Inside the World's Most Luxurious Abandoned City (never seen before)

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Check out my friend @Johnny Harris first story about this conflict here:

Check out @Nathaniel Drew ‘s Channel who joined us on this trip as well.

This was probably one of the most complicated stories we've ever had to tell. For my Cypriots watching, I wish you peace and prosperity for the future. I hope you enjoyed this piece and understand that not every single detail of the story could be highlighted. I could've spent hours going into all of the intricacies of this conflict and tried to stay balance and unbiased as I simply came an observer.

Varosha is one of the largest and most tragic ghost towns on the planet. Once filled with tens of thousands of tourists every year it's been abandoned now for about 47 years... The conflict in Cyprus is far from being resolved and unfortunately is growing in complexity as the years go by. Sending hope and positivity to all the Cypriots out there, thank you for hosting me in your country.

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18 Eki 2021




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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Aylar önce
This is probably one of the most sensitive conflict zones in the world at the moment and I did my best telling a high-level version of the story that still stays fair and discusses the major events. There are endless more elements that would have to be mentioned for the whole conflict to be understood, so I highly recommend you dive deeper into this if you are interested in fully comprehending it. I honestly was ignorant to how sensitive things still were when I arrived and I'm glad I changed that by getting to hear real stories from people in the Yes Fam. It was pretty surreal driving across this de-facto border and hearing the tragic stories on both sides. I just hope that Cyprus and Cypriots will one day find peace and a prosperous future.
Tom Wopereis
Tom Wopereis 7 gün önce
These kind of videos helps me to better understand what is important in life. Thanks again!
Serhat Kaşıkcı
Serhat Kaşıkcı 7 gün önce
@Перан Кајновић are you fucking joking
richov 10 gün önce
@EarlRegent you are wrong in the sense that the British instigated troubles between the two communities as they were losing control of the island.
SEX ON CANVAS 12 gün önce
Crazy 🥴🥴🥴🥴
Salpeteroxid 15 gün önce
It's a blank cartridge with no bullet ever been in that case.
Don Stone
Don Stone 4 saatler önce
We are not living happily like humans but like animals in the forest....
Meghana Dhaygude
Meghana Dhaygude 6 saatler önce
The information you bring to light with these videos, would be lost without seeing the light of the new generation! Thank you for these heart touching and interesting videos
lilah.lo0 7 saatler önce
This is the one of the best videos I’ve seen from you guys. Wow.
Kuya Broom
Kuya Broom 8 saatler önce
To all small TRvidrs, We/you can do this, don't stop even it takes weeks months or years before viewers recognize your content. Continue what you started and just enjoy everything you do. - beginner
an hero
an hero 9 saatler önce
turkey is a terrible and disgusting country that commits war crimes against anyone when it is convenient and they think they can get away with it.
Roaa Alshurman
Roaa Alshurman 10 saatler önce
"You buy a bike and somebody steal it" that's exactly what's happening everyday in occupied Palestine
Neil Fleming
Neil Fleming 10 saatler önce
lol, so who are all the other people wandering around if it's 'never been seen before'....a woman and a child were right behind you at 10:58
CruSTy AD 10 saatler önce
Cyprus, Israel, Korea, Cuba, Afghanistan and all the other linchpins put into place... same old story
Lemon boy
Lemon boy 13 saatler önce
Thank you for doing this. Not many people know about the story and you told it very well and open minded. I was born in England and have lived here for ever but my family is Greek Cypriot. We go to Cyprus when we can and I used to be very angry and Blame it all on turkey. Now I don’t care about that. It’s the people that matter and I ask my grandparents questions about the past. They remember living together with the Turkish Cypriots and it being fine. They just want unity. Most people from Cyprus want peace and unity and we have to remember that. This isn’t about the people vs the people, it’s the governments that we don’t have control over. My grandad lived in the north. He was born there and grew up there. It was either before the war or during that they both moved to England. They didn’t know eachother, they actually met in England. A lot of Cypriot people moved to England and there is a big community in north London. They have many stories and I wish I knew everything. They now spend their time in Cyprus and England. Right now they are in Cyprus and they don’t want to come back for Christmas 😭
Alex Constantinides
Alex Constantinides 13 saatler önce
Why did the Turkish decide they could take the city after all of these years? Why has the UN not retaliated? Are Green Zones anyone's to take? I am trying to understand, as I am still trying to understand the conflict.
Cherie Tillapaugh Hott
Cherie Tillapaugh Hott 17 saatler önce
This breaks my heart.
Sotos Gregoriou
Sotos Gregoriou 18 saatler önce
the name of city is famagusta varosi is a vilage
Sivo 13
Sivo 13 Gün önce
Even the beach looks dark and sinister LOL
Superficus Gün önce
Very impressed by this video. Thanks for telling those stories.
Van Mars
Van Mars Gün önce
"We prepared to be dead than to live under the Turkish authority"
Ava Stebbins
Ava Stebbins Gün önce
Hi! I am currently enrolled as a student at Grand Valley State University and I am studying Hospitality and Tourism Management. I have an assignment where I have to gather information on other travel influencers and I chose you guys because you happen to be my favorite! I had a few questions for you guys starting with, When and how did you discover you wanted to travel for your job? What is one of your favorite places you have been to? What is your favorite and least favorite part of this industry? I hope you guys see this and are able to respond! Thanks!!!
Angel 2 gün önce
Your videos are always well made and educative. Well done.
derek8c 2 gün önce
That's a blank cartridge, there is no projectile in them
Proud American Ca
Proud American Ca 2 gün önce
0:15 it’s a blank
Angel 2 gün önce
Such a heart breaking story. I've never even heard of the place or conflict. They're were people just living their life and want to go home. They've been through so much.
Michael Kienzl
Michael Kienzl 2 gün önce
I wonder if any of you have ever thought about the way Covid 19 transmits. Stay save! I see everyone hugging and shouting in each others faces all the time...
K CL 2 gün önce
I believe in the younger generations. I believe it will be the new generations to unite. We truly all are one, and none is the "other". With all the chaos and divide in this world, please remember each of us is a person and has dreams, and we have more in common than we realize. Much love to all hurting from this.
Superbigblue19 2 gün önce
As soon as I saw the Turkish flag & the timeline, I knew you were talking about Cyprus & the Turks & Greeks which is like one of the oldest rivalries dating back to the ancient world. Someone seems to be maintaining the roads & landscape.
Van Mars
Van Mars Gün önce
Please though, not an ancient rivalry. The Turkish entrance to the Greek speaking areas was at the year 1071. The ottomans subjected much of the old Greek speaking Eastern Roman Empire in the 14th-15th century and Cyprus conquered by the Turks in 1571. For a Greek timeline of history, this is quite recent rivalry and events. Ancient rivalry is with Persia, not the Turks.
James A Smith
James A Smith 2 gün önce
Very well done!
Perfect Padfoot
Perfect Padfoot 3 gün önce
I understand that you are trying to bring light to the experiences of the people that lived there, but it is still quite hurtful when this sad story is subtly portrayed as a result of the Turkish invasion. Us Turkish Cypriots do not appreciate Turkey’s intervention to be worded as an invasion, as the coup was unquestionably a form of ethnic cleansing, and our generation would not exist if such an intervention did not take place. This documentary is a good attempt at drawing people’s attention to the Cyprus conflict, but please beware of the significance of showing the hurt that took place in both sides. A greek family’s grief in missing the home that they have fled is valid, and I as a Turkish Cypriot show empathy to them, but our families have also fled the south to stay safe. You been politically incorrect but please do not undermine our hurt as a community. We have been hurt and we are still suffering, our rights are completely foregone and we cannot be ignored. Thank you.
Uneeza Rajpoot
Uneeza Rajpoot 3 gün önce
Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰
cem yatman
cem yatman 3 gün önce
Антон 3 gün önce
Holds a spent BLANK CASING: _”this is a bullet”_
Ferris Whanau
Ferris Whanau 3 gün önce
I love your content! So genuine, so open minded, so caring! You’ve got yourself a new sub for life 🙏
R Gp
R Gp 3 gün önce
Toquevil used to say: ''in a democracy - each new generation is a new nation''
Thomas Gazis
Thomas Gazis 3 gün önce
Thomas why are you deleting civilized but inconvenient to your point of view comments?
Lyanos 4 gün önce
reminds me of Beirut , 70s/80s
Bo Boekelman
Bo Boekelman 4 gün önce
Any Johnny Harris Subscribers over here??
Ricardo Ghandi
Ricardo Ghandi 4 gün önce
these clowns should show how americans stole all the land from the natives - they are whining for the greeks throughout the video
Jan Bond
Jan Bond 4 gün önce
Wow! How interesting. I just happened on this.
steven rosenberg
steven rosenberg 5 gün önce
My heart aches for all.. at first it looked like Miami Beach from the photos in the 60’s. As you went I felt a pit in my stomach.. so sad.. I can imagine it was once a seaside resort style living and now only the feel of ghosts. I can only hope for peace. Thank you
Stephen Cotton
Stephen Cotton 5 gün önce
The strange thing with this city - is that many of the streets you were walking on look to be recently sealed and there are even bicycle lane markings. It is like a horror show attraction.
Stephen Cotton
Stephen Cotton 5 gün önce
You forgot about the role of the British.
WatermelonRocks 5 gün önce
Those roads look better than winnipegs.
Why are the roads so nice tho?
J K 5 gün önce
I went to Ayia Napa in Cyprus on a lads holiday, it's amazing! Every now and again you'll see black SUVs going down the street with tinted out windows, you can definitely tell the place is controlled by some high level gang
Michael Naranjo
Michael Naranjo 5 gün önce
I enjoyed this so much
Kim Turner
Kim Turner 6 gün önce
Perfect love casts out fear.
Voltair 6 gün önce
Deep :)
Robb 6 gün önce
This is absurd. They redid the road and put up fencing to let (no doubt paying) tourists roam about in a warzone.. madness
Jaywye 6 gün önce
60 fps please!
Iceee_vr 6 gün önce
I always liked this country because I like geography and thought it looked like America, but I never thought about what the place was actually like and it’s beutiful
lemon juice
lemon juice 6 gün önce
Only thing Greece wanted was to reunion all greeks
talal waheed
talal waheed 6 gün önce
I love voice of Thomas. Would love to talk to u. Though I cant see but I listen to your videos n enjoy allot
Indian rider omkar
Indian rider omkar 6 gün önce
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Indian rider omkar
Indian rider omkar 6 gün önce
Iam toady subscribe bro
Jessela Merciful
Jessela Merciful 6 gün önce
We need more good people in this planet to avoid all these kind of wars. Be that somebody.
didi _cy05
didi _cy05 6 gün önce
That's the country where I live
allen teo
allen teo 7 gün önce
"the biggest loser of any war or conflict is the civilians" there you go world leaders and politician
Dead Cell
Dead Cell 7 gün önce
what you're looking at and thinking is a bullet is actually a blank the crimped ends kind of proved that it is a blank round and maybe it was used is some kind of ceremonial gun salute
MB Golden
MB Golden 7 gün önce
Mm Mm
Mm Mm 7 gün önce
Cyprus was a Greek Land in the 15th before the Turk settlers were given the land when they arrived there. But besides this, EVERYBODY can live peacefully together if the ISLAM EXTREMIST is far from their life.
Chasey Chase'um
Chasey Chase'um 7 gün önce
Have to say, we need to know how and who made the streets there and get them to build streets again! Amazingly good condition for nearly 50 yrs of neglect!
Austin Enterprise Ink
That "bullet" you found, held and showed at the beginning was a BLANK cartridge. Not an actual bullet as the bullet is the actual projectile that is fired from a cartridge. Often mistakenly stated.
TheRecalcitrant1 7 gün önce
Well, this is the 3rd video from 'Yes Theory' that I have viewed(all 3, in entirety, truly a difficult feat for the creator- being 'good' enough to hold me until the conclusion of their story due to my pea-sized attention span + the fact I am subbed to about 115 channels at the moment!), and with these facts, YES THEORY has earned me as a new subscriber. Congrats boys! This is quite a rarity these days, as I have made it my mission to REMOVE/UN-sub from 1 channel per day until New Years... I have WAY too many I'm subbed to, and the fact is, it has been at least 5 yrs.since I have viewed content from some creators. Some I don't recall even subbing to, others, no longer interest me, etc., etc., etc. On that note, I digress. Looking forward to seeing more of the AWESOME CONTENT here at "Yes Theory", and THANKS for doing a fine job in regards to ALL aspects of the vids you make here. Much Love!
J C 7 gün önce
Divide and conquer is what the corrupt, tyrant, cynical politicians are doing to its people.
Nagaraj O
Nagaraj O 8 gün önce
#339 we are just in a small bubble there is more than humanity on the planet to explore
Ed Holohan
Ed Holohan 8 gün önce
Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn!
Андрей Субокин
i live in cyprus limassol :D
Zas Zahari
Zas Zahari 8 gün önce
If ever you have time to get Palestinian story on how they feel after the Israeli invasion and put them into siege untill today, it will be great.
Eddy Soh
Eddy Soh 8 gün önce
Wear ur mask at all time if u r outdoor dude!
ss k
ss k 8 gün önce
Tony Rios
Tony Rios 8 gün önce
I was there in 2000. My dad was stationed in Nicosia for 3 years. It was crazy driving through there, seeing the abandoned gas station, airport, and a crashed fighter jet, just to go to the diplomat pool. People would also frequently drive go karts on the abandoned airport tarmac. Also, as the son of a diplomat, I was allowed to travel with him back and forth between the Turkish and Greek sides. One of the more memorable experiences I had was trekking through the ruins of Kantara Castle which is on the northeastern coast. There's so many amazing sights and experiences on that island, and everyone was incredibly friendly from what I remember, both Greek and Turkish.
KlipschHead281 8 gün önce
I loved the lack of politics this video gave considering how considerable they were that divided the locals causing such a long term problem. Hopefully one day both sides can come together to rebuild Cypress , the whole world is seeing this toxic political climate so there is much work to be done everywhere, maybe Cypress can be a beacon for that some day.
Erol Kagan
Erol Kagan 8 gün önce
Cyprus was never a part of modern Greece or ancient Greece - the connection between Greek Cypriots and Greeks of Greece is only linguistic
Franco King
Franco King 8 gün önce
Tribalism is, indeed, a slippery slope. Maybe it's about time that the USA took note... before that country ends up with its very own 'Famagustas'. #UsVersusThem
Maya Lauzon
Maya Lauzon 8 gün önce
We’re the only people who are allowed in. Then behind them is a mom and child. Next block has another family walking around. Lol
More Than Random
More Than Random 8 gün önce
Fantacic content as usual, eye operning and insightful. That's a Blank Round (bullet) used in training exercises in the Military and Police
frankie magana
frankie magana 8 gün önce
This is a bullet …… this is a used bullet 🤣 ( bullet that hasn’t been shot 🥴)
Marissa Arias
Marissa Arias 8 gün önce
I'm also a desilusioned optimist.
Christian 8 gün önce
Correction, that was a blank round, there was no bullet.
Mohammed Suresh
Mohammed Suresh 8 gün önce
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Peter Lustig
Peter Lustig 8 gün önce
BTW DW ist Germanys Goverment Television. It is not public TV.
Dimitris Terpizis
Dimitris Terpizis 8 gün önce
Hello from Cyprus!
Accau Laurette
Accau Laurette 9 gün önce
There’s nothing new to all of these, world been like this even before we are born.Chaos everywhere.
Exquisite Keto
Exquisite Keto 9 gün önce
That is a non lethal training ammunition.
Jean-Paul 9 gün önce
0:14 shows no bullet only a blank cartridge.
S M Sadman Sakib
S M Sadman Sakib 9 gün önce
Its so sad.
Country Blood
Country Blood 9 gün önce
That’s a rifle blank 😂
squttnbear 9 gün önce
My useless and uninformed opinion is that Cyprus would be best left alone by both governments. If Cyprus was left alone to its own people, the citizens might once again live in peace. If we, as the outside world, cared about peace at all we would help them along in their independent unified government that owed nothing to either side. That's what peace loving people do, they help their neighbors without expecting anything in return.
OneTrueJay 9 gün önce
0:15 that bullet you found is crimped at the top where a round would be. so it looks like a blank.
zyzoo1 9 gün önce
I would love to see a video made to see the Palestinian/Israeli each part of truth! Something that is on going there for 100 years now..you will need some courage to get involved in such a complicated "story". Keep it up..very nice videos
David Rodenborn
David Rodenborn 9 gün önce
I'm one of those 50🤙🏼
Vinny 9 gün önce
i want to live here
Josh 9 gün önce
Advice: I dont wanna see your ugly mug, quit pointing it at your face. Show the good content instead.
jessie nadia
jessie nadia 9 gün önce
This city is perfect for Battle royal 🧐
J I 9 gün önce
This is the result of a genocide attempt against Turkish minority back then, a movement called Enosis. So this destruction is worth saving a culture of people from getting massacred. You have such a harsh view about this place from the other side of the planet.
Stefan Weilhartner
Stefan Weilhartner 9 gün önce
the EU should make turkey an offer to buy that and make it an EU mini state. everyone who lives on the turkish side should then automatically get an EU citizenship and keep there turkish citizenship. there should not be a disadvantage for anyone
Mel M
Mel M 9 gün önce
I hope peace is found for all the families, so true, to divided is to keep you weak, to build and come togetherness is strength, much love to all you beautiful peeps, one day soon🙏💪❤️💞
Marv Watkins
Marv Watkins 9 gün önce
And to think that Greece and Turkey are both allies in NATO. A strange world.
Destiny Coffey
Destiny Coffey 9 gün önce
they should've tried to fly the drone inside their house so everyone could see it without crossing the gate.
Achiev Lil
Achiev Lil 9 gün önce
Nice one ☝️
Anna Botosh
Anna Botosh 9 gün önce
It's so heartbreaking 😭 I'm so sad about all those people, who left their homes 🥺
531k15 9 gün önce
bullet is not real, only for sound.
Timothy Hickey
Timothy Hickey 9 gün önce
Yes...it's called a "Blank"!
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