Inside Tokyo's Most Expensive Hotel Room | $12,000/Night

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Tokyo's luxury 5 star hotels are amongst the best in the world. We stay the night in a $12,000 a night suite with stunning views as a reward to Connor for eating 100 bowls of noodles.
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⭐Special thanks to Andaz Tokyo for letting us review the room!⭐

ALSO thanks to Alex @Tokyo Portfolio for shooting the video!

Wankosoba Noodle Challenge
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17 Oca 2022




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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan 4 aylar önce
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: It's time for Connor's reward after eating 100 bowls of soba noodles! But WHAT do you think of the room? And in case you missed the pain he (or rather we) went through in the previous video, be sure to give it a watch here! trvid.com/video/video-AIjVEHF4A2M.html
CHRIOZIAN 2 aylar önce
i think based on the amount of that room ur really BIG TIME rich now u two hahahaha
Slay Bae
Slay Bae 3 aylar önce
LOVE these vids!! you should do more!!
Phineas Nigellus Black
I hope you see this so you can make a video on it make a video on the Blue pond in Hokkaido
Elena Longoria
Elena Longoria 4 aylar önce
Loving your show. Would or have you ever done one on the scarecrows of Nagoro? I think it would make great episode ♡
Zanadu Kane
Zanadu Kane 4 aylar önce
I have to admit I was disappointed that Chris didn't take out a ring during this video. Next time.
Anton Ego
Anton Ego 4 aylar önce
Connor the night before: *A Lord looking over this domain in elegance and style* Connor the morning after: “yo grab all the free stuff dude we paid for this!”
T L Shorty Shorty
T L Shorty Shorty 4 gün önce
@Knash Boi with revolvers
Gamer_Time 4 aylar önce
@Lostar SM it's a 12k room. Everything is getting ransacked by the cleaning staff and switched out for brand new regardless of whether it looks used.
brambleghost 4 aylar önce
@Kiwo Xgen nobody is going to be like “Christ they took the coffee!!! We must file for bankruptcy now… our hotel has been robbed everybody.” I don’t know about the blanket but i know people like to take the towels lol
Kiwo Xgen
Kiwo Xgen 4 aylar önce
@brambleghost how about the blanket? is it okay to take home? ain't it just stuffing more into the luggage?
In Darkness
In Darkness 4 aylar önce
Forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for late pizza - Michelangelo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Karamjit Dedyal
Karamjit Dedyal 4 aylar önce
I think the fact that this hotel invited Chris to do a review in their best room shows how far he has come and how he is now seen as one of the main influencers in Japan. I mean that is some reputation he has built. Great work Chris and well deserved. Edit: To think you started off youtube on a bed on the floor in a sub $500 dollar apartment and 9 years later you are on top of Japan in a $12,000.00 bed. Again, well deserved.
Mina's 37th Mole
Mina's 37th Mole 2 aylar önce
@IudiciumInfernalum Hear, hear*
metal87power 3 aylar önce
@Samuel Novobilsky Maybe Japanese don't speak and understand English enough so they think Chris is hype. xD
Dream Biscuit
Dream Biscuit 3 aylar önce
I remember being recently graduated from highschool and planning my trip to Japan and coincidentally Chris started his channel and just moved to Japan. Happen to search on TRvid and he popped up. I started watching his videos and used him as a guide to prepare. It's crazy how far he has gone and myself. I'm glad I could be a supporter of his from the very beginning.
IudiciumInfernalum 4 aylar önce
Here, here.
Batter Sempai
Batter Sempai 4 aylar önce
"Is this fun to watch? Two dickheads just having a nice time." Yeah, it's really fun. I sometimes watch videos about luxury hotels but the commentary is always done by people very disconnected from normal people, like they're so rich they don't know what normal people like. It's nice to watch a luxury hotel review done by you two.
Zeriel Aylar önce
At the same time, it's generally only rich people who would be in the market to go to such rooms though. I guess it's nice PR for the hotel though.
Loca Tabor
Loca Tabor 3 aylar önce
someone broke the 999 likes oof
TurtleOSX 3 aylar önce
Well said!! I'm glad other people got the same vibe from this video too. It's so nice
Rice&beans &rock&roll
Rice&beans &rock&roll 3 aylar önce
I agree. Those videos also often feel more "i can afford this" than "is it worth it". Watching this I actually got a feel for if id want to spend money on this or not
Malwina 3 aylar önce
I agree! Please start a new series where you review luxury hotels together, it's actually a LOT of fun to watch!
YouTube 4 aylar önce
incredible experience to stay in that suite!
Lux Intelligentia
Lux Intelligentia 10 gün önce
⟨⟨ Chaotickeyblade ⟩⟩
I had to do a double take.
Richie RIch
Richie RIch Aylar önce
Would you look who it is
Juice Aylar önce
Am I allowed to dislike this?
Obito∞Uchiha Aylar önce
Bring back the dislike button.
CoolName 2 aylar önce
“You’re stealing the goods!” “What do you mean? We payed for it!” The conversation every family has when they go to a hotel.
Lag00n Aylar önce
pretty much yeh and I follow along with them lmao they're right we did payed for it so yeh we're taking it plus I heard to those working on those hotel the one's cleaning would usually just throw it away it'd be waste not to take it now would it.
Mr. Cereal VEVO
Mr. Cereal VEVO 4 aylar önce
Nice to see Connor and Chris really embracing their British heritage by ransacking the entire hotel room.
Tsurupepe 19 gün önce
Doesn’t everyone do that?
Angelicwings1 Aylar önce
I mean… Any Asian parents would tell their children to learn by their example if what I hear from Asian humans is true. My Italian step father would say “it’s free… Never say no to anything free!” My white Australian with Irish ancestors will only say this… “Bloody poms!”
Unkn0wn404 Aylar önce
@Alex Frank TBF I don’t think anyone wants to be labeled as British. Worse than a death sentence..😔
Arnobization 2 aylar önce
They either got paid for it or paid for it.
fractured. wolf
fractured. wolf 2 aylar önce
Connor bullied Chris into it
Sam Connor
Sam Connor 3 aylar önce
Fun life hack: If you ever go to a really nice hotel and love the pillows there, take off the pillowcases and find the brand tag and look them up online. My mom did that once at a Disney resort and they're the pillows she's used ever since. I'm sure the pillows in this suite are hella expensive, but it's always worth it to check.
Mr PizzaCat
Mr PizzaCat Aylar önce
My parents did that with their bedding. I like my stuff stiff but I may follow in their footsteps one day soon
SuNGviN Aylar önce
Good wisdom
Ely lioney
Ely lioney 2 aylar önce
That what I should've done with that really good mattress
Sam Connor
Sam Connor 3 aylar önce
@Anarchy And Empires Indulgence by Isotonic :) you can get them at Bed Bath and Beyond
Anarchy And Empires
Anarchy And Empires 3 aylar önce
So what brand of pillows does your mom use they sound pretty bomb?
Nicky Borrill
Nicky Borrill 3 aylar önce
UK: "Never, ever, ever freeze a steak" Japan: "This steak was frozen, in snow, you must pay 5 times the usual price!"
artu165 Aylar önce
Uhhhh, freezing a steak can ruin it if you don't know what you are doing. Freezing a steak is perfectly fine in almost all countries around the world as long as you are careful. What ruins steaks when you freeze them is if you freeze them slowly (This happens when your steak is not properly sealed among other things) and this causes the ice crystals to grow large and rupture the fiber or the cell structure in the meat. That being said, as long as you freeze them correctly you don't have anything to worry about, frozen steaks can last up to 6 months if frozen correctly without compromising the flavor. The Japanese are usually good at handling food, so my guess is yes, they not only found a way to properly freeze steak but to add flavor to it when freezing it with snow.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 3 aylar önce
12,000. A night? 5,00.00 maybe!
Sybato 4 aylar önce
"A hotel room that might just have the best view of the entire city" *Includes Connor dancing in the shot* Wow, Chris is such a nice guy
P W 3 aylar önce
ok chris lol ha
kaylin grobbelaar
kaylin grobbelaar 3 aylar önce
I feel like Chris is giving proud dad vibes whos treating his teenage son. Especially when Conner was so excited over the coffee machine "yes very cool."
FinalFantasyBlades 4 aylar önce
Chris is such a gentleman, he treats his date to fine dining and then brings them back to his 12k hotel room.
woff fefe
woff fefe 3 aylar önce
Mouse gonna be mad
Ayay Wang
Ayay Wang 3 aylar önce
Bruh the comments xD ahahaha
doop00 3 aylar önce
A real gentleman indeed, it's the british fiber in him that force that quality out of him i'm sure.
Hong Jun
Hong Jun 3 aylar önce
Chris: Hey Connor it would be a waste if we didnt f*** on this 12k room right?
stellarcreep 4 aylar önce
Not Chris playing with the bubbles of Connor’s bubble bath.
Nerdmom630 Plays
Nerdmom630 Plays 4 aylar önce
Every wacky weekend is just a competition between them of who can be the most British. Connor gets excited about a coffee machine and Chris just sasses him the whole time.
MaffiaH 4 aylar önce
This is not only great to watch, but both Chris & Connor truly deserved this. Love it!
P W 3 aylar önce
fanboy lol
JoelCrafter43 4 aylar önce
True, after all the creepy places and weird love hotels they've been in, they earned it, I'd rather pay the 12k to spend a night in there than go through all the shit they have.
Shiemi Gravescale
Shiemi Gravescale 4 aylar önce
it would be interesting to see more luxury hotel reviews! as someone who works in a similar luxury hotel, it's refreshing to see it from this angle. when you work in one, the magic of them eventually wears off (especially when rich people complain about the tiniest of details)
Rena J
Rena J 4 aylar önce
I've worked for hotel cleaning/hospitality, and we were required to throw away anything left in the room, after the guest checked out, anyways, so those coulda been wasted. I do not blame Connor.
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Aylar önce
I was just thinking everything would have to be thrown out anyways so might as well take it, but I’d feel like I was stealing! 😂
Big Brain guy
Big Brain guy Aylar önce
Thanks now i won't hesitate to take things and feel guilty ever gain
Automobile Addict
Automobile Addict Aylar önce
Hotel cleaners are the biggest thieves! haha
Ember 2 aylar önce
Wait even the alcohol?
Alan R
Alan R 2 aylar önce
That's nice to know.
Psydle 4 aylar önce
Respect to Connor for representing the common man and taking every disposable item in the hotel room
Riruru 12 gün önce
I come back from time to time because this comment section is hilariously entertaining 🤣
TW Berlin
TW Berlin Aylar önce
@Arplee Ha! Spoken like a true thief. When you eventually get caught, I suspect the courts might disagree with your 'morals'.
Arplee Aylar önce
@TW Berlin stealing from rich people isn't morally wrong
Automobile Addict
Automobile Addict Aylar önce
Homer Simpson would approve.
Riruru 2 aylar önce
@Mama mo🤣 Yeah, I can kinda relate. I feel like taking free stuff is in my asian blood. It's not like I'm stealing their stuff, It's free. Fellow asians being asians....
Vycki 4 aylar önce
I actually appreciate how understated the furnishings are - it’s all about the view! If this room was super ornate and gilded, it would only take from things. Loved it ✌️
someone you might know
I get that it's modern but I surely don't find it understated honestly But yeah gilded decoration is usually awful anyways
Joo Ei
Joo Ei 28 gün önce
Beige? Your monitor color settings might be whacked?
Vycki 3 aylar önce
@Spacehootle * Fair point…
Spacehootle *
Spacehootle * 3 aylar önce
Yeah, but does it have to be so...beige? It has the charm of a forgotten shoebox.
Yoshi's Vlog
Yoshi's Vlog 3 aylar önce
Wow! I spent 7 years in the US and finally am back to Japan. I was a bit depressed at first because I was missing my friends I made in the US, but watching your videos really enlighten me and makes me want to explore my own country more! I also see thar you are located in Tohoku, which is also where I live in, so I am glad you are highlighting my hometown a lot as its usually doesnt get a lot of attentions from people.
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 4 aylar önce
I'm glad Chris is finally getting more recognition. Been watching for about 5 years now and it's great to see him on the way to 3million subs
El Sombero
El Sombero 3 aylar önce
This really reminds me of the suite in Frankfurt (Main) Germany, where my friend lives at. After he finally got successful with his music career, he bought it for 1.470.280€ and it has a very similar view from the windows but the best thing is that he has some extra features like a privacy switch which allows you to still look what is happening outside but doesn't allow you to see what's happening on the inside of his suite. There is also a supermarket in that building, a sauna, a guest room and a smart home system which allows him to even control the wall sockets from his smartphone... However, I'm not a fan of those smart home solutions. It's already very stupid that a hacker can put ransomware on your Car so that you can't even drive it without paying the hackers to unlock it but also, if the systems aren't getting updated at least once per month, those systems can be used to hack your other devices like your Smartphone or your computer.
Marcel Bernardo
Marcel Bernardo 4 aylar önce
Virgin Connor : Takes Chris to the worst rated hotel for wacky weekend. Chad broad : Treats Connor to an all you can eat wanko soba until he can‘t eat anymore and brings him to $12.000 hotel
N. Ron Hubble
N. Ron Hubble 4 aylar önce
Chris White and Connor Pinkman
ochinchin 4 aylar önce
Pritpal Singh
Pritpal Singh 4 aylar önce
Not Chad Broad 🥲
Red 7134
Red 7134 4 aylar önce
Gotta treat your boyfriend right.
Ay B
Ay B 4 aylar önce
That was such a Ross and Chandler vibe with the ransacking of the complimentary hotel goodies. Loved it!
P W 3 aylar önce
sillyme sillyyou
sillyme sillyyou 4 aylar önce
Who is who?
Paul Tuck
Paul Tuck 4 aylar önce
What an amazing hotel room. Every part was jaw-dropping and stunning. I thought the shot of Connor through the window dancing was a drone shot or something. The fact that you were still inside the hotel room is amazing.
MinitourM37 4 aylar önce
"Is this fun to watch?" I like seeing people have a good time and seeing two people who can genuinely appreciate it is really nice : )
drvillegasa 3 aylar önce
I have been to Japan 18 times sine 2010, but since January 2019 I haven’t been able visit. Now with all the restrictions Japan had imposed I haven’t been able to travel there to visit my Japanese wife. Your videos however have given me some confort during these last few months. Keep up the good work and try to find the good side of Nagoya! it is not all boring… Check inuyama Castle, Sakae, Osu… On the other hand I do agree that Kanazawa Fish Market is great but maybe next time you visit you can go to the Castle and Gardens. Greetings from London!
Angel Frame
Angel Frame 4 aylar önce
"Is this fun to watch? Two dickheads just having a nice time?" Me: Yes, Chris. "With my lobster bisque." Me: Yes, Connor.
Jackie Ronald Wayerston
_Sono __-Lobster-__ bisque_
J Hemphill
J Hemphill 4 aylar önce
If we could sit through the "worst hotel" video, why should we have any trouble with this one?
King Food Tour
King Food Tour 4 aylar önce
*We need more food videos!*
Tar Tar Magic
Tar Tar Magic 4 aylar önce
PandaGabacho 4 aylar önce
Honestly I’d love for Chris and Connor to have a show where they just have a nice time. Like comedians in cars getting coffee, but British dudes in Japan having a nice time.
Kekoapono 4 aylar önce
I am thankful that you make videos like this, Chris. It’s all entertaining, yes, but it’s fun to see you enjoying yourself and being able to partake in some of the finer things in Japan. Sometimes I feel as if I’m living vicariously through you. I can assure you that I would be worse off if not for this video and others similar to it.
P W 3 aylar önce
nice to see chris make fortune with no work, like honorable emperor, live off others sweat lol
Kuro Maru
Kuro Maru 4 aylar önce
Ok, I am definitely. DEFINITELY booking a room at this hotel when I'm gonna travel to Japan
D H 3 aylar önce
What is the name of the hotel?
Branimir Valentić
Branimir Valentić 3 aylar önce
Yeah, no biggie, you can even live there, they allow foreigners, and it looks OK.
Kuro Maru
Kuro Maru 4 aylar önce
@Graymanes all it takes is good spending habits and savings
Graymanes 4 aylar önce
Bruh it's cost is 12k/night dollars are you sure you have the budget?
Tiberius 4 aylar önce
New to the channel and I just wanna say I absolutely adore your videos Chris! Ever since watching the Soba challenge with Connor, I've been binging your videos and other than your great experiences in exploring Japan, have gotten introduced to such great personalities like Natsuki, Ryotaro, Roy, Quinlan, Sharla, Pete, and of course the boys from Trash Taste! I hope 2022 and beyond will be great for you and everyone involved in Abroad in Japan! I also think your channel name is absolutely brilliant after finding out your last name is Broad.
P W 3 aylar önce
ok chris mom, ha ha
Lien Ard
Lien Ard 3 aylar önce
Awesome videos Chris! Lived in Japan for 20 years but I am strangely enjoying Japan by watching your videos than when I lived there. Looking forward to meet you in person one day, in a bar in Shinjuku or something
Marta Gee
Marta Gee 4 aylar önce
Hey Chris, just wanted to say thank you so much for making your videos for the last 10 years. You are an extremely talented director, cinematographer and story teller. I have enjoyed watching your documentaries, short films and funny one-off videos for many years and just wanted to express my admiration for your talent. I also absolutely love the podcast with Pete and am overjoyed that we get two episodes a week now instead of one. Thank you so much for all your hard work and passion. Your videos and podcasts have always brought me tremendous joy but, particularly during these awful times, it has impacted me way more emotionally and mentally, in the positive sense. My soul aches to return to Japan -- I visited for the first time in the spring of 2019 -- and your videos and podcasts have been my window. So, thank you for letting my soul live vicariously through you and your friends adventures in Japan. Good health and happiness to you and your friends and family. With love, from New York City.
P W 3 aylar önce
ok chris, got to support your own channel ha ha nice wig!
KIRUZ 4 aylar önce
@xFreSh999 i wish i had 40k subs
Princess Jello
Princess Jello 4 aylar önce
Same and also nyc
Taylor Liddiard
Taylor Liddiard 4 aylar önce
I went to several cities in Japan back in April of 2019. I hope travelers will be allowed in soon - I can’t wait to go back. I love Chris’s videos for the same reason!
Elgie 4 aylar önce
Saaaame, I discovered his channel during the pandemic and I loved all of his videos! I went to Japan 2019 and been planning to go every year but then covid happened so :( Chris's videos made me basically sane for my longing to return to Japan 🥺
Senses 3 aylar önce
Connor reacting to the 12K Hotel suite: omg this is amazing! Connor reacting to the coffee machine: *MILK FROTHER* 🤩🤯😳
Lag00n Aylar önce
ah the simple things man
ᑭɾαɳ ボイジャー
THIS IS FUN TO WATCH! Please do review more hotels!
P W 3 aylar önce
ok chris ha ha
vidsofyermom 4 aylar önce
Almost 900,000 ppl watched you tools tool around in the nicest room ever. Even me! I think you found your new niche. Get on the reviewing 5⭐hotels in Japan!
Nerd Nicole
Nerd Nicole 4 aylar önce
Review more hotel rooms!!!!! It's super entertaining to watch you guys live the life.
CruxNStuff 4 aylar önce
Hey Chris! I absolutely love your videos! I've always loved and wanted to visit Japan and I've been following this channel ever since you started 9 years ago! I just wanted to ask (If you even get to see this comment haha) My partner and I are getting married later this year and we want to go to Japan for our honeymoon, we want to see as much as possible. So what would you recommend is a MUST do on our honeymoon? and places we definitely have to visit?? :) I hope you get to see this and thank you for all your entertainment over the years! :D
pigsandneedles 3 aylar önce
Thanks so much for all your videos, Chris! I've been in isolation for the past week and have binged the hell out of them! Thanks for making iso a little easier to bear!
chibip6 4 aylar önce
So happy for you guys! Your channels have really enriched my life. Hope many more wonderful experiences await you in 2022. ☺️
P W 3 aylar önce
ok chris
Rich the sheffield magpie
I've recently come across your channel..and I proper love the wacky weekends with Cdawg. Makes me laugh every time. Keep up the awesome content
Z Skandana
Z Skandana 4 aylar önce
It was nice seeing Connor so happy. I'm glad y'all got to have a good time and thanks for sharing the view with us!
P W 3 aylar önce
yes nice to see Condoms happy lol
Im Apromox
Im Apromox 4 aylar önce
The question is, who actually choose to pay 12k a night for a room? Im genuinely curious how often a room like this get booked.
Zeriel Aylar önce
People for whom 12k is pocket change. Also a more realistic answer is "the business account". A lot of these super expensive things are used by upper management at some company and just charged to the company instead of a personal expenditure.
P W 3 aylar önce
ok soros ha ha
Josie Jones
Josie Jones 4 aylar önce
Chris I have to say you have become a really great documentary maker. You are always growing and improving. This is the most professional TRvid Account I have seen. Great Job!
P W 3 aylar önce
ok chris
Hayleigh Hagood
Hayleigh Hagood 4 aylar önce
I’ve stayed at the Andaz 3 times. Absolutely love it and constantly think about the truffle fries they serve at the burger spot across from the bakery downstairs. By far one of the best hotels I’ve ever had the privilege of staying in and the staff are always absolutely outstanding.
Cole 4 aylar önce
I feel so privileged to witness Connor and Chris' extended honeymoon
P W 3 aylar önce
u can buy private time video with boy on boy ha ha
whatever works, mate.
whatever works, mate. 4 aylar önce
Lmao, I was just gonna comment "So nice of these two to show us their honeymoon" 😂
travisss15 3 aylar önce
Quite shocked by that price. A 5 star hotel with your own swimming pool and spa in Macao is only around 300 usd per night. Banyan tree is an absolute must if anyone goes macao. But ofcourse Tokyo is on a different scale than tiny Macao.. but 12k cmonnnn
DeltaTwoZero 3 aylar önce
Hey Chris, Great video (as usual). I was wondering if you could make another video about why Japanese fast food is much more healthier than UK, US or any other popular country. Compare stuff, complain about stuff, you know, your comfort zone content :) Thanks!
MICHELLE 3 aylar önce
Great video Chris and Connor. Spectacular views and the room is amazing. The room service meal looked fantastic. Reviewing luxury suites with two lads would be perfect and very entertaining. My favourite videos of yours are the Onsens hotel reviews. Is it possible for you to arrange a visit to a Geisha School? That would be interesting. I would love to see you two lads trying to learn a graceful fan dance.
Heather Nash
Heather Nash Aylar önce
It is fun to watch, I vote yes to reviewing luxury hotel rooms as a standard 😂
Sharmeleon 4 aylar önce
You didn’t even eat 100 bowls, should be me at that hotel😒
N B 2 aylar önce
You are the GOD of this challenge Sharla
Mark Hogan
Mark Hogan 3 aylar önce
@Koniko tres tres cinco Joking ≠ being a predator, lmao.
SpecJack15 4 aylar önce
OMG Sharla and Connor together in a suite?!
Lloyd Pierre
Lloyd Pierre 4 aylar önce
I thought he ate 105?
joshawa roe
joshawa roe 3 aylar önce
Honestly, the change to a really nice hotel is amazing. Very nice to watch, thanks for the beautiful content!
Hell Girl
Hell Girl 3 aylar önce
just goes to show how affable Chris can be.
naythan 3 aylar önce
After watching the most recent Trash taste episode with Chris, I must say this is an underrated comment 😂
Study With Me
Study With Me 4 aylar önce
Envious, what a beautiful room and an even better view. Glad you got to enjoy it and took us along for the ride!
lisa jennison
lisa jennison 4 aylar önce
Ok, you are a great friend! And, I think you both should review 5 star Hotels for a living! Thanks for the awesome tour of that amazing hotel suite!
DashinBashin 4 aylar önce
I would legit watch you two review hotels...though perhaps of varying quality for the entertainment of going from something like this, to a random capsule hotel out in the mountains
Christian Aylar önce
Chris I can tell you confidently this kind of content is indeed fun to watch. Although I will always enjoy you torturing Connor with bad hotels and abandoned theme parks, it is also genuinely enjoyable to see you guys just hanging out and having a good time at a nice venue like this one. I’d happily watch a video of you and Connor just sitting in your apartment chatting honestly. The venues and travels are incredible but it’s you and Connor who keep me coming back. I love this series though. It is always a joy to watch you having fun times with your friends.
Ford-Thomas Loveland
Ford-Thomas Loveland 4 aylar önce
I stayed in a hotel in osaka that had a mini fridge they refilled each day. I wish I took as much advantage of it as Connor did
Trofuse 4 aylar önce
I would absolutely love to see more luxury hotel reviews with you and Connor!
Julian Wilkinson
Julian Wilkinson 4 aylar önce
Connor: * enters most expensive hotel room in Tokyo* Also Connor: *is most excited about bog-standard Nespresso machine that has been in my kitchen for the past year*
-CFW.Magic- 4 aylar önce
having a kettle in a hotel room is already a luxury so imagine having a full functioning and CLEAN coffee maker in your suite.
Royhan Mukhlis Abdi
Royhan Mukhlis Abdi 4 aylar önce
Archus 4 aylar önce
The nespresso of 12k room just hits different lol.
Nicholas Tay
Nicholas Tay 4 aylar önce
The same Nespresso machine that, according to him on the podcast, he also has at home and at the podcast office/studio
Faiz Fuad
Faiz Fuad 4 aylar önce
Sjaki 3 aylar önce
What an amazing experience! Great review, you guys clearly enjoyed your stay. That stunning view!
Liokay 4 aylar önce
Connor ransacking the room cracked me up xD I quite enjoyed watching this, you should definitely do hotel room reviews more often :D hehe
TBZK 4 aylar önce
Im so happy they made this a segment ahahaha! I love them both together!
Youtube Channel
Youtube Channel 4 aylar önce
You should definitely try Tokyu Hotel in Shibuya, Blossom in Hibiya, Four Seasons in Otemachi, MITSUI Garden in Toyosu, Chinzanso in Toshima, Sheraton Grande in Disney to feel and experience that goodness. Those are ultra luxury and super affordable staycation choices, good for taking there your families or girlfriends 😉
That One Random Guy
That One Random Guy 4 aylar önce
‘Ultra luxury’ & ‘super affordable’ in the same sentence? You must be doing well
groofay 4 aylar önce
Priorities. Chris: Unbelievable view of all Tokyo, has a dining area made specifically to blackmail your enemies Connor: The coffee machine has a milk frother
JezzaN1 3 aylar önce
And legitimately a
P W 3 aylar önce
man milk ha ha
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 4 aylar önce
Correction: The coffee machine has a milk frother IN THE BATHROOM. Gross. Also the bedroom looks like a standard size western hotel room but that's probably luxury in Japan.
johnny elkins
johnny elkins 4 aylar önce
@EU Well i am still going to be excided about that coffee machine
EU 4 aylar önce
@johnny elkins I own a semi-professional espresso maker. The very basic models of home espresso makers have milk frotters. Most probably Nespresso don't. So, nothing special.
Gixin² 2 aylar önce
Man, I've got such a thing for tall fancy apartment/hotel rooms, I can't stop watching videos about them, I just love city views so much, gosh I wanna live in a tall skyscraper even if the room isn't fancy. It just makes me feel some time of euphoria and inner peace merely living vicariously in them. Can't imagine how I'd feel actually being in one
Saber 3 aylar önce
I've been watching your channel and it has inspired me to try to learn Japanese. Quick question. How many kanji characters have you learned in your time in Japan?
Blockhead 3 aylar önce
This dude is as good as it gets. He's like the Jeremy Clarkson of Japanese travel.
あまつき 3 aylar önce
I live in Tokyo but I’m jealous of you I’ve never stayed at such a luxurious hotel😓
Coffeehouse Crime
Coffeehouse Crime 4 aylar önce
I've been waiting for this... That view of the Tokyo tower is amazing! When are you moving in Chris?? Side note, I'm really not sure about that toilet with the mirror right in front of it....
Catman H2O2
Catman H2O2 4 aylar önce
Coffeehouse crime watches abroad in Japan? From my favorite true crime TRvidr to my favorite TRvidr in one comment
Filip Andersson
Filip Andersson 4 aylar önce
Omg it’s coffeehouse crime! Love your channel!
Amy 4 aylar önce
….wouldn’t it be weird watching yourself taking a dump?
Crystal Francisco
Crystal Francisco 4 aylar önce
Omg I love your Chanel and I’ve been watching Chris for years. I love when worlds collide 🥰
Herobrian 4 aylar önce
Lol it's weird looking at yourself taking a loo. It's like having a staring contest while doing your business
Auron327 Aylar önce
It's an incredible shame you guys didn't get shots of the main Lobby as well as the lobby restaurant and morning buffet. They also have an amazing Sushi experience next to the rooftop bar. There's a whole lot more in Toranomon but it's worth the price of admission.
Aram 3 aylar önce
Imagine living in that apartment (if it weren’t a hotel room). What an actual dream.
Jade Power
Jade Power 4 aylar önce
Just discovered your channel, I actually really like your content, always learn a lil bit about Japan and have a bit of fun watching it, keep up the awesome work!
Adhi Anu
Adhi Anu 2 aylar önce
Man i love how you guys are travelling here and there its just amazing
kip k
kip k 4 aylar önce
I know they were making a joke, but I would 100% watch a series following these guys at various luxury hotels across japan and the world.
Q 4 aylar önce
TotallyAcid 4 aylar önce
same, i enjoy the hell out of those videos
Thomas Sälzer
Thomas Sälzer 3 aylar önce
Can we appreciate the hotel employee who did a great job filming this whole video even when Connor sit down on the toilet he literally squated to match the height 😂😂
Jellypopcorn 4 aylar önce
_The night time view is breathtaking! What an incredible experience, I would have slept on the floor facing the window hahaha_
P W 3 aylar önce
ghb make you sleepy ha ha
Master Singleton
Master Singleton 4 aylar önce
I would love a series with CDawgVA where you travel across Japan reviewing various unique 5 star hotel rooms.
P W 3 aylar önce
ok chris
OverHeatedCo 3 aylar önce
Finally good to see Connor being treated kindly for the last time 😄
RageElixir 4 aylar önce
Life Hack: if it's complimentary.. take it 😆
Faiz Fuad
Faiz Fuad 4 aylar önce
@Alex Frank of course. Also im not worried about the bathrobe thing. I worked in the hotel industry before in a much less fancy setup then Japanese hotels and even we have proper hygience laundry systems for those kinds of worries. Guess its an Asian thing.
Teroseth 4 aylar önce
Everything's complimentary as long as you don't get caught.
Sean Bongalos
Sean Bongalos 4 aylar önce
All according to ocean law. It's mine now.
Rowan Owens
Rowan Owens 4 aylar önce
And never ever turn down a meal either. If someone offers, including hotel, you take it ne.
Seasick Pirate
Seasick Pirate 4 aylar önce
I mean they're british it's in their blood
Sybato 4 aylar önce
That timeplase of Tokyo Tower from night to day was amazing, tell Alex she did great as always
astrokier 4 aylar önce
Yes it’s really fun to watch, especially with Connor 🤣
Douglas Tan
Douglas Tan 4 aylar önce
Pretty incredible view but interesting amenities on this luxurious hotel with great food too 😱😱
CodenameTurtle 4 aylar önce
It looks great, loved the toilet area as they tend to make one claustrophobic normally lol. but I do hate the green carpeted floor throughout the entire suite ahhhhh! but really cool experience to see.
Adrian Mol
Adrian Mol 4 aylar önce
love the videos keep it up always upping the quality. good job!!
Fox Hyde
Fox Hyde 4 aylar önce
Honestly Im down to see Chris and Connor review hotels
KillerTacos 4 aylar önce
Excellent video Chris! Love the chemistry you have with Connor!
Orihime-chan 4 aylar önce
as much as that looks amazing as hell i'd rather just have one of the cheaper rooms mainly cuz i'm deathly afraid of heights so i'd probably have a panic attack about every 0.0000000001 seconds looking out any of those windows.
CHEFPK 4 aylar önce
I had the pleasure of Staying at the Andaz when I visited Tokyo back in 2008. I was currently working for the Hyatt and got some free rooms, it was epic. I am sad they didn't give me this room as an employee discount.
Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson 4 aylar önce
@Stinger913 the Hyatt is amazing there is one here in Oklahoma , that I got to stay at fir a competition for school. the beds were so comfy I had to force my roommate to get up lol.
X-O Kimberly
X-O Kimberly 4 aylar önce
Please..Having trippie as favorite sexo.centre.baby artist definitely isn't a red flag. If anything, it's a green flag. .. Xxx ASMR SHOW VLOG PARTY Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались.​
Márton Benkő
Márton Benkő 4 aylar önce
@Bernardo Zirpoli No. All five star hotels have "reasonable" priced rooms. I was in the Tokyo Station hotel for 200 usd back in 2014. And they said you can get one for around 400 usd.
Bernardo Zirpoli
Bernardo Zirpoli 4 aylar önce
are all the rooms crazy expensive or?
Alex Frank
Alex Frank 4 aylar önce
@Sam I am 30k/yr salary in Tokyo?
JennyJ 4 aylar önce
Connor impressed with the milk thing in the coffee machine is his most humble moment on the internet lol
Quixote 4 aylar önce
The most important part of any hotel room is the coffee machine. It says alot about how much they care about their guests. Yes, having a frother is very cool!
André Drummond
André Drummond 3 aylar önce
10:38 I don't know why this was so funny lol... But yeah, I am becoming more and more passionate about Japan with these videos
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 aylar önce
To be fair, I'd probably take the pillows, sheets and coffee machine with me if I stayed at a 12.000 dollar hotel.
Wyatt Reece
Wyatt Reece 4 aylar önce
"Is this fun to watch? Just two dickheads having a nice time?" Yes it's very fun to watch. Especially because it's regular people's opinions on things 98% of people couldn't think of seeing in their lifetimes.
NoblePineapples 4 aylar önce
Agreed, it absolutely is fun.
Dale Hodgkinson
Dale Hodgkinson 4 aylar önce
Great vid, brilliant views, please do a follow up and show us the $350 room as a comparison.
Gojo (chill mode)
Gojo (chill mode) 3 aylar önce
"Don't touch the buttons" "I want to" Connor became most of us in that moment 😂
Casey Kazem
Casey Kazem 4 aylar önce
Jesus my heart leaped out of my chest when I realized it was 12,000 a night. I'd love to see the people who could stay there for three days.
Confused NinjaX
Confused NinjaX 4 aylar önce
Conner: Finally, something worth my time */literally the Most Expensive hotel in Tokyo* Ok man 🤣 I do love how chill Chris is while they're exploring the room xD Conner's just "WOAH! LOOKIT! AND THAT!" and Chris is just nodding calmly like "Yeah, no, real cool, uh huh" dhzjsjsj really great, guys
Verse Buchanan
Verse Buchanan 4 aylar önce
That's the sweetest anniversary gift you could have given him, Chris. And people say romance is dead.
P W 3 aylar önce
gay japan make happy jail ha ha
Katinka Belle
Katinka Belle 4 aylar önce
Bromance is obviously alive 😆
Wounded Fox
Wounded Fox 4 aylar önce
I love you guys. If I make it to Japan (oh the hope) I'm gonna try and contact you Chris.
Poopin on the Ritz
Poopin on the Ritz 3 aylar önce
That room is nice, I dunno if it's $12k a night nice. You can have an entire 2 week-long luxurious all expense-paid vacation for $12k
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