Infinity Tentacle Minions in Minecraft (Insane Craft)

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We get attacked by Infinity Tentacles in Minecraft Insane Craft
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21 May 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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I am literally almost an adult and I can say for a fact that I can never stop watching his videos due to pure dedication to his channel. Still want that Meat Castle Ssundee
Ozzy Summerall
Ozzy Summerall 28 gün önce
I haven't quite watched in a while, and yet everytime I come back to his channel he's full of the same joy, energy, and dedication he had years ago. No matter my age and no matter my interests I will always hold SSundee in the highest honor in my heart. This man shaped my childhood interests and thanks to him as well as others I had a childhood worth remembering, not many can say that.
Matthew Yeh
Ieusbd Wasgu
This dude shaped my childhood and I’ve seen every episode
Luke Falciani
Really hope lost infinity is finished soon and added to the modpack. Been antsy for months to give its progression line a try myself.
Love the series looking towards next insane craft video. Keep it up
I have not watched this series for AGES and I'm now so glad to see him again 😁
most of the older mine craft TRvidrs grew with their audience. and it didn't work out for them. it's good to see that ssundee is sticking to a younger audience. it's working well for him. he's on the TRvid trending page very often.
I love the insane craft vids keep the happy vibes coming 💚
Indigo Creations UK
I love how ssundee has added a story line to insane craft
Keep up the awesome work dude!
・your non favorite person 👍・
Ssundee, you are what make Sundays bearable for me. I love your content and I haven’t missed an upload for a long time.
Dragon Core
Thank you SSundee for consistently uploading you are one of my favorite TRvidrs for that and all your exploits
Mana Boys
Every Week I always look forward for Insane Craft Such a Good Series
Vanessa Alba
Ssundee always makes our day and even if we feel down he will always makes us laugh! I luv your vids ssundee .
The storm
The intro never gets old 😂❤️
Ibot Maker
I like the fact that biffle, sigil, and jerome is having a battle to the death while Ian casually doing his intro
Ashley (.)(.)Sweety Hotgirl
Love the series keep it up!
KingNobody12 Playz
Day 3: of sharing this cool idea, you can inject the tentacle monster with a special injection then combine it with your infinity injection then when you use the injection it automatically equips you with tentacle armor and at the back you have 4 tentacles like Spider-Man you can change the tentacle settings to either pull or push mobs but either way they will automatically attack. Also you can mine with your fist with the tentacle armor on and fight with ur fist which does a lot of damage and you can shoot like ink projectiles which land on the ground doing aoe damage. Then if you combine your new tentacle injection with a black hole you can instantly break anything and you absorb all damage.
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