Inside Look At Retail Theft Sting

NBC News
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NBC News’ Vicky Nguyen takes us to Perrysburg Township, Ohio, where a team of detectives respond daily to organized retail crime and track stolen goods online. The goods often end up on Facebook Marketplace. In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson says in part, “We prohibit the sale of stolen goods on our platform and use a number of tools to prevent this kind of fraud.”
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13 Ara 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Sykotik Shadow
I remember back in 2012 those spider lock keys being for sale on line for anyone to buy. Makes things much easier I presume if you have the key unlock those pesky things w/o cutting the string and alarm going off or a strong enough magnet and rubbing left to right a few times to demagnetize them so someone smart enough could just walk right out with a shooping cart full with a bunch of stuff and no alarms going off carrying any receipt in hand out the front door. But what do I know
Alexander Lewis
We need to have punishment squads that can come to the store and dole out the punishment upon the thieves in front of everyone.
I always like it when they steal from Walmart, put it right up on Facebook Marketplace, and then sell it right out of their car in the Walmart parking lot.
All the more reason to ban Facebook.
peace on earth. Kindness & selfless love.
that's why need to educate people about why it's better not to steal.
Mike Strowbridge
In the State of California, you may steal any item with a value of under $1,000 dollars and it is not considered a felony. You will receive only a ticket as it is a misdemeanor. Also, you will not be detained and, because it is considered by our laws as such an insignificant crime, the police often will not respond to retail thefts of this type. Also, store employees are generally precluded from stopping such theft.
Magick De Leon
hmmm...and i thought ppl were paying higher prices cause of inflation 🤔🤔🤔...wonder what else we can blame high prices on 🙄🙄🙄
General VanMan
London Breed says she going to get tough on crime 😂, even tho her real narrative is too fully defined the police and place anyone who disagrees with her in prison
Calvin C
Interesting they don't tell you if they get bond out or not... so they are back out there doing the same thing again.
Javier Santos
Why not steal the item. Then use the item. Godz I could use a new Miter Saw
Ciara Oh
Stop blaming it on retail theft. Its liberal policies such as not prosecuting shoplifters who steal under $900 in goods. That's it, period. If you don't like retail crime rings - quit creating them. If the sales of stolen retails goods is higher than ever then quit incentivizing it.
Linda Jackson
WTH!! Don't we have enough going on???
Gus espe
I can almost guarantee you that if you put Armed Guards with
How does this not fall under RICO ?
Roger Yelverton
Everything might have to go to curb side pick up after paying for it
gundam zaku
screw that, don't censor their faces, show them all over the media!
Underground_Miami _
Service Merchandise had this figured out in the 80's 😒
Nathaniel Austin
That's the real reason Facebook was taken down and out.
Magick De Leon
i guess that deal was a steal 🤣🤣🤣
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