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19 Eki 2021




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Use code “DREW” for 20% off in the first week (10% after) RhinoShield All Cases: bit.ly/Drew-RhinoShield RhinoShield Collab Designs: bit.ly/Drew-RS-Collabs
TheWorstOmen 3 gün önce
You can't make me.
Pip Squeek
Pip Squeek 7 gün önce
@fraise_the_milkbread Woah woah
Pip Squeek
Pip Squeek 7 gün önce
Corbin Peacock
Corbin Peacock 10 gün önce
Let's all appreciate how RhinoShield let him use that murder plot segue into the ad.
kewlbasti 20 gün önce
Ultraviolet Cadillac
"We're so polite!": *beats up neurodivergent children*
Ryan W
Ryan W 14 dakika önce
I've worked in the restaurant industry for 7 years and as a nurse for 2 years. I could count the number of people under 40 who were rude to me. I would say people over that age is a 50/50 split of being nice or being rude. Older people will bark at you for not saying please, thank you, or you're welcome while never saying the words themselves. A good portion of them are actually actively hostile.
Tripp Moore
Tripp Moore 24 dakika önce
Boomers also like to take your cake, and my cake, and his cake, and her cake, and their cake, and bugs cake, and eat them all too, even though they are type II diabetic.
Shadow Reptile
Shadow Reptile Saatler önce
The people who complain about children not knowing about rotary phones are the same ones who tap and fumble with their smart phones smh
Zidan Hussain
Zidan Hussain 3 saatler önce
60s 70s 80s all had good music tho
Reggie Flintstone
Reggie Flintstone 10 saatler önce
I can confirm.... Good smack is the best medicine
im19ice3 12 saatler önce
cant believ u got that yellow phone case bumper from your grandpas corpse in the fridge '_'
Graham Allaway
Graham Allaway 13 saatler önce
If you highschool you can't do anything without someone saying sorry for no reason whatsoever. So much for no manners :)
Kyle Shockley
Kyle Shockley 14 saatler önce
*TL;DW:* Problems didn't exist; problems currently don't exist. I feel like I'm watching Monty Python's _Stalingrad._ Who will win? The good guys of course.
deomoon 15 saatler önce
why the fuck do i keep rewatching this
Lola Gureaux
Lola Gureaux 17 saatler önce
The posts where they were discussing what women wear under their skirts makes me never wanna wear skirts/dresses in public again🤢
okay 20 saatler önce
Ventilate the monkey???!!!! Pardon?????
Rin Gün önce
am I having dejavú or did you post this exact same video a few years ago
Monique Caceres
Monique Caceres Gün önce
I tend to avoid topics like this because in some ways, I actually do think this generation's a bunch of self-absorbed snowflakes even if I'm just 25.But I said I was gonna try to watch/read something outside of what I know I'm gonna agree with because I hated how closed minded I was becoming and what do you know, it wasn't so bad and I kinda actually agree with some of the things you commented on and I learned a lot lol. Tomorrow I'm gonna try and watch a video about politics from someone I just know I'll have a different opinion with lol wish me luck.
I can’t come up with a name
Back in my day, we sat on a rock instead of chairs and the wheel was just invented.
layla rima
layla rima Gün önce
what annoys me is they imply that just because we werent raised in the 1900's that we werent raised right at all and that we "dont have manners."
imnotoriginal5 Gün önce
Kids birn after 1993 cant cook
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat Gün önce
I'm pretty sure I've seen some of these memes on my grandma's facebook...
512 Gün önce
let's eat grandpa
Kessie Mokma
Kessie Mokma Gün önce
watched this with my boomer mom and she thought it was funny
Jacob Knoop
Jacob Knoop Gün önce
The most interesting part about boomers complaining that younger generations can't read cursive is that most of them just have bad handwriting.
Ig my dad rlly is a boomer, these things look exactly like everything he has ever sent in our family group chat. The group chat that me all my siblings and my mom have all muted.
Nicholas Degano
Nicholas Degano Gün önce
Omg!!!!! I hate """telephones""" 🤣🤣🤣 I just broke my screen into 2 pieces 😱😱😱
lyla zoe
lyla zoe Gün önce
do they not know that people wear shorts under dresses and skirts
Jason Everett
Jason Everett Gün önce
Every single generation complains about the one before and the one after it. It has always happened, it always will. It's just that now, every generation can blast their crappy opinions out on social media. Young people today, will be the angry old people of tomorrow and some as yet unborn person will be making a video about them.
Master Markus
Master Markus Gün önce
12:32 - "Need that butt tore up"? Whoa, granddaddy!
Alyssa barker
Alyssa barker Gün önce
Also…. They raised the same generation they are bashing
Veronika Gün önce
after watching further I can say that most of the stuff they say is no longer happenning is still normal thing in a lot of countries in Europe lol
Veronika Gün önce
the way cursive is still taught in a lot of european countries now lmao, they be critisicing without even looking past their old ego
Open Discord
Open Discord 2 gün önce
It’s so funny to me that boomers are like “kids these days don’t even know how to fix a car” (which isn’t even true) and then immediately ask for help with something on their phone or computer. The irony is just too much
Alyssa Kraemer
Alyssa Kraemer 2 gün önce
98% of the time someone is rude to me its a boomer. They are so rude and entitled ive never been yelled at by anyone on the young side because of something small and easily fixable but I’ve been yelled at by a decent amount of boomers and have witnessed their meltdowns many times. So odd that they are so proud of their manners when a lot of them are so rude.
bevtone 2 gün önce
Things where so good back in my day, what the shit show that was late 60s? Hmm yeah cool
allen 2 gün önce
let the breeze flow through and ventilate the monkey
Dr Grace Dante
Dr Grace Dante 2 gün önce
I used to own a pair of those shoes. They hurt.
stereo999 2 gün önce
As a 70s kid I must say that page gets nostalgic about the most boring stuff imaginable from back then. Also based on the comments, there seem to be hundreds of fake accounts made by young and old alike just to troll, judge and insult each other. smh
Charlotte Griffith
Charlotte Griffith 2 gün önce
I’m looking at these memes and screaming. I’m not even 16 yet, I learned cursive in elementary school too, one of the first things we LEARNED in math was how to tell time on a non-digital clock and do basic math without a calculator. Not sure what any of these people are talking about, however it is very obvious that none of them have done any learning, schooling or otherwise for at least a few decades.
FlyingBeerman 3 gün önce
As a child of the 80s, I can confirm: there was a time when department stores and malls did not suck.
Chaya Kaufman
Chaya Kaufman 3 gün önce
*Me pausing the video every two words to read all the memes*
nightsky 3 gün önce
Lmao these people brag about using technology the hard way, not accessing easy electronics given to u on a sliver plate. like im sorry technology is improving year by year? stick to your ginormous tangled wire thingamajig you lot used to call as a computer.
Jacob Finlay
Jacob Finlay 3 gün önce
The second most popular board game!
Shay Koi
Shay Koi 3 gün önce
I was taught how to read and write cursive in elementary school, In middle school i wrote my stuff in cursive because it was easier for me because I spent so much time in English class being forced to learn it and I would get in trouble by my teachers for writing my schoolwork in cursive and I haven't had to read ANY cursive since elementary its not really a nessesary skill anymore
épinards & caramel
épinards & caramel 3 gün önce
5:17 🤢
épinards & caramel
épinards & caramel 3 gün önce
2:35 What a beautiful reply 😄
fairy floss
fairy floss 3 gün önce
"y'all can't even switch the TV to HDMI 2" do they think... young people don't have game consoles?
Annabell Christy
Annabell Christy 3 gün önce
We still wear half slip tho. For church. And our dresses have thick meterial. so....
Pamela H
Pamela H 3 gün önce
Oh God, Mother used to make me wear a slip and white pantyhose under every dress. I remember being briefly scandalized at myself when I stopped wearing them in college.
Andreas Beaverman
Andreas Beaverman 3 gün önce
I think they eats remember berries
iron 13
iron 13 3 gün önce
they realize that Archie was the butt of the joke, right?
Yee T
Yee T 3 gün önce
boomers be like "i have manners unlike kids these days" then say racial slurs
Holotriz 3 gün önce
Who remembers ruining the economy
Fish I think
Fish I think 3 gün önce
7:06 I lost my virginity in a Dillard's changing room in December. Talk about a white Christmas.
Devon S.
Devon S. 4 gün önce
i learned how to tell time on an analog clock and read/write cursive in like third grade,,,,,,,, maybe boomers just don't think that's taught in school anymore because they haven't been in school in like 50 years also,,, yeah i could probably still find it in my brain to do long division by hand, but it would require a pencil and paper and like ten whole minutes bc math does not come naturally to me when instead i could pull out the computer in my pocket and find the answer in about five seconds. pretty sure if something happens that causes me to lose access to any and all calculators, i will have much bigger fish to fry than how to do math
SamTheSlytherin42 4 gün önce
Isn’t literally everyone taught to write in cursive and also having manners doesn’t mean your old most everyone has manners
alex f
alex f 4 gün önce
kids these days don’t know the real struggle. when i have kids i’m gonna teach them to make sticker cutouts on snapchat so they know how hard it was for us!
YoBoySnipes 4 gün önce
“hi, Im a spunky teen.”
Banana Manchester
Banana Manchester 4 gün önce
Ventilate. The. MONKEY
roz 4 gün önce
These people are like pick me boomers
Christopher Hammond
Christopher Hammond 4 gün önce
My nine year old can read a clock with hands, it's not the achievement they seem to think it is.
Arfan Eka Diandra
Arfan Eka Diandra 4 gün önce
"So glad I grew up only being friends to people in my neighborhood and school, and not using a device that can literally communicate to thousands of people all over the world"
SAM 4 gün önce
I swear my parents didn’t have this mentality until Trump came around and they started using Facebook They are the spitting image of what they apparently despise
SAM 4 gün önce
Female flight attendants wear pantyhose everyday…
SAM 4 gün önce
They don’t know how tomato soup and grilled cheese tastes because they lost their ability to taste when they contracted c*vid
SAM 4 gün önce
The only purpose for teaching cursive in this day and age is to teach good penmanship… There is no other reason (at least that I can think of) than that. I guess it’s good to know to read old documents, but even then you don’t have to be able to write it. I had to learn how to write it in elementary school… and then never used it again, because all our reports were typed, and other than that just being able to write legibly is way more important than being able to write *fancy* Any educator worth their salt would tell you that. Example: join the military and they will teach you to write in BLOCK letters and in ALL CAPS. Because anyone being able to read what your writing is more advantageous. Communication is the key.
Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw 4 gün önce
The saddest thing about Boomers, is well all be them eventually
SAM 4 gün önce
As I age I am making an active effort to not have the us against them… generational mentality. Because I know that all our childhoods aren’t that different, even with exposure to different technology we all are human at the end of the day
skylines and turnstiles
the smacking and spanking thing is terrible, like now we have enough research to say it's awful and could really be traumatizing for the child like "oh i miss when i got hit by my own parents" im almost sorry for them. and then they're the ones who raise kids with issues and wonder why
Human Human
Human Human 4 gün önce
I just realized the cardboard cut out of a famous dog was Drew’s hint at the next video about scooby doo as that is the cardboard cut out dog he got
Amanda 4 gün önce
I work for a Doctor whose specialty has a demographic of mostly boomers and older, and I can tell you right now those who were "raised right" with "manners" are in short supply.
Cristaliana Ivor
Cristaliana Ivor 5 gün önce
Messi Ronaldo
Messi Ronaldo 5 gün önce
They raised our parents and parents raised us. So it’s there fault
Messi Ronaldo
Messi Ronaldo 5 gün önce
Makes me happy that the boomers in my family are cool and not annoying
Aishah Munirah
Aishah Munirah 5 gün önce
smoothest segway to the ad
ReplyyHazyy 5 gün önce
You sure put the ew in drew.
amelia 5 gün önce
I think it's funny that all these boomers are very irritable and clearly have difficulty concentrating or remembering things and I guarantee that they ate paint chips as children. you wanna know why I think that? because those are symptoms of lead poisoning. y'know, the thing they're also proud of for some reason?
13EmoKittyKisses13 5 gün önce
13:23 Anyone know where to find the full version? I need to know how this wild ride ends.
sj4iy 5 gün önce
To be fair, some people with writing or reading disabilities may find it easier to use and read cursive than print.
Sarah B
Sarah B 5 gün önce
Fun fact: in law school and general law practice, everyone has to study constitutional law, read the constitution (for several classes) and cite it in finals, oral arguments and briefs -- we're not all fighting over the original document.
Matthew Stone
Matthew Stone 5 gün önce
I know this is late, but something that always bothers me about the ‘cursive is a secret code’ thing is that cursive isn’t that hard to read. Even if you never learned how to read or write cursive, most letters look the same and you can use context clues to figure out the rest. Most of the time, it’s not ‘cursive’ in general that’s hard to read, it’s ‘their’ cursive. Their handwriting is so awful, it borders on illegible. At least, that’s my experience.
420 5 gün önce
my local mall would be lucky to have more than 1000
Super Mario 123
Super Mario 123 5 gün önce
izzy chan Nyan Cat
izzy chan Nyan Cat 5 gün önce
Old people: we were raised right! Why weren't these new generations raised right? Also old people: *raised the new generations*
Narwhal 5 gün önce
our school in the philippines literaly teaches you how to do cursive and this people keep bragging about they know how to cursive isnt really that big to brag about it
tetrofita178 5 gün önce
Can you make Spanish subtitles for this? I’m tryna explain boomers to my mom
Adrian Ortiz
Adrian Ortiz 5 gün önce
Expecting everybody to write in cursive is really bizarre to me, considering the only time I was ever “taught” how to write cursive was when I barely even knew how to write in the first place. I have relatively neat and nice handwriting, but these people would still complain because it’s not cursive.
vvMathematicalvv 5 gün önce
I'm really starting think boomers are the worse generation in history and will be long remembered that way. Boomers got sh*t from their parents because they were terrible people. Now they spend all their time sh*tting on others because they are terrible people and they don't see it's not actually the way things are. Older generations have been proud of younger generations and vice versa all until the boomers entered the mix. Boomers are the only generation to destroy out country and backslide democracy.
vvMathematicalvv 5 gün önce
in a myriad of indescribable ways... every single one of these is so frustrating. thank you for hating it with me lol
Mariana Trotta
Mariana Trotta 5 gün önce
Boomers were the most informationally and technologically blessed generation to ever live in history and still they used it to create an economic system that's unsustainable and ruined the planet and all possible future forms of economy beyond repair for all of us, besides raising a whole generation (the gen X, my generation) of mentally fucked ups rigged for failure (me included, of course), and now they badmouth the way we raised our kids to actually do better. Now they say youngsters have no manners when they are the ruddest and most self-entitled age group ever, they say good music is dead only because they're too lazy to go after anything outside the mainstream and they say the world is getting worst so obviously is going to end soon, when no other period in history saw so many people aware and engaged in social projects, equality, struggle for rights, animal rescue, inclusion, gender issues etc etc I guess they're just making peace in their own minds with the idea that the human world is going to end because of, whatever, to not have to admit that, if it happens, it will be exclusively because of their stupidity.
ivypool x blossomfall UwU
my school *does* still teach cursive
Mariana Trotta
Mariana Trotta 6 gün önce
Drew, man, please. You edit videos so well, it's weird how you can't grasp people really need more time to see the images you chose, I have to goddamn pause the video every time I wanna see any one of them. Start leaving all images a little longer, please, I'm sure I'm not the only one noticing it.
sukuna 6 gün önce
2:27 “which i assume is kept in Nicholas Cage’s house” LMFAOOO
bm 6 gün önce
old white people are for some reason obsessed with drinking out of the hose but back then they literally had water fountains with their name on it
Students of Destruction
When I saw that Ellen clip I had a monologue in my head and I’ve never told anyone. I will now recite it to you. “Do you want to know what I will never have to do Ellen? I’ll never have to dial a rotary phone, or fold a map, or set an alarm clock. I will never have to do these things because they are obsolete. Do you wish to know what else is obsolete? You. You, Ellen Degeneres, have become obsolete. The world has moved on without you and I await you entrance to hell with a fiery passion you tired old crone.
Penguin 6 gün önce
New merch
Kristin Benton
Kristin Benton 6 gün önce
Temple Run? Are people still playing that..
Zabbs 6 gün önce
They rember
Jester. 7 gün önce
I say “sorry” and “excuse me” a lot because my parents yell at me and make me feel like shit… then get angry if I don’t say those things..? But also if I do..?
O E.
O E. 7 gün önce
lol i appreciate that smooth transition to the ad
Mateja Jezdić
Mateja Jezdić 7 gün önce
8:23 I almost choked on my water 🤣
TheyAreCool 7 gün önce
Did you have a house, you bet
Micah Guillemette
Micah Guillemette 7 gün önce
"Respecting elders" are any of your elders even still alive? Oh right, you're 80 and you just want people to agree with you when you say racist stuff.
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