Inside Hailey Bieber’s Wedding Dress Fitting | Vogue

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For her South Carolina wedding to Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber donned the most elegant of creations: a wedding dress designed by Virgil Abloh for Off-White. Take a peek behind the scenes of how Hailey's stunning dress was created, as well as the final fitting before her wedding to Justin.

Director: Robert Semmer
Producer: Rom Bokobza
Editor: Ryan Powell
Director of Photography: Mike McMillin
Sound: Kara Johnson
Associate Producer: Jamie Tobias
Assistant Camera: Ksusha Genefeld
Set Designer: Christina Weston

Filmed at Montage Beverly Hills
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Inside Hailey Bieber’s Wedding Dress Fitting | Vogue

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18 Oct 2019




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Abigail Wee
Abigail Wee Saatler önce
I love her wedding dress 😭❤️
Africa's child
Africa's child 12 saatler önce
If you're poor like
A B 13 saatler önce
Someone - you need to practice your walk Hailey thinking *I'm a model???!!*
Agust D 7u7
Agust D 7u7 Gün önce
Dea Sofiya
Dea Sofiya Gün önce
She is too beautiful , oh Hailey Baldwin 😍
Kaberi Goswami
Kaberi Goswami 2 gün önce
Am i the only one who heard 'Selena' when she said 'Sabrina'?
AYSHA NAZIYA 2 gün önce
Designer 👩‍🎨: Well I just made Justin wanna realize that hailey’s the best for him in case he thinks Marriage is a joke and cheats on her 😤
Priya Mpa
Priya Mpa 2 gün önce
Wow its elegant dress.😍😊
Vanessa Eteaki
Vanessa Eteaki 3 gün önce
She gotta keep an eye out for selener 👁👄👁
lunakayla alyadwita
lunakayla alyadwita 3 gün önce
wow she’s so pretty
Dana Hamilton
Dana Hamilton 3 gün önce
Alterjunkie 3 gün önce
This Woman is Beautiful and the dress STUNNING. Sorry but Selena can't even compare to her since so many are commenting on her.
Jilliana Genesis
Jilliana Genesis 3 gün önce
I hate how people hate her because she's dating justin. She's actually a really sweet girl.
sany 4 gün önce
So beautiful
Camila Mickelson
Camila Mickelson 4 gün önce
She looks like Elsa 😂
Anjali Shukla
Anjali Shukla 4 gün önce
she is sooooo bbbeeeaaauuutttiiifffuuulll
ilovepancakes 4 gün önce
I love it
Regina Vo
Regina Vo 4 gün önce
And today on "I didn't expect them to sound like that"....
Sharon Njeri
Sharon Njeri 5 gün önce
I’m giving this marriage three years
xD xD
xD xD 5 gün önce
Kailee Garcia
Kailee Garcia 6 gün önce
The dress would have been perfect without the tacky logos and block letters
i_am sizuka
i_am sizuka 6 gün önce
Am i the only one who loves her neck part I mean structure are so perfect
Charlotte 6 gün önce
Think she should do her natural hair colour would look beautiful
Ramsha Rauf
Ramsha Rauf 6 gün önce
She stole my wedding dress
Rimpi Doley
Rimpi Doley 7 gün önce
Suali jni kiba dhrrnr..val nhoi ...
kacdela 7 gün önce
I’m seeing this and my mind can not stop thinking Selena’s song (Two months you replace us)
katie chen
katie chen 8 gün önce
off white makes wedding dresses??!??!!
Chloe Vega
Chloe Vega 8 gün önce
I don’t like the dress
지원jelly 8 gün önce
Emily Do
Emily Do 9 gün önce
some reason i keep forgetting that they’re married and their wedding happened already. idk it just all happened so quick and it was so unexpected to me.
Teupola Nayaca
Teupola Nayaca 9 gün önce
Hate you hailey😡😡😡😡👹👿
agnese milan
agnese milan 2 gün önce
Why ._.
Mino Tae
Mino Tae 10 gün önce
It looks like my granma veil
Anusha Ali
Anusha Ali 11 gün önce
I love the dress and the entire look is so gorgeous and unique but i hate the “till death do us part” its corny and in my opinion ruins the whole look
Cloudy Belle
Cloudy Belle 12 gün önce
People keep saying that her dress is not very suitable for a wedding but do we expect that if Hailey Bieber getting married she would wear a typical Cinderella ballgown?
Angel Gniot
Angel Gniot 13 gün önce
It’s crazy to put writing on the dress 😱 🤔🤔 🤪🤣🤣
Isabella Serafim
Isabella Serafim 13 gün önce
Wait am i stupid i thought its "till death do us *A*part" ???😂😂
Tik Tok Compilations
Tik Tok Compilations 13 gün önce
That wedding dress probably costs as much as my college tuition
Kristin Geyer
Kristin Geyer 2 gün önce
Probs more
Lia Marie
Lia Marie 14 gün önce
She’s gorgeous!
Charenor 14 gün önce
Idk why, but she sounds like a Kardashian
Reza Kazemi
Reza Kazemi 15 gün önce
Make as much makeup and wear beautiful clothes as you want. What do you do with your big, open mouth?
Fitriani Safa tasya
Fitriani Safa tasya 16 gün önce
So beautiful haileyy😍😍😍
Sierra Jacks
Sierra Jacks 16 gün önce
I really like when people combine modern and traditional because people always do something to be "new"
Sanya Riverdale
Sanya Riverdale 16 gün önce
Hailey's dress is beautiful, it looks like there are snowflakes all over 😍
Aurilene Mesquita
Aurilene Mesquita 16 gün önce
Criou o vestido doido é pra casar com o Justin feio e eu namorando com o Justin bonito
jonah smathers
jonah smathers 17 gün önce
I give it two years. Tops. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙂🙂🙂🙂
M Rani
M Rani 18 gün önce
Hailey is my favourite supermodel 😯😯😯
Poonam Bairy
Poonam Bairy 18 gün önce
It's tacky no doubt
bts K-pop
bts K-pop 18 gün önce
Kori Chamberlin
Kori Chamberlin 19 gün önce
why am I literally crying over how beautiful she looks
Samira Salim
Samira Salim 19 gün önce
I’m actually team Selena but she looks so gorgeous in that dress.
Vicc 20 gün önce
the vail is just too much
Diya Pandita
Diya Pandita 22 gün önce
Salena is much better than her......like if u admit it
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 22 gün önce
I think selena gomez watched this video yeah absolutly
Shalini Devli
Shalini Devli 23 gün önce
That dress is soo gorgeous think of how many people would have
Sherly Lim
Sherly Lim 23 gün önce
.She's beautiful..
Marina Gavrish
Marina Gavrish 24 gün önce
Yheng Agulay
Yheng Agulay 24 gün önce
Hi guys please like my videos and subscribe to my channel pls...thankyou and godbless😘😘😘
Claudhya Lifestyle
Claudhya Lifestyle 25 gün önce
She's such a good person..happy for Justin! Be happy Guys!!
englandsensation 25 gün önce
You can't buy class
marie delablanche
marie delablanche 26 gün önce
This dress has personality. Awesome! It s unique and fits only to her. Wow wow wow.
Nazmun Naher
Nazmun Naher 27 gün önce
I just wish if there was selena instead of hailey
Regina Larasati
Regina Larasati 25 gün önce
Yeah you wish
Tourki Mnakri
Tourki Mnakri 27 gün önce
I Wonder if Selena Gomez saw this vidéo,?!
Shurfa Ibrahim
Shurfa Ibrahim 28 gün önce
u look really good hailey
Kathlyn Forbes
Kathlyn Forbes Aylar önce
Hailey,and I have the same birthday but not the year
Studio Ariel
Studio Ariel Aylar önce
Aleksandar Veljanoski
Why is she so GORGEOUS? If Justin ruins this itq would be the saddest thing on the planet! STAN Hailey
Maggie G
Maggie G Aylar önce
I like how her wedding dress is not the usual traditional wedding dresses.....it's so different and modern but in a good way... she's so beautiful and also she gives calm vibes like you'd want to be her friend
Gomez Remix
Gomez Remix Aylar önce
Hailey duck
Gomez Remix
Gomez Remix Aylar önce
Jae-ah Aylar önce
I love her wedding dress. Modern yet traditional and classy.
Reza Kazemi
Reza Kazemi Aylar önce
ok hailey you tried a lot and you became beautiful i congratulate you hahahaha
Karina Z.
Karina Z. Aylar önce
She seems so genuine and sweet
Rocio Mendoza
Rocio Mendoza Aylar önce
I love her
Marie Rivera
Marie Rivera Aylar önce
My wedding dress should be like this
Marie Rivera
Marie Rivera Aylar önce
My wedding dress should be like this
Laurentine Zoungrana
😍😍 I love you Haley
ActuallyNathalie Aylar önce
She’s so beautiful! The dress is stunning
Hlimpuia R
Hlimpuia R Aylar önce
Am i the only one Who DISLIKED this VIDEO
Milli G
Milli G Aylar önce
Rich people sigh...
huế phan
huế phan Aylar önce
Justin Bieber💞Hailey Baldwin🥰🥰
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