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INSANE DETAILS In Black Panther Wakanda Forever | Easter Eggs, Hidden Meanings, Ending Explained, Post Credits Scene, Things You Missed & Full Movie Breakdown. With Black Panther Wakanda Forever now out on Disney Plus, I thought I'd revisit the movie to highlight some of the best easter eggs, hidden details and things you missed in it. These are things that I haven't seen pointed out in other videos and they're some of the most minor details in the movie that you might have missed when watching it.

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Chadwick Bosemans passing left a big hole in the franchise and the actors real life death influenced the film in several ways. Beyond the obvious plot points the creative team left a tribute to the late actor in the movie and this happens when Everett Ross is sprung from the prison transport. We can see that the licence plate reads CB112976. The CB actually stands for Chadwick Boseman with the numbers representing his birthday on the 29th of November 1976.

Now the idea of grief is laced throughout the film and it's actually a major part of Phase 4. Wanda had to deal with the loss of her children and Vision, Black Widow ended with Yelena grieving Natasha, Shang-Chi was changed by the loss of his mother and No Way Home deal with the death of Aunt May.

(spoiler alert)

Two characters you might not think are similar though are Gorr and Shuri. In the opening of the movie we watch her praying to Bast to save her brother and this is similar to Gorr praying to his God to save his daughter. Neither of their prayers are answered and thus both become angry and bitter for some time. Bast of course also appeared in Love And Thunder during the Gods scene in which we also saw the Mayan God Ketzo-kotal.

It's devastating that Shuri couldn't be with her brother in his final moments as she was trying to save him rather than accepting his inevitable passing.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
Let us know if you noticed any other insane details in the video and if you enjoyed this breakdown make sure you subscribe to our clips channel here - trvid.com/show-UCe48Fl2G6dB6HHYA982fkRA
Cthulhu_lives Aylar önce
Blood doesn't go from blue to red.
canon Aylar önce
kilmonger quotes Namor "the how is never as important as the why"
๔เгɭ * Շг๏ย๒ɭє
the helmet holding shot used in your thumbnail is also Shakespearian iconography (although a skull is used), usually used in HAMLET's 'alas, poor yorick' speech' where hamlet is talking about a court jester who was a dear friend to him as a child, and talks about yorick giving him 1000 piggyback rides around the palace. the speech takes place in a graveyard, and is about death, decay and mortality. also, griots are story tellers, but they're also the way the culture passes on it's history, morality and ideas. you guys are killing it! i just watched jarrod's take on tar, and it was fantastic! keep up the great work, cheers!
KP Kev the Poet
KP Kev the Poet Aylar önce
Why would you randomly theorise that a tractor beam slowed his descent with absolutely zero evidence for it?
KP Kev the Poet
KP Kev the Poet Aylar önce
You're one of the only people to mention the Phase 4 theme of grief, but it's also about parenthood, both themes are part of Wakanda Forever but also Shang Chi, Thor Love n Thunder, MoM and Wandavision.
Stuart Lugsden
Stuart Lugsden Aylar önce
Theres 1 detail your didn't mention. Shuri's black panther suit is a mix of silver and gold showing that theres a lot of Killmonger in her as well as her brother.
Javier Aviles
Javier Aviles Aylar önce
@Darius E. Bennett But I wasn't the one who pointed it out. It was the other user who made the comment and I just retorted. Same way no sites point out that the moment Shuri became the Black Panther, she started wearing ONLY black clothes, just like T'Challa did. No one else in the movies wear All Black.
Darius E. Bennett
Darius E. Bennett Aylar önce
@Javier Aviles The point they're making is that he (Heavy Spoilers) says at the start of this video that he would only point out details that everyone else has missed. Clearly multiple people already caught the detail you mention, which is why he likely left it out 🙌🏾
Stuart Lugsden
Stuart Lugsden Aylar önce
@Javier Aviles Yes. Sorry I should have included that in the op. I just couldn’t be bothered ngl.
Javier Aviles
Javier Aviles Aylar önce
@Stuart Lugsden so you’re agreeing it was pointed out by everyone except for the creator of the video. Thanks for agreeing with me. 👍🏻 Because you made it sound as if you had an epiphany all on your own. Lmfaooooo
Louis Berry
Louis Berry Aylar önce
One of the best Phase 4 and Angela deserves the oscar. This is a great tribute to the legacy of The King RIP Chadwick Boseman.
Todd Holland
Todd Holland Aylar önce
Killmonger was underwater because that’s where he asked to be buried. “Bury me with my ancestors who jumped from the ships,because they knew death was better than bondage.”
tseantan Aylar önce
Talokan's culture is more Mayan than Aztec. It's a common mistake to assume they have the same exact culture, but they are distinct. The Aztecs were based in Central Southern Mexico and the Maya live throughout the Yucatan, Belize, Guatemala, Chiapas, and parts of El Salvador. The Talokanil speak Yucatec Maya as opposed to Nahuatl (the language of the Aztecs and their descendants).
Nicolas Aguilar
Nicolas Aguilar Aylar önce
Loved the representation and the use of the Mayan language. Loved how it sounded being used in full conversations. Wonder how close to actual Mayan it was.
yapdog Aylar önce
RiRi was important in showing Shuri's growth: she was a mirror of Shuri's carefree youth. But now Shuri is the more-worldly big sister to tech-focused RiRi as T'Challa was big brother to her.
Binnie Aylar önce
During the fight scene on the bridge the Big Talokan uses a hip thrust to direct the grenade towards Okoye which is a technique the ancient Mayans used whilst playing the Mesoamerican Ballgame
Dominique Jones
Dominique Jones Aylar önce
Attuma. I'm enjoying watching it at home more than I did n the theatre
Monica Aylar önce
Thank you for the detailed breakdown of WF. I really enjoyed it yesterday for the first time. I actually hesitated to go see it because I was so emotional about my own father’s passing last year. And some TRvid channels were complaining “how terrible it was,” which was NOT the case. That’s why it’s important to watch films yourself to get a better understanding of the storyline. I appreciate channels like yours. Thanks!
wonder walker
wonder walker Aylar önce
For some reason people love to hate on Black Panther.
Silky smooth2000
Silky smooth2000 Aylar önce
Same!!! I couldn’t see it cause I broke my shoulder at the time it came out Saw loads of reviews on TRvid and thought I didn’t miss anything Saw it last night and enjoyed it from start to finish I will never listen ti these TRvid critics again Sorry about your dad
JessitoBG Aylar önce
I watched it yesterday for the first time too. I also saw some bad reviews and avoided it, but finally decided to give it a go and enjoyed it quite a lot. I am also sorry about your dad.
The Magic Show
The Magic Show Aylar önce
I finally got around to seeing this movie and I enjoyed it waaaaaay more than the first one. I really don't know what everyone was complaining about on the internet. This movie was a masterpiece and top notch acting from everyone.
wonder walker
wonder walker Aylar önce
@noun uneedtono Well I'm a black man somewhere that wasn't a bit bothered by anything in the movie. Likely "the men everywhere" that "you" claim doesn't realize that Shuri takes over as Black Panther for awhile in the comics. Even in the first movie they hint at it just before M'Baku arrives to fight for kingship.
The Magic Show
The Magic Show Aylar önce
@noun uneedtono I don't let fictional movies determine who I am disrespected by. Furthermore as a black man who came from a powerful black woman and will marry a powerful black woman I can put my ignorant black male pride to the side for 3 hours to watch our beautiful black women shine in a fictious story that neither betters or worsens my black experience in the world. If it disrespected black men I couldn't tell cause my confidence is too strong to let Hollywood dictate whether the definition of my blackness is respected or not. But you keep letting these Hollywood Jews define your existence if you want you simpleton.
noun uneedtono
noun uneedtono Aylar önce
It was offensive to all 'black' men everywhere
Peter Hernandez
Peter Hernandez Aylar önce
People complain just to complain
Figment Forever
Figment Forever Aylar önce
This was definitely my favorite Phase 4 film - despite how I still love The Eternals. It was a well done tribute to the immortal legacy Chadwick Boseman left behind ❤️ Another great video from Definition/Kevin Spoilers!
Rashaad Genie
Rashaad Genie Aylar önce
Christina Mauck
Christina Mauck Aylar önce
Thank you for finally mentioning that mirrored shot that matches the Shuri comic cover!! I swear no one else had mentioned that yet in their breakdown videos and I thought it was a pretty obvious and big detail. Thanks for your hard work always!
Senzo Benedict
Senzo Benedict Aylar önce
@Tommy why? Please explain
Tommy Aylar önce
Shuri is the worst thing that happened to the BP comics
Jonathan M. Conway
Jonathan M. Conway Aylar önce
Rewatche this film last night with the wife and we both agreed the ending with Shuri and her nefhew was just beautiful. Plenty of tears were shed but the scene was the prefect way to end the film on my opinion
wonder walker
wonder walker Aylar önce
@Maestro Lol! 😅😂🤣😅😂🤣Wow!
Maestro Aylar önce
Huh? What nephew?
WeArePennState76 Aylar önce
Yes, the best part of the scene for me was the flashback memories Shuri had while burning T’Challa’s robes. The scenes intertwined with the silence and pans back to her closed eyes almost made me tear up. I really felt that one. To me, that was masterful.
J E Aylar önce
Absolutely loved the movie, a perfect sequel to black panther. I can’t wait for Wakanda and Talocan to comeback in Kang Dynasty, assuming the latter will
Thembani the One
Thembani the One Aylar önce
Another detail I noticed was how both Killmonger and Namor say to Shuri "how is never as important as why". That was great. To me it was the directors and writers subtley talking to audience members like me who were wondering "how the f**k did T'Challa die in a land where cryostasis is possible and they can heal spinal injuries overnight!?"
Dom510 Aylar önce
Great breakdown. I thought Wakanda Forever was a great movie. I like the first one a bit more but what they managed to pull off following everything that happened is impressive.
cArl Pedersen
cArl Pedersen Aylar önce
M'Baku is still one of my favorite characters.
ArcyTheAtrocious Aylar önce
A detail I found in the movie: Namor said "Imperius Rex" twice in the movie. During the final fight may be the only one, but if you memorize how Namor said his catchphrase in his language and go back to when he threw water bombs at Queen Ramonda, he shouted "Imperius Rex!" It was never subtitled in that very scene, only during the final battle.
Marco Sanchez
Marco Sanchez Aylar önce
I like that the burning of the robes also marks the end of the mourning period of phase 4
Fahim Al Faisal
Fahim Al Faisal Aylar önce
Phase 4 actually ended with Guardians Holiday special which came after WF !LOL
Kevmuyi Aylar önce
Another nod to Chadwick was when Nakia said Tchalla had prepared her and Toussaint for his death, the same way Chadwick would've prepared his family for his passing
John Bravo
John Bravo Aylar önce
Probably the most underrated marvel movie rn
Ira Ford
Ira Ford Aylar önce
Q9 yt
Q9 yt Aylar önce
I swear bro, I loved this movie idk why tho It just feel special to me
Saw Boaz
Saw Boaz Aylar önce
Heartbreaking for the princess that she didn't even move on from her brother's death and she lost her mother yet again.
Blake Aylar önce
The thing is, the purple herb gives you super strength, agility, and perception, but it doesn’t change your mass/weight. So theoretically, Namor was punching and throwing around a 80lbs woman 😅😂
wonder walker
wonder walker Aylar önce
Yep, and a 215lb man is blowing through metal, so...
Mikayla Yanchik
Mikayla Yanchik Aylar önce
@DikaWolf exactly! You explained it perfectly!
DikaWolf Aylar önce
Yeah, and it showed. Shuri was knocked on her ass and thrown around a lot during her fight with Namor even though he was severely weakened at the time. Shuri didn't win because of her fighting skill. She won using her intelligence and tech. She first weakened him with a heater, and weakened him more later using her suits kinetic attack. She also used her claws and strength from the heart shape herb she recreated to rip out his wings when she was knocked down at his feet so he couldn't fly, and then blasted him with the ship's thrusters. When she was speared, she healed herself with the same gel that T'Challa used in the first movie. Everything was perfectly in line with her character.
Shoshana Loomer
Shoshana Loomer Aylar önce
I still can’t believe Ramonda died. After everything I expected from this movie, this was not one of them
Onceand4all Aylar önce
I agree but 2 things 1. Since Shuri is Black Panther she needs to talk to someone in the Astroplane for guidance. Especially since T'Challa can't and during the 1st 2 movies her bond is with her mother. 2. I really think the writers wanted to get away from anymore death of the royal family in the future movies. Eventually you'd have to do one for her mother too. So they got it out the way now. I was just hoping to see Angela Bassett do some combat that woman is in shape
The Magic Show
The Magic Show Aylar önce
Yea I didn't like the decision to kill off another character. Angela Bassett wasn't a fan of the move either but to be fair she can always still appear in the After Life Plain place
Iesha Weaver
Iesha Weaver Aylar önce
Same! I just got done watching it and I’m still shocked she died! Wasn’t expecting that!
Lucy VanLipton
Lucy VanLipton Aylar önce
Such a good movie. Not gonna compare to the first black panther movie, but the theme of grief is a moving one.
Nancy Scogin
Nancy Scogin Aylar önce
I didn't see this when it came out. My brother had recently died and I didn't think I could deal with Shuri's grief on top of my own. This morning I started watching and once it got past the beginning I do like it.
DeeZy Doubles
DeeZy Doubles Aylar önce
That is so sad, i lost my brother just before chadwick died in real life. Watching this was tough, and i felt like i was saying goodbye.
Dammy Lola
Dammy Lola Aylar önce
@BEETTHESE sorry about your loss 💙
BEETTHESE Aylar önce
I’m very sorry about your brother. My mom passed before being able to see the movie. T’Challa’s funeral got me to tear up and get emotional, but Queen Ramonda’s death hit me so hard in this movie that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to watch it again. It’s a beautiful movie but will definitely trigger buried emotions if unprepared.
Ira Ford
Ira Ford Aylar önce
Sorry to hear about your loss.
Rory Calhoun
Rory Calhoun Aylar önce
Chaac has also appeared in the Marvel Comics as a member of the Ahau, the Mayan pantheon of gods who serve alongside the Asgardians on the Council of Godheads
Andrew Nicholls
Andrew Nicholls Aylar önce
Here is a free one When the funeral is happening at the very beginning, everyone is wearing sandals, no doubt a call back to the "keeping it old school for my first day" They kept it old school for him on his last 😭
Stuart Lugsden
Stuart Lugsden Aylar önce
It's always a great day when Heavy Spoilers uploads a Marvel video.
dirk diggler
dirk diggler Aylar önce
Yurias Aylar önce
Appreciate it that you did a deeper dive into this movie. Love all your marvel related content as well
Yunior Reyes.
Yunior Reyes. Aylar önce
When Namor showed up like Superman had chills
Watched it yesterday. They did an incredible job
Wade Aylar önce
Namor is my new favorite character. Agile, powerful, indigenous. He's going to be the favorite for a lot of indigenous people. I'm really glad they went with the Aztec origin instead of him being an Atlantian, it makes him more relatable and again many indigenous people will identify with him and his views on "the surface world" aka colonialism
El Goose
El Goose Aylar önce
Bro do you know most Mexican people are mestizo. They are mixed. The indigenous people in Mexico are a minority. If anything they are oppressed by their own countrymen. Especially the indigenous women who are victims of feminicide. Colonialism is the that thing those people are worried about.
Matulangri Aylar önce
It’s mayan mostly
ryuuji Aylar önce
I also noticed T'Challa's son was in the school when Ramonda went to see Nakia
Stephen Simon 🇺🇦
Insane how incredibly downright gorgeous Lupita Nyong'o is, within this movie, and IRL! A goddess to them all!
The Viewer
The Viewer Aylar önce
Can’t wait for the Phase 5 to kick in soon, that’s going to be epic this year ! Marvel just posted a vid of Paul Rudd reading a bit of the Memoirs by Scott 😂
Diego Mendez
Diego Mendez Aylar önce
I love how the film fades to white at the end! It mirrors the wearing of white at someone’s funeral (end)
That Canadian Vaper Guy
Not sure if anyone mentioned this already, but the Talokan people are actually called "Talokanil" in the movie. I legitimately thought they were 'Talokanians' as well, but Talokanil rolls off the tongue better lol
Emmite McClellan
Emmite McClellan Aylar önce
Andy Tavary
Andy Tavary Aylar önce
Small nitpick: Queztlcoatl was actually an Aztec god, not a Mayan. It's easy to get the two confused.
Kyle Carter
Kyle Carter Aylar önce
The license plates and shots that are ripped off the comic book cover and page are the details I've been waiting/looking for in my film rewatches and the TRvid breakdowns I watch.
Lara Aylar önce
I love the plate number detail. Just done watching the movie.
Aashish Singh Yaduvanshi
13:30 I just burst up laughing, it was so funny when she ripped his wings
J T Aylar önce
I dont really think the movie was as good as the first one, but it felt like a decent ending and send off to chadwick, more than a comic book movie. It really felt more like they focused more on mourning the loss than anything, but i can dig that actually.
Eric Sugimoto
Eric Sugimoto Aylar önce
I think the wildest part of Wakanda Forever is how the 3rd act is basically of The Last of Us 2.
LazyScoobs Aylar önce
This movie was great, but I can't shake what coogler had said what the movie was supposed to be like if Chadwick hadn't passed. Father son story where t'challa is reconnecting with his son because he bliped for 6 years. I think it would have been a perfect sequel. 😔
ramses avila
ramses avila Aylar önce
Thanks! I just saw it for the first and last time yesterday... (SPOILER) Sad to say that the war scene at the end was very badly written
Senzo Benedict
Senzo Benedict Aylar önce
5:14 actually Shuri's face dots are based on the dots worn by the Xhosa tribe of South Africa which is what the Wakandans are based on. The Wakandans literally speak Xhosa as their language
Jeffrey Carman
Jeffrey Carman Aylar önce
I really like this movie. Thanks for the breakdown.
Jose Chego Cabrices
That Greg cameo... 👌
Gocks Da Rapper
Gocks Da Rapper Aylar önce
theory time 14:08 what if the Jabaris had a prophesy that one of them is going to be the king of Wakanda before the clans united which is why they decided to leave when Bashenga became king. little did they know the king that was prophesied is Mbaku
Paul & Tara Marshall
Watched the movie last night and it was great but emotional. But really great
Lord Odysseus
Lord Odysseus Aylar önce
Scratchy old narrator voice: "The year is 2023 and despite basic education being abundant and cheap, adults still believe blood is blue. We are doomed. End log."
NaYaKo Aylar önce
Just watched the movie. I liked it.
BigWoodzCBCL Aylar önce
The Ryan Arey drop kills me everytime!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
0p3rator_617 Aylar önce
My day is never complete unless I hear Kevin’s English accent (England is a made up place for a fantasy setting in video games) share some cool details on the MCU
Dru Aylar önce
His little chicken wings 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ibe Owunwanne
Ibe Owunwanne Aylar önce
Can someone help me understand why Namor was able to pierce Shuri’s vibranium suit with a vibranium spear? T’challa need the rail system to be running in the first one to stab killmonger
AngryTechGuy Aylar önce
It was pure unrefined vibranium. It is also the reason his able to pierce the ship hull and escape here trap.
Hanif Ameen
Hanif Ameen Aylar önce
Apple usually NEVER lets anyone say anything bad abt their products so much that if a character is holding an IPHONE in a film they are definitely not villains of any sort. I wonder how they felt abt okoyes comment XD
Samantha Frost
Samantha Frost Aylar önce
Just watched it on Disney. Epic. But I really felt for general, I didn’t think she deserved that shouting at that the queen mother did. Also how did no one see the girlfriend pregnant. Namor brilliant but I couldn’t understand some of the stuff he said at times.
Iamwhoiam Aylar önce
I could’ve sworn there were built in captions
DikaWolf Aylar önce
She left Wakanda long ago when she got pregnant so she wasn't around for them to see her pregnant.
Silky smooth2000
Silky smooth2000 Aylar önce
I have to put this film up their with the top their Marvel films like Captain America the winter soldier and Infinity War. Namor was brilliant Shuri smashed it The whole cast was amazing The kid at the end…..when he said his real name ……brought tears to my eyes I even liked iron heart despite what the critics said….the plot centred around her but all I kept hearing was that she didn’t need to be in the movie for that long? Or it was forced having her in the film? In fact I’m not listening to critics any more, i lost a lot of respect and confidence when they all praised NOPE ….now that film is really disappointing
Peter Mawila
Peter Mawila Aylar önce
Heavy spoilers doing what he does best 👌
Graeme O
Graeme O Aylar önce
Great video and a lot of details. One thing though, blood doesn't go blue to red.
El Chancho
El Chancho Aylar önce
I wonder if they’ll set up Black Panthers son and storm together or skip that and make his son a mutant
Jay Sin
Jay Sin Aylar önce
I've watched it 3 times since it dropped on D+
Zk Motivation
Zk Motivation Aylar önce
As you move forward on your journey toward your dream, there will be haters, doubters, naysayers, and plenty of hard times. Once you're willing to take on whatever this path has to offer and say "I CAN TAKE IT", the world is yours.
5h0e Aylar önce
4:38 also because it’s the suit he created.
Seigoulen Mate
Seigoulen Mate Aylar önce
Shuri reactions to an iPhone SE is really hilarious 😂
Lee Gannon
Lee Gannon Aylar önce
7:25 That book is actually coming out to buy in September.
Mandalorian Gamez
Mandalorian Gamez Aylar önce
Paul, you're killing me with these Aladin Quotes 😂😂😂
Bird One Creations
Bird One Creations Aylar önce
bro....... not to comment off topic, but D.C is getting a reboot by the God of song James "pound sand Rocky" Gunn and we are finally out of that slow burn in hell we called Phase 4. With whats coming up, pro the best time in decades to be a super hero fan. As always dude killer video, big fan and small time crook i mean creator myself. Keep em coming and stop by and say howdy sometime mate
Mythical History
Mythical History Aylar önce
Namor is the best part of that movie 🍿
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst Aylar önce
Midnight angels costume looks like "we have predator at home"
Ryan Tweet
Ryan Tweet Aylar önce
Blood doesn't change from blue to red; veins are bluish. -Doctor. Otherwise, thanks for the breakdown!
Wico90 Aylar önce
I'm hopeful that Ford is Robert Maverick instead of a recast Ross. Playing the same role, but renamed to the second Red Hulk. He'd be able to keep the mustache then.
kevtiz03 Aylar önce
I’m guessing… Marvel will show that vibranium amplifies magical energies. Wakanda wall fall to a magical attack and the Wakandans will retreat to Talokan
Murrv Vmurr
Murrv Vmurr Aylar önce
a griot is more than a storyteller. it's Google in human form. keeper of history and knowledge. transmitting tradition from one generation to the next. think druid
Aaron Braunstein
Aaron Braunstein Aylar önce
"A whole new world". I see what you did there. :D
Dylan Cook
Dylan Cook Aylar önce
Question for my marvel fans. Everyone from Wakanda says “Death is not the end” and they have the ancestors in the ancestral plane…so theoretically…could someone drink some synthetic herb soup Shuri made and see Tony Stark or Black Widow?
Luke Wright
Luke Wright Aylar önce
Maybe they were in valhala together with Jane Forster..?
Dylan Cook
Dylan Cook Aylar önce
@Olivia Omonombe people that lived before us that died? Yes. I think so
Olivia Omonombe
Olivia Omonombe Aylar önce
The real question here is are they considered to be ancestors?
RVHEEM Aylar önce
The reason why they picked Haiti is because its the real world Wakanda (minus tech) both places have a mountain meteor which is used for technology…in the Marvel universe it’s Vibranium in real life it’s Iridium… That’s a link you missed…
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier Aylar önce
No thought put into what would happen to the body in the casket as it’s stood upright while levitating into the ship 😒😳
Dave Southword
Dave Southword Aylar önce
Nothing about the massive plot hole on this miraculous vibranium detector which is hardly unique or groundbreaking as SWORD had one at least a year before Riri’s supposed breakthrough?
Tal Dogan
Tal Dogan Aylar önce
Coogler played fast and loose with the rules
AB_rated Aylar önce
Did the queen know she had a grandson before her death?
stapuft Aylar önce
actually, you CAN pint underwater, you just need a specialized formula of paint, that works like "roman concrete" does IE water, actually makes it dry. its counterintuitive, yes, but it IS possible. you can even purchace a brand of commercially avaliable paint called "alcoit" that has this property. it is specifically used by the "army corps of engineers" to paint underwater things, and also by oil drilling companies to protect their underwater equipment that CANNOT be removed , like the pipes themselves.
Kathryn Lehmann
Kathryn Lehmann 5 gün önce
I was a fan that M'baku's breast plate during the main battle has a ape face motif.
garibaldilebeau Aylar önce
Talokanil, not Talokanians. Confirmed in the subtitles
Clinton Evans
Clinton Evans Aylar önce
Ooo just noticed sky trails form an X then two more wrap round to form a shield with crossed Assagai
Jayjay Aylar önce
I imagined Toussaint (Young T'Challa) will meet a young Haitian girl who happen to have the ability to manipulate the weather.
E-Manny Aylar önce
Tlalocan is actually ruled by Tlaloc, that's why it's called that in the first place.
smencl Aylar önce
Lmao Wanda grieving her son's that didn't exist😂
Pale Blue Geek
Pale Blue Geek Aylar önce
Thanks for this video!
TacoDraws Aylar önce
My cousin said Namor was a better villain than Killmonger. He was wrong, but Namor was still pretty good lol
Ryan Mattis
Ryan Mattis Aylar önce
Not even like this movie was an absolute banger but i loved it. Idk y
solarrarr Aylar önce
Shuri needs a new hair-do.
Alebatido Aylar önce
You're great Paul! Keep up the good content, 'mate. Yes, I commented before watching it, I hope there's a Theory Time mention. Don't let me down. (I'll get back here in 16 minutes).
Alebatido Aylar önce
There was a Theory Time!!! Yeeees! You never let me down!
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
Ey thank you, lol it’s in there somewhere
Kong Wubba
Kong Wubba Aylar önce
Showing how short Michael B really is.......
Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin Aylar önce
Wakanda Forever is even better on the second watch!
David Burris
David Burris Aylar önce
This is the first video that I’ve heard anybody acknowledge how their skin color changed from in the water to out of the water
BEETTHESE Aylar önce
New Rockstar’s covered that before and after the movie released in November.
Adam Mizrahi
Adam Mizrahi Aylar önce
No love for Kamaru Usman?!! No videos mentioning the former 170lbs champion of the world getting some good funny lines in a Marvel movie! He’s the guy that beefed with Mbaku in the throne room
El Goose
El Goose Aylar önce
Pfft. They should cast Mike Perry. He is blacker than Tyron Woodley.
D Aylar önce
If you think about it T'Challa actually dies twice, And this is the second time Wakanda had to mourn his death he died in "Infinity War" too... No disrespect to Shuri as Black Panther which was cool, but i wouldn't mind Marvel fast forwarding time again to see T'Challa Junior taking over the mantle. If Marvel was smart they would even play with him having a relationship with Storm. I can see this happening in Marvel phase 5 or 6.
Anthony hoy
Anthony hoy Aylar önce
Who’s Wakanda’s favorite poet?? Shakespeare!!
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