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From the Japanese invasion of Shanghai to the aftermath of the Manila Invasion, this footage captures the intensity of the Pacific War.

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28 May 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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darc boy
darc boy Gün önce
When Marines named the dog sake because of the liquor that was found the narrator says it's probably their first taste of Japanese culture instantly thought they had seen plenty of it by then lol
TheRealGiblet Gün önce
The VA for James Donovan at 30:40 and afterwards is a VA for fallout 3! I cant get butch out of my head when he is speaking!!!
Magical piece of pugtato
I hate war!!!
tom bob
tom bob 2 gün önce
I see how u women drive i would hate to see how u fly n park a plane
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 2 gün önce
This is some really great old footage - and in color. So - it's good for that. You should however be aware that you can't take what the Narrator is saying as Gospel. They get the broad strokes of things OK but ... when it comes to some of the details ... eh .... .
alain charnier
alain charnier 5 gün önce
They should emphasize the perfidy tactics of the Japanese more (faking surrender)
franzatsea 5 gün önce
I thought this skipped around too Much.
Paul Ne
Paul Ne 5 gün önce
It saddens me to see how so many Americans forget.
timothy finn
timothy finn 4 gün önce
it will happen again, that's just the way we are,all we do is figure out how to kill more of us.
Chris 6 gün önce
And it will haunt them till the day they die .
Ross- A -Roni
Ross- A -Roni 7 gün önce
Now we have fascists marching on the streets of America and, actually storming our Capitol.
Mister Knight
Mister Knight 8 gün önce
Im ready for WWIII
Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson 8 gün önce
That was a different AMERICA, then. I cannot picture that today.
LYODZ 10 gün önce
Thanks for this documentary
Derrick Bailey
Derrick Bailey 11 gün önce
Bet it was American shell that killed Gen. Buckner
Ivan Zzz
Ivan Zzz 11 gün önce
Americans and their fake history...
tehui 11 gün önce
Ironically, Hawaii is a stolen country. The native Hawaiians didn't have a say in it.
Koora Belayo
Koora Belayo 12 gün önce
As a somali african man i have to honour the courage and bravery displayed by these young american boys in ww2. Their sucrifice turned america into a super power. They were indeed the best generation.
lancelot1953 5 gün önce
Hi Koora, thank you for your nice words of praise. If we had more people with your kindness, we would live in a better world. May God/Allah be with you, Ciao, L (American Veteran).
Blue Rose
Blue Rose 12 gün önce
And what's the result? Tails between legs shameful run of colonizers from Vietnam, Syria, Afghanistan etc. Leaving Americans victims to the enemy. There are still hundreds of Americans stocked and unsaved in Afghanistan. Exposed to Taliban murdering. What about that bravery? Sounds very famous. And still theorizing? Shameful. Would shot mouth.
DanoPureBlood 12 gün önce
I purchased a 1971 911 Porsche, a gift from her “Gramps”, from Jimmy Doolittle’s Grand Daughter who lives on Maui, Hawaii. She’s told me many stories about how once a year all the “Doolittle Raiders” would get together at “Gramps” house. She is a good friend of my wife’s and they talk regularly.
高橋拓哉 14 gün önce
One way or the other, I work and cross the windmill of cause and effect to surround this world Solve Why was an atom bomb dropped by Hiroshima, Nagasaki? Hiroshima is because there is 500 in Douwa district 5000 of 47 metropolis and districts of the whole country. Because the Douwa district was a Korean village, I was discriminated. It kills a domestic animal to have been discriminated, and is cruel, and make incest; and of the illicit sex is because commit a crime. Because there are many roasted meat restaurants in the Douwa district, I find it immediately. Nagasaki is the land which early Christianity in Japan of a heretical religion, the Society of Jesus propagated, and this is because the grudge of the revolt of Shimabara remains. Why was a one-third of the citizen of the prefecture sacrificed by the Battle of Okinawa? This is because Okinawa kills a lot of pigs so that braised pork belly of the Soki soba shows it and is cruel. Of the killing indirect as for the eating meat is because commit a crime. Kei Omuro swindles Mako, and why do you disgrace authority of the Imperial Family? It is repetition of the history and is synchronization. A Korean of chamber (no large ) kei got into the royalty this time as I lost it, and Toranosuke Oumuro turned into the Emperor Meiji, and having stolen the Throne succession. Originally it is a same tribe because it is the Korean who the Imperial Family assassinates Prince Shotoku, and stole the Throne succession of the Japanese Emperor. Japan was defeated to fight though I performed a crusade of self-defense and the liberation in Asia, and why did you provide the victim of 3 million people killed in action and 500,000? This is because Japan is a country charged with a mission to expiate the crime that the world people committed. Christ was executed as a nail was torn off by 8 million God, and a line was cut off and was executed, and Creater God was the way it goes threw himself into the crater in the volcano, and having expiated God and a human crime, and Prince Shotoku was assassinated. This is cause and effect of the compensation, too.
your angel in flesh or sack cloth prophet
all these "strategic bloopers" were intentional.
Rj Keenan
Rj Keenan 14 gün önce
The United States Marines and their Corpsmen are the greatest men to have ever walked the face of this earth
Houa Seun
Houa Seun 15 gün önce
Japan is as evil as Germany but nobody talks about what they did to the Chinese people as much as Germany did to the Jewish people
Saint Nomad
Saint Nomad 16 gün önce
Pray for the civilian victims, soldiers, and POWs who were murdered & abused by Japan. Not for the Japanese who falsely incite themselves as victims, especially people from Hiroshima & Nagasaki. So disgusting!!! If Japan didn't start the Pacific War, there would be NO nuclear bombing!
Bukot Ako Dya
Bukot Ako Dya 17 gün önce
That is why two Atomic Bomb 💣 is not enough for Japan 🗾
Kaligula dx
Kaligula dx 18 gün önce
Great war footage indeed
Russ Mian
Russ Mian 21 gün önce
The ads they run are for video games that glorify war ... Even on remembrance day ...Pathetic ...
Thomas Perri
Thomas Perri 21 gün önce
disgusting ads
Tsunami Surfer
Tsunami Surfer 21 gün önce
Even Smithsonian cannot spell "colour." Build schools instead of losing war upon war at great cost.
lancelot1953 5 gün önce
Actually, "colour" is the correct British/English Commonwealth spelling while "color" is the American English spelling - it depends on the target audience and the authors. Ciao, L
JakmaA Jomkon.
JakmaA Jomkon. 22 gün önce
Adi Wahyudi
Adi Wahyudi 23 gün önce
japan the true war criminal
Fritz Von Hammer
Fritz Von Hammer 24 gün önce
All the commercials in this short doc really degrades what these men did. Shame on you for monetizing it
Douglas Jones
Douglas Jones 25 gün önce
The Japanese Army murdered 250,000 Chinese civilians for aiding the surviving American aviators of the Doolittle Raid.
Paul Isham
Paul Isham 26 gün önce
Your advertisement has toxit poop on his brain!
Titus T
Titus T 27 gün önce
American documentary is just about feelings and propaganda. Not objective at all. Quick cuts and nothing about getting and retrieving knowledge.
PaddyPGaming 23
PaddyPGaming 23 27 gün önce
what an amazing documentary thank you so much for this 🔥
Ronyn Santos
Ronyn Santos 27 gün önce
Awesome documentary! Thanks for the upload
Bill Kinsman
Bill Kinsman 28 gün önce
The Japanese got their karma for this treachery.
Luis A
Luis A 29 gün önce
This is the best footage i've ever see🙏🏻🙏🏻
James West
James West 29 gün önce
The government rounded up Japanese Americans for their "own safety." So, they can do it again with a different group nowadays
Hank Pikuni
Hank Pikuni 29 gün önce
"That Island was a real tuna boat" Old WW2 guy.
Gary Boardwine
Gary Boardwine Aylar önce
He missed the part about the first wave of torpedo bombers of the us getting wiped out,only one plane made it back from the torpedo squadron
Donald Reach
Donald Reach Aylar önce
A Marine friend of our family, Bill Boylan, served on Tinian. His first day, he was ordered to march 300 feet and stand watch over the edge of a cliff. Reaching the site, he heard an aircraft approaching. He couldn't tell from which direction. Suddenly, flashing past below him, he witnessed a Japanese Zero. The pilot waved to him. Probably just as shocked.
Warpath Forever
Warpath Forever Aylar önce
It is a shame this war didn't have a final battle in Japan where 2 million Japanese were ready to fight.
oOo Gimmy
oOo Gimmy Aylar önce
In these moments when "certain people" trying to ERASE HISTORY it is increasingly important to KEEP IT ALWAYS ALIVE ... you have to ERASE THOSE WHO WANT TO ERASE IN ORDER TO NOT REPEAT THE SAME ERRORS ALWAYS.
chemical reaction
chemical reaction Aylar önce
As an asian.. i am thankfulll that hiroshima was bombed.. the japanese army was so cruel and killing people everywhere...
The Shrivelstein
The Shrivelstein Aylar önce
Dont let the left wing propaganda fool you..internment of japanese Americans during ww2,Ugly and reprehensible as it may seem today, was extemely effective and basically shut off the info network back to IJ.
The Shrivelstein
The Shrivelstein Aylar önce
God bless America. Please God,save us from leftists and liberal communists.
Caleb Wynn
Caleb Wynn Aylar önce
girls like this dont exist anymore
Cambodian River Pig
Now I understand where the Marines earned their reputation.
Caleb Wynn
Caleb Wynn Aylar önce
and now we hate china and love japan
Andy Tonge
Andy Tonge Aylar önce
And people say you can't learn from history. Take note, America!
Benji B-Side
Benji B-Side Aylar önce
Excellent documentary! My Grandad was a POW on the Burma Railway for over 4 years, after the ship he was on was sunk and he was picked up from the sea by the Japanese. When the camp he was in was liberated, he had malaria and was deemed not well enough to go on a ship that was taking other POW's home. That ship got sunk, but strange to say, he was fortunate to have caught malaria and been too ill. He never spoke about what he experienced in captivity, but on his deathbed, he poured his heart out to the priest about the horrors and suffering he experienced and witnessed. The priest told us what he spoke about. War is so cruel, to the fallen victims of war, rest in peace!!
Pariah Thistledowne
My grandpa Murph told stories of drinking bannana hooch with the Anzacs while they waited for Sarawak operation.
Edward Estolas
Edward Estolas Aylar önce
Greatest generation indeed!🙇
olentangy74 Aylar önce
While this footage is fascinating, it would be much more effective if they could be set in chronological order.
Richard Cline
Richard Cline 21 gün önce
And get their facts straight!
Stevan P
Stevan P 21 gün önce
my thoughts exactly
Michelle Picart
Michelle Picart Aylar önce
This movie made me cry for the galant soldiers. Youll never be forgotten. Never
Michelle Picart
Michelle Picart Aylar önce
God bless america. The greatest countty.in the world. God bless the patriots
Saidakine Aylar önce
Residents of Hawaii are not called Hawaiians. Only the Hawaiian people. My dad was stationed in Pearl Harbor in 1941. He got lucky and got stationed in the Aleutian Islands 1 week before. As a survivor of 3 plane crashes during the war he was just lucky.
vmaxfodder Aylar önce
The Japanese have a long long history of doing that! Nothing new.
Joseph Dale
Joseph Dale Aylar önce
One day you will realize what the Japanese were fighting against. The same thing Germany was fighting against in Russia.
Steve Broadbent
Steve Broadbent Aylar önce
To be precise and in keeping with Community Guidelines, let it be known that PFG = pretty fairly good.
Steve Broadbent
Steve Broadbent Aylar önce
Ian Grantham
Ian Grantham Aylar önce
As a foreign entity in Shnghai it was mainly the British with the Amercians a long way back in second.
bodasactra Aylar önce
The American military lost about 165,000 lives for the entire Pacific campaign. They lost near 300,000 dead in all of WWII. As horrible as that is consider, the Soviet army often lost several times that many soldiers in a single week of combat.
bodasactra 17 gün önce
@Richard Cline There was no hell ever seen on Earth like 20th century Soviet Union.
Richard Cline
Richard Cline 21 gün önce
The sickening part is that Stalin killed as many of his own countrymen as the Germans did and rarely anything was ever said about it.
Dawns Redemption Gaming
I hate the word internment camp DAMNIT it’s a concentration camp
44 Hawk
44 Hawk Aylar önce
An All-American I know that it wasn't in his greater numbers. But they also put Germans and Italians in concentration camps. I also know a close friend of mine's grandfather, who had lost an arm at the end of World War 1 worked as a railroad police officer during World War II and personally killed, on six separate occasions, six German saboteurs. There was a lot more trouble with Germans in this country than there ever was from Japanese, or Italians.
Mik3 Aylar önce
My Nans uncle survived the Burma railway only to commit suicide days after the returned to the UK, God knows what he endured.
John Vanzyl
John Vanzyl Aylar önce
Smithsonian chose to put "politics" into a documentary. Both sides of the story should have been highlighted but typically Leftist garbage, Smithsonian tells only one slanted side.
John Vanzyl
John Vanzyl Aylar önce
More examples of the compassionate, thoughtful, peaceful Japanese people.
John Vanzyl
John Vanzyl Aylar önce
@J sizzle actions speak louder than words!
J sizzle
J sizzle Aylar önce
Are you blind from the past ?...still living there?....japan today is key to our Asian operations
Jimmy The Powerful ! FU
Roosevelt issues a secrete order: “find a way to strike back at Japan” - LOL wow very secrete… incredible high intellectually and national security relevant secrete… Japanese massacre 300 - Americans nuke 2 cities massacring over 200.000 civilians… And hitler was bad… :)))
Prue Phillip
Prue Phillip Aylar önce
I read that a downed Japanese pilot was given shelter by a Japanese family at Hawaii. This pilot was one of the very first to be shot down, and immediately found shelter. This factored into American thinking about interning the Japanese in USA.
IPwnd Aylar önce
love the footage, but did the smithsonian really just call a heavy cruiser an aircraft carrier at 2:55? The ship in question appears to be a Pensacola class heavy cruiser.
Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon Aylar önce
My Dad peeled potatoes at HQ. He was then posted to the PX where he looted enough stuff to retire at 40. He got the purple heart when the potato peeler slipped. Thank you for your service
Choo Suck
Choo Suck Aylar önce
This is really great footage. On behalf of Americans, I would sincerely like to apologise to the population in Asia and Europe that suffered because we were drawn into a war under false pretenses. And its all happening again today
Choo Suck
Choo Suck Aylar önce
You really should add context about the internment camps.
Mark Capiz
Mark Capiz Aylar önce
I served in battlefield 4 and retired 2 years ago. I've seen alot and was a hard fought battle. I'm thinking of returning to battlefield in 2042
daniel desimonedanny
My dad & six uncles fought in WW2. All in the Pacific except my dad. Of all places they sent him to the south Atlantic. Recife Brazil. Crewed on anti sub PBY Catalinas. I had no idea till I looked up his military record. They all made it home and I got to know them all.
sham421 Aylar önce
A death in combat could be said to be a soldier's death, a suicide is a coward's death. RIP Buckner.
Mr. Bonner
Mr. Bonner Aylar önce
Surviving combat and come to the point after to take your life because of the battle I still salute. If your saying as the Japan general did yes .
Leslie Sylvan
Leslie Sylvan Aylar önce
W.A.S.P.S. 1,100 Strong ~ Woman's Army Airforce PILOTS 1943
sloan giddings
sloan giddings Aylar önce
You were doing well until the backhanded comment about The Mainland, whist totally ignoring Niʻihau.
Deaddoc Really Deaddoc
There were 120,000 Japanese in the Internment camps. 40,000 of them were loyal to Japan and not only said so but formed gangs that fought with Japanese loyal to America. It was so intense at times that American troops had to come into intervening with tanks and tear gas. Imagine having 40,000 agents loyal to Japan roaming free inside America in WW2. Compare that to the 350,00 civilians that the Japanese interred in camps in the regions they conquered where they were beaten if they did not bow, used as labor and starved, and sometimes raped. Even the Leftist history of the Internment, "Infamy" reports this fact! NO ONE WAS FREE. People had to suspend their normal lives, conserve and go on rationing, violators were jailed, hundreds of thousands of men and some women died; far worse than having your life interrupted! As during the Civil War when Lincoln suspended Habeus Corpus, arrested journalists, and "Copperheads" who wanted to make peace with the South, as Wilson did during WW1, FDR had to take measures to protect the stability of the nation during a terrible world war that seems to be beyond the comprehension of most Americans, today. It was a bad time and unhappy things happened to a lot of people, most of them in Europe, so mostly to whites. And those Japanese U.S. soldiers did not fight Japan, they were sent to Europe where they excelled in dealing out death. And BTW; German and Italians were Interned, too. The camps were built the same way that military housing and civilian housing were made. Poor whites lived in far worse conditions at the same time in many parts of rural America. In this film, they complain about the food! Some white Americans were starving during the same time with no government aid! Even books that criticize the Internment as "racist" cannot deny that the youth had a fun time, women had a good time, there were schools, libraries, theaters, and sports facilities. The only real complaints came from the men who felt they were not respected as the head of the family because the kids liked to eat with each other and the women got into clubs, etc. But the men were allowed to brew saki and they liked that. And we're supposed to now add this to the litany of fake criticisms of America, and especially White America?
Nescon Productions
Nescon Productions Aylar önce
Color video (whether origin film or added at a later date) I think adds an important element to the story compared to black & white. Hope in there (near) future more black & white videos from WW1 & WW2 colorized, have film sharpened, speed matched, etc.. Not to glorify but to bring into focus the horrors of war - to better remind those of the consequences of such in more realistic terms.
luis manuel
luis manuel Aylar önce
Some years ago, I visited Luxembourg American Cemetery. It's a special place. You can feel the presence of angels...
HUMAN x2 Aylar önce
I had no idea that the Japanese massacres 300,000 Chinese. it’s crazy how the universe operates.
Anon iconoclast
Anon iconoclast Aylar önce
Lets all just get along.
Lambro Aylar önce
Japan was trippin
Choogz Aylar önce
Smithsonian huh... Arent you going to make statements about how defending yourself is white supremacy or something?
thomas pavelko
thomas pavelko Aylar önce
At some point someone in Japanese high command had to get off there high horse and realize every time the Americans show up they have more planes more ships more men and there not slowing down. You can almost hear "So that's why that odd Lil corporal in Germany was so upset about us attacking Pear Habor"..
Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf Aylar önce
Great footage
Av8tore71 Aylar önce
@3:20 they are talking about the B-25 Mitchell but show the tail of a B-17
Av8tore71 Aylar önce
It's a shame how much we helped China but now we are enemies. See what happens when the communist take over
STEPHEN Clickard
STEPHEN Clickard Aylar önce
Le Chat Éthéré
Le Chat Éthéré Aylar önce
32:31 houlala
matthew cremers
matthew cremers Aylar önce
no just no
no just no Aylar önce
My grandmother was a Wasp trainee. Pretty amazing !
Do tell
Do tell Aylar önce
My grandfather fought in WW1 and my dad fought in the Pacific. 3 months on Okinawa and he got hit but made it home. I fought in Vietnam. Something I will never forget.
Luke Allread
Luke Allread 7 saatler önce
Thanks for your service my grandpa was in Vietnam
Rackets 4 gün önce
@Povilas Kuznecovas Must be very dark in the cave you live in.. In this world there is Good & Evil..If you dont support for one then you support the other.. When are you planning to move to Moscow or NOKO for safety & insecurity..
hobi water edits💜
@C.j Van Greuning Yeah as a South African I agree😩I really wish they would be more patriotic
lemonaid 19 gün önce
@Do tell okay well I’ll spread some knowledge from what I’ve learned about Okinawa 1945. The United States created the Tenth Army for the invasion the army units consisted of the 7th, 27th, 77th and 96th Infantry(army) Along with the marines but I don’t know what units they were. So maybe that will help you off in your searching.
Do tell
Do tell 19 gün önce
@lemonaid army.
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