Insane Military Obstacle course! - Military Pentathlon 

Magnus Midtbø
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Marius Dreyer // @sportsdreyer
Trond Vognild // trondvognild.wordpress.com
Andreas Lødøen // @andreaslodoen
Shot by Markus Skaane edited by Magnus Midtbø
Military Pentathlon is insane hard!
- Toyota
- Scarpa




18 Haz 2021




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Petter Mathisen
Petter Mathisen Yıl önce
Marius Dreyer was our "sports officer" when I was in the Airforce 5 years ago. We weren't exactly the elite forces, but having him as a coach in everything from skiing to obstacle courses was a great experience. He is just so humble and motivating, even though we were the lowest rank in the military we played ping pong and watched football games with him after work. Amazing to see how he's still going strong
Markus9604 Yıl önce
Just finished my military service in the air force and he was still working as the sports officer!
Daniel Forrest
Daniel Forrest Yıl önce
Your whole military seems really bad ass..
Vivungisport Yıl önce
@Markus9604 This military guys never get old.
In Nomine Cerebri
Sounds like the kind of Pro that you want to have in every unit of the military.
Mihail Milev
Mihail Milev 8 aylar önce
@In Nomine Cerebri true
thisscreensucks Yıl önce
I love how these guys are able to be super competitive with eachother while staying super respectful and supportive of eachother. No macho bullshit.
Dave _H_
Dave _H_ Yıl önce
So true. For the al gorithem
Albus King
Albus King Yıl önce
macho is for people without self respect or confidence
Howie Yıl önce
Norway am I right?
norwaydude Yıl önce
That whole macho attitude is really not the scandinavian way. Bros lift eachother up. We dont push eachother down so we can seem taller ourselves.
Andreas Lødøen
Andreas Lødøen Yıl önce
I may never look as badass again as I did at 7:25 😂 Great video as always brother
Avocado Kid
Avocado Kid Yıl önce
groezy Yıl önce
omg your name has two of the letter i dont have on my keyboard. and your goggle straps are much better than magnus
Diego Ribeiro
Diego Ribeiro Yıl önce
Man You just nailed the swimming proof
thisscreensucks Yıl önce
Second coolest person in any Magnus video
PolGZ Yıl önce
Tbh, one to one, you probably can 🥊 everybody on the video. In pure badass-ness thats quite high.
Gareth Fare
Gareth Fare Yıl önce
I love how respectful everyone is. Everything said is helpful and productive, it's so great to see, and really imparts a positive feeling!
Olive Morris
Olive Morris Yıl önce
I agree! So nice to see friendly competition that lifts everyone up
Rille högberg
Rille högberg Yıl önce
thats how its like in scandinavia!
Patrcia Clemons
Patrcia Clemons Yıl önce
Cuz there's no Americans there.
Dave _H_
Dave _H_ Yıl önce
Not driven by ego but helpful to a noob
Giu Yıl önce
Exactly! Great great atmosphere!
Brett Schmidt
Brett Schmidt Yıl önce
“Fun fact I have the crawling world record” 😂
James Fleming
James Fleming Yıl önce
Lmao, Magnus looks absolutely absurd in that video
Efretpkk Yıl önce
Looking at 21:38 it seems to hold true!
Retcon Yıl önce
Oh you too?? 😂
Dave _H_
Dave _H_ Yıl önce
Magnus trained long and hard 😂 for that world record, deserves to drop the brag 😉🤥
Leroy  S.
Leroy S. Yıl önce
​@Dave _H_ The crazy part is, he didn't even! All the time he broke or come close to break records, he never really trained specifically for that! It's so frustrating at times, if he focused on each of those exercises for some days he could break much more records, he has so much potential and a crazy power/bodyweight amount
CopyCatlyn 7 aylar önce
magnus is genuinely one of the coolest, nicest dudes. always supportive no matter who he is talking to, so level headed and genuine all the time, always askes the most thoughtful questions when trying something new, calm and collected in everything he does. magnus, you're inspiring and will always be a fan. Thank you!
A Cappella Trudbol
As ridiculously fun as this looks, it also seems pretty rough on the knees. Not something to attempt without powerful thighs.
John Poon
John Poon Yıl önce
Hi there
TOG ii Super Heavy TANK
Sadly my thighs are fat not strong :(
Syyllinen Yıl önce
I've done the course as a team in the Finnish Defense Forces, it was brutal mostly because im not in that good of a shape but it was fun as hell!
Fiskie Yıl önce
Tough on everything. If you misplace your foot on those balance runs or the beam .. ankle.
Mikael Yıl önce
broke my foot in three places landing wrong i a gravel pit like that.. I can only imagine how many injures these guys have.
Goat Bloat
Goat Bloat Yıl önce
These videos are fun. Ignore people who say you should only climb. I actually want you to train a few of these sorts of things and do a 2 month followup. Andreas too (and of course Marta). Many of these videos tease us with your fitness potential but it is always an "exhibition" one-off. Weirdly, I am always most amazed at how fast you run. I am a bit staggered that you do not run and can run at those paces.
Gabriel Pauna
Gabriel Pauna Yıl önce
agree , helps us see the benefits of climbing fitness , plus most fitness people are all round athletes so should be interested
Rintje Yıl önce
This looks like so much fun and Magnus seems very talented! I've asked for it before, but please do a VO2 max test. I really enjoy seeing you do endurance stuff! Edit: I can see why you're the crawling world record holder now. 21:38 that was rapid!
DKITT 4 aylar önce
Watching these videos always reminds me that Magnus is a world class athlete. Kudos as well to Andreas who showed he's no slouch either.
PolGZ Yıl önce
Magnus 'The Crawler' Midtbø, King of Kindergarten 🗻, the most famous ancient Norwegian kingdom. The legend says he could also crawl up vertical walls😲 even the ones surrounding his enemies' castles 🏰 .
Johan Rickardsson
Hahahhah king of kindergarten 🗻
Wen Li
Wen Li 7 aylar önce
Props to Marius for completing the course twice and crushing the military requirement both times
Darryl Scroggins
Darryl Scroggins Yıl önce
Watched this with my 4 year old and when it was over he said, “Can we watch that again? That was so epic!”
Diego Ribeiro
Diego Ribeiro Yıl önce
Can't believe it, this kids of this generation LMAO
Morn Lexy
Morn Lexy Yıl önce
So did I! Now we are building obstacle courses around the lounge room
Joe Yıl önce
Would love to see Anton Fomenko do this course, great vid Magnus :D
Nuno Fernandes
Nuno Fernandes 7 aylar önce
I don't know how fast of a runner he is but Magnus is pretty fast for a non-runner. 500m might not seem much but any guy that doesn't have some endurance will lose a lot of time because he will run out of breath.
Garrett Horner
Garrett Horner Yıl önce
21:24 That in sync landing was so satisfying. Great video Magnus!
Osmosis Jones
Osmosis Jones 14 gün önce
I was so surprised that they were so close.
MortenBN1988 Yıl önce
In Rio, Danish soldier Daniel Wollbrecht did the obstacle course in 2:10 breaking the world record. It's on youtube. Really impressive run!
Daniel Grigg
Daniel Grigg 7 aylar önce
Magnus was so good on the crawl the second time. Marius stays so calm when he's doing the course. His breathing is amazing.
José Ferreira
José Ferreira 6 aylar önce
Fantastic video Magnus!👍 This brought me good memories of 1988, the year in which I participated in 3 military pentathlon competitions, contributing to the Lisbon military region team achieving first place in the national competition.🙂
tedsticle Yıl önce
I'd love to see some Parkour athletes like the Storror team attempt this obstacle course
Orangemint Yıl önce
I was gonna say, storror would kick their ass any day
Tappajaav Yıl önce
@Orangemint They'd be gassed out from all the running. It's one of the reasons that make courses like this tough. Pure traceurs mostly do small bursts of activity
sdq sdq
sdq sdq Yıl önce
@Orangemint its 500 m
Jason Umbrellabird
Great idea.
Wyatt Dylan
Wyatt Dylan 7 aylar önce
Challenge accepted
OHmarhaba Yıl önce
Magnus, this is really cool! As a military guy myself that just got into climbing, love that you're having fun with the Norwegian army!
Michelle Otto
Michelle Otto Yıl önce
Military pentathlon athletes: 🔥👊🏻💪🏻🤜🏻🔥 Magnus: I don’t want to brag but I’m kind of a crawling champion 😂😂😂 Great video
Andrew Madden
Andrew Madden Yıl önce
Awesome video, it's always cool to see you try out all these different things that test the body out in so many different ways. I'm feeling pretty pumped after watching that, so I'm going to try to bring a little bit of your hustle into my workout today.
dangriff12 Yıl önce
I think Magnus would've kept up in the second half if he could fall off things faster. The climbing has made him more adverse to falling 😂
You’re totally right But
It’s weird because of all the bouldering he’s used to dropping down. He should feel comfortable with it. Guess the idea of gravel and no pad makes it more intimidating and you have to get used to it.....but before it started I wouldn’t have suspected Magnus’ biggest time leak would be dropping down
Lunacity Yıl önce
​@You’re totally right But It's the boulderer's instinct to downclimb a bit to save the knees.
Noabody Yıl önce
Oh my god. I ran track in high school and the 400 meter by itself was brutal. This looks absolutely agonizing. Good job!
Des Payre
Des Payre 10 aylar önce
Brings back memories of when I did the obstacle course when I was in the army.....it's definitely gruesome. 😅
Amanda Moushabek
Amanda Moushabek Yıl önce
Love these kinds of videos where you try new stuff. So interesting, had no idea the military had their own international competitions either. Learned something new today lol.
Becca in Denver
Becca in Denver Yıl önce
As a former swimmer & swim coach, so glad we got to watch the "pro" swim. Soothed my 🖤. Finishing your strokes and rolling your hips in swimming is just as important as hip and body position in climbing.
Vincent_music Yıl önce
Everytime I watch one of your videos I feel so motivated! Stay healthy and have a great day!
Philip Clock
Philip Clock Yıl önce
Absolutely! 74 with bum knees, do what I can several times a week, gym and par course. Excellent, thank you!
Austin Lokey
Austin Lokey Yıl önce
That was awesome! Well done boys 🙌🏼💪🏼 I wish they made this public, looks like a ton of fun!
Winston P
Winston P Yıl önce
Hi Magnus, I am an active person but not a climber. Watching you climb is amazing. It's been real help during lockdown to see someone 'free' and at one with the sport they love. Great to see this and the other challenges and gym tests but I have just watched your Teneriffe 'cave climbs' from 2019! To date I had considered you as a pure sports/indoor comp climber (and nothing wring with that) but this was something else. That final ascent with the overhand! Wowsers, amazing. Keep well. Win x
In Nomine Cerebri
One of your best videos, thank you very much! This obstacle course brings up a lot of nostalgia by the way and I so could empathize with you at the end of the course, with regard to that "unique" sensation as if you're about to puke out your soul, which lasts for a good couple of minutes afterwards... :)
Mies1234 Yıl önce
What an informative and enterntaining video! As a military-enthusiast, this was very fun to watch! Keep it up, Magnus!
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan Yıl önce
Honor to watch such dedicated and disciplined athlete. Thank You for sharing great videos and offer some inspiration.
Ned Hourani
Ned Hourani Yıl önce
So much awesomeness in 1 place, great effort Magnus & Andreas, Marius is a machine. ✌🏼
Stefano Melis
Stefano Melis Yıl önce
I've done these obstacle courses in France - it was humbling - you see them on TRvid you get some idea, but when you go through it it is brutal and humbling. The pool one going under the net I was convinced I would drown but I was there so I pushed through - like you said Magnus, you don't think of the obstacle you go ahead 😂
Victoria Infantino
Victoria Infantino 9 aylar önce
Military guys are just awesome to watch. They're made of a different fabric and it's extremely inspiring.
Tom Yıl önce
This would be somuch fun if I had an obstacle course like that around here. Such a cool exercise! Very motivating to go exercise more after watching this!
T-I Leikas
T-I Leikas Yıl önce
That course was so much fun (when you are younger and body doens't take the hits that badly) 😉 Respect for Magnus for doing that - you did it really well if that really was your first touch of that course.
djinndjinn 7 aylar önce
Interesting course! I remember going through my own military's "Special" fitness test, we had to swim in fatigues and rifle 200m then carry a fullpack (20kg I think) and full load bearing gear with 8 magazines and 2 full water vessels, run (cant remember the distance now, 1.5km?) then clear 11 obstacles plus another run to the finish (800m I believe). Timed. The worse thing was the bloody helmet since it made it extra hot and unnecessarily tiring in the midday equatorial weather with 90% humidity factor. Fortunately they allowed us the option of wearing trainers. Not sure how I passed but I guess it could be blamed on youth.😆
Portable charger
Portable charger 3 aylar önce
Pedro Portale
Pedro Portale Yıl önce
Hey Magnus! I am regularly watching your smart videos. Really cool stuff you are doing! Also I am very fascinated about your forearm and grip strength. Do you have a routine maybe to develop a good grip strength ? Thanks and stay healthy🤟🏼
Samantha Pateman
Samantha Pateman Yıl önce
I feel like having a civilian to run against was probably motivating as he definitely didn’t want to lose. Plus having good people to train with pushes you more.
Nogarda Yıl önce
2:42 Is a moment Magnus needs to remember, his face goes from military deadpan to 'I can't believe this, this is insane.'
dio52 Yıl önce
You could definitely tell it's a technique thing and not stamina. Magnus got up the front of the obstacles pretty quick most of the time, but lost a lot of time disengaging on the back end.
Yasmin Friedli
Yasmin Friedli Yıl önce
Gave me a perfect studybreak! Great job guys!
Proud Troll
Proud Troll Yıl önce
Yesterday I sprinted for about 25 seconds. It showed me how massively out of shape I am. I'm skinny (5'10), so I think the sprint was pretty damn fast, but it took me about 20 to 30 minutes to calm down. I knew I am out of shape, but not that out of shape. This makes me respect magnus a whole lot more.
Aistis Yıl önce
Your videos are so inspirational. You got me going to the gym to loose some weight and build muscle. Have been going for a month now feeling great.
Álvaro C
Álvaro C Yıl önce
That cardio and anaerobic endurance from the pentathlete is killer.
Paulius Jacinkevičius
this looks really fun! I wish my city would build this for the public
Plutonia Yıl önce
In the Finnish military we had to do that same obstacle course as part of a 30km hike (preceding a 100km bicycle hike). The obstacle course was not timed, but we had to bring full field gear with us. So every obstacle you passed, you also had to make sure that your 20kg pack and 4kg rifle pass them as well. The tall table-looking climb was the bane of everyone's existence. Fortunately it was a team effort so you didn't have to do everything alone. For example someone could climb onto the top of an obstacle, stay there and the rest would hand over their gear before proceeding to get over the obstacle themselves.
Avocado Kid
Avocado Kid Yıl önce
Great video I watch all of your content and it is all AMAZING. My favorite type tho is your route setting videos. That is probably because I want to be a route setter when I grow up. Keep up the good work, stay strong, and never give up! P.S I would LOVEEE a shoutout. Thanks-Lexi
Stefan H.
Stefan H. Yıl önce
I find it very impressive to master this course AT ALL, let alone in such a fantastic time as a first try. It def. helps to be a climber because let me tell you from experience going over these 5 meter ladders is no joke. At all. If you're even slightly afraid of heights that may already be the end of the run.
qlhsrk 6 aylar önce
Watching these videos is interesting. Swimming/cross country even a place I worked at a while ago...mentally...don't see me doing terrible but the obstacle course...portions of it not to difficult looking but others...not confident like in other areas. Particularly when they're hanging off the side of a deck and pull their body weight over...that looks difficult
Rodolfo Petersen
Rodolfo Petersen 7 aylar önce
I remember my time in the Air Force Academy half a century ago... the course was the same... and we ended it exactly the same as here... lying in the grass completely exhausted
Bob Marley
Bob Marley Yıl önce
Now this is what I call total body workout and awesome fitness....
VITKO MUSIC 10 aylar önce
For people who watch this after free solo with Alex Honnold. When you watch their video it looks super super intense. But when you realize this guy is no1 in Norway. And see his capabilities. Then you realize show was there and Magnus. Tiusentak. I worked in Norway in 2012. Amazing country.
Dave _H_
Dave _H_ Yıl önce
Great one again guys on all fronts, advancing against obstacles to the conclusion of the exercise, jolly good show chaps 😎😉
janekwicz Yıl önce
I would love to see Anton try this course!
SynergyPhoenix Yıl önce
1.1K’th like. So satisfying to see it kick over. Wow. What a fun, impressive and challenging competition!! So proud of you all!!
yee Yıl önce
you should try taking a martial arts black belt test (karate, taekwondo, mixed, etc.)! as a martial artist, my three-hour test was by far the hardest physical thing i’ve ever had to do and it would be cool to see how magnus holds up!
caveman Aylar önce
This looks fun, I want to try it one day!
Devious Midge
Devious Midge Yıl önce
Perfect timing, I just came in my break. Thank you Magnus you wonderful human!
Braden Cosier
Braden Cosier 7 aylar önce
In middle school I had a PE teacher who had us do the standing long jump one day. He claimed it was really difficult to get a long distance and none of us would even come close to beating his attempt. I tried and immediately out did him by at least a meter! But oh! I was disqualified because my toes were (apparently) ever so slightly over the line when I jumped. Dude just didn't want to admit that he was completely shown up by a 12 year old.
Marc Rover
Marc Rover Yıl önce
If more militaries were like this, perhaps I would have joined.
Matt T
Matt T Yıl önce
There’s something so honest and genuine about Norwegians. No ego involved. I wish the whole world were like them.
rokko Yıl önce
I love seeing the videos back in Norway. Beautiful country! Someday I wish to return to the land of my ancestors.
Brandy Jelley
Brandy Jelley 5 aylar önce
Great effort! This was really fun to watch.
Sid1813 Yıl önce
Dude, the production quality of your videos is insane. You are super underrated. I'm telling you, you're gonna hit 1.5 mill by the end of this year fosho!!!
Luzilyo Stormchild
Luzilyo Stormchild 6 aylar önce
For the swimming, I think maybe he (the military athlete) used a technique that I also discovered when I was a child. I am not sure if this is correct, but I always felt that swimming under the water was faster than breaking through the water line, and it looks like he also tried to stay under the water most of the time. But like I said, maybe I am wrong. I was still a child when I did this, tried to swim the entire pool length but at the bottom of the water (and actually succeeded too). So because of my young age, maybe I had some wrong conclusions, and it has been a very long time since I've done any swimming at all so I could also remember it wrong.
Bailey Locker
Bailey Locker Yıl önce
Brilliant video as always. Can't wait for an Anton and Juji collab!
Scott g
Scott g 10 aylar önce
I love obstacle courses. But I noticed when I got into my 50's, even had trained really hard, I got some injuries every time. On the flip side there wasn't a lot of people in their 50's, so I won the war of attrition. 😂
Andrew Gilbertson
Glad to see you keeping up your military contacts. Think this suits you better than marching
Brad Buckley
Brad Buckley Yıl önce
Great vid I'm training for an ocr right now so I feel your pain. You should take some of them climbing they would be so good at it.
Deddy Lajitan
Deddy Lajitan Yıl önce
The workout is the warmup for this guy. 🙌
Tobias Dahlström
Nice to see the military as a supportive environment :)
Mr.cookedfish Yıl önce
It's incredible how human like robots got. At first glance you wouldn't tell that magnus is a robot but then when he starts an exercise you'll notice it immediately.
Christopher Reeves
Amazing! Love these types of challenges
Ettu 11 aylar önce
Marius is like the T-1000 from terminator when he goes on that obstacle course he just looks relentless.... You cannot stop him.
miskee11 Yıl önce
I could not physically finish some of the obstacles in that 500 meter course. But I can deadlift a lot.
Soraya Imperial
Soraya Imperial Yıl önce
As a fat weightlifter gal who could never run decently, I resonate so hard with that sentence.
Ovechkin Maxi
Ovechkin Maxi Yıl önce
Please make more military videos!! These are by far the most exciting videos youve made!!
Funkmaster MD
Funkmaster MD 7 aylar önce
I literally LOLed at him talking about the importance of staying humble after casually popping off his tshirt as usual😄
Notoriouspyro Yıl önce
Damn that guy doing the 500m course was killing it
Real Workouts For Real People!
Should I have gone to bed about 2 hours ago? Yes. Have been watching Magnus' videos for the past 2 hours? Also yes.
Joseph NEVIN LISBON Lisbon
Ändi _
Ändi _ Yıl önce
As a trained lifeguard, I'd say that Magnus could probably save the most seconds by improving his front crawl technique and getting his face under water :D Great video though, and I'm certain I'd loose on any of the other disciplines XD
Stephen Baretich
Stephen Baretich Yıl önce
Very cool to see! I'd never heard of the Military Pentathlon before
Kamron Thurmond
Kamron Thurmond Yıl önce
This looked like a lot of fun.
AndrewLeigh 7 aylar önce
Bring back memorys. Did military penthlon cior 2005 in Belgium Eupen. Was amazing. Also used to run the sandhurst o course in sub 3 mins. Lungs feel like they bleed at that intensity. Metal taste in the mouth afterwards as you are paying the o2 debt.
William Don
William Don 6 aylar önce
Even being able to compete is a great feat in its own right.
Duen Dk
Duen Dk 6 aylar önce
Love this original content. Good video Magnus👍
CyrrusNL Yıl önce
That is pretty damn fast for a first attempt at an obstacle course.
SusanJane Yıl önce
I was reluctant to watch this one, but I really got into it. Ninja Warrior is flash, bang, loud noises... enjoyable but all that gets in the way of the physical and mental challenge. I far preferred this because of the running but also the head-to-head aspect. Well, it is Magnus and friends instead of some 15-year-old kid, etc.
Dinoroel Yıl önce
The world record crawler strikes again showing how he earned the title
Yellow 9 gün önce
I bet you it’s an amazing feeling to be in full control of you body!
Lil 4Head
Lil 4Head Yıl önce
Love the vids Magnus keep it up. Was wondering if you could do a video about getting better finger strength and stronger in general :). Or what you were doing to improve to get to your prime or what your were doing in your prime
Saturated 11 aylar önce
Oh god, my knees twinge every time I see them just jumping down from the high obstacles 😂
Melanie Dei
Melanie Dei Yıl önce
Would love to see a freerunner in that course. Would imagine, that they're saving some time doing a roll after jumping down..
You’re totally right But
I dare say obstacle course specialists are better at obstacle courses than free runners.
Melanie Dei
Melanie Dei Yıl önce
Didn't wanna doubt that, I would just like to see them try it in a totally different style
RoderickGI Yıl önce
Lots of cameras and cameramen, or multiple takes. Great editing and production values. Well done.
Chris Tringrove
Chris Tringrove Yıl önce
Magnus just casually smashing things everywhere he goes
SirCrashALot Yıl önce
Regardless of the feedback, this was a good video and kind of thrilling! Makes me want to do it!
Fish Zom
Fish Zom Aylar önce
The swimming part could be more interesting with having to go deeper to go under certain obstacles, and adding a few high rafts, that you need to climb up on, and jump off, rather then just hurdling.
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