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16 Mar 2023




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Fingeroll 2 aylar önce
Legal or Nah? 🤔
ClickEdits 2 aylar önce
Rizzly Bear 🐻
Rizzly Bear 🐻 2 aylar önce
That was crazy 😧
prime 🫡
prime 🫡 2 aylar önce
nah goaltending
Михаил Ж.
Михаил Ж. 2 aylar önce
В НБА это же запрещено?
Cdub 2 aylar önce
Todd 2 aylar önce
Javale got some of the cleanest goaltends i ever seen
diligent sun
diligent sun Aylar önce
It's definitely goal tending, but I'ma let it slide, because from this angle, in slow motion, it's EPIC
Todd Aylar önce
@diligent sun I know he has two other goaltends from his prime where he catches the ball at its peak and both of them are as clean as this one
jeremy brown
jeremy brown Aylar önce
​@diligent sun yep clean af cant hate even if its GT
BB Aylar önce
​@jeremy brownclean af? Glad you're not a ref.
A G 22 gün önce
Looks like the ball was on its way down at the end, but man. Dude can jump.
jalili93 14 gün önce
He was still finger-tipping that at its apex
ImJusBetter Gün önce
I might look like he jumps high but he is 7 feet tall
Terra Playz
Terra Playz Aylar önce
The fact he can jump that high is illegal 😂😂
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly Aylar önce
He is like 7ft and didn't even get his head above the rim lol
Quandale Aylar önce
@Thomas Kelly wast trying to be was trying to get the ball💀
Always Right
Always Right Aylar önce
Illegal? Get outta here. It wasn't even that high. He's just tall with a long reach. Quite a few players half a foot shorter than him can get their heads at rim level, and that's not even extraordinary.
yiEric Aylar önce
Forbidden i think
ja morant
ja morant 27 gün önce
​@Always Right he not trying to put his head as high he can he's trying to jump and grab with his hand
Nageyo Adam
Nageyo Adam 2 aylar önce
Javale McGee is one of the most underrated rim protectors of the 2010s
Ryan White
Ryan White 2 aylar önce
Goal tending
Weese Bowski
Weese Bowski 2 aylar önce
McGee has like 3 rings now right?
Poor Guy's Garage
Poor Guy's Garage 2 aylar önce
Bahahaha stop it bro
Chris Howl
Chris Howl 2 aylar önce
Warriors should have never let him go
Cryptoshii 2 aylar önce
2010s?! It’s 2023 and he STILL doing it
Landon Fulcher
Landon Fulcher 28 gün önce
Goaltending. No way I could call that in real time because I would be in awe someone jumped that high even as a ref.
Red Aylar önce
Javale is a no fuss player. Glad he already had a championship.
Murcielago3525 Aylar önce
J Aylar önce
JaVale threw 2 fits on the Lakers alone. one got Ivica Zubac traded. the other happened in the Bubble. his minutes past the 1st Round pretty much disappeared. then he never played again in the Bubble. was let go after the Bubble. stay casual
Jay Noa
Jay Noa 20 gün önce
@J won 2 with GSW as well tho (not that he was crucial to the teams success)
J 20 gün önce
@Jay Noa Red said JaVale was a no fuss Player, which is BS
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel 8 gün önce
He has 3. And for 75% of his career he was one of the most bonheaded players in the league, who was held back by how much of a headache he was to coaches. He became the guy you see now after he got old.
Funohs 2 aylar önce
7ft tall, 7'6 Wingspan, 44 inch vertical, 9'6 standing reach. Truly one of the most Underrated Freaks Of Nature, especially when he was in Washington.
Leon Bouadi
Leon Bouadi 2 aylar önce
He never had 44 inch vert, even Dwight had only 38. 44 is huge that’s Lbj or Ja Mo
Funohs 2 aylar önce
@Leon Bouadi idk I found it online
E-dawg 🇺🇸
E-dawg 🇺🇸 2 aylar önce
Simply unfair
Tj Pettus
Tj Pettus 2 aylar önce
Javale definitely had DPOTY qualities, just couldn't put it all together at his physical peak
Flomoss 2 aylar önce
Javale's head would be way over the rim if he had a 44 inch vert lol
Cecil Winthorp
Cecil Winthorp 17 gün önce
He caught that ball at the TOP of the arch. Crazy hops dude, 4real.
187KillersRus Aylar önce
Goddamn that some goaltending right there in my day
SupaChef DMoney
SupaChef DMoney 2 aylar önce
Goaltending, but it's so hard to see that as a ref at that height. You gotta give McGee credit. Crazy athleticism and effort.
FOUR1NE 4ALL 2 aylar önce
That bx wasn’t on the way down yet dats clean.
Thatguy Youdontknow
Thatguy Youdontknow 2 aylar önce
Nba Jam
baller 2 aylar önce
Nah just a block
Mr.Cartman 999
Mr.Cartman 999 2 aylar önce
​@baller Nah It Goaltending the ball is going the way down but ref not see
Az119 2 aylar önce
​@baller no from this camera angle and the slow motion you can tell the ball is alrdy heading down. Only reason they didn't call because in real time it happened so fast you can't even tell its a goaltend without slowing it down like this.
Will Campbell
Will Campbell 24 gün önce
I’ve never been so satisfied watching a goaltend
Jason Tharp
Jason Tharp Gün önce
Vince Carter just saw that elbow joint at rim level and entered the chat..
N M94
N M94 2 aylar önce
This clip would’ve been a whole anime episode onto itself
J J 2 aylar önce
Damien Richards
Damien Richards 2 aylar önce
Sports anime be like that. And Dragon ball and it's sequel series as well other related media....
Wyatt W
Wyatt W 2 aylar önce
Khekkedupnate 2 aylar önce
After hearin my song John wall u can do dis too
LK Heights
LK Heights 2 aylar önce
Blue Lock
Jay E
Jay E Aylar önce
“Rolling in the deep” as Harden makes that motion with his finger😂 Loved the vid🔥
E ES Aylar önce
Javale is one of the most important key player during NBA Bubble. 👌
GoatedClipZ 2 aylar önce
he’s 7’0 foot and has insane wingspan edit: i started a war…
TDF00 2 aylar önce
his wingspan isnt that insane for a 7 footer tbh
GoatedClipZ 2 aylar önce
@TDF00 ik but he didn’t jump really high
Raiders 2 aylar önce
@TDF00 bron is 6’9” tf😂
Zack 2 aylar önce
@TDF00 bron is 6'9 tf you on about?
Timmy's POV
Timmy's POV 11 gün önce
Yooo, had he palmed the ball out the air I would put it up there as a top 5 of the best blocks I've seen
orunge Aylar önce
Meanwhile, Dexton Crutchfield can touch the top of the backboard
Edmund Llabres
Edmund Llabres 2 aylar önce
Man JaValle used to snatch everyone's shot.
XTrueL Smith
XTrueL Smith 2 aylar önce
He still does but he has asthma which always limits his playing time and also why he does dumb shit on the court because sometimes he just be trying to breathe
Daily Meat Dealer
Daily Meat Dealer 2 aylar önce
Murcster Catby
Murcster Catby 2 aylar önce
@XTrueL Smith props to Javale
Khekkedupnate 2 aylar önce
After hearin my song John wall u can do dis too
Tyron Brewer
Tyron Brewer 2 aylar önce
@XTrueL Smithdid not know that, mad respect to Javale
rafaelSM 7 saatler önce
Ball was already falling, but the jump was absolutely amazing!!!
Ayan Aziz
Ayan Aziz 24 gün önce
Best editor
TheDCGuitar13 2 aylar önce
Javale has always been one of the greatest pure athletes I’ve ever seen. The way he could jump is a marvel to see in person. Damn shame he was robbed in the dunk contest because griffin missed the sponsors ass
Ivan Magaña
Ivan Magaña Aylar önce
Yea he's really good. Tho I've seen lebron go up alot higher. Lebron a freak
@Ivan Magaña lebron isn't even in the conversation.
Grayson Gaming
Grayson Gaming Aylar önce
He wasn’t robbed Demar was robbed in that dunk contest 😂
Angel C.
Angel C. Aylar önce
Lol n Griffin is in this video too
lethalexponent 6
lethalexponent 6 Aylar önce
CUT'R 3 gün önce
That mf was still on its way up. Clean block should have got an award for that
TXBaca 20 gün önce
First contact at top of the arch, legal 💯
prime 🫡
prime 🫡 2 aylar önce
goaltending but still crazy edit: why is y’all’s gettin angry 😹
Sharif Nasser
Sharif Nasser 2 aylar önce
Like half a second too late. Ive seen them miss worse calls. Hope they let it slide 🤣
Chickensandwhich 2 aylar önce
It was not yet completely going down so legal
Taikaha Wainui
Taikaha Wainui 2 aylar önce
That ain't goaltending bruh tf.
Green Anaconda Python
Green Anaconda Python 2 aylar önce
He didn't touch the rim
#SHORTS_N_SHIRTS 2 aylar önce
​@Chickensandwhich was it incompletely going down?
Budz Lightyear
Budz Lightyear Aylar önce
Always liked Javal. The dudes a WARRIOR 🪖
Marquise07 2 aylar önce
At 35 years old he’s still very athletic.
J D 2 aylar önce
35 isn't old..
depression goes wild
depression goes wild 2 aylar önce
​@J Dig
3l3xtricity 2 aylar önce
@J D in basketball it kinda is
Pure Intellectual Being
​@J D yes it is
William Aylar önce
James harden needs a Boflex and a nutritionist 😂
freshdadd yt
freshdadd yt Aylar önce
holy fuck Adele hit that shit😭😭😭
Jaquan English
Jaquan English Aylar önce
@Korey Phow? that shit had us in chokehold in the 2010s😂
Gab Gab
Gab Gab 2 aylar önce
that aint javale mcgee, that's the statue of liberty
Joan Winn
Joan Winn 2 aylar önce
AK 2 aylar önce
they were going against a team in ny too lol
chu yang
chu yang 2 aylar önce
Lmao 🤣
Goku Black
Goku Black 2 aylar önce
Haha....😒🍵 Weak
Khekkedupnate 2 aylar önce
After hearin my song John wall u can do dis too
TartrusK Aylar önce
jaVale is so underrated
reslah reyes
reslah reyes 9 gün önce
Awesome shorts edition, everything was in the right moment ❤👍😎
DARTH Z 2 aylar önce
Glad someone showing Javale some love.
Chris 2 aylar önce
Bro he's goaltending 💀
Earnest Peeples, Jr
Earnest Peeples, Jr 2 aylar önce
You trippin' he catching that @ the peak. Ya'll hatin'
DARTH Z 2 aylar önce
@Chris maybe he is 🤷🏽‍♂️. That doesn’t hamper his all around performance. Shaqtin a fool help tarnish his career
Chris 2 aylar önce
@Earnest Peeples, Jr it's super close, but watch again it's jussst on the way down
Goku Black
Goku Black 2 aylar önce
Why? He still trash and Shaq thinks too.....😒🍵
Abdu11ah faraj
Abdu11ah faraj 9 gün önce
Bro said “not today baby” 😂😂😂
Defness Real Talk
Defness Real Talk 29 gün önce
McGee: 'This is what happens when you send a punk in here to handle grownman's business.'
Astra 25 gün önce
It was a goaltend lol
Joel Awanbor
Joel Awanbor Aylar önce
Harden’s facial expression afterwards is PRICELESS 😆
Evan H
Evan H Aylar önce
It was a goaltend?
1millionsubs Aylar önce
​@Evan H hell yeah
Plumbus Aylar önce
@Evan H yeah the ball trajectory is already going down
Joel Awanbor
Joel Awanbor Aylar önce
I think so.
Mauricio Fern
Mauricio Fern 5 gün önce
Bola na descendente! Pontos válidos!
TrayDontPlay... 17 gün önce
Nahh that was clean
drei9 2 aylar önce
It's like Wilt Chamberlain blocking that shot. What an athlete
TheGOAT 2 aylar önce
Excpet wilt had a 50 inch vertical and out weighed him by like 50 pounds and his vert is like 36
Bojan Pejović
Bojan Pejović 2 aylar önce
@TheGOAT wilt had about a 39 inch vert, which is still insane for his stature. That 50 inch self claim would've goten him an olympics invitation had it been anywhere close to real but instead, Bill Russel was called up, because he jumped higher than Wilt, and he still jumped nowhere near 50 inches. To put it further into perspective for you, if wilt, with his standing reach ever jumped 50 inches, his shoulders would be at the rim and he could easily dunk over the top of the backboard.
TheGOAT 2 aylar önce
@Bojan Pejović Yes wilt had a 50 inch vertical he could touch the top of the backboard a newspaper article form the 60’s even says rookie wilt had a 43 inch vert
Bojan Pejović
Bojan Pejović 2 aylar önce
@TheGOAT wilt would need to jump 36 inches to touch the top of the backboard mate. Even wilt himself never claimed a 50 inch vert, he claimed 46-48 on several occasions ( the variations proving he never had it officially tested ), of course what he claimed was total bullshit.
AJ Ye 2 aylar önce
@TheGOAT Wilt 50 inch vert is like claiming Santa is real
青い空 Aylar önce
nice block‼︎
DoubleYou 4 gün önce
He didn’t even know what to call 😂 “Hey! Thats a… he uh… Travel”
mario ortega
mario ortega 2 aylar önce
Mr. Mcgee is so under-rated, he is so hard working, turns every team he is on into a challenger, and he is so humble too
BangBang 405
BangBang 405 2 aylar önce
Dude your drunk
Lo Zeno
Lo Zeno 2 aylar önce
TF you're talking about man
Gabriel Stanescu
Gabriel Stanescu 2 aylar önce
Yeah right. There's a reason why his nickname is Tragic Bronson.
T Thurm
T Thurm 2 aylar önce
Bro they have a whole segment on shaqtin dedicated to this man. HIS MOM had to call the studio and make them stop picking on him… he’s still valid tho
Cameron George
Cameron George 2 aylar önce
@Lo Zeno count the rings man!!!
Adnan Tuna Haçut
Adnan Tuna Haçut 7 gün önce
Thats a clean goaltending
l1wolf Aylar önce
looks like it was starting to come down to me. #GoalTending
blackyemen 2 aylar önce
They would have had to fire me if I was the ref. The Adele sealed it for me that sequence was gonna keep riding along no matter what you see how majestic that looked
하하하 14 gün önce
세계 농구협회까진 모르겠지만... 국내에선 링 주위 몇 센티가 있는걸로 아는데.. 최고의 농구인들 모인곳에서 몇센티까진 모르겠지만 멋있긴하네요 정말ㅎㅎ
Greysen Gagne
Greysen Gagne 17 gün önce
Whether it's a goaltend or not, it's still insane lol.
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha 2 aylar önce
People be forgetting McGee has hops. McGee is a pretty good rim protector.
Nunzio Combattelli
Nunzio Combattelli 2 aylar önce
Years of Shaq roasting him makes everyone think he’s just a clown.
Jerm 2 aylar önce
His only problem is that he literally tries to block everything so he jumps everytime so one comes in the paint so he gets in foul trouble a lot.
FB 2 aylar önce
@Jerm and goal tending
Rob 2 aylar önce
yeah and now he's on Dallas killing it looks like Dallas is about to make it to the playoffs
Brooklynballa 2 aylar önce
And McGee is pretty old now.He used to get up way more in his prime.
Bro came out of nowhere like wassup bro
Just Some Rangers Fan
That was awesome. It looked like a goaltend to me tho 😢
Ricardo Velez
Ricardo Velez 2 aylar önce
That looked like some space jam ish right there
Kwame Tabiri
Kwame Tabiri Aylar önce
Javale jumped so high that his balls were at the same height as Hardens face.
Donald Franklin
Donald Franklin 16 gün önce
Insane length
Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob Squarepants 2 aylar önce
Bro is higher than snoop dog😂
Baller Blev
Baller Blev 2 aylar önce
Rodney McKinnon
Rodney McKinnon 2 aylar önce
Rick Flores
Rick Flores 2 aylar önce
He was Higher than Willie Nelson 🌬🌲
MJay-N 2 aylar önce
Alexis Balcazar
Alexis Balcazar 2 aylar önce
Bros higher than Travis Scott
Steve Marcello Arce
Triceps On the Rim 🪣 🏀
pineapples rule earth
Brih just denied him😂
Phantom 001
Phantom 001 2 aylar önce
😂 bro really went up to get that.
Purdy_editz™️ 2 aylar önce
Isn’t that what you would want to do? Get a block so you can have good stated
Phantom 001
Phantom 001 2 aylar önce
@Purdy_editz™️ Go touch grass bro you over thinking life.
Purdy_editz™️ 2 aylar önce
@Phantom 001 im just saying and btw i do touch grass in literally playing basketballs as a pf so dont assume things
BTA 2 aylar önce
Dude hes like 70 feet tall
Xscididif78 2 aylar önce
@Purdy_editz™️ that was goal tending tho
Chris Bullens
Chris Bullens Aylar önce
The way he jumped gave me goosebumps
Riki Tiki Tavi
Riki Tiki Tavi 5 saatler önce
Hardens face 😂😂😂😂
John A
John A Aylar önce
AD and Javale are a perfect dou in the paint, two of the top blocker in NBA in their era, don’t know why Rob Pelinka let go of Javale
sheky313 2 aylar önce
Wow he came out of nowhere! Impressive!
Notorious Sports Cards
insane goaltending
Molly Anderson
Molly Anderson 12 gün önce
Harden just straight up Traveling at thia point.
Kriptiko 2 aylar önce
Looking back on it that might have been goaltending. I was in row 8 when this happened too.
Mzz soldier • 25 years ago
Stop capping
Jase 2 aylar önce
How is it capping it’s a regular season game
Лек Дагов
Лек Дагов 2 aylar önce
Не ври тебя там не было
brody 2 aylar önce
Yeah, it was goal tending .. but it only in downward motion for half a second, no way to see that in real time.
Dream Big
Dream Big 2 aylar önce
It was goaltending
conanbdetective Aylar önce
It's always hard to call goaltend on Javale. Mans got freaky bounce
The Major Lyfestyle
Now stand there and argue while they go down and score. This is the NBA!
JT1702 2 aylar önce
I always said Javale would be incredible if someone would teach him how to play basketball. Dude is so gifted with his size and athleticism 😂
it's a Prank Tv
it's a Prank Tv 2 aylar önce
Bro atleast he got 1 nba ring tough 😊
Silver Fox
Silver Fox 2 aylar önce
​@it's a Prank Tv who ? If you mean javale got only one ring. Nope , he got 3 rings . 2 in GSW 1 in L.A
it's a Prank Tv
it's a Prank Tv 2 aylar önce
@Silver Fox oh yeah. I forgot ..my bad ✌️
Jessica Aliban
Jessica Aliban 2 aylar önce
IDK why gaw trade him he is a solid 10 in GSW after they release McGee Lakers got him then won championship then Lakers release him again what is wrong with teams these days.
CL 2 aylar önce
He’s in the nba, you don’t think they’ve tried to teach him?
Alex Fredenberg
Alex Fredenberg Aylar önce
James Harden’s face though😂😂😂
Ian gonzalez ruiz Mini porton
Love the timing
Keith Jenkins
Keith Jenkins 2 aylar önce
Definitely, an uncalled goaltend, but the way he came up like JAWS!! what an incredible effort. I'm glad he was able to get him a ring with golden state. The Warriors kind of had to wean off of him after his injury, but I'm glad to see him healthy and strong again
Zombie OTR
Zombie OTR Aylar önce
I dont know basketball at all. But just read the goaltending rule to learn. It talks about not touching the ball while it's in the cylinder/field of play or something like that. Is the ball far enough back in this instance to be in that cylinder? Also is the cylinder just the imaginary zone from the rim up? Lol sorry for the questions.
Keith Jenkins
Keith Jenkins Aylar önce
@Zombie OTR that rule sounded very fancy, I've never heard it described in such ways. But an easier description of a goaltend, is when you swipe the ball while it's on the way down. If you catch it on the way up, or if you catch it while it's stagnant in the air you're good, but if you touch the ball on its decline it's a goaltend
Matthew Lopez
Matthew Lopez Aylar önce
Technically not a goaltend the ball wasn’t in descent yet it had hit the peak right when he hit it. Tough call tho honestly could be called either way depending on refs
Anteon Aylar önce
​@Matthew Lopez wtf the was clearly already on it's way down. Technically definitly a goal tend but still very impressive vertical
Patrick Deleon
Patrick Deleon Aylar önce
That's insane
Eden Muli
Eden Muli 2 aylar önce
The kagami jump totally insane
Alexis 2 aylar önce
Erich .C
Erich .C 2 aylar önce
Justcallme_brynxx 2 aylar önce
nah.. hes just tall plus the wing span
Rancier Diaz
Rancier Diaz 2 aylar önce
For real 🤣
ilikeflour 2 aylar önce
bro is aomine
King Ace
King Ace Aylar önce
Yo mastered david blaines levitation 😳
Irsyandi Ramadhani
Irsyandi Ramadhani Aylar önce
Shaq : Oh thats my boy Javale McGee
Romayle Terry
Romayle Terry 2 aylar önce
At full speed that's clean, slow anything down and you can pick it apart. Give my boy Javale credit tho, this was tough. 💪 😤
Tayfun Altin
Tayfun Altin 2 aylar önce
It is gold handing ..the ball is fahling a split of a sec
Lor_Kreny 2 aylar önce
@Tayfun Altin yo said GOLD HANDING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 it Goal Tending 💀💀💀💀💀
Jon 2 aylar önce
@Lor_Kreny bruh it was so far off it didn’t even connect to me😭💀.. Nothing to be ashamed of tho, i used to say Hero-Step(euro-step) back in 2014 too🤣
Khekkedupnate 2 aylar önce
After hearin my song John wall u can do dis too
superchill Aylar önce
Greatest goaltends
Stephen Alegre
Stephen Alegre Aylar önce
Counted! 🏀
Cindy Knudson
Cindy Knudson 2 aylar önce
THAT was impressive! Great edit, as well.
Matthew Aylar önce
For real
Strife Aylar önce
But it's a foul
J Neal
J Neal Aylar önce
What's impressive? A 7ft man getting his head 8" below tops rim 9'4 = 2ft4in verticle. If I'm rich from balling since diapers like these dudes I better be able to jump over 2ft off ground with out being close to amazing. People eat up any narrative.
Basketballgod31 Aylar önce
@Strife *goaltending
dackor Aylar önce
So no one is gonna talk about how fast he rose up
Kevin Duran
Kevin Duran 28 gün önce
Nzisabira Vuninka
Nzisabira Vuninka 2 aylar önce
Love the focused hustle right after the block.
Yannis Nita
Yannis Nita Aylar önce
Bro turned into airplane mode💀
Ave Cortorreal
Ave Cortorreal Aylar önce
nice block not even Jordan Ball could have made that one. wow! respect!
George D
George D Aylar önce
D12 and Javale were huge in the Lakers title run. They routinely combined for 16pts 16 rebs 4 blocks. Solid production from the two.
J Aylar önce
JaVale McGee? yall 142 Casuals and counting may want to go check past the 1st Round
Trav Is everything
Trav Is everything Aylar önce
javale got no ring in L.A.
J Aylar önce
@Trav Is everything 2020 Bubble* . warmed the bench after the Portland Series. didnt play in the Finals
Perman Aylar önce
how come you're not a Clippers fan??
J Aylar önce
@Perman for me, my Dad liked the Celtics. the Clippers werent the heated rivalry
Izzy Fly
Izzy Fly 14 gün önce
James Harden like "Hey you cant do that, that a foul ref",lol😅😅😅😂
Алексей Ганько
Чистый блок, красиво!!! Даже несколько раз пересмотрел. 🏀👍
Frankie Reyna
Frankie Reyna 2 aylar önce
Love this edit he’s so under appreciated and he needs more recognition
Błâštîñg Bîâš
That’s a whole fact. The Warriors should have never let him go! EVER!!!
Sergio Gomes Santos
Perman Aylar önce
Can't believe my Suns let him go...
Best Virginia
Best Virginia 2 aylar önce
Bro really asked "legal or nah" when it wasnt even close 😂
Aljon De Vera
Aljon De Vera Aylar önce
Goaltending, ball going downward
Justin ॐ
Justin ॐ Aylar önce
​@Aljon De Vera just barely, but your right
Silver Tiger King
Silver Tiger King 23 gün önce
My man turned airplane mode on😂😂😂😂
Ray20Gun 9 gün önce
My boy~~
Mike 2 aylar önce
Bro came from nowhere,snatched it from the heavenly gates, and threw it down to the devil himself.
Ki-Woo 2 aylar önce
Chazn BradfordMusic
Chazn BradfordMusic 2 aylar önce
Mike 2 aylar önce
@Chazn BradfordMusic I appreciate your music man
Chazn BradfordMusic
Chazn BradfordMusic 2 aylar önce
@Mike wow thank you bro. I appreciate your comment. Bars!!
No Aylar önce
Its hard for me to even believe that these guys are human💀
Jameś Aylar önce
Insane vertical on a big friggin man.
Robert Buckley
Robert Buckley 2 aylar önce
Lakers should have never let him go. He was a perfect backup center
gia mor
gia mor 2 aylar önce
Coulda shoulda. But they did. We don't know what's going on at the table
Ádám Holler
Ádám Holler 2 aylar önce
For example right now, he could be a perfect backup center for us... 😉🙃🙂
Jeremiah Combs
Jeremiah Combs 2 aylar önce
Very dumb move he was playing great and leading the league in blocks
Joao Albuquerque
Joao Albuquerque 2 aylar önce
LeBron's teams always make dumb moves. They all looked the same since his Miami days. LeBron, two all stars, an hard working white boy, and role players
Robert Buckley
Robert Buckley 2 aylar önce
@Joao Albuquerque I had to think about the hard-working white guy and then started laughing cause you're right 😂😅.
Bigballer8 Aylar önce
Nah I thought Harden was gonna dunk so high 😂
Gelezinis Vilkas
Gelezinis Vilkas 25 gün önce
Looked good to me 👏 👏 👏
Ceo 2 aylar önce
not just the vert but that wingspan
john emerson vale
john emerson vale 2 aylar önce
Vertical with long winspan plus height is just ridiculous
Tekashi Kiy9ine
Tekashi Kiy9ine 2 aylar önce
If you know javale you know he was a athletic beast trained by the one and only hakeem
Khekkedupnate 2 aylar önce
After hearin my song John wall u can do dis too
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