Indianapolis Colts are the 'sleeping giant' in the AFC | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

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Chris Simms breaks down why he feels the Indianapolis Colts have the capability to become a real threat in a muddled AFC and explains what went wrong for the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football.
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Indianapolis Colts are the 'sleeping giant' in the AFC | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports




25 Eki 2021




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Nathan Tewkesbury
Nathan Tewkesbury 10 gün önce
Colts & Steelers are the most dangerous, watch out if they figure it out and start clicking teams in the AFC
Bubbles 23 gün önce
The Colts secondary is hot garbage.
Charles Davis
Charles Davis 29 gün önce
Keep sleeping I guess.
Mark E
Mark E 29 gün önce
I guess they're still sleeping
Caden Sutton
Caden Sutton Aylar önce
One more Moss by Pittman jr will really get people nervous
Wyatt Gouldthorpe
Wyatt Gouldthorpe Aylar önce
If they beat the Titans we can talk.
guy rushinek
guy rushinek Aylar önce
Xboxgamersss Aylar önce
Go Colts!
John Kowall
John Kowall Aylar önce
The 49ers are not good OK at best Or just not good Bad Coaching
Eric Martin Smith
Eric Martin Smith Aylar önce
When you have Jonathan Taylor and Carson Wentz is playing like he is I completely agree... And I love that we can fly under the radar ....we always have...
Mark E
Mark E 29 gün önce
How you feeling about Wentz now?
Eric Martin Smith
Eric Martin Smith Aylar önce
@bt Hill and we almost beat two of the best teams in the NFL... If it were not for two things bad coaching decisions and an injured kicker...gtfo with that bs
Eric Martin Smith
Eric Martin Smith Aylar önce
@TheWilder30 Yup!! Even more so!!!
TheWilder30 Aylar önce
Sleeping under the radar at 3-4?
Austin Kilgore
Austin Kilgore Aylar önce
Don’t forget Pittman
Don't Worry
Don't Worry Aylar önce
the defense was getting walked on with misdirection. 49ers just stopped doing what worked
T.C. Thompson
T.C. Thompson Aylar önce
Misdirection only works for small amounts of time
Fudge Browniie-Jenkins
We should of blew them out
Donald Spicer
Donald Spicer Aylar önce
Been a Colts fan for decades now, and seen it all. Right now the Colts sit at 3-4, but where they can say what their NFC "cousins", the Vikings say: "We can beat anyone. We just don't want to." Look at some of the Colts and Vikings losses, and what their records could easily have been. ...And let's not even go back one year and that loss to the supposed mighty Bills in playoffs, where Colts could have put that game away early, but again, found a way to lose.
YouTube Account
YouTube Account Aylar önce
The league does need to stop called PI on under thrown balls
Wanda Browne
Wanda Browne Aylar önce
The real niners would have beaten the brakes off Indy. PPPPPlease.
Xboxgamersss Aylar önce
Well, guess what, the real 49’ers got blasted!
Von Indigenous
Von Indigenous Aylar önce
@Joel Castillo right! Smh… they won’t give my team its props
Joel Castillo
Joel Castillo Aylar önce
Where they at though 😂😂😂
Wanda Browne
Wanda Browne Aylar önce
Cincy is the sleeping Giant
Charles Davis
Charles Davis 29 gün önce
Cincy lost to the Jets. So I guess their still sleeping.
YourBrotherJoe Productions
They are the #1 seed in the AFC rn
T.C. Thompson
T.C. Thompson Aylar önce
Can't really be that when you top of the conference.
Collin Wood
Collin Wood Aylar önce
UC is the sleeping giant 😂
silenttoxic707 Aylar önce
Titans beat this colts team 9 out of 10 times. They're just not ready
Mark E
Mark E 29 gün önce
@john regalia Worried now?
john regalia
john regalia Aylar önce
@TheWilder30 umm wentz barely could walk 2 of the colts best lineman were out two others played injured. Wr1 was out multiple cbs out. Guess what they are healthy now.
TheWilder30 Aylar önce
@john regalia You guys are so funny. What about our Injuries? Our whole Team has been Injured this Year but no excuses and we still winning. Good Teams can get past the Injuries and bad Teams can't.
Ka$H D’Or
Ka$H D’Or Aylar önce
How about nooooo.
Damico Minton
Damico Minton Aylar önce
You must have forgot that you guys were Andrew Lucks Doormat 🤣 humble yourself young man.
marco mcdowell
marco mcdowell Aylar önce
lol no, two bad teams had a game and one bad team won. Let's keep this in mind though. Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have had ONE plus .500 season in 5 years.
TheWilder30 Aylar önce
Thank you. I find It funny how everybody acting like they beat a good Team. They beat a bad Team with a bad QB and bad Coaching. I'm not going to get on here and say we're going to win but I wasn't that Impressed with that win because The Niners are Dysfunctional. Niners QB had two good drives all night and the rest of the Game he looked Dysfunctional. What I was amazed about Is how long It took The Colts to finally blow them out considering The Niners kept giving them the ball back. Even In our Game earlier this Year they beat us In Turnovers 3-0 and still lost. And of course they keep blaming Injuries even though The Titans been the Team with the most Injuries. Picked up two DB's right before The Chiefs Game and we still shut them out. Good luck to them Sunday but It does feel Good knowing that If we win we bury their "Wish Upon A Star" Season.
DJ Silk
DJ Silk Aylar önce
@Ka$H D’Or BINGO!!!
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
@Ka$H D’Or exactly
Ka$H D’Or
Ka$H D’Or Aylar önce
Yet when the cheifs or bills beat a sorry team they get praised lol
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
@DJ Silk 😂 they feelings hurt 💯😂
Johnny Pastrana
Johnny Pastrana Aylar önce
Yeah, but can anyone put money on a team whose quarterback is Carson Wenz? Gambling is the only reason that adult men watch the NFL...if it were not for that, this so called sport would die a quick death.
T S Aylar önce
@Derek Marks you don't make sense
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
@Derek Marks wat u trying to say
Derek Marks
Derek Marks Aylar önce
@Carlos Wade can’t you say that about any team I’m the nfl that lost these last few weeks?
T S Aylar önce
Comment didn't age well did it johnny
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
U sound dumb when healthy they win 3 of their last 4
Danny Stueland
Danny Stueland Aylar önce
They would be if they weren’t a walking hospital
Marshall Hanson
Marshall Hanson Aylar önce
Phil Ramirez
Phil Ramirez Aylar önce
Once again sims Defending 49ers 🙄 couldn’t pick the colts last night but now they’re a sleeping giant.
Austin Kilgore
Austin Kilgore Aylar önce
Don’t get the criticism?
Bob Sacamanto
Bob Sacamanto Aylar önce
49ers are embarrassing but I should have known better. I’ve been alive long enough to watch/cheer Joe with my dad as a kid n I don’t know if it will ever get back to those type of years.
Roperdope Aylar önce
Your owner is a bad owner. He's the orchestrator of the product on and off the field; that includes the sidelines, and the front office. He made those hires. No stability and no rings on his fingers. He blows it up way too frequently.
myko freder
myko freder Aylar önce
Unless one of the 2 loss teams go 500 and end up with 6 or 7 losses, they are in a 5-team race. Wentz is getting hurt in all the close games coming up and how he runs in those 1st down or 4th down plays. SF have to admit they are not making the playoffs and start the rookie next week, they are going to lose at least one of those must (Chi, Atl, Jack, Hou, Seat) wins since they are challenged on both sides of the ball. They are sunk if they lose to Minn since that is who they will compete for 7th playoff spot with, I suspect they won't change a thing because 2 or 3 more 6 or 7 win seasons and the parties over.
Ka$H D’Or
Ka$H D’Or Aylar önce
So you just put a injury on a guy , sounds great .
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
@T.C. Thompson you know wat I realized keke earned his way in active roster picture keke,Ty, and pitman on the field at the same time who do u double team? Or how do u guard that Bc keke and ty always open and pitman is a lil mike evans
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
@T.C. Thompson exactly I’m tired of people saying Wentz not good it was 1 bad year every other year he was a dog. Do it means Patrick maholmes sucks he has 17 turnovers in 7 games and every body blames his team and not him. And he has a better record then egales that’s why they hating Bc they look stupid Bc they was wrong
T.C. Thompson
T.C. Thompson Aylar önce
@Carlos Wade Eagles games. Many fans are still stuck last year (bad year to get stuck in)
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
Wat makes u think Wentz getting hurt
Brendon Allen
Brendon Allen Aylar önce
The same guy who said the Niners would win last night lolol
OG James
OG James Aylar önce
collinsworth: omg how xavier rhodes comeback??? everyone else: toradol maybe
Richard Perez
Richard Perez Aylar önce
Niners are a mismanaged and poorly coached team that crumbles easily. They mirror their genius coach to a tee.
j c
j c Aylar önce
It'll be fair to think the colts are a "sleeping giant" after the titans game. However to play the way they did in that weather was crazy.
reconsoldier135 29 gün önce
Not anymore!
Derek Masters
Derek Masters Aylar önce
@Steve Polhill you a titan fan just worried cause colts are winning remember this.
Brandon Stuthers
Brandon Stuthers Aylar önce
@Steve Polhill uh huh hum... IT WAS A BOMB CYCLONE.
j c
j c Aylar önce
@kou moua oh I agree and they nearly well should have handed the ravens with a loss. But I'm gonna stay optimistic about the team. They look better and better each week. However a win against the titans will solidfy my way of thinking.
kou moua
kou moua Aylar önce
@Steve Polhill no but it does give proper context cuz idiots love to take things out of context
Duff Callan
Duff Callan Aylar önce
After this weekend, I'd argue that Bengals are the AFC sleeping giant that no one saw coming. I don't think they'll hold onto the #1 seed, but boy are they a contender that people just keep sleeping on. The D is pretty dominant, and that offence is just explosive when it gets going.
joenesk alll
joenesk alll Aylar önce
I'm a colts fan but also a LSU fan I hope the Bengals go deep this year.
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
Who was sleeping on them
campbell4417 Aylar önce
They are first in the AFC so I don't think that applies in this case. Definitely sleeper up until now though. Would be cool to see them continue to succeed
Mehmet Yigit
Mehmet Yigit Aylar önce
Believe me, after sunday nobody is sleeping on the Bengals
J J Aylar önce
Sleeping Giants don’t have the #1 seed by definition.
AT_YT Aylar önce
They beat a crap niners team lol
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
@HYPER VOLUME they just getting healthy to people going to see the difference
Took the Rams and Ravens right to the edge. Team is rounding off.
Trolling Them Softly
@Tejon Hugee Yeah, and he missed 7 points in that game - a game which went to OT, and wouldn't have had he made any of those three kicks.
Killa INC
Killa INC Aylar önce
That’s the excuse they beat a crap niners team but the colts have a lot of injury players that are sitting down lol
Carlos Wade
Carlos Wade Aylar önce
They beat any niners team look who is winning series
Curt The Chameleon
Curt The Chameleon Aylar önce
Most disappointing team in recent history is the 49ers. That roster should be doing more.
Charles Davis
Charles Davis 29 gün önce
@Steven Williams I was laughing when people said a healthy 49ers were a SB contender along with the Seahawks. How’s that working out?
Yuri Yuri
Yuri Yuri Aylar önce
49ers just dumb. Still don’t understand why they gave up the assets to go up and take….Lance. Fields would look way better than Lance and Mac Jones probably as well. The dumbest thing that if they stayed on draft without movements one of Fields/Lance/Jones would come to them either way
Steven Williams
Steven Williams Aylar önce
That roster actually isn’t that good lol.
Arthur Au
Arthur Au Aylar önce
Bills are the sleeping giants in the AFC because everyone expects the Bills to choke come playoff time.
Casey Williams
Casey Williams Aylar önce
Expect ? They will 🤣🤣🤣
Ronnie Hankins
Ronnie Hankins Aylar önce
That is because the Bills will choke come playoff time
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