный Танк 14 saatler önce
12:40 is what most everyone came for...
Copee 15 saatler önce
Speechless...........Stunningly beautiful.......heart rending.....i'm just lost for words....Thank You.
Ignis 88
Ignis 88 15 saatler önce
Spettacolare Antonino Grazie!
DCCoreDrive 19 saatler önce
well done! i am pianist and organ performer myself and i would love to have chance to perfor this theme on this instrument.. There is a church in my neigbourhood but not as big as this.... And also i added this theme to my performances as soon i learned it..
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 13 saatler önce
Enjoy it then ! Best wishes !!
Katie Stanton
Katie Stanton 20 saatler önce
I am overwhelmed with emotion the entire time, but 11:00 is where I find myself catching my breath uncontrollably. The feeling exuded in this moment is incredible Edit: I'm adding 22:50 to this
Denman Fite
Denman Fite 23 saatler önce
This is pretty fucking awesome.
wesdevine Gün önce
Clap Trap
Clap Trap Gün önce
Are they not allowed to sit on cushions?
cal14th Gün önce
Right at 11:01 he feels the beauty and the power of the song pared with the organ.
Brett Noad
Brett Noad Gün önce
Learning to play the pipe organ looks like it requires as much school as learning to perform surgery on a human organ… much respect
Brett Noad
Brett Noad 11 saatler önce
@Buschiazzo Antonino Well a problem with the organ is its accessibility. You can’t exactly purchase one and have it installed in your basement to practice at your leisure. I think it’s inevitable for the organ to fade further and further into obscurity based on that fact alone, despite how beautifully unique it is. It’s sad but it was never meant to be a mainstream instrument to begin with. Similar to the harp or bagpipes finding a qualified teacher is an additional hurdle. So again you have my respect for whatever that’s worth and thank you for responding! Please keep it alive by continuing to share your talent and expertise and if you can find the time to teach it along with individuals willing to learn, do!
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 11 saatler önce
@Brett Noad I'm not sure if I chose the organ, I think rather that the instrument chose me. As for mastering it, it takes a lifetime like almost any other musical instrument. I'm also a pianist and harpsichord player, but the organ needs fewer organplayers and more real musicians to save it from general disinterest. In my opinion, many people play the organ, especially in parishes, but few interesting musicians are really interested in it.
Brett Noad
Brett Noad 12 saatler önce
@Buschiazzo Antonino wow the musician himself replied! Haha! If you’ll indulge me, how long did it take you to master? Also what drove you to the pipe organ as opposed to more conventional/easily accessible instruments?
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 13 saatler önce
Lol ... a surgery operation is more delicate I think :-)
Brett Noad
Brett Noad Gün önce
Learning to play the pipe organ looks like it requires as much school as learning to perform surgery on a human organ… much respect
Sam Baron
Sam Baron Gün önce
Coty Riddle
Coty Riddle Gün önce
The Mighty Orange
Amazing...One day I wish to play this type of music.
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 12 saatler önce
And why not now ;-)
The Mighty Orange
Thank you is all I have to say.
The Mighty Orange
If I ever thought god was real, this would be his sound...For me...
The Mighty Orange
You touched my heart strings with this one, interstellar is my favourite film of all time.
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Gün önce
I want to hear this on the Wanamaker Organ now =/
chbrules Gün önce
Easy to tell who to avoid - people that wear NASA T-shirts.
Russian Bot
Russian Bot Gün önce
Somewhere Dracula is peaking around a corner getting ready to pounce on an unsuspecting victim!
Sanchez Rodriguez Diego Alejandro
This is simply beautiful.
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 12 saatler önce
Muchas gracias Diego. Un saludo transoceánico !
Tanga Toto
Tanga Toto Gün önce
How poignant that this haunting music for a film about the unfathomable scale and dangers of the universe, should be played inside a christian temple, where all knowledge of the same, is drawn from a book written by people who didn’t know where the sun went at night. 😎
[ YFM ]
[ YFM ] Gün önce
Sounds wonderful, to bad about the untimely placed ads.
Vembryrsigg Gün önce
The video hasn’t even started and I have chills 😭
Serge Franki
Serge Franki Gün önce
Magistral !
Hristo Naydenov
Hristo Naydenov Gün önce
No Time For Caution is, for me personally, one of the most profound and moving pieces of music ever written. Tears me up every time. Thank you for this brilliant performance.
fastamx 069BOX
fastamx 069BOX Gün önce
Why the NASA is T=Shirt.? 👍👍👍👍👍
Danny Met
Danny Met Gün önce
At an emotional crossroad right now, this has lifted my spirit and made me cry at the same time, thank you to the performer and poster!
Steven Smutko
Steven Smutko Gün önce
I have never in my life heard something played so beautify and with such passion that it literally brought a tear to my eye. I can see and feel the passion in your performance. Bravo sir! Bravo! I wish that I could have been there in person just to witness this first hand would have been spectacular.
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 22 saatler önce
Your emotion listening to this video is a great gift for me. Thank you a lot Steven !!
Xungames Gün önce
Génial mais par pitié n'utilisez plus cette police de caractère. 🙏
Dmacsimus 747
Dmacsimus 747 Gün önce
Another beautiful House of the Lord's! What a joy it was to be able to see and hear what exhaustive labor and dedication that was involved in making such for Him and for His followers to enjoy in worship in and Bravo to them. The interstellar music played by the organist was nice and I thank you and all involved for making this happen so we could all enjoy it as well. Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap ... ... ...
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 22 saatler önce
Thank you very much for your message and support !
UniQ Gün önce
10:16 beautiful
nosteponsnek Gün önce
The pipe organ is easily one of the most incredible and least recognized musical instruments. I mean what other instrument literally needs its own building to be its acoustic chamber? It can hit every frequency the human ear can hear and be physically felt in your body when its at full tilt, truly an amazing feat of engineering.
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 22 saatler önce
Absolutely. The organ always fascinates for its complexity and sound potential.
Kipling Hu
Kipling Hu Gün önce
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson Gün önce
Come-on Tars!!
CAP- PA Gün önce
This is such an underrated video
Jorge Miranda
Jorge Miranda Gün önce
Unbelievable! You can hear the organ breathing. Thank you so much for this amazing piece of art.
Leaf Spicy
Leaf Spicy Gün önce
I'll be honest if I was him I would just play the Mr Bean intro song
donepearce Gün önce
Good playing, but I really didn't get the music. It was unstructured - just wandering around aimlessly.
I am so glad this ended up in my algorithm. This is beautiful.
Me Gün önce
great music, great cameral rool. but who tf thought it was a good idea to do these ultra slow fades? cant see shit
Doge ManDan
Doge ManDan 2 gün önce
I would pay to sit a listen to this in person..
David Hall
David Hall 2 gün önce
I never knew John Oliver was so talented
Laura Saul
Laura Saul 2 gün önce
I would love for this to be played on the concert pipe organ at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. The organ there is so powerful, it literally shakes the seats. The bass is so deep you don't really hear it so much as feel it in your flesh and bones. The house organist there once gave a concert including Toccata and Fugue by Bach that just about melted me into my chair. The organ has such a beautiful voice from both metal pipes and wooden pipes, plus the acoustics in Benaroya are aaaamazing. There isn't a bad seat in the house due to the way the walls were angled and paneled.
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 22 saatler önce
The interest of the organ is not only due to its sound power. Its great repertoire is extraordinary and of infinite wealth. Thanks for your comment Laura !
TehButterflyEffect 2 gün önce
I wasn't going to listen to the whole thing, but by George, I did!
Brett Zolstick
Brett Zolstick 2 gün önce
6:10 **Advanced Technique**
PiousMinion 2 gün önce
I clicked on this video thinking this was going to be the Beasty Boys Intergalactic for some reason.
Augustus 2 gün önce
love it
Benjamin Duplaix 🎵
Merveilleux ! Parfait ! Qu'est ce que j'aimerais essayer l'orgue au moins une fois dans ma vie :)
jonny ricketts
jonny ricketts 2 gün önce
Two hand, two foot.. Shaolin level.
Entropy wins
Entropy wins 2 gün önce
So he is a rocket scientist after all
Pau Amigó
Pau Amigó 2 gün önce
When I’m sad I listen to this. It makes me leave this world. This is a masterpiece.
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 22 saatler önce
Sometimes music helps us travel very far without moving your legs, but you don't need to be sad to hear this ;-)
AGRITREND 2 gün önce
Bach would have found it chaotic and ill disciplined and thematically simple and emotionally incontinent. But it would have woken him at night and troubled him. He would have obsessed over it. It would have troubled him. It would change the trajectory of the music he wrote after becoming familiar with it. The same to be said of Mozart, who would have been disturbed by the unfamiliar chords and the undulating repetition and the atonal melodies. He would have re-written it into his own masterpiece. Beethoven would have liked it most especially for the preponderance of the powerful slow mid octave minor key play occasionally clashing with higher octave finger-work in major, coming home to tonic and then leaving again to explore further. Never reaching home like many of the characters in the movie. What would bother them all more, would be seeing the movie and then realising the music was expressing what you might feel coming face to face with the hugeness and impersonality of the Universe and fearing that the uncertain fate of mankind would have no meaning and there would be no witness to our passing from existence as a species. We must go interstellar!!!
@Buschiazzo Antonino seems to me you have not enough knowledge and understanding of music nor dexterity of mind that could help you hear this work through the ears of Bach or Mozart etc. Neither did you watch and understand the film. And your playing could have been much better. Even parrots can talk. You parroted the piece.
TehButterflyEffect 2 gün önce
@Buschiazzo Antonino Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😂😂🤣
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 2 gün önce
It seems to me that before writing your comment you have taken a powerful drug.
Ben Laubaine
Ben Laubaine 2 gün önce
Absolument grandiose! Merci
IvY Gaming
IvY Gaming 2 gün önce
there are only 5 pipe organs in Malaysia. Too sad..I really want to learn pipe organ. :(
IAmTidy 2 gün önce
Charlees (seBeatsMusic)
I love the fact that he is wearing a NASA shirt
Sam O'Neil
Sam O'Neil 2 gün önce
This was one of the most beautiful experiences I've had
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 13 saatler önce
So, that makes me happy !
Jonah Ryckeboer
Jonah Ryckeboer 2 gün önce
The Interstellar soundtrack is beautiful on every instrument
Kamira 2 gün önce
I don't have the linguistic skills to put into words how amazing this performance was. Absolutely wonderful.
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 13 saatler önce
Hello Kamira, considering that my true language is music, sometimes it is also difficult for me to make myself understood with communicable language. Thank you !
MADI’n WOOD 2 gün önce
Just waouw !
David Martin
David Martin 2 gün önce
Hans Zimmer said he chose the pipe organ because it relies on so much air to produce its sounds which is something inately earthly and integral to human beings survival. The juxtaposition of vast space and the sounds of something so natural and human is so powerful. That always sticks with me when I hear this score
forzafolia91 2 gün önce
Non sapevo che Don Pietro Savastano suonasse così bene l'organo!
Jeff D
Jeff D 2 gün önce
Commercials smack dab in the middle of the song, so much fail.
Jeff D
Jeff D 2 gün önce
@Willi Hansen ad block hasn't blocked TRvid commercials in ages. Also....tv.
Willi Hansen
Willi Hansen 2 gün önce
You never heard of Adblock?
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo 2 gün önce
The thumbnail 👌
MrRu 2 gün önce
music is really nice. But leaving a dislike because the building where saints are gathered must praise Jesus and not some OST from a movie
Willi Hansen
Willi Hansen Gün önce
@TehButterflyEffect The movie doesn't have anything to do with God. And what kind of music do you permit to be played on organs? Only hymns? What about a prelude by Bach or an organ symphony by Widor?
TehButterflyEffect 2 gün önce
@Willi Hansen Music written for a movie that denies the very possibility of God, so no. It does not praise Him.
Willi Hansen
Willi Hansen 2 gün önce
Can't you feel that the music praises God?
thefester215 2 gün önce
This is honestly one of my most favorite film soundtracks ever, this is amazing. Thank you
thefester215 10 saatler önce
@Buschiazzo Antonino I'm from the states, I don't know if you're familiar with the Pipe Organ in the John wannamaker building of Philadelphia? I have the privilege of walking past it often and sometimes it is played
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 11 saatler önce
@thefester215 It's a shame, but it's true :-(
thefester215 12 saatler önce
@Buschiazzo Antonino pipe organ music I feel is very underrated
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 13 saatler önce
So, I'm happy for that !
Richard Zazanis
Richard Zazanis 2 gün önce
9:31 Nerdgasm
Beneko '11
Beneko '11 3 gün önce
Before the piano. Before rock and roll, before pop and Rap, country, and jazz…. Before the revolutions of the world created its kaleidoscope of immeasurable genres, one instrument contended for being a voice of divinity and damnation, of chaos and control, of passion and purity; the Organ
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 2 gün önce
Wow ... amen ;-)
Space Cadet 69
Space Cadet 69 3 gün önce
I always thought I was weird when I had a physical reaction to music. I get goosebumps and shivers when I hear some music. It is like the music gets absorbed into my veins and arteries. I am now feeling that. I loved this soundtrack when I first watched the movie, now I am speechless. Imagine being there totally washed over by the shear power of this organ. I am not a musician I cannot read music I can recreate sounds on some instruments. I know what notes “sound nice” together. Maybe I was a musician in a previous life. Thank you for sharing this.
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 23 saatler önce
In my opinion the organ is a fascinating machine, but also a cold musical instrument by nature not very expressive. Contrary to most keyboard instruments, the organ cannot perform nuances or accents, except in an artificial and complex way. Many people have expressed their emotion listening to the music of this video. For me it's the best gift they can give me. Even if you don't practice an instrument, maybe you have the soul of a musician ;-) Thank to you !
Zedel 3 gün önce
this is beautiful
Nate Wheeler
Nate Wheeler 3 gün önce
Nailed it. Tears streaming down my face. What artistry! Thank you for sharing!
Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis 3 gün önce
No question an all consuming powerful sound excellently played but for me it doesn't have the poignance or emotion of the piece played on piano. The organ is a 'wall of sound' where the piano allows those thin slivers of air between the notes that makes it even more touching.
Ricardo Rosa
Ricardo Rosa 3 gün önce
A great musician playing great music. Interstellar's ost brought me to tears on theater.
Qaftsiel 3 gün önce
The only word I can come up with for this is "sublime". Sat here with nonstop goosebumps for half an hour, and 'Murph' honestly moved me to tears. Utterly sublime. Thank you.
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 22 saatler önce
When I managed to get excited myself playing Murph I realized that my work was achieved ...
I LIKE STOCKS 3 gün önce
well....it aint Bach thats for damn sure
Léa Cmt
Léa Cmt 3 gün önce
Jessica Strat
Jessica Strat 3 gün önce
Someone give the man a cushion
suburbans nation
suburbans nation 3 gün önce
Free Thought Police
Free Thought Police 3 gün önce
Amazing to be able to enjoy this on TRvid, very interesting to see and hear. Everything about this video, beautiful architecture, music, performance, filming and sound recording is amazing. Earphones or through good speakers essential ❤️
Viktor Varga
Viktor Varga 3 gün önce
Starting at 9:28 is what I could truly imagine as THE music of mankind, worthy to show to alien civilisations...
Neal Wright
Neal Wright 3 gün önce
I admit, when that first started, I said "Space, the final frontier" in my mind.
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 11 saatler önce
@Neal Wright Right ;-)
Neal Wright
Neal Wright 12 saatler önce
@Buschiazzo Antonino Unlike a virus, space is cold and dead.
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 12 saatler önce
Like a virus, the space has no borders :-)
Sa 3 gün önce
Amazing! Bravo!
SpaceInvader 3 gün önce
My room started shaking, is this normal?
Giovanny Santos
Giovanny Santos 3 gün önce
Ден Соминин
Спасибо , очень сильно и красиво !!!
MasterHydros 3 gün önce
Stellar Performance!
Buschiazzo Antonino
Buschiazzo Antonino 3 gün önce
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