Insane Motivational Memes For Guys

Danny Gonzalez
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Today I want to take you on a journey to the manly side of instagram to look at some of the most insane motivational memes for guys, dudes, and straight up bros. Take notes, there's lots of valuable stuff in here!
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22 Apr 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Weirdosrule YASS
Weirdosrule YASS 3 dakika önce
The one in the thumbnail is literally every youtube breakup ever.... "I just need to love myself before i love someone else" no you dont why csnt you just say you arent into eachother anymore????
whatandever whut
whatandever whut 4 dakika önce
okay now my name is Vanessa and listening to him saying my name while screaming and threatening is.....
ShaqNyc 5 dakika önce
Lily Fae
Lily Fae 7 dakika önce
Omg you’re number two on trending! Nice job Greg!
William H
William H 7 dakika önce
I thought I was alone in this world against all the bs. This vid gave me hope.
Charlotte Miller
Charlotte Miller 7 dakika önce
On the trending page this is the first video but when I watch it TRvid says #2 on trending. This is hilarious and should have its status as #1
KiWiKi Wi
KiWiKi Wi 8 dakika önce
Memes from 5.000 B.C.
Tamas Sandor
Tamas Sandor 9 dakika önce
MGTOW should look at this lmao
Whats Updog
Whats Updog 9 dakika önce
More amazing motivation at trvid.com/video/video-juTtgOU18QU.html
Hazawarlock 9 dakika önce
When kody, drew and Danny all upload around the same time
DevGoku XD
DevGoku XD 10 dakika önce
You’re on trend
zz yy
zz yy 11 dakika önce
We don't need a boys culture. We need men's culture.
Jahseh Fuentes
Jahseh Fuentes 12 dakika önce
Has anyone else wondered why we are called Greg? Why can’t be called Ryan or Michael
seraphim sloth
seraphim sloth 13 dakika önce
All hail Danny, All hail Satan!
E Healer
E Healer 13 dakika önce
2nd on trending!!!
COOKIE GOODNESS 13 dakika önce
Bro bro your on the trending page, congrats fammus!!! Never been prouder to be in the Greg Gang.
Bruno Sales
Bruno Sales 14 dakika önce
Honestly if I was a chicken, and your eyes were the last thing I saw, I would then want to die for you! (No homo)
Nos Man Ent.
Nos Man Ent. 14 dakika önce
Dat boy really treading trending! He might be the fastest growing army on TRvid! And you def don't gotta look that up!
Aquatixx 15 dakika önce
I’m glad I’m not a man 😂
Christian Kettlewell
Christian Kettlewell 15 dakika önce
It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake If you are crazy You gotta do the cooking by the book Is you are lazy
world of weirdness
world of weirdness 15 dakika önce
WE'RE DID YOU GO But I'm glad your back ;)
Farheen 16 dakika önce
Looking forward to dem heart problems
Stone Cassius
Stone Cassius 16 dakika önce
trvid.com/video/video-gb0YnyKoFTQ.html. Salute from California
how does it feel to be adored by him?
At the end I thought danny was frozen on the screen lol😂
DJ Murphy
DJ Murphy 17 dakika önce
Accidentally used hashtag gfl which took me to this weird genre but I meant Greg for life
Skyra 17 dakika önce
Bruh Danny is number 1 on trending. We are finally the fastest growing community.
addy kralich
addy kralich 17 dakika önce
HELLO!! I am a new TRvid and I post singing videos every Monday!!! If you’re reading this it would help me so much if you watched one of my videos!!!! have a great day🥰💫⭐️🍒
Nafisa Arinda
Nafisa Arinda 17 dakika önce
Congrats Danny ur no. 1 on trending in my country. Greg really IS the strongest army. I LOVE GREG..
DJ Murphy
DJ Murphy 18 dakika önce
I’m truly Greg now #GFL
John Marston
John Marston 18 dakika önce
This guy’s face makes me so mad for some reason
YapPac 19 dakika önce
4:50 Gotta lotta enemies, gotta lotta enemies, gotta lotta people trying to drain me from saving my son, T
Fluffy Cupcake
Fluffy Cupcake 19 dakika önce
Good job on Trending!!!!!!!! Congratulations
Archimede Cornely
Archimede Cornely 19 dakika önce
Ur trending!!!!!!
Gabriella Boser
Gabriella Boser 19 dakika önce
KamylaDolan 19 dakika önce
1 on trending.... GREG is truly the fastest growing army in the world.,
Arlet Mendoza
Arlet Mendoza 20 dakika önce
Ryan Wallington
Ryan Wallington 20 dakika önce
OMG your above everything on trending
Ryan Wallington
Ryan Wallington 21 dakika önce
Like of watching in 1999
sippy sippy
sippy sippy 22 dakika önce
i wanna brush ur eyebrows
Ruth R.
Ruth R. 22 dakika önce
Yooooo you’re number one on trending!!!!! THE GREG ARMY IS COMING FOR TRvid.
eu sou td oq vc nao quer
eu sou td oq vc nao quer 22 dakika önce
eu queria entender KK,❤
BISH I'M SCREAMING 22 dakika önce
Woah you’re #1 on the trending page in Canada!! Congrats :3
아름 313
아름 313 22 dakika önce
People who post such "motivational" quotes must think they're living in a soap opera.
Ivy Lily
Ivy Lily 23 dakika önce
*#1 on trending* 😁😃😄
Nabeel Farooqui
Nabeel Farooqui 23 dakika önce
I thought this was some really motivational video
Kūpaʻa Kaleo
Kūpaʻa Kaleo 24 dakika önce
8:12 well jokes on you cuz I have neither!
YapPac 24 dakika önce
Gaia Mannings
Gaia Mannings 25 dakika önce
ur on uk trending aaah
archi M
archi M 25 dakika önce
did you get a new light you're shining
tv cuộc sống
tv cuộc sống 25 dakika önce
Channel registration
Gummy Bear
Gummy Bear 25 dakika önce
♾ is the amount of times I check if I’m subbed and if my notifications are turned on.
lamp jauregui
lamp jauregui 27 dakika önce
Is it just me or is Danny trending
Grace w
Grace w 27 dakika önce
Wow it's #1 on trending rn!
Jasper L. Ferini
Jasper L. Ferini 27 dakika önce
fix ur mic
Jeremy Burgess
Jeremy Burgess 28 dakika önce
Congrats for #1 on trending!
Christa Holloway
Christa Holloway 28 dakika önce
You are selfish
GREEN WARRIOR 29 dakika önce
Me:*tells a lame joke* My joke: am I a joke to you?
olivia 420
olivia 420 30 dakika önce
ahhhhhhh you #1 on treading
Ava FGoh
Ava FGoh 30 dakika önce
Ughhh I’m late.🤦‍♀️😭but I’m still a Greg.🥜🍑er (get it nut-crack-er? No? Oh nvm)
mom seller
mom seller 30 dakika önce
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Young _T_ Stunna
Young _T_ Stunna 31 dakika önce
trvid.com/video/video-IPoLl78zZ1g.html i don't get this one
K - Trash
K - Trash 32 dakika önce
#1 on trending!!! Keep it up Greg!
Hannah Garcia
Hannah Garcia 33 dakika önce
3:08 Not quite what I thought Craig would look like
Loon K. Do
Loon K. Do 34 dakika önce
Could you imagine being the creator of these posts? 😂
Dino Rawr
Dino Rawr 35 dakika önce
Man! I wish i could be a better boy 😭. Oh wait im a girl. I turned notifications on too btw 👌
Deena Foulkes
Deena Foulkes 36 dakika önce
i turned the notifications on ages ago, if you want to thank me you, you pronounce my name Deena Folks
mentally unstable
mentally unstable 36 dakika önce
Why is backyard 1 words but front yard is 2
Gabrielle Engel
Gabrielle Engel 36 dakika önce
This is my second time watching this video, and it’s even more hilarious now. I could also go for some more BST videos. The refrigerator had come back!
CrazyFuse 37 dakika önce
Let’s go! Number 1 trending
Pregnantemoji Sascha
Pregnantemoji Sascha 37 dakika önce
How does it feel to be trending Danny?
Hope Hartline
Hope Hartline 37 dakika önce
danny is the goodest boy
Riley Wilson
Riley Wilson 37 dakika önce
*you thought that you were had been fooling me*
A VC 38 dakika önce
So why cant these be for girls. Homeboy opened pandora box and we boutta get OUTTTT
Bernardo Alonso
Bernardo Alonso 38 dakika önce
Good job
MRSOMEBDY 39 dakika önce
We are the gregarious Greg!!!
Lemon Meringue Pot Pie
Lemon Meringue Pot Pie 40 dakika önce
What did I learn from this? My big dreams don’t match to the big lazy ass. So inspirational, so moving...
Thomas Oliver
Thomas Oliver 40 dakika önce
Notification squad , I am now truly Greg I guess
Joseph Atnip
Joseph Atnip 40 dakika önce
What man refers to himself as a boy..... The one that isn't a man yet
How Life Goes
How Life Goes 40 dakika önce
TriadBros 41 dakika önce
Number 1 trending holy sh*t
MaGiCzzToNasTy 41 dakika önce
Subscribe to MaGiCzzToNasTy plz
grace suzanne
grace suzanne 41 dakika önce
ok miss danny thiczalez 4:42
Sebastian the Weeb
Sebastian the Weeb 42 dakika önce
I'm new to this channel and this guy cracks me up! Love it! I subbed to your channel
Lisa Jahn
Lisa Jahn 42 dakika önce
Taco Bella
Taco Bella 42 dakika önce
Congrats on #1 my dude🎉
Humanist 101
Humanist 101 42 dakika önce
indie 43 dakika önce
Number 1 trending??? In this economy??
Clusterluck 44 dakika önce
I have no videos and over a thousand subscribers. Now that’s luck.
snowboarder 2020
snowboarder 2020 44 dakika önce
#1 on trending he’ll yeah! maybe shane and james are rubbing off
Noah Casino
Noah Casino 44 dakika önce
Danny made it to #1 on trending! Congrats dude!
Jeramy Davin
Jeramy Davin 44 dakika önce
you're literally just smudjy Drew Gooden. i can't tell the difference between your voice and his.
Shawn Gross
Shawn Gross 45 dakika önce
I have neither. I hate women and I hate myself
kandace crickon
kandace crickon 45 dakika önce
🌸just boy things🌸
jfye10 45 dakika önce
Congrats on tending! 🤗
Honcho Ace
Honcho Ace 45 dakika önce
Damn #1 on trending 🙌🏼🙌🏼
David G
David G 47 dakika önce
PartyCity PimpSuit
PartyCity PimpSuit 48 dakika önce
notifications on i am truly greg
Chef Betsy Extraordinaire
Our little 12 year boy is number 1! But I won't die for you cuz your 12!
Sebastian the Weeb
Sebastian the Weeb 48 dakika önce
*Time to break up with my girlfriend then...*
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy 48 dakika önce
I hate this retards face
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