Indianapolis Colts back in playoff picture with win vs. 49ers | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Mike Florio and Mike Golic are impressed by the Indianapolis Colts' turnaround, and they look ahead to their big chance to earn a statement win against the Titans.
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Indianapolis Colts back in playoff picture with win vs. 49ers | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports




25 Eki 2021




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ZachFish29 Aylar önce
I’m rooting for the afc north to all make it haha
Taylor Richardson
Taylor Richardson Aylar önce
Taylor is a top 3 back in the league
Golic good to see you, looking good. You look a lot better than ESPN right about now.
line6bassmanTR Aylar önce
If they beat Titans we talk about it.. till then....
Aaron Vavricka
Aaron Vavricka Aylar önce
Gonna find out this Sunday
R • CASH Aylar önce
If the Colts beat the Titans next Sunday it’ll definitely shake up the AFC a little especially if teams start losing like Baltimore and Cincinnati
Bryon Haywood
Bryon Haywood Aylar önce
Colts getting revenge big time and we always own them overrated bums and idiotic Fanbase!!! Titans are a joke of a contender
Press F
Press F Aylar önce
The Colts are only in the hunt because the AFC is really bad.
Courtney Mastin
Courtney Mastin Aylar önce
They have a very favorable schedule down the road
Shea Kelley
Shea Kelley Aylar önce
Don't pay income tax this year the government is failing you!
Brandon Stuthers
Brandon Stuthers Aylar önce
they fought through the storm alright
myko freder
myko freder Aylar önce
If you don't think one of the 2 loss teams will get to 7 losses by playing 500 the last 10 games, there are 6 teams playing for 1 wildcard spot with 6 or 7 losses in the AFC. Looking at the schedule, they play a lot of 2 loss teams and each other, the Patriots and their QB are starting to score points and have more 'easy' games left, thought they will have to beat someone good and not slip up. I don't see Wentz surviving this close every game count stretch, he was running the ball recklessly and was laying it on the line on those 4th down or 1st down scrambles.
Jose Aguirre
Jose Aguirre Aylar önce
Colts beat a not good niners team and have a losing record they get hyped lol titans beat the bills and the chiefs and not a mention it’s all about what went wrong with the bills and chiefs hahahah national football media is garbage
C Truth
C Truth Aylar önce
@Jose Aguirre The Titans were blown out by the Ravens in the 2020 playoffs. What's the point of the Titans going to the playoffs just to get hit in the mouth? Shut up and go away. The playoffs are a new season. The Titans can't do much in the playoffs. A lot of smoke w/o fire.
Jose Aguirre
Jose Aguirre Aylar önce
@Carlos Wade titans have had the most injured players of any team this year check the numbers, quit making excuses colts suck
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
Colts been hurt when healthy they can beat any team in the nfl
Jose Aguirre
Jose Aguirre Aylar önce
@Bringing the JUICE football yes the national media no could care less always garbage 🗑
Devin Byrd
Devin Byrd Aylar önce
You're getting smoked Sunday chill out
Jack Certain
Jack Certain Aylar önce
Titans are not as good as everyone thinks they are
Carson Wentz2 #comebackplayeroftheyear
@Jose Aguirre the 49ers are good tho
Carson Wentz2 #comebackplayeroftheyear
@dabney offermein no
dabney offermein
dabney offermein Aylar önce
@Stand up Guy bills have already proven you wrong. Colts rock!
T.C. Thompson
T.C. Thompson Aylar önce
Salty Titans fans are salty.
Brandon Stuthers
Brandon Stuthers Aylar önce
we play the titans twice a year..nothing new lol
Mehmet Yigit
Mehmet Yigit Aylar önce
Jonathan Taylor is a beast
Wentzszn Aylar önce
If colts don’t make playoffs it will because the defense is just bad. Offense is great.
C Truth
C Truth Aylar önce
@DJ Silk The Colts defense collapses a lot.
Ricky White
Ricky White Aylar önce
@e_Khan Couldn't be more wrong my man the line does need to get it together and we need a true number 1 receiver
DJ Silk
DJ Silk Aylar önce
@Ricky White The have the second most turnovers in the league, You Fool. Leonard alone has 8. Lmfao
Wentzszn Aylar önce
@e_Khan You really can’t believe that.
e_Khan Aylar önce
Offense has been the weak link so far.
Wentzszn Aylar önce
Colts are just one game out of the wildcard.
John West
John West Aylar önce
Should have beat the Rams, N had the Ravens beat. They getting nervous Wentz was suppose to be " not this good in this leadership role of this team"!!!🐴🐴🐴🖕🖕👊👊
Ed Bon
Ed Bon Aylar önce
@DJ Silk you clearly do get it! I find very few people do get it including fans and even in the media including former players. Everybody seems to focus what's right in front of their faces instead of seeing the trends that are developing and patterns. The year they won the Super Bowl with Peyton Manning they looked like bottom dwellers a few games before the end of the season. It was then that Tony Dungy told them something I will never forget he said if you start to turn it around and when your next game well that's good but you have to start to develop a pattern and that takes about three games you're on the right path towards getting better. And that's exactly what is happening right now they have been playing very good football the last four games. If they keep doing that they are going to be just fine regardless of what all the what have you done for me lately crowd has to say
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
@dabney offermein u think they good ty back Wentz not hurt and braiden smith might be back so like I said keep sleeping on colts if u want to
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
@dabney offermein u wanna complain about starter Titans barley beat a injured colts team
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
@dabney offermein learn football they still have a chance and they will beat Titans
ole Aylar önce
" you know"
trey Brison
trey Brison Aylar önce
Colts are really good. Wish they were completely healthy and wentz got a full training camp.
Randal Smith
Randal Smith Aylar önce
you know when we got wentz, I was happy. Just for the piece of mind of having the same QB for two years running. It's something to build with. Not having that guy *suddenly* really hurt the growth of this roster and it has taken a few years to get to a place where that job is filled and now we have that security. So yeah things weren't near what we wanted with the freak foot thing and the sprained ankles and hurt OL and all that. Still we'll probably come back and get a playoff spot this year. If not you boys better watch out next year. Carson's coming for that MVP trophy.